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    Clearly Jung understood more alchemy than the Drob, guy says as he tries to corner Jung into some Kabbalistic corner. That STONE story captures so MUCH!!!! The comment about Merlin also hits home with our Bard (Troubadour) researches or Grail quest. Campbell observed the same kind of thing when in NYC he saw a young woman take Daisetz Suzuki home to never be alone again. He referred to her by the name of the person Merlin spent his life with from old age to death.

    So you say you are getting to see how myth allows a homunculus to exist in the pictures of alchemists in the beakers I referred to - I take you to mean. In short it is a projection of our idealized potential which can indeed be a talking head of Jesus as Aquinas said. But they had a physical one - and golems are too. Now we go back to the STONE or lapis as he calls it in your recent quote. Layers of meaning from interior dialogues distilling into archetypes beyond mere myth. Does that describe it? Does it make the Template ready to do the physical STONE or homunculus? It certainly is a high degree of attunement I like to call At - ONE - ment and thus illustrate Jung only saw how the spiritual UNconscious became real in our physical world once he understood these things of alchemy.

    Believe me - these words I write are valuable beyond any gold. They are the essence of my immortal BEing and commitment to soul beyond persona and this destructive state called social media. They capture that ineffable me (or you) I don't see others knowing. They are why my decrees are answered and the books flew off the shelf while I did my writing and research at the same library (different building) my father read every book in some sixty to seventy years before I was there. They are why years after see-ing Campbell (and more importantly, being 'see'n) I remembered that old man in an airport. Just co-incidence - eh? It is a world apart from society - in which I live!

    I do not know if I was "quickened' by his gaze, because I still had not grasped it's importance when Jean Houston said what his gaze communicated. I do know there were other such events which had already made me afraid of what I AM. I can get to these states of know-ing and wonder why I do not KNOW all the time.
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    Well, Mr. Baird, Yes. Beginning to understand the concept of Myth and the layers of "meaning from interior dialogues distilling into archetypes beyond mere myth" which leads into your discussion on Synchronicity in relation to “the archetype of the miracle” or of “magic effect”

    Jung, Synchronicity, And Human Destiny

    One of the tools that facilitates the exchange between the macrocosm and the microcosm is the Self’s interaction with archetypes. Pertinent to Synchronicity, it is the archetype of hope/miracle/magical effect that is particularly influential. Progoff explains:

    When Jung refers to “the archetype of the miracle” or of “magic effect,” he is giving a name to the particular quality of expectation that human beings intuitively feel with respect to the capacity that the life process possesses to bring about changes in its own functioning. Mankind has always sensed that experiences taking place on the archetypal level have the power to change things. They have called such change by various names, from the divine to the demonic. But primary has been the quality of expectation that is associated with such power. It is uncanny, and magical, and it becomes a source of strong belief because it fascinates man in the sense that it transfixes his consciousness. Thus it has an hypnoidal effect, and leads to faiths of great psychic intensity, which are then clothed in the various cultural symbolisms of religion and mythology. These faiths are based on, and operate in terms of, man’s intuitive belief in the power of the archetypal force to affect life in mysterious ways. The particular patterns of such beliefs Jung calls the archetype of magical effect. […]

    In understanding what is involved in the individual’s experience of archetypes, we must realize that while the experience takes place as a psychological phenomenon, it is a phenomenon that is by its very nature more than psychological. Its primary force comes from the fact that it has a spiritual quality and that it validates itself existentially in a person’s life. The manifestation of the macrocosm in the microcosm means that something of the world’s divinity has been individualized. When a personality experiences this and participates in it, the experience serves as a link between the human being and God. […]
    Thus there was a reason went into the exploration of drawfs connecting to elves.

    The role of the Self plays a fundamental role in Synchronicity and the experiences individuals have. In explaining the Self, Progoff states:

    On one level, the Self is an evolutionary concept, emerging from nature and providing the ground of reality that underlies the development of the human individual as a member of the species. As such, the Self is empirical, insofar as it comprises the base for all the phenomena that the sciences of man undertake to study. In this sense, the reality of the Self is reality with a small r.

    The second level of Jung’s conception of the Self, however, is more ontological than empirical. The nature of its reality here must be spelled with a capital R, just as the Self itself must be spelled with a capital S. It is here the ultimate reality of being. […] It is the encompassing unity in which and by means of which the macrocosm and the microcosm participate in each other, and specifically by which the ultimate realities of the universe are expressed and reflected in the life of the human individual. […]

    The individual microcosmic life is an aspect of the larger general pattern of the macrocosm. Nonetheless, the individual who is engaged in expressing the macrocosmic pattern that encompasses him is doing so by actions in his life that are apparently decided rationally. He moves toward consciously determined goals, and proceeds toward his goals on the basis of cause-and-effect thinking.

    The unfoldment of a human life is thus taking place on two distinct planes, simultaneously on two separate dimensions of reality. The one is the individual’s perceptions of his life, his motivations, and his actions. It takes place by means of thought and emotion, and it moves toward perceivable goals on the assumption of cause and effect, whether it conceives cause and effect in modern rationalistic terms or in the animistic terms of primitive magic.

    The second dimension, on the other hand, is more than individual. It is the transpersonal macrocosmic field in which Synchronicity operates. Within this field, which encompasses the patterning of the universe across time at each specific moment of time, there are, as Jung says, “certain regularities and therefore constant factors.” It is these regularities that Jung is seeking to clarify when he analyzes the various characteristics of the archetypes, their luminosity, the ways in which they are activated, their effect in upsetting the equilibrium of the psyche, and their constellative quality in drawing other psychic contents into complexes around them.

    BTW - side note -
    No fairy tale: Researchers spin straw into gold

    No spinning wheel required. In this day and age, a simple solvent will suffice to turn homely vegetation into a source of precious metals.
    The yields, in fact, are microscopic. The gold appears as particles mere billionths of a meter wide.

    Jung, Synchronicity, And Human Destiny

    Texts cited from the writings of the alchemist, Dorn, serve to illustrate
    the belief that a "balsam" or quintessence, hidden in the human soul, is
    necessary for the uniting of the opposites, soul and body, the second stage
    of the coniunctio. The nature of this balsam is defined and several
    synonyms for it are given. The result of this balsam (truth) is described
    as self-knowledge which enables one to know what he is rather than who he
    It is felt that from this knowledge will spring knowledge of God, of
    others and of the world.
    Of course, as one gets older, often times there is a disconnect upon exploring the myth - and through Jung (thanks to you) able to reconnect

    The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious - (1968)
    Carl Jung

    “Whether he understands them or not, man must remain conscious of the world of the archetypes, because in it he is still a part of Nature and is connected with his own roots. A view of the world or a social order that cuts him off from the primordial images of life not only is no culture at all but, in increasing degree, is a prison or a stable.”
    Meaning .. when I watched the video of Jung sitting by his "stone" - "lapis" the connection was not so much the homunculus - but that was the connecting point for me - of why this word - concept - stuck out. But the most fascinating aspect - is as you say - the template(s) found on all sides of the stone. But before anyone jumps to any conclusions to think I say - I have the "wisdom" - no.... but the knowledge... yes -some.... which therein lies a significant difference. Meaning I do not KNOW what you KNOW, but I do know what you mean when you write

    these words I write are valuable beyond any gold.
    And yes, perplexing to find a disconnect with others on social media platforms dismissing your contributions - but there are so many others who do understand the significance - just do not find them on some of these random forums....

    Watched an interesting video of interviews by those close to Jung -
    Matter Of Heart - Carl Jung

    Puzzled by your statement about Merlin

    The comment about Merlin also hits home with our Bard (Troubadour) researches or Grail quest. Campbell observed the same kind of thing when in NYC he saw a young woman take Daisetz Suzuki home to never be alone again. He referred to her by the name of the person Merlin spent his life with from old age to death.
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    Dear Sal

    A few things.

    First yes, we have assimilated the spiritual projection and the centering to find that little self (homunculus) wherever we are or want it.

    That as you note is not all that is - but it is worth more than gold. And simultaneously worth no THING because things really have no value and because there are other ways to get the connection to a higher self (second stage for Jung) which Hesse says takes three stages cause he starts with the stage of innocence or sheepleness called 'eigensinn'. Hesse says Chardin's Omega Point is the ultimate union which Jung apprehends as the God in Abraxas or manifest God within and without (More of what Bucky calls 'creative realization').

    To a person who does not get these things or will not read or listen it is all 'dust in the wind'.

    When I FEEL the light or flow I think I am like Jung when on his last legs before death his radiance in talking about Teilhard's book gave Miguel a sense he too felt - and like my brief interchange with Campbell in the airport. I assure YOU I would not trade these feelings for an ounce of gold but I can understand those who think I am 'nuts'. If just one memory of such a thing was wiped from my inner hard drive I might not lose the rest and I could give up that one memory for that ounce - but I am afraid to lose the one in knowing it brought others with it - does that sound crazy?

    The Merlin archetype is a powerful myth cum meme - almost as much as that magic 'balsam' hidden in the soul you quote - truth. When this young woman heard Suzuki she knew it! And I have had such adoration but never could I feel worthy - so will I learn to 'take'? But after I wrote that comment I wondered as I worried and wet my merry way - through all the threads to fix a bit - and saw dear Reverendsquid of the high Hasidim people (they think) at Icke's site. I will go get it, if I can. My memory says it is a developed CONstruct (my word) of dragons and other energy beyond the mere Magus Merlin. Like all Grail legend or Parsifal quests - it is deep and rich with lore and lies (to be winnowed through personal "vision quests"). I did see the elf brownie as a bardic tale which had code too - I am glad you knew that. You know - people actually would spend large amounts of time sharing this beauty and seeing the depths of soul within - 'once upon a time' I think you saw me try to convey this at another forum addressing Lewis Carroll and ALICE.

    Now there I did it. I had not connected the native sun or vision dances and quests with the Grail before this!!!! Another example of what Bohr says about 'an opposite is also true when the first truth is truly great'. (lore and lies)

    So here is Reverendsquid noting differences in various tellings from two books. Both of them are not as good as others in my opinion but all have reason to read the latter book considered so important by so many. I see so much code in the THREE. Just like Hesse saying there are three stages or the Triune Nature of Man mirrored in laddio, daddio, and spook or on the Giza plane with man (dynamic) as Iesa and woman (the Sphinx also a dragon in Theseus). The Tao has two but also the vessel or circle - that circle is a most important symbol like the Oroborous.


    I found the idea of Gabriel being a fallen angel quite odd, so I noodled around a bit on the net to see if I could find out why that's come about - apparently he didn't fall with the others, this was a separate thing. He was punished for a short period by God. I couldn't find out much about what he'd actually done, except for this:

    'I read this in Norma Goodrich’s Merlin, on page 79, where she quotes Moses Gaster, who in turn quotes a Rumanian manuscript. (Rumanian manuscript 71):

    The Archangel Gabriel was dispatched to take away the soul of a widow, but when he found her suckling twins, he left her soul alone.
    God punished Gabriel for disobedience, by sending him for a stone at the bottom of the sea. But when the Archangel cut it in half, he found two "worms" (dragons) inside.

    "If I feed worms," said the Lord, "do you think I would let twins starve?" God punished the erring angel for thirty years, and took the woman’s soul.

    At the end of thirty years the Archangel laughed three times:
    at a dying Abbot buying new shoes
    at a beggar sitting on treasure, and
    at a governor and bishop riding in pomp and circumstance, not knowing they were twins of the widow. {Sons of the widow is a Masonic code for Mariae and her alchemy, IMHO}

    This version of the story also parallels the story in Vita Merlini. In fact, this Gabriel version even has a beggar instead of a diviner sitting on top of the gold. However, the major focus of this story is the underwater dragons, which don’t occur in Geoffrey’s Vita Merlini, but in his History of the Kings of Britain. Also, this version is missing the wedding that is cause for mourning because the husband is killed.

    In Robert de Boron’s Merlin, the stories of the laughs and the underwater worms are reunited, which makes me suspect Robert de Boron did not merely use Geoffrey of Monmouth’s works as a source, but investigated the legends himself.'

    Now, obviously this is a quote from a work of fiction, but it references a story told by Moses Gaster, who is a real person, and he did legitimate research. I'm not sure what it says about the nature of God, or the nature of Gabriel for that matter!

    If you wiki Moses Gaster, he collected a lot of old manuscripts. He also wrote a book of ritual magic called the Sword of Moses. If you wiki Sword of Moses you can link to an online copy of it. Haven't had a look yet as ritual magic doesn't really paddle my canoe, but it may be brilliant, who knows?
    Finally - "investigated the legends himself". I think that is what all listeners used to do - like the Empathic Listening Covey tries to explain and which I think should (must) be taught in schools. I may be wrong but this reverendsquid has a lot of depth if he means what I think he does. I am almost certain he knows how to travel into the myth or lore and winnow the wheat.

    It looks like almost three days of hard effort went away including an excellent site with many good quotes and a piece by William James on Shamanism.

    The stuff deconstructing Clarifying Christianity demographics and the Church of Satan - well I really don't care - and if the stuff does not return - so be it. ARRRRGGGH! I had done some good additional work on Crowley and Hubbard, and lots more. I can't remember it all. I found the William James stuff.

    Here is a wealth of great quotes from great people.

    I had a whole new Golden Bough type thread started. I am not a happy camper.
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    So, I just spent about three days posting to above top secret (ATS) and pissed off the know-it-alls who complained my work was not mine. So I got to leave an explanation before they banned me.

    There was a glitch in the cloud quote which made it not work on replies = so I could not make the matter clearer to some about what was mine and what was quoted. But one of the admin said I could re-post under another name or title. I knew better - cause five others had sent me messages saying I was trashed and such.

    Pretty much par for the course - if you can't argue and state facts you CAN make it so people do not get those facts. There were many great responses and people giving me flags and stars. Something like 60 of each.

    Getting a little more (cryptic and not forthcoming) from Gnostic Bishop. He is merely saying there always were enlightened ones - which could mean he buys archons of alien origin.
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    Mr. Baird,

    Going to switch threads here from the discourse started by newnature - The Nicene Creed Series in which you say,

    Since we are now verging on metaphysics as the only scientific POV that has validity, as Gravitational Wave Theory continues to prove out, does it make sense to learn about it? Learning about the ether and energy affects which are part of all mystical disciplines is easy enough, and after a while it becomes second nature once you throw off the chains of ignorance and material mind sets we have been inundated with. I again note Kabbalah is 'twisted' but that may only mean a different angle or viewpoint. The Zohar is from a much less ancient time. And when they use the word Bible they do not include the Roman lies of the New Testament. I also ask you to search for Unsheathing the Soul here.
    And no have not read your discourse (debate) with another poster(s).

    Ran across this video awhile back while looking into Houston and found one titled
    The Future of God Debate Sam Harris and Michael Shermer vs Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston Actually Houston and Shermer get overtaken by Harris and Chopra - anyone wanting a glimpse into the tone can watch a shorter clip with a misleading title, Deepak Chopra destroyed by Sam Harris

    Summarized -

    Chopra asks for the scientists to explain -
    why do we have this deep yearning to understand the beginning of the universe and ourselves
    and Harris states we all do not have this deep yearning - [has the audacity to answer] that if we took the hundred thousand people on planet earth at this moment that have this deep yearning to understand our place in the universe - we would be left without a lot of people thinking NOT THINKING about the origins of the universe [wow!!!!!!!!] in any real sense. And then goes into saying we look for ways to cope with life by creating religion - Pbut evades the question - hmmmm guess he may have a point the lines get blurred - esp in the case of thumpers that also avoid questions...]
    But actually the part of the interview that gets into this concept is in yet another shorter video clip that has Leonard Mlodinow - theoretical physicist step up out of the audience.
    Deepak Chopra embarrassing himself in public

    Starting with

    Leonard Mlodinow: "My question would be to Deepak, would you like to have a short course on Quantum Mechanics sometime so we can straighten out your... slightly misuse of quantum notation?"
    Anyone reading this not familiar with Mlodinow - well he explains - he was at that time writing a book with Steven Hawkings. The Grand Design (and earlier - A Briefer History of TimeSep 27, 2005 by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow). But what I find interesting is how Mlodinow skips around the concept of consciousness AND shortly thereafter up pops a book authored by Chopra and Mlodinow.

    BTW - Here is a short review of "War of the Worldviews: Science vs. Spirituality" (Chopra and Mlodinow) by Mark G. Alford - Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle Physics - graduate of Harvard.

    Can skeptics and scientists learn anything from reading a Deepak Chopra book? In this case I think they can. It helps that this book is coauthored with Leonard Mlodinow, physicist, screenwriter, and coauthor with Stephen Hawking of the bestseller The Grand Design. (He also received the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry's Balles Prize for his book on randomness, The Drunkard's Walk.) The book is formatted as a debate, each author setting out his side and responding to the other. It covers all the big questions: cosmology, life and evolution, the mind and brain, and God. Chopra advocates his own brand of spirituality, claiming that the universe is conscious and evolving. He presents his spirituality as the reasonable alternative to the soulless materialism of his critics. Mlodinow acts as the spokesman for science, countering Chopra's expansive claims and giving very clear explanations of conventional scientific knowledge.

    What is the disagreement?

    The title invites us to read the book as documenting a struggle between science and spirituality, but Chopra clearly loves science and vies with Mlodinow to explain topics like the history of the cosmos and the role of DNA. In some cases Chopra misstates the content of scientific knowledge and Mlodinow corrects him, but in many cases Chopra and Mlodinow agree on the content of our scientific knowledge of the world.

    Their disagreement is over a question that is not itself scientific: What deep truth does science tell us about the world? Does it tell us that there is a universal consciousness that we can access by going to a special place where it will be "drawn to your side" (Chopra, p. 251)? Or does it tell us that understanding one's essence means "to think of myself as a biological machine governed by the same laws that govern Pluto" (Mlodinow, p. 133)? This is a difference of two worldviews, but they are both metaphysical extensions of what science itself tells us.
    Interesting enough - after that skipping around on the term consciousness - about a year later up pops the book, Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior - Feb 12, 2013 by Leonard Mlodinow
    Here is a link to selected chapters - posting in case anyone wants to read - and nope have not read it yet, is on my list to read. Or you can punch this into Google and find an assortment of videos.

    Anyways back to that discussion between Chopra and Mlodinow - up comes the statement from Mlodinow that Quantum Mechanics must remain "local" and not "non-local". At this point did not have much of a grasp on the significance of this line of thinking (nor can I say that I have much more now - either). Regardless, off I went on a search.

    Here is a fairly decent link to this question from Research Gate with 22 responses.

    Renjith Bhaskaran
    Indian Institute of Science
    Is quantum mechanics local or non-local?

    According to Bell, "quantum mechanics is non locally casual and cannot be embedded in a local casual theory". What is the physical significance of "local" and "non local" formalism used in this context?
    Sure this will not be a surprise to you that eventually ran across the name David Bohem and one is of course going to run into his connection with Krishnamurti. And yes - did read your recent post(s) on Krishnamurti ... Not actually going to list all the material read or videos watched - but will say wonder about the Aharonov–Bohm effect in correlation by the work done by neuroscientist, Paul Bach-y-Rita, the pioneer of neuroplasticity... and founder of the Tactile Communication & Neurorehabilitation Laboratory (TCNL)

    List of Bach-y-Rita's books

    Actually in the process of reading - The James J. Gibson Connection: A Real-Life Documentation By Bill Angelos located on a website titled - Exploring the Legacy of the David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti Relationship - so will gain more insight or dare I say perception into my question or more specifically in the words of Bohem - "an insight into a concept(s) - "a non-verbal activity that turns into life"!!!

    Interesting enough Chapter two begins where I began weeks ago when Mlodinow got all evasive or skirmish about consciousness.

    I was so surprised by what I saw happening that I turned to Paul and whispered: “She’s going through a change of consciousness!” He whispered back a very communicative: “Shhh!”

    At the time, I assumed he was just admonishing me to be quiet and keep watching. It would only be later that I learned that Paul’s admonishment had deeper implications. It was my use of the word “consciousness” that was the cause of his response. As I would soon learn—although this was early 2003—the word “consciousness” was still considered anathema in mainstream Neuroscience circles. In fact, I recall opening a huge recently published “Encyclopedia of Neuroscience” in Paul’s office a few days later and found that the word “consciousness” didn’t even exist in its Index.
    And Chapter three with the mention of Helen Keller - Oh how I wish another one of my dear ones was still around to experience what is described here .... and no I do not mean the teaching of Helen learning to use sign language - she had already a basis for this when I begin working with her for "basic needs" - but oh how she loved to learn more!!! and we also learned braille together - but actually talking about beyond sign language and braille... between the brain and mind - "the hardware and software".

    The Brain doesn’t “change itself” as Norman Doidge claims. It’s the other way around—The Self changes its brain.
    Regards, Sal

    Tonight - in honor of my special friend "A"

    I'll Remember You by Bob Dylan

    I’ll remember you
    When the wind blows through the piney wood
    It was you who came right through
    It was you who understood
    Though I’d never say
    That I done it the way
    That you’d have liked me to
    In the end
    My dear sweet friend
    I’ll remember you

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    Dear CM

    I love this!

    I have some difficulty with the word casual - is this causal? It is repeated twice and I think it would be more appropriate if it was causal.

    That leads back in your presentation (though you understandably jumped forward later) to non-locality. And I think they all stumbled on that - especially Harris who I very much liked. I did not like him chastising Blake when the listeners are not considering the era he wrote and lived in. His science is closer to explaining non-locality than any of these people got (IMHO). I am glad to hear Chopra and Mlodinow continued their dialogue and perhaps their consciousness work has further insight to the neural firing mechanics versus the grander and far more interesting (for me) Design Hawking also failed to capture with him. I did read their history of Time and in fact gave it to my nephews and others at Xmas way back then.

    I am prone to denigrate Shermer and though he was weak he was not wrong. His problem is one of integrity in my eyes. There is a great deal science does not fully grasp and though he is right it may hold answers in some future era - right now it is being lead by those who look deeper in the areas Deepak and I address.

    OK - I also am not sure I followed your Hellen Keller special friend words. I look forward to what you say about the Bohm - K discourses and friendship.

    Now - what is local and what occurs at-a-distance? I think you will remember my frequent reference to it and recent research in quantum teleporting beyond the spookiness of Einstein. I touch on it in Time Travel and astral or de-materialization and bi-location threads too. I say the ether which connects all energy and is the wholeness Bohm addresses was known better by Blake and his predecessor alchemists like Newton - than even they were allowed to say, or is it able to say; and they too were fast and loose in integrity (which I can do as well). So my recent debate at the other site on Synchronicity has culled no great response and the cretin was apparently unable to even think about concepts he himself brought up including saying Tesla was not into dimensional physics. I blew him up! I was hoping someone could debate this point - it is what Bucky Fuller and Chardin were all about too. I know Jean would love my explanation and I suspect Deepak would build another book around it like he did the Druids book he did after I was on all so many places saying this stuff. I cannot prove he did not get there on his own.

    This ether or numinous and luminous NOUS of Plato and other alchemists. This Abraxas Jung was close to understanding and The Rule of Complementarity includes some of (opposites being also true when GREAT), this wholeness of wholism and epigenetic or positive thinking healing; THIS "WE" and I do mean you and me or anyone who can grasp just part of this verbal diarrhea I am wont to do: this little bit of god and the apex of the hierarchy symbolized in the Great Pyramid of Iesa. This at-one-ment rather than atonement which religious fruitcakes go nuts about.

    Yes, this Direct Cognition or Ein Sof with Brotherhood! Does it require more than losing the ego? The small 's' self versus the Self?

    Which I thought Sam Harris was open to discuss even more than Deepak. I am guessing your discourse with deaf students using Helen's methods and joy of learning when you used the word "software" is on point. But beyond that kind of trip or tap in there is what Bucky called the observer of the observer doing the observing. It was something Heisenberg clued me in with a long time ago.

    It is what lies dormant and awaits every student of RIGHT THOUGHT = RIGHT ACTION. I think Swedenborg tried and maybe Blake came closer than I ever will.

    On this day in January 2016 Gnostic Bishop finally confirmed he does no research and quoted Wikipedia to suggest all of academia is correct - even though all of academia does not accept the dating of copper manufacture and Cradle of Civilization nonsense about cuneiform at present. He is as we thought.

    But later on this day he thanked me for providing more - who knows he might actually try to learn.
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    This is a letter to my nephew who has become a good writer despite his educational experts and other helpers.

    His work as The Adventurer explaining the wilderness and survival techniques is something to be proud of.

    I met a major gangster (pimp and drug lord)who owns many businesses here and Cambodia. He is a smallish Brit in good shape and 55 he told me about his educational difficulties due to his dyslexia. One school chum is a woman in charge of a major research facility (she works at St. James if I recall) dealing with the brain. She got him in to see how his brain looked to all her colleagues but only told one of them who he was and how much drugs he has done (massive class A drugs). His lack of reading and any brain exercise at all was what they focused on. I told him about Einstein's brain and it's larger size - and that I think it is an advance of evolutionary proportions.

    I think your brain is special and you have done well to overcome the torture of your education inflicted by people who knew better (I told them). The Learning styles research which Ted had a little testing about is not unknown and was not unknown a long long time ago - called ESP and denigrated.

    I was reading his young prostitute's hand and helping him and her understand how difficult it will be for him to help her recover from a lot of what happened largely because of him. The line between help and enabling is hard for inexperienced people to grasp no matter how much book larnin'.

    I spent a lot of time at a bar with them that evening and we went through his life and I saw this 28 year old child for what she is now - and doubted that she and he will undo what damage has been done (not even close) but it is nice to see a conscience in such people - whereas the experts have little real empathy. I have avoided them for days now - far too sleazy! His scars from drug attacks and other things - despite me liking him - just left me cold.

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    My nephew responded in support of what I said above and detailed his friends who are also in deep trouble including drugs. Here is my reply to him.

    Yes, and of the 20% who do not get really f'd over they too suffer. I consider all people like myself suffered as well - because I got into a lot of bad habits and could have done so much more with an integrated mind - which I (for certain) would have gotten if I studied in groups of all learning styles.

    We pay taxes to turn out idiots who abuse us and are worse than the criminals we put in jails or mental institutions. And believe me those people were truly abused by schools.

    I do not blame the teachers if they try to help and overcome the institutionalizing forces (which is hard to do).

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