This is from ISal and reflects on issues here that take some patience to get past.

New Members, Trouble Posting?

When I joined this forum, I had to request for an email activation, as it did get sent automatically.
Then my email activation did not allow me to activate my account for posting privileges.
The activation link brought up an error page, nor successful by following the instructions to fill in my my activation code manually.
However, after I sent an email to the administrator, Alex, another email received in my inbox.

Please Note:
After you sign up/register, you can still send private messages, just not post on threads.
I understand Chester is the Super Moderator; however, I have had no personal communication with him upon joining this forum.
Thus, feel free to private message myself, iSal or R_Baird for further assistance.
Because no matter how much I enjoy communicating with Bob, it would be nice to have a community on the discussion board.