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    Gary Zukav

    If you are a thinker who tries to understand reality you can be certain you will be called offensive things as you point out what is not real or true. The personal attacks escalate and will include friends and family. The litany of adjectives will mount if you point out that the attitudes being expressed and directed at YOU are in fact the correct descriptors of the people calling you these names. In time you learn to treat these labels as evidence that you are on the right path and fighting immoral sheepishness.

    Here are some words used on or at me. The Devil Incarnate - High praise from a teacher I had in high school.

    New Age Guru - Despite the fact my expertise is prehistory and scientific method developed by alchemy.

    Evil - A projection of bad energy - does not exist, see The Rule of Complementarity, Abraxas, the Oroborous etc.

    Un - Christian - Though I have studied and lived the true life of people like Yeshua and his family and they follow Rome.

    I suppose you get the idea, so I will move on to some people you probably know - Oprah Winfrey and Gary Zukav.

    Gary wrote books like The Seat of the Soul and he tries to prove what Jesus says in John 10:34 (Ye are gods). If you know your soul you are a threat to those who need power and your money. They want (Often shrill insistence) to tell you they (In the guise of a g-d or boogeyman like a demon they have created.) are "The Lord's only representatives on earth" or somehow infallible like their Pope who heads up Empire and dominion over millions of souls. But even when he apologizes and admits they lied and have committed "two millennia of heinous acts", the sheep of his extended outreach including born agains (see the Catholic official position on ecumenicism) will even call the Pope "senile and unfit". These same people often call those who follow the same Scriptures by words like "infidels" if they do not accept the Roman propagandists whose stories in the Gospels they wrote to blame others for killing their Messiah, are merely wrong at best, and hateful for sure. They tell you women are 'unclean' and have made laws (Carthage 397, Hammurabi, Augustine's harbingers, etc.) making your mother, sister and daughters into slaves or chattel. If you or your son are bi or worse you are not going to their fictional Heaven - and if you want to be certain you do not bring an unwanted mouth and poor soul into this world, you might get bombed or blown up in the clinic.

    So, on occasion I respond with something like "Your mother rows out to Navy boats when they are on the Horizon."

    "Gary Zukav - A Failure to Name Evil

    Viola Larson

    On Christmas Eve of 1998, Oprah Winfrey featured Gary Zukav and his book, The Seat of the Soul, on her television talk show. Zukav has since become a regular guest on Oprah's program. Oprah had changed her show format in an attempt to promote a more spiritual life-style among her audience. While her intentions are good and some of her programming is enriching and beneficial, there is an alarming move toward a dishonesty that ignores individual sin and corporate wickedness. This is because her spiritual outlook, as well as that of many of her guests, is decidedly New Age. Gary Zukav is a prime example. He is the author of several books ,including The Dancing Wu Li Masters, which won the American Book Award for Science in 1979, and The Seat Of The Soul, published in1989. Zukav is also one of the founders of Genesis: The Foundation for the Universal Human. This organization promotes "Soul Circles," which are independent discussion groups that focus on the book The Seat Of The Soul. There are many circles across the United States. The book is, however, an example of a developing amoral philosophy among intellectual proponents of New Age philosophy. Tragically, the amorality easily slips into immorality.

    Zukav, undoubtedly without intending to, has created an open door for evil. His philosophy has problems in three important areas. First, Zukav's philosophy destroys the right of those who suffer to name the evil that afflicts them, thus destroying both justice and/or redemption for those who suffer because of their own sin, {I interpret this means you if you are a sheep they want to shear.} and those who suffer innocently because of the sin of others and the tragedies of life. Secondly, Zukav uses his philosophy to interpret the realm of culture and race. His interpretation fails to properly speak to evil perpetrated by outsiders against ethnic {A Nazi slogan or doublespeak}, cultural or religious groups. Thirdly, the author widely opens the door to individual immorality."

    Methinks they doth protest too much, dear Snagglepuss. Did they repeat that third important area of 'immorality' and sin a few times?

    I guess these people are just a hair's breath away from burning his books, and his books are quite tame (even lame compared to Hitchens, Dawkins and others). They do not want peace or human cooperation and other worthwhile answers to flourish in the face of their ego and Rapture or wished for Armageddon. They elect people like Shrub and are fighting freedom of speech and separation of church and state. You will find them in the gun lobby trying to defend THEIR right to kill, and KILL!!!

    If you do not know John Bradshaw, you should. He (along with Father Leo Booth who goes to AA meeting confessing he used to abuse people by teaching the catechism) fights against the Cycle of Violence and incest which is so prevalent in the Evangelical community. The Watchman Fellowship name itself repeats male domination in their title.

    "Bradshaw, John: Prominent New Age teacher on PBS and author of Healing the Inner Child.

    Brahma: The creator and first member of the triad of demigods in Hinduism, including Shiva and Vishnu.

    Brainwashing: Forced indoctrination using various techniques to cause a subject to abandon basic political, social, or religious ideas or beliefs and replace those ideals with a contrasting belief system. A translation of a Chinese word xinao, "brainwashing" became a popular term to describe the phenomena of radical change in behavior and core beliefs that took place in some prisoners of war held in Chinese camps in the mid-twentieth century. In a more general sense, the word is sometimes used to describe any form of persuasion perceived to be unethical that results in a radical and negative change in personality. {Also any indoctrination which removes individuals knowledge of their own soul in favor of leaders who abuse them.} See Lifton, Robert, Mind Control.

    Branch Davidians, Benjamin Roden: Splinter group of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. David Koresh (A.K.A. Vernon Howell) was leader from 1984 to 1993. He and many of his most devout followers were killed when their headquarters near Waco, TX, was destroyed by fire in 1993 during a government raid. Taught knowledge of the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation brought salvation. Many followers still believe Koresh's messianic claims and expect him to be resurrected soon.

    Branham, William, (1909-1965): Oneness Pentecostal preacher who claimed he received healing and prophetic powers from an angel. Denied the Trinity, taught the serpent seed doctrine, and rejected other Pentecostal and traditional Christian churches. "Branhamism" is still taught at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, IN, and in many other places around the world. Profile available.

    Brethren, Jim Roberts: Also known as "the Garbage Eaters," the group follows the teachings of "Brother Evangelist" Roberts. The group requires renouncing both family and worldly possessions in order to earn salvation (see Salvation by works). Members travel nomadically, earning their nickname because of their practice of eating discarded food. Family members note that Roberts hides relatives, moving the individuals to avoid familial contact. Note: This group is not affiliated with the Church of the Brethren, an Anabaptist denomination.

    Brinkley, Dannion: As chronicled in his bestseller Saved by the Light, Brinkley allegedly underwent a near-death experience after being struck by lightning. He teaches people to perform "life reviews" to enhance their perception of life and death and to find their life missions. He operates a hospice {Evil guy I guess.} organization called Compassion in Action / The Twilight Brigade.

    British Israelism: (Anglo-Israelism/Israelitism) The doctrine that the true identity of modern Israel (or the "ten lost tribes") is Britian and (sometimes) the British colonies (America). The monarchs of England sit on the throne of David. In more extreme forms, Israel is identified with a particular race—usually white Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Scandinavian people. Opposing versions of doctrine teach that Blacks are God's Chosen People, Israel. See Christian Identity Movement, Serpent seed doctrine."

    You will find a lot of their competitors for your money are right there alongside the truly different and actually helpful groups which seek to do 'good works'. They need to make their potential members fear being put in some Hell created by the same ethic of immorality that they are in (by any standard of comparison).

    Gary and Linda Francis try to help people find purpose rather than put people in a Dark Ages feudal tailspin or depression and hatred.
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    "If you are not astonished by Quantum Physics then you have not understood it."
    - Nils Bohr.

    As an early atom-mysticist he made hay and opened small minds, His electrons whirled in a circle not truly existing but his thought still rings true.

    If you get the chance to watch Matthew Broderick's movie on Feynman - do take the time.

    "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations,
    for Nature cannot be fooled."

    "I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there."

    "If I could explain it to the average person, I wouldn't have been worth the Nobel Prize."

    "I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics." (in 1965)

    "Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts."

    — Richard P. Feynman

    Sadly - for people like me, there is an Inquisitorial type of program or what a Dr. of Psychology I lived with called 'fear and jealousy'. She said that after talking with my older brother not some Christian trying to see the Devil Incarnate in me. Dr. Gray who wrote Men are from Mars (Women from Venus) wrote a book after that best-seller and he identified how one person will be turned into a 'psychic drain' in every family or organizational unit. This alienating agenda develops when a person expresses their experience even if that experience is lame and tame as far as Psychism goes. True Empathy requires an element of psychic development and not some superficial political correctness. Our world will soon get a lot better if Kaku, Zukav and others win the day.

    Deepak and Wayne Dyer were on the circuit together and wrote books which were inspired by the likes of Don Juan or the Toltec I think was the last Ovate or Druid. My Dr. of Psychology lady had been on the Stress reduction therapy convention circuit before Chopra and we lived not far from his clinic, but I never met him. Werner (EST) tried to hire her. We both felt TM was a little over the top or a cult. Wayne Dyer had sent me a package including his first book about the time she and I broke up and I met my Ogham mentors who altered my life path immensely.
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    There are many scientists who talk about things spiritual in ways that should lead to schools beginning to get the message. I hope that happens soon. There are still too many people avoiding facts and talking about sin or demons and boogeymen.

    "We are evolving
    from five-sensory humans into multisensory humans....
    The perceptions of the multi-sensory human
    extend beyond physical reality
    to the larger dynamical systems of which our physical reality is a part. "

    "As we become multi sensory,
    we move beyond the limitations of the five senses
    and we now are evolving to a different mechanism
    in the exploration of physical reality."

    "You cannot find your soul with your mind,
    you must use your heart.
    You must know what you are feeling.
    If you don't know what you are feeling,
    you will create unconsciously."

    ~ Gary Zukav ~

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    I love seeing the loons dive and watching how far they can go. Then there are the months or weeks when the little loons ride on the back or follow along. This guy needs to spend some time watching loons and trying to communicate complex matters to everyday people. He needs to read Einstein and many other people who know science is best motivated in a religious cosmically conscious environment.

    "Gary Zukav is a spiritual teacher, author of four New York Times bestsellers, and prominent member of the Human Potential Movement. He is also an Oprah favorite, having appeared more than 30 times on her show to ramble about “transformation in human consciousness” concepts as discussed in “The Seat of the Soul”. He rose to fame, however, with “Dancing Wu Li Masters, An Overview of the New Physics”, claimed to be “a book that manages to explain relativity and a lot more without resorting to a single bit of mathematics.” {And Professor of Microbiology at Yale, Harold J. Morowitz agrees.} Indeed, Zukav himself explains that “physics is not mathematics. Physics, in essence, is simple wonder at the way things are and a divine (some call it compulsive) interest in how that is so. Mathematics is the tool of physics, stripped of mathematics, physics becomes pure enchantment.” It inexplicably won the American Book Award for Science.

    Most of his writings file under inconsequential, fluffy newage technobabble with a penchant for applying “quantum” as a substitute for Prior’s “tonk”, i.e. an inference rule that licenses any conclusion Zukav may want to draw whatsoever (Jeremy Bernstein on Zukav and Capra: “A physicist reading these books might feel like someone on a familiar street who finds that all the old houses have suddenly turned mauve”). Particularly prominent is – predictably – the move from claims concerning the role of observation on atomic systems to the claim that “physics has become a branch of psychology”. In fact, part of Zukav’s incoherence stems not so much from not understanding physics as from his complete lack of philosophical training or rigor (for a philosophical criticism of Zukav, see here).

    Diagnosis: Although Zukav may perhaps be evasively fluffy more than ardently committed to crankery – a borderline loon, in other words – he is still one of the main influences of the disparaging mass of quantum woo floating around the Internet, and he must at the very least be held partially responsible for evils such as Deepak Chopra."
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