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    Grigory Rasputin

    If you believe Rasputin was changed for the better after his time in a monastery or some place monks hang around doing nothing but pious prayer - I have some swamp land in a nice place with no crocs or alligators. I believe he was taught by these monks or others to accentuate his natural talents. His behaviour they describe before and after is not very pious at all.

    "Grigory Rasputin, a wondering peasant who eventually exerted a powerful influence over Nicholas II and Aleksandra, the last Tsar and Tsarina of Imperial Russia, is one of the most mysterious and dark individuals of Russian history.

    Grigory Rasputin was born 10 January 1869 in the small and remote Siberian village of Pokrovskoe. Even as a young man he astonished people; there was talk about him having visions and the ability to heal. According to one legend, one day Rasputin was lying in bed sick when a group of peasants walked in to find out who had stolen a horse. Grigory rose from his bed and pointed at the thief among them. The insulted peasant denied it, and Grigory was beaten. That night, two wary peasants followed the suspect and saw him leading the horse out of his shed and into the forest. Rasputin gained a reputation as a visionary, although some were scared of the boy and thought he was possessed by the devil. It was a time and place where all possible magic and heeling powers were a way of life. Grigory himself thought that he was taken over by a higher force. He was also a drunk, got into fights and harassed women. He got married when he was around twenty and had four children.

    A visit to a monastery in Verhoturye changed him; it was his first encounter with a ritual form of religion. He ended up staying there for months. Rasputin then left his home to become a ‘strannik,’ a pilgrim or wonderer. His journey took him as far as Greece and Jerusalem. He sometimes walked for days without eating or stopping; he didn’t wash or even touch his body for months and wore shackles to increase the hardship of his journey. It is believed that during his travels he may have encountered a secret sect called the ‘hlysty.’ They organized a particular kind of worship in which there were no priests; in one part of the service they sang and prayed and became almost drunk by spinning; in the other part they indulged in flagellation and orgiastic sex. This type of worship, they thought, would bring them closer to God. ‘Driving out sin with sin’ was the concept that Rasputin later adopted. After his travels of more than two years he returned to his village of Pokrovskoe. The locals saw a change in him; he was perceived by some to have a luminescent religious essence and was even called a ‘staryets’, a wondering holy man, by others.

    Even before his arrival in St. Petersburg in 1903, the city was agog with mysticism and aristocrats were obsessed with anything occult. Rasputin met Bishop Theophan, who was at first shocked by Rasputin’s dirty look and strong smell, but he was nonetheless mesmerized by the ‘holy’ man and shortly introduced him to the Montenegrin princesses, Militsa and Anastasia, who also fell under his spell. He was then introduced by the sisters to Nicholas II and Aleksandra (the Tsar and Tsarina). Aleksandra was impressed by him straight away and he became a regular visitor to the palace; she spent hours talking to him about religion. Rasputin would tell her that she and the Tsar needed to be closer to their people, that they should see him more often and trust him, because he would not betray them, to him they were equal to God, and he would always tell them the truth, not like the ministers, who don’t care about people and their tears. These kinds of words touched Aleksandra deeply; she absolutely believed that he was sent to the royal family by God, to protect the dynasty. To her, Rasputin was the answer to their hopes and prayers. The Tsar and Tsarina shared with him their concerns and worries, most importantly, over their son Aleksey’s (the only male heir to the throne) health. He suffered from hemophilia. Rasputin was the only one who was able to actually help their son, how he did it will always remain a mystery, but Aleksey got better. The palace governor wrote in his memoirs: “From the first time that Rasputin appeared at the heir’s bed, he got better. Everybody at court remembers the episode in Spala, when no doctor could help the suffering and moaning child, but as soon as a telegram was sent to Rasputin, and they received an answer that the boy would not die, his pain eased straight away.” Everyone who met Rasputin remarked on his eyes and how hypnotic they were. Elena Dzhanumova wrote in her diary: “What eyes he has! You cannot endure his gaze for long. There is something difficult in him, it is like you can feel the physical pressure, even though his eyes sometimes glow with kindness, but how cruel can they be and how frightful in anger…”

    Nicholas also trusted Rasputin. He became his advisor whose one word was enough to place an unknown person as a minister at court. But Nicholas sometimes decided government questions of a higher scale by himself. Rasputin was strongly against the First World War (1914 - 1918) and tried to convince the Tsar to make peace with Germany, but Nicholas held his ground and took Russia to war, which was a disaster for his country, with more than four million Russians loosing their lives."

    What is the mesmerism or influence he was taught? Gurdjieff developed a simple breathing technique to send a similar sexual energy without even using his voice. I have read everything I could find about him for at least 50 years. I think he was taken into a group of shamans like Temujin and the only way to get out before completing the study is to kill the teacher. One of the courses was on Mithridatism or a homeopathic inoculation into poisons which could kill, Thus when he drank the strychnine laced wine which would have killed a horse (in each bottle he drank) his murderers cringed in fright. They then shot him after beating him with bats, rolled him into a carpet and cut a hole in the ice. When he was found downstream days later he was tested by a coroner who said he had water in his lungs and died of drowning.

    The body control and energy to self heal himself from the poisons may have added to his power to heal others. I think Bruce Lee may have attempted to add this siddhi and he failed.

    His daughter recounts how he knew he was invited to be murdered and yet went anyway - he was clairvoyant according to many including her.
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    Wikipedia tells us some things about his death and the disappearance of his body. I remember seeing photos of his penis cut off him when he was murdered and before he ran upstairs to them be shot. I recall a Yuri Yusopov was involved and more than two assassins. It has been more than a decade and my memory might be wrong but his daughter wrote a lot about this Yuri Yusopov and his lust for her father - sexually. Surely she did not fake the large withered penis photos for her book. You can see Yusopov was a major liar in the following.

    "The official police report, with details gathered in two days, and stopped with the idea the murder was solved, is unconvincing. What is left are the memoirs of the murderers, the 29-year-old Felix Yusupov and 47-year-old Vladimir Purishkevich. The theatrical details on the murder given by Felix Yusupov have never stood up to scrutiny. He changed his account several times; the statement given to the Petrograd police, the accounts given whilst in exile in the Crimea in 1917, his 1927 book, and finally the accounts given under oath to libel juries in 1934 and 1965 all differ to some extent.

    "When asked [in 1965] by his attorney as to his motive killing Rasputin, he announced that he was motivated by his "distaste for Rasputin's debaucheries". This represented a major shift from his argument since 1917 that emphasized that he was motivated solely by patriotism for Russia."[326]"

    There was an industry of fevered authors writing about Rasputin. I have not even read all of the memoirs of his daughter, it would appear there were three, and they differ. I will allow it is hard to buy her account of him drowning after having been shot so many times. However, no other account including official accounts which disappeared mysteriously have anything better. Most important to me - the nature of his spiritual gifts and from whence they came. I find no one disagreeing he was a powerful spiritual person.

    But the fact that he spoke an unknown dialect which many found nearly unintelligible that often included sentences with no subject or verb (one or the other) deserves special consideration. Speaking in tongue would normally include a trance or altered state and his state of mind was consistent. Could he be in constant contact with the akashic or collective forces? We will never know, but there is no better explanation for all that he did, especially on the day he died. His healings were not just giving instructions like Cayce, they were hands on and in one case from far away. That was in healing the young prince who he was constantly in tune with, as I see it.

    I have created a thread on the Russian Royals that goes beyond the era of Rasputin but you will find the occult and spiritual aspects of reality have a long history and importance in Mother Russia and amongst the Royal families of Europe (especially St. Germain and his Hessian cousins). During this time Gurdjieff was in the Czar's secret police and I have not found a report of his involvement with Rasputin - or I forget. He must have been affected by him. The self-healing and sexual ability to remotely influence people is very similar.
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    Wikipedia has an extensive collection of inputs worth reading. Here is a part of their summary.

    "The date of Rasputin’s death is sometimes recorded as being 16 December 1916 (Old Style) or 13 days later on 29 December 1916 using New Style,[note 12] but the murderers left after midnight for Rasputin's apartment, when his guards were gone. The initial attempts to kill Rasputin began on the 17th {My birthday} and it is supposed he died within two hours between 3:00 and 4:00 am.[352]

    The "drowning story" became a fixed part of the legend. Rasputin was already dead when thrown into the water.[353] "There is no evidence that Rasputin swallowed water after being pushed into the Neva or that he had freed his arm to make the sign of the cross."[354] {But the official reports show the body disappearing and 500 page reports vanishing.}

    The Russian poet Alexander Blok was drafted and brought in by the Extraordinary Commission to transcribe the Thirteenth Section's interrogations of those who knew Grigori Rasputin.[355] In 1919 the report, nearly 500 pages long, vanished.

    Rasputin came to be seen on both the left and the right as the root cause of Russia's despair.[356] On the left he was despised as an enemy of democracy, while for many on the right he was damaging the monarchy. His eventual murderers were nobles who believed his disappearance would strengthen the throne.[357] {I favor his daughter's report and they have no explanation for things occult or any wisdom related thereto.}

    In Russia, Rasputin is seen by many ordinary people and clerics, among them the late Elder Nikolay Guryanov, as a righteous man.[358] However, Alexy II of Moscow said that any attempt to make a saint of Rasputin would be "madness".[359] {But he fits all the needed miraculous requirements more than even Jesus in the myth made by Rome.}

    In 2004 any picture of Rasputin in a Russian-Orthodox church had to be removed.[360][citation needed]

    According to Dominic Lieven "more rubbish has been written on Rasputin than on any other figure in Russian history".[361][362]
    In 1920 Maria Rasputin and her husband Boris Soloviev fled to Vladivostok and they settled in France. In 1935 she moved to the United States, where she worked as a tiger-trainer in the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus. In her three memoirs – it is hard to find out which one is the most reliable,[363] certainly not the last one[364] – she painted an almost saintly picture of her father, insisting that most of the negative stories were based on slander and the misinterpretation of facts by his enemies."

    We know Gurdjieff was a Czar secret serviceman and that his student Ouspensky was a journalist he met in Moscow. I think they knew Rasputin.
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    If you accept the premise that healers do what they say they do and what FRMISpect and heat-mapping machines show occurring when testing healer's brain functioning (see Hank Wesselman); then you can imagine how self-healing and anti-aging can occur for old adepts as reported by Blofeld and Gurdjieff (Other threads). More importantly you will understand how it is possible to affect the World Mind or collective unconscious. Unfortunately you will also understand how machines will be able to affect the World Mind when an extreme element desires to make something they think we need.

    The whole human potential movement is affected by Gurdjieff. That is a fact, I can and have written at least one book about. For over ten years I have watched my book on Gurdjieff sell as well as my book on Tesla and it appears to me a certain schools or group in Scotland has used it as a source book for study. These books are self-published and not promoted. Love is a key ingredient in healing - I know.

    If people garner only one thing from all I have written I hope it would be "what's love got to do with IT."

    If you learn what love is from Gurdjieff you will change your life as so many people did. But you probably will decrease the number of people you can truly love (Not sex) because you will also no longer be a "sleepwalker". Love is not what Tina said; "a second hand emotion".

    I saw Tina in a Hotel ballroom in Acapulco as she made a career comeback and finally took control of her life. Yesterday I saw a show called American Pickers when a Chicago music and record Hall of Famer was evaluating some records they had bought. The 83 year old man said Tina still sent Ike some money now and then. I was at a major bar in Chicago once upon a time when a popular local artist or band covering Tina was playing - it was crowded and I was near the stage singing along with Proud Mary. The lead singer reached out the microphone and I sang the last minute of the song. Many are they who have noted my various voices which they have said would make me a radio personality or whatever. Gurdjieff and Cleopatra (Cicero called enchanting though he was not enchanted with her.) were some of my inspirational teachers.

    I cannot quibble with such examples of forgiveness as I have used Marianne Williamson's book to help many abused women. It makes love and forgiveness the central means of recovery. At the same time, I despise the Cycle of Violence which causes war, and child abuse as well as what passes for nation's existence and society being what it is. That is a grand indictment but it is nonetheless true and religion has been central to the Cycle of Violence. The Sufis mentioned in this website account of Gurdjieff (Cat Stevens also joined) are from far earlier times and when it says Gurdjieff is of Greek heritage it is talking about the Danaus who his Caucasian forbears started or colonized. Another student of Gurdjieff named Idries Shah takes this back before the Sarman or Sarmoung Brotherhood Gurdjieff wrote about who are in the title of my book.

    At present I am still doing further cutting edge research on these matters and I am sure I have the truest history out there. Shah takes it back before white people existed for about 40,000 years. Due to recent evidences in science I can easily identify the Ainu for 200,000 years as this source but I go back a great deal more for this knowledge and civilization. In the time of Genghis Khan it was said a woman with a container of gold on her head could walk across the entire Empire (the largest ever) and not be either raped or robbed. There are many similarities between Gurdjieff, Rasputin and Temujin. Their esoteric roots (not known to Wiki authors are identical).

    ""...Rom Landau was one of the first to compare Gurdjieff to Rasputin. Describing a meeting with Gurdjieff, he explains: 'I had been specially careful not to look at Gurdjieff and not to allow him to look into my eyes...'" Time magazine once described Gurdjieff as "a remarkable blend of P.T. Barnum, Rasputin, Freud, Groucho Marx and everybody's grandfather."
    "---“With ordinary love goes hate. I love this, I hate that. Today I love you, next week, or next hour, or next minute, I hate you. He who can really love can be; he who can be, can do; he who can do, is.” So, really, to love one must first exist. Be conscious.---"
    "A particularly hard-core dilation of this notion posits that we are all sleepwalking through life, and desperate measures are required to wake us up, and smell the coffee. James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, Aleister Crowley, G.I. Gurdjieff and Timothy Leary are among the twentieth century thinkers who employed the sleepwalker trope. Gurdjieff and Crowley were infected with the idea through their study of Sufism; and Leary through his study of Gurdjieff. Sufism sees ordinary consciousness as unconsciousness and the project of Sufism is to wake us up and keep us awake to “The Real”.

    “To know about real love,” Gurdjieff said, “one must forget all about love and must look for direction. {The Logos or Divine Purpose, Bhakti is a path.}” These notes are from a January 1924 meeting between Gurdjieff and some of his students, as recorded in C.S. Nott’s fascinating Teachings of Gurdjieff: A Pupil’s Journal:

    “As we are we cannot love. We love because something in ourselves combines with another’s emanations; this starts pleasant associations, perhaps because of chemico-physical emanations from instinctive centre, emotional centre, or intellectual centre; or it may be from influences of external form; or from feelings — I love you because you love me, or because you don’t love me; suggestions of others, sense of superiority; from pity; and for many other reasons, subjective and egoistic…We project our feelings on others. Anger begets anger. We receive what we give. Everything attracts or repels.”"

    "Corey Donovan: As I weave my way through the writings of Gurdjieff and those who knew him, I am constantly finding thoughtful explanations like this that make me feel that, in Castaneda's writings, either don Juan (if such a person existed) or Castaneda himself may have been a purveyor of "Gurdjieff lite." Another factor in Castaneda's failure until close to the end to talk of his own sex life in a public setting (and then, to the Sunday group, only obliquely) was the basic prudishness with which young men of his social class were raised in the Latin America of the 20's and 30's. It was this same inhibition, in my view, that made him so appalled by men who dressed in shorts, or women who wore "revealing" outfits."
    "---Writes Kenneth Cavandar in his essay on Gurdjieff: “Even his towering rages seemed to be deliberate act, from which he himself stood a little apart, watching to see what effect they would have on their audience.” In one of the rare moments when he was taken to task for verbally abusing a disciple, and why he bothered with such people if he was to repudiate them so thoroughly later, he is said to have replied, “I needed rats for my experiments.” He had a thirst for money, demanding cash payment for even minor services, and his liaisons with female followers left a number of illegitimate children; eight, according to one account. Not an especially likable character, from the sounds of it, but in his travels from Moscow to Paris to Istanbul, the bald man with the piercing gaze was never short of worshipful follower (whom he classified into 21 categories of “idiots”). ----"

    In a book not really available (There are two on Amazon for $999.11) called The Sacred and the Profane I find what I suspect I had read in Morning of the Magicians a long time ago. If not in that book it would have been in one of Gurdjieff's books such as Meetings with Remarkable Men. Gurdjieff did meet Rasputin after he had worked out a Russo-Tibet treaty with the Czar who failed to step in when the British invaded Tibet and Gurdjieff had failed to convert the Czar to Buddhism. I would not say the Dalai Lama brand of religion is simple Buddhism, and it is more similar to what Gurdjieff wrote about having met in the mountains. Much more like what he taught in his schools of dance to discipline and soul. I think a reading of Milarepa will give you more of why I say this, it is ancient and occult. You can try to get information on the Tulkus here, but I have not posted a great deal on it.
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