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Thread: The Old Gaelic Order

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    The Old Gaelic Order

    To suggest they walked between the worlds as the official site of The Old Gaelic Order says - is OK. To say these are Druids is not what I think is true and I have written many books on the matter. But such is the nature of power grabbers and fakirs - and they work together while appearing not to. They correctly say the knowledge comes from the Phoenicians I think because the people they sought to gain power and influence over KNEW this was true. Unfortunately modern day academics diminish even that small acknowledgement.

    Let me ask you why such a group would have taken the Senchus Mor into Christianity as they say - and yet allow it to be destroyed. All that remains is glosses of a huge compendium (to use their word) of laws.

    Ben's earliest recorded ancestor was Lugar MacLugair. MacLugair seems to have been the most important figure in the 2nd century - he was a Lawgiver. He was described as the one who adapted "The Senchus Mor" the great compendium of Law to the Christian tradition. MacCugar was one of those characters who emerge every few generations and totally transform the character of a society. But because of the conflicts between Paganism and Christianity, he was written out history. MacLugair was the most important Druid of his time and a member of "The Order". He was Chief Druid of Ireland and Druid to the High King Leary and Druid to the Kings of Leinster.
    The Kings he refers to are just heads of a clan who sold out and their descendants seek favor in Christendom or the society that accepts such garbage. Rome is Christendom and it was seeking an end to Druidry with three Roman Emperors proscibing them - and putting a bounty on their head and paying their agents to destroy all remnants of it including Ogham. You know this from my book - with loads of references and from MacDari's books.

    The use of the word gaelic dates them a little but clearly their own research or site says the 2nd century. You should know there were always families who sought greater influence and this was a time when a lot of that was going on as the remnants of the pan-tribal international Keltoi or Phoenician Brotherhood was almost totally beaten in the Old World.

    You asked if this is like the neo-Gnostics - yes. I will explain it more to you if you have any doubt.

    My first published book is reviewed in this thread - and those who take the extensive amount of time to follow the links or search for the content sources now old and missing - will get exactly what these people say. It was way too much to cover in one book.

    Now if a person wants a glimpse into the ethics and morals of truly spiritual people you can watch this video re-enactment of a meeting between Julius Caesar and a man he imprisoned and tortured for years who would not break the Keltic Creed and code. His bribes did not get the usual sell-out and even the torture and threats against Vercingetorix's family would not sway him. Here we have the last major common consent king of the pan tribal druids.

    Socrates followed in the teaching of Pythagoras who was invested into the Druids near present day Marseilles in the region we later have this event. But the subsequent Gallic and Vandals or other uprisings were becoming more a matter of power and selling out or bargaining. Yes, there are questions about the Ostrogoth's and others who went to the Americas.
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    This is a recent review of the book. I thank him for the five stars but it is not well written and as he says it is hard to track down the sources - because I used a lot of links on the web.

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A new look at history
    ByQuentin R. Stewart, Jr.on February 27, 2014

    Format: Kindle Edition

    Diverse Druids is a look at a period of time that seems to have been hidden for years by those who want to control the way that we look at the past. According to Baird the movers and shakers of the past have a tie in with the Kelts (Celts) and Druids of the past. They were the travelers, traders and explorers who opened the routes to the America’s long before the European “discovery” of the so-called New World. Their accomplishments have been hidden by those who became greedy for power and the wealth that the Druids led them to in their explorations.

    Baird in his writing ties all of the unexplained monuments found around the world to the Druids and their travels. Were they the Mound Builders of early North America? Were they on Easter Island? Did they influence the Aztecs? Are the Druids the source of the idea of Brotherhood of all people? It is up to each individual reader to decide for themselves and to trace down the sources that Baird uses to prove his points.

    A very interesting read that might make you question what the history books have in them.
    I wish I had been aware of this site when I wrote Diverse Druids.

    Perhaps I should not be harsh on them because they emphasize Britain and have not done the research to take it back a lot further. They get a few things as correct as any do, and are worth a read.

    "After Hu Gadarn, Aed Mawr is said to have set up The Druid Order about 1,000 B.C., with three Archdruidic sees and thirty-one other centres of learning. Classical tradition, however unreliable, agrees with this in speaking of the reception of the founder-philosopher of Greece, Pythagoras, into The Druid Order in Marseilles in about 529 B. C.

    It has also a legend, already old to Herodotus, who disbelieved it, {My reading of Hecateus sees him as confirming the great wisdom, language knowledge and other arts demonstrated by Abaris.} that visiting Pythagoras came one Abaris, from the land of the Hyperboreans he being a priest of Apollo, speaking perfect Greek and “fit for the reception of wisdom.”

    Passing over these more doubtful figures which approximate to myth, more sober traditions and records agree in attributing to the Druids an elaborate and lengthy wisdom teaching with several grades, and an influence over princes and Celtic tribal peoples alike.

    “The Druids,” says Ceasar (Gallic Wars, Bk. 6 {-written by his propagandist Hirtius but academics still don't know or will not say} ) “preside in matters of religion, have the care of sacrifice and interpret the will of the Gods. They have the direction and education of youth… In almost all controversies… the decision is left to them… The Druids never go to war, are exempted from taxes and military service.”

    The young “are taught to repeat a great number of verses by heart and often spend twenty years upon this institution… They (the Druids) teach likewise many things relating to the stars and their motions, the magnitude of the world and our earth, the nature of things and the power and prerogatives of the immortal gods.”

    Britain not Gaul, was the centre or holy land of this formidable body and although Bardism compromised, disastrously for itself, with the Roman power in Gaul, here Druidism fought the invaders tooth and nail.

    How far it was really driven out one cannot tell; it remained strong in Scotland, Wales and above all Ireland, whence the Christianised Druids returned as the missionaries known as Culdees and probably formed the background of great missionaries such as St. Columba (Columcille) who founded the Celtic Church in Britain. {It is he who said "Jesus is the new Druid."}

    The Arthurian traditions are clearly Druidic in their earlier forms, being part of a mystery teaching which includes the Welsh mythology."
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