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Thread: The SRF and CIA - Doris Duke

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    The SRF and CIA - Doris Duke

    I have benefitted greatly from reading Yogananda as well as many of his mentors and other Yoga disciplines. However, I do find the Self-Realization Fellowship has been turned into a cult and a very dangerous one that seeks to use any means to gain money and power, over a person. Unlike my oldest brother I always felt weird about Hare Krishna. I felt the 'vibe' when I last attended a meeting about 15 years ago. They do not fully screw over their sheep as much as cults like $cientology but they also do not care if a person has a unhealthy attachment to them and their cult, in fact that is a desired outcome. I guess you could simply say they are like most churches ministering to their faithful, but that is abhorrent to a person who knows Yogananda taught freedom from such NEED. A SRF leader named Faye Wright was given a huge mansion by Doris Duke who seems to have behaved in a manner I know is due to the Cycle of Violence. I do not think she learned it as a spy for the OSS, I think it was part of her life before that.

    There is a site which has an ex-SRF black files theme that brings us a story most fantastic and yet I believe elements of it, due to knowledge from people who traveled in the same circles with the likes of Errol Flynn.

    "Salutations to Deculted and Propagandananda for being interested in history and how the world works (by conspiracy always), rare among those touched by SRF

    . Perhaps Propagandananda will come across information about the German body builder whom Gandhi was infatuated with. I wonder if he was working for German intelligence. The Germans might well have wished to sever Britain from her Crown-jewel colony and might have schemed to use Gandhi as their tool. In any event, one never thinks about such possibilities when wearing the horse-blinders of conventional sexual morality,
    "morality in the small," as some political theorists refer to it.

    A few more words about Doris Duke, a very interesting and talented person, but quite a mystery also. She had enough money to keep parts of her life secret. Many of her admirers believe her extant biographies are disinformation. She is portrayed as a “poor little rich girl who sought love in all the wrong places.” But this was a very intelligent woman who successfully sued her own mother at age 14 and ran a large financial empire for many years, with substantial profits. Not a push-over.

    Some things that are publicly known: Doris Duke’s second marriage was to Caribbean playboy and reported assassin of several Caribbean political figures, Porifio Rubirios. Doris paid the wife of Porifio one million dollars to divorce him, ostensibly in order to marry Porifio and his enormous male endowment, said to be “one foot-long and thick as a beer can.” (some restaurants to this day bring over-sized wooden pepper-grinders called “Rubirioses” to their tables in celebration). A spies in the intelligence community write in his autobiography that he warned Doris that Porifio required regular conquests of women, so he couldn’t possibly remain faithful. Also, it was noted that although his endowment was impressive, it probably wasn’t worth one million smackeroos. Not taking any chances that Porifio might assassinate Doris and claim the billion-dollar plus estate and move that money out of the US, intelligence agents drugged Porifio’s drinks just before the wedding and got him to sign a pre-nup agreement. This may have soured the marriage somewhat, it lasted about a year and a half. This was not an SRF wedding.

    I wonder if the wedding was James-Bond-type theatrics to hide some kind of intelligence gathering in the Caribbean. There’s a dictum in spy work, “do something stupid as a cover.” Did Doris Duke ever leave the CIA? We will never know. As a German poet wrote, “little knowledge and much joy is given to mortals.” (Holderlin).

    On the more comical side, consider this description of Doris Duke’s last days has reported by Dan Russell in one of his articles on SRF for the New Times (hope I got the name of that paper right).

    …But perhaps the most unusual of Daya Mata’s circle was the late tobacco heiress Doris Duke, who, when she died under mysterious circumstances in 1993, was reputed to be worth 1.2 billion, making her the world’s richest woman. Daya Mata was Duke’s spiritual advisor and yoga instructor for many years. As part of the legal wrangle over Duke’s wealth after her death, Daya Mata provided a rare glimpse into her friendship with Duke in a deposition for a New York civil trial. Identifying herself as Faye Wright, she told of being at Duke’s bedside in her Benedict Canyon home the night before the heiress died. “I spoke to Doris and prayed over her,” Wright wrote. “Because of her sweet smile, I knew she was understanding my ministrations.”

    Compare what you have just read to this alternative account of her passing which is widely quoted on the internet. I cannot force myself to believe it, but the contrast between the two accounts is wickedly funny.

    “Just one example of thousands of Illuminati Grande Dames killed in ritual like this was the recent billionairess Doris Duke, who was ritually killed in 1993 on Halloween, also called All Hallows Eve, in Beverly Hills, CA area.

    The Illuminati method for killing a Grande Dame and passing her spiritual power on is done with reverence. No blood is to be spilt out of respect for the elderly woman who gives up her life willingly. At death, the last breath is inhaled by the replacement to transfer the power. There may be as many as 2,197 Grande Dames at such a coronation. The Grande Mothers (whose Systems are mistresses for Satan and hierarchy leaders) and the next rank, the Grande Dames, are often veiled in ritual and would wear robes with different colored lining. The different colors of linings show the different grades.

    A typical Grande Mother vestment or robe is a black satin & velvet dress with a draped neckline, and ritual symbols down the center of the robe. After someone like Doris Duke willingly gives her (their) life, her head is served on a silver platter at a banquet. For the deeper alters of a high level slave, this is part of their way of life, they are told it is their birthright and heritage….”"

    If you read the blog you will find many other things that I can confirm. There is mention of a swinger's group in San Diego, and my oldest brother went that route there. His long term primary cult leader is Roy Eugene Davis and not a direct member of SRF perhaps, but one of Yogananda's three Sensai appointees to spread the religion or Eastern thought. My brother was also a member of Unity Church and his primary minister was outed for screwing most of the women who came to his church. This man was the one who performed services at my father's funeral. Needless to say you will find Spiritual Marriage in SRF is kin to Mormon Spiritual Wifery if you research that matter. They only touch on it. An employee of mine who was a Rosicrucian (higher than AMORC if I recall) was special and though I did not know why at that point I think I do now. I think her widow's brow or point is an indicator of strong spiritual blood (they do say) and probably that means her menstruum is in great demand. When she worked for me in LA she was given free run of Marcus Bach's home in a major tourist trap south of Irvine and Newport Beach. Marcus Bach could be called an Illuminati and he was a founder or prime mover in the creation of Unity Church. When she worked in Salt Lake City and stayed with me - nothing sexual, she called Ezra Taft Benson and got an immediate meeting with the person who was second in command of that church and who later became it's Pope or whatever they call it. You might also want to look up his comment on the book None Dare Call it Conspiracy, as the US Dept of Agriculture or Senate bigwhig thereof.

    This article of mine mentions Dean Martin and when he was living a hermit's life he would get his clothes from a store in a major mall near Newport Beach. There was a man there who told me how far Dean had sunk into the depths of disgust and depression.
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    The effects of violence in families has far reaching consequences in their families - no matter how rich or how enlightened in appearances.

    You may have seen this TV program Dr. Phil and found some of the site hard to swallow - but I can believe these kids were forced to eat their own and each other's feces. The Doris Duke charities spend very little of their ever-growing wealth - probably not as much as they should pay in taxes. But it should be obvious when her father told her not to trust anyone (In the whitewash) that he was referring to her mother and other people which she then sued and won a battle in court with at age 14. The Foundation has more than one outreach to help abused kids and study the Cycle of Violence - you can be sure there is a reason based on her life for this - "Doris Duke Fellowships for the Promotion of Child Well-Being -- seeking innovations to prevent child abuse and neglect

    Thanks to the generous support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago is pleased to offer the Doris Duke Fellowships for the Promotion of Child Well-Being. These fellowships are designed to identify and develop a new generation of leaders interested in and capable of creating practice and policy initiatives that will enhance child development and improve the nation's ability to prevent all forms of child maltreatment.

    The fellows receive an annual stipend of $30,000 for up to two years to support the completion of their dissertation and related research at their academic institution. Up to 15 fellowships are awarded annually. Fellows are guided by an academic mentor whom they select; fellows also identify a policy or practice mentor to assist them in better understanding how to frame their research questions with an eye toward maximizing policy and practice relevance."

    What can we conclude from the superficial reports of media like Wikipedia when they point out her charities focus on supporting agencies dealing with child abuse, or how she had to fight her executors and care-givers at age 14 just like the kids talking with Dr. Phil in the above video. They are her emotional and actual descendants.

    "Duke was the only child of tobacco and hydroelectric power tycoon James Buchanan Duke and his second wife, Nanaline Holt Inman, widow of Dr. William Patterson Inman. At his death in 1925, the elder Duke's will bequeathed the majority of his estate to his wife and daughter,[3] along with $17 million in two separate clauses of the will, to The Duke Endowment he had created in 1924.[3] The total value of the estate was not disclosed, but was estimated variously at $60 million[4] to $100 million (equivalent to $809.6 million to $1,349,000,000 in 2016).

    Duke spent her early childhood at Duke Farms, her father's 2,700-acre (11 km2) estate in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey.[5] Due to ambiguity in James Duke's will, a lawsuit was filed to prevent auctions and outright sales of real estate he had owned; in effect, Doris Duke successfully sued her mother and other executors to prevent the sales.[5][6] One of the pieces of real estate in question was a Manhattan mansion at 1 East 78th Street[5] which later became the home of the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University.

    She was presented to society as a debutante in 1930, aged 18, at a ball at Rough Point, the family residence in Newport, Rhode Island.[7] She received large bequests from her father's will when she turned 21, 25, and 30; she was sometimes referred to as the "world's richest girl."[8][9] Her mother died in 1962, leaving her jewelry and a coat.[10]"
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    The book Autobiography of a Yogi made a big impression on me and many people in the Love Child or Hippie movement of the 60s. It is now available to read online for free. It is so silly to say there is much of value in it. Some people compare it to getting a chance to read the innermost thoughts of an adept like Jesus or the Buddha.

    "“I was pleased that you got my telepathic message.” Master’s voice was calm, entirely normal. “I have now finished my business in Calcutta, and shall arrive in Serampore by the ten o’clock train.”

    As I still stared mutely, Sri Yukteswar went on, “This is not an apparition, but my flesh and blood form. I have been divinely commanded to give you this experience, rare to achieve on earth. Meet me at the station; you and Dijen will see me coming toward you, dressed as I am now. I shall be preceded by a fellow passenger—a little boy carrying a silver jug.”

    My guru placed both hands on my head, with a murmured blessing. As he concluded with the words, “Taba asi,” 1 I heard a peculiar rumbling sound.2 His body began to melt gradually within the piercing light. First his feet and legs vanished, then his torso and head, like a scroll being rolled up. To the very last, I could feel his fingers resting lightly on my hair. The effulgence faded; nothing remained before me but the barred window and a pale stream of sunlight.

    I remained in a half-stupor of confusion, questioning whether I had not been the victim of a hallucination. A crestfallen Dijen soon entered the room.

    “Master was not on the nine o’clock train, nor even the nine-thirty.” My friend made his announcement with a slightly apologetic air.

    “Come then; I know he will arrive at ten o’clock.” I took Dijen’s hand and rushed him forcibly along with me, heedless of his protests. In about ten minutes we entered the station, where the train was already puffing to a halt.

    “The whole train is filled with the light of Master’s aura! He is there!” I exclaimed joyfully.

    “You dream so?” Dijen laughed mockingly.

    “Let us wait here.” I told my friend details of the way in which our guru would approach us. As I finished my description, Sri Yukteswar came into view, wearing the same clothes I had seen a short time earlier. He walked slowly in the wake of a small lad bearing a silver jug.

    For a moment a wave of cold fear passed through me, at the unprecedented strangeness of my experience. I felt the materialistic, twentieth-century world slipping from me; was I back in the ancient days when Jesus appeared before Peter on the sea?

    As Sri Yukteswar, a modern Yogi-Christ, reached the spot where Dijen and I were speechlessly rooted, Master smiled at my friend and remarked:

    “I sent you a message too, but you were unable to grasp it.”

    Dijen was silent, but glared at me suspiciously. After we had escorted our guru to his hermitage, my friend and I proceeded toward Serampore College. Dijen halted in the street, indignation streaming from his every pore.

    “So! Master sent me a message! Yet you concealed it! I demand an explanation!”

    “Can I help it if your mental mirror oscillates with such restlessness that you cannot register our guru’s instructions?” I retorted.

    The anger vanished from Dijen’s face. “I see what you mean,” he said ruefully. “But please explain how you could know about the child with the jug.”

    By the time I had finished the story of Master’s phenomenal appearance at the boardinghouse that morning, my friend and I had reached Serampore College.

    “The account I have just heard of our guru’s powers,” Dijen said, “makes me feel that any university in the world is only a kindergarten.”

    1.The Bengali “Good-by”; literally, it is a hopeful paradox: “Then I come.”

    2.The characteristic sound of dematerialization of bodily atoms."
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