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Thread: Michio Kaku and Deepak Chopra

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    Michio Kaku and Deepak Chopra

    If you are a scientist in the present day, and you do not believe in telepathy and many more paranormal facts - you are going to have to address what Kaku says about you. He calls such people "know-nothing scientists".

    "Theoretical physicists are not known for their rock star appeal. Scientists are not inherently cool by our modern standards because so often the average person does not understand what it is they do. Michio Kaku is working to change that and in the process, he has become a bit of a superstar in his own right. Michio sat down with Deepak Chopra for's program One World to discuss his illustrious career, his latest book, and the conscious mind; an interest that they both share.

    Michio's new book, The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance and Empower the Mind explores many questions that a generation ago, only philosophers were discussing in the abstract. Today, he is making these things a reality. "Telepathy, telekinesis, uploading memories, photographing a dream, we've done it." He told to Deepak. But there are still vast mysteries in the human brain that science has yet to uncover.


    "If you take a look at the neurons of the brain, each neuron is very complicated, connected to ten thousand other neurons but they're just neurons," Michio explains. "They're just either on or off but when you put one hundred billion of them together all of a sudden you get consciousness." Science is still trying to fill in the gaps between what each of these neurons does and how that translates to consciousness. So much of our own existence is understood because others are conscious of our existence. It's a complicated idea but Michio has a way of explaining his work that makes it accessible to the average person; you don't need an advanced degree in physics or biology or even philosophy to follow along.

    Michio's research has fascinating connections to eastern philosophy and it is this connection that makes his discussion with Deepak so interesting. Here are two men, with vastly different backgrounds, discussing the intersection of their interests in consciousness and bringing together different disciplines to examine the same mysteries. It is no wonder that both Deepak and his guest Michio Kaku are held in such high esteem.

    This is a blog series produced in partnership with One World, a video series with Deepak Chopra and NEWSWIRE.FM. To view the full video and subscribe to all the episodes click here."

    Sadly - for people like me, there is an Inquisitorial type of program or what a Dr. of Psychology I lived with called 'fear and jealousy'. She said that after talking with my older brother not some Christian trying to see the Devil Incarnate in me. Dr. Gray who wrote Men are from Mars (Women from Venus) wrote a book after that best-seller and he identified how one person will be turned into a 'psychic drain' in every family or organizational unit. This alienating agenda develops when a person expresses their experience even if that experience is lame and tame as far as Psychism goes. True Empathy requires an element of psychic development and not some superficial political correctness. Our world will soon get a lot better if Kaku, Zukav and others win the day.
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    The wicked Watchmen Fellows are onto Deepak Chopra as well. Their attempt to defeat what they call New Age knows no bounds. If they win the battle - we would be back in the Dark Ages without a nuclear or biological event.

    "By Jason Barker

    Date of Birth: 1947.

    Publications: Nineteen books, including Ageless Body, Timeless Mind (1993), The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (1995), The Return of Merlin (1995), The Way of the Wizard (1996), and The Path to Love (1997). Has also published a CD–ROM, Deepak Chopra’s The Wisdom Within (1997). Publishes a monthly newsletter, Deepak Chopra’s Infinite Possibilities for Body, Mind and Soul.

    Organizations: Chopra Center for Well Being, Global Network for Spiritual Success, Quantum Publications, OSI Systems, Inc. (semiconductors). Unique Terms: Quantum soup, ayurveda / mind body medicine, Opti (a line of healthcare products, including OptiMind, OptiCalm, and OptiWoman), infinite possibilities.


    Deepak Chopra is the oldest son of Krishan Chopra, an Indian cardiologist whose training was personally authorized by Lord Mountbatten.1 Chopra was raised in a family infused with both Western medicine and traditional Hindu beliefs and practices. For example, he describes a conflict over medical practices between his British-trained father and ayurveda-practicing grandfather.2 Following his father’s career in medicine, he graduated from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in 1968.3 While in medical school, he claims to have seen a Hindu holy man who was voluntarily buried alive; after six days, the man was freed and went on his way.4 Chopra first came to the United States in 1970 to serve an internship at a hospital in New Jersey.5 He followed this internship with a residency and further training at the Lahey Clinic and the University of Virginia Hospital.6 In the early 1980s, he became the chief of staff at New England Memorial Hospital.7

    A major turning point in Chopra’s medical practice and philosophy occurred in 1981, when he returned to New Delhi and met Dr. Brihaspati Dev Triguna, “The preeminent living Ayurvedic physician.”8 Triguna needed only, according to Chopra, to “put three fingers on your wrist…and he knows your whole medical history — past, present, and future.”9 After hearing from Chopra’s friend that Chopra was “a beacon of wisdom” and “one of the most famous doctors” in America, Triguna touched Chopra’s wrist and diagnosed Chopra as “think[ing] too many unnecessary thoughts.”10 Chopra was advised to meditate, spend more time with his family, and chew his food more slowly.11 Chopra did not immediately follow Triguna’s advice. He was continually drinking coffee, smoking a pack of cigarettes each day, and drinking whiskey in the evening to relax.12 Eventually overcoming his previous biases against the Hindu-based mysticism of his native India which might hold the key to alleviating his stress, Chopra became receptive to the message of Transcendental Meditation (TM) that “meditation was an effortless process that led to deeper relaxation.”13 He notes that he was particularly impressed by the sizable amount of research that proves that TM reduces stress.14 Within two weeks he stopped smoking and drinking.15"

    Deepak and Wayne Dyer were on the circuit together and wrote books which were inspired by the likes of Don Juan or the Toltec I think was the last Ovate or Druid. My Dr. of Psychology lady had been on the Stress reduction therapy convention circuit before Chopra and we lived not far from his clinic, but I never met him. Werner (EST) tried to hire her. We both felt TM was a little over the top or a cult. Wayne Dyer had sent me a package including his first book about the time she and I broke up and I met my Ogham mentors who altered my life path immensely.

    Deepak recommends this book.
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