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Thread: Tundra Releasing Heat to cause water levels to rise

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    Today my nephew is targeting the rare earths used to make Lithium batteries and cell phones (he did not mention - he uses them in a major way and his adventures would require far greater luggage and difficulty with old batteries which are also highly polluting). The matter he is addressing has a lot to do with the mining extraction and providing jobs and money for the aboriginals as well. Some rare earths that are almost all found in China have dangerous effects on the humans extracting them or refining them.

    There are many additives and anti-pollution or health concerns our new technologies bring to our actual human environment - our bodies. Some are said to cause autism, others cause infertility, the spraying of clouds might have caused an estimated loss of nine lives but it kept pollution in check while the Kyoto Accord was rejected by the Shrub due to the ten billion dollar price tag. Who knows what amount of mutations (Is Dyslexia a mutation?) or infertility some of these things bring? Are we going to return to the Dark Ages or earlier - do we need to reduce the human population?

    This is my reply:

    But the pollution issue affecting animal life and breathing as well as mutations and potency and allergies is helped by the lesser amount of pollution we breathe.

    The reduced car pollution in LA is amazing when I first drove into LA from the mountains it was like an atomic cloud high into the atmosphere above it. That was in the 1970s. Even in the late 80s I was getting nosebleeds from it.

    I understand that the cell phones you like to use are a major user of the rare earths as well.
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