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    Walter Bosley

    This former FBI man and self-proclaimed history of the occult and secret societies specialist is on Paracast hawking a show about to happen - which I will not be listening to. He seems like a nice guy in our dialogue and he might even have some facts about secrets at NASA but he said he was not "strong" on Ancient Aliens, a TV show he has appeared on. This link also shows another side to all this NONsense. I suppose I should let sleeping dogs eat what they eat. Unless he changes his mind or whatever he is using in place of a mind, and decides to debate facts about his alien concepts on Synchronicity and many other things I see he is not 'strong' about.

    At the same time I see he benefits from vague innuendo and appealing to the cretinous alien crowd through a use of language which makes them think because he says he knows something and they have read his crap - they can all go merrily along without any knowledge at all. I now know where I went wrong in writing my books - IF I was interested in making money!

    I guess the way to sell yourself is to say they are out to get you and produce a garbled video to prove it. VERY fishy stuff going on in more places than Denmark.

    The Daily Grail has a good piece which addresses the "fractured hall of mirrors" lies of government to Hide The Ball and keep people away from real issues. Hide The Ball is standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in military alphabet soup talk which goes hand in hand with Plausible Deniability. Bosley was one of the government agents fingered in an elaborate hoax which lead to the death of an Albuquerque businessman and patriot named Bonnewitz or something like that. So not only is he an admitted paid liar and agent of deception he is partially responsible for this kind of thing that kills people.

    "The audio too, from the droning strings/synths almost subliminally set behind interviewees words, to the various ambient audio noises accompanying footage and the off-kilter soundtrack, will leave the viewer feeling on edge throughout . Each of these elements suggest that the film-makers were influenced rather heavily by the style of British documentarian Adam Curtis (The Century of the Self, The Power of Nightmares, All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace).

    Interviewees include the tricksters (AFOSI agents Doty and Walter Bosley), their marks (Linda Moulton Howe, Bill Ryan, Victor Martinez), UFO and paranormal investigators (Richard Dolan, Bob Durant, Greg Bishop, George Hansen, Gabe Valdez and more) as well as the author of the book on which the documentary is based, Mark Pilkington (read my 2010 interview with Mark about the book and film here). All offer their own insights into the hall of mirrors, from their own particular point of view. For instance, Bob Durant begins the film by admitting that "the general feeling amongst people who have devoted a big chunk of their life to studying UFOs I think is fear; that they have been taken for a ride, that these cases are hoaxes, but sophisticated hoaxes carried out by their own government". "

    Notice the mention of "off-kilter soundtrack' which he uses in his video trying to get paranoia sufferers to think 'he is a target like me'.
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