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Thread: LAM - the ET and Jack Parsons - Space Travel

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    LAM - the ET and Jack Parsons - Space Travel

    Yes, if you can believe it Crowley opened a portal in the early 1900s during WWI. And voila, a new magical monster called UFOlogy grew even more insane than he was or soon became as his drug-addled pursuit of power and sex ran amuk with not an inkling of morality due to the oinking of the pigs he associated with - male and female, it did not matter.

    Then along came a man with some actual skill and knowledge - Jack Parsons. But Parsons was enthralled with Crowley's dippy rituals and seeming power more than his own science and alchemy. Nonetheless it was Parsons who brought the man named L. Ron Hubbard in to Crowley's life and soon thereafter - no more Crowley. Who won is hard to know, I am sure they never actually met in a physical sense, but Crowley claimed he was a soul-continuance of many other great occult masters back to John Dee's scryer and Enochian summoner named Edward Kelley. You might know the Book of Enoch has alien elohim spirits and you might also want to read the Necronomicon. You can be sure I know about soul continuance enough to say it is possible Crowley was Perdurabo and he took over Hubbard's body and thus was born Scientology (L. Ron jr. says this was the day Scientology began) when Crowley's body lay on the coroner's slab with no visible marks and yet his organs and innards were wrapped around each other in what must have been a psychic Battle Royal.

    I intend to develop other connections with the Process Church in places like Toronto where my younger brother was Director of Processing for Scientology's third largest church. That is the title Adolph Eichmann had when he was put in charge of the Final Solution.

    I see Jack Parsons and his wife were connecting with the Agape Church that I liked meeting in various places including right near where Jack lived and worked.

    But first things first, for the uninitiated who think they know something and yet know less than they did when they thought they were just starting to learn.

    ""The [Babalon] Working began in 1945-46, a few
    months before Crowley's death in 1947, and just
    prior to the wave of unexplained aerial phenomena
    now recalled as the 'Great Flying Saucer Flap'...
    Parsons opened a door and something flew in.

    "A Gateway for the Great Old Ones has already been
    established -- and opened -- by members of the O.T.O.
    who are en rapport with this entity [Lam, an extra-
    terrestrial being whom Crowley supposedly contacted
    while in America in 1919]."

    -Kenneth Grant"
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    This site has some interesting points to consider and one great post worth considering which reminds me of the Singularity Archetype from armageddonconspiracy in the UK. That guy is a Crowleyan and university teacher. Because someone has studied Crowley does not make them stupid - probably the reverse is true.

    "The principle of Henry Ford's mass production is being applied to the entire society, to create a machine, to keep everyone busy, so they don't have time to think, while each learns and operates a single cog, (Also helps ensure none can even conceive the big picture, those that do are labeled as kooks, or insane or even terrorists), making each dependent upon every other cog, whom now, together operating as one machine, willingly yet unknowingly finance and support government owned lock-stock-and-barrel by the Military Industrial Complex which protects the property and interests of the 1% by maintaining an Orwellian state of perpetual war against invented enemies to seize their assets...both foreign and domestic.

    Military Industrial Complex, should now be called The Military Industrial Prison & Propaganda complex

    A Sidebar:

    (circa 1992) I was asked by the Republican Party Chair in Arlington Virginia to run as Republican for state delegate District 47. (They liked my hispanic/italian mix and I had previously crafted and managed a Republican challenger to the Dem controlled county board, and despite being outspent ten to one, - WON by 217 votes in a county with 400,000) I asked about the Republican Oath... I said, doesn't the oath state that I am to vote as directed by party leadership? She said, yes it does. I said, what if the motion in not in the interests of my constituents? She said, oh, you can still vote as you wish, everybody does that. I said, " So let me get this straight, in order for me to get endorsed (and have access to the party war chest) I have to sign this OATH, and you are telling me, that effectively I have to, by signing it, prove that I am willing to LIE to run as a Republican? (Long silence)...but she said yes. I said, no thank you.

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    Another person at the same site provides insight to a person I know nothing about. He sounds to be someone the guy likes so maybe there is something worth looking at since we are definitely not looking at paradigm thinking in this thread or the one already here on the Singularity archetype, addressing dumbocracy and similar subjects.

    In the OP Arnie mentioned the 'Nazi Bell' program. Joseph Farrell has written and spoken a great deal on this and related subjects. For those who are interested here is his book specifically on the Bell...

    Here's a list of most of his books in general, many of which go hand in hand with the topic of this thread...

    And here is his website....

    For the record I do not endorse everything he believes. I have not even read his books. I have only read his site and listened to many of his interviews on the subject. I also listen to his weekly webcast on current news. I generally like Joseph and find him to be very interesting. He's well educated. Studied at Oxford.

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    It appears I have gone down a rabbit hole that is near to me - Scientology. This rabbit hole includes insider moles used by Scientology and their use of same against or with Russian secret service against British politicians who were gay and much more I know about. The auditing function my brother ran as Director of Processing does provide under hypnosis and any occult means possible a great deal of useful information. At that time my brother was in his first trip across the Bridge, he is now past his third trip, actually I have not talked to him in two years and it is possible he is on another trip. The cost runs about $330,000 to get across the bridge but he also donated huge sums of money to their prison program (He believes has zero recidivism) and mental health or anti-psychiatry. My older brother began serious research into the things I said about occult use to control him only after he (my oldest brother) lost his money tree (my youngest brother) when he went on another program the handlers felt would net them more money. It is a long story including his children and the children of his son who would like to get out but is being forced to stay in while access to his son can be withheld at any time their handlers of his ex-wife (She is Scientology Royalty almost) choose. It cost this son a large sum of money when he was divorced, same with my younger brother - money goes to people in Scientology.

    My older brother was considered a possible candidate for the Scientologists and he never told them he was not interested - he is closed-mouthed partly to keep from exposing himself as ignorant of the things I always told him. He was sent tapes detailing how good life can be inside Scientology. We listened to one of the tapes for around one hour, and I pointed out a lot of hypnotic triggers and techniques (MKUltra uses similar techniques and derives from German research via Green or Dr. Strughold - same person - among those brought to the USA after WWII). The tape de-constructed after one hearing as it finished with a command to come out from under. So you can see why Tom Cruise is a good actor for the Impossible Mission Force movies.

    Nuff said for now - about my family.

    Arnie is the Lermanet anti-scientology guy we are getting to know.

    Jack Parsons and Crowley had started The Process Church before Scientology if he is right, in San Francisco. Because Crowley could not start it after Scientology - due to his death (physical) years before it is officially a reality. The Process people have changed their name and appear under a new guise with Animal rights seeming paramount as they fleece new sheep.

    There is a very disturbing element to his disclosures which includes things I know about Rothschilds and Zionism. I do not know how far to go in recommending any belief of that video, but it is not total BS and the guy speaking probably is sincere. Definitely an 'alien'ating experience for any who go down this rabbit hole - believe me. Crowley had guidance from channelled Egyptian high priests via a wife of his which you might also question - as I do. It is a large part of his OTO or Thelema cult and so goes the real war. Yes, the whole world has religions doing this crap, Scientology and Hubbard never did any real new tech or wisdom acquisition - Hubbard (like Russell Johos, and Joseph Smith - Moron-i) followed a handbook I spread around the web over a decade ago - which I can no longer find (for a few years). That handbook was from the early 20th Century when a lot of new thought was being brought to the fore under the auspices of the Chicago Masons - see iSal's thread on WW Atkinson. This was Rosicrucian and I think Lucis Trust Blavatsky et all - like Unity Church as well. Check out threads here like Plant Alchemy - to see another AMORC Theosophist campaigner.

    Roman Catholicism is also Luciferian - see Malachi Martin. Luciferian is Heliopolitan - see Thomas Paine on Druid to Masonic. Kabbalah comes from Qabala of the Bairds, and so it goes, way back past Tuthmosis - see thread on Great White Brotherhood. Also know the Rothschild's personal coven was inside the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Crowley ran for a while - see that thread. Needless to say Gurdjieff takes it back to 40,000 years ago and I have dealt with that here too, to a limited extent, adding to what is in my books almost never quoting the majority of my books which I would have to buy to quote from - and which could not be kept on my little laptop, besides they are history for me unless someone wants help creating a book or wrap around on them..
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    The Reinhard Gehlen connection mentioned in this thread or posts including the video mentioned above which addresses the Zionist Rothschild campaign (It does not cover as much as we have here, on Russia etc.) ties in to Le Cercle I have covered here a little. I am certain no one knows all there is to know about this - I know a lot from discourse with people I have mentioned here who I met long ago. Vietnam, Bushco, Opium Wars including Afghanistan etc. all here a little and more than anywhere I know of except my books.

    "In europe it appears there is better chance of actual worthwhile prosecution of this abomination disguised as a religion. The French found them guilty of Fraud twice over the years, The Belgians are going after them as a criminal organization, which it is. In America I doubt anything of substance will be done about scientology by what passes for government in Washington DC. Cash strapped states loath spending money going after big corporate targets, so do the Feds... Google MF Global, the fact Obama's buddy and his once proposed appointee as US Treasury Secretary, named John Corzine who ran MF GLobal is not in prison (amongst many others) indicates I may be right. This ex-Washingtonian has learned to never expect justice from the Feds - but to only expect a similar thing to what we get from $cientology - charades, PR tricks and appearances...In washington DC their GOD is only money. Even the Iranians plan to execute a couple of bankers for fraud. But in the US we give them money money to bail them out ... and say its now the taxpayer's debt (now 140K per head of household!). My country tis of thee has invaded and killed hundreds of thousands of people, from Libya (that was about their Gold and oil and to protect the reserve status of the US Dollar ) - ditto Iraq, ditto Vietnam, ditto Syria, ditto Afghanistan, ditto Iran.... It's all about the US Dollar.

    And $cientology is all about Money too, all the rest is mere window dressing including the dead bodies, ruined lives and misery for profit and barking maniacal semicelebrity mouthpieces.

    In 1994 the head of Liberty Lobby, (note3) Willis Carto, told me to my face, with the US Capitol silhouette outside his window, over his shoulder:

    "Arnie, you need to understand something." (he jerked his thumb back over his should pointing at the US Congress) and continued: "everything there is for sale."

    Even after WWII the Nazi war crime was the prosecution that prevents evidence of the cultic nature of the Nazi's to be introduced so they would not escape using pleas of insanity.. but was it really for justice? Or was it for something they knew.. that they did not want ever revealed? Was it in pursuit of SILENCE? (note2)

    Meanwhile, the Nazi's head of intelligence, Gen. Reinhard Gehlen and all his merry men were hired by John Foster Dullus...while many thousands (Note1) (despite what Wiki claims about 890 rocket scientists) of good nazis were brought to American given new names like "brown" .. and given jobs in top us corporations, universities, military intelligence, DIA and the CIA... and the shore story used was "so the Russians won't get their expertise"(Note1)

    A Detective was asked why nothing was being done about scientology and he answered:

    "Who wants to lift the tail of a skunk?"

    I once was an idealist, I'm now a pragmatist.

    Arnie Lerma

    Without the truth, you have nothing"

    You may think the albino who wore thorns around his genitalia or flagellated himself was a fiction made from a creative mind in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Opus Dei and The Pilgrims or Beacon Hill Mob along with an inner sanctum of European nobility inside the Knights of Malta are all just fictions too. My oldest brother and I were targets of the Head of The Knights of Malta in Canada when we were young. Our Regimental Sergeant-Major named Joe Frendo-Cumbo was a very outgoing friendly sort and I wondered what he knew or saw in us. He only pursued us as far as I know but some others higher up or older members of the officer's club were probably in the Knights. At the time I knew almost nothing about Camp X or my own name including being named after a founder of a Templar re-organization in Scotland which may be the earliest Rosicrucian society you will find in history. Of course the name does not make it the real first esoteric group with those same goals just because it is the first such group with Rosicrucianus in it. Yep, we are related to Robert the Bruce as my father had said was a family legend. I did find proof a few years ago.

    Study this link hard. Here is one little part of it which you really have to take a month or so of further research to grasp. JFK and Khrushchev were going to end the Cold War. Rockefeller made his first visit to Moscow to direct an end to Khrushchev just a weekend before it happened. Do not accept any meaning attributed to the word 'communist'.

    "Daniele Ganser, 'NATO's Secret Armies', p. 70-71: "On election day in April 1963 the CIA nightmare materialised: The Communists gained strength while all other parties lost seats.... the Socialists were also given cabinet posts in the Italian government under Prime Minister Aldo Moro of the left-wing of the DCI [Christian Democratic Party]... Kennedy had allowed Italy to shift to the left. As the Socialists were given cabinet posts the Italian Communists, due to their performance at the polls, also demanded to be rewarded with posts in the cabinet and in May 1963 the large union of the construction workers demonstrated in Rome. The CIA was alarmed and members of the secret Gladio army disguised as police and civilians smashed the demonstration leaving more than 200 demonstrators injured. (46) But for Italy the worst was yet to come. In November 1963, US President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, under mysterious circumstances. And five months later the CIA with SIFAR, the Gladio secret army and the paramilitary police carried out a right-wing coup d'état which forced the Italian Socialists to leave their cabinet posts they had held only for such a short period. Code-named 'Piano Solo' the coup was directed by General Giovanni De Lorenzo whom Defence Minister Giulio Andreotti of the DCI had transferred from chief of SIFAR to chief of the Italian paramilitary police, the Carabinieri. In close cooperation with CIA secret warfare expert Vernon Walters, William Harvey, chief of the CIA station in Rome, and Renzo Rocca, Director of the Gladio units within the military secret service SID, De Lorenzo escalated the secret war. Rocca first used his secret Gladio army to bomb the offices of the DCI and the offices of a few daily newspapers and thereafter blamed the terror on the left in order to discredit both the Communists and the Socialists. (47)" Andreotti earned the label "the most powerful man in Rome, after the Pope" in the 1960s."
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    See if you do not see a similarity with this description of a religion and Scientology. Then look a little further down the page and see my response. Good to see that site still exists.

    Now we come closer to a real interest of mine - in which Robert Anton Wilson has done middling work upon (even in his own words).

    He started out a skeptic and is not so skeptical now. This is an absolute MUST read!

    Here is a little on the matter which I must now also post to the thread on Wilson.

    "In a general sort of way, the GLA (an abbreviation for the Grand Loge Alpina which I shall use occasionally to avoid monotony) is more or less the group that English Prime Minister Harold Wilson once characterized as "the Gnomes of Zurich" - the cabal of bankers and financiers who, Wilson claimed, have more power than any rival coalition in Europe. {I go further connecting Sion Battenbergs to the Royals MOUNTBATTEN who were re-named Windsor. I then draw in the Rothschild/Benjaminites their cousins all the way back to the time of the lie called a diaspora.}

    Another shady rumor about the Grand Loge Alpina - which is worth pursuing a bit, since Paoli first discovered the French secret society through its connection with the GLA - is that the GLA has heavily infiltrated the Vatican Bank, in collaboration with thedefinitely criminal and conspiratorial P2 (or Propaganda due), the Italian "Freemasonic" group which controlled the Italiansecret police in the 1970s, took money from both the CIA and KGB (and apparently double-crossed both), had over 900 agents in other branches of the Italian government and has been accused ofevery possible felony from massive bank fraud to assassination and terrorism, to laundering Mafia drug money through the Vatican Bank and its affiliates, to plotting a fascist coup. The source of the claim that the Grand Loge Alpina infiltrated the Vatican Bank and aided or abetted the dirty dealings of P2 is David Yallop's sensational book, In God's Name, which is accurate as far as I have been able to check it but contains literally {I was offered Gelli's story to write, but turned it down. I did a better research in the matter - see Hitler v. Frabato and "The Charm of Making".} hundreds of assertions which cannot be checked because Yallop claims he cannot divulge his sources without risking their lives. {In Godfather III you see a Pope was killed for going up against his bankers and Don Corleone could not even get an appointment with them.}
    A large part of Yallop's book, therefore, also remains, for non-Aristotelians like me, in the quantum "maybe" state. (For the curious: two books dealing with the frauds and felonies of the Vatican Bank and their links with P2 and the Mafia, which document all their claims and do not quote unidentified sources, are Richard Hammer's The Vatican Connection and Penny Lernoux's
    In Banks We Trust.)

    A digression about Freemasonry itself is probably obligatory at
    this time. Contrary to popular impressions, Freemasons do not
    belong to one global brotherhood with a unified system of dogma
    and ritual. The world is, in fact, full of Freemasonic lodges
    that do not recognize other Freemasonic lodges as "Fellow Craft"
    or "real Freemasons" at all.

    There are two types of split within the Freemasonic brotherhood -
    political and metaphysical. The political split dates back to the
    French Revolution, when all Freemasonic groups were anti-Papist
    and "radical" (inclined to replace absolute monarchy with either
    Constitutional monarchy or with a Republican or even Democratic
    form of government). This radical spirit began to splinter when
    British Freemasons saw the Continental lodges moving too far to
    the Left, and arranged that, in the U.K. at least, the
    Grandmaster of all Craft lodges would always be a member of the
    Royal Family, thereby guaranteeing a conservative flavor to the
    Grand Lodge and other Anglo-dominated Craft groups such as
    Scottish Rite and the Royal Arch. Most Continental lodges,
    however, are still basically radical (e.g. the Grand Orient Lodge
    in France and Italy).

    The metaphysical split occurs within both the conservative and
    radical Craft groups. It divides Freemasons into those who, on
    one hand, joined Freemasonry for practical purposes (business
    contacts or covert political action) and only give lip service to
    the "mystical" goals of Freemasonry without knowing or caring
    much about what those "mystical" goals are; and, on the other
    hand, the "occult" lodges which practice Freemasonry quite
    consciously as a system of initiation similar to the ancient
    Mystery schools, Gnosticism or Sufism. To make things more
    complicated, some see the initiatory rituals of the Craft leading
    to pantheism or even a kind of transcendental humanism, while
    others see the rituals as leading back to a more traditional
    theism or even theocracy. To know that the Priory of Sion is
    Freemasonic or an offshoot of Freemasonry is not really to know
    much about its actual inner tradition.

    Freemasonry has been repeatedly condemned by the Vatican, and all
    Freemasons are officially excommunicated. The Presbyterian Church
    of Scotland also recently announced that no man can be a
    Freemason and a Christian at the same time. This hostility from
    the ultra-orthodox is justified (in its own internal logic)
    because Freemasonry was based, originally, on the rather Sufic
    doctrine that all religions are somewhat distorted remnants of a
    true Revelation that can only be rediscovered through gnosis
    (inner experience) by one person at a time. (It is the purpose of
    Freemasonic ritual to convey this gnosis by techniques of drama
    and shock somewhat similar to those of shamanism, Sufism, the
    Gurdjieff schools or Tibetan Buddhism.) Conservative lodges in
    Christian countries, however, still use the Bible as centerpiece
    of the Craft altar. (Moslem Freemasons use the Koran.) The
    Orleanist lodges have reversed the gnostic tradition and are
    totally agnostic; they use a book of blank pages on their altar,
    and seem to share the Firesign Theatre's {I loved them.} celebrated doctrine,
    "We're all Bozos on this bus.""
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    This post says Bulwer-Lytton's Vril society which Hitler was a member of was the first to use the Swastika. Not true - there are about two thousand mandalas known as Swastikas - all over the world for millennia. That in itself shows Brotherhood over this whole world did exist. The Swastika is a powerful mandala for Brotherhood and Peace. Hitler's handler who visited him (dictated parts) while he wrote Mein Kampf in prison is important. That is Karl Haushofer - and Professor Horbiger was also part of this. Haushofer is one of the men in Gurdjieff's book Meetings With Remarkable Men. Gurdjieff gave Haushofer the Swastika design Hitler copied (Hitler was an artist or painter).

    This is what I can confirm lead to Hitler saying his duty and given purpose was to unite Europe which the first World War was also part of the plan to achieve. I say it finally happened with the Treaty of Lisbon recently. See threads addressing Hitler and Rhodes here. Therein I document occult projections into their dreams that made them accept a near Messianic role. We are certain Eckhart was part of a Thule Society group and that he heralded Hitler as the new Messiah on the occasion of their first meeting.

    The Aquarian Conspiracy | Conspiracy School

    In 1886, Crowley, William Butler Yeats, and several other Bulwer-Lytton proteges ... around the 1877 manuscript "Isis Unveiled" by Madame Helena Blavatsky, ..... Elisabeth Mann Borghese, and some Rhodes Scholars who had originally been .... Neo-Cons' Muse · Synarchy: The Hidden Hand Behind the European Union ...

    Churchill said he would make history because he would write it. He won a Nobel Prize for writing it - and his history is as good as any lie in history. Would our culture today be any the worse if some dead man named Hitler wrote the lies? See Campbell's Permanent Human Values.

    I have done an extensive search to see if Hubbard was indeed involved with the Anti-Hitler psychic squad including Crowley, Dion Fortune and Ian Fleming. That includes discourse with Crowley's later replacement Barrett. I have only found a minor role he had in US Naval Intel in some podunk Alaskan station and some unpaid tailor bills. It serves Scientology to make it seem he was bigger and badder than he was.
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    Maybe the Starpulse thing was related to Bosley and his hacking skills via military intel. It would be nice if someone else could post the Starpulse article here.

    Nah - too bad. I was looking forward to a Vote Cruise for God campaign. But it still might be part of a battle going on for Tom to stay in this cult and not have to be away from his daughter. If he is above Miscavige and is the Messiah he will get special dispensations will he not? Yes, I do enjoy mocking these alien cults - all theistic religions.

    I had not considered this before (stupid me). The Dragons were the spacecraft that extraterrestrials (not time travellers - they somehow know) came out from. Even the first Chinese Emperor is one.

    And it is not only the Hassidim who engage in ethereal manipulation or the occult arts - see the thread on Padre Pio and Pythagoras. Every religion uses hypnosis, every pulpit and blackboard is a trigger mechanism. Today's blackboard is a website with repetitive affirmation (Also a hypnotic tool) like this.

    Scientology uses taped messages that deconstruct after first listening. They use all other means at their disposal and that includes billion year soulful contracts which my younger brother's family have all signed - and show tattoos which signify or "TESTIFY" (like your Baptists) and Holy Rollers. Trance possessions (channelling) are in many places if you want to see it work. Just watch tapes of Hitler speaking to crowds.

    Scientology has a hard on for Hitler - it lies and carries on as if Hitler was a devil and a surprise abuser of the same things they do. The battle for souls (What L. Ron Hubbard Jr. called soul-grabbing and a level above that termed cracking.) is never-ending. Kaballah (or all other spellings) is something you can read a lot about these days. There is a Scientology book (Knight is the author) about Kaballah. And then there is Madonna who used to be a Sai Baba groupie when he lived at Dan Ackroyd's Blues bar near Hollywood. I lived in and travelled around these places for a decade. I talked to people who 'knew' her (Biblically). Tom Cruise and Madonna are fighting for the souls of Becks and Posh.

    My still beautiful or gorgeous niece (over 40) is a counselor in Scientology's den of iniquity where they should sponsor a team called the Clearwater Clears. She used to be a waitress in the celebrity center and has had work done to make it so she cannot bear children. That was done many years ago - and they marry her off to men who need immigration status and are from wealthy families around the world. What do you think is a good word for THIS?

    Then you might ask why the Church of Scientology is tax exempt. I assure you the other churches have a long and sordid history of the SAME stuff! Tax exempt is a key - you pay for this! And this

    And the extra special benefit you get - your kids go to these parties or want to. And then you get to pay in other ways - rehab is just a word.
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    So how do we go from here to the Paris working where Crowley and others had every imaginable sex act with a nobleman who thought he loved Crowley - to the Paris Four and all manner of rumour about androgyny and alchemy including even letters from Thomas Mann?

    A good starting point is what Crowley said to Parsons when he heard Hubbard was going to bring Babalon to his beck and call. Crowley thought this impossible. Parsons said Hubbard was the best Thelemic he had ever seen - and that includes Crowley. I think his ritual was done in a manner like Drawing Down the Moon - which I have been part of in Wiccan Circles. There are many sources for this, and I have chosen this one because of it's pretty pics and many other articles. You will find the Pyramid Crowley loved as he did his time in Egypt. The Scientology bridge over the Abyss is here - the ONE and unification therewith, the grail, re-incarnation and many other archetypes that you might wonder who appropriated Jung or Crowley (of course all very ancient).

    "Babalon as the Gateway to the City of Pyramids

    Within the mystical system of Crowley, the adept reaches a final stage where he or she must cross the Abyss, that great wilderness of nothingness and dissolution. Choronzon is the dweller there, and his job is to trap the traveler in his meaningless world of illusion. However, Babalon is on just the other side, beckoning. If the adept gives himself to her—the symbol of this act is the pouring of the adept’s blood into her graal—he becomes impregnated in her, then to be reborn as a master and a saint that dwells in the City of the Pyramids. This process is beautifully described in the 15th Aethyr of The Vision and the Voice:

    As the dancer whirls, she chants in a strange, slow voice, quickening as she goes: Lo! I gather up every spirit that is pure, and weave him into my vesture of flame. I lick up the lives of men, and their souls sparkle from mine eyes. I am the mighty sorceress, the lust of the spirit. And by my dancing I gather for my mother Nuit the heads of all them that are baptized in the waters of life. I am the lust of the spirit that eateth up the soul of man. I have prepared a feast for the adepts, and they that partake thereof shall see God.

    The concept contained within Babalon is that of the mystical ideal, the quest to become one with all. This process necessarily requires refusing to deny anything, becoming perfectly passive the world, allowing all experience to come forward, abandoning oneself into the deluge of sensation. Through this, the mystic comes to direct contact with life, formulating the wine of the Graal, being the distilled understanding derived from raw experience. This process clearly has its analogue in the career of the lady of the night."

    Erwin Schrödinger, My View Of The World:

    "The scientific picture of the real world around me is very deficient. It gives a lot of factual information, puts all our experience in a magnificently consistent order, but it is ghastly silent about all and sundry that is really near to our heart, that really matters to us. It cannot tell us a word about red and blue, bitter and sweet, physical pain and physical delight; it knows nothing of beautiful and ugly, good or bad, God and eternity. Science sometimes pretends to answer questions in these domains, but the answers are very often so silly that we are not inclined to take them seriously."

    If Crowley were a cat would his intellect be measurable?
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    Franklin was also a member of The Hellfire Club and you should know about John Dee and the Necronomicon as mentioned in this excerpt. He regularly sat in the bay window of his London home where trepanned heads were recently discovered in the basement, TOTALLY nude. He was a ritual sex abuser to equal any vampire. Aleister Crowley got his main slogan "Do what thou wilt" which carries on in Scientology from a Rabelais saying above the door of Dashwood's delightful trysting forum. Dashwood was the top financial controller in the world at this time - until the end of the Battle of Waterloo when you'll find the Rothschild's brag about taking over the British Treasury - by owning all of the money traded that day - like you see in the great Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd movie Trading Places.

    "John Montagu, Lord Sandwich (the face in the halo) and George Selwyn, (a close friend of Horace Walpole who visited in 1763) were among the inner circle of twelve. One of the female members, Lady Betty Germaine, became a particular friend of Walpole's; through her Walpole acquired one of Dr. Dee's celebrated scrying stones, the Angelic Stone, now in the British Museum. Mary Wortley Montagu, Lord Sandwich's grandmother and a member of the earlier Hellfire Club, was also said to have been a member.

    Satirized in the novel Chrysal, or the Story of a Guinea by Charles Johnstone, and referenced in Charles Churchill's The Candidate, these Medmenhamites were a probable influence on Matthew Lewis's The Monk.

    Benjamin Franklin joined the group on occasion and collaborated with Sir Francis to revise the Book of Common Prayer or Franklin Prayer Book still in use in America. Franklin was also associated with the radical Lunar Society which included Erasmus Darwin, Richard Edgeworth (Maria Edgeworth's father), and William Godwin's friend, Joseph Priestley." (2)

    You might think that the stories you hear about Bonesmen like the Bushes and Bohemian Grove festivities are fiction. But there is worse stuff you need to know. The worse stuff, is stuff you believe or accept as truth and yet is no more true than the monsters at the edge of the earth during the era they succeeded in getting you and our ancestors to stay put in case they have another game of sword and cannon fodder they need you for.

    Many people invent Illuminati and NWO designs to make sense of that which they are totally ignorant about. Then there are serpent(dragon, chanes, worms, naga and other con games). It is this desire for easy answers which causes the enlightened to have to save themselves from the attacks, heresy trials and other backward ignorant things that occur and have occurred for at least four millennia. Back and forth the struggle goes - ignorant sheep being told how to think by priests or through dreams and Bible myths - powerful people who care enough to give them a way out of the fruitless dialectic - having to guard against the backlash of ignorance. Of course, I do not blame Ben Franklin for enjoying sex games but if he did what I suspect and which I have reason to believe the Bonesmen still do - THAT is a ghastly thing. Not quite as bad perhaps as what L. Ron did - but in the same general ballpark.

    Sound and light are (and have always been since the first rituals around fires - hypnotic) useful and more powerful than you may think.
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    Here is part of a larger thread addressing some of this issue.

    Allen Barker, PhD Says:

    January 24th, 2007

    [These are my comments on the article by Sharon Weinberger in the Jan. 14, 2007 Washington Post magazine, titled “Mind Games.” The article is available online at]

    I would like to thank Ms. Weinberger for researching and writing this article. The article seems reasonably fair, based on the openly available sources describing research into areas like “voice-to-skull” technologies. That might not seem like much, except that up until now even that has been a very rare thing, indeed — especially published in a mainstream paper like the Washington Post.

    As the article points out, such technologies have been researched for many years. The advanced forms are *highly* classified. Given this, any victims of nonconsensual experimentation truly have an uphill battle as far as even getting people to acknowledge what is going on.

    Even the state of *open* technology in this area is not widely known. Many ordinary citizens who think about the problem for ten minutes, based on naive views of government and outdated knowledge of 70s-era technology, will tend to dismiss the claims of TIs. Even back in the 70s there was more existing technology than many people are aware of, and consider how much more exists now after all the advances in computers and in other areas. For example, here are a couple of links to some recent articles on open-technology:

    These two articles involve RFID chips and neural prosthetics, and describe a level of technology that is beyond what people commonly assume is available as the unclassified state of the art.

    Most people also tend not to think like “mind controllers.” That is to their credit in most cases, but we all know that some tyrants — both petty and large — covet nothing more than the ability to control other people’s lives. Just because you and I do not think like that, some people *do* think like that — some people will always want to be the next Stalin. That is why eternal vigilance is necessary to maintain liberty even if there is just a potential threat.

    In evaluating technologies, then, one has to have some idea about how such technologies might be abused. Various conditioning effects, for example, can be used to influence people using only fairly low levels of technology and surveillance. Influencing operations do not require 100% total control over a person (that is a common straw man argument, in fact). Even if the influencing does not work as planned, it can nonetheless constitute torture to a nonconsensual subject.

    Below are a few general comments on parts of the article.

    In the article, Gloria Naylor’s book is compared to a 1957 book by Evelyn Waugh in which a character is “gaslighted” with voices to his head as well as “performances” designed to be meaningful only to him. I am not going to comment on Waugh or the character in his book, but this does give me an opportunity to point out part of the long history of mind control technologies and operations.

    The year 1957 was during the height of MKULTRA mind control experimentation. A reading of the limited, surviving, redacted financial records gives a picture of how widespread the program was, as well as how it was covertly funded through “cutouts.” It is commonly believed that MKULTRA was mainly about LSD testing, but there were literally hundreds of subprograms which investigated just about every conceivable way to manipulate and influence human beings. This included things like remote polygraphs and electronic influencing and control.

    One major goal of MKULTRA was to find ways to discredit people. That much is explicitly documented. One way to discredit a person was to drop them acid in public, but there are many other ways. Certainly dropping acid to unwitting people was tested on nonconsensual citizens, and it is reasonable to assume that many other techniques were similarly tested.

    Besides just the capability for “street theater” performances, what voice-to-skull technologies existed back in 1957?

    In the late 50s Ewen Cameron was already experimenting with what he called “psychic driving.” He would tape-record interviews with his patients and then play parts of those tapes back to them, repetitively. He used speakers in the ceilings, pillow speakers, and even speakers in football helmets that the patients could not remove in order to constantly bombard his “patients” with voices. He is known to have experimented with mimicking the voices of people familiar to the subjects, as well as with using multiple voices to exploit possible effects of social influencing such as “peer pressure.” This research was funded by the CIA under MKULTRA. So the idea of beaming voices at people for mind control was not new to people in the clandestine world of mind control, even back in the late 50s.

    Another late-50s voice-to-skull technology is the tooth implant. This is really rather simple technology, despite some people’s unwarranted skepticism. All it takes is a small radio receiver and a piezoelectric vibrator for bone-conducted audio. There is a patent for such a device which was submitted to the patent office in the late 50s. That particular patent also makes use of facial nerves in addition to bone conduction (which was already prior art at the time).

    Experiments were also conducted to try to replicate the radio reception that some people naturally experienced due to certain fillings in their teeth, though what resulted from such investigations is not well-documented. I am *not* saying that a tooth implant was used in any particular case, but that the technology has existed for a very long time. It is a possibility that at least deserves consideration in certain cases, rather than completely dismissing a priori the entire hypothesis that external (or exogenous) voices were ever inflicted on a person.

    Back in the 50s hypnosis was a major focus of mind control research. It is a commonly-held belief that people cannot be hypnotized against their will or made to do things under hypnosis which they wouldn’t ordinarily do, but the belief is not true; it is false. Although not *everyone* can be hypnotized against their will or made to do things that they would not ordinarily do, some people are highly susceptible to hypnosis and hence are highly vulnerable. Given that, consider how much more effective hypnosis against a susceptible individual would be if the hypnotist had 24/7 voice contact with that subject in order to constantly reinforce the “training” and to issue commands.

    The hypnosis research under programs like BLUEBIRD and MKULTRA in the 50s also made use of technology. There was research into how radio waves of various sorts affected hypnotic susceptibility. There were literally experiments into hypnotizing people and installing posthypnotic commands which could be activated over the telephone. This was not just a Hollywood movie; it is documented to have been tested on actual human subjects. Another area which was researched by the CIA was the use of hidden subliminals in music to enhance hypnosis. This use of auditory subliminals to transmit hidden signals is similar to more modern techniques such as the Russian “acoustic psycho-correction” technology and the Lowery “silent sounds” technique (where a high-frequency audio carrier tone is voice-modulated). The FBI was reported to have investigated using the Russian technology to send the fake “voice of God” to Koresh at Waco, so clearly the FBI knows that such things exist. The Russian technology was acquired in the 90s by a Richmond, Va. company.

    The point is that these techniques and technologies have existed in various forms and have been researched and tested for literally decades. The new technologies just open up even more potential for abuses of human rights (as well as any positive applications that the technologies might enable if they were to be used to actually help people). Human beings and governments have long conspired to harass certain individuals; only the methods change over the years. COINTELPRO, for example, has a long history going back many years.

    In addition to comparing Naylor’s book with Waugh’s book, the article also compares TIs to people claiming to have been abducted by aliens. I do not want to get too much into that because the TI who was quoted as saying it would keep them “marginalized and discredited” was right. Even just mentioning the subject tends to bring in the space-alien connotations and associated ridicule. One main and obvious difference that seems to somehow get “overlooked” is that mind control operations are real. They have, for example, been investigated by Congress and are known to have been conducted by the CIA et al. In that way the issue of mind control is completely and utterly different from alien abductions.

    Interestingly, though, the Air Force is known to have used UFOs as a cover story to distract from investigations of its classified aircraft flights. A similar use of UFOs as purposeful disinformation to discredit investigations into classified mind control experimentation cannot be dismissed. Consider, for example, the documents relating to Project Pandora at the DOD’s FOIA reading room, especially the 469-page Project Pandora Operational Procedure document.

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