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Thread: Dating the Great Pyramid - Graham Hancock

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    Dating the Great Pyramid - Graham Hancock

    This is from the official Graham Hancock website. It agrees with what I have (and ARCE - the American Research Center in Egypt) says. The miss-representations of carbon dating by cultists and religious liars once had more validity but it has been untrue for two decades at a minimum. There are many methods in dating and many technologies. The ARCE sent the biologics from INSIDE the Great Pyramid to a Mass Accelerator like Abby has in NCIS, it was in Zurich.

    Hancock does have weird sources and sells his drug addled ideas to an always avid group of alien freaks.

    " But this is not even close to the carbon datings...
    > I’m just an amateur on the topic, but could there be something
    > to this much older date that Sacredsites is talking about? Or
    > has it been “debunked”?

    Carbon dating is meant as a guide so you have to take it for what its worth. I think the most relevant outcome of the results of the 2 studies is that from the 6th Dynasty and back ALL of the dates are older whether they be 100 or over 1000yrs in some cases. This alone should thoroughly debunk the "old wood theory", for one, but more importantly provide little doubt accepted chronology is in error. How much is the question though at best as far as I can see there is nothing to point to 10,000BC.

    To answer your question from your previous post, the way around RCD is to accept the idea given the dates are derived from the exterior and short lived materials that they may not be indicative of the builders but rather later restorers. What gives credence to this idea, amongst a host of other non-RCD related evidence, is that the RC dates for the G1 exterior get progressively older the higher you go dating to as much as 3,900BC. The idea this has something to do with "old wood" is nonsense.

    In principle I accept the restorer theory, though I probably have a different take on it, as well as the idea the Sphinx, related temples, and G2's base at the least, are much older than the pyramids. But I don't see any reason to suggest any, particularly the pyramids, are 12,000yrs old. Its clear orthodox dating is wrong, but I don't think it is that wrong.

    You might find this thread interesting Pyramid at Meidum-New Perspective

    As far as an RCD date of 12,000yrs is concerned, I don't know where this comes from though it is often repeated, but marine detritus is a component of the limestone blocks themselves:Pyramids packed with fossil shells and not something that just washed up there. Regarding the water mark stories, regardless of where are they now as they say they were under the casing stones as well, but these are made in the centuries AD by the Arabs whose writings of the time are filled with many tall tales which increasingly favor Biblical ideas such as the Great Flood. As to their validity, it is interesting to me that Herodotus, Strabo, the Romans, the AE or anyone else prior to the Arabs make no mention of such things which seems unlikely if true.

    It is possible a flooding event took place when some of the first Giza monuments were there but personally I do not fall in the 10,000BC camp for several reasons. If you go HERE (scroll down a hair to my long winded post) I make the case the global flood spoken of in ancient literature occurred circa 6,000BC, not 10,000BC. Since that post I have also learned the Nile river delta of northern Egypt also appears to bear witness to the same catastrophic events of 6,000BC, having suddenly swelled to epic proportions at this time becoming a “Great River” stretching at its largest point from Saqqara to the Mediterranean Sea. So violent was this transformation it is said to have “deleted all record of earlier human activity” in its path (History of Egypt John Romer pp155). Given the Nile flows from South to North, and at this time and before the Nile flowed much greater than today, it stands to reason the events which flooded the Mediterranean at this same time would have most certainly been responsible for inundated the Nile Delta disastrously impeding the Nile’s flow resulting in the formation of the Great River.

    IMO, the Sphinx and related works came before 6,000BC, though not 4,000yrs before, and the Great Pyramids (Dashur and Giza) and core structures (mostly?) came after though still sometime prior to Dynastic times. What the RCD represents to me are various eras of repair/conversion from works built several hundred if not over thousand years before.

    People may/will disagree with me, debunkers and alts alike, but I think this goes to show you that you need to cast a wide net of opinion and find what makes most sense to you. Things are not exactly as the orthodox makes it appear and yet many alt types take it much farther than what is warranted. Two sides of the same coin. The truth I have found is likely in the middle.",330062,330108

    -"The excavations of Thomas W. Jacobsen at the Franchithi Cave on the Bay of Argos... by 13,000 - 11,000 B.C. and that the cultivation of hybrid grains, the domestication of animals, and organized community tuna hunts had already begun." (Britannica) Yet there are those who say we couldn't travel the ocean when obsidian had to be brought from a distance, at this time. They like to intimate we couldn't travel the oceans for a reason when they say (NY Public Library's Chronicles) the earliest recorded sea travel was in 2600 BC to Lebanon.
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    You should read this book to grasp what impact the cult of the Dead with all of the drugs associated may have had on the elite and thus upon all other people. If you think aliens built the Great Pyramid or had anything to do with it - you are probably doing drugs.

    In the section on the Book and it's relationship with the Great Pyramid we have these important words. I say the Osirian culture was indeed important and part of the culture that built the Great Pyramid. When Nat Geo was promoting their TV Channel about a decade ago they said the most important question was "who built the Great Pyramid". I agree but Hawass was still in control of it and access to it. Will this question be addressed now that he is gone? We do not need access to it, in order to say who were the builders. It was not alien!

    "Marsham Adams proposed that the unique system of passages and chambers (particularly the Grand Gallery, obviously unnecessary in a tomb) has an allegorical significance only explained by reference to the Egyptian “Book of the Dead”. The famous Egyptologist, Sir Gaston Maspero endorsed his thesis and added,

    “The Pyramids and the Book of the Dead reproduce the same original, the one in words, the other in stone.”
    Can we find meaning and answers to the mystery of the Great Pyramid by studying the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” and its relationship to the Great Pyramid?

    What is the Egyptian “Book of the Dead”? It was believed by the ancient Egyptians that “Thoth” wrote the “Book of the Dead”. He was the scribe to the gods and was the one responsible for speaking the words of creation and putting it into effect. Its name is not a correct description of it. It should be named the “Chapters of the Coming Forth by Day”. It is mainly concerned with the state of the departed soul and its trials and existences in the afterlife. According to one of the world’s experts on the “Book of the Dead”, Sir Wallis Budge, it was not of Egyptian origin but its ideas were brought to Egypt by a different culture and people.

    Scholars speculate that these people were in existence prior to the first dynasty. There has been much speculation of who these people were but the bottom line is that no one knows. We do know that the changes in Egypt at that time were sudden and highly radical. The building of the Great Pyramid is a good example. It appeared out of nowhere from a primitive stone and flint culture, the sudden flowering of a culture that has never been repeated. Also it appears since iron has been found in the Great Pyramid and was part of the original structure, this invading culture brought the Iron Age to Egypt at least 2000 years earlier than scholars date it."

    Coppens gets a lot correct. And although we know we have been conscious and civilized for millions of years more than we were taught when I went to school we still have the Bible Narrative history being force fed to us, and our laws are still derived from the era of scholastic feudal tyranny. That era is longer than the ages we call DARK. I am a student of the paranormal and parapsychology but damned if I can figure out why this denial continues.

    This puts an end to all the Anunnaki stuff.
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