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Thread: Liberte, Egalite et Fraternite

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    Is it weird that the most oppressed and ignorant are becoming more under the thrall of religion? Is it understandable that thinking leads to more freedom? As humanity adds population and the resources diminish - what plan will religious organizations produce to overcome the damage they have caused?

    I lived in the US when GHWBush was President and the 50th anniversary of the invited attack on Pearl Harbor took place. I heard him say on the radio that the families of the military leaders who took the blame should be satisfied with his apology for what happened in the deceit surrounding the INVITED (and much needed) attack which would bring America into the war to protect Britain - which A Man Called Intrepid was a vital cog in arranging.

    I had always heard about the code being broken in time to warn the US commanders in Hawaii but I did not know the extent of it. This video should be used in every American school system today, at every immigration center seeking people to become Americans - and the facts are overdue just as they are in the matters of Gamal Abdul Nasser, The Shah, Opium Wars and all sorts of trickery causing terrorism and war today.

    In listening to the Democratic Presidential Debate from New Hampshire I found myself thinking how can any person in the US vote for the Repbullicans? Yes, it is not spelled that way. The Republicans seemed willing to call arabs names rather than build bridges. They had many talking as if they would not v=even talk to Putin. Not so in the Democratic debate - all of them were close to reasonable and willing to admit past mistakes.

    Community Policing came up alongside of repealing the criminalization of Marijuana which is part of the issue in this thread dealing with FBI efforts that further enhance the real life problems in America. They admitted police forces have to be accountable for violent acts and racial targeting. It almost made me feel I could live there again - especially when some of them mentioned an increase in Social Security payments (just kidding).
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    Conner Habib may be a rising star in the writing community who addresses the same demographics Hakim Bey, McKenna's and de-oxy discordians are galvanizing. In de-constructing the 'brothers' in threads like The Aquarian Conspiracy I have given my opinions which are anti-fear and what the 'brothers' or biblebelievers website disinfo agents (Who include a Church of Satan executive probably) are doing. I have supported the Huxley's and Esalen types for most all of my life and if a new offshoot has a vision of how to bring Peace to this war-mongering religion of racist intent (J/C/I cult) I am all for it. I knew people who were part of the science teams studying with Ram Dass and Leary. I have not knowingly had LSD but I know it is not as bad as the government made it out to be while they also continued using it in MKUltra and elsewhere (or enhancements of it - see Manchurian Candidate and Jacob's Ladder).

    Here is Conner's blog and an excerpt addressing the French situation after the cartoons in Charlie Hebdo.

    "Have I ever slipped into angry critiques that might have been misconstrued, taken out of context, or had unintended effects? Yes. Do I think that should be celebrated or honored? No.

    I feel a great sadness for the loss of life at Charlie Hebdo. I can only attempt — and I will fail in my attempt — to imagine the fear, the terror they felt as they were attacked. I appreciated the outpouring of grief and support that followed the shootings.

    I noticed, also, how it was used by people in power to make whatever point they wanted, to demean whomever they pleased. And I noticed that the outpouring of grief turned into attacks on Muslims and Arabs afterward.

    That does not mean we should not grieve.

    I do not want to be associated with the rewarding of Charlie Hebdo. That does not mean in any way that I wish to be associated with the censoring of it. It does not mean I cannot appreciate satire. It does not mean I celebrate violence, either.

    I understand my perspective is limited by my circumstance and who I am. It is, perhaps, because of these limits that I want to disassociate myself from the conflict. I am unable to fully understand. So I must go forward with what I know.

    I know I am not interested in the trap of a “Support Our Troops” version of free speech, one that cannot be discussed. It’s one that reduces human beings and suffering — whether experienced by the staff of Charlie Hebdo by Muslims and Arabs in the context the letter describes — to an unquestionable ideology.

    I know that I prefer to walk away from that version of free speech and help support, or, if need be, create a better one, one that is truly free. In the meantime, many are losing site of people, preferring the ideologies instead.

    This is happening on all sides.

    To achieve that one must first destroy love and compassion. This is why the attacks on dissenters become controlling and intimidating, insulting. The attacks become compulsive. They become “for us or against us.” In other words, they become battle cries. A shouting monologue that leaves no room for real people may be absolute speech, but there’s not much that is “free” about it.


    Thank you to the writers who signed the letter, and also to those who voiced disagreement with the dissenters in a caring and thoughtful way. Thanks, also, to PEN, whose work cannot be summarized by this one event, work that I, as a member, will continue to support and try my best to improve.

    Further reading:

    On the complexities of anti-Muslim sentiments and Charlie Hebdo in France.

    Suzanne Nossel, who advanced Charlie Hebdo’s for the award, and military intervention.

    Noam Chomsky on the hypocrisy of Je Suis Charlie outrage.

    Update: the final number of signatories when the letter was turned over to PEN on May 5 was 242."
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    There are grey matters and gray lines when trying to understand pederasty which is not pedophilia though it appears it is and in some cases it probably is as well. Double-talk eh? Well, not really, we are not just one of two genders and we are as different in our soul and libido as our fingerprints or at the very least body types.

    An adept who studies would never be prejudiced no matter what level of adept he or she or it, is. This is especially true about race and gender because those are things an individual can only influence but not truly overcome what nature (god) did. Thus the adepts write about the androgynous state.


    PART : 2

    The invisible face of Janus - Consciousness as a bridge

    The androgynous state of being can only be explained in the abstract, which is why we approach this subject on a mystical and esoteric plane and let intuition guide us through the subtle meaning behind these lines. The previous chapter portrayed Janus with an invisible face, engulfing the ever-changing presence of the moment. We also suggested that the invisible face of Janus stood on an axial pole, fixed in the eternal present that simultaneously connects and separates the past and the future, the two visible faces and the invisible.

    The description of the invisible face that emerges from the ever-changing ephemeral moment suggests that this ethereal presence is, in itself, a permanent element within consciousness, since the presence represents the ever-changing awareness of the moment. Consciousness, then, is the invisible presence of an immutable axial center within all human beings, fixed, neutral, and unchanged and untouched by time or space. Why is this? Because the axial pole does not belong to the world of duality, of matter and manifestation. Therefore, within its own pole, it remains neutral and never manifests, for to manifest, consciousness would need to come out of its neutral center into the world of duality, of contrasts and opposites, where it would manifest in different shapes and sizes in the world. In other words, when consciousness expands itself out of its axial position, it "comes out" and permeates the realm of duality. By projecting itself out of its axial point, consciousness intersects with time and space, with past and future through the left and right faces of Janus. But by expanding our consciousness, we are given the opportunity of becoming aware of creation and of using our mind, intellect, emotions and feelings to express consciousness.

    The three aspects of Janus are indivisible, since the axial center of being is the pivotal Center of Pure Being. Accordingly, whenever "being" becomes conscious of something, this means that it has focused its attention either outwardly or inwardly towards a chosen objective. It is as if, from its fixed and unchangeable position, consciousness willingly radiates its light to "enlighten" the past and future.

    So, the androgynous invisible face of Janus represents the one who is fully awake but hidden from physical view, holding in his awareness of the present moment, his "inheritance" or the karmic enfoldment of his past and his future. This is because, paradoxically, the invisible face of Janus is the only one that faces the eternally transforming present moment, so we know that it is awake. In other words, consciousness can only function from its axial position and as such, it is the divider and synthesizer of past and future events in our life. Furthermore, the invisible face of Janus remains imperceptible because it is a spiritual face, a perfect archetype, the unmanifested side of a human being, in which the androgynous state represents the perfect balanced center within our psyche.

    Another way of looking at the androgynous state reveals that whenever we involve ourselves in an act of creation, or focus totally on creating something, we are using our higher intelligence and intuition. And in these moments of intense creativity, we as creators stand on the axial pole of consciousness, in the neutral zone, living in the present moment. In such states of awareness, we cannot reflect on the past or project our thoughts into the future. The creative act itself is intuitive, linking our ego with our psyche, and it often does that unconsciously. Furthermore, the act of creating remains a mystery since it is a direct projection of consciousness in a world of duality. Once the conscious action is projected out of its neutral central pole, it emerges into a world of duality, where things past and future are reflected, analyzed and rationalized by our overeager ego.

    Consciousness as a bridge

    We should look at consciousness as a bridge mirroring the qualities of the soul and the characteristics of the ego. Our own interpretation of the content of our consciousness colors, interprets and rationalizes everything coming under the laws of manifestation and duality. We should also add, that whenever we think or reflect on something, ask ourselves questions, feel, sense and ponder on life in general, asking questions about who we are, what we are doing, then, our creativity comes to a sudden spontaneous end and we find ourselves "outside" of the neutral focal center. This happens even with momentary distractions, because we have inadvertently projected our attention to one or both of the visible faces of Janus, to one or other pole, and have left the vertical axis of our being in the present moment.

    Now, in the act of creating, which part of us creates? From where do the impulses, the energies of the act of creation, come? The psyche transmits them through the medium of our consciousness. Since consciousness operates only in the present moment, then the psyche is at the receiving end of the axial pole. The Center of Pure Being, the source of its root, always remains invisible, everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

    The answer then, albeit abstract, is that when consciousness is awakened, it illuminates the present moment and is in touch with the universal soul. What happens when we think of a past event, or project our consciousness into the future? The axial pole of consciousness within our being simply brings everything towards its own center, into the present moment, and transforms the past or future event into an eternally changing aspect of the present moment."
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    France is cracking down on the traditional Muslim covering up and diminishment of women, they have outlawed Scientology to a large degree (like Germany) and you might think this is a sign they might some day return to what they did in the French Revolution when they took all the church assets and outlawed religion. There are tough times for liars in Nations founded upon the Divine Right of Kings and the Westphalian Order - I hope!

    In recent books by Popes and other dogma spin doctors we have changes in a "new evangelism" but they also say the opposite which I say is a reaction to Teilhardism as well as the Dag Hammadi finds which they say they want to incorporate - in a 'history'. It is more defense of Gospel propaganda and contrary to any true teaching of any adepthood studied by any family member of the House of David (Merovingians). And though they admit they encouraged and accepted illiterate Bible deviates they continue trying to say their interpretation of Salvation is rooted in the Old Testament - but it is based on the Resurrection and makes them a pile of money from every and all source as we have proven - many times. In the YHVH and other mystical insights it is in the Bible but it is not what they are saying it is. Nor are many other repressive stances on things like sexuality including homosexuality and the responsibility or opportunity sex has in providing spiritual insight, healing and a joy for life.

    Pay close attention and you will see they are in fact not changing anything and just telling the faithful more lies. Maintaining the very illiteracy they say they wish will change.

    "Witherup observes, “The Old Testament holds the mystery of salvation, albeit in a hidden fashion that need to be unraveled in order to be fully understood. Yet the Old Testament is here valued for its own sake as well as for its role in illuminating the New Testament.” Similarly, he highlights the important role of a 1964 document by the Pontifical Biblical Commission in articulating “the three levels of ancient tradition [which] are embedded in the gospels: 1) the level of Jesus’ own teaching; 2) the level of the apostles’ preaching and oral proclamation; 3) the level of the collecting, sorting, editing, organizing the oral traditions about Jesus.” And, Witherup gives proper attention to one of the most important, really seminal, statements of the entire constitution, in Paragraph 22, which begins, “Access to the sacred scripture ought to be widely available to the Christian faithful.” Here was a clear break from the previous practice of the Church and one that has already born much good fruit and will continue to do so. The average Catholic is no longer encouraged to be a biblical illiterate.

    One item warrants special attention. In Paragraph 25, Dei Verbum urges all entrusted with preaching in the Church to “immerse themselves in the scriptures by constant spiritual reading and diligent study.” Here the two great reform Councils kiss and meet: Trent established seminaries to confront the scandal caused by uninformed clergy and Vatican II urges those aspiring to, or already practicing, ministry in the Church to constant prayerful reading of the scriptures and “diligent study.” We should expect our clergy to be learned in the scriptures and to demonstrate in their preaching all the nuance that Dei Verbum brings to the subject. Not every priest needs to be a biblical scholar but every priest should be familiar, and remain familiar, with biblical scholarship.

    Witherup goes on to examine the most important examples of Church teaching on revelation since Vatican II, from the documents of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, to the Catechism of the Church, to Pope Benedict’s {The Pope who covered up the pedophilia even before becoming Pope - who was recently replaced.} apostolic exhortation Verbum Domini in 2010 and, most recently, Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium. He includes an important discussion of the importance of using the historical critical method – which roots our study of the Bible in the texts – even while cautioning against seeing that method of interpretation as the only or exhaustive approach to biblical interpretation. Here, Witherup tracks closely with Pope Benedict’s teaching and approach, not only in the above cited exhortation, which was an exercise of the papal magisterium, but likewise in his own three volume series on Jesus of Nazareth.

    The “new evangelization,” whatever else it is, must be rooted in the Gospels. Certainly Dei Verbum recognizes and advances the primary place of the Gospels in the life of the Church."

    Of course "the life of the Church" requires acceptance of the Gospel lies which generate all the funds from Special Dispensations, sins and demons (exorcisms), confessions, control over charity or alms, celibacy to prevent the priesthood from passing the money to their offspring, charnel houses with bastards and scarlet women to entertain themselves or the Divine Kings they sell them to, and estates or wills from those threatened in their senile old age by visions of Heaven and Hell. Not long ago they also ex-communicated people like my Grandfather for marrying twice even though his first wife died. How do we still allow their intrusions into politics and abortion planning as well as the avoidance of social responsibility at all levels of society - including taxation?
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