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Thread: 2012... Transition, Awakening, Ascension or absolutely Nothing?!

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    Lightbulb 2012... Transition, Awakening, Ascension or absolutely Nothing?!

    As there is so much out there... we thought that we would bring together our views and build that into a single view / opinion on what will or will not be I must say I'm personally fascinated by how much there is on this subject especially views and constructs of the outcome or the event itself.
    I also find it interesting how some say we are in the 4th dimension and some say we are in the 5th... not to mention the astrological opinions!?
    I do not disagree or agree with any to be honest but I am convinced something is happening...

    Please enjoy and share your views, remembering that there is no right or wrong

    DNA at Wake Up!
    Wake Up! Message - Because it's time...

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” By Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    For nothing
    he went a warring
    cold and alone
    he went a whoring
    for nothing in return
    Oh but he gives..
    What Mr contrary?
    "nothing" he replied.
    "nothing is free."

    There is a whole lot of nothing going on in the world , and with all the lies and half truths being given to the people it is nothing but a diversion to that which is hidden..And that which is hidden and seemingly nothing , is in reality , right in front of our eyes.

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