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Thread: Satan and your Soul

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    Satan and your Soul

    Most Christians and the others in their cultus are very prophetic people or at least their Prophets are. They seem to always know when the End of Days will come and they (not YOU) will get to move on to some new and nice place. Sometimes (if they killed enough innocents) they will have 72 virgins.

    Perhaps actual Christians exist somewhere. It will be hard to find any who agree the OTHERS are Christian and it gets worse when you realize the whole cult (Jews and Muslims included) with the same Scriptures and Profits (! - not a spelling error) are constantly at war or worse.

    From the same site (just remove the last part or browse for the watchman fellows) we have another battle over who gets whose soul and all the money of those who fear the devil or his abode (It is a nice warm place.). This battle has the Johos even saying their own people are sinful and do not deserve any sort of immortal existence - soulful or otherwise, only the special ones get their great post apocalyptic reward. What would make a person want to be with those 144,000 Goff members - I do not know. Probably there are no women due to the old harbinger stuff.

    "Jason Barker

    Jehovah's Witnesses have long argued against the existence of an immortal soul. For example, the Watchtower states,

    [Most churches] hold to the unscriptural doctrine that man has an immortal soul. 'Is that teaching so bad?' some may wonder. Do not forget that Satan's first lie was that sin would not bring death. The teaching that man has an immortal soul tends to further Satan's lie. It has led millions of persons into fearful dealings with demons who pose as the souls of the dead. And the doctrine makes the Bible truth about a coming resurrection meaningless.1

    The charge that the doctrine of the soul is an unscriptural lie of Satan is significant, because the doctrine is central to Christian soteriology and eschatology. Is the Watchtower Society right? And, if there is no immortal soul, what would be the future of humanity?

    What Happens to Us When We Die?

    The Society attempts to answer the second of the above questions in their new booklet, What Happens to Us When We Die (henceforth referred to as What Happens)? The Society explains, "The word 'soul' as used in the Bible refers to a person or an animal or to the life that a person or an animal enjoys."2 Because the soul is simply life of a being, the soul ceases to exist after death.3 The majority of faithful Jehovah's Witnesses, however, will be resurrected after Armageddon; they will then be given a soul, or life, that exactly duplicates their personality in a new body that will live forever on earth.4 Only 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses will go to heaven.5

    What Happens attempts to refute the doctrine of the soul using two approaches: historic and hermeneutic."

    Can they refute what I say? I say they are always wrong about the End is near, and have been for two millennia,

    And you can watch a video if you want to hear more prophecy from Daniel Whyte III.
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    There have been many names thought to have become Satan. The next one is a Muslim interpretation of the Devil. That region once had the Goat of Mendes too. Maybe these demons are all part of the same continuum or hallucinatory invention - who knows? WHY, of course, you know WHO knows! Is it possible the people who know are also some of the devil's kinfolk?

    "The Story of SATAN’S Visit to Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

    The Story of SATAN’S (Devil) Visit , The Accursed (Face to Face with prophet muhammad s.a.w. devils physical description and the truth of so much problems in the world read to understand your ENEMY. )

    This story reaches us from two sources. In our Efendi's Irshad is a hadith through Hz. Anas ibn Malik (r.a.). In the last chapter of Hz. Muhyiddin ibn Arabi's (q.s.) book Shajarat al-kawn, "The Tree of Being", is a version derived from a hadith related by Muadh ibn Jabal from Hz. Ibn Abbas (r.a.).

    One day a congregation was gathered at the home of one of the Ansar around the Prophet (s.a.w.s.). [According to Hz. Anas, it was Abu Ayyub]. In the middle of a wonderful discourse an ugly voice from the outside was heard saying, "O the ones inside, [or, "O Messenger of Allah!"] Would you permit me to enter? I have business with you!" All looked at the Prophet (s.a.w.s.), who said to the ones present, "Do you recognize the owner of this voice?" The companions answered, "Allah and his Messenger know best". The Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said, "It is Satan the Accursed". On hearing that Hz. Umar (r.a.), who was present, pulling his sword, asked, "O Messenger of Allah, permit me to go and cut off his head!" [Let me smash his skull and free the people from his trouble!"] The Prophet (s.a.w.s.) replied, "No Umar, don't you know that you cannot kill him? He has permission to exist until Doomsday". Then he added, ‘Open the door and admit him, as he did not come on his own but on Allah's orders. [Or, "There is always an underlying reason for things. Otherwise he would not have come here".]
    Then Rawi (r.a.), one of the companions, relates the tale. "They opened the door and he appeared in front of us as an old man, cross-eyed [or blind in one eye] and scant of beard, with only six or seven long hairs hanging from his chin. He had a very big head, his crossed eyes close to the top of his head, high on his forehead, with big thick hanging lips like those of a water buffalo. He saluted the Prophet and the companions, to which the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) responded, "O Accursed, the salam and salutations belong to Allah most high". Then he said, "I heard you are here on business. What is it?"

    Satan said, I did not wish to come here, I was forced to. An angel came from your Lord, who honors whom he wishes, and said, "Allah most high orders you to Muhammad, but you will go to him in humility and abasement, and be submissive and tractable. You will tell him how you seduce and mislead humankind. You are going to answer all his questions truthfully, without a single lie". Allah also said that if I lied to you, he would turn me into ashes and blow me away in the wind and my enemies would laugh at me. I come with such orders, O Muhammad.

    "Then the Prophet asked the devil, tell me who in the creation do you hate most? "The devil answered you O Muhammad! ["And all the prophets"]. There is no one in the whole creation that I hate more. There is no one in the whole creation I hate more. There is none other like you. "The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) [Confirmed that the devil was his own, and all the prophets greatest foe]. He asked, whom else do you detest, besides me?"

    You might notice this devil fella gets "forced" to do things, by a lot of intellectual illiterates hiding out in Djibouti where he had to go when thrown out of his homeland. You should know this place continues to perform female genital surgery with whatever is available - broken glass is probably better than what used to be available. He did not take his rich wife there, who he prostituted himself with, but I think I recall he took his nine year old companion who had direct conversation with the Archangel Gabriel.
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    People of faith are told their dreams are from many sources including God and Satan. If that were true any person would justifiably fear God more than Satan if they had read the Bible and saw all the things god has commanded his faithful to do. Likewise they would see the annals of history as proof of his deeds and we all know you should judge "by their deeds".

    "Images can be from:




    II Corinthians 11:14 Satan comes as a angel of light."
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    In a site called Forbiddenknowledge they combine a lot of facts with interpretations I disagree with. They use the word Satan and Lucifer in ways that are not correct historically but I think they are also correct about the denial and war against the soul as well as their stance on the abuse of religions to mind control our populations. Contrary to what they say it has not ended as evident in the statements made by a US Dept of Policy manager in his book The End of History and the Last Man.If you believe in actual demonic forces called evil then you probably will worship their god (Ignorance) but it is a better god than many others they are correctly pointing out have abused esoteric knowledge to eat babies and parts thereof (Skull and Bones and Scientology to name two of many.). If you read the whole of their work ( you will vomit and cheer or cringe in the corner of your safest room, depending on how na´ve you have been.

    "George Bush was succeeded in the White House by Bill Clinton, a Rhodes {Rhodes was occultly handled through demonic projection techniques as well.} Scholar, whose drug credentials are on a par with his predecessor. Whilst Governor of Arkansas he created the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) which was to finance drug trafficking. All loan applications were handled by the Rose Law Firm, run by Hilary Clinton, and those which were granted were to Clinton's business associates for use in trafficking. For example, one loan was given to Web Hubbel of Park-O-Meter which manufactured retrofit nose cones for drug shipping. The loans were not paid back, but large donations were given to Clinton's election fund. Web Hubbel became acting US attorney general under Clinton, and some think he still fulfils that role behind Janet Reno.

    During the Reagan/Bush anti-drug campaign, whilst Clinton governed Arkansas, the United State's biggest drug trafficking operation was set up in Mena Arkansas by a DEA pilot.

    Many people speaking out or investigating Bill Clinton have died in mysterious circumstances, for which the official cause of death is given as 'suicide'. Conveniently, in a law introduced into Arkansas by Clinton just prior to the first suspicious deaths no autopsy needs to be performed in cases of deaths attributed to suicide.


    One of the most sinister elements to the manipulation of society is the abuse of esoteric knowledge by the world's secret societies both for the purposes of political control and for sick personal pleasure.

    In the US each year 400,000 children are reported missing, and in the UK this number is 98,000. Not all are recovered. {This is rabble-rousing which leaves the reader thinking some large number are born and used in rituals. There are probably only a few which go that route but there are others like L. Ron Hubbard Jr. reported his father did - that are never born in a hospital who get harvested.}

    All over the world children are hijacked into a life of sexual abuse, psychological and physical torture. They are bought and sold by members of paedophile rings, often by their own parents, who act as 'recruiters' and 'handlers' in the lower echelons of the secret society network. They are systematically abused, tortured and murdered in ritualistic ceremonies by people who occupy places throughout the social hierarchy all the way to the top. Eye witness accounts, such as those given by a friend of mine named Patti who was 'recruited' as a child of three, have implicated members of the aristocracy, doctors, lawyers, members of the clergy, high level businessmen, media stars, members of the world's governments (see Who We Are – Mind Manipulation/Project Monarch).

    Sophisticated mind control techniques are used to compartmentalise the memories of the abused to prevent them from revealing the awful truth to the public. Patti has displayed many separate personalities whilst recounting her horrific experiences, displaying the classic symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder. Often victims are too scared to even mention such things to each other, never mind to strangers. They are brought up in the certain knowledge that they can be easily picked up off the streets or from their beds and drugged for use in abuse at any time. They are fully aware also that their abusers are everywhere, including in the medical professions and police. Victims are ceremonially 'married' to the leaders of the cult and are given their own 'dark companion', a sinister thought-form who will be ever present in order to inform on them if they should ever step out of line. They are often forced to take part in the abuse, murder and disposal of other victims in order to ensure a total attack upon the psyche of the individual concerned and the victim is soon convinced that they have become at least as guilty of these crimes as their assailants. Therefore, they are ever paranoid and terrified of revealing the truth to anyone other that those who have themselves been victims.

    Methods of abuse are truly horrendous and include: live burials with the uncertainty of being retrieved, physical mutilation, sexual abuse, the enforced killing of family members and animals which have previously been given as pets, the enforced pregnancy for the purpose of subsequent removal of the child for sacrifice, the enforced drinking of blood, eating of faeces and cannibalism upon bodies of sacrificial victims, general sustained humiliation etc.. The list is as long as the imagination of the perpetrators of such atrocities allows it to be."[

    You might want to look into the story of Beth Goobie too. I hesitate to confirm the story surrounding the Clintons - I have concerns about it, I have looked closely into it for many years and a man named Foster was mysteriously suicided out of the picture who might have been able to blow the whistle. I am quite certain that Bush senior and Roosevelt Delano etc., were involved with a British Russell big whig in the Opium Trade which continues to this day. The Vietnam War was part of it, I met the General shown in the movie Air America with Mel Gibson at one of the Holiday Inns he was given as stated in the movie. It was an account of mine, and we talked about this in private. I have done a book on these things titled Bushco Drug and Oil (or something like that).

    “No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
    -- Pythagoras

    The link following includes an embedded book by Manly Hall which is well worth reading. Much of the rest of the Occult politics segment is covered here already but it is pretty much everywhere on the web, already. I take it a lot further. Yes, globalists have said what they want - and why. When will idiots tell us their agenda and plan?
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    The O. T. O. which L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons were involved with had it's founder Crowley who we have covered in threads including LAM an Extraterrestrial/ It is like Xenu that forms the basis of much of Scientology just as the Bible has the Elohim and Enochian rituals. This Thelemic group will provide some entertainment or chills for you as you consider how far wrong the prior post must be.

    "The New Age Demands a New Lord God
    by Frater Seahorse

    I found the following article in a Mason jar on the shore of Lake Travis. This treasure may prove as valuable as the Dead Sea Scrolls. We'll see.

    * * * * *

    In the latter half of the twentieth century I, along with my highly evolved friends, began to have visions. While others saw white light and spaceships, I perceived many hues... I saw go-carts. I saw green cheese on the moon.

    It was probably the drugs the CIA put into my milk at school to prepare me for the New Age that caused this.

    And who am I, you ask. Your query is not without merit, for I am The Lord God Superego, brother to the Lord God Id, and sharer of his chambers. Ramtha is our cousin.

    I am come to bring you peace and contentment. And for a few dollars more, you can add enlightenment. I am here to serve you.

    My early visions had much to do with my future evolution. I began driving in the stock car races in response to the go-carts in my head. And I followed this path for a season.

    Then one day a voice spoke to me out of a tailpipe. Put away thy helmet, it said to me, and dispose of thy safety harness. For a greater work is to be thine.

    I was taken aback. "Who art thou, Lord!" My voice was shrill and loud.

    I am thy brother, the Lord God Id, the tailpipe responded, and thou hast not drunk deeply enough of me, though thou hast squatted there with the engine running for oh so long.

    It was true. I had been cleaning blood off the bumper from my latest accident and had forgotten to turn the engine off. I wondered idly who had let the garage door down.

    "What wouldst thou have me do, Lord?" I moved closer to my smoggy brother. "Wouldst thou have me clean thee off and polish thee and build thee a shrine at the raceway?"

    A stern voice reproved me. Do not confuse me with the tailpipe, for the tailpipe is but my vessel. I am a spirit, and they who worship me must know the difference between spirits and auto parts...

    I passed out, whether from excitement or flatulence of the soul, I cannot to this day tell.

    I awoke many hours later with a headache and a strong craving for green cheese. The garage door was raised. I wondered idly who had raised it. I staggered out into the night to digest my spiritual revelation. And the next day I returned to the garage to speak with my brother.

    I re-created, as nearly as possible, the circumstances surrounding our first encounter and I was not disappointed. As long as the engine is running and the garage door is down, it works! I follow this practice every day now.

    And I offer my revelations to the public. The Lord God Id, Cousin Ramtha and myself, the Lord God Superego, are the Three Muscatels—I mean, the Three Musketeers of Consciousness. We offer salvation and, for a small monthly premium, enlightenment. I will come to you again when you least expect it.

    The Lord God Superego"

    Here is another OTO group. Do not be fooled by the humor and lack of decorum.
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