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Thread: The Bavarian Illuminati

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    The Bavarian Illuminati

    The Illuminati have a long history under various names. They include people with great occult knowledge and they often include those who can wield power or seek it, from great families. If you think they are new and that order is something unnecessary you probably will prefer a religion that lies to you - or you have actually already given yourself to one of the tools used to maintain order for at least three millennia. This thread will stick close to the Bavarian Illuminati and the effects from those it influenced, or influenced it.

    "As Weishaupt lived under the tyranny of a despot and priests, he knew that caution was necessary even in spreading information, and the principles of pure morality. This has given an air of mystery to his views, was the foundation of his banishment.... If Weishaupt had written here, where no secrecy is necessary in our endeavors to render men wise and virtuous, he would not have thought of any secret machinery for that purpose."
    - Thomas Jefferson Letters, 1800

    Jefferson also called Weishaupt a philanthropist and I would say Jefferson was Illuminized if not a full-fledged member of the Bavarian Illuminati. He also owed a fortune to the Rothschilds. You may know Weishaupt's father wanted him to become a Rabbi.

    Over many years I have found the British Columbia and Yukon Masonry site to provide good research and plenty of truthful presentations. Here is what they say about the main detractors and fictional authorship by Abbe Barruel and John Robison.

    "Neither Robison nor Barruel deny that the professed goal of the Order was to teach people to be happy by making them good — to do this by enlightening the mind and freeing it from the dominion of superstition and prejudice. But they refused to accept this at face value. Where Weishaupt and Knigge promoted a freedom from church domination over philosophy and science, Robison and Barruel saw a call for the destruction of the church. Where Weishaupt and Knigge wanted a release from the excesses of state oppression, Robison and Barruel saw the destruction of the state. Where Weishaupt and Knigge wanted to educate women and treat them as intellectual equals, Robison and Barruel saw the destruction of the natural and proper order of society."

    We all must know that the Catholic Church has used fear of demons and so-called sin to make a great deal of their power. In the words of the deservedly respected historians Will and Ariel Durant we visit with the technocrats of the Jesuit Order who John Ralston Saul holds up as the forerunners of the lobbyists and other courtesans of this present enlightened age. The quotation from Rousseau and Revolution does not elucidate the agreement Charles of Spain made before giving the Jesuits he expelled from Spain a small stipend. That agreement called for silence on the matters relating to their attempts to inform the people of his true nature. But during this silent period I suggest there were some Jesuits like Adam Weishaupt who decided enough was enough. It is this moment in history that we find a significant change in the world took place. America was created in the same year the Illuminati were re-organized by Goethe and St. Germain alongside the Rothschilds being created. Russia celebrates the founding day of these Illuminati in their May Day celebration.

    Various accounts say they intended to have him killed and the truth may never be known because the rest of the Catholic world allowed these hundreds of good Catholics to nearly die on a boat going from port to port seeking refuge. The Jesuits so expelled lived a miserable existence on a meager pension but kept their mouths shut because if even one talked all would lose their pension. In short there really is no mystery here at all - but it does dovetail with the possibilities of why we are seldom allowed to hear what really went on in the annals of what we improperly call history.


    The power of the Catholic Church rested on the natural super-naturalism of mankind, the recognition and sublimation of sensual impulses and pagan survivals, the encouragement of Catholic fertility {Read baby-factories and 'barefoot in the kitchen' .}, and the inculcation of a theology rich in poetry and hope, and useful to moral discipline and social order. In Italy the Church was also the main source of national income, and a valued check upon a people especially superstitious, pagan, and passionate. Superstitions abounded; as late as 1787 witches were burned at Palermo--and refreshments were served to fashionable ladies witnessing the scene. (2) Pagan beliefs, customs, and ceremonies survived with the genial sanction of the Church. 'I have arrived at a vivid conviction,' wrote Goethe, 'that all traces of original Christianity are extinct here' in Rome. (3) There were, however, many real Christians left in Christendom, even in Italy. Conte Caissotti di Chiusano, bishop of Asti, gave up his rich inheritance, lived in voluntary poverty, and traveled only on foot. Bishop Testa of Monreale slept on straw, ate only enough to subsist, kept only 3,000 lire of his revenues for his personal needs, and devoted the remainder to public works and the poor. (4)

    The Church responded in some measure to the Enlightenment. The works of Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Helvétius, d'Holbach, La Mettrie, and other freethinkers were of course placed on the Index Expurgatorius, but permission to read them might be obtained from the pope. {This is a perfect example of what we said about practicing one thing while excluding others access to what works. The pope also became promoted as a source of the right to learn. Is this like the situation we have in public education before reaching university?} Monsignor Ventimiglio, bishop (1757-73) of Catania, had in his library full editions of Voltaire, Helvetius, and Rousseau. The Inquisition was abolished in Tuscany and Parma in 1769, in Sicily in 1782, in Rome in 1809. {Witches were still outlawed no doubt. It took until 1951 to rescind the laws against being a witch in England. There are movements afoot to re-institute blasphemy laws.} In 1783 a Catholic priest, Tamburini, under the name of his friend Trauttmansdorff, published an essay On Ecclesiastical and Civil Toleration, in which he condemned the Inquisition, declared all coercion of conscience to be un-Christian, and advocated toleration of all theologies except atheism. (5)

    It was the misfortune of the popes, in this second half of the eighteenth century, that they had to face the demand of Catholic monarchs for the total dissolution of the Society of Jesus. The movement against the Jesuits was part of a contest of power between the triumphant nationalism of the modern state and the internationalism of a papacy weakened by the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the rise of the business class. The Catholic enemies of the Society did not openly press their chief objection, that it had persistently upheld the authority of the popes as superior to that of kings, but they were keenly resentful that an organization acknowledging no superior except its general and the pope should in effect constitute, within each state, an agent of foreign power. They acknowledged the learning and piety of the Jesuits, {Were they jealous of their 'brothers' who actually knew more?} their contributions to science, literature, philosophy, and art, their sedulous and efficient education of Catholic youth, their heroism on foreign missions, their recapture of so much territory once lost to Protestantism. But they charged that the Society had repeatedly interfered in secular affairs, that it had engaged in commerce to reap material gains, that it had inculcated casuistic principles excusing immorality and crime, condoning even the murder of kings, that it had allowed heathen customs and beliefs to survive among its supposed converts in Asia, and that it had offended other religious orders, and many of the secular clergy, by its sharpness in controversy and its contemptuous tone. The ambassadors of the Kings of Portugal, Spain, Naples, and France insisted that the papal charter of the Society be revoked, and that the organization be officially and universally dissolved.

    The expulsion of the Jesuits from Portugal in 1759, from France in 1764-67, from Spain and Naples in 1767, had left the Society still operative in Central and North Italy, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in Catholic Germany, Silesia, and Poland. On February 7, 1768, they were expelled from the Bourbon duchy of Parma, and were added to the congestion of Jesuit refugees in the states of the Church. Pope Clement XIII protested that Parma was a papal fief; he threatened Duke Ferdinand VI and his ministers with excommunication of the edict of expulsion should be enforced {But Hitler, or should I say Schicklgruber/Rothschild, was never excommunicated and probably not even threatened. Why?!}; when they persisted he launched a bull declaring the rank and title of the Duke forfeited and annulled. The Catholic governments of Spain, Naples, and France opened war upon the papacy: Tanucci seized the papal cities of Benevento and Pontecorvo, and France occupied Avignon. On December 10 1768, the French ambassador at Rome, in the name of France, Naples, and Spain, presented to the Pope a demand for the retraction of the bull against Parma, and for the abolition of the Society of Jesus. The seventy-six-year-old pontiff collapsed under the strain of this ultimatum. He summoned for February 3, 1769, a consistory of prelates and envoys to consider the matter. On February 2 he fell dead through the bursting of a blood vessel in his brain."
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    The reformation of the Jesuits as the Bavarian Illuminati for the time the Jesuits were outlawed is accompanied by a higher form of Illuminized people with the same name in another language who founded the Jesuits when they were the de Medicis Popes or still in very influential positions inside the Church and making the Royal family plans as Catherine de Medicis (The King Maker) was wont to do. That name is Alumbrados. She also protected Michel de Notredame and his book against heresy and the like. This same family had an Italian scholar re-write the Corpus Hermeticum and put their clan name upon it - De Brix. I see St. Germain de Medicis as a major Illuminati above the Bavarian one but I also see him in league with Goethe and William of Hesse as he founded a new family to carry on the Benjaminite monopoly and Templar spy network. Of course there are layers of adepthoods in every secret organization. St. Germain is not an immortal despite Voltaire saying he never saw him age a day in the fifty years he was his close friend. But there is another way to pass on your self or soul if you are an ascended master or if you know certain rituals that even higher Masonic types know. In eastern and other disciplines you read or hear about spiritual fire consuming a full person as they ascend, and that is probably the highest level of human potential which only a very few ever achieve.

    Cardinal Biffi of Bologna thinks there is an anti-Christ among us today who is a philanthropist of great wealth. This 'anti-Christ' supports ecological, animal - and women's right while destroying the tenets of Catholicism. Biffi was a leading contender to take John Paul II's place from the conservative faction of this supranational elite. Apparently this anti-Christ is well versed in the Bible and maybe even a better Christian than Biffi, as I see it. That same kind of thinking was almost the cause of Teilhard de Chardin being ex-communicated and railed against to this day in the Catholic Encyclopedia. Vatican ll and Pope Francis of the present are more open to a decent perception of what Teilhard wrote and which is the egis and essence of much New Age thought borrowed from very ancient Gaian thought. You have heard "We are spiritual beings having a brief illusory physical experience."


    Even if the French Masons in toto do not believe in a soul they do share many rituals and scientific insights with others about it. I do not believe in re-incarnation of my small self or ego, for example, but I think there is a collective energy and consciousness. You will find this in the Omega Point of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin and in the following quote attributed to Pythagoras. Many Masons call themselves Pythagoreans.

    "The experience of life in a finite, limited body is specifically for the purpose of discovering and manifesting supernatural existence within the finite."

    If as so many top adepts say - we are gods (John 10:34) and the following is true; it is possible for a person to re-engineer their own genes. But at what age and how? Can the antiaging therapy science make it happen more easily if they are working with a person who is able to center themselves and assist? The next few years promise major changes - will our political behemoth be able to enable all these changes in a positive manner - that is a BIG question. I believe St. Germain and others have influenced their genes and sexual prowess by any and all means. Weishaupt is said to have used Tantric magic and his magical name was Spartacus.

    "Even at this early stage in the study of human genes, research findings are beginning to reveal the scope of the issues that lie ahead. Long-held distinctions between the effects of genes (nature) and the environment (nurture) can be viewed in new ways. Both genetics and environmental factors may influence the same biological substrates; accumulating evidence suggests, for example, that the adverse impact of environmental stressors can be reversed by pharmacological manipulations. Researchers have discovered that learning gives rise to long-term memory, leading to changes in the expression of genes and structural alteration of the brain—in short, that the activity of genes themselves can be influenced by environmental factors."

    Of course what was occult is not so bad and science has demonstrated what is real enough that we should know it was only occult because of ignorance in the first place, and a lot of people had to hide what would cause them to be burned at the stake or worse. One thing associated with the last quote which science has not proven or even come to agreement upon is the soul. The French Masons have maintained it does not exist and there are debates in all lodges throughout the world about it or what is god. Masonry and it's lodges is not a business or nation with one leader or superstructure even though Anderson's Constitutions tried to bring it closer to having some core values. The constitution makes it clear they bought the idea of an Exodus and regarded the Israelites or Jews as a whole nation of Masons. In Who's Afraid of the Freemasons by A. Piatigorsky of late 20th Century note it was proposed this was true and yet presented as something people did not always agree about. Despite their collective claims to great secrets and historical knowledge they also have built their ideology upon some myths of science and religion. The Anderson family was still large and in charge of North American Masonry when their daughter wanted to marry me in 1981. I have told one story about the mother who was in charge of the women's auxiliary named The Emerald Society which would make the Adam's Family of TV and movie fame seem tame.

    In Crowley's Liber and in his life we have "Do what thou Wilt is the only law." He took it from the Hellfire club motto over their door and a saying from Rabelais. If you read the Constitutions you see a Duke Montagu and there was a Lord Montagu associated with Sir Francis Dashwood in the Hellfire Club. Like most occultists they often stop learning when they have power enough to abuse people.

    In truth it is actually only part of one of the three Magian Laws. This is why Hermes was Trismegistus (Thrice Great). Not that I think any person can do that in a lifetime of study. To know all three laws fully is something even a great alchemist like Jesus or Frater Albertus cannot achieve. But in the soulful continuum of Perdurabo - which Crowley said he was. It might happen once in a generation of humans - might!

    That law is different since Pandora's Box was opened at the start of the Atomic Age and atom-mysticism became a word applied to the likes of Bohr and maybe even Sir William Crookes. Notice I said 'opened' not discovered. The law was "Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent" or "Scrire, Potere, Audere, Tacere". I say (Following Fulcanelli) that the Tacere part no longer is operant, in our collective Magian aether or WHOLE.

    My key Law is "Right thought = Right ACTION". Each word can have different emphasis and provide different insight. It works in reverse and you get what you refer to as Karma and at a simpler level was The Law of Retribution in pre-Pauline Christendom. I do not just believe in karma or limit it by belief. The Mayans said 'Do not put your self in front of your SELF.' There are even more ways to play with words and the emphasis in this saying which amounts to the same thing as Right thought = RIGHT action. A saying attributed to Jesus (a title, not the translation of Yeshua) is 'He who IS, least selfish, is MOST selfish.' You can also enjoy SEEing what Shak-his-speare meant in 'To be, or NOT to be.'
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    Getting back to Crowley and his claim to being Perdurabo, the soul continuance of many adepts you would probably regard as magicians rather than avatars or great sages. These souls are said to include, Edward Kelley, Cagliostro, Eliphas Levi and maybe even a member of the US founding or secret steering group known as The Rosicrucian Council of Three. That person would be Paschal Beverly Randolph. The Randolph Royals include the first President of the United States (Not George Washington as all the media say) Peyton Randolph. I am told this Council of Three is no more - and that is an opinion about words I do not share. Mere words for labels do not mean the same steering committee does not exist. The so-called (not true though) New World Order was created by a Council of Three including St. Germain. That group of three was higher than the Rosicrucian Council of Three when the Enlightenment Experiment was carried out in the Revolutions they managed in France and America. I have written about four books which it takes to cover this one paragraph. The US Council of Three was Thomas Paine, George Clymer and Ben Franklin. Later it included Abraham Lincoln when Paschal Beverly Randolph was in it.

    Perdurabo means a soul in perpetuity. I am inclined to believe there is a collective soul which has many lesser souls with no true recollection of prior lives in that conscious state we call being alive. I am (again for example) not fully aware of prior incarnations although psychics have often told me I am an old soul and I do get things by 'tapping in' and through Bibliomancy etc.. Seth Speaks was a watershed book for me, and since I read it forty years ago I have learned nothing in it was likely 'channelled'. So do I believe Crowley actually knew his soulful continuum while alive? In his meeting with Gurdjieff written about by more than one person - I say we find Crowley is a loser. In his life I say he was a loser. In his life the normal idea of karma does apply - but in his soul, is that true? Did he experience all his soul wanted to grok (Fully know, from Stranger in a Strange Land)? I say he may indeed be Perdurabo, just as the mother of my lady Anderson might have achieved if her other daughter had not killed her in an attempt to take her soul into the body of her daughter as she approached death from natural causes. Do they use the energy of the average members in their rituals? I think they use all etheric energy whenever they do rituals of any kind, including sending images into the Aether which become memes or archetypes.

    The mention of Cagliostro takes us deeper into the web which Robert Anton Wilson has written about while acknowledging he does not know all there is to know, despite having been a high Ordo Templis or Crowleyan OTO Thelemic. Of course he may know more than I do about rituals because I have seldom participated in these material games.


    There are numerous Masonic types who deny any connection to the Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion or other '99' groups such as the Copperheads or Knights of the Golden Circle. They might also deny they are mere and simple minions or feeder groups to Rosicrucians and other secret societies which also have many names and people into power or money, such as you find in AMORC or Blavatsky based groups. Bulwer-Lytton and his Vril Society as well as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with it's inner sanctum Rothschilds is part of a larger picture. The Thule Society which heralded Hitler as a new Messiah before he became so all important is part of it. When circumstances cause a group to change it's name or disappear it does not mean the people discontinue their interests. Napoleon was handled and made into what he became with the assistance of General Marbouef (search for Chandler's work on him, Chandler is a top scholar from Sandhurst) and others. After Napoleon we had Prince Metternich and a Russian Czar trying to promote a unified Europe which Hitler wrote was his assignment to help make reality. It may finally have come to pass with the recent Treaty of Lisbon bringing down the borders in Europe to a large extent. You can decide the level of involvement Cagliostro (Perdurabo) had in any of these matters after reading the following and doing some further research. I will quote an important part of what is said.

    "Appendix W: Cagliostro & The Illuminati [page 355 et seq. of Illuminati Manifesto of World Revolution] - here is the text without the footnotes which are found in the book.

    [355] In 1789 Cagliostro was in Rome. He was spreading his Egyptian Freemasonry, as he had done previously in France in the early 1780s. This prompted the Roman police at the request of the Inquisition to arrest him in December. [356] He was interviewed, and various questions posed. In response, Cagliostro wrote out his answers. He was appointed legal counsel who represented him. All the legal papers from this Roman police investigation were later reviewed by serious scholars. They concluded the Roman police followed all normal procedures, and thus Cagliostro was afforded all the appropriate rights of a civilian prisoner.

    In 1791, a Mr. Giovanni Barberi (1748-1821) wrote a book which summarized the testimony and the results of the police investigation. Barberi quoted extensively from the police interviews with Cagliostro. Barberi’s book was first published in 1791 in Italian, French, Spanish, German and (without authorization) in English. Its original Italian title was Compendio della Vita. In English, this means Summary of a Life. It will be referred to here as the Compendio. A copy can now be downloaded from of either the Italian or unauthorized English version. The English version confesses in the Preface that this is a translation by friends of Cagliostro. It is identical to the Italian Compendio except the English translation fails to translate and include the two references to the Illuminati present in the Italian Compendio.

    Objective Tone To Compendio

    The Compendio in Italian maintains a dispassionate neutrality. As one reviewer — the famous author Charles Dickens — similarly noted in his review of the French 1791 edition, it is “a matter of fact little volume” extracted from 1790 “proceedings instigated at Rome” and published by the “Apostolic Chamber.” Charles Dickens adds that the Compendio “has every appearance of a genuine work more or less extracted from the evidence brought forth at the trial.” [357]

    The Key Passages About The Illuminati

    There are two very brief passages filling perhaps two pages of text that mention the Illuminati in any significant degree. Barberi, the author, appears to not be aware this is the Bavarian Illuminati. He draws no linkage to Weishaupt’s group. It appears clear he thinks the Illuminati are simply either a higher level within the Strict Observance or a vague group going by that name.

    In these two passages, Cagliostro describes his first introduction to a Strict Observance lodge in Germany and then his initiation at Frankfurt into a high level of the Illuminati. After a first introduction to the Illuminati through Jiminez, Cagliostro is contacted again when he moves to [358] Frankfurt-am-Main for two days. There he encountered Jiminez again. Jiminez then said Cagliostro was ready for further initiation. Cagliostro’s account of this initiation was:

    I met with two men, whom I cannot reveal,... but they were chiefs of the Illuminati.... They invited me to a café. They then took me alone in a carriage three miles outside the city. We then transferred to a garden where I saw a man-made cave. With the help of a lit torch, we descended together underground about fourteen or fifteen steps, then entering a round room. In the middle was a table, upon which I saw a metal chest, that contained a quantity of writing, among which...was a manuscript... upon which was written, “We Grand Masters of the Templars,” followed by oaths and expressions that were [meant to] horrify, but which I could not recall, and it contained obligations to destroy despotic sovereigns. This formula was written in blood, and it had eleven signatures, among which my guide said he was the first. I cannot remember the names of all the men who signed but I will call them N. N. N. N. N. N. N. N. These signatures signified the names of the Grand Masters of the Illuminati; but in reality my guide did not make me, nor did I know, how it [this order] came to exist. At that point, they asked me to read from this book, which was written in French, and a little later, I read in a certain part, of which I strongly assured myself, that the determined blow of this society was directed primarily at France, and following that they would make the next blow in Italy, in particular at Rome, which Mr. Jiminez [whom he met in the first [359] contact] had been named to be the leader over [that territory], that they had an intrigue, and the Society had a great deal of money dispersed in various banks in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Geneva, and Venice, and they told me that they would pay me each year one hundred eight thousand... and they had money available for those who stir up a movement against despotic sovereigns. They also revealed that their lodges in America and Europe were up as high as 20,000, and that each year on the day of St. John they each were obligated to send to the Treasury of the Sect 25 Gold Louis. Finally, they offered me money, telling me also that they were ready to give me their blood [that is, die for him as brothers]; and I received 600 [Gold] Louis happily. We then returned together to Frankfurt, where the next day I left with my wife for Strasbourg."
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    Continuing from the above.

    "In 1848, Louis Blanc, a French revolutionary and historian of socialist principles, relied upon this passage to identify the Illuminati of Bavaria as important players in the planning of the French Revolution: “He was at Frankfort on the Main, when the deputies of the Illuminati met him and determined to secure him...The first blows were to reach France....He learned from the mouth of his initiators that the secret society, of which he was now a part, had strong roots....He himself received a large sum destined for the expenses of propaganda...and went to Strasbourg.”

    [360] It bears mentioning that immediately after this passage in the Compendio, Barberi never again draws any importance from the mention of the Illuminati. He goes on to talk about Cagliostro’s trip to Strasbourg, France (September 1780). He never discusses the Illuminati again. Even later, when Cagliostro says that he met Jiminez again in 1786 outside Paris and was interviewed by Jiminez about preparations ongoing in France by the societies, Barberi does not remind his reader that Jiminez was previously identified by Cagliostro as an Illuminati leader in 1780. Barberi does not appear to understand the significance that an Illuminatus such as Jiminez was near Paris in 1786 consulting with Cagliostro. Barberi simply relates that later event as follows:

    When Cagliostro was freed from Prison after the Affair of the Necklace [1786], he went to the Village of Passy where among many other visitors he received was Thomas Jimenez and another Grand Master. “They asked me various questions about the affairs of France, and the circumstances of my suffering at Paris, and they told me that as the leading Masons of the Strict Observance they were managing to set up the revenge of the Templars, directed and aimed principally against France and Italy, in particular against Rome.” In the same village, he then celebrated in a lodge of their rite, . . . and thirteen days later, he left for Bologna.

    Barberi deduces nothing more about this event. He moves on to the next scene. Of interest also, Barberi appears to suggest that this was simply the Strict Observance and [361] Templars who were involved. The Illuminati connection is missed by Barberi because he could not see these implications from Cagliostro’s testimony.

    Hence, we have highly significant quotes from Cagliostro about his Illuminati recruiters in 1780 telling him at a Strict Observance lodge of their plan to strike a blow against France. The same people in 1786 came to Paris and reminded him that their plan was almost ready to be launched against France.

    Petraconne’s 1914 Scholarly Analysis of Compendio

    As to the reliability of the Compendio itself, Petraccone in 1914 summarized the scholarly analysis regarding the authenticity of the work. Petraconne pointed out that in 1881, one highly reputable scholar, Ademollo, mentioned in two articles that he had access to the police investigation papers on Cagliostro. They had been kept in a private home at Rome. Petraconne says that Ademollo was able “to fully confirm all the details of the Compendio, how the process proceeded, how [Cagliostro] was permitted to discuss his defenses [with his attorneys], and how the rights of the accused were protected.”

    Ademollo was a serious scholar of judicial operations at Rome at the turn of the prior century. Ademollo wrote a book detailing the Roman judicial system’s operations in 1674-1739 and 1796-1840, in a scholarly work entitled Le Giustizie a Roma, dal 1674 al 1739 e dal 1796 al 1840 (Rome: 1881)(available through Ademollo was also a scholar on the history of the Roman theatre.

    Then, later, Petraconne found more manuscripts and documents on the Cagliostro investigation at the Victor Emmanuel Library at Rome. Petraconne examined them and said they “confirm the content of the questions and answers of Cagliostro, . . . [and] show even how well-informed his attorneys were in assuming his defense and trying to get his release.”

    Unless these serious scholars are all wrong, it appears that Barberi’s account remains as a credible account containing reliable information obtained by the Roman police in 1790.

    Goethe’s Investigation of Cagliostro’s Identity

    The Impact of Cagliostro on World History

    The Affair of the Necklace of 1786 was the single event that most contemporaries believed caused the revolution of 1789. At the heart of this was a forged purchase contract for a very expensive diamond necklace. The queen supposedly signed this contract. The signature duped Prince De Rohan to guarantee the purchase in January 1785. It also caused the jeweler to turn over the necklace to De Rohan. After the jeweler delivered the necklace, Cagliostro’s secre [363] tary, La Motte, said Cagliostro eventually cut it up. It was initially taken away by Villette. He was a member of the lodge Amis Réunis.

    How did the story break? Cagliostro’s secretary, La Motte, came forward and told the jeweler before anyone else knew that this was a swindle. Comte Beugnot, a neutral in this, was with La Motte when De Rohan was arrested. She told Beugnot: “It’s Cagliostro from start to finish.” Later, when La Motte was interviewed, she again implicated Cagliostro as the criminal behind this theft. During the trial, Cagliostro’s secretary, La Motte, further said Cagliostro must have forged the document and cut up the necklace in pieces. However, a critical event took place — the forged contract was stolen from the court file. Cagliostro at the same time denied he was a forger and claimed a high birth, and rich background.

    [364] Unfortunately, no one was able to determine Cagliostro’s true identity during the trial, or that he had a criminal background as a forger. As a result, Cagliostro escaped conviction. The reason no one could prove this is that the prosecution did not want to prove this. Unbeknownst to the king, the prosecutor he assigned — Baudard de Saint-James — was a leading member of Cagliostro’s lodge system as well as of the Amis Réunis:"

    It is hard to over-emphasize the contributions to the welfare of people in America and Europe due to the Enlightenment Experiment. Yes, some aboriginal issues did occur and plans for wars to end all wars resulted - but we are more able to challenge ourselves rather than having so much time spent on religious feudal inquisitions and worse. Of course, we are still waging this war against tyranny but Goethe is a source of light and reason as we see in this introduction to a book on him from a fair and unbiased (As much as possible) source.

    "Throughout his oeuvre Goethe invokes the writers and thinkers of the Enlightenment: Voltaire and Goldsmith, Sterne and Bayle, Beccaria and Franklin. And he does not merely reference them: their ideas make up the salt of his most acclaimed works. Like Hume before him, Goethe takes up the topic of suicide, but in a best-selling novel, Werther; the beating heart of Faust I is the fate of a woman who commits infanticide, a burning social issue of his age; in an article for a popular journal Goethe takes up the cause of Kant and Penn, who wrote treatises on how to establish peace in Europe. In another essay Goethe calls for reconciliation between Germans who had fought against each other in those same Wars, as well as for worldwide understanding between Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Heathens. Professor Kerry shows that Goethe is a child of the Enlightenment and an innovator of its legacy. To do so he discusses a chronological swath of Goethe's works, both popular and neglected, and shows how each of them engages Enlightenment concerns.

    Paul Kerry is associate professor in the Department of History and member of the European Studies faculty at Brigham Young University."


    So we see the French and American Enlightenment Experiment (then later Russian) Revolutions were planned and brought into reality by people associated with the Bavarian Illuminati. We are certain there was a lot of occult goings-on but we are not easily going to prove the extent of any of it in just a few books, including one on Napoleon which I have done along with many other books on all of this 'his-story.

    There is an unpublished autobiography of Tesla available for free on the web. It details how Tesla's father became a cleric after having been a military person. This father then tried to make Tesla into a cleric. I see the Bairdic and minstrel training was part of what young Tesla was required to do by his father. The brain is now proven to have about 350,000 connections and many of them atrophy if not properly used or activated early in life. His father was a great spiritual orator and may even have spoken tongues because he often seemed to have a room full of participants according to Tesla as he recalled his father talking to himself. Rhetoric, mime and performance arts as well as languages were central to early education for Kelts in the Bairdic Tradition. There are those today who say Tesla got his knowledge from a book found at Glastonbury in the eleventh century that had only two surviving copies before the First World War. They call this book The Kolbrin but I know it relates to Druidic knowledge that was Christianized or Romanized from the Coelbren. (1) It is possible that Napoleon had this book due to his Hibernian or Merovingian connections and that Tesla's grandfather received it from Napoleon. The reverse is also possible.
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    I suspect that Napoleon would have sought out the officer (Tesla's grandfather) in his army who would have demonstrated this knowledge system which Tesla's father indoctrinated his children into. Napoleon himself claimed a Tuscan noble lineage that was unprovable and might have been unprovable due to the Cathar Crusade they supported. David Chandler is a noted military historian from Sandhurst who says he thinks General Marbouef was actually Napoleon's father but that alone does not explain his efforts or interests in Napoleon. We know Napoleon was an ardent admirer of Alexander and they both had 'direct cognition' events in the Great Pyramid. I guess you would have to read a lot of my other books to see what I am saying about this Magian direct cognition of the Bairds or Druids and a thousand other groups and religions or cults. I think this is one of the sources of Tesla's great ability to see machinery from a near futuristic 'viewing'.

    "Although I must trace to my mother's influence whatever inventiveness I possess, the training he gave me must have been helpful. It comprised of all sorts of exercises, as guessing one another's thoughts, discovering the defects of some form of expression, repeating long sentences or performing mental calculations. These daily lessons were intended to strengthen memory and reason and especially to develop the critical sense, and undoubtedly were very beneficial." (2)

    In order to understand the Bavarian Illuminati and the impact of a potential soul-continuance like St. Germain and Cagliostro you might have to study alternative dimensions in modern quantum physics. It includes a cosmogony most ancient and even a doppelganger in an alternate or other universe, according to the Royal Astronomer of today, Sir Martin Rees, He is also warning humanity about an end to our existence or major de-population program. This kind of thinking includes Jacques Vallee as we will see. I think this relates to what Napoleon 'blanched' at when alone in the Great Pyramid of Iesa. Time is not fully linear as we tend to think it is.

    "As told by Frater Robert Anton Wilson; Holy Discordian, OTO Initiate and CAW Water Brother in his Outstanding Masterpiece of Speculative Illumination "Cosmic Trigger." Recalling Crowleymas (October 12) 1974, Brother Wilson hath eloquently stated:
    ...And then Jacques Vallee arrived.

    I had wanted to talk to Doctor Vallee for several months now and I immediately kidnapped him into a room which the other party- goers were not informed about. On the way, we spotted Hymenaeus Alpha (Grady McMurty), Caliph of the Ordo Templi Orientis, and his wife, Phylis.

    The Skeptic had heard Jacques Vallee talk at a conference on Science and Spirit, sponsored by the Theosophical Society, earlier in the year. He had taken a new approach to the UFO mystery and was systematically feeding all the reports of extraterrestrial contacts into a giant computer. The computer was programmed to look for various possible repeated patterns. Jacques said that the evidence emerging suggested to him that the UFOs weren't extraterrestrial at all, but that they seemed to be intelligent systems intent on convincing us they were extraterrestrial. [Indeed, even as our Dear Brother Terence McKenna hath said, "We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extraterrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us." -B:.B:.]

    Now the Skeptic started pumping Jacques about his evidence that they weren't extraterrestrial. He started to explain that, analyzing the reports chronologically, it appeared that They (whoever or whatever they are) always strive to give the impression that they are something the society they are visiting can understand. In medieval sightings, he said, they called themselves angels; in the great 1902 flap in several states, one of the craft spoke to a West Virginia farmer and said they were an airship invented and flown from Kansas; in 1940s-1950s sightings, they often said they were from Venus; since Venus has been examined and seems incapable of supporting life, they now say they are from another star-system in this galaxy.

    "Where do you think they come from?" I asked.

    Doctor Vallee gave the Gallic form of the classic scientific Not- Speculating-Beyond-The-Data head-shake. "I can theorize, and theorize, endlessly," he said, "but is it not better to just study the data more deeply and look for clues?"

    "You must have some personal hunch," I insisted.

    He gave in gracefully. "They relate to space-time in ways for which we have, at present, no concepts," he said. "They cannot explain to us because we are not ready to understand."

    I asked Grady McMurty if Aleister Crowley had ever said anything to him implying the extraterrestrial theory which Kenneth Grant, Outer Head of another Ordo Templi Orientis, implies in his accounts of Crowley's contacts with Higher Intelligences.

    "Some of the things Aleister said to me," Grady replied carefully, "could be interpreted as hints pointing that way." He went on to quote Crowley's aphorisms about various of the standard entities contacted by Magick. The Abramelin spirits, for instance, need to be watched carefully. "They bite," Aleister explained in his best deadpan am-I-kidding-or-not? style. The Enochian "angels," on the other hand, don't always have to be summoned. "When you're ready, they come for you," Aleister said flatly.

    (The Enochian entities were first contacted by Dr. John Dee in the early 17th Century. Dr. Dee, court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth and also an important mathematician, has been controversial from his own time to ours, some writers regarding him as a genius of the first rank and others as a clever lunatic. According to two interesting books, "The World Stage" and "The Rosicrucian Enlightenment," both by a most scrupulous historian, Dr. Francis Yates, Dee was almost certainly a prime mover in the "Illuminati" and "Rosicrucian Brotherhoods" of that time, which played a central role in the birth of modem science. The alleged UFOnaut from Uranus which communicated with the two Naval Intelligence officers gave a name, AFFA, which is a word in the "angelic" language used by the entities Dee contacted. It means Nothing. George Hunt Williamson also got some words in "angelic" from his Space Brothers, remember.)

    "The outstanding quality of UFO contactees," Jacques Vallee said at this point, "was incoherence. I now have grave reservations about all physical details they supply," he said."

    Dee was under the thrall of another in the Perdurabo continuum - Edward Kelley. All of these cults and serious students of reality are connecting with something, and although consciousness has a role in all matter and universe it is not easy for us to know how this connection can be explained to those who never experience it. I am so glad Vallee used computers to prove the UFO phenomena is largely hallucinatory or relegated to imagery and energy not of or never having a physical presence here on Earth.

    “No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
    -- Pythagoras

    The link following includes an embedded book by Manly Hall which is well worth reading. Much of the rest of the Occult politics segment is covered here already but it is pretty much everywhere on the web, already. I go far deeper. Yes, globalists have said what they want - and why. When will idiots tell us their agenda and plan?
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    It would not surprise me if Hitler and Cecil Rhodes were occultly handled or related in the same way Napoleon was. They all had demonic level dreams that caused their lives to change irrevocably. Certainly I show how Goethe influenced Thomas Carlyle who influenced Ruskin who created Rhodes. Hitler greatly respected Goethe and Rhodes and Carlyle has been branded as a Nazi for his work on the need for a Hero or beneficent dictator. The management of our nations and people since the days of the Aeneunati who met once a year in ships (like the Bilderbergs) off Troy is very Physiocratic and also very Hegelian as derived from neo-Platonic hierarchy. I see a connection of the leaders of the Priory of Sion called Nautonniers with those people off Troy and I have done a history in detail connecting them. Whether the Bavarian Illuminati created the Protocols of the Elders of Sion or not they have the ring of truth.

    Now - if I am right; why were the German leaders not allowed to talk about occult mind control and secret society involvement - at Nuremberg? I know we now know the Masonic hierarchy has elite Jews in it, and you should be aware the OSS Secret Wartime Report by Langer which was updated after the war, says he was a grandson of an elite Jew who left his family a legacy. I think I have shown the Jewish connection without that report or what Rhawn Joseph (another psychiatrist) has to say. But there is no such race as the Aryan bad scholarship said there was in words by Houston Stewart Chamberlain and Gunther. The elite white families have set up some poor Jews (Ashkenazi or Khazars) to take the fall for whatever results from their efforts. They make bastards like Hitler and Charles (the Hammer) Martel to form new regimes or Reichs and have various agendas in a longer term view than any of us will easily see (or SEE).

    I could also explain why the Allies offed a million Waffen SS in a more horrific manner without even housing them in a barracks. I could explain that the Allies attacks had made feeding the concentration camp people very difficult leading to millions of deaths. And of course, I could point to massive bombings on Dresden and Tokyo which were directed at non-combatants and innocents.

    But the real issue of injustice was to not allow a defense to be presented that would have opened the eyes of people throughout the whole world - which might have made people insist on no competition for German scientists who eventually created many horrors of technology now used against people in all those Allied nations. Search for Strughold/Green and Project Paperclip etc., and Gehlen as a start - there are many entries for them here. Then take the names you do not know about and search for them - here or elsewhere.

    Weber makes some excellent but obvious points in that video. He notes how our ally Russia was far worse and people commenting on the video wonder why Molotov was not hanged - hell Russia was killing all it's own soldiers if they did not move forward! Just like the Brits and French did in earlier wars. The class structure of these people was still in evidence when I was an officer in Canada in the late 60s. But he is not being fair. Lies are the first order of business in war as Sun Tsu wrote millennia ago. I do not know the full role my father played other than being one of the two best typists in the world. I think he may also have been a witness to his fellow North Nova Scotia Highlanders who were shot by Kurt Mayer (or is that Meyer - a very Jewish name). It was a big thing but after it happened (and probably before) American officers told their people to take no prisoners too. Clearly at that point the Germans could not afford the gas or food to take prisoners. Like most people who volunteered and went to the front and were there for years - he did not talk much about it. He did mention (almost crying) how his squad once confronted a Hitler Youth kid holding a gun on them and could not kill him, he was so young.

    Anyway - enough about real stuff. Listen to Weber telling us what JFK said about Hitler after seeing things first hand. You might learn why there are so many idiots who think Hitler deserves to be emulated, who deny he was an occult pawn or pawn of industrialists including Americans. You might even wonder what nonsense everything you will ever hear about these matters truly is.

    When Boris Yeltsin spoke about an experiment that 'they' wrought upon his Russian 'brethren' on June 1st, 1991; did anyone ask who THEY were? Here is what he said:

    "Our country has not been lucky. Indeed, it was decided to carry out this Marxist experiment on us -... Instead of some country in Africa, they began this experiment with us."
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    Richard Wagner's family (most directly Winnifred) influenced Adolph Hitler who built a rather complete cult of Wagner, Valkyries to Parsifal. Do those people care that the memes and icons they worship and know so little about are the cause of Nazism? I saw an interview with Ms. Wagner done long after the war was over and she appeared oblivious to it all.

    From the above:

    "The purpose of the Fascist formula, the ritual discipline, the uniforms, and the whole apparatus, which is at first sight irrational, is to allow mimetic behavior. The carefully thought out symbols (which are proper to every counterrevolutionary movement), the skulls and disguises, the barbaric drum beats, the monotonous repetition of words and gestures, are simply the organized imitation of magic practices. . . .
    --Horkheimer & Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment 184-85 [henceforth DE] "

    Watch for it - coming soon - a new religion called Asatru.

    Fluffy neo-druidic nonsense!

    So when you hear Richard Wagner was an ultra-Christian you must ask if it is real or not - just like George Bush II who says he 'gets instruction from a higher authority' as he intimates he talks to God like Hitler. The involvement of the CIA in the Vietnam era drug trade is no new thing even if the CIA or others had not been around just like the Bilderberg name was not around. The founders of Skull & Bones at Yale are the Russell family who included a British Prime Minister that started the Opium Wars. This is the same thing that was happening before Moses as they used potions with Peruvian cocaine to hook the leaders of Egypt as shown in forensic analysis of Egyptian mummies. The Onassis Merovingian family of Smyrna in a city near Miletus where the Perpetual Sailors (Aeneunati) met had probably been doing the same kind of thing with hallucinogenic potions including the native Blue Lotus even before the use of Peruvian cocaine. The Skull and Bones symbol of Himmler's special forces SS is a connection you should know.

    We know Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his front man William of Hesse were major backers of the founding of the Illuminati (just a renewal of the Alumbrados name which are the founders of the Jesuits) by the Bavarians like Adam Weishaupt in a time when the Jesuits had been outlawed. We know Goethe was part of this and that Richard Wagner supplied them with harmonic attunement symbology to add to the Grimm brother's tales of the ancient Teutonic (Thulean, Norse and Vaner) legends which built a powerful pride in the people. Goethe established the theatre which Wagner got his start in, they were both a major influence in the Nazi drama and cult creation. Until Himmler's warlock named Wiligut came along to explain an older Irminism or Atlantean First Reich dating back to 12,500 BCE it was fair to say Wagner's cult was the First Reich. Hitler describes how useful this occult order was in guiding the political agenda in many of his writings. Hitler is a Rothschild 'bastard' of the same genetic schooling which includes the use of mind-fogging demons or appearance of demons. We know Houston Stewart Chamberlain openly discussed his 'writing demon', but that was probably not the same thing, even though he married Eva Wagner.

    The level of codes including 137 (see Crowley and students or Isisian (see Fetch) are enthralling. But even those who are adept in them will each say the other does not understand. It is like Rabbis debating and claiming to be devil's advocates - irony that it is. I prefer facts like DNA, archaeology, technological history, modern uses thereof, and prophecies which are SUBSEQUENTLY proven. The site of Dolni Vestonici provides evidences of an even older First Reich combining secrets and white elites going back almost 30,000 years and making the first Excalibur possible. Most people have seen The Da Vinci Code or Parsifal and other Grail legends so I do not have to explain how much these memes or archetypes have influenced mankind.

    The use of Aryan semi-science to trace the First Reich to Atlantis had a lot of appeal among white people everywhere. Some of this was in the Thule beliefs and the SS or Thule Gessellschaft which Prince Bernhardt was part of and in which he says "we had a lot of fun during the war". It would not be so bad for some racist to say that kind of thing if it weren't for the fact that he became the head of the Bilderbergs with the aid of the OSS/CIA.
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    What do you think I would like to understand or what do I want you to understand? Let us try harder now to just focus upon the United States and try to keep what Jacobin or Jacobite (Martinist or Royal and Rothschild) intrigues were involved. I truly have difficulty distinguishing between Jacobin and Jacobite almost as much as I do between Jewish and elite Neo-cons including Churchill and his forbears. That is one reason I think we can keep it simpler in the US even though I know various major players were involved including Pierre August Belmont, the Rockefellers, Samuel Chase, J. P. Morgan, Jefferson Davis and other agents of the Rothschilds along with Merovingians like John Jacob Astor. I will try to forget what I know about Jean Lafitte an alchemist who funded the Communist Manifesto, but I must deal with various Ministers Plenipotentiary including the Physiocrat Pierre Dupont de Nemours. In short I will try to address the common superficial political element and ask you to ask questions about what is really going on or who benefits from the creation of anti-Masonic political parties; or the establishment of pork-barreling corruption as a political necessity or personal safety measure. The first question should be obvious - why do people continue to allow elite machinations to dupe them and take their kids for war or immoral ventures even worse. Can a nation exist if it truly has no religion to use to keep people in their place? Will people ever make a plan and insist on having transparency and the facts? The following quote from George Washington is a starting point.

    "It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am... The idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this Country had, as Societies, endeavoured to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first, or pernicious principles of the latter (if they are susceptible of separation). That Individuals of them may have done it, or that the founder, or instrument employed to found, the Democratic Societies in the United States, may have had these objects; and actually had a separation of the People from their Government in view, is too evident to be questioned." The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799. John C. Fitzpatrick, Editor. Mount Vernon, October 24, 1798

    The only "diabolical tenets" in Illuminism or Jesuit ideology I can find is the effort to free people from dogma and religions which demand adherence to insane propositions including the diminishment of women and the proselytizing credo that suggests there is only one true god. Well, actually I can see another diabolical tenet but given that this is the General of the forces waging war I will assume he does not accept what he was doing was either diabolical or at the direction of the Illuminati. Of course, he could be unaware of why he did what he did or how he came to be in that position. "Pernicious principles" attributable to Jacobins might be Royal intrigues to maintain the status quo, Manifest Destiny and/or the Divine Rights of Kings and elites in religions and palaces. The Treaty of Westphalia had already set the stage for them to continue so I do not think we need to worry as much about the that matter simply because I think he knew he could not change those things.

    That takes us to his comments about Free Masons (He was one) and "Democratic Societies" in the US. Free Masons are hierarchal and meritocratic so those are not the 'societies' he was focused upon. Was he talking about the independent States inside the United States? Corporate entities had hardly even started to become immortal or international beyond the big money people in Europe seeking new and fresh meat in the New World where I say there had always been intrigues and people from the Old World but now there was a vacuum created by the genocidal de-population practiced upon the people of an American Paradise. If we were talking about any number of quotes from Jefferson it would be much more difficult to focus our attentions or overlook things I have mentioned in passing. Jefferson was Illuminized, Enlightened and a scientist as well as a humanist and much more. He had some sexual issues and racial aspects therewith - see Sally Hemmings and check into the father of Frederick Douglass. Washington had his own issues in these matters as anyone driving around Virginia can see and hear about - with signs reading 'George Washington slept here'. Ben Franklin put them both to shame in terms of being a great 'swordsman'.

    Due to the fact that Washington was made a Master Mason a year after joining and he became Grand Master of his lodge some four decades before the above quote was written we can truly forget whatever privilege the American Masons had and why he lied about there being no connections to Masonry in Europe. The anti-Masonic Party and subsequent Whig Party is an after effect of what is going on at this time. Washington had turned down the offer to be the monarch of his new country, and like many others was very much part of a Royal lineage. The fictions about freedom from taxation just hide the issue of what was truly scary to slave owners like most of his supporters. The slaves were free in Europe and it was a greater and more real freedom than the share-cropping Jim Crow type of freedom blacks in the US later received. Let us quote a good Christian site asking a similar question. But first let me just quote one thing about corruption and why Ministers Plenipotentiary who made deals such as the Louisiana Purchase are not given much ink in books. Because there is so much corruption and arbitrage it would surprise even the most jaundiced person you know.

    "Americans also displayed a particular talent for counterfeiting currency. This was a time when individual banks, not the federal government, supplied the nation's paper money in a bewildering variety of so-called "bank notes." Counterfeiters flourished to the point that in 1862 one British writer, after counting close to 6,000 different species of counterfeit or fraudulent bills in circulation, could reasonably assure his readers that "in America, counterfeiting has long been practiced on a scale which to many will appear incredible.""

    "The evidence of George Washington's Masonic affiliation has been most troublesome for multitudes of Christians who have been influenced by the writings of Peter Marshall, D. James Kennedy, David Barton and others. For this reason, we are compelled to post the prima facie evidence of this matter.

    The Library of Congress contains the George Washington Papers, which may be viewed online. A search inquiry yielded archives which contain actual photographs of original documents either written to or by Washington. The reader may view these documents in their original form. We have also transcribed certain of these letters which demonstrate, not only Washington's close ties to Freemasonry, but his position as Grand Master of the Alexandria Lodge No. 22 of Virginia.

    Although Washington's correspondence with the Masonic Lodges is replete with Masonic references to the Great Architect of the Universe, his response to a Christian clergyman conspicuously avoids mention of Jesus Christ or acknowledgement of personal Christian faith. Washington also defended American Freemasonry and denied that American Masonic societies were connected to English Freemasonry or contaminated with the subversive principles of the Illuminati. The final exchange of letters reveals the mutual admiration between Washington and the Swedenborgian New Church of Baltimore."

    The mention of Swedenborg makes me wonder how Illuminized George might have been, it sets my mind off on many tangents relating to Thomas Paine and the Hibernians. We are onto something far deeper than any author on the subject appears to have addressed. It is a direct connection with what was written in Thomas Paine's posthumous book saying "Freemasonry is derived from the Sun Worship of Druids". It includes a very definite Illumination approach and code almost greater than Adam Weishaupt who came later. But I cannot say when George knew about him, if it was Jefferson I would be certain he knew, and because Jefferson was welcome in all Lodges even though he was not a Mason (He was higher up), it is possible George knew more than I can prove.
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    "From the Huffington Post. A taste:
    Swedenborg's scientific and engineering achievements make him a kind of "Swedish Da Vinci," but his remarkably prolific life didn't end there. Having sought the "seat of the soul" in the brain's mysterious pineal gland -- a humble organ whose precise function still eludes us -- Swedenborg plunged into a study of the occult sciences. Through the Kabbala, meditation, and a system of erotic exercises, Swedenborg trained himself to enter extended periods of altered consciousness. One result of this is his fascinating Dream Diary, whose analysis of dream symbolism predates Freud and Jung by more than a century. Another was his intimacy with the hypnagogic state, a "half-dream" realm we enter in between sleeping and waking. It was while hovering in this twilit consciousness that Swedenborg had an experience that changed his life. On April 6, 1744, while living in London, Swedenborg was visited by Christ. He had reached a dead end in his scientific work, and Christ told him to abandon it and take on an even greater task: that of discovering the true meaning of scripture. Swedenborg developed a method of reading the Bible symbolically that would have an impact on western consciousness far beyond theology. He developed the notion of "correspondences," the idea that the things of the physical world have a direct link with the spiritual one. Through Baudelaire, Swedenborg's "correspondences" would lead to Symbolism, arguably the most important cultural movement of the 19th century.

    It's an interesting article, though a bit strange. Mormonism didn't exist during the American Founding, but this did. And from what I've seen, Swedenborgianism was welcomed at the table of America's Founding political theology with open arms."

    A man named Phil Johnson makes a very cogent response to the above on the site. He says: "This snapshot of Swedenborg you give makes great sense to me.
    The practice of objectification. Most religionists are unable to enter such fields let alone to work them. It is to the credit of our Founders that they were able to dig and delve therein."

    Thomas Paine is credited by Thomas Jefferson for the words and thoughts in the Declaration of Independence, there also was an earlier Declaration in Mecklenburg, N. C.. I will tell you that Jefferson and Paine are alchemists and at the highest level of esoteric pursuits made in Rosicrucianity including the Societas Rosicrucianus en Anglia founded by my ancestor. Some people will tell you Sir Francis Bacon (he of the coding of the KJV Bible) created the Rosicrucians and others know it is a very ancient society going back to groups like The Great White Brotherhood of Master Craftsmen. The men who studied these things can be called any number of names but the teaching of their thoughts in Ireland and Scotland leads authors like David Ovason to call them Hibernians - and I agree. They include William Blake and thus the thought of Emmanuel Swedenborg, Goethe, Thomas Carlyle and many others I say are Illuminati or Enlightened. When you see them writing new Bibles like the Jefferson Bible you should not put them in the camp of some dogmatic Empire building and crusading deviates. Their image of Jesus is one of Light and knowledge which they know is 'within' (see John 10:34).

    The excerpts I have chosen show the extent to which the church was running politics and also the extent to which the church feared real spirituality represented by William Blake and other revolutionaries like Paine. The central figure in the particular writing may be Theosophy as it relates to Emmanuel Swedenborg and Masons - but the root of these insights and the heresy trials are all a factor. It shows why there still were Inquisitorial trials in Spain at this time. It shows why Blasphemy Laws in England still existed when I was born and still exist in some places in 2015.

    "In the late 1780s and early 1790s, when Blake sought out Swedenborg and other mystical and occult sources, he was also a radical in politics. Most noticeably, he wrote a eulogy to The French Revolution (1791), which was originally planned in seven books, and celebrated the liberation of the thirteen colonies in America: A Prophecy (1793). Traditionally, scholarship has separated Blake’s interest in occultism from his political radicalism. One branch of Blake studies (originating with another great poet of the occult, W.B. Yeats, and reaching its apex in Kathleen Raine), sees Blake primarily as a researcher of mystical sources; whereas a line fathered by David Erdman glosses over the mystical influences in order to draw a picture of a political Blake, whose writings reflect directly on contemporary events in a straightforward manner. However, studies by E.P. Thompson, et. al. have encouraged us to bring these two lines together. [4] The essay at hand proceeds from the historical precepts brought to light by these scholars and aims to show that the rationalistic ideologies of Voltaire or Thomas Paine were not alone in fuelling radical or revolutionary programmes. What I intend below is a historical investigation of how the reception of how Swedenborg’s esoteric teaching was absorbed into the socio-cultural matrix of the late eighteenth century to become a platform for opposition politics. This, in turn, will give us cause to re-evaluate the motivation behind the “radical” Blake’s affiliation with the Swedenborgians in the New Jerusalem Church.

    .... In Divine Love and Divine Wisdom (1788), which Blake owned and annotated, Swedenborg elucidates at length how the Divine in the natural universe has been obscured by the churches. He complains how “all the Things of Religion, which are called Spiritual, have been removed out of the Sight of Man,” by “Councils and certain Leaders in the Church.” They have mislead Christians to “blindly” believe that being born to a “natural” world, they cannot perceive anything “separate from what is natural.” To preserve their worldly privileges, these religious tyrants have conned their subjects into believing that the “spiritual” world “transcend[s] the Understanding.” They deceive man with the explanation that “the spiritual Principle to be like a Bird which flieth above the Air in the Æther where the Eye-sight doth not reach”; but, Swedenborg counterattacks, the spiritual principle of the world (“By the Sight of the Eye is meant the Sight of the Understanding”) is visible to those who break the mental restrains superimposed by the churches. The spiritual world is “like a Bird of Paradise, which flieth near the Eye, and toucheth it’s Pupil with it’s beautiful Wings, and wisheth to be seen.” [14]
    .....a reviewer in the Monthly Review of May 1787 assessed Swedenborg’s doctrines for their appeal to radical thinking:

    'They are the harmless ravings of a spiritual, but disordered fancy … the Baron’s writing will neither create a schism in the church, nor a rebellion in the state … for Swedenborg knew nothing of that dark and dangerous fanaticism which under the specious pretence of a spiritual commonwealth, endeavoured to sap the foundations of all lawful government … Let men enjoy their influxes: let them converse with their angels … If they suffer us to sleep in peace, let them dream on. (435)'

    We see here how the memory of the constitutional havoc wrought by sectarianism in the previous century haunted the public imagination of a politically unstable age. The conclusion reached by the reviewer is however comforting. In comparison with the fanatical religious sectarians who gave their support to Cromwell’s Commonwealth, Swedenborg’s writing is acquitted. It does not constitute any real danger; Swedenborg is seen as too eccentric.... Yet the need to assess Swedenborgianism for its potential threat to monarchy and the Government is an indication that the early members were those who were believed to be likely to be taken in by democratic ideologies.

    After the Revolution in France had struck fear into the hearts of English conservatives, evaluations of Swedenborgianism were not always so favourable. In the debate over the dissenters’ campaign for repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts, some Anglicans feared that amendment of the current laws would result in an uprising among: the numberless multitude of Presbyterians, Independents, Anabaptists, Antinomians, Muggletonians, Swedenburgians [sic.], New-Light-Men, Sandemanians, and the various motley description of modern Schismatics aided by the Turks and Infidels of all names and nations, with Lord George Gordon at their head and Jewish priests sounding the horns of sedition in his train. [15]

    Interestingly, Swedenborgianism is erroneously seen to originate with seventeenth-century sects, which were popularly connected with the social upheaval of the Civil War – although Swedenborg’s theosophical writings, of course, appearing nearly a century later. The comparison with the radical Lord Gordon, the instigator of the “Gordon Riots” in 1780, only reinforces the sense of political danger the Swedenborgians were seen to constitute.

    Masonic Swedenborgianism

    The prevalence of an unmistakable political dimension in Swedenborgianism warns us not to limit the scope of our understanding of Blake’s motives for seeking out the New Jerusalem Church only to questions of theology. There are undeniable links between the reading of Swedenborg and radical activity, centered on a branch of radical Freemasons who operated internationally, but gathered in London. [16] However, it has been obfuscated largely due to the historian on the early developments in the New Jerusalem Church, Robert Hindmarsh."
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    The Copperheads carried forward the work of the Illuminati to re-build a former American nation or power in the Caribbean. Jean Lafitte is an important part of this whole story. The Freemasonic Order of the Golden Circle is part of the Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion. There are a hundred members in each claven and one of the members is a demon from their rituals. There were (maybe are) one hundred such groups in the world. During the Civil War the Copperheads were large and in charge in many areas including around the Ohio River island named after this Blennerhassett. The mention of Jefferson being someone this person worked to replace is somewhat against the comments of Jefferson saying Weishaupt was a philanthropist but maybe Jefferson went behind Blennerhassett and his cronies. Needless to say this is a small part of a story including the Mound People which Lincoln believed were giants. His potential running mate Ignatius Donnelly wrote a good book on Atlantis.

    Illuminati in Kentucky:

    My fevered imagination includes the probability that Andrew Jackson and stories of the Bell Witch are connected with this kind of knowledge.

    "In his 1806 book Travels In America, Thomas Ashe writes of his experiences with a vast cavern originally discovered in 1783 beneath the city of Lexington, 300 feet long, 100 feet wide and 19 feet high, containing exotic artifacts, a stone altar for sacrifices, human skulls and bones piled high, and mummified remains. The mummies are very strange looking and have red hair. The local native Americans claimed that these were the remnants of an ancient civilization that died out long ago. Respected historian George W. Ranck also discusses this "lost city" buried beneath Lexington in 1872. It is said that local Native Americans identified the bodies as being from the ancient race who inhabited the area long before them.

    In 1792 an early settler, General John Payne, made a strange discovery while building his house in the tiny town of Augusta, KY, 63 miles North of Lexington. From Historical Sketches of Kentucky by Lewis Collins, Maysville, Ky. 1847, page 205:

    'The bottom on which Augusta is situated is a large burying ground of the ancients...They have been found in great numbers, and of all sizes, everywhere between the mouths of Bracken and Locust Creeks, a distance of about a mile and a half. From the
    cellar under my (Payne's) dwelling, 60 by 70 feet, over a hundred and ten skeletons were taken. I measured them by skulls, and there might have been more, whose skulls had crumbled into dust...The skeletons were of all sizes, from seven feet to infant.

    David Kilgour (who was a tall and very large man) passed our village at the time I was excavating my cellar, and we took him down and applied a thigh bone to his. The man, if well-proportioned, must have been 10 to 12 inches taller than Kilgour, and the lower jaw bone would slip on over his, skin and all. Who were they? How came their bones here?'

    'When I was in the army, I inquired of old Crane, a Wyandot and of Anglerson, a Delaware, both intelligent old chiefs, and they could give me no information in reference to these remains of antiquity. Some of the largest trees of the forest were growing over the remains when the land was cleared in 1792.'

    A few years later, on December 21, 1806, the town of Augusta, KY was visited by Harman Blennerhassett, lawyer, occultist, and member of the Illuminati. Was he aware of the ancient underground civilization in the region?

    Blennerhassett was born on October 8, 1764 in Ireland {The Black and Red Lodge of Masonry and Keogh's grandfather in my researches on this probable great great-grandfather of mine is connected I suspect.} and moved to the USA after graduating. He and his wife (who was also his niece which is in-line with the Merovingian genetic programming so long as there are adequate foreign genes put into the mix which the Hapsburgs forgot for a few centuries) lived on Blennerhassett island on the Ohio River. Blennerhassett was a friend and colleague of Adam Weishaupt {Son of a Rabbi}, and a member of his Order of the Illuminati, reaching the level of Illuminatus Magus. He was also a friend of Vice President Aaron Burr, with whom he engaged in a conspiracy to remove President Thomas Jefferson from power. The plot was discovered and Blennerhassett's secret camp at Marietta was destroyed on December 19, 1806.

    Blennerhassett fled with about 50 of his fellow initiates, leaving his wife, his sons and the rest of his guerrilla troops behind. But instead of making a direct exit, Blennerhassett risked making a mysterious side trip to Augusta, KY, arriving on the day of the solstice. Clearly, there was some occult significance to his visit to Augusta. But what? That Blennerhassett was interested in the forgotten ancient civilization is a distinct possibility." (7)
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