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Thread: Natural Healing and Megalithic Connections

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    Natural Healing and Megalithic Connections

    This link to our blog and an article which goes far afield to integrate many things including Intelligent Design is worth more than just a cursory examination.

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    A few comments on your excellent front page article this week in the WM blog, Natural Healing – Tiller, Robins and Bruce Lipton

    So often, when we hear the word crystals, there is an immediate, unfortunate misconceptions of connecting this idea with some New Age Guru Propaganda.

    Yet, as clearly demonstrated/outlined, this "technology" - ""knowledge" goes back into time to the world of the - dare I say - the Neanderthals.

    In addition, the inclusion of research that is now more acceptable in the mainstream brings us closer to understanding the importance of not dismissing concepts without further serious consideration.

    Quite frankly, this is beyond my scope of knowledge. Yet, while reading a book, Dynamic Thought OR THE LAW OF VIBRANT ENERGY BY WILLIAM WALKER ATKINSON, there is a simplified (to a certain extent) explanation that helped define (or at least attempts to address) this subject in more laymen terms. (BTW - it is a quick read, well worth checking out and still relevant even though written back in 1906). Actually, as the author points out - the title of this book could be, "The Theory of Dynamic Thought vs. The Theory of Aristotle's Ether"

    Please note, I do not promote or believe all of what Atkinson writes or the dogma; nonetheless, the content of this short book does not focus on metaphysics nor philosophical beliefs.

    Fittingly, this book begins with a quote by Luigi Galvani

    I am attacked by two very opposite sects—the Scientists and the Know-Nothings; both laugh at me, calling me the 'Frogs' Dancing Master,' but I know that I have discovered one of the greatest Forces in Nature.
    The book goes further into explaining Cohesive Attraction (etc) using crystals as an example.

    In case anyone missed the link to NORTHROP FRYE AND THE PHENOMENOLOGY OF MYTH that Bob posted, I re-post here.

    Heads up, this is a huge read, but it does lead back to the beginning of this reply and other conversations dealing with the influence of culture and acceptance vs denial of beliefs; such as, this one on Natural Healing (etc).

    The specific mythographic context in which Frye's work is situated is not merely
    the study of the ancient religious narratives that conventionally structure literature, but
    the study of myth as phenomenological; which is to say, as a theory or mode of
    consciousness that infonns the very perception of reality, and which, therefore, has
    profound existential, moral, and cultural implications.
    Thus regarding the reference to Darwin' Theory of Love from the WM blog article, Natural Healing – Tiller, Robins and Bruce Lipton, wonder if Darwin knew that the concept of the survival of the fittest would evolve in the manner that it did.... in regards to superiority....

    Civilization is in more than one sense supernatural," Frye points out; "it is something which man's superiority over nature has evolved" (FS 36): "The totality of imaginative power, of which the matrix is art, is what we ordinarily call culture or civilization" (FS 89). Imaginative expansion is in fact the process by which culture has always developed in response to the consciousness fragmenting prospect of objective nature.
    After all, Frye does offer more insight into this phenomena of perception and interpretation.

    ...speaks of three possible worlds;

    the created world of vision,
    the observed world of sight,
    and the abstracted world of memory:

    The world of memory is an unreal world of reflection and abstract ideas;
    the world of sight is a potentially real world of subjects and objects;
    the world of vision is a world of creators and creatures.

    In the world of memory we see nothing;
    in the world of sight we see what we have to see;
    in the world of vision we see what we want to see. (FS 26)
    Of course, I do not concur with all of Frye's ideology - etc

    Nonetheless, those that take the time to read this thesis comparing and contrasting Frye to the likes of Campbell, Freud, Jung, Eliade, and Blake will come out the richer.

    Allow me to conclude with the following quote from Atkinson, which leads back to another discussion under the thread, The Lord's Prayer, where you, Mr. Baird (Bob), bring up an essential aspect - Right Thought = Right Action, yet in a round about way still fits under this thread, too.

    In order to grasp the idea of the Universality of Mind, let us go back to the elementary forms of Things, and, step by step, see how Mentation manifests itself in every point on the scale from mineral to man—using bodies ranging from the hardest rock to that finest form of known Substance—the Brain of Man. As Mind advances in the scale of evolution it creates its own working instrument—the body (including the brain) and shapes, and moulds it to admit of the fullest possible expression of Mentation possible at that stage. Mind is the moulder—body (and brain) that which is moulded. And Inclination, Desire, and Will, are the motive powers leading to gradual Unfoldment, the impelling cause being the craving for Satisfaction.
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    Dear Sal

    One possible correction in what you said about concurrence with Frye - should you be saying you do not concur with everything he says. I think each of us should always never concur with everything even those things we just wrote, and I think Frye would agree.

    I also think you have added to the whole article in meaningful ways - and should post these thoughts on the blog. I hate to contradict myself - but I concur with everything you point out (especially about Atkinson making things easy to grasp) (LOL).

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    I edited my post for clarification.

    Good point to include even the words we write are questionable.

    After all, what I think (say or write) today is open for a change of mind.

    I will add this comment to your blog article.

    I do have more to add to this discussion, but will wait until after I re-read your posted link under Ptolemy's Harmonics in regards to the blog article by Joseph E Postma, Astrophysicist, Science of Numbers – Pythagoras was at it already which ties into this conversation.

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