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    Coral Castle

    Can Orgone Energy affect whole weather systems which the Roswell balloons were working on? Did Wilhelm Reich's papers seized by the US authorities help them do what later included Montauk? Is Tesla's unified force field a reality in use at Pine Gap.

    Wilhelm Reich was a Freud student and many of those students became something like an alchemist. Jung is called an alchemist and wrote about it. Before Jung another student of Freud wrote a book on alchemy - his name is Silberer. Needless to say I have written a great deal about these matters in books like Chichen Itza: Time.

    There is a possible explanation for the building of Coral Castle which would explain everything except how Ed made a major move in 24 hours of the sort that would require so many people operating block and tackles that I wonder if the man on the video talking with such certainty knew about this move. Heck I wonder if I am forgetful or imagining the facts after watching it.

    Coral Castle Mystery Solved with AMAZING new footage! - See more at:

    Wikipedia says it took three years to make this move. But the following video explains that a truck driver who was helping him went away for 30 minutes and returned to find his flatbed truck fully loaded with heavy coral blocks and the block and tackle tripod was still where it was when he left. The 23 Ton obelisk was in place when the truck driver returned the next day. I lived for over three months across the highway from the Coral Castle and I do know the Earth Energy Grid (Pentagon Dodecahedron) and other ancient knowledge is important as this video shows. It appears to me that I was correct about the truck being used for just a day or so. I wonder why Wikipedia and the debunker gloss over these things and do not have a video explaining and demonstrating the actual move?

    Sir Laurence Gardner explains how to levitate rock through high-spin atomics in his book Genesis of the Grail Kings. I have difficulty with an on/off weightlessness which would be used to transport huge rocks and I think I remember seeing where he was being sued for ripping off a modern scientist. Then there is the ORMUS gold of the gods and other factors which do allow me to question such things were known to the ancients. But Leedskalnin did do something amazing and there is a cover-up apparent. The book written by Ed might have code as the above video says but the book seems awfully simplistic and I do not find anyone who has broken the code. There was a time when I had a break down on symbology which someone said aliens had given him. I thought these symbols might be inside the device Ed is seen turning by hand and which obviously had an interior mechanism as the second video says it did. I thought the design allowed magnetic fluctuations and I was aware over a decade ago about Einstein's theory of negative gravity which has since been proven.

    This site has a few articles about the Coral Castle and I place this one here for the reader who wishes to investigate the matter further.

    In this link you can see a high quality debunker or skeptic proving something about what passes for education and skepticism. They are a testimony to the skill of the Amazing Randi himself.

    I have joined and will probably be banned today - but it should be fun. I have not been approved for posting and it would appear likely they browsed my name and saw what I have said about their fraud leader. They did not ban me but I only go in to mess with them once every few months.

    It would not surprise me if the ancients had technology such as what follows before the great meteor caused the near extinction of humanity in 8350 BCE. It might even have existed when the double kiln was constructed at Dolni Vestonici around 30,000 years ago. This is effectively a VRIL Machine and there are lesser designs which include psychotronic enhancements. Pavlita developed one.

    The machine with a Wankle exterior (Like the RX 7 engine) to the inside of the cement, which had an interior moving device such as shown in a link which follows, had energy symbols including the ankh to add etheric energy and earth polarity to cause power for moving objects - which he did.
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    The following link is well worth investigation in regards to what happened to Wilhelm Reich and what passes for freedom and open-mindedness in the USA.

    Reichean Orgone Energy:
    Wilhelm Reich was one of the special students in the Vienna of Freud and St.
    Germain that brought humanity the alchemical insights of Silberer and Jung to make
    many interesting new approaches seem all the
    more valid.

    “New York University hosted the second in a series of Film Symposia featuring the ground-breaking documentary film about medical orgone therapy, Room for Happiness. The event took place in February 2004 at NYU’s campus in Manhattan and was attended by people from varied walks of life, from college students just discovering orgonomy to medical professionals interested in increasing their understanding of the subject matter. Participants reported that the lecture and following panel discussion were “Outstanding,” and ‘The best I’ve ever heard.’ Comments about the film include ‘Fascinating, I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen,’ ‘The best introduction to medical orgone therapy,’ and ‘moving and uplifting.’…

    Recent events have focused the attention of the world on Terrorism and how to
    understand this unprecedented attack on freedom. One branch of Orgonomy has focused
    on the social realm of Human functioning and has been elaborating these fundamental
    insights of Wilhelm Reich.” (1)

    And while looking for some reference to the Coral Castle to share with you I found
    this under the headings therewith. That is appropriate as we will continue to show
    because these energies and dimensions that surround and maintain all life and matter are
    “Too hot for Norway, Reich relocated to America and set up his Orgonon labs in
    Rangeley, Maine. Orgone, he declared, was everywhere - its flow the pulse of life. To
    harness it, Reich developed the Orgone Energy Accumulator (Orac), a box alternating
    organic and inorganic layers that, he theorised, would contain and amplify beneficial
    orgone energy. After experimentation, he stated that orgone therapy could reduce the size
    of cancerous tumours and relieve pain in sufferers.

    Countering this was Reich's discovery of anti-orgone or Deadly Orgone Radiation,
    produced by atomic testing (and, he later believed, UFOs). Reich developed the
    Cloudbuster to extract DOR from the atmosphere. It was also said to create rain and
    snow. { Which I suggest has something to do with the Roswell event and the government
    saying it was just ‘weather balloons’ and top secret studies relating to their manipulation
    of the weather as a weapon.}

    When rumours spread that Orgonon housed a sex cult, the US food and drug
    administration grew interested. Allegations that Reich claimed to be able to cure cancer
    with Oracs - a claim he never made - lead to a court summons, which he unwisely
    ignored, and an order to stop distributing them.” (2)
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