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Thread: The Crystal Skull and Ica Stones

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    The Crystal Skull and Ica Stones

    Jonathan Gray is a supporter of the Ica Stones as if the human species walked with dinosaurs. I do not think so, but I do think remnants of the dinosaurs were studied by ancient people including the artifacts Julsrud found at Acambaro (See thread) that now are mingled with bad science and Christian creationists so that no great study will ever prove what I think. The tar pits kept some ancient beasts so well that meat can still be eaten from them. Mountain top glaciers might also keep some artifacts or biological remains for a lot longer as we saw recently on Mummies Alive. But not dinosaurs - whose bones nonetheless could provide artists with ideas and thus we get the toys or stones that in my mind are not all frauds. You can decide for yourself.

    "Pressure Tactics: The Ica Stones of Peru

    Now we turn to another, very different case. In 1966, Dr Javier Cabrera received a stone as a gift from a poor local farmer in his native Ica, Peru. A fish was carved on the stone, which would not have meant much to the average villager but it did mean a lot to the educated Dr Cabrera. He recognised it as a long-extinct species. This aroused his curiosity. He purchased more stones from the farmer, who said he had collected them near the river after a flood.

    Dr Cabrera accumulated more and more stones, and word of their existence and potential import reached the archaeological community. Soon, the doctor had amassed thousands of "Ica stones". The sophisticated carvings were as enigmatic as they were fascinating. Someone had carved men fighting with dinosaurs, men with telescopes and men performing operations with surgical equipment. They also contained drawings of lost continents.

    Several of the stones were sent to Germany and the etchings were dated to remote antiquity. But we all know that men could not have lived at the time of dinosaurs; Homo sapiens has only existed for about 100,000 years.

    The BBC got wind of this discovery and swooped down to produce a documentary about the Ica stones. The media exposure ignited a storm of controversy. Archaeologists criticised the Peruvian government for being lax about enforcing antiquities laws (but that was not their real concern). Pressure was applied to government officials.

    The farmer who had been selling the stones to Cabrera was arrested; he claimed to have found them in a cave but refused to disclose the exact location to authorities, or so they claimed.

    This case was disposed of so artfully that it would do any corrupt politician proud. The Peruvian government threatened to prosecute and imprison the farmer. He was offered and accepted a plea bargain; he then recanted his story and "admitted" to having carved the stones himself. That seems highly implausible, since he was uneducated and unskilled and there were 15,000 stones in all. Some were fairly large and intricately carved with animals and scenes that the farmer would not have had knowledge of without being a palaeontologist. He would have needed to work every day for several decades to produce that volume of stones. However, the underlying facts were neither here nor there. The Ica stones were labelled "hoax" and forgotten.

    The case did not require a head-to-head confrontation or public discrediting of non-scientists by scientists; it was taken care of with invisible pressure tactics. Since it was filed under "hoax", the enigmatic evidence never had to be dealt with, as it did in the next example."

    Michael Coe is the authority from within academia on the Mesoamerican culture. He was also a participant in breaking the Mayan code or pictographic ;language alphabet with over two hundred tribes with different language systems were able to use to communicate. He said the breaking of this code was more important to humanity that the human genome and space colonization. If he meant just one of those things was less important that would still mean it was more significant than you (or I) should imagine. After he retired he said some things had prevented his being open about what he found or thought was fact. I have first hand experience with how the Mexican Government treats people who would prove the Mayan people have a top worldwide culture of longer standing and origin than they would like to have people know. You see (contrary to the trope about worldwide culture being a diminishment of so-called native cultures) this government would like to retain the argument that when they came to rip off their 'brothers' they had no idea there were cultured and even more advanced people than they were. It took until 1524 for the Pope to allow the so-called natives had a rudimentary soul above the level of an ape. You certainly know about Manifest Destiny and Greater Good vile rationalizations which continued - maybe even to the present in some circles. Despite Coe having to get funding from sources who want to cover over the facts, and approvals from the Spanish families who destroyed the Maya libraries and burned or tortured the librarians (Bishop Landa) I found many things in his books which support what liars call hyperdiffusionism that is in fact worldwide civilization and sharing. Throughout the 1990s the Mexican Government was promoting the meme of Maya destruction by drought which lead to none even being alive, while they negotiated with them over Chiapas. I went there many times starting in the 80s.

    I had found many other things before the recent DNA mapping proving the Ainu are the cultural travellers or at least the main Pacific participant in this Brotherhood. It is evidenced by such things as botany's sweet potato and a bean, mathematical concepts like Zero, the wheel, Parcheesi, Ertebolle Pottery (Kehoe), sweat house technology (Lopatin), Atl-Atl (Jennings), and linguists like Clyde Winters who said 18% of the Olmec were his African brothers. When I lived there, no black man was surprised to hear such things and the best educated or near-to-Royal among them had family histories stretching back 10 millennia. A Mayan high priest who had to be very careful while working for the Government as a guide at Tulum showed me many pictures of cave art. The cenotes are a fantastic part of the life and culture - not to be denigrated in your normal vision of caves. A French linguist I had read was 'leading edge' and saying 60,000 years of language development was provable in South America and Guidon and her team have since proven that and she says much more. You can find many more Smithsonian level scholars I have quoted including Nuttall, Steen-McIntyre, Meggars, Dillehay, Goodyear, Carter, Scherz, Kelley, Gordon and Leakey at sites including Hueyatlaco, Calico, Chile, Topper, Manitoulin Island and more. Somehow the utterly ignorant who get degrees listening to lies, still get paid for spreading nonsense. Here is a little from Michael Coe - "Furthermore, Asian and Mesoamerican cosmological systems, which emphasize a quadripartite universe of four cardinal points associated with specific colors, plants, animals, and even gods, are amazingly similar."

    Then came all the 2012 despicable imagery and total underhanded media sensationalism to join with the barbarism ideology about human sacrificing - which archaeologists including a woman named Baird. Alberto Ruz at Palenque added to my knowledge about white men leading the people in Peru (Virachocha) northern Mexico (Xolotl) and the Mayan Quetzalcoatl and made me able to prove Vampires like the Prince of Palenque had been coming from Europe since the time of St. Brendan and probably before. I have so many proofs that those listed already would seem only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. But there has not been a decent TV show with more than Templar theories from Wolters and a little on Kennewick Man for a little while.
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    3,796 brings us these thoughts.

    "The subject matter includes images of flowers, fish, or living animals, including the more controversial dinosaur depictions, as well as mythological-type beasts or monsters. Other stones depict geometric images and symbols that correspond with known petroglyphs and geoglyphs. For example, one of the Ica stones depicts a monkey, which is almost identical to one of the Nazca geoglyphs.

    Ica stone carving on the left and Nazca geoglyph on the right

    The stones that have drawn the most attention are those that depict different species of dinosaurs, as well as those that show advanced technology, such as telescopes and flying machines, and medical practices that were unknown at the time they were found, such as a caesarean section with acupuncture used as a form of anaesthesia, and heart transplants."

    The nearby geoglyphs of the Nazca people are no mystery to find on these stones. I have proposed how the dinosaur depictions come about. That leaves us with flying machines and I refer people to The Chronicles of Akakkor or Lhasa for more on that along with the Vimanas which I think did exist and used VRIL or Earth Energy Grid power, But if that is not the case then you can use what Leonardo Da Vinci drew from his Philosopher's Stone which Jonathan Gray covers and I cover much more. The use of anaesthetics by Druids in Scotland was proven a couple of decades ago from archaeology and Lanning documents their tonsure in Peru (Lima) from the pre-ceramic era - see also Valdivian pottery and the proofs of lies by the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

    The telescopic lenses found in La Venta, and the Caracol nearby we have covered in great length. There is no question people came to Peru and environs for millennia before the so-called Christos and even Yeshua may have come here. The forensic proof acceptable in courts by Balabanova and other labs is just a small part of why I know this. Professor Martin Bernal thinks so and I regard him more highly than Cremo or others Gray uses.

    So according to debunkers I would be in the Atlantean group of conspiracy theorists even though I prove there was no Atlantis single location with proof from every corner of this planet over a million years. I say these debunkers back laws, nations and religions based on the Atlantis myth to hide Brotherhood, and it is accompanied by monster's at the edge of the earth and a Flat Earth theory I can prove mariners knew better than, for that million years. But I do agree with them about the destruction of the potential value and a lot of forgeries worked in with whatever might have had some value at Acambaro - and I deplore the creationist myth and destruction that they even tried to fake me out on one radio show with, getting me to say things that support their theory and not telling me they were funded by the Museum in or near Cincinnati that promotes that crap. What a nest of deceit one has to wade through with alien Bible theory archetypes at the core of it all.

    "For the Ancient Alien folks, there appear to be several stones that depict celestial bodies, things that might be space ships, and of course the Nazca Lines. All those things add up to Aliens visiting and teaching humans advanced technology, and leaving the newly advanced humans species with no other way to record such a visit, then to carve the events primitively onto stones.

    Floating Heart Surgery.

    For the Atlantis folks there are images of advanced technology and surgery. Stuff far to advanced for primitive brown people, so obviously the erudite Atlanteans brought their knowledge to these people, and again, had no better way to record all of this then to carve it into stone.

    Where do we go with all of this?

    No matter how you cut it, all three groups are claiming a very advanced, yet somehow lost and forgotten culture. So to all three groups one has to ask, why has no one has ever found any other remnants of this great culture? Where are the encampments, the trash, the burials, the kilns, the tools, the grave goods, the monuments, the trade goods, the descendants of the people? Why if this culture is so advanced that they could perform modern surgery and take down animals hundreds of times their size, could they not find a better way to preserver their history then shallowly scratched stones? Why is it that no dinosaur’s fossils can be dated to an age contemporary with man (Polidoro 2002)?

    Collection of Various Stones.

    Dating the stones presents it own set of duh moments. Stones without organic mater can’t be carbon dated, so we rely on the strata in which they are found. Removing the stones without documenting where they were found pretty much renders the stones undatable, and basically useless to the archaeological record."

    In the link which follows you will find support for my history stretching from the Ainu in Peru to Egypt and Malta. You will also learn a little of codes included on the top of the Pyramid on the back on the US greenback - the Eye of Horus or Third Eye which is the pineal gland on the caduceus and which allowed psychic power enhancements in all secret societies including Skull and Bones as we have demonstrated in many ways, many eras and with many peoples.
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    Rather than asking you to accept my word for it (which I have reference for in my books from others who say it) in the matter of La Venta or Olmec lenses I should go into it in greater detail, because academia does not give so ancient a date until very recently - as I do for the Olmec and still I think they have to go back further although they might call them pre-Olmec when they get back to two millennia before the start of the Mayan Calendar around 3300 BCE. I will also have to cover the crystal skulls you have seen in movies like Indiana Jones. I met the security chief on the Belizean side of that production and I have met Jim Honey of Adventures Unlimited associated with David Hatcher Childress. Jim took care of the aging wife of the man who found and owned the special skull portrayed in that movie. It was my understanding in 2000 when I met Jim that this was the Mitchell-Hedges skull but I find the experts have been studying it and some ownership issues and authenticity are an issue. Again - you will have to decide what is the truth.

    Any tourist who has been to this part of the world will have seen cheap crystal balls of the size used for divination for sale on Tourist stands or in stores. If the tourist asked they would hear how slow moving lava allows them to form these objects in molds as the lava begins to cool. I mention this because I am about to quote from Wikipedia which carries on about iron ores (no mention of smelting of course - but I have evidence of that too) being shined into mirrors for the elite and powerful. They say these elite were hereditary and yet, I wonder of there were people coming from far away to replace certain people from eras we are yet to know, because I have proof from the person who discovered the Prince of Palenque that he was white. I also know of many legends saying Virachocha, Xolotl, Quetzalcoatl and others are white as well.

    "The earliest stone mirrors in Mesoamerica pre-date the rise of the Olmec civilization, with examples being dated as far back as the middle of the 2nd millennium BC.[3] From early in Mesoamerica's history, the use of iron ore mirrors was associated with a hereditary elite class.[29] At Paso de la Amada, a Mokaya site in the Soconusco region of southern Chiapas, iron ore mirrors were excavated that have been dated to between 1400 and 1100 BC.[30] A Mokaya tomb dating to the earlier part of this period was excavated at the Olmec enclave of Cantón Corralito. The tomb contained the remains of an elite status woman accompanied by an adult male and a child; the woman had a large flat iron ore mirror on her chest. At present, it is not known if the remains are those of local Mokoya or of Olmecs from the Gulf coast.[31] About the same time at Tlapacoya in the Valley of Mexico, the Tlatilco culture was using imported }From where?} mirrors crafted from jade.[32] During the Early and Middle Preclassic periods (approximately 1500 to 500 BC) the Olmecs fashioned mirrors from iron ore, including minerals such as hematite, ilmenite and magnetite. The Olmecs preferred to manufacture concave mirrors; this gave the mirror the properties of reflecting an inverted and reversed image. Larger concave mirrors could be used to light fires. These early mirrors were manufactured from single pieces of stone and were therefore of small size, rarely exceeding 15 centimetres (5.9 in) across.[3] Mirrors were manufactured by using sand or some other abrasive material such as hematite powder to polish the iron ore until it produced a highly reflective surface.[33]"

    Now I ask you to consider that these skulls, lenses, mirrors were not all carved, rubbed or shone into their present form, and though some might be fake - not all are. I especially want you to consider the energy alignment of the Mitchell-Hedges skull which does not fit the magnetics of any natural crystal - which I think means a pure lava flow would be a better explanation than carving. I am not saying a mold existed in such detail for the teeth and jaw of this skull which is obviously very special. There is also commentary about wheels as if the wheel was not in fact invented in Central or upper South America. The people who know that wheels were here before on Middle Eastern or European chariots seem not to be around. Those people will often be heard saying the Central Americans only used them on toys. I say there was a lack of dray animals to make big chariots functional and small carts would rot and disappear from the archaeological record, as well as most people located their cities near all the things they needed.

    However, there is one very important anomaly to that idea and it fits very neatly into the use of lenses in telescopy and astronomy. In fact it could be said that the large mica sheet that made it from Brazil to Teotihuacan near Mexico City. It is covered by tiles but it is huge and covers the whole floor, reflecting the energy coming through portals not unlike those on the Great Pyramid I expect - or just situated to capture the proper energy in ways we so far can not explain. This mica sheet along with other mirrors and lenses able to do exactly what the Mayan Calendar did! Predict the Polar Wander Path or sidereal chart of the Heavens in their Long Count with greater accuracy than any modern culture until the 1920s. Yes, 2012 was not the actual date when our world will enter a new and more spiritual energy from the sun. I recollect a dozen or so years out of some 26,000 is pretty fantastic telescoping.

    "While its history may be somewhat controversial, the fact remains that the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is a true so called "out-of-place-artifact" - meaning that despite the most evolved research, including extensive laboratory examination by Silicon Valley's Hewlett-Packard, no one has been able to prove it is a hoax.

    Hewlett-Packard's research concluded that, because the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull was carved in disregard to the natural axis {Due to alignment with the magnetic pole, I think.} of the quartz itself (a process un-heard of in our modern time because the quartz is likely to shatter while carving), and because there are no marks from having used any metal tools, the Mitchell-Hedges skull technically should not exist."

    Videos and interviews available here.

    "BH: And that right they can separate the two...the technology, even today, would be pretty much impossible. And the fact, is how they put prisms inside the Skull, how they put the lenses in there that work to the eye sockets. That would take zero gravity to try to do it today. And really I don’t think we could really duplicate it in zero gravity.

    So who did it, how they did it, that’s what makes the Skull so interesting. But the real thing about the Skull, what it is, is what you feel about it, you know. People pick up this energy, this specialness."

    How about the lava flowed around the prisms or lenses which were placed in the proper place as it cooled and they shaped the skull as I have said.
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