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Thread: LOVE and L'Arche

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    LOVE and L'Arche

    Here is what would work on a grand scale - it also would save billions of dollars and make many millions of people into far more productive human beings. I am so sorry (NOT!) that it is contrary to those who think they know something who work in the hospital and medical community who are in fact torturing and damaging people who should be loved and cared about.

    A few weeks ago a friend passed me the name of a fellow named Jean Vanier because they thought I might enjoy the story of how he came to found the L'Arche Communities. Here's an excerpt from a book of his that I picked up...

    I have had the occasion to visit quite a number of asylums and psychiatric hospitals in France and in other countries. It can be very painful to go into certain hospitals, to see men and women crying out for love, roaming around with nothing to do, hitting their heads on the floor, living in a world of dream and psychosis. Some places smell of urine or disinfectant. If you have had the privilege of penetrating into some of these places, you will have seen unbearable pain. It is difficult to be present there.

    Many people in our modern world are living in unbearable situations. I was told that just a few weeks ago a new place was opened for people in Boston. Every evening they line up in order to be admitted for the night at the armory building. The next morning, after a cup of coffee, they are put back into the streets. Then, they roam around all day until the next evening. Many of them have been discharged from psychiatric hospitals or big institutions and have nowhere else to go. There is much anger, deep depression and intense pain inside them. When such pain becomes too much, then people tend to slip into a world of dream. Reality is just too painful. The world of dream or psychosis can in some way, be easier to bear.

    Our L'Arche communities are also places of pain becuase they are founded on people who have been through a great deal of anguish. Today, in richer countries, hospitals and asylums may be cleaner, but the same men and women are still there crying out for a home and for love. Sometimes these people have been put in residences, but frequently these residences are not a home either and they are not well accepted by the neighbors.

    For twenty-five years now I have had the privilege of living with men and women with disabilities. I have discovered that even though a person may have severe brain damage, that is not the greatest source of his or her greatest pain. The greatest pain is rejection, the feeling that nobody really wants you "like that". The feeling that you are seen as ugly, dirty, a burden, of no value. That is the pain I have discovered in the hearts of our people.


    Another moving discovery I made when I began to live with Raphael and Philip was of their deep cry for communion. This was a cry for love and friendship; it flowed from their loneliness and inner pain. You have surely experienced that too if you have visited people in institutions. Suddenly, you are surrounded by men and women saying to you (at least through the look in their eyes): "Will you be my friend? Am I important to you? Do I have any value?" Some of these people may seem to be hiding away in a corner of the room, hiding behind the bars of self-hatred or in a world of dream and psychosis. Still others might be hitting their heads on the wall. But in each one of them there is that same deep cry for love, friendship and communion. At the same time, in many of them there is also the deep fear that nobody can really love them, that nobody really wants them, because they are "dirty," "evil," "no good".

    My experience has shown that when we welcome people from this world of anguish, brokeness and depression, and when they gradually discover that they are wanted and loved as they are and that they have a place, then we witness a real transformation -- I would even say "resurrection". Their tense, angry, fearful, depressed body gradually becomes relaxed, peaceful and trusting. This shows through the expression on the face and through all their flesh. As they discover a sense of belonging, that they are part of a "family," then the will to live begins to emerge. I do not believe it is of any value to push people into doing things unless this desire to live and grow has begun to emerge.

    Source: From Brokeness to Community

    I thought it was worth dragging that name into this space because it's possible that those who are seeking alternatives to hospitalized care might be able to find care for themselves or a loved one within a community setting, such as L'Arche. If any of you should be aware of other community type settings, please do share the link."
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    The cell structure at the very beginning of life on earth is possibly something which is at work or can be brought to bear in generating and re-generating healthy organs.

    Dr Don Robins covers the piezo-electric nature of megalithic macrochips and how this energy can be attuned with or was in the "chasms of knowledge" modern humans will have to cross to regain the ancient knowledge which started with shamans in their healing work millions of years ago.

    Tiller was a professor (who mentored epigeneticists like Bruce Lipton) who wrote The Acts of Creation. I sense there is a way to make real headway if a person can be put into an attuned state such as Suggestopaedia achieves to teach a new language to an Alzheimer's patient with subsequent near total recall by broadcasting over the barrier that only allows us to use about 10% of our brain.

    Then it is just a matter of electrical (piezo electric not the full tilt electricity Tesla used to heal himself) and Harmonic pulses from sound and light to enhance the natural human healing processes of the mind and spirit.

    I see Evolutionary Theory as a study of the Origin of Life not the genesis of the human species. There are few researchers who will do any human evolutionary tree today. Darwin did not go to the Galapagos to study humans. He tried also to maintain he was not inspired by Lamarck (whose work includes an attunement or qualitative aspect that Russian science still employs rather than the more quantitative approach of most Western scholars) but it was subsequently shown that Darwin was well versed in Lamarckian principles and employed much of his insight though from a different premise or POV. Darwin also had a Theory of Love. You do not read about it and that is sad, because that really integrates what I am about to demonstrate if this discussion goes to the nature of lattice intersectional consciousness.

    That is where one encounters another theory - different from Interventionism or the alien seed from microbial RNA lattices. Darwin was greatly hampered by his materialistic science that understood nothing of the cellular level of life biologic. They had no microbiology or electron microscopes. It is upon the cellular substrate that each lifeform has been created and the Human Genome Project assures us we are not so different genetically from the worm. I offer certain 'Faith'-based evidence as proof of that contention.

    This theory suggests that the crystalline structure of rocks and minerals had a part to play in focusing energy to the biological soup ingredients at the beginning of life on earth. It is cutting edge stuff and I have only seen one article on it. I like this theory because I am a great fan of String Theory and Solid State Physicists like Robins and Tiller of Stanford (He has a recent book on Creation of life which I quote and have referred to many times in these debates.). String Theory tells us that all matter and energy is derived from 'one dimensional harmonic forces'. Now I can also draw the Logos into this and ask about the muon split in the deep Sudbury research center. How can sub-atomic particles communicate as was shown in this study? If they can communicate do they have some rudimentary consciousness? Indeed consciousness may not be only existent in biologic life.

    Going down that path will eventually take us to our most feared Creator or the collective unconscious, and the ONE of many non-theistic disciplines like Buddhism. I did not come to the point I am at (OPEN), by desire to believe in a Creator. I assure you I am raised in the most Atheistical up-bringing and approach. But now I see some merit in something these religions may have intuited somehow.

    "In the open state any asymmetry causes an energy imbalance to build up, caused by rectification of random fluctuations occurring in the surrounding region. When some shock causes closure, an energy discharge will occur and the resulting flow can provide the shock needed to cause a change in state of other nearby junctions. So waves of switching action will arise spontaneously: these could be the quantum waves: the core feature of quantum theory. Furthermore, all the ingredients are present from which a working neural network could evolve and could ultimately yield a primary consciousness.

    The network or grid, now defining the "nuether" and represented symbolically by a rectangular mesh in Figures 3, 5, and 6, would interconnect everything in the universe. As yet, however, no universe of matter could exist. Spontaneous creation of the nuether had to occur first, followed by evolution of its consciousness, since on this model matter would require deliberate design. {This came from the site of the Center for Philosophical Freedom and an extensive article by Ronald Pearson which includes this description of his work as well Articles by and about Ronald Pearson, the Derbyshire scientist who has discovered a structure of the ether that has potential to evolve intelligence. This has provided the mathematics to back up the experiments of Sir William Crookes and Charles Richet. In these experiments, deceased people returned, proving they had survived death.}" (12)
    I see so much in current science that supports life after death theories; and yet it may not be our personality which continues to exist in the ways most religions or concepts like Karma think of it. Beyond 'limbo' or 'purgatory' and these local event horizon states or attached energy bandwidths. I think little could be likened to what we would call our own persona but I am still open to extraordinary people having extraordinary circumstances and capability. In closing let me say simply - we must learn to think and question in the Socratian manner or else we are headed for a lot more war and other ghastly results.
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