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Thread: 2012... Transition, Awakening, Ascension or absolutely Nothing?!

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    Lightbulb 2012... Transition, Awakening, Ascension or absolutely Nothing?!

    As there is so much out there... we thought that we would bring together our views and build that into a single view / opinion on what will or will not be I must say I'm personally fascinated by how much there is on this subject especially views and constructs of the outcome or the event itself.
    I also find it interesting how some say we are in the 4th dimension and some say we are in the 5th... not to mention the astrological opinions!?
    I do not disagree or agree with any to be honest but I am convinced something is happening...

    Please enjoy and share your views, remembering that there is no right or wrong

    DNA at Wake Up!

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    For nothing
    he went a warring
    cold and alone
    he went a whoring
    for nothing in return
    Oh but he gives..
    What Mr contrary?
    "nothing" he replied.
    "nothing is free."

    There is a whole lot of nothing going on in the world , and with all the lies and half truths being given to the people it is nothing but a diversion to that which is hidden..And that which is hidden and seemingly nothing , is in reality , right in front of our eyes.

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    Economics ends up as the final arbiter in so many arguments about how to plan for our future. If we don`t know our past how can we go forward. History is, as some wise man said - prologue to the present. We are lied to incessantly by high-falutin talking heads and we need a new broom or maybe a hammer. Not the expensive hammer that might cost thousands of bucks as the Golden Fleece award done by US Senator William Proxmire used to tell us about. Just a simple whack a mole mallet might even do. A good debate was held between C. H. Douglas and many dismal economists including John Maynard Keynes. I recommend it highly.

    Have you heard Ted Turner wants to reduce the people on Earth BIG TIME. Yes, and guess who he doesn't want. It isn't just him. De-population has been done with vile intent many times and places. There is no One Pie and we can create many new pies. But we might just fail to get humanity together on this as Hawking says (We have just this century to survive if we do not colonize space.). And maybe we have reached a similar crossroads before on Earth. There are OOPARTS which are hard to explain such as a Cyborg (Prosthesis of a high degree and little more can be proven but it is possible the mind was interacting with the mechanics just as we now do.) from before 4,000 BCE and the Dropa stones from 9,000 years ago. I corresponded with a top genetics researcher in Iowa whose family owned caves where discs similar to the dropa stones were found so I am not sure WIKI is right about all such stones in this article.

    Given that we might have modern humans or at least civilized humans as much as 2,000,000 years ago - it is plain stupid to keep talking about just 10,000 years. Even if it is a million years of civilization we have all reason to think advancements in the very distant past far outstrip what we have been taught. I prefer this to alien intervention given the Prime Directive. (he-he)

    This next link to Wikipedia is far closer to what I think is real. The researcher referred to has gone further and proposes up to ten species of hominids or variations have resulted. The Denisovan example (He is from near the cyborg and a mysterious concrete map covering many acres.) would prove his contention as would the Hobbit which may be connected to his Mungo people and which I found cliff drawings there which lead me to posit just that. I cannot say he has continued to develop these theories. I have seen him forced to back off some of what is said here - and I hope he continues his free-thinking research.

    This article demonstrates the extent to which TV and academia lie to humanity.
    It gets a lot right about Zahi Hawass.

    My lady most adept was a Boddhisattva seeker like myself. She knew Bhakti, Tantra and Agni Yoga and how to abandon herself as well as bring it all under scrutiny in retrospect. In Tree of Life terms you could say she combined Hod and Kether even in her dance. Getty Lee saw it when she was part of his opening act under Jerry Manfredi (Doors) with his group Abraxas. Abraxas is an ancient Egyptian system for combining both ends of every topic or issue (Dialectics if you will).

    And one of the places energy stores information is the soul according to research on the fruit fly recounted in this excerpt from a good book. But it is also in our genes which the Head of the Human Genome project (Dr. Collins) said when he said we have a history book in our genes. But not all information in that book is as simple and clear as the written word.

    Recent research on our so-called junk DNA shows how electrical or magnetic fields variable and dynamic allow great attunement; and over time I believe, genetic information transfer. You could say the Earth Energy Grid and alchemical forms like the oroborous (the serpent with it's tail, seen by one researcher in this book and partial segment from this link) or caduceus seen all over the world in symbols is mirrored in our genes. Which came first? Did our thought impact our body just as we see in positive thinking and healing? Was it part of evolution? Some people are saying it is proof of God. Heaven may be within as Pope John Paul II said in 1999 and many mystics have said throughout written history and before. This book has Heaven in the title and draws all constructs from every religion into it - fairly and ecumenically. Will science teach us how to live in Brotherhood? No? This knowledge is ancient and manipulated throughout the ages, I say.

    You might disagree and say yoga, astrology and other uses of it have never been this exact - and it may be true we have some proof here that is new but the old disciplines used it better than we are - if you consider what Futurescape demonstrates we are about to do in manipulation of the World Mind by making people into tools to soulfully achieve a 'Matrix' - the movie.

    The following quote comes from Stealthskater and links in his material which I have posted here. The caduceus may be older than Egypt and along with the Ankh (see Pavlita Generators) may have allowed many ancient secret technologies including VRIL connections to Pentagon Dodecahedron Earth Energy which is mirrored outside our atmosphere.

    What about the chakras or vortices of energy (or "wheels of lights") that are described in New Age literature as well as (supposedly?) ancient VEDIC_ARYAN literature of the Far East? I have read in one book about the soul being described as a TUBE that runs along the axis of the spine and has certain areas or NODES of ACTIVITY where these spinning wheels of energy are located. SUPPOSEDLY when all of these wheels are spinning in the right directions and at the correct rate of rotation,, there is an ENERGY SPIRAL or FLOW that is achieved that can bring about or is pure consciousness. Is there a correct spin ratio between chakras that would allow full consciousness to be achieved? How would an ordinary human go about attaining these correct spin ratios? Would all of these spinning vortices need to be aligned and spinning at the same speed?

    I wonder if these concepts are also related to the idea of the spinal cord as a caduceus coil? A caduceus coil is an electromagnetic coil that has electricity flowing in both directions. It is symbolized by 2 serpents winding around a tube (i.e., the AMA symbol). Could the spinal cord have some intrinsic relationship to the soul and the functioning of consciousness? If we look at the word "spinal", we can break off the "al" a the end and get the word SPIN. The word "spinal" is very close to the word SPIRAL. Maybe we could think of the BRAIN and SOUL as a computer system. A parallel "processing" computer. The brain could be the computer that the soul runs on or maybe we could call the soul/consciousness a CADUCEUS COMPUTER (just an idea).

    I have also heard quite a bit about counter-rotating energy fields that possess a CERTAIN GEOMETRIC SHAPE (TETRAHEDRON). Supposedly these counter-rotating energy fields possess some kind of mathematical relationship between their individual rates of rotation. Also one field is usually (in the literature) said to be electric in nature and rotating to the right. The other is magnetic and rotating to the left. What would this correct rate or spin ratio between these 2 energy fields be? Could it have something to do with the PI ratio? Maybe the PHI ratio or the GOLDEN MEAN? If there was a 2:3 or 3:2 ratio, then that would be very close to the GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL. Maybe something else?

    Tetrahedronal energy fields. Resonant Rotating Field. Pentagonal energy fields.

    Now maybe there is more than one kind of soul or consciousness. And not all humans are really the same "UNDERNEATH". Maybe some have different spiritual physics based on different patterns of energy, and the human body is merely a "suit" that is worn by different types of spiritual entities. The human BODY as a SUIT? Something worth thinking about.

    SOME SPIRITUAL ENTITIES COULD POSSESS A TETRAHEDRONAL-BASED PHYSICS WHILE OTHERS COULD BASED ON THE DODECAHEDRON-PENTAGONAL based PHYSICS. Also, different types of spiritual entities could have souls based on different wavelengths of energy. Also, different biological types of humans or human looking beings may exist in our Universe or even within our own population on Earth. These different species may have different types or ALIEN souls. (There are two perfect tetrahedral in the Great Pyramid according to Bucky Fuller.)

    If we do possess a spiritual consciousness, why do we seem to have such "limited access" to it? Why don't any of us normal or average humans have access to our soul? How would one go about acquiring full access to this device? Are there certain wavelengths of brain activity or "window frequencies" that could facilitate such a task? Or is there something in the way from our environment? Perhaps all of the electromagnetic pollution in the 60-Hertz frequency range.
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    If our junk DNA has Aramaic in it as one of our contributors (Brendan Murphy) says a linguist at Robert Jones University shows then this genetic study by gays could be true.

    And even this could be true - but it is NOT!

    In this video you have a Muslim creationist using what I described elsewhere to prove creationism - What NONsense!

    Phillip Coppens gives us some facts to consider about the prophecy supposedly created by Mayans.

    "The first contributing theory to this misunderstanding is that the Mayan calendar is somehow linked with sunspot activity. This notion was popularised in 1995 by Maurice Cotterell in “The Mayan Prophecies”. The dust jacket claims “The present world will end on 22 December 2012”, to continue in smaller lettering “So prophesied the Maya 5,000 years ago”. Cotterell had argued as early as 1986 that the Mayan calendar of 1,366,560 days contained knowledge of the sunspot cycle and that the Mayans encoded this “wisdom”, as this cycle had a direct effect on the welfare of the human race. In the book, Cotterell predicted a sudden reversal in the earth’s magnetic field, a notion central to the “2012” movie, where the somewhat pioneering work of Charles Hapgood on the subject – popular in many catastrophic theories – receives repeated exposure too.

    The second theory is that the sunspot activity will have disastrous effects on planet Earth. This doomsday thinking as related to 2012 was aired by Cotterell, but popularised by Belgian author Patrick Geryl. The author of a number of books on the subject, Geryl has also founded a non-profit organisation, the “Official Survival Group 2012 - New Global Trust”. Geryl considers the 2012 cataclysm a “scientifically underbuilt global event that will dramatically change the world and only if we prepare duly, some of us may be able to survive.” His organisation is focused on providing a location and the means to survive, upon which they will rebuild a new civilisation after the cataclysm.

    Geryl states that when the “sun’s magnetism reaches a crucial point, the sun’s surface will be subjected to immense storms. They will cause a super-catastrophe on earth, without equal. The astronomical Zodiac of the Egyptians described the exact dates of the previous disasters and their consequences for our planet.” Reminiscent of 19th century pyramidology, in which every nook and cranny of the Great Pyramid used to show that biblical prophecy was being fulfilled, Geryl writes that “When you combine the facts of these phenomena, you are able to prove the source of the number 666, known from the Bible as the number of the Apocalypse. It is taken from the Egyptian civilization and indicates an aberration in the sunspot cycle, which lays the foundation for the forthcoming world cataclysm.” Geryl is an apocalyptical preacher, often wagging his finger in the face of disbelieving 2012 phenomenon observers, whom he chastises for “not believing him”. His forecast clearly inspired Emmerich, for Geryl identifies this as the cause for the catastrophe: “upheavals in the sun’s magnetic fields will generate gigantic solar flares that will affect the polarity of the entire Earth. The result: our magnetic field will reverse all at once, with catastrophic consequences for humanity. Massive earthquakes will demolish all buildings on the planet, and instigate colossal tsunamis and intense volcanic activity. In fact, the Earth’s crust will shift, sweeping continents thousands of miles away from their present positions.”

    In “How to Survive 2012”, Geryl considers the challenge to survive 2012 as being on par with Noah: “It is a blueprint for all of you who want to re-live the story of Noah. I explain thoroughly all the problems we are going to encounter and which precautions we need to take. I expect to inspire enough people so that together we can resume life on earth in a new civilization.” Clearly, Emmerich took note, for the means of survival in “2012” are indeed a flotilla of giant arks.

    The third theory is that 2012 is linked with the galactic alignment, whereby, from the Earth’s perspective, the sun will align to the Galactic Centre. This theory was put forward by John Major Jenkins in “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012”. Nowhere, however, does Jenkins link this with doomsday scenarios and he is furthermore explicit that this is a slow process, whereby December 21, 2012 is one calendar date for a much longer – and geologically harmless – phenomenon. Still, what the “2012” movie has done, is take all three separate theories together, and mix them into the spine of the story, whereupon Emmerich and co. have equally reworked parts of “Deep Impact”, “War of the Worlds” and “The Poseidon Adventure” to create a 158 minute long story that on more than one occasion is totally unbelievable."
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