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    I will select some portions of this extensive (and there is a lot of ads and commercials) warehouse of information in this thread which will touch upon many other areas of study here. I expect it will be biased and unscientific but sometimes that is the best form of wisdom.

    I cannot cut and paste anything so you will have to explore on your own. Under Adytum they talk about walled in dark rooms you can only get into via spiritual travel, and oracles such as those at Delphi. There is a course on Tarot put out by a group called Builders of the Adytium which I bought for a lady I married. The Builders may be a mix of Mormonism, and alchemy in Utah - I say this because I have run into other 'Builders' there.

    The links section took me to an Absolute Egyptology website which is better than the wiki and Britannica sites in terms of dates and facts.

    "The first signs of human activity in the area which today is Egypt, dates back around 500,000 years. Pebbles and stone axes from the Abu Simbel region in the far south have been estimated to be of this age. The majority of the stone age finds are 90.000 to 250.000 years old and the materials are mostly the stones quartzite and basalt. These remnants are surely from the dawn of man and not from our own clever and imaginative sort Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

    The first fragments of "real" humans and an organized society are from Qadan (250 km south of Aswan) and date back to circa 13.000 to 9.000 BC. and have the first cemeteries with ritual burials.

    A rudimentary agriculture is shown from all grinding stones and the great number of sickles. In some places fishing is decreasing since the cereal culture, possibly barley, plus hunting (the area by the Nile were then a savannah) gave a sufficient level of feeding.
    Then, due to a slow change into a drier climate, agriculture was decreasing, and sickles are found more seldom. The fight for fertile land was then a fact for the inhabitants in the Nile Valley and in around 6.000 BC they organized themselves in tribes to protected their possessions. The small semi nomading groups of hunters and fishermen began to be stationary in villages and after the adoption of the "modern" agriculture in around 5.000 BC (like working together on irrigation projects etc), the base to the coming high culture was ready and the key word was - spare time. This was gained when the Nile was flooding and a good harvest didn't make it necessary to gather food and cattle breeding made hunting not a necessity. Some centers based on agriculture and some hunting/fishing grew to quite a substantial size, like the one excavated in the 1930s at Merimde.

    At approximately the same time communities were developing by other rivers like Indus in today's India/Pakistan and the much closer by Eufrat and Tigris in Mesopotamia the place for the coming high culture of Sumeria. (See the history table for the region).
    Archaeology in Egypt has revealed habitats (map at upper right) which had their own typical pottery, tools, weapons, burial customs etc. The cultures at the middle Egyptian town of Badari and a couple of minor at the southern delta, lived their own lives until the advanced civilization from the southern town of Nagada started to spread northwards. After almost a millennium it had reached up to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and wiped out the local cultures at Maadi and Omari which until then had influences from the region of today's southern Palestine.

    The two geographical parts (southern - Upper, and northern - Lower Egypt) thus had a basically common culture just prior to unification. Some differences however were to a great extent preserved, like local gods and symbols, which had originated in the around forty small tribe areas (later to be Egyptian provinces) which were spread along both banks of the Nile.

    Very important, not to say essential factors for creating this first national state in history were their common language and the developing of a writing system."
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    This source is far better and more extensive in historical and scientific realms. I have chosen a single article of many under the heading Book of Shadows for you to read.

    Physics and the Basic Principle of Visualization Magick[/U]

    by Dan


    For starters, I would like to say a few things about myself to set the record straight. I have a Masters degree in Quantum Field Theory, am working on my PhD in the same, and am a practicing, if tyro, shaman. I have read in several places that the best way to start in magick is to read read read read, and I have noticed several articles using Physics to explain magickal arguments. Unfortunately, many of these articles either do not explain the Physics very well or are just plain wrong. I am not disrespecting these people: after all, not everyone can be a Physicist! I thought I would write a brief article to clear up a few issues on the nature of probability in Physics as well as how probability might play a role in magick.

    The following article is essentially a short paper on the Metaphysics behind what I call "visualization magick." I am not going to footnote: all of the Physics arguments are well known and documented and can be found in any introductory text on Quantum Mechanics. As for my magickal arguments, well, they are as correct as I can make them. Naturally, I accept responsibility for any errors contained in this article.

    The Nature of Investigation: {As Socrates would say - first we interrogate then we Observe and question before we proceed.}

    Most of the science done today is based on a problem solving technique called the "Scientific Method." The Scientific Method is a well-established way to start from the basic principles behind a problem and develop an experimentally based explanation of a given phenomenon. It has been used successfully for centuries. There is one problem with this method, though: it can be very difficult to incorporate any newly discovered facts that do not fit the structure of the current scientific theory. This point has been raised repeatedly when scientists try to discover the nature of ghosts, ESP, etc.

    I think it is natural to take the viewpoint that any axiomatic structure, such as the sciences, can only explain certain types of phenomena. Other systems, such as magick, can explain other phenomena. It is interesting that these different axiomatic structures can overlap: they can explain the same types of phenomena, but they explain them in different ways. One might call different axiomatic systems as "paradigms," or "representations." Whatever you call them, it is important not to mix the different systems, because the any term defined in one representation are not likely to have the same meaning in another. For example, anyone trying to explain a magickal phenomenon in terms of Physics needs to be careful of how the word "energy" is used. Energy in magick will not necessarily mean the same thing as it does in Physics. (Incidentally, energy is not a well-defined concept in Physics!) {SO TRUE!}

    In the remainder of this article I am going to discuss the Physics representation known as the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Physics (CI) and, within that representation, provide an explain of visualization magick.

    Schrodinger's Cat and Quantum Reality:

    When most people think of Physics, they think of equations, math, and all sorts of difficult problems. In actuality, Physics is based on very simple arguments and can often be put in the form of puzzles that illustrate the basic principles. For instance, Classical Physics can usually be put into the form of some little guy (or person, for you extreme liberalists) firing a cannon over a ravine. Classical Physics describes what we see and touch in everyday life. We are familiar with it and it is the representation that makes the most sense to us. Another representation, which is more basic, is that of Quantum Reality. Classical Reality is fully contained within Quantum Reality, but Quantum Reality contains more phenomena, much of it things we do not see in day-to-day life. Not really accepting Quantum Reality for what it is, Erwin Schrodinger devised a thought experiment to show the odd nature of what Quantum Physics implies. He was essentially trying to ridicule the interpretation of the science he was helping to develop. The thought experiment is known as "Schrodinger's Cat."

    We start with building a switch device based on quantum principles. We are going to take an atom of a radioactive material and place it inside a detector. The detector sends a signal to a switch if the atom decays. Now, all atoms decay eventually, and the amount of time it takes for half the amount of a radioactive material to decay is called the "half-life" of the material. So the chance our one atom will decay in one half-life is 50%. Thus, after one half-life, our switch has an equal chance of being "on" or "off." We now connect a vial of the deadliest poison to the switch; if the switch is "off" then the poison vial is closed, if the switch is "on" then the poison vial is open and any creature in contact with the poison will die instantly. Now place the quantum switch and vial of poison along side a cat in a sealed box. The question is after one half-life has elapsed, is the cat alive or is it dead?

    Since there is a 50% chance that the atom has decayed in one half-life, our "logical" answer must be that the cat has a 50% chance of being alive or dead. No other answer in our (Classical Reality) experience makes any sense. We cannot say with certainty if the cat is either alive or dead.

    However, we are asking a question that requires a specific answer. Is the cat alive, or is it dead? Quantum Reality gives us a third, and actually the only valid, answer to this problem. The cat is in a mixed quantum state of both alive and dead as far as anyone outside the sealed box is concerned. That is, the cat is only in a specific state of alive or dead when someone called a "quantum observer" looks inside the box to determine the state of the cat. This leads us to all sorts of metaphysical problems about the cat as well as the problem of what defines a quantum observer.

    The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Reality:

    The Quantum Reality representation of the result of the Schrodinger's cat experiment does not make any sense as far as Classical Reality is concerned. Nevertheless, it has good basis in Physics. Many of the top Physicists of the time (around the 1930's I believe) met in Copenhagen to discuss Quantum Mechanics. Several topics were on the board there and eventually a consensus was made as to the nature of a quantum system: if a system is not measured it exists in a superposition of all possible quantum states. When the system is measured, it falls into one specific state. (For you Physics buffs, this is the concept behind the Born interpretation of the wave function.) This representation has become known as the "Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Physics." (CI) According to the CI, Schrodinger's cat is both alive and dead until someone opens the box to look.

    There is one other way to look at Quantum reality, but you pay a severe price. The representation, called the "Many Worlds Theory," states that every time a quantum level decision is made, the Universe splits into two or more copies, one for each outcome of the decisions. The Many Worlds interpretation of Schrodinger's cat states that the Universe splits into two copies: one with a dead cat and the other with a live cat. When we open the box we find out which Universe we are in. Personally, I find this representation to be a bit ridiculous, but you may feel free to choose which one you like the most. Both the Many Worlds and the CI make exactly the same predictions and we cannot tell which one is correct (if either!).

    The Double Slit Experiment:

    The Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment does not really tell us anything about the real world unless we can prove it. Obviously, we are not going to learn anything from killing cats (and why would we want to anyway?) so we need to turn to another experiment to give us some facts. The Young's double slit experiment does just that and is almost as simple as Schrodinger's Cat. First though we need to talk about light.

    When Sir Isaac Newton was doing his experimentation on light he decided, based on his experiments on reflection, refraction, and the sharpness of shadows, that light was made of little particles, which he dubbed "corpuscles." (We now call corpuscles photons.) Later on, interference experiments (such as the Young double slit) showed that light was made of waves, not particles. Was the great Sir Isaac wrong?? Not entirely. In the early 1900s, a man named DeBroglie showed that electrons, which are "obviously" particles, could be thought to have a wavelike character. Eventually scientists realized that all subatomic particles have both wave and particle properties...subatomic "particles" are neither particles nor waves, but are something else which we have come to call by the badly punned name of "wavicles." (If you are a John Gribbon fan, as I am, then you may like to call subatomic particles "slivey toves.") When we run an experiment that assumes light is a particle, light behaves as if it were made of particles; when we run an experiment that assumes light is a wave, light behaves as if it were a wave.
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    Dan continues making good sense.

    "Young's double slit experiment assumes light is going to behave as a wave. We start with a monochromatic (single colored) light source and pass it through a slit so that we obtain a set of equally spaced wave fronts. We pass these wave fronts through a wall that has two tiny holes in it, equally spaced from the center point. Beyond the wall is our "detector:" essentially a TV that records the wave pattern striking the screen. A diagram of the double slit experiment may be found in any introductory Physics text, just look under the term "interference" in the index.

    When we turn the light source on, we see a pattern of light and dark areas on the TV screen. This is the expected result since light is a wave and the two slits create an interference pattern: the peaks and troughs of the wave cancel out in different regions on the TV screen. This is entirely due to the fact of those two little holes in the wall...if there was only one tiny hole in the wall then we would only see one point of light on the TV screen and no interference. The one hole experiment is more like treating light as a particle rather than a wave, and we get no interference from it since particles do not interfere with themselves.

    Now let us play with the experiment a bit. We are going to presume that light is made of particles and install detectors in both holes in the wall to see which hole the photon goes through. What kind of pattern do we get on the TV screen now? According to Classical Reality it had better be an interference pattern again. Nope. We get two little points of light on the TV screen. Why? Because we are thinking of light as particles we detected the particles, so they cannot interfere with each other. Let's play with this again. We are going to take the original double slit experiment and this time put the photon detector right in front of the light source and then we are going to run the double slit experiment only letting one photon through at a time. Obviously, we only get a point of light on the TV screen each time a photon passes through. However, let us record where each photon hits and run a bunch of single photons through the experiment. What do we get on the TV screen? We might expect to see two little points of light on the screen, but we do not. We now get a full-fledged interference pattern! Remember, this is a composite pattern made up of individual photons going through the experiment, not a bunch of waves. This is truly weird.

    There are only two ways to explain this last result, neither of them comfortable. Consider a photon passing through hole #1 as a photon in state 1 and a photon going through hole #2 as a photon in state 2. The only way we can get an interference pattern is if we have something going through BOTH holes at the same time. This implies that the photon is traveling through the double slit apparatus in both states at the same time. Remember we are not trying to detect which state the photon is in as it goes through the holes, so the CI predicts that the photon is in both states, just as the results say it must be. (We can make a similar argument for the Many Worlds case as well). This is hard experimental evidence for the CI and has not been contradicted in the last 70 years or so. Just the opposite...other experiments have lent validity to the CI. (By the way, this same experiment has been done with electrons and, I believe, neutrons as well.)

    The Extreme Copenhagen Interpretation and Your Quantum Universe:

    What follows is my personal interpretation of the Physics mentioned above.

    Let us go back to Schrodinger's Cat since it is the simpler experiment. We need to discuss what makes a quantum observer again, because it is a tricky point. A quantum observer is some nebulous thing that takes a measurement of a system. What is it that creates the measurement process? Presumably, we have two systems to consider: the first is the actual experiment that we want to measure, and the second is the system that does the measuring. Therefore, if we take the measurement process to its most basic level, a measurement is the process by which the experimental system "gives" information to the observer's system. This information exchange is mediated by photons (or W, Z, gluons, etc. Basically any boson you wish. That's another topic.) To make a long story short, the observer gets information from the experiment by absorbing a photon. This means that an electron can serve as a quantum observer since a absorbing a photon will alter the electron's state. A quantum observer does not actually need to have an intelligence to function; it merely needs to respond to the experiment in some way."

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    If you desire to develop your innate spirituality you are going to find many dry holes and scams. If you learn from some you will say it was worth it. If you seek only for company in your misery AMORC is happy to take your money and you can find people like Steve Kalec to assist you as well. He only had 18 months in AMORC and was a year into giving courses because he said he had a life of knowledge from Martinists who are even more of a scam as far as I can tell. I wrote a book wrapping around the work of Franz Bardon and a top Rosicrucian from a better Rosicrucian group said I "made Bardon credible". Caveat Emptor!

    I consider Franz Bardon who they teach had good insight. I am sure you can learn from fakirs like Blavatsky, but the whole of AMORC is a Roman intrigue like the Gospels to discredit hermetics and alchemy. You can call it Black Ops disinfo to use the current eubonics or lingo.

    I am embarrassed for the good intentions of people who get sucked in to such scams even though they probably learn a great deal. Needless to say AMORC people do not like me, and Theosophists also can rise to the level of other Christian fakirs who hate me. It is imperative that you read their manual for many reasons, you are lucky to get it so easily - it took me a decade to get it when I was looking high and low from the late 60s onwards.

    "Attainment of some success in psychic matters through the teachings in other systems does not indicate any special preparedness for the Rosicrucian work. Very often we hear the remark made: "Before I took up your Rosicrucian teachings and exercises I had visions that were prophetic, could at times see other persons at a distance, and make them sense me, and could even heed by laying my hands on others; but now all of these things have stopped, and I find I have gone backward in my development. What is wrong?" Without being unkind in our intentions we say to these persons: "Yes, and you may be able to play several pieces of music quite well on the piano without knowing anything of music, and after taking up the study of music for a while you will find you cannot play the old pieces at all. But would this indicate that you had gone backward in your talent?"


    Many persons do have unusual experiences of a psychic nature before they ever take up any course of practical, psychic development. This is because they attained some degree of development in a previous incarnation and those faculties are striving to manifest, and DO MANIFEST AT TIMES, but without control and direction by the person. What must be done is to learn how to control and direct the faculties and develop them to a more perfect state of functioning. To do this, the spasmodic action of these faculties must cease for a time; and nature stops them until the time comes to use them UNDER CONTROL after the laws and principles have been learned.

    So our members are guided and directed in their individual development. And, in addition to the study and practice of the lessons, the one who is truly on the Path will give the utmost of devotion to the Order, to assist it and its other members, that the Masters may be helped by the very ones who will later on seek help and guidance from the Masters.


    Always ready to render some service to the Order, {Yes, and you must do this if you want the approval of your masters.} through the Order, or because of the Order, is a form of devotion that pays each member the greatest dividends in development; for by such service he obligates the Order and the Cosmic to him, and from the Cosmic he can expect compensation. That is why the Keynote of the Rosicrucian Order is SERVICE. All through the graded work in the Temples of our Order the student is impressed with the fact that SERVICE is the duty he owes to it and all mankind. Few new members realize, of course, the many ramifications of the Rosicrucian Order, and in its public literature it says very little of this phase of its Great Work. But it is a fact that not only has AMORC in North America, for instance, three or four very definite associate organizations under its direction, but it has twelve definite avenues of service and labor in behalf of its members, and about the same number in behalf of mankind generally. All of these activities—often carried on to a high degree without being known except to a few hundred of America's foremost newspaper editors, scientists, judges, lawyers, physicians, and educators—require trained experts to do the work in secret, funds to meet emergencies, secretaries to keep records, and space for the preservation of the work in our national organization. Perhaps one of the greatest services rendered to our members is through the personal correspondence to and from Headquarters. Do our members ever think of the nature of that correspondence and the cost—the tremendous cost—to maintain such a service department?"

    Right! They have the cost of keeping enough drugs to make themselves calm enough not to break out laughing when they go to the bank. But I am not averse to learning what some real Rosicrucians have learned.

    Now you will have reason to say Jesus was a Vampire and even a Nos Feratu or one level less than a person who can shares his knowledge with apostles through his touch. Yes, an enlightenment can occur occasionally without a touch or bite (kidding - sort of). I have known the Goth types who think they are vampires and spoke with them about what I know. I chuckle thinking about it. I have written a book (semi-fiction) called The Nos Feratu. One time the person almost turned as white as a succubus just from talking to me, we had met many times before, and I think word went around because a bunch of these people started coming around like I was an attraction.

    If a person is perfect it is like a hologram and the knowledge in every atom is also perfect - but even the people who can de-materialize are not 100% perfect -though they are as close as it gets if they can take every atom to another dimension or level of consciousness. This site (like most Christian or religious sites) calls it Divine. That is fine if they mean something which I call Divine. You might see Divine as a personality - I do not. But an entity with the ability to think - that is at the end of growth in the next realm - as I see it. We have numerous threads here where science broaches consciousness in this realm as well as harnessing the collective. These things are real! But you are right to think you'll believe it when you see it, to paraphrase a book by Wayne Dyer.

    "The Divine by Aurora's Son

    All of our rituals, practices, and studies are intended to lead us to one thing: Communion with the Divine. There are many ways of looking at both of these terms but through the rituals I see a valid praxis, of actually seeing these terms in a spiritual technology, a way of recognition with All That Is. So how does one teach a concept that there is no physical proof or corollary to? (Notice I did not say any physical manifestation of.) How does an Initiate begin to understand the subtle communication between what is called The One and the Individual? And what is the practical value of this Communion?"
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    The material presented here is not in depth and anyone can learn and grow through it with an open yet cautious approach. Literal interpretation is often unwarranted, there are many things I do not agree with including his use of Cabbalah when he should use Kabbalah for the era he speaks about. Cabala came much later when the persecution of the Jews had reached horrific proportions in the era after many of them died in fires or at the stake during the Cathar time. But you can take everything as somewhat truthful (like any source - you need to verify). Here is a little of some use in a thread on seductive voice I am doing.

    "Madame Blavatsky's first book, Isis Unveiled (1877), was less an outline of her new religion than a rambling tirade against the rationalist and materialistic culture of modern Western civilization. Her use of traditional esoteric sources to discredit present-day beliefs showed clearly how much she hankered after ancient religious truths in defiance of contemporary agnosticism and modern science. In this enterprise she drew upon a range of secondary sources treating of pagan mythology and mystery religions, Gnosticism, the Hermetica, and the arcane lore of the Renaissance scholars, the Rosicrucians and other secret fraternities. W. E. Coleman has shown that her work comprises a sustained and frequent plagiarism of about one hundred contemporary texts, chiefly relating to ancient and exotic religions, demonology, Freemasonry and the case for spiritualism. Behind these diverse traditions, Madame Blavatsky discerned the unique source of their inspiration: the occult lore of ancient Egypt. Her fascination with Egypt as the fount of all wisdom arose from her enthusiastic reading of the English author Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton. His novel The Last Days of Pompeii (1834) had been conceived of as a narrative of the impact of the Isis cult in Rome during the first century AD. His later works, Zanoni (1842), A Strange Story (1862), and The Coming Race (1871), also dwelt on esoteric initiation and secret fraternities dedicated to occult knowledge in a way which exercised an extraordinary fascination on the romantic mind of the nineteenth century. It is ironical that early theosophy should have been principally inspired by English occult fiction, a fact made abundantly clear by Liljegren's comparative textual studies."

    The authors of the book which follows do a far more accurate job than Caldwell above, and they go further afield as well.

    Many threads here have part of the story. I am very weak on the non-European and American part. In Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs he quotes shadowy figures with made up names like Hieronymus talking about a worldwide group of three, and about all I have a handle on is St. Germain. I am weak on the part headed by El Morya and even weaker on the far east or Asian part of what went on during the era after the Treaty of Westphalia we are addressing and still living through. My greatest contribution is far more ancient roots from before Classical Empires or the last two Reichs if you can call what Hitler did a Reich. In short it is what Himmler's warlock named Wiligut tried to give his masters insight to. Pre-Atlantean or pre-Egyptian history is becoming clearer as we get more forensic tools like DNA.

    So, I try to tell my nephews that it is more complex than saving the trees, birds and bees, or the natural world they love.

    “No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
    -- Pythagoras

    The link following includes an embedded book by Manly Hall which is well worth reading. Much of the rest of the Occult politics segment is covered here already but it is pretty much everywhere on the web, already. Yes, globalists have said what they want - and why. When will idiots tell us their agenda and plan?
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