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Thread: Multiple Personalities or Dimensional energy static?

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    Multiple Personalities or Dimensional energy static?

    I forget when the book and movie Sibyll came out (was it in the early 60s) but I read the book and wondered if I would ever witness it.

    I have had three diagnosed cases which I spent time with. One I cured and the diagnosis was changed in short order because I was the first person who got him to talk about all the horrendous sex abuse he and his sister who were both adopted into the same family - suffered. It included cigarette burning of the genitals and penis for years.

    He was cross-dressing and acting but that all stopped and the many psychologists who had tried to help over 16 years should have been dismissed - you might think. But it is no easy thing to know if you are not psychic and do not open yourself up empathically (not merely empathetically). Psychologists might believe in a soul but seldom in possessions or even Lucid Dreaming ( one Psychiatrist in Toronto does, she helped another friend of mine). Psychiatrists seldom even accept there is a soul - some 7% in one poll I recall.

    Another person admitted he was playing the system to get more prescribed drugs to sell and he had three doctors on the hook - two of them were giving him script (Illegal but if the patient has multiple personas they can get away with it).

    Thus you can see I have been in the camp of it is not natural but rather caused by doctors (Iatrogenic) or Priests and other power and authority figures who do not know how memes, archetypes and hypnotic triggers including suggestion work.

    There are many active word links in the following and it would help to quote some in responding if they might apply. Remember we are exploring and trying to empathically connect - no easy thing over the internet.


    As the name implies, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) -- since 1994 called Dissociative Identity Disorder -- is a mental condition in which two or more personalities appear to inhabit a single body.

    There have been five main conflicting views about MPD. This essay will describe MPD as caused by the individual having been possessed by an evil, indwelling demonic spirit.

    This belief is mainly confined to evangelical Protestants and conservative Roman Catholics. It was never accepted by most mental health professionals, most of whom now view MPD/DID as an iatrogenic (physician induced) disorder that does not appear in nature.

    MPD/DID seen as caused by demon possession:

    Most conservative Protestants and many Roman Catholics believe in the inerrancy of the Bible: that the authors of the Bible were inspired by God to write material that was free of error and are all useful for personal guidance. They often refer to the Bible as "the Word of God."

    Although the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) is almost silent on the concept of Satan as an evil supernatural being, that belief is well developed within the Gospels and Epistles of the Christian Scriptures (New Testament). Jesus is frequently described as curing many mental disorders by performing exorcisms. He is recorded as driving indwelling demons or "unclean spirits" out of the person. Among the gospels:

    bullet Mark has 9 references to demons or unclean spirits;
    bullet Matthew has 4;
    bullet Luke 10, and
    bullet John 7. "
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    Thomas Edison was not the only person and scientist to use Hypnagogic techniques to learn and develop himself. There is a thread here which covers it called Dreams and Dreamers.


    "We are told by Herodotus that in the temple of Bel in Babylon, a priestess lay on a bed ready to dream visions of the second class, and that the beds of such soothsayers were often made of the skin of a ram --is well known.

    {This is the Keltic god known as Ba'al by the Phoenicians, Bel might have been in Babylon through the Byblos city on the Persian Gulf that sold ships to the Egyptians in 2900 BC. Later Byblus in Lebanon is thought to be what some [who try to limit Phoenician interest] call Byblos as a small part of a decreasing international influence.}

    The ancient Hebrews obtained such dreams by sleeping among tombs, and this especial gateway to the supernatural world seems to have been, and still is known to the majority of nations, primitive and civilized, as intimately as hypnosis and other methods of reaching its planes and hearing its pronouncements. Sleep was, of course, often induced by drugs, whether the soma of the Hindus, the peyote of the ancient Mexicans, the hashish of the Arabs, or the opium of the Malays or Chinese, and these narcotics which have the property of inducing speedy sleep and of heightening inward vision were and still are greatly prized by professional dreamers allover the world, especially as they rendered dreaming almost immediately possible." (10)
    'Professional dreamers' following visions from above and divining our future, quickly became willing to sell their advice to those who threatened them if they didn't. The dependence on such easy answers continues among the mass of population 'til this moment as 'experts' and politicians join the media in a free for all. We believe the breakdown in matriarchal influence and egalitarian governance created this cauldron of deceit in the Mediterranean after the influx created by the rising waters that formed the North Sea due to glacial effects if not sooner, when the northern 'Hyperboreans' colonized the area. The issue of what is real about dreams is open for debate to say the least but there are many who think they can interpret the chaos of these partial insights. Personally I enjoy the practice, if there is something positive to say but I regard 'free will' as the most important ingredient in what really makes the world 'go round'. William James and his book 'Pragmatism' was important to Carl Jung whose work in dream interpretation sets the stage for many symbolic and archetypal interpreters to this day.

    "The first treatise on the subject was that of Artemidorus, who lived in the time of Antonius Pius. He differentiated between the dreams of kings and those of commoners, as he believed that the visions of royalty must have reference to the commonwealth {The Bible and the plagues predicted by Joseph, for example.} and not to the individual {No reason in common sense or science to believe this. Carl Jung was a commoner who saw the First World War in advance. Tesla's vision led to many great and useful inventions - however dreams are seldom so vivid or what one can call 'flashes of illumination' - that is an entirely different phenomena.}. Dreams which represented something as happening to the individual who dreams them, show that they have a personal significance, whereas if the dream relates to another it will concern him alone. He detailed the numerous species of dreams throughout five books, and then adduced numerous examples. The rules of Artemidorus are far from clear, and according to them, any dream might signify any event, and any interpretation of the same might be considered justifiable.

    The method of testing dreams according to Amyraldus in his 'Discours sur les Songes divins' (Saumur, 1625) is whether the instructions and advice that they contain make for good or ill--a test it is impossible to apply until after the result is known. But Amyraldus surmounts this difficulty by proposing to test dreams by the evidence they show of divine knowledge--by asking oneself in short, whether the dream it was desired to examine gave any evidence of such things as God alone could know.

    It would seem from an examination of such dreams as were submitted to the diviners of antiquity that the symbolism they exhibited was of a character so profound that it could only be unriddled by an interpreter who received divine aid, such as was afforded in the case of Moses or Daniel in the Bible. It is plain, however, that the most far-fetched interpretations were given to many of the most epoch-making dreams of antiquity, and indeed, the oneiocritical {Greek dream interpreters} system is one of the weakest spots in the armor of occult science, and was the first of its departments to fall into disrepute and become the prey of charlatans.

    There are serious students of the occult who doubt entirely the occult significance of dreams, and it must be granted that no good reason exists for classing them generally with the vision, or a condition of 'second sight' or ecstasy." (11)

    The amount of time we live in our dream state is substantial and there are many things we can work upon in our dreams. To regard it as occult is somewhat foolish. If one learns and achieves things that are of value, should be a higher concern. Truly some probably can gain tap-ins through the dream state, especially if they become adept at conscious dreaming and astral travel. To say it is supernatural is an appeal to ignorance. There is no such thing as 'super'-natural - it is all a matter of what we can't explain. Dream work and Yoga's 'soft focus' have answered or made sense of many things that mental blocks due to over- intellectualization might create. There are ways to become conscious and effective in dreams and the overall experiencing of life - that is how I prefer to think of it, rather than a psychic developmental thing. Psychic aspects of life usually have a more physical component. If our soul is what counts then what we interpret from the physical during the sorting out process of dream reality might be more important than what happens during the waking state.

    "Dreams and Psychical Phenomena

    Dreams of a supernormal character fall within the purview of psychical research. The dividing line between normal and supernormal dreams is not easy to draw. Subconscious elaboration often presents supernormal affects.

    Goethe solved many definite scientific problems in his dreams and also composed poems. So did La Fontaine compose The Fable of Pleasures and Coleridge Kubla Khan. Bernhard Palissy made one of his most beautiful ceramic pieces on dream inspiration. Maury confessed: 'I have had in dream ideas an inspiration that could never have entered my consciousness when awake.' Tartini heard his Sonate del Diavolo played by Beelzebub in a dream. Holde composed La Phantasie in his sleep, Nodier's 'Lydia' was similarly born. R. L. Stevenson's most ingenious plots were evolved in the dream state. Kruder, Corda and Maignan solved mathematical problems in dream, Condillac finished an interrupted lecture.

    A dream of Professor Agassiz is frequently quoted. He had been for two weeks striving to decipher the somewhat obscure impressions of a fossil fish on the stone slab in which it was preserved. It was found impossible. In his dream he saw the fish with all the missing features perfectly restored. The image escaped him on awakening. He went to the Jardin des Plantes in the hope that an association with the fossil would recapture it. No such thing happened. Next night he again dreamed of the fish and in the morning the features of the fish were as elusive as ever. For the third night he placed paper and pencil near his bed. Towards the morning the fish again appeared in his dream. Half dreaming, half awake he traced the outlines in the darkness as best he could. On full awakening he was surprised to see details in his nocturnal sketch, features which he thought impossible. He hastened to the Jardins des Plantes, began to chisel on the surface of the stone, taking the sketch as a guide and to his surprise he found the hidden portions of the fish as indicated in the drawing." (12)

    I am not convinced this is dream state work. The early and late REM sleep is more akin to Beta brainwave relaxation. With bio-feedback and its creative state some ad agents like those at McDonald's have used this state to make and test ads. Hank Wesselman has been studied by the University of Illinois and he is even more able to reach the 40 MGHZ brainwave state than psychic healers and yogis. He is a person who was part of the anthropological or archaeological team that found Lucy and his gift was brought out by his wife who is a shamanic teacher. It is possible to generate this kind of state while taking exams (I've often done it.) and good marks often come. Those who stay in alpha state and experience tension and pressure or stress are less able to recall, create or integrate. Intuition is also often mistaken as psychic. There can be a component of it, and as Mr. Shepard notes it is often a fine line between some of these concepts. Thus you are able to see that I am not a believer in unexplainable phenomena, rather I think we are simply not able to explain it in every case because we are learning or are presently ignorant.
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    There is another thread here which includes a person doing astral travel mapping of the multiverse. This is the Introduction to that thread.

    I met Blue Harary at the Psychical Research Foundation over 40 years ago. He was working on the early stages of what we hear so much about today but which is a very ancient investigatory technique including Remote Viewing. How much is objective and how much is subjective or run through the cultural rose-coloured glasses I cannot say. An older woman who was a top Remote Viewer with Ingo Swann impressed me about these things and with her wisdom a little over a decade ago.

    In recent discussions with my brother about a Unitarian study group once called Secular Humanism they have moved on in the discourse or study trying to show Transcendentalists like the great Unitarian preacher Ralph Waldo Emerson developed Transcendentalism without any study of Eastern thought. My brother admits it may have been someone writing that who did not know what he was talking about. But points out the modern physics has no explanation for many things (True but Gravitational Wave Theory takes us closer to the origin of the Universe and might soon have constants that do work in all local and universal circumstances.). He says Unitarians were more Christian at that time and they told Emerson his preaching was not in line with their religion.

    He provided a link to various physics theories which I found interesting but biased towards a Creation Theory which has taken nature and designs like the Mandelbrot Set or Schumann Resonances, the Phi of the Great Pyramid and Nautilus Shell all part of the Pentagon Dodecahedron (recent discovery of the Pentaquark supports) to mean something not in evidence. Yes, I can connect Dembski and Tegmark's arguments enough to show their arguing the same thing just putting different words to it. Yes, local constants only apply locally - but the big flaw was LaPlace or the author saying no information travels faster than light. There are many threads here which address this fallacy including a thread on Time Travel (most probably viewing, but a soul or astral self can travel through time) that has the recent discovery of the Alcubierre space time bubble propulsion project The oroborous takes the good to bad continuum so far and then if you add another one you get infinity's symbol. Japanese researchers quoted here from last year working on Quantum info transfer and entanglement have proven his physicist wrong. They measure spooky action-at-a-distance from Einstein at 10,000 times light speed. In early 2000 the Princeton Labs of NEC had produced 300X light speed in a Cesium chamber - and I have told my brothers about FTL for three decades before that. Here is another thread covering time viewing.

    This explains how thought energy from one soul can be picked up in another person and souls can wander into each other to varying degrees if we give it some thought. This might explain part of the soul transference in MPD or what is now called D.I.D. It also ties in to hypnagogic and Bibliomantic tap-ins to knowledge said to exist in Ein Sof or the Akashic. The secret societies including the one set up in Vienna by St. Germain de Medicis address genetic info transfer.

    It is both true and not true that Emerson and the Unitarians were tapping in and developing Transcendentalism on their own. Yes, Christianity at that time was using the lies of the Romans in Bibles like King James had forced scribes to write (killing eight who would not write what he wanted) but Arias and earlier Christians were not believers in Romanism - they were closer to being actual Christians and students of the same philosophy Yeshua and his family always studied back to before Abaris (means Rabbi) who was the last Dean of Studies in the Bairdic Education System which taught Pythagoras. The Therapeutae in Alexandria and Qumran were Pythagorean inspired according to many including true Gnostics. Some in that time say Jesus was known as the Egyptian and he studied there for much of his youth with Mary Magdala (Bethany and Alexandria as well as Cornwall were places her father Joseph owned homes, he was the Roman Minister of Mines and member of the Sanhedrin). Comarius headed this school in Alexandria where the Great Library still existed and he taught Cleopatra too, and maybe Apollonius who some say is part of the Jesus amalgam myth.

    You see Emerson had read Carlyle's Sartor Restartus and then met Carlyle. It is written in the Green Languages of Jonathon Swift according to Thomas Carlyle and that coded language is the Language of the Birds or BRDs (Bairds). Goethe influenced Carlyle and was a founder of the Bavarian Illuminati with St. Germain. I think a lot of tapping in or fiction goes on in all churches. When the Bairds had pheryllts or peryllats to study science they also had lesser Druids called Vascerri who lead people in rituals.

    Here is one of many sites which have picked up an old article of mine addressing some of this history.
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    This is from a thread on Telekinesis.

    Telekinesis is something the mind can do even without a helmet augmenting the brain. This person is experienced and gives insight and directions.

    "There are things in the world none of us can yet imagine but can be touched and explored with practice, things that work by physical processes while ignorance often leads to religious speculation about how they work.

    These things include forms of mind to mind communication (telepathy) moving objects (telekinesis) and changing patterns of events by mental action. After these basics are explored, you learn more shapes and dimensions of possible forms and meet others doing the same thing.

    The purpose of this writing is to explain what happened and how others may explore similar paths if they choose and how the world could change if people learned to do this with their minds and scientifically with machines too eventually, not to get into extreme detail about why I think it works. See the **HOW IT WORKS** at the end for details.

    I feel like a cripple because I lost what most people would never dream of having, but I may still practice and regain my skill and state of mind and continue where I left off.

    It started as a young child. By accident I moved small things laying around the house by thinking it. The scariest was when my bed started making cracking sounds, but nobody was in it. After it started and stopped a few times, in sync with my thoughts, I first had the thought that maybe I'm doing it. I confirmed this over the years as I learned to control it at rare times. But I mostly could not control it. I became scared that I might think the wrong thing someday and stop someone's heart, so I quit practicing.

    In college I became interested in it again, but I hadn't done it in years. I had to start over, but I had the advantage of knowing it could be done. I set up a psi wheel, a piece of aluminum foil balanced on a needle inside a clear plastic box so air blowing outside would not move it. I watched it while thinking a variety of things, looking for the right thing to think to mentally push it. For 3 weeks and 2 hours per day, I sat watching it not move. Finally the few square inches of aluminum foil turned 1 millimeter. From then on, practice went much faster. The next time it only took me a few hours to move it. After 5 months, it only took me 10 seconds and I did it many times per day. But I'm skipping too far ahead here.

    Those 5 months in 2003 changed my life forever. I understand the world looks like 3 space dimensions and time, but other than that I don't have much concept of reality in common with most people, and even the space and time I think of more like the physicists in representing time as the way liquids mix but tend not to unmix instead of past and future being different kinds of things. Any correct science and religion cant say different things because we live in one world with continuous paths between all its parts.

    A big part of how I became more skilled at these metaphysical things was something I did while listening to music. There are many spirits, or whatever you want to call those life forms out there, who never did or don't anymore have the ability to hear music like we do, so when I telepathically broadcast my experience of listening to music, they experienced it with me. This became stronger over time as more of them came to flow with us as we all experience the music together. I eventually lost count of how many spirits were there with me, probably in the thousands. Many of them wanted to amplify this process so they continued to flow energy to me with no obligation of what I would choose to do with it. Spirits came from very far away, other galaxies or dimensions or who knows how far it went, to get in on this musical experience we were all having together. My telekinesis and other metaphysical things became stronger fueled by it.

    These thousands of spirits (or whatever you want to call the many dimensional life forms) who experienced the music with me, became mixed with me and I'm not sure what parts were me and what parts were some of them, what I was before and what I am now, and it really doesn't matter because we are at every moment of here and now what we are and should proceed from there. This mixing will become important later in the story when some parts of myself are lost.

    We started teaching each other really advanced things including bizarre and incomplete statements about physics and networking minds together across large distances.

    I got a psi wheel, a piece of aluminum foil balanced on a needle in a clear plastic box, to turn continuously for 3 days until I touched it and then it wouldn't move anymore. Strangely, it continued moving on its own after I mentally got it started for 30 seconds, and it looked like it was being pulled by something as it made an average of 1 turn per 20 seconds, jumping ahead as if it was pulled by an invisible rubber band. This makes me think that the entanglement of physics is a stretchy high dimensional material-like thing that can be tuned between objects using the mind or any similar machine. It was similar to this video I recorded near the end of my 5 months... "psi wheel in a clear closed box 2"

    These amazing things continued, it appeared with no limit in sight, until I had an accident on a bicycle where I broke my leg, which is now healed but at the time it set in motion states of mind that my metaphysical abilities could not survive in. Just before the accident, maybe I couldnt handle how fast my concept of reality was changing, the new abilities that came with it, or where I thought it was leading. It was all very distracting. Living on Earth didnt feel like the most real thing at the time. Theres other forms of reality we can touch at any time and place, and I was touching them continuously all the time. The 5 months that changed my life forever ended.

    Parts of myself metaphysically separated and went their own ways. Those parts could not stand to exist in such a damaged mind and body, the mental damage resulting not from any physical damage to the brain but from the continuous physical pain for months. After the leg healed, which was not completely healed for a few years, I had become used to not having metaphysical abilities and those parts of myself as a spirit being gone, which made me think I would always be stuck that way. It felt like what I had near the end of those 5 months, I would never have again, but today as I write this I think maybe I could.

    I need to get back those parts of myself that went their own ways in metaphysics because I had given up. I need to let them know I changed my mind and choose to become what I was and continue where I left off. But how would I find them? And if I do find them, maybe they've found other forms of reality they like better than continuing this with me? Would they want to come back and become part of my whole metaphysical self again? Would we be compatible after so long? I have become spread across the galaxies and many dimensional forms of reality, and I don't know how to put myself back together. What a strange problem to have. Can anyone help me find those parts of myself?"
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    Could automatic writing occur from more than one spirit inside one person?

    Some features of Gasparetto's mediumship

    We reproduce below the main points summarized by Mrs. Dubugras about Gasparetto's mediumship (Dubugras, 1979, 'Researchers study the phenomenon', p. 100-102):
    •He works in trance. In other words, in an altered state of consciousness;

    •The pictures are done at an unusually high speed. The average for simple drawings was 4 minutes, more elaborate pictures took from 10 to 20 minutes. Some were done in 30 seconds. Not even a trained artist could produce work of such good quality so swiftly. And Luiz Antônio is not a trained artist.

    •The absence of light during sessions, except when they are held for scientific purposes. Bright lights and flashlights cause the medium great discomfort. This has also been found in the case of physical effect mediums when producing materialisation or similar phenomena;

    •He paints portraits of discarnates. Some were of relations or friends of people present at the session and recognized by them. Others have been of famous people of different countries - Queen Elizabeth I, of England; Allan Kardec, founder of Spiritism; W. B. Yeats, modern Irish poet; Lawrence of Arabia and many others;
    The total absence of models, yet the figures are anatomically correct;

    •The variety of styles, each picture corresponding in style with that of the artist signing the work;

    •The ambidextrous techniques, although the medium is not ambidextrous when not in trance;

    •The simultaneous use of both hands, each working on a different part of the same picture, i. e., the strokes done at the same time are not symmetrical;

    •The drawing of two heads at the same time, both hands working simultaneously. At times one of the heads is painted upside down;

    •When drawing two heads simultaneously, each hand will sign the name of the discarnate artist responsible for that picture. When one of the heads is done upside down, the signature is also done upside down and back to front. This happens at the same time that the other hand is signing the portrait which was done right side up;
    Painting with his feet or with his feet one of the hand simultaneously;

    •While painting, the discarnate artist often talks with the person helping to hold the paper down. See the case of Portinari who describe what he was doing and the meaning of the picture.
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    There are many different sexes or genders and many more behaviors and kinks or fetishes. The geometric issues brought on by persecution and bigotry are impossible to quantify.

    "How Common Are Intersex Conditions? It is common to believe that all people fall into one of two categories — female or male.

    But that is not true.

    Some people are born with external sex organs that are not easily identifiable as female or male. Other people have sex chromosomes that are different from the usual XX (female) or XY (male). People whose biological sex is not clear in these ways have intersex conditions. About 1 in 2,000 people born in the U.S. is intersex.

    There are many different ways that intersex conditions appear. Genitals that are not easily identifiable as female or male are sometimes apparent at birth. But sometimes it is not obvious until puberty. People with intersex conditions may be considered sexually ambiguous in different ways: They may have sex organs that appear to be somewhat female or male or both. They do not, however, have complete female genitals and complete male genitals. They may have a large clitoris — more than two-fifths of an inch long. They may have a small penis — less than an inch long.

    Some babies are born with both ovarian and testicular tissue.

    Some people have chromosomes that are different. Two common chromosomal intersex conditions are: Turner Syndrome = XO Klienfelter’s Syndrome = XXY There are other differences a person could have that cannot be found without testing chromosomes and hormones, or examining internal sex organs.

    Sometimes the difference is never noticed, so some people have intersex conditions for their whole lives and never know. Some intersex people are transgender, but intersex does not necessarily mean transgender, and transgender does not necessarily mean intersex. - See more at:

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    The male/male brain has a larger separation between hemispheres than the female/female brain. The male with a female separation is almost always a 'gay' man. The female who has the male brain is likewise a 'lesbian'. There may be similar amounts of white versus grey matter differences as well. One research report found 80% of each gender had these differences and our society has about 20% of it's members who say they are gay. Is this co-incidence?

    But there are different learning styles and Howard Gardner offers insight to other reasons different people process information differently. I think he says there are seven or eight different learning styles at present - he said six at first. Given that there are 200 different body types and varying metabolic rates associated we have a veritable plethora of differences shared by every sexual orientation which even if genetics did not identify evolutionary changes such as dyslexia (Indigo Child, spatial psychic) and dual sex vestigal organs; we have the huge amount of unused genetic matter to wonder about. Will more people have spirit doubles or multiple personas due to extreme sensitivity some day?

    Male characteristic linear/logical thinking can also blur the sexual make up as can the usual female creative socializing be in either gender. In adept societies we find androgyny and awareness of the self becomes such that a person can augment each different learning style through practice and effort or ritual. Getting to know what type of sexual and thinking person you were was enhanced in the ancient practice of pederasty. It continued in the schooling of people like Count Rumford, Leonardo and St. Germain as well as others in his circle including Voltaire.

    "The end result is perception, a state of understanding that reflects how we view the world. Depending on our perception (which is often based on other people’s perceptions), we then formulate a response (or respond automatically). Thus our behavior—including our sexual responses—is profoundly shaped by what we perceive of our environment.

    The human brain is split laterally into two complementary hemispheres that separate the information flowing to consciousness so effectively that Roger Sperry described the two hemispheres as having a consciousness of their own, a discovery that earned him a Nobel Prize in 1981. Based on more recent studies, Michael Gazzaniga, Sperry’s student assistant at the time, and others now view consciousness in terms of “multiple dynamic mental systems” rather than a dichotomous one.1 Nevertheless, the conscious experience of the two hemispheres appears to be specialized and very different, a conclusion so well supported by research that Gazzaniga describes it as “obvious”.2

    What does having our information inputs separated into two specialized channels do for us? It sets up a dynamic similar to 3-D vision or stereo sound, but instead of a physical event, our experience is a mental one. From two relatively fixed fundamental elements—a dualistic perspective and a holistic perspective—we create a highly fluid, “three-dimensional” hybrid perspective capable of changing from moment to moment depending on what we choose to experience and believe. Unlike our eyes and our ears, which are obviously complementary, our two mental perspectives are so radically different that they often appear to be irreconcilable, which can make their integration complex and difficult and can create conflict (within ourselves or with others). If we are to make our way through the maze of information that confronts us at any moment, our choices are either to listen to our default setting; to try balancing the channels so that both sides can be heard equally; or to turn one channel up or down to some degree (for example, we may turn one channel down when we don’t want to hear what one side is telling us). In addition to perspective, which shows us our world, each hemisphere has its unique methods of helping us respond to what we see. It is up to us to integrate these sources of information or (at our peril) ignore some portion of it.

    In terms of its perspective and responses, the left hemisphere is dualistic. It sees reality in terms of a continuum and responds to problems by separating and deconstructing their component parts and analyzing the details. In contrast, the right hemisphere is holistic; it sees reality in its state of oneness and interrelationship and solves problems through synthesis. But one or the other usually dominates in a given individual, so a crucial factor governing our perception and behavior is which hemisphere dominates our mental vision.

    Brain Perspective and Sexuality

    Perspective is a relatively simple concept, yet it serves an extremely crucial function in our lives. How we behave, and even a large part of our personal and social identity, is a function of how we perceive our surroundings—in other words, a response to our own unique perspective. Those of us who are left-brain-dominant have a very different mental perspective than those who are right-brain-dominant. It is like we inhabit two different universes. If your brain dominance were to suddenly change, everything about your life would change.

    One of many areas that would change would be your sexuality. To generalize: most men respond as they do because they view life through the biased lens of the left brain; most women behave as they do because they perceive life from the bias of a right-brain perspective (or, really, a more integrated perspective, since the holistic perspective of the right brain is inclusive of the left brain’s more specialized functions). Of course, everyone uses both halves of the brain to some degree, but because of brain dominance, one side or the other usually takes charge and directs our thought processes.

    Notice I said most males are left-brain dominant, and most females are right-brain dominant. There are many exceptions, the most notable of which include lesbians and gay men. In those groups, my research suggests, brain dominance is the reverse of what it is among heterosexuals of their sex. In other words, gay men show right-brain dominance, and lesbians show left-brain dominance."

    The researcher mentioned above who worked with Sperry teamed up with others to do research on the Cosmic Thought Field where people of all sexes and ages or even dead people can share information. You can read a little of Gazzaniga covered in a book called The Wonder Child in the following link to an article of mine. I highly recommend some study of Laszlo as well.
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    If one person researching the stories related to the Grail and almost every religion can say for certain that any other person is above error or being duped - then that person is mistaken, too. In the last few months (see Gnostic thread) I learned worms are dragons too. Here is a source in myth from a long time ago which Moe of the Gnostic Warriors (he created) hallucinatory belief comes from.
    David has been mind-fogged and sees these reptoids too.

    About a decade ago I ran into a guy who said he was astrally taught by both Hassidim and the Mayans like Don Juan and Don Miguel. In short all these things have energy that traps and tricks average people into BELIEF through the dream state - that is an informed opinion but it is not my total or fixed opinion.


    I found the idea of Gabriel being a fallen angel quite odd, so I noodled around a bit on the net to see if I could find out why that's come about - apparently he didn't fall with the others, this was a separate thing. He was punished for a short period by God. I couldn't find out much about what he'd actually done, except for this:

    'I read this in Norma Goodrich’s Merlin, on page 79, where she quotes Moses Gaster, who in turn quotes a Rumanian manuscript. (Rumanian manuscript 71):

    The Archangel Gabriel was dispatched to take away the soul of a widow, but when he found her suckling twins, he left her soul alone.
    God punished Gabriel for disobedience, by sending him for a stone at the bottom of the sea. But when the Archangel cut it in half, he found two "worms" (dragons) inside.

    "If I feed worms," said the Lord, "do you think I would let twins starve?" God punished the erring angel for thirty years, and took the woman’s soul.

    At the end of thirty years the Archangel laughed three times:
    at a dying Abbot buying new shoes
    at a beggar sitting on treasure, and
    at a governor and bishop riding in pomp and circumstance, not knowing they were twins of the widow. {Sons of the widow is a Masonic code for Mariae and her alchemy, IMHO}

    This version of the story also parallels the story in Vita Merlini. In fact, this Gabriel version even has a beggar instead of a diviner sitting on top of the gold. However, the major focus of this story is the underwater dragons, which don’t occur in Geoffrey’s Vita Merlini, but in his History of the Kings of Britain. Also, this version is missing the wedding that is cause for mourning because the husband is killed.

    In Robert de Boron’s Merlin, the stories of the laughs and the underwater worms are reunited, which makes me suspect Robert de Boron did not merely use Geoffrey of Monmouth’s works as a source, but investigated the legends himself.'

    Now, obviously this is a quote from a work of fiction, but it references a story told by Moses Gaster, who is a real person, and he did legitimate research. I'm not sure what it says about the nature of God, or the nature of Gabriel for that matter!

    If you wiki Moses Gaster, he collected a lot of old manuscripts. He also wrote a book of ritual magic called the Sword of Moses. If you wiki Sword of Moses you can link to an online copy of it. Haven't had a look yet as ritual magic doesn't really paddle my canoe, but it may be brilliant, who knows?
    One thing I do know is that Merlin came from a legend which goes back to Dolni Vestonici if not before - 29,000 years ago - is these people (DNN and keltoi) travelled all over the world and archaeology, genetics and many other sources make me (as well as my name and Bibliomancy) an expert.

    As an expert in this particular branch of archaeomythology I often feel overwhelmed by the extent of the con games, and other ways of separating people from their money and mind. This Archangel Gabriel is also a source of Mohammad's visions that lead to Islam. Do I think adept Hassidim and Donmeh or Great White Brotherhood of Master Craftsmen types have participated in manipulating the energy ether to make people see what they themselves come to believe from the impact of prior ritualistic mind fogging? I certainly do. Do I think the energy builds up a consciousness of some sort after a couple of millennia of inputs? Maybe... I am not certain.

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