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Thread: Portalling, Lucid Dreaming and more

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    Portalling, Lucid Dreaming and more

    The plethora of enterprises selling quantum jumping, the Secret, and all manner of ancient techniques for big money is a verdant jungle of abuse and naïveté. But it may be money well spent if you actually get to know your self - which most people never come close to doing because of their already brainwashed certainty about most things.

    You can read how to meditate and what to do each morning as you wake up or at night as you go to sleep in order to dream effectively and utilize the hours in bed for personal growth. You do not need to spend large amounts of money at your psychologist's office or take drugs given by people who are not chemists and accept bribes or 'incentives' from drug manufacturers.

    It sounds awfully easy when I say - all you have to do is open your mind and let the cobwebs and spiders go free!

    After a year of just BEing yourself, religiously; you can tackle things you never thought you could do! If you find that you need help or enjoy paying for the company of flakes and experts, you are probably not going to get where you could be in this lifetime. Just sit under your personal Bodhi Tree and reflect on more than your ego and insecurity.

    Here is a person who will tell you how not to do what I suggest.

    When you reach the point where you think a specific area of potential is a special gift you have - then take Silva Mind Control or go to a community college course where a teacher and many good students share your interests and see how much more you think might be possible. If there are shamans and native people you can spend time with - that is a good place to share what you are learning. In a few years you probably will be doing things naturally and easily without effort - if you have not fallen into a trick-trap of ego and deceit.

    Even yoga can become a cult if you NEED someone to steal money from you. It is not just breathing and stretching - it requires reading and learning as much as any whole area or discipline of life and study. Find your own way - shoot any guru who says they are THE way. That is not a literal statement or recommendation, and there are gurus who will tell you they are not seeking followers who must be examined each step you take away from just being what makes you feel right. For me, it is all about the big SELF rather than the little self.

    Here is a semi-update of Dennis Waitley's Garbage in = garbage out or psychocybernetics going back to Wilder Penfield. It was an important stage in self help study and positive thinking.
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    Freedom from, or freedom TO

    I seek for wisdom and what to DO

    Just another rip off or partial understanding of hermetic teachings - but here it is.

    Mme. H. P. Blavatsky, H. P. Lovecraft and Rudolf Steiner are all worth reading, I suppose. They got most of their insight from hermetics and ancient books like the books of the dead (modern name). But I tire of all the people following this path and taking pieces of truth - then ramming them with a fad or immoral concept - and making themselves more important than those who conceived these things long before they existed.

    To act and act wisely when the time for action comes, to wait and wait patiently when it is time for repose, put man in accord with the rising and falling tides (of affairs). So that with nature and law at his back, and truth and beneficence as his beacon light, he may accomplish wonders. Ignorance of this law results in periods of unreasoning enthusiasm on the one hand, and depression on the other. Man thus becomes the victim of the tides when he should be their Master.
    H. P. Blavatsky

    I will de-construct this saying to find the errors or truths.

    The first sentence has not said when one KNOWS how to act, It has not determined what 'repose' should entail. Does it entail meditation upon what one might ACT upon? Are "affairs" actually not worth acting upon at all? I see no LAW and no methods. Therefore the second sentence is an illusion or ego appealing to whatever MASTERY or power the "affairs" direct.

    The final sentence should ask a person to see depression as a moment for acting on a valuable insight or reflection upon the ego and how it works in the knowing that it soon will pass. In knowing the moments of great enthusiasm can also do the same deception; can an individual work on knowing how to make use of enthusiasms and do it with balance?

    The Pythagoreans at Bruttium (AKA Kroton but as Bruttium gives insight to their elite kin from Phoenician Samos as Pythagoras was) knew how to heal and became known as the Therapeutae who later taught Yeshua and Mary in Alexandria. They 'walked between worlds' with the best Druids and that is what lucid dreaming and portalling is borrowing.

    Here are a few more links to wade through if you wish.

    Walking Between the Worlds 2 DVD - Aristia

    Crystals Singing Bowls, Pythagorean Tuning Forks, Books, Video, DVD, CD, Music, Rainbow ... /DVD/Gregg Braden/Walking Between the Worlds 2 DVD ...

    Gregg Braden - Aristia, a new age spiritual on-line UK store ...
    Crystals Singing Bowls, Pythagorean Tuning Forks, Books, Video, DVD, CD, Music, Rainbow Crystals, Tarot Cards, ... Walking Between the Worlds 2 DVD.

    Shifting Frequencies: Sounds for Vibratory Activation

    Jonathan Goldman, ‎Shamael - 2010 - ‎Body, Mind & Spirit
    Walking Between the Worlds. Radio Bookstore. 1997. Brewer, Chris & Don Campbell. ... Homage to Pythagoras. Lindisfarn. 1980. Crowley, Brian and Esther.

    Johannes Reuchlin Kabbalah Pythagorean Philosophy and ...

    Cover of Moshe Idel's Book Johannes Reuchlin Kabbalah Pythagorean Philosophy and Modern Scholarship Book downloads: 51 ...

    Kuthumi lal Singh [Channeled words of Tobias and St ...

    ... and nonphysical, walking between the worlds of masculine and feminine. ..... < Teacher 5 > That lifetime as Pythagoras was followed then by the lifetime as B..
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    The plethora of people in religion seeking to lay claim to origins of thought and science in their era and for their Gospels is a major fraud I hope I can at least lessen the continuation and growth of, it makes me weep and tear up. I do know the trap they set is massive, and as the confessions from those who have done it which I have laid before you are not enough to stem the tide or put my finger in the dike (or is that Dyke - maybe bad taste there).

    Everything you read about Gurdjieff, Masonry, Blake, Hibernians, Green Languages and even Theraveda Buddhism and the Essenes is impacted in a major way by Pythagoras the Druid. It is not remote from your hypotenuses - just kidding.

    I consider the above link as mere trash from an historical viewpoint and you can read what it says if you desire. But this is an important connection to Pythagoras who did not invent anything major as I see it, he was a great integrator of more ancient knowledge which was being destroyed so Empire builders could pass themselves off as great thinkers and such. The living Earth is very - VERY ancient - see Gaia.

    "Before the dawn of our modern scientific (and problematic) way of thinking, there were different ways of explaining the world, ways that may seem contrived, arbitrary and even superstitious to us. Pythagoras, a Greek contemporary of Buddha and Lao-tzu, devised a philosophy, now almost unknown, which shaped our Western world view from the pre-Christian era up to the beginning of the modern age. The Pythagorean theory of harmonics would guide Kepler in the 17th century to correctly determine the order of the solar system and presage Newton in the discovery of gravity before becoming a discarded artifact of scientific and cultural history.

    Below is the writing of Evagrius Ponticus in which he uses Pythagorean number theory and describes an enneagram-like figure. This text is part of a letter written as an introduction to Chapters on Prayer, a guide to contemplative practice (from The Philokalia {A better Bible with less censorship}, translated from the Greek by G. Palmer, P. Sherrard, and K. Ware, pp. 55-57):

    “I have divided this discourse on prayer into one hundred and fifty-three texts. In this way I send you an evangelical feast, so that you may delight in a symbolical number that combines a triangular with a hexagonal figure. The triangle indicates spiritual knowledge of the Trinity, the hexagon indicates the ordered creation of the world in six days. The number one hundred is square, with the number fifty-three is triangular and spherical; for twenty-eight is triangular, and twenty-five is spherical, five times five being twenty-five. In this way, you have a square figure to express the fourfold nature of the virtues, and a spherical number, twenty-five, which by form represents the cyclic movement of time and so indicates true knowledge of this present age. For week follows week and month follows month, and time revolves from year to year, and season follows season, as we see from the movement of the sun and moon, of spring and summer, and so on. The triangle can signify knowledge of the Holy Trinity. Or you can regard the total sum, one hundred and fifty-three, as triangular and so signifying respectively the practice of the virtues, contemplation of the divine in nature, and theology or spiritual knowledge of God; faith, hope and love; or gold, silver and precious stones. So much then for this number.”

    Obviously all reference to prayer and god is an appeal to the authorities who put Socrates and many more to death for challenging their control of sheep. The Mayans are credited with the zero concept about two centuries before the Indian sub-continent Bharat people but the Chaldean base 60 math was accurate enough to make an Enneagram. And just because we think we know the history of a mathematical concept now - does not make it true, we are pushing back the origin of everything - every day!

    "A. Pythagorean Philosophy

    Pythagoras (582-500 BC) was a Greek philosopher who studied in Egypt and returned to teach in Greece on the island of Samos. His philosophy has been regarded by some historians as the cornerstone of Western thought and science. Pythagoras is credited with the dictum, “All is Number.” To the Pythagorean, the universe was organic and living, its elements obeying an inner order. The form of creation was a divine fabrication in accordance with the Reason of the Creator and as such was to some extent comprehensible by the human mind. This form or divine structure could be apprehended, although imperfectly, in the study of number, a study which followed logically from the belief in the progression of the divine reason to its imperfect reflection in humanity. Number represented the structure behind appearances, the archetypal pattern upon which all the complexities of perceived creation was determined.

    To understand the Pythagorean philosophy of number, it is important to know that Indian numerals such as we use today were unknown in 500 BC as were the early numeric systems which used letters. Numbers were represented by markers, such as pebbles (which the Romans called calculi) and were arranged in figures or shapes (we still use the word “figure” to refer to a number or calculation). Relationships and patterns among numbers were highly significant. The zero and decimal point were also unknown and therefore the calculation of a repeating decimal, such as the decimal representation of 1/7 (0.142857142857) upon which Gurdjieff’s enneagram symbol is based, could not have been derived.

    Evagrius explains in his introduction to Chapters on Prayer, “The way of prayer is twofold: it comprises practice of the virtues and contemplation. The same applies to numbers; literally they are quantities but they can also signify qualities.” Evagrius applies the “qualitative” meaning of number to give us three interpretations of the inner meaning of the 153 fishes of the Gospel of John."

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    The whole of this article is as good as it gets. They address science and what it knows and does not yet know. They give advice and examples (Including how Thomas Edison claimed to get his inventions - they do not mention him - but I suspect Edison would get ideas from others like Tesla in many cases - then claim they were his own.) and they have more than enough to make it too much for me to copy due to pictures of the Oroborous and other items you really must see for yourself. I wonder if a person can re-visit what they see or where they go when in the hypnagogic state - or is that just REM or OOBEs?

    A ditty serves to make things clearer
    About my thought which I hold nearer

    Hearken here to hear the call
    Of those who know not what the thrall
    Of witches round you, cauldron make
    Or e'en their mind why it should quake
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