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Thread: Geophysical Proofs of the Gods

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    Geophysical Proofs of the Gods

    Archaeomythology might not be a 'see this is proof' kind of exploration but it leads places that people who need to see artifacts will miss.

    "Mariolakos I.D.1 1 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment, Department of Dynamic, Tectonic & Applied Geology, Panepistimioupoli, Zografou, 157 84, Athens, Greece, [email protected]

    Many believe that the Greek Mythology is a figment of the vivid imagination of the ancient Greeks. Consequently, the Greek Myths are all fantastic stories. In my opinion, this view is erroneous, at least on the subject concerning the geographic and physical-oceanographic characteristics of the Atlantic Ocean, as these were described mainly by Homer, Hesiod, the Orphics and Plutarch. In the present paper (i) some of the references made by the above mentioned authors are selectively reported, and (ii) the physical and geological validation is given, based on the present-day scientific views and knowledge. Namely, the prehistoric Greeks knew about the Hyperboreans, the island of Ierne (Ireland), the British isle etc., by the Orphics. From the writings of Plutarch, they knew (i) the relative position of the present-day Iceland (Ogygia) and its distance from Britain, (ii) that to the west of Iceland, three other islands are located, where the sun sets for only an hour a day, (iii) that further to the west there is a “great continent”, which surrounds the Ocean and more. Homer and Hesiod wrote that (i) the Ocean is a “river” that flows continuously, (ii) that this river encircles the Earth and (iii) that its flow is turbulent not only on the surface, but in depth as well. Unfortunately, all this knowledge was gradually forgotten by all. This is the reason why Odyssey is considered just an entertaining poem and Ulysses’ nostos a fantastic story, with no trace of historic reality."

    We will explore more of this proof that Homer's work on the Trojan War probably leads to saying there was a worldwide war in 19 separate theatres of operation. In knowing that you will just begin to grasp how much we have to uncover about our true past. Starting at page 91 we have the above abstract.

    I take great pride in seeing how my work is accepted and how my efforts have caused a sea change in history - but it hurts me to see people claiming some unknown Johnny-come-lately is getting credit for Cell Diffusion and migration or people saying the Copper Culture in the upper Mississippi only goes back to the Mycenaean era. Before the start of the last century there were many people who knew a lot more than Dr. Christine Pellech, I say. And I quote a panel of Smithsonian experts from many disciplines addressing the Lake Superior mines from that era. Then there are my friends at Inyo or Barry Fell and my Ogham scholars who knew Le Plongeon was not whistling Dixie as others I quote show the Caribbean was indeed a center for Cretan and Keltoi or Phoenicians even before Poverty Point and the great work of Jesse Jennings or the pediatric doctor named Haag who found it. But there was no one place this culture operated from, or in. It was a worldwide culture!!!!! It included the Olmec and black people and may even have originated with those people before white man existed as Professor Bernal suggests (Black Athena). I am seeing the DNN or Sidhe of an Ainu origin were perhaps the key people - and DNA is supporting this and Churchward (if you dissect his bad geology out of his research).

    On page 138 of the upatras linked pdf file we have another author saying Atlantis was found. NONsense! Total idiocy and a demonstration of the superficial willingness of academics to say things about something they have not studied. Just because it fits Plato's description borne of his priestly cousins or kinfolk's myths does not make it a fact that Andalusia is the site of Atlantis. It was a (!) site as was Tartessus and Massallia nearby. In Columbus' Journals I noticed his description of the Taino who his purposeful genocide with the Plague eradicated. I remembered what my father had told me about the Andalusian genetic mix and beauty. I got a lot more verification in the Copperhead designs and elsewhere over time. And I look forward to the study of the deep city off Cuba which has been stopped for no good reason.

    "Papamarinopoulos S.P. University of Patras, Department of Geology, Patra, Greece

    Part V:

    Atlantis’ location


    Following strictly Plato’s information we reach Iberia and there we discovered the basic geomorphological characteristics of a horseshow shape flat and elongated basin which is surrounded by mountains. The basin reaches the Atlantic Ocean. This valley is Andalusia and it was missed by Herodotus and Hecateus, who lived a century earlier than Plato, and constructed North West Europe’s map. The Iberian civilization is reflected in the Greek myths prior to Plato too. Atlantis’ catastrophe in the shape of the concentric scheme’s, being in Iberia’s coast, was realized by earthquakes and a tsunami. The discovery of the very first Mycenaean vase’s fragment, in Guadalquivir’s estuary by Spanish archaeologists in 1990, offered the first archaeological evidence that the prehistoric Greeks had visited Atlantis after all before the 12th century B.C. The recent interest of the Spanish Archaeological Survey in Andalusia initiated because it has been proved geologically that the region had not been submerged since the last ice age. New evidence suggests that the waters may have receded in time for the Iberians in the period Tartesssos to build an urban centre, which was later destroyed by earthquakes and a tsunami as Plato describes in Timaeos and Critias for this region. Although platonic Atlantis could not be considered, as Thucydides would prefer, a historical text but it cannot be considered as a single paramyth either since some parts of his text have been proved already. It can be considered as a genuine myth containing a true prehistoric kernel covered firstly by a layer of inventions produced by transmitting people, the story, from generation to generation between the actual occurrence of the event within the 12th century B.C. and Solon’s 6th century B.C. who recorded it and then of the 4th century B.C. when Plato wrote down. Atlantis is also covered by a platonic paramythical layerfull of mathematics and musicological information which is recognized and can be removed liberating the genuine myth’s kernel from the platonic intervention."
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    Lynn Picknett has exposed the Cayce Foundation and subsequent investigation of Zahi Hawass proven criminal fraud. Hawass and Mark Lehner were both educated by the Association for Research and Enlightenment to prove more of Cayce and Sykes' lies. They have grown a lot since the years I spent in the Library during the mid 70s and when I saw Hugh Lynn Cayce and felt he was a 'worm'. His esteemed father Edgar and grandfather were both high Masons who have a lot of myths surrounding them and the Pyramid. I wonder if Hawass kicked back some of his ill-gotten gains or his buddy who also got to be on all those TV shows (Mark Lehner) who was always presented as an independent expert on Egyptology.

    Masonry has strong Hebraic elements in it, but that does not mean they are 'Jew' spies or plants or any other racial overtones. You have to study the Halakah to start a basic understanding of all these political fronts and secrets. Then you have to study the history of the Stuart Royals/Chatti and Philistines or other elites since white people walked the face of the Earth.

    Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince have an interesting take on Sion and Zion which I certainly agree with - Sion in Switzerland is more important to the Rothschild/Battenburg Royals than Jerusalem and the Zionist claim to land in Palestine which was made real by money given to Lord Balfour by Nathan Rothschild or his family of Benjaminites. I have already made it clear that Plausible Deniability is a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for secretive and deceptive people - so I accept the Protocols are fact based even if doctored to appear less than they are.

    I have read some good work on the Pyramid by Picknett et all.

    I have only read what you get here in this book - freely. You can browse to look inside for a little but if you do not get my book - this is the book to buy.,.

    Here is the Simon & Schuster promo.

    "An essential notion in the #1 New York Times bestseller The Da Vinci Code is the existence of an age-old French society, the Priory of Sion, whose task it is to protect Christ's sacred bloodline. In The Sion Revelation, Picknett and Prince reveal the story of the Priory, taking readers on a highly significant, disturbing, and even alarming ride through history into an intriguing world where a great many uncomfortable facts will have to be faced, both religious and political. Drawing on a wealth of astonishing evidence, they answer numerous questions that shroud this society, including:

    Does the Priory actually exist or is the group's entire history an elaborate hoax?
    Was Leonardo da Vinci really one of the Priory's Grand Masters?
    What is the truth behind Pierre Plantard, the enigmatic French aristocrat who claimed to be a Priory Grand Master -- and who some claim was a Nazi sympathizer? {If they are referring to me, I raise questions and I do wonder about he and Prince Bernhard as well as others who had an interest and involvement - see my book on Gurdjieff for more which ties in to what they say below.}
    Could the Priory be a front for other occult societies in Europe with religious or even political agendas?

    By carefully untangling centuries of obfuscation, rumor, and documented fact, The Sion Revelation unravels the great intricacies of this secret society and takes us on a historical journey that is as groundbreaking in its explanation as it is riveting in its telling. - See more at:"

    In the thread "This Place is Terrible" I address the matters they address more fully - and of course much more so in my book on Sauniere.
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