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Thread: Defiant Beggars and Alternative Press

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    Defiant Beggars and Alternative Press

    Australians are my kind of people - at least the ones who travel and I have met are. But you cannot judge a people by those who travel and have money I guess. Here is an alternative [paper and website which goes into the nuts and bolts of US nuclear desires on Australian land (could that be Pine Gap), and all sorts of things there and back 'ome' in 'merry old' where the bulk of the OZ people were shipped away from as part of that wonderfully free culture that nobles ran and allowed those nobles to do whatever they want while throwing people in creditors prisons for stealing a loaf of bread. Kind of like the guy in California when I lived there - who under the Three Strikes Initiative was sentenced to life in prison for stealing a slice of Pizza to feed his kid. No actually that is different and motivated by prison corporations making money and wardens or goons selling drugs to those prisoners as my 'twin' dealt with.

    "About Philosophical Anarchism and Political Obligation

    Political obligation refers to the moral obligation of citizens to obey the law of their state and to the existence, nature, and justification of a special relationship between a government and its constituents. This volume in the Contemporary Anarchist Studies series challenges this relationship, seeking to define and defend the position of critical philosophical anarchism against alternative approaches to the issue of justification of political institutions. The book sets out to demonstrate the value of taking an anarchist approach to the problem of political authority, looking at theories of natural duty, state justification, natural duty of justice, fairness, political institutions, and more. It argues that the anarchist perspective is in fact indispensable to theorists of political obligation and can improve our views of political authority and social relations. This accessible book builds on the works of philosophical anarchists such as John Simmons and Leslie Green, and discusses key theorists, including Rousseau, Rawls, and Horton. This key resource will make an important contribution to anarchist political theory and to anarchist studies more generally."

    See more at:

    The following site is a warehouse of extreme thought or conspiracy (If you are inclined). Caveat Emptor if you care to learn. personally find it to be nonsense. But there are giants and skeletal remains thereof, not near as big as they say I suspect. Interbreeding causes such things and the human body structure can only handle so much weight. I do accept a possible height around nine feet for Patagonian Land Giants who were brought to Solomon's kin in Gath near Ashkelon to become the family of Goliath. But even that is a reach.
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    The following links are not worth reading if you have already done due diligence and questioned everything from both sides of every issue - or many more sides. I see the links are not clickable here - you can go to The Real Conspiracy website or browse the headings. I have many threads there - and due to it's lack of activity I will probably succeed in making many more. It is interesting to see Gnostic Bishop being attacked there for his passionate stance on ignorance and SIN.

    I find some truth and avenues to explore in which more facts come forward when I go down these rabbit holes - enjoy or not - it is your choice!

    The SEAL Team 6 Osama bin Laden hoax.

    •Timeline: Osama Bin Laden Died on December 14, 2001.

    •Official Story Of Osama Bin Laden's Death a Hoax.

    •Navy Seals Ensnared In Bin Laden Death Hoax.

    •A Gallery of Fake Dead bin Ladens.

    No one is fooled by it all despite what the Ziopress and legions of paid trolls say!

    •George Soros is Funding ISIS and the Ukraine Debacle.

    •The CIA Funds ISIS Through Swiss Bank Accounts.

    •ISIS and related terrorist groups created and run by Jews!

    •Jews not mad Arabs did 9/11.

    The alleged San Bernardino shootings were a blatantly obvious false flag hoax!

    •Alleged San Bernardino shooters were actors

    •Dead Moslems in San Bernadino Hoax are Dummies.

    •The San Bernardino "shooting" a case study in False Flag hoaxing.

    •San Bernardino shooting. the latest in a long string of staged False Flag terror events.

    The Friday November 13, 2015 alleged Paris attacks more Zionist manufactured bullsh*t!

    •Mossad Behind the Paris Attacks.

    •Bataclan Theater False Flag, Charlie Hebdo All Over Again.

    •Proof France Terror Attack is Fake.

    •Hard Proof the Terrorist Attack in France is an Absolute Hoax.

    November 27, 2015 alleged Planned Parenthood Shooting similarly exposed as bullsh*t!

    •Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting is a Gun Control Hoax.

    •Planned Parenthood/CIA False Flag Shooting Exposed.

    •Shooter at Planned Parenthood Clinic, Hoax, False Flag and False Reality.

    •False Flag!!!!! Planned Parenthood Shooting Busted.

    More of the same re the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev / Boston Bombing Case.

    •Absolute Proof Boston Bombing Was a Staged Hoax

    •The Boston Marathon Bombing Was Staged

    •Boston Marathon Hoax Truth

    •Fake Blood and Fake Bombs at the Boston Marathon

    •Boston Marathon all Fake Injuries

    And James Holmes and the alleged Aurora Colorado Massacre.

    •Aurora Fake: No Deaths at Mass Shooting Confirmed

    •Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting Hoax.

    •Aurora Hoax Shooting

    •Aurora Theater Shooting - Another Fake Event.

    •Colorado Batman Shooting Shows Obvious Signs of Being Staged!

    •FBI Says No One Killed at Sandy Hook.

    Two Separate False Flags attacks in Tunisia on March 19, & June 28, 2015.

    •Tunisia Beach Shooting, June 28, 2015.

    •Tunisia Attack Just Another Hoax

    •Journalist Proves Tunisian Terror Attack is a Hoax

    •Tunisia Museum Shooting,

    •Tunisia Museum Shooting Total Hoax Proof

    •FAKE Dead Terrorists of Tunisia HOAX Attack

    The alleged Charleston shooting of June 17, 2015, is more bullsh*t.

    •Charleston Church - False Flag Conspiracy

    •South Carolina Church Shooting a Hoax

    •VIDEO: Charleston, SC Church Shooting Hoax.

    •National Guard fakes casualties, Charleston South Carolina Church Shooting

    Sandy Hook..

    •FBI Says No One Killed at Sandy Hook.

    •Sandy Hook Hoax Shooting False Flag Bad Actors

    •Symbolism and Satanism in the Fake Sandy Hook Shooting

    •Sandy Hook Hoax Completely Revealed Media Lies Actors Satanism

    And the alleged Dallas Police shooting of June 13, 2015!

    •False Flag Exposed! Proof Van Used Owned by Dallas SWAT Team!

    •Dallas Police Shooting, the False Flag Set to Justify Jade Helm, Militarism

    •VIDEO: Dallas Police Shooting is Fake!

    •Dallas Police Department Shooting False Reality: Jade Helm Related

     Quote

    Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for shooting President Kennedy in Dallas Tx. Nov. 22, 1963, and Dallas cop JD Tippit a couple miles away around forty minutes later, despite photos show him at the doorway of the TSBD when the shots were fired at the President in the first instance, and when the three tramps were marched by hours later.

    The Moorman shot has snipers nests on the Grassy Knoll, with muzzle flashes behind the picket fence left screen, E Howard Hunt is standing firing on John Kennedy to the left of Martin Luther & Coretta King, Afro Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden is behind and to Coretta’s left.

    This link has many rabbit holes and burrows to dig in. I notice a fake Gospel of Satan.
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    Unhived or unhinged?

    I have had a long study of the AIDS issue and I admit I wondered about the cause. I had a partner who did a study paid for by the government who determined it was caused by sex with green monkeys in Africa. He told me he was not 100% sure that was what was causing it all, but that was a cause. That was in the middle 1980s and the next year I became friends with a very wealthy person whose wife's brother died of AIDS. He and I discussed it often and we both found evidence of early 20th Century cases in Britain that old TB samples which were re-tested showed HIV was around then.

    Now we have many top virologists and a Nobel Prize winner willing to risk everything including Dr. Willner who injects himself with HIV in front of audiences. Dr. Willner says malnutrition is a major cause and I know that was not the case with my friend's brother-in-law. He also identifies drug use - and that could have been his issue. Of course we have a lot of Christian fundamentalists saying it is g-d the demon worker doing this, because people like people no matter what the gender. And there are more than two genders as well as many variations or degrees of gender neurology and physiology.
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    This is my reply to my reasonable older brother about the Rohingya Muslim boat people in Myanmar and Thailand.

    You thought I would like this - because I was married to a boat person made stateless by US and Allied lies? Then abused and having to fight for her bed-ridden brother to stop his abuse? While her mother turned away and her twin became a lesbian who agreed with me about the sickness the family still faced over a decade later in LA.

    Maybe you think I am some equally stateless person - If so you are indeed most correct. I am and have been saying I am a citizen of the world for decades.

    The states or nations and the religious or ecclesiasties go hand in hand. There is no true separation of church and state.

    Maybe you think Myanmar is particularly gruesome and that I might go there to wage some personal vendetta or naively seek justice, as I am wont to do. I might indeed go there to help the new Prime Minister if I thought I might be of some help - but it is not likely.

    If you think human trafficking is unusual - it is not. It ranks ahead of the drug trade (Including the legal drugs forced down poor people's throats to make them malleable) it is done by US spy agencies and includes prostitution done by individuals in the Toronto Police or top flight Japanese business people and Arab sheiks. Kuwait should be invaded for it's horror show treatment of these very people who have escaped to places like Indonesia..

    When April Glaspie told the US agent Saddam Hussein it's OK to take the two disputed provinces in Kuwait I held some hope the US and CIA people she worked for were finally going to start acting in a moral manner. No such luck - she and Saddam (who had delivered WMDs provided by the US upon Iranians for eight years) were hung out to dry. The US and certain elements (Russell and Bush Delanos) have been a central part of the Opium Wars including Myanmar for the last two centuries.

    Where do we go? When no one will demand ecumenicism and start treating religion including Scientology as a criminal enterprise. Yes, our own niece is part of the human trafficking web.
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    The unhived mind, Henry Makow, David Icke and Fritz Springmeier all seem to crop up again and again. Some of what they say is good and true. Some of it is not true at all. Henry is so wrong it makes my mind and soul fart. Icke has been mind-fogged and duped so whatever he finds out is relegated to the lunatic fringe. Fritz is a sick religious extremist. After saying that I still recommend reading about these people's research and checking it out enough to make up your own mind.

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    E mail to my brother who continues trying to scare me away from going to SE Asia.

    I read the report and agree it is the usual exaggeration and out of context journalism the Nobel Laureate former prisoner says it might be. She is up against the same forces that the people of Porto Allegre, Brazil faced.

    Myanmar may or may not be worse, I can argue it is far less polluted and the Yanomami are already about to join hundreds of tribes (like happened in all of North America) who no longer exist.

    The problem with organized volunteerism - as a friend who quit her management of NGOs over a decade ago said (moved near Timmins with another friend who edited a book of mine) is just what Fred Fish told us long ago, at Travelers Research Group in Hartford. It is also what Father Roger admitted when after a year of arguing FOR religion he said "We should break up every church and turn the money over to people in groups of less than a hundred (like his)."

    His father heads the Evangel Temple in downtown Toronto.

    The chances of me getting an audience with a real person who wants to make things better (anywhere in SE Asia) are about the same as they are here, and less - because of all the lies and language barriers. It is not just the alphabets I refer to. The Head of the Club of Rome said we do not have a word for Peace in this world. For example - what is meant by Shalom is "Peace when a victory is assured". That is the actual translation almost, and it is also what people in the whole of western culture mean. When other people agree with me - or my nation's BS - then we'll have Peace.

    You often hear it accompanied by another weasel word or memetic slogan "Peace with Honour!"

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    In a few more e-mails about "Stupid is as stupid does", the One Pie, lobbies and corruption I sent him this.

    Yes, all true, but it is not just banks; it is every bureaucracy, and professional association and lobby. Professors McKnight and Illich wrote and proved it in every way imaginable.

    The One Pie we have spoken about is still taught as fact - along with the full employment lie and other RIGHTS inalienable or otherwise.

    All outflows and inputs have to be part of a PLAN. Toffler and other futurists said we would have more local decision-making before now, less national and other special interests are warranted, and you could point to the EEU as an example of some progress in that regard.

    But Morgan Stanley fudged Greece's application and played the system for fools, and thus it is a mess.

    Germany actually was talking about making the bond-holders who have made huge fortunes (arbitrage) pay Greece's debt. It did not happen, some day some one will have to get this whole mess sorted out.

    The blogspot which follows is very good, I am glad there is so much more addressing these things I dealt with in my books and involvement on the web for five years over a decade ago. It has many other quotes from Hitler and addresses what Jung wrote about Hitler as an archetype or avatar of Wotan.
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    Do not forget to look at the thread with the word compendium in it. It has more knowledge and links than three lifetimes can absorb. This site has an article detailing how important an economic tool hemp (marijuana) can be. who make hay, get power or money from attacking those institutions they only have limited awareness of.

    It is also wise to consider the positive side of the opposing viewpoint rather than accepting biased opinions or outright lies.

    This might not be suitable for the faint-hearted or young. I have not viewed the stuff.

    Video: Muslim Caught Having Sex With A Donkey As Permitted In Islam

    September 23, 2013 kafircrusaders 19 Comments

    Smile your on candid camera!!

    Disgusting Muslim sicko caught on video shagging a donkey in Iraq. Islamic permits sex with animals and even has its own set of rules for halal animal sex. If the Muslim weirdo with the bestiality fetish should follow the correct Islamic rules for animal sex, he can no longer eat the animal and must sell it on to another. Unless he anally buggered the animal, then none of his village can consume the animal and he has to sell it to someone in a different village. They are ill in the head

    •Taliban Fighters Caught Having Sex With A Cow
    •Video: Taliban Gang Rape A Goat ( NSFW 18+ )
    •Video: Huffington Post’s Mehdi Hasan Says Non Muslims Live Like Animals
    •Video: Muslim Caught Having Sex With A Donkey As Permitted In Islam

    Lies can be funny
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    Vinyl records and the hard rock era are having their roots nurtured with big bucks today. There is more than that on this site.

    European financial crisis explained

    Highly simplistic.

    Morgan Stanley and some very rich people participated in the Greek entry into the EU after it had been doing OK. THEY lied in a big way - and someone should insist the rich arbitrageurs pay up, Germany came close last negotiation cycle to doing so.

    The history is almost entirely wrong. Prince Metternich and Russian Czars of the 19th century tried to unite Europe. Napoleon backed by secret societies including Hibernians and Royals had tried in the century before and what he did improved governance immensely. Read The Treaty of Westphalia and ask some questions.

    Many interesting parascience ideas here.

    "Magic & the Higgs Boson

    Kingsley L. Dennis

    ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ —Arthur C. Clarke

    ‘What the universe becomes depends on you’ —Henryk Skolimowski

    Magic may not be what we think it is. In fact, it may be very much more. It may in fact be everything, and everything that is not magic simply is not. In other words, life itself is magic. Not only the miraculous nature of life itself (which is what it is when we come to think about it), but also the very process/act of life creation
    Excellent site for all kinds of alternative news, with many links.

    Mc Kenna and company are always worth a thought and will create questions we need to answer.

    You will find another wealth of cult behaviour and you might even find yourself in this. If you do - it might be that this list is decidedly Christian in the sense of those who never study or learn what Jesus means or who wrote the Bible and Scriptures.

    This definitely is a cult of Christians pointing fingers at good people.

    Variety is spicy.

    From Noory to Jfk and more,

    True history and the role of women are important in the world of the present and could have stopped many wars if these truths had been fully told for the last two millennia.

    Though Acharya S. Just died I think this site will continue to provide thoughtful commentary.

    Yes, there are problems and issues in the UN and police forces everywhere. There are also rabble-rousing money grubbers profitting from idiotic commentaries who do not study and learn.

    Wide ranging and insightful.

    In foreign affairs it is hard to get a source which is credible to talk about what is actually happening - you could say it is difficult to get is from the horse's mouth and easy to get it from the other end.
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