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Thread: Notable Names in Psi-science

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    Notable Names in Psi-science

    The good and the bad all have a place in science. The list of influential psi-scientists provided in the link which follows is not focused on results any more than it addresses facts. But it can provide a starting point for personal awareness of some recent Western people.

    I say every quantum physicist and thousands of Eastern philosophers and Yogis belong on this list. Pay special attention to William James (Carl Jung loved), Sir William Crookes, William Roll, Gary Schwartz, J. B. Rhine, Michael Faraday and Raymond Moody. Among the quantum physicists do not overlook Richard Feynman, Murray Gell-Mann and Heisenberg,

    If actual proof is your interest you might look for the Minnesota Twins Study, Tesla and Edison's visions or hypnagogia, epigenetics, Masaro Emotu, healers all over the world, yogis and Harvard or University of Illinois studies on them, Persinger's god helmet, use of the World Mind technology, Sheldrake, shamans and the origins of the bulk of medical drugs, Mircae Eliade on alchemy, Qabala, Hank Wesselmann, Pythagoras, Padre Pio, and almost every saint in the Catholic Church starting with Saint Columba.

    I have had feelings similar to this when my brother was operated on and the knife went in, I felt it. I have met people whose I believe when they told me their clock stopped by their bedside when their mother died - etc., etc..

    "Ananta cannot live; the sands of his karma for this life have run out.”

    These inexorable words reached my inner consciousness as I sat one morning in deep meditation. Shortly after I had entered the Swami Order, I paid a visit to my birthplace, Gorakhpur, as a guest of my elder brother Ananta. A sudden illness confined him to his bed; I nursed him lovingly.

    The solemn inward pronouncement filled me with grief. I felt that I could not bear to remain longer in Gorakhpur, only to see my brother removed before my helpless gaze. Amidst uncomprehending criticism from my relatives, I left India on the first available boat. It cruised along Burma and the China Sea to Japan. I disembarked at Kobe, where I spent only a few days. My heart was too heavy for sightseeing.

    On the return trip to India, the boat touched at Shanghai. There Dr. Misra, the ship’s physician, guided me to several curio shops, where I selected various presents for Sri Yukteswar and my family and friends. For Ananta I purchased a large carved bamboo piece. No sooner had the Chinese salesman handed me the bamboo souvenir than I dropped it on the floor, crying out, “I have bought this for my dear dead brother!”

    A clear realization had swept over me that his soul was just being freed in the Infinite. The souvenir was sharply and symbolically cracked by its fall; amidst sobs, I wrote on the bamboo surface: “For my beloved Ananta, now gone.”

    My companion, the doctor, was observing these proceedings with a sardonic smile.

    “Save your tears,” he remarked. “Why shed them until you are sure he is dead?”

    When our boat reached Calcutta, Dr. Misra again accompanied me. My youngest brother Bishnu was waiting to greet me at the dock.

    “I know Ananta has departed this life,” I said to Bishnu, before he had had time to speak. “Please tell me, and the doctor here, when Ananta died.”

    Bishnu named the date, which was the very day that I had bought the souvenirs in Shanghai."
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    William Wynn Westcott was a leading light in research and esoterica. His involvement in Soc Ros (founded by my ancestor and namesake RtB) makes me almost certain he is an Hibernian like Thomas Paine, William Blake, Swift, and others I suspect including Jefferson, Yeats and Carlyle. I also recommend David Ovason's great book on Nostradamus.

    So much of our paradigm thought has been predicated upon racist ideas including those which set humans above porpoises and the apes we are descended from. John Locke and his crew felt the English were above all others on the Scale of Nature which was still taught in the early 20th Century alongside the idea that people who guided ships thought there was no curvature to our planet. Yes, Cosmas Indicopleustas was a mariner and he was paid handsomely along with Ussher - for their lies.

    This oppression of consciousness and morals is still rampant in the denial of our soul which animals certainly have, despite the Pope in 1524 saying they did not as he raised the people in the America's above the apes. Even Thomas Jefferson thought the black people he loved screwing (Biblically) were originally a mixing or miscegenation of an Orang and human. Of course he did not know there were no white people on Earth in our early evolution.

    Needless to say Nazis had similar concepts (some still do - knuckle draggers all).

    Just when we left trees as a place to live (rather than caves as once thought) is a matter of contention. The age of early hominids still has a way to go as I see it.

    "Despite the ability to walk upright, early relatives of humanity represented by the famed "Lucy" fossil likely spent much of their time in trees, remaining very active climbers, researchers say.

    Humans are unique among living primates in that walking bipedally — on two feet — is humans' chief mode of locomotion. This upright posture freed their hands up for using tools, one of the key factors behind humans' domination of the planet.

    Among the earliest known relatives of humanity definitely known to walk upright was Australopithecus afarensis, the species including the famed 3.2-million-year-old "Lucy." Australopithecines are the leading candidates for direct ancestors of the human lineage, living about 2.9 million to 3.8 million years ago in East Africa."

    I like what this team of researchers are doing but I disagree that tool use is exclusive to hominids because chimpanzees use sticks to get at ants in hills the ants build. Chimps also use ropes to swing through trees, don't they? Higher apes will also use sound by beating on logs and trees. I am nearly certain they climbed aboard logs or amalgams of logs and vines (ropes) which float and began long voyages, at first unintentionally. What about otters using rocks to break open the shells of clams? I might even argue that selecting a special clump of trees wrapped in vines and picking away at the loose stuff was building a raft or home. Their preening is a highly intuitive act and social function but don't they preen other things like they do us or other animalia? Cats and dogs sure do, and cats will build homes by chewing on boxes etc. I recall a dog friend of mine who built a lair out of sticks and limbs.

    "[VANESSA WOODS & BRIAN HARE:]Mikeno sits with his chin resting on his right hand, in a startling imitation of Rodin's Thinker. His left arm is thrown over his knee, and his eyes are slightly out of focus, as though he's deep in thought. With his black hair parted carefully down the middle and his rosy pink lips, Mikeno looks human. But he isn't. Mikeno is a bonobo — an inhabitant of Lola ya Bonobo, one of a number of African sanctuaries for apes orphaned by the bushmeat trade, this one in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    Bonobos share more DNA (98.7 percent) with us than they do with gorillas — enough so that under his glossy black hair Mikeno has the body of a young athlete, complete with chiseled biceps and a developing six-pack. The question is: where among the three billion nucleotides of his genome is the 1.3 percent that makes Mikeno a bonobo instead of a human?

    We have been seeking to define our humanity for thousands of years. Plato described a human being as a featherless creature that walks on two legs; in response, Diogenes turned up at one of Plato's lectures holding a plucked chicken. Other definitions have come and gone: Only humans use tools. Only humans intentionally murder one another. Only humans have souls. Like mirages in the desert, the definitions are always shifting.

    In the six million years since hominids split from the evolutionary ancestor we share with chimpanzees and bonobos, something happened to our brains that allowed us to become master cooperators, accumulate knowledge at a rapid rate, and manipulate tools to colonize almost every corner of the planet. In evolutionary time, our progress has been swift and ruthless. What allowed us to come down from the trees, and why?...

    The chimps didn't discriminate; they made the begging gesture at people who obviously couldn't see them just as often as they begged from people who were looking straight at them. If chimpanzees have no theory of mind, which this set of findings suggested, then that could be what distinguishes humans from other animals.

    That was before Brian and two colleagues, Josep Call and Michael Tomasello, began working with Jahaga, a female chimpanzee at the Wolfgang Köhler Primate Research Center of the Leipzig Zoo. The experiment went like this: In a room at the center, you sit behind a Perspex panel with a tray extending from it that holds a banana. Jahaga sees the banana. She can also see you watching, and knows that if you see her coming, you'll pull in the tray, because you've already kept food from her like that. Instead of simply rushing for the banana, Jahaga casually walks to the back of the room, as though she didn't want your measly banana and was bored by the whole game. She continues along the back wall, slinking around a partition until she's out of sight. Then, when she knows the partition is blocking your view of her, she walks low and fast behind it and swipes the banana off the tray.

    This was the first experiment to investigate whether chimpanzees will actively deceive another individual based on what that individual can or cannot see. Deception can be one important test of whether or not you possess a theory of mind, because, in many cases, in order to deceive someone you have to know what they're likely to be thinking and then try to manipulate the situation such that their thinking changes in your favor.

    Jahaga's behavior in this experiment — and later that of other chimpanzees — seemed deceptive, not just because she slinked to a place where she knew you couldn't see her (that is, she was sensitive to what you were thinking) but also because she seemed to be deceptive about being deceptive: she looked as though she were pretending not to be interested in the banana (that is, she may have been trying to manipulate what you thought about her intent).

    After Jahaga, a whole range of experiments have shown that in a number of contexts chimpanzees do think about what others are thinking about. Low-ranking chimpanzees will always go for the food that's hidden from a dominant chimpanzee's view, because they know the dominant has not seen it. If you suddenly look up, a chimpanzee will follow your gaze, wondering what you've seen. If you delay giving chimpanzees food, either by teasing them or accidentally dropping it, they know when you're being intentionally mean, and they act more frustrated than they do when you're just being clumsy.

    But does this mean that chimpanzees have the same theory of mind that we do?"

    Some single sites would take an interested knowledgeable person forty hours a week a long time to gain everything therein. The first link here takes you to many links the second one takes you to one person (with his wife) who took a lifetime to learn a little of what has become science.
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    I posted this on the Graham Hancock website a year or more ago. They worship their leader who has to do drugs to come anywhere close to a psychic experience, so they attacked me. It is also on many sites selling schlock from the days when I used to post on e-zine type sites for other world exposure. I should clarify - (LOL) I mean exposure around this world. I have to say that because there is another person here who is a total freak cultist and alien theorist who uses zero grey matter who also stalks Graham and puts words in his mouth.

    It might be within me, or another dimension. It is not the close 'connectedness' that I had grown to cherish, or obsess about. Her 'charms' were so plentiful as to make mere words seem pubescent. It was in 'the doing' of things that she excelled, though she was very knowledgeable and able to compete intellectually or add to anything I talked about, it was her 'charms' and soulful touching that 'blew me away'.

    A couple of years later Sherry and I went to Mount Charleston. We had a lunch on the patio surrounded by mountain peaks and cool breezes. These are not the same mountains that Lydia helped me to 'grok' or become friends with during my morning drives to Southern California. I had read Carlos Castaneda's works that deal with the spirit or amber rays that connect all matter and had a true wise and warm interplay with those mountains for years. This restaurant is a popular respite from the valley heat that I often enjoyed taking a half hour drive through the changing vegetation and climate to be with. I was trying to tell Sherry about the impact Lydia had had on my life and I sensed that our waiter was associated with her mountain climbing sutra. People from all over the world came to be with her and her husband and a growing community of 'seekers' that she was building. I told Sherry my feeling and she was sure I was just imagining things. He came to take our order and I asked him if he knew Lydia.

    "I have not met her personally but I have met her husband. Do you know her?" He asked with a somewhat reverent and almost worshipful tone in his voice.

    "You could say I know her. If anyone can know such a person."

    My response matched his sense of worship of her greatness, and Sherry saw another example of what life can be and WAS for me.

    In order to bring some semblance of normative 'reality' back to this discussion of things definitely other worldly I shall take a brief quote from archaeology. Then we will deal with Joyce Hood who I mentioned earlier is connected to Lydia in some way as well.

    In 'Secrets of the Ice Age'

    by Evan Hadingham from 1975 and page 75 he reports the following.

    "One of the most remarkable recent finds took place in the suburbs of Vladamir near Moscow, at a site known as Sungir... well preserved burials dated to 23,000 B.C... It is not known how the Paleolithic craftsmen managed to straighten the natural curvature of mammoth tusks to produce these remarkable weapons."

    That is true. There are many things modern science doesn't know and doesn't want to consider. How can we maintain our high opinion of ourselves in the evolutionary order or the intellect vs. soulful knowledge game of ego, if we examine the possibility of spiritual 'rocks' and other matter? We are clearly not as perfect as we should be, and perfection at a psychological or soulful level is not worth trying to achieve if one EXPECTS or stresses about it. However, it is necessary as a society for us to aim high and use the ethics of LOVE to try to achieve perfection. I have only briefly touched upon a number of things relating to the attunement with sub-atomic matter that may be connected to my mountains and these mammoth tusks. Some of these things include the Murrhine vases, 'rock-making', the 'Philosopher’s Stone', anti-earthquake engineering, 'laying on' of hands, psychic surgery and the biggest one of all 'direct cognition'. Findhorn’s leprechauns and large plants of today, are only a 'glimpse' into the world of spirits, elementals and the 'consciousness' within every nucleus that quantum or 'chaos' scientists of today have recently re-embarked upon.

    One night about two o'clock in the morning I stopped listening to some mind-expanding 'tunes'. I stood up to conduct my 'attunement' meditation in order to express my love for Lydia. I was breathing deeply and moving my outstretched arms from side to front to back while turning my torso but not my feet. My hands were turning (as receptors of energy) from the earth to the sky in coordination with the in and then out of the breathing. I thought and expressed my desire to be 'connected' to all the spirits and allies, friends and LOVE that was within my 'selves' and the world relating to me. BOO stayed on the couch where 1 had been sitting. It was an intense feeling that made me feel great before going to bed to 'travel' after cuddling with BOO!

    The next day I got a phone call from Joyce who I had not spoken to or seen since before I moved to Las Vegas, at least six months before. Joyce is the 'flat-bottom girl' with the unusual 'gift' of total sensory recall. This is the only person I have ever met or even read about who has such a 'gift' and I am not sure she had it with many other men, if any. This gift can produce some intense feeling for someone like me who enjoys pleasing a woman. I remember touching her psychic points and giving her energy after we had made love and I was worn out. I would then tell her to remember what we had done, not just that time but other times in other places as well, when different techniques or positions were involved. Each time she was about to have an orgasm I would do something to change her focus, such as kissing her while looking deep into her eyes. For those who have heard about the Indian 'rope-trick' and know the impact of withholds I am sure you can imagine how enervating this was for me. Her voice was fraught with fear and she knew that I might be the only person 'weird enough' to explain IT.

    IT was the event that she had been wakened by that night or early morning which she had been fretting about ever since. She told me how she awoke to the sounds of the bed she had been sleeping on moving across the floor. She described these sounds as if it were metal screeching on metal. Therefore I asked her if she was SURE she was awake. She had no knowledge of astral travel or metaphysics in general. She maintained she was sure she had been asleep and was awake when she heard these sounds. Then when she heard the noises she began to see a ghostly apparition appear in the room in front of the window, with its louvered blinds shut tight, she screamed at the top of her voice. I asked her if her friend Melanie {who had been with her the night I met Joyce and read their palms) whose place she was sleeping at, was able to confirm the screams. She said Melanie said she had heard nothing but that that didn't mean she hadn't screamed. I could see she was 'fixed' on the opinion that fear had driven her to reach. She had been going over it with Melanie all morning. Melanie had suggested she get in touch with me. I had told her that we were through and that we would never see each other again so that she would try to find a new love when I had seen her last. We had only one thing going for US. I had not given her my number and I had been surprised to get her call that morning. She always maintained that I would change my opinion and settle for someone who REALLY loved me, rather than chasing psychic or spiritual 'unions'. She had called at least three other Robert Bairds before she got hold of me.

    This ghostly apparition seemed, from her description to be more solid than most ghosts. I questioned her to get an idea of its possible ectoplasmic nature and whether there was a chill associated with it. She said she had felt no chill and that it seemed solid beyond light in a dark room and almost like chiffon. When she explained that it seemed to be turning back and forth in a 'rotating' fashion, I thought about what I had been doing before coming to bed. Then I honed in on the exact time (though blockages can delay the reception like a fax 'on hold') which was apparently simultaneous with my 'attunement' with all my loves and guides, especially Lydia. I told her that I thought she had been asleep when she heard the sounds and she had been astrally traveling (which everyone does) even if unconscious of it. The noises I told her often relate to the astral body being brought back by an unusual energy. She nearly refused to consider this because that was the thing that seemed to scare her the most. She calmed down noticeably when she heard me say that the vision was my soul or solar body that I had unwittingly sent out due to an adept I was trying to reach. In response to her varied insistences that she was awake when the noises came and she had screamed at the 'top of her lungs'; I eventually determined that she had seen the vision but was asleep for the screams. She chose the moment of our having reached each other in this way as a sign of our 'closeness' and began to remember and conduct a phone sex cum total body recall event that focused on when I had sucked her psychic point on the upper arm. This was a most pleasant end to her fright night and I have never talked to her since. Bi-location or being in two places at once is something I am sure a disciplined adept who worked on the sending of a solar body could and can achieve. Jack the Bodiless or Jesus on the road after the crucifixion, how many complex ways these different yet similar 'realities' interact and enable our souls is something the ancients knew far better than even the best adepts of today.

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    The field of parapsychology has a long and trusted history in Eastern cultures. Part of the reason we called spiritual people savages when we dispossessed them of their land and possessions was that WE had been lied to about out spiritual potential. Today see Harvard University doing brain-mapping to prove gurus and others in fact are what they say they are. I think Yogananda and Vivekananda made the biggest impact on such research.

    A good video to watch.

    "I set forth with the zest of my twelve years (though time has never dimmed my delight in new scenes and strange faces). Reaching Benares, I proceeded immediately to the swami’s residence. The front door was open; I made my way to a long, hall-like room on the second floor. A rather stout man, wearing only a loincloth, was seated in lotus posture on a slightly raised platform. His head and unwrinkled face were clean-shaven; a beatific smile played about his lips. To dispel my thought that I had intruded, he greeted me as an old friend.

    “Baba anand (bliss to my dear one).” His welcome was given heartily in a childlike voice. I knelt and touched his feet.

    “Are you Swami Pranabananda?”

    He nodded. “Are you Bhagabati’s son?” His words were out before I had had time to get Father’s letter from my pocket. In astonishment, I handed him the note of introduction, which now seemed superfluous.

    “Of course I will locate Kedar Nath Babu for you.” The saint again surprised me by his clairvoyance. He glanced at the letter, and made a few affectionate references to my parent.

    “You know, I am enjoying two pensions. One is by the recommendation of your father, for whom I once worked in the railroad office. The other is by the recommendation of my Heavenly Father, for whom I have conscientiously finished my earthly duties in life.”

    I found this remark very obscure. “What kind of pension, sir, do you receive from the Heavenly Father? Does He drop money in your lap?”

    He laughed. “I mean a pension of fathomless peace—a reward for many years of deep meditation. I never crave money now. My few material needs are amply provided for. Later you will understand the significance of a second pension.”

    Abruptly terminating our conversation, the saint became gravely motionless. A sphinxlike air enveloped him. At first his eyes sparkled, as if observing something of interest, then grew dull. I felt abashed at his pauciloquy; he had not yet told me how I could meet Father’s friend. A trifle restlessly, I looked about me in the bare room, empty except for us two. My idle gaze took in his wooden sandals, lying under the platform seat.

    “Little sir, don’t get worried. The man you wish to see will be with you in half an hour.” The yogi was reading my mind—a feat not too difficult at the moment!"

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    You would have to know alchemy to know why Thomas Paine was a foundational scientist in the field of what religion called superstition and we call science today. Here he is talking about some of the most para - normal and unbelievable fictions you will ever encounter large groups of people swearing is real. (From The Age of Reason Part 2)

    "When I am told that the Koran was written in Heaven and brought to Mahomet by an angel, the account comes too near the same kind of hearsay evidence and second-hand authority as the former. I did not see the angel myself, and, therefore, I have a right not to believe it.

    When also I am told that a woman called the Virgin Mary, said, or gave out, that she was with child without any cohabitation with a man, and that her betrothed husband, Joseph, said that an angel told him so, I have a right to believe them or not; such a circumstance required a much stronger evidence than their bare word for it; but we have not even this — for neither Joseph nor Mary wrote any such matter themselves; it is only reported by others that they said so — it is hearsay upon hearsay, and I do not choose to rest my belief upon such evidence.

    It is, however, not difficult to account for the credit that was given to the story of Jesus Christ being the son of God. He was born when the heathen mythology had still some fashion and repute in the world, and that mythology had prepared the people for the belief of such a story. Almost all the extraordinary men that lived under the heathen mythology were reputed to be the sons of some of their gods. It was not a new thing, at that time, to believe a man to have been celestially begotten; the intercourse of gods with women was then a matter of familiar opinion. Their Jupiter, according to their accounts, had cohabited with hundreds: the story, therefore, had nothing in it either new, wonderful, or obscene; it was conformable to the opinions that then prevailed among the people called Gentiles, or Mythologists, and it was those people only that believed it. The Jews who had kept strictly to the belief of one God, and no more, and who had always rejected the heathen mythology, never credited the story."

    Jung can also be used to gain further insight but be careful of any quotes by those who say they take his full understanding to heart and remember the Dag Hammadi finds were Christianized which actually means it was Roman propaganda, and not fully translated in his era.

    " "A parallel form of alchemy also developed in the East, in which the liberation of the 'true man' from within was sought in forms of Indian yoga and Chinese Taoism....

    "For as science freed itself of religion in an Age of Enlightenment and work in the laboratory finally shed its arcane symbolisms... so the philosophical side of the work forfeit the creative medium - the living soul - of its projections only to become the inanimate preserve of secret societies such as the Rosicrucians....

    "Jung showed that the problem... of the body in general developed in Western alchemy as a compensatory undercurrent to the Christian conflict between the opposites, particularly the moral opposites of good and evil, which ever since the first day of Creation had been rent apart into upper and lower worlds. ... Alchemy represented the search for the divine spark of God's reflection in the darkness of the lower world, under the motto ascribed in antiquity to Hermes Trismegistus; 'as Above, so Below'....

    "As the power of faith upheld by the Church waned, it was left to psychology to uncover the source of this sickness in modern man, a sickness and distress which Jung argued can only be cured through greater knowledge and individual experience....

    "The opus of alchemy was essentially concerned with the union of opposites....

    "The stone, the lumen novum, arising from the conjunction of the reconciled opposites Sol et Luna was personified as the rounded, bisexual Anthropos and proclaimed... the saviour of the macrocosm and counterpart to Christ.... Because the experience of wholeness re-connects the individual with the universal life of the collective unconscious, Jung called the mandala 'a window on eternity', a moment of 'redemption' transcending the ego-personality as the whole transcends the part." 18

    Jung on Active Imagination: "Brief Extract from Analytical Psychology : its Theory and Practice The Tavistock Lectures (1935)"

    On the nature of tao - From Jung's Collected Works 6 Psychological Types (1921): "This psychological attitude essential condition for obtaining the kingdom of heaven, and this in its turn - all rational interpretations notwithstanding - is the central, irrational symbol whence the redeeming effect comes. The Christian symbol merely has a more social character than the related conceptions of the East....

    "According to the central concepts of Taoism, tao is divided into a fundamental pair of opposites, yang and yin. Yang signifies warmth, light, maleness; yin is cold, darkness, femaleness. Yang is also heaven, yin earth. From the yang force arises shen, the celestial portion of the human soul, and from the yin force comes kwei, the earthly part....

    "As a microcosm, man is reconciler of the opposites, Heaven, man, and earth form the three chief elements of the world.... Man is a microcosm uniting the world opposites is the equivalent of an irrational symbol that unites the psychological opposites.... The existence of two mutually antagonistic tendencies, both striving to drag man into extreme attitudes and entangle him in the world, whither on the material or spiritual level, sets him at variance with himself and accordingly demands the existence of a counterweight....

    "The aim of Taoist ethics, then, is to find deliverance from the cosmic tension of opposites by a return to Tao.""

    Unity in Yoga (one definition is union) and joining the yin and yang to get the ONE is a simple way to understanding all religious and philosophical debate. Eliade and Jung had 'words' over this and we have those letters here already.
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    The Institute of Noetic Sciences has on staff scientists working on replicability in the mind effect on matter sciences. Here is an introduction to them and one study in particular which has been done in many other research centers around the world.

    Psychophysical Interactions with a Double-slit Interference Pattern

    Arnaud Delorme, PhD

    James Johnston, PhD

    Leena Michel

    Dean Radin, PhD

    Previously reported experiments suggested that interference patterns generated by a double-slit optical system were perturbed by a psychophysical (i.e., mind–matter) interaction. Three new experiments were conducted to further investigate this phenomenon. The first study consisted of 50 half-hour test sessions where participants concentrated their attention-toward or -away from a double-slit system located 3 meters away. The second experiment used a duplicate double-slit system and similar test protocol, but it was conducted over the Internet by streaming data to participants’ web browsers. The third experiment used a newly designed double-slit system, a revised test protocol, and a simpler method of statistical analysis. A similar interaction effect was replicated in all three experiments.

    Radin D, Michel L, Johnston J, Delorme A. Physics Essays. 2013 Dec;26(4):553-566.

    Download a PDF of "Psychophysical Interactions with a Double-slit Interference Pattern"

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