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Thread: Nassim and the Ark/Pyramid etc.

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    Nassim and the Ark/Pyramid etc.

    My response to a friend who sent me four videos of a man who deserves attention if only because he ties a lot of things back to science.

    I think I looked or listened to him once before. I just breezed through part four again. I would say it is better than many other fictions and especially the Roman lies blaming Jews for things the Romans did - crucifixion. But all rabbinical sources agree that I can find. Vendyl Jones and the media coverage - is a shitload of hype, and I have read many books including Millar Burrows and Norman Golb about those scrolls. The coverage was OK for what little was known at that time - and it then became politicized and as more were found even more so. My Ogham mentor consulted with the Huntington Library which had many of the Scrolls not in the Rothschild/Rockefeller backed Museum. From a purely religious point of view the Q or Dag Hammadi Scrolls were most important.

    They released the first Scrolls for others to study in the late 80s or early 90s while I was there. Since then we know the site at Qumran collected scrolls or books of all peoples in the region not just so-called Jews. And believe me - the issue of who is a Jew is entirely mixed up. For example this so-called Exodus he is saying happened - not so. Same with the Diaspora - all hype - archaeology proves it as last year saw another nail in the coffin of the Diaspora myth with clay Tablets found in Iraq making it clear Nebuchadnezzar advertised to get people to come to help him rule the region.

    The actual Temple may never have been built - no proof of it in archaeology and the cornerstone said to be of it - not convincing. But there probably was a Temple and the designs were important - as he notes for scientific reasons relating to geometry and such. The Gothic Cathedrals of the Middle Ages used those designs. Solomon is VERY important to the occult studies of these Masons who built those Temples and who were (are in other names still) Templars.

    The Ark did not produce the kind of force he suggests - it can be re-built using the direct instructions from the Bible as Michael Twose a Music (Harmonics) engineer from University of Toronto did.

    I will post this particular one first - because there is a good scholar who has personally translated parts of the Vulgate and is into this study with me at W-M who might disagree - and if so I welcome it.

    I have decided to post all four vids right from the get go so you can choose which one suits your interest first - in evaluating him and his theories.

    I found Nassim Haramein's "Crossing The Event Horizon" on youtube and thought to share the links with you, as he discusses many topics you are interested in. Each of the four parts is 90 minutes long for a total of 6 hrs. This particular presentation was recorded back in 2005 but is the foundation of his work to date.

    As you know, Nassim Haramein dedicated most of his time to his independent investigation into physics, geometry, chemistry, biology, consciousness, archeology, and various world religions. Haramein’s dedication to scientific exploration combined with his keen observation of the behavior of nature led him to a specific geometric pattern which is at the core of his approach and new perspective in unified field theory.

    In the first part of Crossing The Event Horizon Nassim talks about basic concepts of physics, density of vacuum, fractal geometry and division of space...

    In the second part of Crossing The Event Horizon Nassim talks about structure of the vacuum, thorus (Torah? or did he cover the I, O Torus), DNA structure and pyramids...

    In the third part of Crossing The Event Horizon Nassim talks about wave patterns, heliocentric system of solar system, ancient buildings and archaeological discoveries...

    In the fourth part of Crossing The Event Horizon Nassim talks about Ancient buildings, Ark of Covenant and connection between geometric structures and Kabbalah....

    His point about the Ark fitting into the sarcophagus with symmetrical doubling of size to create a cascade of energy resonance is valid and fits my theory of it being used in the Great Pyramid to connect on a Morse Code manner for mapping and keeping in touch all over the world especially near other Earth Energy Grid center points.

    I will place a de-bunking of this here shortly but one thing he says which they debunk is that a "Schwarzschild Proton" has a black hole in it. I would imagine Nassim is like many great physicists who gained knowledge outside the schools (Including an Indian who went to Cambridge and blew away all the top physicists - or Will Hunting types played by Matt Damon - where did Einstein learn - he says "education got in the way of his learning"). I think some of them have mystical training like Tesla whose focus was on Revelations in the Bible where he says everything he invented came from (The Harmonic). Personally I have had discourse with advanced mathematicians who find no answer for things I explain to them.

    In the matter of a Black Hole I think he is mistaken but not so mistaken. Science used to say you could not have co-existing matter and anti-matter. Some still say only for a brief moment - NOW we have this. They may MIRROR each other. And that is what mystics have said about our universe associating with another which energy passes back and forth in - like we now know is the case with Black Holes. Penrose and Hawking thought not - until about a decade ago.
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    "1. Nassim Haramein - Quantum bullshit |
    2. Who Is Nassim Haramein?
    3. Up: Nassim Haramein - Fraud or Sage?

    Item no 1.

    {The fact that he does not follow scientific constants or me-too think makes me more interested in him. There is not one proven constant and all those who say there are any have been proven wrong by Nobel Laureates - listen to CBC radio - Quirks and Quarks - they get the Nobel Laureates on and that is what I hear from them as well as what I have read from many sources - see Re-Discovering the Mind 1980 - I put the article here.The fact that he does not stay on top of science such as my explanation of his black hole comments - means he is a lightweight and I have little real interest in him.}

    Item no. 2. This blog has a lot of good things to say which I agree with - and it makes Nassim appear to be the usual alien intervention money grubber. Here is some of what they have to say. However there is a little fact there which I wondered about in the Opening post - I, O, Torus is advanced ancient physics. But you will have to read my book on ancient technology to get where a Paris based physicist makes comments on it and the Isisian Code my friend and advanced mathematician Dennis Fetcho (Once of Hughes Aircraft) developed - without any alien involvement.

    "In his first appearance in Thrive at 12:23, Nassim Haramein appears in the context of the discussion about the “torus” design which Thrive creator Foster Gamble believes is the key to free energy. Mr. Haramein refers to “big arms of galaxies spinning around” and a claim is made at 12:34 that the galactic halo is shaped like a torus. A little later, at 16:12, Mr. Haramein appears again, talking about the Osirian Temple in Abydos, Egypt. This discussion occurs in the context of the “Flower of Life” design that Foster Gamble asserts is of extraterrestrial origin."

    3. Instead of quoting some unsubstantiated blogs that don't do research I will just quote what Rational Wiki says about those blogs.

    "1. Whoever wrote this called them "equally reputable" -- is that what they meant to say?
    2. How about some links to those blogs? Peace. AgingHippie (talk) 16:39, 7 March 2015 (UTC)

    I think that some links got lost during all the revisions.

    And half of the external links are badly formed.--ZooGuard (talk) 16:50, 7 March 2015 (UTC)
    Yeah, it would be nice if there existed papers that did a good job of addressing some of Haramein's claims, but blogs seem to be the best we have. I'll pop on to my university's database to make sure I can't find anything, but it seems unlikely, seeing as Haramein hasn't had his work published in any mainstream peer-reviewed journals. - Grant (talk) 17:17, 7 March 2015 (UTC)"

    Since Nassim is promoting the tired alien narrative and Exodus fictions of the Bible I should put this here - and remember Moses as he says was a royal son of Egypt and they occasionally tried to expand their territory or threw out those who got too big for their britches.

    This is from the thread on the Exodus.

    I have written one whole book on the matter of Who is a Jew and I did not include this specific quote in it. There are so many things I could include at this juncture. This quote is from a top academic and Egyptologist from Oxford.

    "Less fortunate than the Greeks, who could worship their gods unhampered and build sanctuaries to them in the Greek settlements in the Delta, {Such as Naucratis which is a Bilderberg or Physiocratic type of venture we have dealt with many times before.} were the Jews. Since the time of the XXVIth Dynasty they had formed a considerable part of the garrison at Elephantine as mercenaries in the fortress defending Egypt from attack in the south. There they were allowed to build a temple to Yahve and his two female companions, Ashima and Anar, whose worship was not forbidden among Jews before the introduction of the unified religious law on the occasion of the rebuilding of Yahve's temple at Jerusalem in 515 B.C. The Jews of Elephantine also continued to enjoy the privilege of possessing a sanctuary of their own during the Persian rule throughout the fifth century; but clashes now and then took place between them and the native Egyptian population, probably as a result of the increases of Egyptian nationalism under foreign domination.

    In 410 B.C. the priests of Khuum, having secured the consent of the Persian commander, raised soldiers of Egyptian descent who penetrated into Yahve's temple, pillaged its precious sacred vessels {Could some of these things held sacred have once been the art or manufacture of those who Egypt venerated or considered their own? Could that include the Ark and other scientific instrumentation?} and demolished and burnt the temple. When the Jews complained to the Persian satrap at Memphis, the commander who agreed to this misdeed was punished by death, but it was only in 407 B.C., after continuous requests and bribery, that the Jews secured from the Persian authorities permission to rebuild the temple..." (10)

    He goes on to document how Egypt overthrew the Persians and then Alexander took over Egypt. I do ask the reader to think long and hard about the Persian relationship with these mercenary Jews and ask if the Basilidae of Greece and Persia are their kin. I know this means the Bible Narrative about the hard-done-by slaves who left with Moses and other trite fictions is pure hogwash and one can thus see an elite and well-armed force of specially equipped fighters is what the poor Jews have been. But that does not mean the average Jew gets treated much better by their elite.

    Alexander put the alchemical family of Ptolemy in charge of Egypt. Ptolemy had Manetho do a history or King's List that connected him to Hercules and the De Danaan that are the elite Jews I have traced throughout 35,000 years since the first white man walked the face of this trembling and fearful planet. No longer was it easy for mankind and much has gotten worse in matters of the soul and brotherhood. I apologize as a member of this elite group that was split into factions and still fights for power. I have less and less regard for my forbears and their history as I continue my research. But I can also defend their actions at many junctures and I do not have a fixed belief about how much it is due to the lack of any real education or it's associated religious manipulation. That religious manipulation includes secret societies for the more studious or inquisitive demographic who also like to get some table scraps from the elite who dine upon us and our labours. You have probably heard about Hiram in Masonic lore - here is a little further code to contemplate.
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    The next excerpt takes a more Eastern viewpoint and adds Qabalah to the name; so much confusion in all the detailed myths. I wonder if that makes those who want to be leaders feel all others are stupid.

    "In this article, Part 2 of my informal Kabbalah/Qabalah series, I will begin to consider the cosmological-theosophical Kabbalah/Qabalah. I will begin with the Four Worlds (Atziluth, Ber’iah, Yetzirah, Assiah), which, if Adam Kadmon is included, become Five. Directly below my consideration is the description of the Four Worlds. I’m not going to elaborate on this description (which I posted for base reference and contrast); rather, I’m going to present my own unique (Kashmir Shaivism/Vedanta-influenced) vision of the Four (or Five) Worlds. In Part 3, I will consider the 10 sephirot.

    The Four (or Five) Worlds spring forth from Ain Soph Aur, which is tantamount to Hindu Siva-Shakti. “Ain” means No-thing, not Nothingness. In other words, God is not a created "thing" or object; He is the uncreated “Thing” Itself -- the Absolute -- limitless Conscious Light. The universe was not created ex nihilo, because something cannot come from nothing; rather it derives from God’s “Substance," Conscious Light.

    The process of creation, termed “tzimtzum,” in Kabbalah, is described as a contraction of Ain Sof Aur (Limitless Light) into stepped-down, progressively constricted “Worlds” (really dimensions or phases of diminished Consciousness-Energy). When Assiah, the final World or phase of the cosmic involutionary process, is reached, the Limitless Light of Ain Sof Aur has been reduced to gross matter and energy.

    Adam Kadmon is a synonym for the archetypal Divine Person, Man as primordially one with Siva-Shakti (or Ain Soph Aur), the Divine Being, prior to and beyond the manifestation of the “Worlds. Since Adam Kadmon antecedes emanation, strictly speaking he should not be considered one of the Worlds. Hence, from my standpoint, there are Four Worlds, not Five.

    Atziluth (the “World of Emanation”) is the universal Causal Body, Divine Shakti emerging from Siva-Shakti (Ain Soph Aur) as Iccha Shakti (Divine Will and Power). It is “outflowing” uncreated Light-Energy, indicating the beginning of a schism in the Divine. Even though the Light-Energy is uncreated, it contains the "seeds" of Creation, in the "Form" of the Divine “Plan." At this point in the cosmogenic process, creation (space-time manifestation) is mere potential, but the “Blueprint,” is pregnant in Atziluth. Hence, the Sephirot herein exist as Platonic Forms, or unmanifest Vessels, in the “Mind of God.”

    I equate Beri’ah (the “World of Creation”) with Akasha (universal space, the Ether). The Ether, is the Matrix from which the four elements - fire, earth, air, and water – derive and proceed. And the universe, in turn, is constituted of the four elements. It is common in Kabbalah/Qabalah to associate each of the four elements with one of the Four Worlds (Atziluth-fire, Beri’ah-water, Yetzirah-air, Assiah-earth), but this makes no sense, because the elements do not emerge prior to Yetzirah.

    The physical universe emerges in Yetzirah (the “World of Formation”), the raw, elemental World (or Universe), not yet fully differentiated and particularized. At this point, the four elements have not yet fully “crystallized” into distinct finite matter and existents.
    In Assiah (the “World of Action”), the cosmogenic involutionary process is complete: the Divine has fully concealed Itself in matter, disguising Itself in and as discrete phenomenal existents. When humans, contracted microcosms of macrocosmic Adam Kadmon, emerge on the world scence, the conscious evolutionary journey out of contraction and darkness into expansion and Light is begun.

    In Part 3, I will consider the 10 Sephirot: their genesis within the Four World schema, and their functions as Divine vessels and archetypal energies.

    The Four Worlds (Excerpted from

    The Worlds are formed by the Ohr Mimalei Kol Olmin, the Divine creative light that "Fills all Worlds" immanently, according to their particular spiritual capacity to receive. The 10 sephirot attributes and 12 basic partzufim personas shine in each world (though not yet manifestly in Adam Kadmon), as well as more specific Divine manifestations. In Lurianic Kabbalah, the partzufim dynamically interact with each other, and sublime levels are enclothed within lower existences, as their concealed soul. Nonetheless, in each World, particular sephirot and partzufim predominate. The Five Worlds in descending order:

    1. Adam Kadmon (A"K, אָדָם קַדְמוֹן) meaning Primordial Man. The anthropomorphic metaphor "Adam" denotes the Yosher (Upright) configuration of the sephirot in the form of Man, though not yet manifest. "Kadmon" signifies "primary of all primaries", the first pristine emanation, still united with the Ein Sof. Adam Kadmon is the realm of Keter Elyon (Supernal Crown of Will), "the lucid and luminous light" (Tzachtzachot), "the pure lucid sephirot which are concealed and hidden" in potential. Containing the future emergence of Creation, it is Divine light with no vessels, the manifestation of the specific Divine plan for Existence, within Creation (after the Tzimtzum in Lurianic Kabbalah). In Lurianism, the lights from A"K precipitate Tohu and Tikun. As Keter is elevated above the sephirot, so Adam Kadmon is supreme above the Worlds, and generally only Four Worlds are referred to.

    2. Atziluth (אֲצִילוּת), meaning World of Emanation, also "Close." On this level the light of the Ein Sof (Infinite Divine "without end") radiates and is still united with its source. This supernal revelation therefore precludes the souls and Divine emanations in Atzilus from sensing their own existence. In Atzilus the 10 sephirot emerge in revelation, with Chochma (Wisdom) dominating, all is nullification of essence (Bittul HaEtzem) to Divinity, not considered created and separate. The last sephirah Malchut (Kingdom) is the "Divine speech" of Genesis 1, through which lower Worlds are sustained."

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    A contributor shown here under Guest Experts or authors is Stan Tenen. Here is a pertinent insight from his work.

    Several thousands of years ago (Add a couple more zeroes for the beginnings of this knowledge) we understood and used our conscious attunement in buildings and our day to day life. The Meru Project research was forward-thinking and leading edge when Stan Tenen began his path of re-discovery or bringing back that which was known and used many millennia ago.

    His work mirrors what went on at Eranos with the likes of Jung, Eliade and Scholem.

    "Meru Foundation research has discovered an extraordinary geometric metaphor in the letter-sequence of the Hebrew text of Genesis (B'reshit). This metaphor models embryonic growth and self-organization, applies to all whole systems, and demonstrates that the relationship between consciousness and physics - mind and world - was understood and developed several thousand years ago, and is preserved in our great spiritual traditions."

    When the Egypt Exploration Fund was created they had memoranda and articles of incorporation that directed the funding for site excavations which showed promise of being outside the Bible Narrative - should not be researched! This troublesome kind of bias is beyond reproach because sites like Memphis have been built over and for all intents and purposes destroyed. In the efforts of people like Schliemann (Troy) and Evans (Crete) to uncover their dreams that led from the 'myths' of Homer they also confused and made horrible mistakes that allow debunking science to discredit artifacts that would have proven valuable. There are so many examples of actual government destruction of artifacts and people's careers that it is hard to pick one single example.

    Despite the negative aspects of archaeology illustrated in the Kensington Rune Stone response of Mr. Wiseman; there is a very real possibility that the truth will become realized in sufficient degree for good people to regain their freedom. W. F. Albright is considered the 'father of Biblical Archaeology' by the Biblical Archaeology Review. His admission and awareness that the Phoenicians are the major creators of the Bible in the 50s and 60s has not reached the public or even the academics at large. In time and with a great deal of outside detective work it seems some of us are able to paint a new picture of history, due in large part to the effort of archaeologists even if they don't know the meaning behind the things they uncover.

    “The process that we describe here is, in fact, the opposite of what we have in the Bible: the emergence of early Israel was an outcome of the collapse of the Canaanite culture, not its cause. And most of the Israelites did not come from outside Canaan – they emerged from within it. There was no mass Exodus from Egypt. There was no violent conquest of Canaan. Most of the people who formed early Israel were local people – the same people whom we see in the highlands throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages. The early Israelites were – irony of ironies – themselves originally Canaanites!" [1] Finkelstein & Silberman The Bible Unearthed, 118

    In 1982's December issue of the National Geographic they were still promoting 'The People's of the Sea' theory that Gasten Maspero (a French historian of the 19th century) created from very little factual data. This issue dealt with the 'digs' at Deir el-Balah in the Gaza strip! Moshe Dayan (The Israeli Defense Minister) was a purchaser and assembler of some of the artifacts that look very ethnically diverse. The site was admittedly cosmopolitan and had been used by many different cultures as well as some key figures from history. Here is a quote from the inset to an artists' rendition.

    "Life's pleasures enhance palace life at Deir el-Balah {Remember Ba'al the Phoenician god is also Bel in Keltic clandoms.} in an artist's rendition. In the Amarna tomb relief that served as his model, Queen Nefertiti decants wine through a strainer for Akhenaten, using vessels similar to a bronze set found at the Gaza site. Floor plan of partially excavated buildings at level 6, under the archaeologists' grid, suggests a layout similar to palaces built in Egypt during Akhenaten's rule." (6)
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