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Thread: The Montauk Experiment

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    The Montauk Experiment

    There is a great deal I have already said about Al Bielek (Cameron) and how poor the quality of interviewers and their research can be. No interview I ever heard of Al was worth listening to, and I would have loved to ask the proper questions but for many years I was uncertain myself. A person I knew showed him pictures of designs on a Stele I found behind the pelota at Chichen Itza. This person told me Al said the 88 points created by intersecting lines on one part of the Stele were part of the math in his machine. She saw his machine and believed in implants by aliens despite being a well-educated person as well as a very non-traditional adept. I suppose Al would say the Stele was brought back through time by aliens but I would not ever have accepted that kind of answer. I can accept information from dimensional interactions with alien knowledge leading to specific technology that might have came through some of this work - but I prefer direct cognition and tap-ins to higher earth based consciousness and the collective. The person who knew Al was able to tap in and talk in tongues without even knowing she was doing it. Tesla's father and grandfather as well as Tesla himself had serious tap in ability, and he also thought for some period of time he must be an alien.

    Recently Stuart Swerdlow was interviewed along with others in the fraud Preston and Al created which also includes Ong's Hat - they made a lot of money! The TV Show Conspiracy Theory had Jesse Ventura pulling his pants down so people could see the size of his ego. Stuart tried to discuss dimensional and altered state explanations that I do think the government was involved with including the Attention Point knowledge of Shamans like Don Juan. In my book on Tesla I have him working at Montauk ON THIS ELEMENT OF WHAT ENERGY AND CONSCIOUSNESS THEREIN CAN ALLOW. I detail many other things related to Time Viewing in my book Chichen Itza: Time.

    The mention of John von Neumann in what follows is of great importance. He is well known as a great scientist alongside Einstein and Gödel (whose knowledge of faster than light physics is potentially important to possible time travel which might be possible in the Spacetime bubble called Alcubierre associated with NASA research, I have heard about. We have a thread on Time Travel with more on this elsewhere. I have suspicions about connections between Von Neumann and other physicists from Austro-Hungary and the area of adepts and alchemists including Prague. That stuff is also more than I wish to address as I quote a person on the Jonathan Gray site addressing Al, the Philadelphia Experiment and mind control out of Project Phoenix (there are many projects and umbrella projects covering many aspects of these researches, including SRI and Ingo Swann). Yes, you probably have heard what walks and what talks in reference to waterfowl or bull manure. Just because one thing is true and it seems similar does not mean something else is true. For example the Alcubierre people say forward Time travel or info transfer with complex mass entities is real but not backward. I favor backward time in terms of Viewing but still it has potential alternate reality involved. You can make up your own mind.

    In the book Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain a Russian Mathematician was covered whose name was Dr. Kozyrev and his paper was available through the US Library of Congress so I bought it in the mid 70s.

    "Books by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon

    'Experiments in Time' was released in June of l992 and has created a stir of intrigue and queries for more information ever since.

    'Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity' sought to answer many of those questions and ended up providing an even more elaborate scenario that left us on the threshold of the occult and its relationship with the major mystery schools of Earth.

    The third book in the Montauk series, 'Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness' digs deeper into the psyche of the Montauk phenomena and gives startling insights into the construction and drama of the universe. This prelude is designed to familiarize the first time reader who is new to the subject and also to reorient those who have read the first two books."

    Preston B. Nichols, an electronic genius. Somehow, he had survived on two separate time lines. On one, he worked at Montauk; on the other, he worked at a different location. Preston's discoveries were confirmed when a strange man by the name of Duncan Cameron appeared at his door in 1985.

    With completion of training, Edward (Al Bielek) and Duncan were both assigned to the Institute of Advanced Study (Princeton, N.J.) and directly to the ongoing "Project Invisibility." With a completely successful test in 1940 (Brooklyn Navy Yard), the project was classified and renamed "Project Rainbow."

    Duncan was considered to be the primary psychic used in the time travel experiments and also remembered having been aboard the U.S.S. Eldridge during the original Philadelphia Experiment with his brother Edward (now recognized as Al Bielek).

    According to the accounts of both Preston and Duncan, the Montauk Project culminated on August 12, 1983. A full blown time portal was fully functioning, but things were out of control and Duncan called together a group of people and decided to crash the project. While sitting in the Montauk Chair (a device connected to esoteric radio receivers studded with crystals that sent thoughts out of a giant transmitter), Duncan unleashed a giant beast from his subconscious which literally destroyed the project. The people who had been working on the base suddenly abandoned it. The air shafts and entrances to the major underground facility beneath the base were subsequent1y filled with cement. The full circumstances behind all of this remain a mystery to this day.

    Alfred Bielek was born on August 4, 1916 as Edward A. Cameron II, son of Alexander Duncan Cameron, Sr.

    The tunnels became fully operational about '77 after many changes. About '79 on they got all the results they wanted. Until August 12,1983, at night, when the project was deliberately crashed. Sabotaged from the inside. That's covered in the book. But prior to that what they did was unbelievable.

    One of the uses of the Phoenix Project, in the use of Time Tunnels, was to provide backup to the Martian Colonies. The Martian Colonies have been there since the early '70s. ... We have colonies there in Mars from the late '60's or maybe early '70's onward."

    If you know nothing and are only beginning to learn about reality - the study of two great men in the 20th Century can shed light on everything you need to know. They knew and had direct cognition of an enlightened sort which went back to the dim past. In fact Tesla once thought he must have communicated with aliens because of the antiquity of the knowledge.

    "Both men were, and remain, extraordinarily influential in their respective fields: Tesla in physics, Vivekananda in Hinduism. {Vedanta and Yoga.}

    The idea that the pair did become friends and attempted to find commonalities in their seemingly polar-opposite pursuits, does sound improbable. Yet, their friendship is well-documented, as is their attempt to work out a mathematical proof for the ideas central to their respective ideologies—how the universe works, and that matter and energy are in fact one. Their ideas and their unity of thought are remarkable on more than one level. Not only do they demonstrate accord between science and religion, they also bring to light the fact that scientific ideas accepted as cutting-edge modern today, were actually divined thousands of years ago."
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    I am not sure if Mr. Swerdlow and his wife are more psychic or more mercenary or just reptilian believers like Icke. I do agree with dimensional possibilities due to science as well as mystical reasoning. Stuart or Stewart Swerdlow is just another name on the list of flakes as far as I can see. Here is a blog or website you can tunnel or drill into if you wish.;wap2

    I am pretty sure that the government can and does create diversionary black op plausible deniability schemes. I am pretty sure Bielek never got put to any decent questions from any interviewer. I think he was a fraud. It could all have been a hoax like many other games - as Wikipedia points out, about Ong's Hat which did have some of the same people. That does not mean there was no research into Time Travel.

    Let us explore this source. He is writing in 1998 around the time when my sister-in-law got West Nile and Horowitz was becoming well known. I think he really hit the nail on the head with his disclosure that Fort Detrick was engaged in the weaponization of Anthrax. At that time the government denied Fort Detrick was engaged in any such research. Later (After Law and Order SVU did a show and others came forward - they said they were doing it to develop antidotes.

    "In recent years much evidence has surfaced indicating that the Montauk base and the subterranean facilities have been and are still the site of the Phoenix Project and are used for a tremendous amount of top secret, ultra-classified research and experimentation into interdimensional technology, quantum and particle physics (black hole simulation), psychotronics, super-powerful electrical and electromagnetic fields, weather control, electronic and drug-based mind control, and more recently genetics and particle beam technology.

    The preponderance of this evidence strongly suggests that a great many of these activities have been thoroughly malevolent as to both their desired ends and the means used to achieve those ends, and have utilized unwitting and even helpless subjects--including at times, youngsters abducted from surrounding communities. Certain of these experiments in controlled warping of our time-space continuum had such devastating results and almost inconceivably awesome potential consequences that several project insiders conspired to sabotage the proceedings in August 1983, forcing the base's total, but as it turns out only temporary, abandonment.

    Allegedly a time tunnel-type linkup with the Philadelphia Experiment exactly forty years previously (August 12, 1943) was achieved then--apparently an attempt by project operators to repair or undo damage they felt had been done to the time-space continuum during the 1943 experiment; thereafter, the project ended temporarily, and the surface of the property was then donated to N.Y. State in 1984 expressly for use as a public park. The N. Y. State Parks department continues to "maintain" the surface of the property in a thoroughly deteriorated, unusable condition with public access forbidden, in blatant collusion with the federal government in covering up the existence of an active underground installation beneath this most unusual and singularly uncongenial state "park".

    One of the characteristics of this project and others like it is the fact that there are an incredible number of "tentacles" which connect to myriad aspects, angles, influences and offshoots: it seems hardly a day passes when I don't find or receive information revealing some heretofore unknown or hidden element of the Montauk(Phoenix) Project or about related or similar operations. It literally never seems to end.

    As a result, it's difficult to bring the work to a satisfying close, and it's become necessary to follow my initial report on what's known as the "Montauk Project" with this update.

    Let me point out at the onset that this latest report, to a noticeably greater extent than the first, contains material quoted directly from other sources. All such material is so identified, and the reason this is the case is that the highest priority for me right now is the dissemination of information about the Phoenix/Montauk Project to the very greatest extent, and rather than interpreting or rewording certain material it was more effective and/or expeditious to simply quote larger segments of the material.

    I would like to assist readers in understanding the intent of this endeavor to bring the truth about the Montauk Project--as well as similar and/or connected projects--to public attention by whatever means and to the greatest extent possible, for the sake of my child and all children, all people and for the sake of human freedom on this planet we call home.

    The human race could be about to enter a period in which we will be subjected to nonstop, invasive and pervasive mind, mood, consciousness and even body control carried out through the use of electromagnetic/radio frequency transmissions on a worldwide basis; this in addition to severe and extensive social manipulation and consciousness modification programs already operating to an extraordinarily pervasive and effective degree through mass media and entertainment, religions and other forms of social programming and indoctrination such as cults and belief systems. This while the food supplies of the human race become increasingly contaminated by not only toxic pollutants, but by health/mood altering substances and additives in and irradiation of our food and water supplies--which have already become increasingly deficient nutritionally and downright unhealthy due to pervasive global environmental and ecological degradation. In addition to all the aforementioned methods and "systems" of malicious manipulation, there would appear to be indisputable instances in which some individuals are also being monitored and/or manipulated by "controllers" of one sort or another through the use of physical, biological implants.

    We are already witnessing the near-total collapse of even a pretense of a free press and certainly a democratic government here in the United States. We are already witnessing massive deployment of experimental (and perfected!) biological weapons against the American people and even more so against third world countries (such as AIDS and ebola: see Dr. Leonard Horowitz's book Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola , which proves that these and other deadly diseases were genetically engineered by secret government associates mainly at Cold Spring Harbor Labs on--you guessed it--Long Island). We are witnessing the deployment of numerous electromagnetic mind modification programs--of particular importance is the Tesla-based HAARP technology, now being implemented not only in pursuit of mind control objectives, but also a number of other highly malicious, oppressive, unethical, unconstitutional, as well as ecologically dangerous goals. "

    See our posts on the Omega Stations and other stuff in Futurescape etc.
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    Continuing from the above we see a tired trope of aliens and yet he admits there are many explanations for the alien intervention theory. At this juncture I probably was in the exact same camp he is.



    What's one of the most distressing things to me is the ever-increasing degree to which the major news/information media have blatantly become a party to promulgating and fostering some of the most egregious and destructive of the many coverups, disinformation campaigns and distractive, meaningless manufactured news events which the covert government is disseminating, all for the purpose of diverting our energy and attention from significant--even vital--issues. In other words, we are getting almost pure crap from the mass media regarding almost any issue of any importance whatsoever--most certainly on any information which would tend to give the lie to those deeply embedded traditional concepts held on the part of a large percentage of humanity (including many North Americans); concepts which bolster the global position of the "powers that be" and to enable further exploitation of the human race.

    To my eye these "powers" are to some extent an international "cabal" (and I use that word with full knowledge of it's derivation), a secret, in fact cultic brotherhood with decidedly malevolent, even "satanic" characteristics, which is and has been manipulating humanity to a VERY extensive degree; which underlies many of the predominant philosophical systems, belief systems and religions of the world; which underlies as well many governments of the world's individual countries; a group which has as it's prime goal the further acquisition of ever-greater raw, oppressive power over the actual lives of large numbers of humanity, and it's own continued aggrandizement and enrichment at the expense not only of Earth's people but most certainly of the planet itself and all its many life forms as well.

    A good example of the tremendous degree to which the major news media organizations are called to heel is seen in the facts surrounding the two year hiatus in the professional career of CBS broadcaster Connie Chung, who had the misfortune to have ended up being paired with Dan Rather several years ago.

    On a live call-in TV talk show some two years ago, Ms. Chung responded with a bit too much candor to a question as to what actually gets reported publicly by the major news media, given the great number of stories and items which come from the numerous sources of "raw" information. How are the stories which get the attention of the media chosen and by whom?

    Connie Chung replied to the effect that it wasn't too hard to decide what stories get aired--they just checked with Washington D.C. to see what had been cleared for publication by the government.

    As a result of her being foolish enough to tell the truth in what was likely just a naive, probably unintentional and inadvertent slip, within no more than a few hours Ms. Chung was out of a job and remained blacklisted in the industry for a good two years, only resurfacing in 1998 with a position at ABC--sufficiently chastened, some no doubt believe, to allow her to grace the public airwaves once again.

    There are a great many indications of the implementation of the New World Order and the list grows by the hour. Of prime importance in these malignant plans for our future is the literal control of or at least substantial interference with and manipulation of our brains, minds and consciousness/awareness by Montauk-type technologies. Clandestine agencies have been covertly researching various means of mind control for quite a long time. Based upon what I have discovered, the Montauk Project represents the pinnacle of achievement in this entire field. This type of technology perfected in the Montauk Project and now likely being carried on within and through the HAARP project is, unfortunately, extremely powerful, and this power is at the disposal of what in actual fact are literally Nazis and their cohorts/ accomplices/collaborators/proteges and descendants.

    More than a few researchers think that there is strong evidence indicating that the government has in place at this point mind, mood and consciousness modification EM/RF transmitters in most major (and not so major) population centers: evidence also that mass internment centers exist (above ground) in certain sectors of the country, to handle many potentially millions of people--troublemakers and dissidents of one stripe or another and likely those who don't succumb as easily to the EM/RF transmissions.

    Of course, globally implemented HAARP operations and the numerous subterranean installations across the country round out the picture of where we stand in terms of our literal oppression by the covert government.


    The great majority of responses to date to the information in my initial report have been serious, interested, concerned and at least willing to impartially consider the information as valid... and certainly urgent. Additionally however I have been picking up a somewhat faint but persistent hum (mostly on the Internet) of what I believe is the evolving response emanating from the spin doctors and damage control agents of the (covert) government to the increasing flow (flood) of information now "coming out" which pertains to the Montauk Project, i.e. the Philadelphia Experiment--Rainbow/Phoenix Project: and the connections to Brookhaven National Labs (BNL), Airborne Instrument Labs (AIL), Siemens/ITT, as well as links to a tremendous number of other top-secret "research" activities such as MK- ULTRA and other more well-known mind control projects, connections to collaborative operations with ET's, connections to what's known as the "New World Order", and to numerous other tentacles of the beast. The list really never seems to end and neither, it seems, does the story.

    This currently materializing "spin" which the (covert) government and their allies are very carefully leaking in their attempt to manipulate the whole Philadelphia/Montauk deal goes something like this: "O.K. Maybe we have been researching some incredibly advanced science for a number of years. It's (maybe) true, it's true. We have actually warped time and space.. once or twice... or did we? Anyway, we couldn't say anything about it because of the--Commies... or aliens... or even the hippies... or whatever. Had to keep it secret. National security and so forth. And yes, we did some incredible things, but can't unfortunately reproduce a lot of it (naturally). And isn't all in the advancement of human knowledge and the greater good (yuk yuk) after all? And yeah, maybe there is more to the Stealth's radar invisibility than a funny shape and a matte black paint job. O.K. So we lied a little." And so on. You get the idea.

    The unspoken Big Lie in all this is that the supreme and overarching prime directive of pretty much everything to do with Rainbow/Phoenix/ Montauk, at least from Philadelphia on, was really what could be termed mind control--but even that doesn't really convey the breadth and scope of the operation's goals and actions. It's really much more along the lines of reality engineering and consciousness control.

    The knowledge gained at such a steep price--through the research which culminated in the experiments at the Philadelphia Naval Yard in 1943 and the subsequent endeavors on Long Island--of methods for gaining access to, and actually traveling to other dimensions and periods of time, has been primarily applied or implemented to further the goals of manipulation and control of human, perhaps even global (or planetary--as in Gaia-) consciousness. All of these most advanced scientific technologies have been utilized in service of "mind control".

    This is the stuff the spin doctors can NEVER smooth over; the horrendous and virtually inconceivable abuses of human beings and of humanity which have taken place and are taking place in this and similar or related projects.

    The covert government considers it terribly important for the truths about such operations to be kept hidden and buried, because there is really no conceivable excuse (lie) anyone could ever come up with which could possibly justify or condone, in the minds of the public, the operation of such projects by our government or any agencies/consortiums connected to our government in even the most tenuous way; as well, because we are--especially in modern technological societies--immersed in a veritable sea of electromagnetic/radio frequency transmissions, a portion of which are intentionally engineered to have any number of effects on our consciousness and physical wellbeing. (Even those which are not so intended have well-documented and generally negative, debilitating effects upon biological health and mental function.)

    Who could ever justify such wholesale and deliberate, unconscionable, thoroughly malignant abuse of human rights and of spiritual freedom such as has occurred in the government's mind control operations?

    Thus, the mind/consciousness/reality control aspect of the Montauk Project is where I intend to put my focus.

    Preston Nichols, a project "survivor" and author a several books about the Montauk Project, supports this adherence to focusing on the fundamental truth about the Montauk Project. He adamantly stands by his contentions that the primary underlying basis of the Project is mind/ reality control, and also his contentions concerning the tremendous numbers of children abducted (NOT [only] by ETs!) for use in this and related/similar operations. I have found very solid evidence of such activities in other covert mind control operations as well."

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    I have found Nicholls and Bielek to be frauds. That does not mean the premise of Black Ops is fraud. Running a scam including disinfo, in your face off the wall stuff like Bielek did - is Standard Operating Procedure. I am inclined to give this person a benefit of doubt or accept he is a serious researcher seeking answers. But psyops people like Walter Bosley are not stupid and all of the reports can and have elements of intentional Hide the Ball initiatives.


    My first report on the Montauk Project almost completely avoided any mention whatsoever of any alleged ET/UFO connection to the Montauk Project. There are indeed numerous allegations of ET involvement with Rainbow/Philadelphia/Phoenix/Montauk, as well as with other covert activities by covert government, but the topic will not be explored too extensively this report. Others have been and are researching these aspects and I'll leave it to them.

    I have not included much of this information mainly because I've come to the conclusion that the UFO field overall has become a literally hopeless morass and teaming snakepit of a seemingly infinite amount of half-truths, misinformation, distortions, false leads, hidden agendas... in short, that the entire field of research has been massively subverted by agents of the covert government who have almost totally muddied the waters beyond any hope of clarity--at least for now. (Serious and sincere researchers, don't be offended!) Additionally I don't feel that I personally can verify most of this information to a degree I would like.

    This leads us to what is perhaps for many the most incredible not to say flamboyant assertion regarding such top-secret endeavors as the Phoenix Project, including the Philadelphia Experiment and later the Montauk activities--the involvement of secret government and international ("world" government) agencies with various "alien" species in a number of these undertakings, even long before the well-documented Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash in July 1947. Nevertheless, no rational, intelligent person can any longer ignore the massive and overwhelming evidence for the existence of exceptionally advanced aerospace-craft, apparently non-terrestrial in origin for the most part, as well as a great deal of testimony from millions of normal, sane people about their personal contact(s) to some degree with the often humanoid but apparently non-earthly beings operating such craft: to ignore these facts is to be in denial.

    Certainly such a condition of denial on the part of so many has been deliberately and unilaterally instigated and fostered by the U.S. government and other governments as well, in particular by the intelligence services thereof, for a number of reasons. The most oft-cited and acceptable reason is the claim that there was great concern about the effect the news of the existence of extraterrestrial beings (and the associated advanced technologies and abilities) could have on the social, political and economic underpinnings of human civilization. Translation: those in control were afraid they might not remain so. A more compelling reason was to hide the fact that many of the above-mentioned agencies have engaged in collaborative activities and assorted treaties with some of these seemingly extraterrestrial groups.

    I believe it must be pointed out here, however, that there is definite possibility that, although the sightings, abductions and other "close encounters" may be evidence of contacts with bona fide alien or extraterrestrial beings, such beings may instead either originate in some other dimension, or some other (future) period of time, or may in fact be some group of very terrestrial humans who have somehow developed or otherwise gained access to extremely advanced technologies, which they are implementing in pursuit of a notably fascistic, totalitarian "New World Order" agenda--in which our very thoughts and consciousness is subject to extensive monitoring and manipulating by these powers. According to some schools of thought, this itself is nothing new and has been going on for many thousands of years. A subset of this equation is that there are no aliens at all, only secret, cultic government cabals carrying out mass mind control and/or abduction operations on a global scale, for the purpose of inculcating certain specific concepts and belief systems into society--the human race--the general population.

    For brevity's sake, when I refer to "aliens" in this report it should be understood that I consider all such possibilities as to the origin of these "beings". I would imagine that the "real truth" is some admixture of these various possibilities and that all and more possibilities may in fact be occurring at once (i.e.; extraterrestrial, extradimensional, future [human] beings, humans in possession of highly advanced technologies)."

    Whatever degree of involvement Tesla had in Black Ops and the Philadelphia Experiment might take centuries for us to learn.

    When we understand all Tesla knew we will be able to achieve much more than we imagine. The interface between time and space, the mind-body healing mechanisms and many other things he felt were real are on the table today, and may already be advancing or completed.

    When you excite an atom into a plasma state does it retain every attribute of the original atom? Does it gain new attributes which make it different or does it lose it's bonds? Like things attract and Affinity is an important aspect of our physical reality. To control the level of Affinity in plasma states might be possible to achieve even extra-dimensionally. Can you imagine what anti-matter affinity or black hole interchanges of energy might allow. I suggest Tesla intuited the use of harmonics could go this far.

    Force Fields were being developed by Tesla using Unified Force Theory despite what this report says. They might be right about this particular use of the Tesla Coil. To travel in space we might need this technology if the Alcubierre space/time bubble is not going to happen. I presume what can attract can also repeal with altered polarity.

    "The system works by remotely oscillating positive and negative charges in each nanotube, causing them to chain together into long wires. Cherukuri's specially designed Tesla coil even generates a tractor beam-like effect as nanotube wires are pulled toward the coil over long distances.

    This force-field effect on matter had never been observed on such a large scale, Cherukuri said, and the phenomenon was unknown to Nikola Tesla, who invented the coil in 1891 with the intention of delivering wireless electrical energy.

    "Electric fields have been used to move small objects, but only over ultrashort distances," Cherukuri said. "With Teslaphoresis, we have the ability to massively scale up force fields to move matter remotely."

    The researchers discovered that the phenomenon simultaneously assembles and powers circuits that harvest energy from the field. In one experiment, nanotubes assembled themselves into wires, formed a circuit connecting two LEDs and then absorbed energy from the Tesla coil's field to light them."

    Read more at:
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    Then we have a mysterious person named Smyth writing a book which the publisher thinks is fiction and yet offers readers a little taste of what might not be fiction at all. I will quote the part relating to the Unified Field which Einstein and Tesla worked on and which I think Bucky developed the mathematics on as we have posted under his thread.

    "Einstein's unified field theories and project RAINBOW

    J - My impression was that RAINBOW had older roots than those relating to the problems of a unified field theory?

    W - Yes, there are several precursors. RAINBOW was a convergence of efforts addressing electromagnetic countermeasures for guided missiles, magnetic and electric countermeasures for magnetic fuses, and optical countermeasures for ship and airplane recognition. Einstein's unified field predictions could potentially impact all of these. That was the idea.

    J - Tell me about the magnetic countermeasures program.

    W - This was a joint Anglo-American Navy project that goes back to 1939, when the Germans began laying magnetic mines with aircraft. At the time, Captain [Hollis M.] Cooley was still director of the NRL, and he answered to Bowen who was in charge of the Navy's Bureau of Engineering. Gunn was already the Technical Director and chief of several Divisions - one of them, Electricity and Magnetism, that took over that problem. With the shift of the NRL from under the Bureau of Engineering back to the Secretary of the Navy - if I recall, hmmm, under the auspices of the Bureau of Ships - Bowen became NRL Director, and a major effort was initiated to develop countermeasures and understand the basic science behind them. The Naval Ordnance Laboratory [NOL] also got involved, through Commander [J.B.] Glennon, Officer-in-Charge of the NOL, with Dr.s [R.C.] Duncan - in charge of scientific matters - and [R.D.] Bennett and [F.] Bitter in charge of degaussing. Duncan had asked [Vannevar] Bush for help, and Bush had recommended Bitter, from MIT, to serve as scientific liaison between the Navy Bureau of Ordnance [NBO] and the Royal Navy. Bitter had the rank of Navy Commander during the war.

    J - Did [Lt.] Townsend Brown have a role in this project?

    W - He was the junior officer in charge of magnetic mine sweeping. In 1940, [R.W.] Ladenburg had suggested that sufficiently strong electromagnetic fields could be used to counter torpedoes and mines. If powerful electromagnetic fields could be employed to distort spacetime and to interact with the Earth's gravitational field, then it might also be possible to bend light rays, produce optical, magnetic and radar illusions or even to achieve total electromagnetic invisibility.

    J - You mean optical, magnetic and radar invisibility, all at once?

    W - Yes, if strong magnetic fields could distort spacetime this would alter the propagation and reflection of all electromagnetic signals. So, the idea arose whether one could employ the 'degaussing' methods that remove the stray magnetic field generated by the magnetized iron of ships, to create a controllable gravitational field distortion.

    J - I don't understand. I thought that Einstein's general theory permitted electromagnetic fields to interact with gravitation, to be bent by the curvature of spacetime, but not to cause it...?

    W - Yes, it was more of a geometric constraint on light than an actual interaction - in the physical meaning of the word - but that is so. Einstein's insertion of Maxwell's theory of the electromagnetic field into his own theory was pretty forced, and he was quite aware that his treatment, as it stood, wouldn't really permit what has been called a unified field theory, a UFT. All field equations, gravitational or electromagnetic, should be derived solely from the internal logic of the theory - what he called "a unitary and logical theory of the total field". The departure point for all this was the topological notion that there are two families of curves in space - those defining the structure of gravitational fields, and those defining electric fields. It might be possible to find a dynamic topology that could generate both types of curves from a single set of equations. But he admitted that to succeed at this, one needed a much better understanding of the physical nature of matter. That's where the problems of magnetism and quantum mechanics come in - but he basically ignored them. His 1916 general theory proposed a model for the bending of light rays operated by the tensors describing the curvature of spacetime. And he argued that the energetic action of the gravitational field, acting on matter, transmitted its impulses to matter through the spacetime curvature. But Einstein, you have to see, was very careful to limit the use of the general theory. He often repeated that it can't teach anything about the structure of matter, and he pinned his hopes on a joint theory of electromagnetism and gravitation that was yet to be discovered.

    J - Is that why we get to the UFT - to solve the problems left hanging by the general theory?

    W - Not directly, no. At first, the general theory appeared to be independent of the unified field problems. And that's even how it's still sold. But the fact is that the real challenge of the general theory was whether or not it could lead to the unified field. So in the mid-20's, Einstein goes through repeated drafts of a UFT. Because of quantum mechanics, he knows full well that Maxwell's equations can't apply to very intense electromagnetic fields. But he's trying to bypass quantum mechanics altogether. Others doubted it could be done, and explicitly suggested that the field approach was inappropriate, but Einstein believed at various moments that he'd found a definitive or smooth solution.

    J - When was this breakthrough?

    W - You mean breakthroughs - what Einstein thought were breakthroughs at different times. Between 1927 and 1931. He produced several attempts, with slightly different formalisms. And he published several papers on the subject, beginning in 1928. Two main versions resulted - one published in 1929 and the other in 1931. Both were presented to the Academy of Sciences in Berlin - and neither was well received. I think it was Max Born who referred to them as a great tragedy - that Einstein had been wasting his time...

    J - What were the differences between the two versions?

    W - In 1929, Einstein thought he'd succeeded in introducing a tensor for the electromagnetic potential, but by 1930 he changed his mind. He'd also introduced a topological torsion tensor that reflected the helicity of magnetic fields. Within the Riemannian geometry employed by the general theory, the torsion tensor was simply assumed to be zero. There was no spin of spacetime, and thus no asymmetries of distance in geometric terms.

    J - What do you mean?

    W - Simply put - that a given path across a region of space will not necessarily be equal to the return path. If spacetime has a torsion, the metric tensor will have antisymmetric properties, but if the torsion is zero, the helicity can be disregarded. [E.] Cartan, back in 1922, had proposed a theory of spaces with torsion - to follow up on his own 1913 theory of spinors. And [J.] Schouten, in 1923, had proposed a topological representation of the electromagnetic field based on the torsion or twisting of a four- dimensional continuum. These are problems that geometrically belong to the distortion of a metric, and topologically belong to the 'teleparallel' dislocation or transport of vectors in spacetime. What's important for you to retain, though, is that, if the torsion is not zero when the electric field vanishes - as is the case for a perfect plasma - then plasma motion along magnetic field lines could generate a co-linear electric field.

    J - Like a dynamo effect?

    W - Exactly. For a spinning body, like a planet, this co-linear electric field would be somewhat like the vortex of stacked eddy currents generated on a non-laminated iron core by magnetic induction. The first attempt at a unified field theory was made by [Th.] Kaluza. He employed Einstein's 10 gravitational potentials and the 4 components describing the electromagnetic potential but in a 5-dimensional continuum, so that the paths of the motion of charges coincided with the geodesic lines. [O.] Klein and Einstein worked on this, in 1926 and '27. In his 1931 variant of the UFT, Einstein refined his formalism by adapting Kaluza's theory of the total field - instead of Kaluza's 5-dimensional continuum, he followed Veblen and stuck to a 4-dimensional continuum correlated in parallel with a 5-dimensional 'linear vector space'. He thought his approach succeeded where Kaluza's had failed - in establishing a constant relation between the electrical mass and the 'weighty' mass of a 'material point'. He believed that he had successfully joined Maxwell's first system of equations with the equations of gravitation, connecting them through the curvature of spacetime. He left open the question of the anti-symmetric tensor, and didn't even touch the possibility of a torque to spacetime. But he was satisfied that his approach appeared to work for gravitational and electromagnetic fields in space devoid of matter. When matter is introduced into the equation however, he admits that his only recourse is to resort to a fiction - the term 'density of matter' and the tenuous assumptions regarding its distribution."

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    "J - Is this where the famous cosmological constant makes its appearance?

    W - Yes, that was one of the gimmicks that he used to adjust the overall energy density and fit it in with the dogma of the accelerated expansion rate of the universe. Later he was very ambivalent about this procedure. Moreover, the unified system of equations only applied to space containing matter if the equally tenuous assumption of no magnetic mass was also made. So he admits that the nature of these points as material particles is still not understood. That their corpuscular structure or graininess remains a mystery. They are still only topological singularities, even if one calls them 'material points'.

    J - So the solution couldn't be so definitive after all!

    W - No, it couldn't - and it wasn't. And the solution that he, along with Infeld and [B.] Hoffman, presented later in 1938 for the total field sustaining the motion of many bodies, only considered isotropic distributions. If there were torsions in spacetime they were not considered.

    J - But they certainly would have to be taken into account by project RAINBOW, wouldn't they?

    W - Yes, yes, all the possibilities had to be taken into account - in particular those that involved nonzero torsion tensors, or skew tensors. Spacetime could be deformed not only by the rubber-band analogy, but by a spherical distortion, a spin, if a full integration of the electromagnetic field was to succeed. That's also one of the reasons why, in 1941, Reich thought that his own discoveries about orgone-induced magnetism was pertinent to this problem of a unitary field description. Do you see my argument?

    J - Yes, I'm beginning to - hum-hum...

    W - It's also why, in parallel, demagnetization experiments with very intense electromagnetic fields became significant in '42 to '43, because of the development of magnetic fuses for mines and torpedos. And all these lines were frantically converging at the NRL in the very desperate context of the war effort.

    J - And do these two lines have a direct connection between them - I mean, spacetime twisting and demagnetization experiments?

    W - One connection is that a deformation of spacetime which is transverse to an axis of spin is every bit analogous to Reich's notion of cosmic superimposition between two or more orgone energy streams that create spiraling or spinning orgone envelopes. Because of their energy density, these structures would more likely be discoidal than spherical - and would create flux tubes around their axes. This is an extremely important clue, you see, because of the analogy between these cylindrical flux tubes and the 5-dimensional cylindrical treatment of the continuum that Kaluza proposed in his shot at a unified field theory. Reich's orgone envelope seemed to have all the conditions that were required to produce two different families of curves for the two resultant fields - gravitational and electromagnetic. Reich as you know was after the physics of energy --

    J - Massfree --

    W - Yes - the physics of a massfree energy that would be responsible for creating what topologically appeared as a torsion to spacetime.

    J - But Reich never explicitly addressed the descriptive problems of metric and topology, did he?

    W - He worked extensively on the problems of the co-ordinatization of the solar and galactic systems. But his thrust was that geometry and condensation of matter were created by the superimposition of massfree energy within the same space occupied by matter, so that, it was space, in fact, that could be engineered - do you see?

    J - Not entirely - but what's the connection to demagnetization?

    W - Well, you see, demagnetization involves placing the permanently magnetized object that one wants to demagnetize, in very strong electromagnetic fields generated by the pulsation of high-frequency currents. The object, for instance - even something as large as a ship - is placed in one direction and then is either placed in the opposite direction, or is completely rotated through successive angles until it arrives at the opposite direction - while the electromagnetic field is being applied. The effects of the induced alternating field is very much like the effect of imposing an oscillating diamagnetic field. This disorders the ferromagnetic structure of the magnetized body, and the disorder increases as the applied currents are gradually reduced. And Reich had discovered how 'orgone-charged and magnetized dielectrics' disturbed electromagnetic instruments and iron- magnetic needles, even though they had magnetic properties quite distinct from those of iron-magnetism or paramagnetism."

    Magnetic bandwidth information sent on ESP bandwidths of different magnetic charges was something I discussed with a Skunk Works top executive in 1994. He said they tried the idea and it did not work as well as other ideas.

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    "Manifestation Qualities?

    I have heard and read about how people say that this product will help you on the quest of manifestation. I can sum this up like this.
    It seems you use way more brain power when taking this product. It re- balances the brain. If a person is using one side more dominantly it will balance out the brain so it operates using both sides at optimum level. Your visualization and imagination abilities get very heightened as well as your focus and attention. If you ever read the book “The Master Key” by Haanal .. He basically says that those are the main keys to manifestation. With that being said using this product, without a doubt , gives you the edge when it comes to manifestation because it allows the brain to be efficient in those capacities. It also brings you to that state where one must be ‘positive side of polarity’ in order to manifest good things in ones life. The product in itself gives you the perfect conditions (according to Haanal) in order to be in a state of where one can manifest things easier."

    Why do so many people eat up the spiritual blogs and extraterrestrial literature without questioning the stuff? He is non-committal on many things and just picking up other stuff people have written - I understand he wants to make money but do these people not know how naďve individuals can accept and obsess as they 'manifest' or hallucinate this 'contact'? That is being kind - calling it contact. He is promoting people promoted by frauds and so forth - nothing wrong with thinking about what Preston Nichols says or writes - if you can verify it - and then you still must keep an open mind. Of course, the same goes for what I have experienced - I cannot be absolutely certain of things that have come my way about 'contact' dimensional or otherwise.

    But I responded to three of the articles at Gregg Prescott's site without even pointing out he makes his living off sheep, You can see the long list of nonsense under the Controllers article - and my little three paragraph response. I could not address the whole article and referred people here. I expect my responses will be taken down because they ask people questions about what was said. Generally people selling nonsense do not respond well to real questions.
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    Though this article and website is involved with known frauds like Bielek it does not mean science has not developed these technologies. I know they have, and continue to try to do it to the extent that we saw being discussed by top scientists like Kaku on Futurescape. I have been intimately involved with people in the FRNM and at California places where the research goes on - Stanford Research Institute for one. I have been partners with researchers in Canada who did this work in the 1960s, and I have some experience with military personnel who confirm many things including what you saw in movies like Jacob's Ladder, Conspiracy Theory and the Manchurian Candidate. The US had the jump on Russia despite the official story line. I suspect the non-lethal weapons used in space which Putin had issue with for a couple of years in SALT negotiations (see Dennis Kucinich of the US Armed Service Senate Committee) lead to a sharing of technology which is now ready in space and only requires completion of the Omega Stations on Earth to make a net for wireless implanting of thoughts or brainwashing. I have covered the matter in much detail here and elsewhere. I am not averse to this use of technology if we cannot address extremism any other way. The terrorists in the Islamic cults probably can address the effects of this technology as well - so I am not sure it will work on them.

    2. Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious

    Published Evidence
    A. Defense News, US Explores Russian Mind Control Technology by Barbara Opall January, 11-17-1993, p. 4.

    ”Pioneered by the government-funded Department of Psycho-Correction at the Moscow Medical Academy, acoustic psycho-correction involves the transmission of specific commands via static or whitenoise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions. Experts said laboratory demonstrations have shown encouraging results after exposure of less than one minute."

    B. Janet Morris, reported in the book, The Sorcerer's Challenge : Fears and Hopes for the Weapons of the Next Millennium, by David Shukman. London : Hodder & Stoughton, page 223. of demonstration shown on BBC television on news program entitled Newsnight by David Shukman, (tape available on request).

    C. U.S. News, January 3-10, 2000, John Norseen [Lockheed Martin neuroengineer in Intelligent Systems Division], Reading your Mind and Injecting Smart Thoughts by Douglas Pasternak.

    "Norseen's interest in the brain stems from a Soviet book he read in the mid-1980s, claiming that research on the mind would revolutionize the military and society at large. [He] coined the term "Biofusion" to cover his plans to map and manipulate [the brain] leading to advances in ...national security... and ...would be able to convert thoughts into computer commands by deciphering the brain's electrical activity. BioFusion would reveal the fingerprints of the brain by using mathematical models, [Smirnov's computer program uses mathematical models also]. It sound crazy,...The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, ...have all awarded...research contracts to Norseen. Norseen is waiting to hear if the second stage of these contracts-portions of them classified- comes through. Norseen's theories are grounded in current science. ...By MRI [Magnetic Resonant Imaging], scientists can tell what the person was doing at the time of the recording...Emotions from love to hate can be recognized from the brain's electrical activity. ...Norseen predicts profiling by brain print will be in place by 2005. ...Norseen would like to draw upon Russian brain-mimicking software and American brain -mapping breakthroughs to allow that communication to take place in a less invasive way. A modified helmet could record a pilot's brainwaves. 'When you say right 090 degrees...the computer would see that electrical pattern in the brain and turn the plane 090 degrees. If the pilot misheard instructions to turn 090 degrees and was thinking "080 degrees," the helmet would detect the error, then inject the right number via electromagnetic waves.'"

    Military interest or funding
    A Yes, Defense Electronics, DOD, Intel Agencies Look at Russian Mind Control... by Mark Tapscott, July, 1993 p. 17.

    “In a series of closed meetings...FBI officials were briefed on the decade-long research on a computerized acoustic device allegedly capable of implanting thoughts in a person’s mind without that person being aware of the thought.”
    Also, US corp. buys Russian mind control equipment.

    3. Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations.

    Published Evidence
    A. CNN TV: A demonstration by Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Dr. William van Bise, directed magnetic signals into the brain of reporter Chuck DeCaro. They created visual images as in a hallucination. This program also features Dr. Robert O. Becker, two time Nobel prize nominee, scientist and researcher of electromagnetic radiation effects on the body and author of Body Electric, summarized, “The government has never disproved the psychological effects of electromagnetic radiation. ”Dr. Robert Becker commented “that this is a substantial step forward in the understanding how the visual system works” and would be a powerful weapon if used on fighter pilots while trying to fly."

    For a 55$ copy of this tape call CNN at 404-827-2712 and ask for R2501 #13, R2747 #33, R2501 #15, R2501-#17. It runs about 20 minutes.

    Military interest or funding
    A . Yes. See above.

    4. Inject words, numbers into brain via emr waves

    Published Evidence
    A . Defense News, US Explores Russian Mind Control Technology by Barbara Opall January, 11-17-1993, p. 4.

    “Experts said laboratory demonstrations have shown encouraging results after exposure of less than one minute.”

    B. U.S. News, 1-3-2000, John Norseen, Reading and changing your mind...ibid see Symptom 2, section C.

    C. Lobster Magazine, Mind Control and the American Government by Martin Cannon, Number 23. J.F. Schapitz was conducting classified work on microwaving the subconscious with commands as in hypnosis. This work is classified.

    Military interest or funding
    A Defense News, US Explores Russian Mind Control Technology by Barbara Opall January, 11-17-1993, p. 4.

    “Moreover, decades of research and investment of untold millions of rubles in the process of psycho-correction has produced the ability to alter behavior on willing and unwilling subjects, the experts add. ...Russian senior research scientist, diplomats, ...are beginning to provide limited demonstrations for their U.S. counterparts. Further evaluations of key technologies in the United States are being planned, as are discussions aimed at creating a frame-work for bringing the issue under bilateral or multilateral controls, U.S. and Russian sources say.”

    5. Manipulation of emotions

    Published Evidence
    A. Ultrascience, Weapons of War, The Learning Channel, 1997, Featured Dr. Michael Persinger, Laurentian University, Canada. Dr. Persinger described weapons using "psycho or influence technology" and electromagnetic radiation frequencies to control what people think, for psychological warfare purposes.

    B. Ultrascience, War 2020, Beyond Productions, The Learning Channel, 1998, with Dr. Michael Persinger, Laurentian University performed a demonstration of a helmet with solenoids which induce magnetic fields into the brain and cause panic, fear, God and UFO experiences. He stated that with current technology it is possible to use mind control on the mass populations.

    Military interest or funding
    A . Yes. See above."
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