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Thread: Parenting your Wonder Child 'within'

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    Parenting your Wonder Child 'within'

    If a person reads anything they should read The Wonder Child. Even if they are not going to become a parent of their own child or baby they are still a child growing and contributing to the growth of society or the World Mind.

    "When seen only as presiding over a child's growth, parenting can be frustrating and burdensome. However, when seen as an opportunity for personal growth for adults, parenting is one of the most creative and affirming experiences that life offers. It can be a mutual growth process for both parents and children.

    Reinhold Niebuhr said that parents' lives are fulfilled through the realization of integrity in their children.1 This means that the full meaning of parenthood comes in later life. Yet while we are raising our children, parenting gives us chances to improve ourselves and broaden our own personal horizons as we model for our children the qualities we would like to see in them. For some of us, our own children give us a chance to become the parents we wish that we had.

    Because each one is born with unique potentials, children develop their own personality styles, temperamental rhythms, moral values, and interests. Still parents exert strong influences on these qualities, as do peers, teachers, and society during the school years.

    There was a time when parents raised their children without relying on expert advice. In those days aunts and grandmothers were available to help. But during most of this century families have been increasingly isolated from their extended families. Because childrearing seems to be a baffling and risky experiment, many parents have turned to experts. Unfortunately, that expert advice has been interpreted in the context of prevailing social trends and converted into childrearing fads that later have been cast aside along with the reputations of scapegoated experts whose names have been associated with those childrearing eras.

    Early in this century, John B. Watson warned parents against spoiling their children with unnecessary displays of affection and recommended imposing regular habits on them in order to instill self-discipline. The ideas of Sigmund Freud swayed the next era toward reasoning with children to help them become insightful individuals, capable of enjoying leisure as well as work. After World War II, permissiveness with children was inferred from the writings of Dr. Benjamin Spock, who enjoined parents to trust their intuitions as they tried to meet their children's needs.

    Now in the wake of the "Spock era," we can choose from a variety of experts. On the "conservative" side are those who encourage firmness and "tough love" with children. On the "liberal" side are those who minimize confrontation and stress negotiating with children. Finally for the "avant-garde" there is a plethora of advice on how to accelerate development in order to qualify children for prestigious nursery schools.

    Now parenthood has almost become professionalized so that many parents seek "the best way" to raise their children. Childrearing no longer is something that can be done by tradition, whim, or common sense. There presumably is a "right way" to put a child to bed, to leave a child with a sitter, to get a child started in school, and to have a friend over. Because being a parent is a career, like any career the harder we work at it the more we gain. The result is the general feeling that we cannot do enough for our children. Certainly we should raise our children better than we were raised.

    Whereas parents who reared their children in the seventies felt overwhelmed and needed their children to grow up fast to reduce some of the pressures on themselves, parents in the eighties believed that they could give their children a competitive edge that would make them brighter and more able. In our busy lives in the nineties we feel isolated from other parents. There is no time and there are few places for us to exchange ideas and share our experiences.

    The psychologist David Elkind concluded that parents in the seventies "hurried" their children to make them more mature, and parents in the eighties "miseducated" their children to make them more intelligent.2 Today's parents continue the hurrying and miseducation trends and are susceptible to commercial oversell and to the fadishness of educational practices.

    According to Elkind, young children accept and participate in miseducation, because it pleases those to whom they are attached, not because they find it interesting and enjoyable. Miseducation thus creates internal conflicts between the natural inclinations of children and doing what others expect them to do. Miseducation can be more pernicious than hurrying, because it can lead to more deep-seated problems. Young people who have been hurried can take a year or two off before getting on with their adult lives, but miseducation, especially when combined with hurrying, can leave children with stunted creativity and with conflicts in their own personalities.

    Many of us are confused and frustrated, because of our not entirely compatible goals: to have a happy child, to have a brilliant child, and to have a smoothly managed home that does not detract from our careers. This situation was described vividly by Joan Beck, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune :

    Once it was assumed that teenagers felt a little awkward with contemporaries of the opposite sex, that it took a few adolescent years to get used to feeling comfortable about asking for dates, going out together and working up to kissing and beyond. There were generally perceived standards of sexual behavior, acknowledged by the media and at least nominally supported by adults. Adolescents who didn't want to go beyond them could say no with social and peer sanction.

    But teenagers today are expected -- at least by many counselors, clinics, advertisers, media messages, and each other, if not by parents -- to be sexually active and to work out a moral code of their own for coping with sexuality. They also are considered -- certainly by clinics, counselors, and school-based health centers -- to be mature enough to deal with the disciplines and difficulties of contraception.

    We expect kids to have the strength to deal with parents' divorce without emotional damage, to handle life with a single parent without a problem, and to grow up strong without a father-in-residence or even with never having had a father's name.

    It used to be assumed that adults owed it to children to protect them from harm before birth and after, to remove foreseeable obstacles from their lives and give them time to mature before they had to face adult dangers. Now, babies die of AIDS in urban hospitals, one infant in every ten is born suffering from cocaine exposure, one child in five lives in poverty and countless numbers of adolescents are turned off by poor schools, pressured into gangs or caught in the webs of crack. "Just say no" is thin armament indeed for the hazards of urban jungles.

    The truth is that we are redefining children and childhood to fit adult needs and conveniences and to take a minimum of adult time and attention."

    If a parent listens very closely they might see their child as their soulful mentor and not want to vicariously impose sick societal institutionalized alienation upon them.
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    EDUCATION - TESTING INDUSTRY - LEARNING STYLES: - What is aptitude? Why must people work within a social framework that values following 'norms' of intellect and has questions on tests rather than judgments of soulful and ethical actual behavior? The book 'Emotional Intelligence' makes a good case for EQ rather than IQ. Kaoru Yamamoto of the University of Colorado describes the making, coaching, and taking of tests seem like all our teachers are learning. He correctly identifies the flawed ability to maintain or generate effective learning by turning the process into unwilling students being force fed by uncharismatic automatons without authority. Most teachers know they are little more than 'glorified baby-sitters' and so they don't want to be held accountable. Accountable to tests that value regurgitation is not accountable to real value. They have lots of good arguments on all sides of the issue because the fundamental premises are hugely flawed.

    Some social scientists make a very good point about the purpose of education in our recent history when they note the Industrial Revolution sought workers to punch time clocks and follow the bosses and their minion's orders. The homogenization of memorization being the key to learning assumes something worse than what isn't in evidence. It is not evident that linear logical processes or competency in memory skills is paramount to the functioning character development of productive people. In fact we have ample reason to limit these skills now that hand held or wristwatch sized data bases are able to connect to near total knowledge networks. Forgetting that important point, we must understand what education and teaching really is supposed to achieve. Simple common sense alone would indicate a high priority should exist in the augmentation of interest in learning and the joys it may offer a person throughout their life.

    Co-operative and social integrational skills teaching are well enough developed in the science of education and should be given more support. In Canada the word 'co-operative' is used but the purposes of learning style (Take a look at H. Gardner's work which now has eight distinct learning style proficiencies.) and personality differences aren't known by the teachers who think co-operative learning means some kind of teamwork between teachers, students and parents. Group dynamics within the student's core appreciation of purpose and relating to each other is more the point. Seeing the benefits of a good creative spatial competency in another person within the group and learning the most important things are useful creative outputs rather than some goal established by someone outside the group, might have more merit. The compassionate diplomatic and purposeful ethic of net additional value rather than homogenized adherence to hypocritical unquestioned pablum with frequent prejudicial or egoistically infused judgement needs support.

    Celebration of relevant new approaches that offer explorations of new perspectives without a sense of black and white answers are seldom found and the character seems to be judged according to how well we imitate or fit the prevailing 'norm'. How can we maintain a desire to explore that is born into the human core courage to know something more than the personal? When will knowing how to cope with sexual, sensual psychological nurturing and other life skills including how to make each other healthier become valued? The old emphasis on individuals enjoying each others different character becomes lost in a maze of peer and social structure. Is it possible that people will learn to read and communicate at different times in their life? Recent research shows that men learn math best, later than women. Language and communication engages the young brain more fully and should be focused upon at the ages before seven. The Bardic schools knew these things and had young people work as jesters and minstrels early in the process.

    Physiologically we can say there are 350,000 neural connections possible that become atrophied to the point most people use only half of them. What about thinking? It isn't dumping of data - it requires integrating and making judgments. Perhaps we are encouraging a lack of judgement as an over-compensation against old racial ideologies or because authoritarian religions sought faith-full 'followers'. Maybe it is because the armies of feudal lords wanted hateful and macho murderers; and parenting became a castle for power 'over' rather than nurture FOR the children. Children are not the property of parents as much as they are rightful and important members of the tribe, clan or larger social unit. These things were known in the pre-Christian times when women weren't the property (Hammurabi's Code specifies and Biblical baby-factories enforced) of men.

    There may be eight physiological or neurophysiological different core learning style competencies with numerous variations but each of us is capable of learning to augment all of these attributes and appreciating other strengths and weaknesses. Building brotherhood rather than competing against each other is an excellent character-building alternative to established fences or hurdles to jump over. If at the end of five years of school a person still wants to learn and yet has learned little - is that better than a person who has learned 'reading, writing and arithmetic' but thinks they know all they need to know. There were initiatory stages available for lifelong education and soulful growth (The Australian aborigines still have this; and many others do as well.). Beyond seeing what one 'can do'; we do need to establish what one should do. The decision about what we should do is hard to make at some far away central administration center. Beyond teaching the ethical constructs (woefully lacking especially without comparative religion) we should support or enable purposes beyond what generates occupation-oriented proficiency. There is reason to believe that students learn to read and write or compete without a structure to ensure it. Technology exists to allow students to learn much of what is taught in their own time away from the sense of right or wrong and ridicule.

    Do I think we should create groups and movement between groups as a key focus on working together and helping each other? Do I think music and performing creates an environment of learning language and communication as well as improving self-esteem. Would I encourage rhetoric and diminish early writing initiatives that force failure through unwarranted structured thinking. Would I hold writing back until the person is able to feel they can do most anything and their brain has fully grown after the age of eight? Would I have lots of schools where students chose what to learn and when? And at the end of some period of time would I make the challenge become how much they can achieve as a unit, group or school against another such unit? If I did want all these things and was seen as 'primitive' because this is the kind of thing the ancient Kelts did: what would I say to those who laughed.

    I'd say these schools taught specific memory techniques rather than memorization of unimportant data. This created a skill rather than a mark on some test relating to some often propagandized history. With this skill the memory almost never was an issue and asinine regurgitation of trivia passing as knowledge seldom occurred in people's day to day lives. I'd say the creative urges to perform according to disciplined use of musical instruments, dance and song or other acting skills and craftwork made secure citizens who felt they could help and be useful in their societal group. How would they respond when I told them the clans taught a group responsibility that made it impossible for a child to work their blackmail of emotion on a loving parent, through extended families; and that this led to lawful and respectful behavior? How would they respond when I made it clear that worship was real and that people were encouraged to know the ever-increasing insights that the soul may offer.

    How would they respond when I challenged them to find a more egalitarian and nurturing group of people who truly valued the inputs of women and knew they were biologically superior to men or were at least the equal? Yes, women have more endurance, don't faint when wounded, are better diplomats because they use their whole brain and don't get carried away on ego as much. Endurance was a key thing amongst warriors. The child-rearing was shared in a whole family unit and the woman was able to be the leader in all fields of endeavour rather than simply thrown into a one-dimensional role as care-giver or ornament.

    Clearly they wouldn't be able to point to a more gifted group of scientists and teachers than the Druidic hierarchy produced. We are still learning or re-discovering what they knew. The 'Lost Chord' and harmonics or the healing techniques of shamans and dream-dancers, is worth our investigation. The wholistic appreciation for nature and all the majesty of love and beauty we have lost through the ministrations of macho models of greed and power, must be re-kindled. The creeds of the present power-oriented churches versus the Keltic Creed must be considered.

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    The Wonder Child appears to be freely available for download now. I tried to leave a great comment about how important this book can be for people to learn about the SELF from our innocence within as well as from the kids we get to learn so much from. I did not e=get a notice it was sent and I hope you can download the book.

    "Whether or not it is clear to you, the universe is unfolding as it should..." Desiderata

    But there are ways your control of every part of your existence are formed and you know so little about them. This is especially true of you fear things you do not understand. (Including even yourself or SELF.) One of the major tools forming people today is games. And when I saw Lucis Trust (Luciferians) and Damanhur (Alchemists) working on those games and developing ways to inculcate new thinking through them (Later Harry Potter took the stage.) I was happy and concerned at the same time. Isaac Bonewitz is an OK occultist and his following work is worth reading. In it you will find words have much power.

    Manly Hall has given many learned people a lot to think about and yet it would appear most academics involved in linguistics have little or no awareness of his excellent scholarship. We need to crack all codes in symbology before we can honestly say we know what technology and wisdom the ancients had. The language of the birds or BRDs is one of the most ancient systems which I think evolved into the Hermetic Green Languages used by the likes of Goethe (Founder of a Jesuit short term Illuminized group most people ramble on about as if it is all there was.), Thomas Carlyle in Sartor Restartus, Jonathan Swift and many more. In my work on Shakespeare I uncovered Francis Bacon using code to claim the works of his friend William whose work he published. It took about 50 years for some people to decipher it and now there are many who think it means Bacon wrote Shakespeare. Such is the way of ignorant ego among pretenders to knowledge. As Hugo knew, Shakespeare also wrote in hermetic code.

    "The arcana of the ancient Mysteries were never revealed to the profane except through the media of symbols. Symbolism fulfilled the dual office of concealing the sacred truths from the uninitiated and revealing them to those qualified to understand the symbols. Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of Nature. With reverence the wise pierce the veil and with clearer vision contemplate the reality; but the ignorant, unable to distinguish between the false and the true, behold a universe of symbols. It may well be said of Nature--the Great Mother--that she is ever tracing strange characters upon the surface of things, but only to her eldest and wisest sons as a reward for their faith and devotion does she reveal the cryptic alphabet which is the key to the import of these tracings.

    The temples of the ancient Mysteries evolved their own sacred languages, known only to their initiates and never spoken save in the sanctuary. The illumined priests considered it sacrilege to discuss the sacred truths of the higher worlds or the divine verities of eternal Nature in the same tongue as that used by the vulgar for wrangling and dissension. A sacred science must needs be couched in a sacred language. Secret alphabets also were invented, and whenever the secrets of the wise were committed to writing, characters meaningless to the uninformed were employed. Such forms of writing were called sacred or Hermetic alphabets. Some--such as the famous angelic writing--are still retained in the higher degrees of Masonry.

    Secret alphabets were not entirely satisfactory, however, for although they rendered unintelligible the true nature of the writings, their very presence disclosed the fact of concealed information--which the priests also sought to conceal. Through patience or persecution, the keys to these alphabets were eventually acquired and the contents of the documents revealed to the unworthy. This necessitated employment of more subtle methods for concealing the divine truths. The result was the appearance of cryptic systems of writing designed to conceal the presence of both the message and the cryptogram. Having thus devised a method of transmitting their secrets to posterity, the illuminati encouraged the circulation of certain documents specially prepared through incorporating into them ciphers containing the deepest secrets of mysticism and philosophy. Thus medieval philosophers disseminated their theories throughout Europe without evoking suspicion, since volumes containing these cryptograms could be subjected to the closest scrutiny without revealing the presence of the hidden message."

    In contrast to our material focused society we have many people seeking wisdom rather than mere ego gratification.

    "Buddha Eyes look at us from all the Tibetan Stupas in Nepal gazing in the four directions to symbolize the all-knowing Buddha.

    Between the Buddha's eyes there is the Nepali character for the number 1, symbolizing unity of all things and the Buddha’s all-seeing third eye.

    According to Buddhism all beings have the Buddha nature. We all have within us the seed of purity that is to be transformed and developed into Buddhahood."
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    You probably can imagine I would try many approaches to child-rearing and getting knowledge passing between myself and my child at an early age. Two British geniuses in Math and science were having a hard time conceiving and the woman took fertility drugs; that may have begun the process of mind or soulful learning in the womb. Yes, I do think that is possible and there are many scientists and spy agencies who have used that approach. When the baby was born the crib it spent time in was surrounded by formulae and pictures that conveyed mathematical and physics questions. It did not say DADA or MOMMA for it's first words. My recollection is it said something about relativity or the familiar E=MC2 formula. Apparently a baby will have superior IQ if the mother spends time every day in a stress-reducing near weightless Jacuzzi type of tub. I have quoted Daniel Matt's Unsheathing the Soul in many places and it is the simplest meditation that could assist focus and insight or wisdom acquisition at any age. He wrote The Essential Kabbalah and is working on the translation of the whole Zohar backed by major funding from the most elevated educational sources interested in culture and knowledge.

    If you need some proof that Kabbalah is 'twisted' as Dion Fortune said - this is it. Oswald had a golem - gee, should I have included that in my book addressing the assassinations of American leaders?

    The next excerpt takes a more Eastern viewpoint and adds Qabalah to the name; so much confusion in all the detailed myths. I wonder if that makes those who want to be leaders feel all others are stupid.

    "In this article, Part 2 of my informal Kabbalah/Qabalah series, I will begin to consider the cosmological-theosophical Kabbalah/Qabalah. I will begin with the Four Worlds (Atziluth, Ber’iah, Yetzirah, Assiah), which, if Adam Kadmon is included, become Five. Directly below my consideration is the description of the Four Worlds. I’m not going to elaborate on this description (which I posted for base reference and contrast); rather, I’m going to present my own unique (Kashmir Shaivism/Vedanta-influenced) vision of the Four (or Five) Worlds. In Part 3, I will consider the 10 sephirot.

    The Four (or Five) Worlds spring forth from Ain Soph Aur, which is tantamount to Hindu Siva-Shakti. “Ain” means No-thing, not Nothingness. In other words, God is not a created "thing" or object; He is the uncreated “Thing” Itself -- the Absolute -- limitless Conscious Light. The universe was not created ex nihilo, because something cannot come from nothing; rather it derives from God’s “Substance," Conscious Light.

    The process of creation, termed “tzimtzum,” in Kabbalah, is described as a contraction of Ain Sof Aur (Limitless Light) into stepped-down, progressively constricted “Worlds” (really dimensions or phases of diminished Consciousness-Energy). When Assiah, the final World or phase of the cosmic involutionary process, is reached, the Limitless Light of Ain Sof Aur has been reduced to gross matter and energy.

    Adam Kadmon is a synonym for the archetypal Divine Person, Man as primordially one with Siva-Shakti (or Ain Soph Aur), the Divine Being, prior to and beyond the manifestation of the “Worlds. Since Adam Kadmon antecedes emanation, strictly speaking he should not be considered one of the Worlds. Hence, from my standpoint, there are Four Worlds, not Five.

    Atziluth (the “World of Emanation”) is the universal Causal Body, Divine Shakti emerging from Siva-Shakti (Ain Soph Aur) as Iccha Shakti (Divine Will and Power). It is “outflowing” uncreated Light-Energy, indicating the beginning of a schism in the Divine. Even though the Light-Energy is uncreated, it contains the "seeds" of Creation, in the "Form" of the Divine “Plan." At this point in the cosmogenic process, creation (space-time manifestation) is mere potential, but the “Blueprint,” is pregnant in Atziluth. Hence, the Sephirot herein exist as Platonic Forms, or unmanifest Vessels, in the “Mind of God.”

    I equate Beri’ah (the “World of Creation”) with Akasha (universal space, the Ether). The Ether, is the Matrix from which the four elements - fire, earth, air, and water – derive and proceed. And the universe, in turn, is constituted of the four elements. It is common in Kabbalah/Qabalah to associate each of the four elements with one of the Four Worlds (Atziluth-fire, Beri’ah-water, Yetzirah-air, Assiah-earth), but this makes no sense, because the elements do not emerge prior to Yetzirah.

    The physical universe emerges in Yetzirah (the “World of Formation”), the raw, elemental World (or Universe), not yet fully differentiated and particularized. At this point, the four elements have not yet fully “crystallized” into distinct finite matter and existents.
    In Assiah (the “World of Action”), the cosmogenic involutionary process is complete: the Divine has fully concealed Itself in matter, disguising Itself in and as discrete phenomenal existents. When humans, contracted microcosms of macrocosmic Adam Kadmon, emerge on the world scence, the conscious evolutionary journey out of contraction and darkness into expansion and Light is begun.

    In Part 3, I will consider the 10 Sephirot: their genesis within the Four World schema, and their functions as Divine vessels and archetypal energies.

    The Four Worlds (Excerpted from

    The Worlds are formed by the Ohr Mimalei Kol Olmin, the Divine creative light that "Fills all Worlds" immanently, according to their particular spiritual capacity to receive. The 10 sephirot attributes and 12 basic partzufim personas shine in each world (though not yet manifestly in Adam Kadmon), as well as more specific Divine manifestations. In Lurianic Kabbalah, the partzufim dynamically interact with each other, and sublime levels are enclothed within lower existences, as their concealed soul. Nonetheless, in each World, particular sephirot and partzufim predominate. The Five Worlds in descending order:

    1. Adam Kadmon (A"K, אָדָם קַדְמוֹן) meaning Primordial Man. The anthropomorphic metaphor "Adam" denotes the Yosher (Upright) configuration of the sephirot in the form of Man, though not yet manifest. "Kadmon" signifies "primary of all primaries", the first pristine emanation, still united with the Ein Sof. Adam Kadmon is the realm of Keter Elyon (Supernal Crown of Will), "the lucid and luminous light" (Tzachtzachot), "the pure lucid sephirot which are concealed and hidden" in potential. Containing the future emergence of Creation, it is Divine light with no vessels, the manifestation of the specific Divine plan for Existence, within Creation (after the Tzimtzum in Lurianic Kabbalah). In Lurianism, the lights from A"K precipitate Tohu and Tikun. As Keter is elevated above the sephirot, so Adam Kadmon is supreme above the Worlds, and generally only Four Worlds are referred to.

    2. Atziluth (אֲצִילוּת), meaning World of Emanation, also "Close." On this level the light of the Ein Sof (Infinite Divine "without end") radiates and is still united with its source. This supernal revelation therefore precludes the souls and Divine emanations in Atzilus from sensing their own existence. In Atzilus the 10 sephirot emerge in revelation, with Chochma (Wisdom) dominating, all is nullification of essence (Bittul HaEtzem) to Divinity, not considered created and separate. The last sephirah Malchut (Kingdom) is the "Divine speech" of Genesis 1, through which lower Worlds are sustained."

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    “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”
    - Albert Einstein

    Imagine a world where psychic ability was enhanced from an early age - which it was during many eras prior to Empires who sought malleable subjects. Imagine teaching adepthood technology outside the black ops government and secret societies.

    The Iowa State courses mentioned here were attended by my wife after a lot of prodding by myself. Her report to me lead me to believe the Accelerative Learning technique left out a great deal of what Dr. Milan Ryzl included and which was reported by Psychic Discoveries author Ostrander. When Ryzl came to speak to psychologists at the Sacramento Inn about five years before my wife took the above noted course in the summer of 1978 I was involved with one of the attendees. Because I was able to describe in detail what she was hearing him say - she said I was controlling her mind. She had also been losing weight. She was a very psychic person who was a subject in controlled experiments for Dr. Richard Alpert and she was a member of Esalen.


    At some point I will have to create a thread on Esalen It is most important and because it has so many prominent members of the Establishment as well as this semi-secret research group my lady was a part of - many conspiracy nuts have imagined all manner of bad things. Joseph Campbell was a person who learned a lot and shared a lot here.

    "Most of us know Esalen mainly through public workshops advertised in the
    catalog. But there is another, usually quieter, Esalen that’s by invitation only: the
    hundreds of private initiatives sponsored now by Esalen’s Center for Theory and
    Research (CTR). Though not well publicized, this other Esalen has had a major impact
    on America and the world at large. From its programs in citizen diplomacy to its
    pioneering role in holistic health; from physics and philosophy to psychology, education
    and religion, Esalen has exercised a significant influence on our culture and society."

    EDUCATION AS HYPE (POLITICS): - Just a brief entry on a highly complex subject that deserves whole books which I have written about extensively. The ex-NHL goalie and Ralph Nader lawyer by the name of Ken Dryden wrote a book called In School. The back flap of it has this tidbit for your consideration: "Ken Dryden tackles what he sees as the education debate's retreat to a safe, unthinking - and ultimately - black and white ground of issues and policies at the expense of people. Ultimately he discovers that good teachers teach people and not just subjects." (16)

    One of the most taught AGAINST things has to do with the soul. I think comparative religion and Yoga should be taught.

    EGO - ALTER: - The whole field of academia and education owes a great debt to individuals like Jacquetta Hawkes and her second husband J. B. Priestly. The next little quote is a great insight into their personal beliefs taken from a Reader's Digest publication.

    "The English novelist J. B. Priestly, who is married to the well-known archaeologist Jacquetta Hawkes, related this experience to Arthur Koestler in a letter dated February 7, 1972:

    'My wife bought three large lithographs by Graham Sutherland. When they arrived here from London she took them up to her bedroom, to hang them up in the morning. They were leaning against a chair and the one on the outside, facing the room, was a lithograph of a grasshopper. When Jacquetta got into bed that night, she felt some sort of twittering movement going on, so she got out and pulled back the clothes. There was a grasshopper in the bed. No grasshopper had been seen since. No grasshopper has been seen at any time in this house. ('Research in Parapsychology', W.G. Roll, R.L. Morris, and J. D. Morris, eds. p. 209)"

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    In the US today (South Carolina for one) you have repression in education reaching backwards through the Rocks - of ages and in boxes.
    Yes, these boxes of rocks want their children to be exposed to Creationism as taught in the Bible. I have no difficulty teaching the possibilities of Intelligent Design and a debate between knowledgeable people, but I do wish the laws of this land and culture were free of religious indoctrination which produces mind controlled leaders like Shrub or Steven Harper in Canada.

    Whoever or whatever group of people commanded or invoked the dream for Rhodes (Hitler too, and Napoleon who got the same treatment inside the Great Pyramid.) probably would understand magical (not lesser magic) creativity or manifesting thought forms which started long ago and became scripts then alphabets. Then the power of words grew and majik was more able to collect all thought energy. The BEES on the investiture robe of Napoleon when he became the Holy Roman Emperor are traceable past the grave of Childeric he had them taken from. They go back as a symbol of Phoenician trading empires on the first metal coinage in Phocaea and before that at the House of Mallia on Crete. Bernard Mandeville brings us the Fable of the Bees which Childeric, Napoleon and the Sarmoung Brotherhood of the esoteric secret groups including the Merovingians (and the Melchizedek Mormons) use as a main symbol. He says 'Virtue is just a pretence which man has invented for his own advantage.'

    Early man struggled just as hard as we do with the origins of everything. The Tower of Babel or "In the beginning was the word'. The Logos and string theory show understandings of a cosmic harmonic and dimensions thereof. This author examines how Thoth and Ptah tell us about scripts and words as a means of manifesting reality - or a way YOU can be a God or part thereof. I do not believe this knowledge was first learned by any historical character - the books have been destroyed which might have given us an historical glimpse into a lot more of this. Language and gestures or the Bardic miming and performance arts caused a lot of human evolution and cultural adaptation to occur. The bards or poets kept the verbal history and performed for people while they learned how to speak and share thoughts or become more intelligent. The qabala needs a lot more scientific inquiry. Language and gestures or the Bardic miming and performance arts caused a lot of human evolution to occur.

    You will probably have to browse for this.

    In Islam there is a reflection of Egyptian thought regarding creation - and an allegory I say. The original symbols are indeed powerful connections to consciousness (see Daniel Matt's "Unsheathing the Soul" which I think I have included here). Collective consciousness of all that is - is g_d in many religious roots or origins. Lay people do not understand enough to separate myth from fact. Islam talks about commands through words which are almost like conscious script in a similar manner - thus 'Kun' is a command to come into existence or to become manifest or "BE". (A description of creation)

    I sincerely hope this link will be accessible for you. It takes a spiritual journey into Kabballah and the southern tradition or Tree of Life. Numerous healers are saying great things about it and I see the Mudras (Mutras in another language) are there - which I have helped people use (Like Gurdjieff) to balance their hemispheres and combat depression, schizophrenia and ADHD etc.

    Imagine a world where psychic ability was enhanced from an early age - which it was during many eras prior to Empires who sought malleable subjects. Imagine teaching adepthood technology outside the black ops government and secret societies. James Joyce provides a portal of sorts to view the pre-Empire culture and if you have not seen Campbell speak about Joyce you are in for a treat.

    What can I say about all so many outreaches from all so many sources with agendas that are similar and yet their members or brainwashed few are pawns of something far greater (or more devious) than even their leaders know?

    "You know what you get when you play Twisted Sister's 'Burn in Hell' backwards? 'Go to church and pray on Sunday.' " Jay Leno, Comedian

    But make sure you PREY during the week so you can TESTIFY to it on Sunday.
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