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Thread: Religion was Sick and still is

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    Religion was Sick and still is

    There was a time when all disease was KNOWN to have been caused by sins and demons. In some places inside the US today - there are people who still believe this. In fact it might even be the majority on certain large demographics if you are willing to allow a person to believe in a little reasonable use of medicine and care. Judging by the born again element who are huge supporters of people like Shrub, anti-abortion, guns and anti gay behaviour - maybe the whole of the US can be viewed as sick. You might think that is just my bias talking. But there is a fair report in a Christian site saying just that!

    Because the U.S. performs so poorly in so many respects, its cumulative score on the [Successful Societies Scale is lowest,] placing it as an outlier so dysfunctional relative to the other advanced democracies that some researchers have described it as “sick.” (p. 416)
    The metrics in which the U.S. ranks worst out of the 17 countries are homicides, incarceration, under-5 mortality, gonorrhea, syphilis, abortions, teen births, marriage duration, income inequality, poverty, and hours worked.

    But it’s #1 in God belief, prayer, belief in heaven and hell, and in rejection of evolution! That’s not much consolation to the Christian, however, because this study destroys the notion that religious "

    It goes on to quote and an article addressing why disbelief is gaining on all religions.

    "Disbelief now rivals the great faiths in numbers and influence. Never before has religion faced such enormous levels of disbelief, or faced a hazard as powerful as that posed by modernity. How is organized religion going to regain the true, choice-based initiative when only one of them is growing, and it is doing so with reproductive activity rather than by convincing the masses to join in, when no major faith is proving able to grow as they break out of their ancestral lands via mass conversion, and when securely prosperous democracies appear immune to mass devotion? The religious industry simply lacks a reliable stratagem for defeating disbelief in the 21st century.

    by Gregory Paul & Phil Zuckerman"

    Religion is the top disease Earth faces and was just as bad when sins and demons were created.
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    3,798 has 15 top religious scammers and $cientology only ranks number 15 but in the parlance of the pop music industry you could put a bullet beside that ranking due to it's relative newness and small size (despite the lies of their PR saying they have over 10 million stupid sheep). Though money might lead to a lot of potential it is also one way to get sicker, and those who promote religion are making many more as sick as they are, even though people think they are not religious.

    "What crime combines billions in annual earnings, sneaky accounting, a lack of media coverage, and the good Lord himself? Religious fraud. Conning the faithful, it turns out, is a lucrative art.

    Christian leaders alone stole more than $27 billion in 2009, according to one estimate. Such leaders steal more money than is spent annually on global religious missions. Narrowing it down even more, Utah, arguably the fraud capital of the United States, has a fraud industry “double the size” of its ski industry.

    If you’re a slippery type, these figures represent a heck of an opportunity. Indeed, the priests, ministers and thetans below have grabbed this chrysobull by the horns, perpetrating religious swindles that put the finer tenets of their theology to shame.

    15. Xenu’s Swiss Securities

    Like a new breed of carnivorous alien, Scientology, after being conceived in the test tube of one man’s mind, grew from a sci-fi story into a cult that annually bilks hundreds of people. With illustrious types like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Sonny Bono, and Kirstie Alley on their roster, the Scientology cult has even more power. If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that there are loads of people who will happily follow what a famous person says just because they said it.

    Through another so-called “affinity” con, which brings in people linked by a common belief to act for a particular cause, more than five hundred people were ripped off during the 1980s by Reed Slatkin. If the name sounds familiar, it ought to. He is a co-founder of the Atlanta-based ISP Earthlink.

    Some of his victims were Hollywood types and even fellow Scientology adherents (he himself is an ordained minister of the group). And what was it for? Non-existent Swiss securities. The great promised returns never materialized. But, even in Switzerland, the saying is still the same: “Ein Narr und sein Geld sind bald geschieden” (A fool and his money are soon parted.)

    14. Mormons Bilked by the Golden Rule

    Gold isn’t just for Bond villains and medicated powder. It’s also immensely useful for ripping off loads of well-intentioned people. Such deception works especially well if the gold doesn’t actually exist.

    Henry Jones (no relation to Indiana or Jim for that matter), Robert Jennings and Arthur Simburg decided to take 735 believers to the cleaners by hatching a plan to fund their crummy little energy consortium. It consisted of a low-yield coal mine in Kentucky and 20,000 tons of gold bullion from the Middle East, to be delivered by some unnamed Arabian royal.

    Seriously? 20,000 tons? That’s more gold than the US has in its reserves. But, the ace up these men’s sleeves was affinity. Most of their investors were devout Mormons who conversed regularly with one another and even prayed together on the phone. It was a tight-knit bunch who grew close in cost and cause.

    If a trusted group of believers sees God’s hand at work in a thing, they see no reason to investigate the truth of it. The Tri Energy guys knew this. The Golden Rule was their main tenet: He who has the gold makes the rules.

    13. Too Big to Fail?

    A Christian nonprofit organization, foreign bank accounts, bribery, theft, a faux gold mine, and global fraud. It sounds a bit like a bad movie spiel, doesn’t it?

    But as they say, truth is stranger than fiction. One Edward Purvis of Chandler, Arizona stands guilty of 43 counts of criminal fraud and theft, among a host of other charges.

    Purvis attempted to bilk millions of dollars from his investors, whom he tried to entice into funding overseas religious work. Supposedly there was a gold mine in the South Pacific, but in actuality, the ore the New Zealand mine spat out was worse than useless and Purvis was proven to have links to several Chinese, Swiss, Australian, and Caribbean companies.

    With so much going on, Purvis, who was working with a known felon and already in violation of his probation (when he was arrested for this latest scam of his), probably thought since his eggs weren’t all in one basket, he’d be safe. Not so much. This unwieldy juggernaut of convoluted criminal mischief was just big enough to take a dive right on Purvis’ head when the feds finally caught up to him. If he’s convicted, the judge will definitely have the last shot at the behemoth of criminal idiocy by sentencing him to 100 years in prison. Now there’s some divine justice.

    12. The Nasty Guru

    It takes all kinds. If it isn’t a child molesting priest, a swindling preacher or a tax evading church administrator, it’s something else. Well, here’s the something else.

    Santosh Madhavan, setting up shop in Bahrain as a self-styled guru and calling himself Swami Amritachaitanya, conned some twenty-odd Indians into giving him investment money for a charity organization and a resort. Is this sounding familiar? Just wait, it gets better.

    Three underage girls went to the authorities claiming that he sexually assaulted them. Madhaven was charged with fraud, rape, possession of narcotics, among a laundry list of other misdeeds. Despite his obvious guilt, lots of Hindus believe that he should be left alone simply because Swamis are considered by the faithful to be above the law. Even those who dedicate themselves to bottom-feeding rather than Brahman.

    11. Stamping out Religious Corruption

    Okay, it’s make-believe time. Pretend you are a church employee with a desire to filch from the coffers because ‘Nobody will notice.’ Pretend also that you’re absolutely gonzo about collecting expensive stuff. Like musical instruments or cars. Or…postage stamps.

    Derek Klein of Norfolk did exactly this, but even a church treasurer can’t make that much, right? That’s precisely why he made off with $140,000 (88,502) so he could indulge in his two obsessions, philatelism and gambling.

    Naturally, he got caught, and did spend some time in the pokey, but rather than go back, he told the judge that he could make back the money and then some by selling the stamp collection (which is large enough to fill a small family garage) on eBay. If he tried to make off with any of the money (which wouldn’t have surprised us) or tried any other funny business, the no-nonsense Judge Jacobs was going to toss him right back in the clink."

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    If people are not encouraged to think for themselves and leave everything to a priest saying he speaks the truth of Allah what will happen to our world?

    One author on the cult trail called newswithviews is Chuck Baldwin. He says what Augustine knew a long time ago and which has a catholic credo in honor of him: "Now, all of the church members out there who have been forgiving of their ministers for not speaking out on the issues by saying things like, “He really doesn’t understand what’s going on,” need to reevaluate their leniency--if they are intellectually honest, that is--and if they truly care about the future of their country.

    Church member, admit it: that pastor of yours who refuses to speak out on the issues KNOWS the Bible speaks to these issues, and he is DELIBERATELY refusing to teach those Biblical principles to you and your family.

    So, we are not dealing with IGNORANT pastors; we are dealing with DELIBERATELY DISOBEDIENT pastors. They are PURPOSELY CHOOSING to remain silent. Will that make any difference to the Christians in the pews who say they want their pastor to take a stand but are willing to overlook his “ignorance?” Probably not. But, at least, we now know what the real issue is, don’t we?

    The report goes on: “Why the disconnect? According to Barna, the answer is simple. He suggests asking pastors how someone would know if their church is ‘successful’--which he did.”

    "‘There are five factors that the vast majority of pastors turn to [when asked that question],’ he explained. ‘Attendance, giving, number of programs, number of staff, and square footage.’”

    There you have it: pastors are more concerned about being “successful” than they are being truthful. They believe if they tell their congregations the truth, their churches will not be “successful.” And it is so refreshing to see Barna directly ask pastors what “success” means to them. So, now we know (as if we didn’t know before; but, at least now there is definitive research to back it up). The vast majority of pastors believe church success lies in:

    • Attendance
    • Giving (money)
    • Number of programs
    • Number of staff
    • Square footage (of facilities)

    Shazam! Where did pastors come up with this definition of “success?” You know where: from men such as Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, et al.

    The megachurch phenomenon of the last several decades transformed how pastors think and behave. Pastors read the “successful church” books and publications; they attend the “successful church” conferences; they watch the “successful church” videos, etc. They, then, try to mimic the tactics and strategies they have been taught. And if there is one constant theme promulgated by the likes of Osteen, Warren, and Hybels, it is pastors must avoid controversy like the plague. Again, one must realize that the goal is NOT being faithful to Biblical principles; the goal is building a “successful” church as noted above."

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    Was sex made something foul and heretical because it offered true wisdom?

    It would not surprise me if ancient shamans over two million years ago tapped in to knowledge which any person today would give their total wealth to gain. So Gnosis is that old at a minimum.

    One of the confusing things for authors who write about the Essenes or Therapeutae is the interest they had in celibacy. Once you find a true co-creator you will have much more pleasure and wisdom. I feel very confidant that Pythagoras the Druid experienced this in his life, probably more than once. This is a good thing if you want true sexual and total union of the Soul or Bhakti. The Reality Matrix e-book says these words.

    "Ideally a couple will come together and form a "sacred union" using the alchemical power of sex ('The Secret Gate to Eden') to help each other with the mutual goal of becoming more conscious. Then an individuated couple may go on to co-create a new child and these will be the children of the golden age bringing a new enlightened consciousness to Earth (associated with the inter- generational inheritance of consciousness on a collective level). Celibacy can be a natural part of the process of individuation or reformation of the psyche however when it becomes part of a strict moral code or religious teaching which is enforced for a lifetime it is usually an attempt to maintain intrapsychic separation from an increasingly negative collective unconscious and was historically more successful in the past.

    It is important for the collective unconscious to understand how sex relates to the flow of psychic energy, symmetry, and to conscious threshold within people otherwise it becomes a negative and used for control and to lower the collective consciousness and vibratory frequency.

    Akiane: child prodigy -

    How to initiate the process of individuation

    The whole process centers around connecting the conscious and unconscious. Develop a healthy ego, free yourself from rigid dogmatic thinking, practice regular meditation and connect with Gaia, avoid self destructive behaviors, self-education, mandalas, use active imagination, dream journaling, view / create art, sacred geometry, initiation ceremonies and immerse yourself in the work of others who have successfully individuated like Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, Jung, Anastasia, Wingmakers, and indigenous cultures.

    The degree of manipulation you know about is directly related to the amount of what you think about. Thinking is not a skill you learn in school and presumably your parents were too busy to teach you even if they knew what was going on - which would make them very unusual. In fact what you think about - the thinking process itself is by-passed and less than the importance given to it in our educational environment, I say by design.

    There is no black and white boogeyman but both sides of every issue are managed and considered with resultant contingencies generated when necessary. The politicians are not all that capable of deciding what is needed and they listen to the bureaucrats who are supported and trained by think tanks or outgrowths of the Rhodes Round Tables and banker's monies.

    That does not mean it is wrong and I agree with Professor Quigley and other whistleblowers who say the institutions they expose do a lot of necessary things. Unfortunately the rage of stupidity by so-called 'truthers' and Tea party cretins is all 'in vogue' and being 'liked' through eubonics and social media. Shrub and Trump are the result.

    It may be better today, or it might not be. When Eckart heralded a new Messiah and Armand Hammer was teaching Al Gore about how to manage Russia, things got pretty bad. They were just as bad in Canada under the Family Compact in a century before that as The Gangs of New York created Tammany Hall. There is always room for a Thule Society or a Leni Riefenstahl as long as people have no Critical Thinking skills and allow those who do (Like Socrates) to be eliminated.
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