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Thread: Indo-Aryan Culture Revived the Human Race

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    Indo-Aryan Culture Revived the Human Race

    This thread will include links to other threads here which dovetail into a larger picture which linguists of the late 19th Century began to glimpse and resulted in opportunistic political agendas.

    After the deluge or at a time when mankind was reduced to few scattered remnants of what it had been, there was one safe haven which allowed recovery of the species. It became the genesis of many myths and many new peoples. So far we cannot fully say how much of the Tamil blood is Ainu or Black or some other mixture including what remained of the white race. Arjuna in the Gita is a white man coming from the north around 4500 BCE so that is a far later era and those white people had probably escaped the effects of the meteor impact in far away Carolina and the nuclear winter caused by earthquakes and volcanoes though serious did not eliminated them, because the mountain ranges (Medi- terrain or between the Altaic and Himalayas) protected them. The Great Lop Nor Sea was not a desert then and neither was the Sahara. If there was a Mediterranean Sea at that time it was where the Great Lop Nor was and which we know slowly turned into a desert and the people finally had all gone by 500 BCE.

    Linguists are able to demonstrate the connection or trading language between the Tarim Basin or Great Lop Nor and the sub-continent people. Tocharian and Luwian on Crete are seen all over the world - but more research is needed on the urban structures deep under the Gulf of Mexico near Cuba. There were some survivors in other [parts of the world and we are still finding a lot about the era just after the catastrophe as well. I think Tiwanaku in the Andes was a survivor despite a lot of earthquake destruction. Hitler and the Thulean Society's interest in the upper Amazon and South America before and after the war is interesting as well.

    Hitler and Himmler (more so) had a genuine interest in the human genetic history and the sub-continent where humans were safe and current DNA mapping shows (The Himalayas especially) mankind survived a major catastrophe in 8350 BCE or other events at other times.

    Though this interest of theirs was real the state of science was nearly non-existent and they chose political expediency and personal power agendas rather than productive or genuine knowledge for their path. This might have changed over time if they had succeeded in conquering the world. Fortunately for the millions of people who would have died on all sides - that did not happen.

    Devi (see book titled Hitler's Priestess) had an opportunity to learn more and she should have been less of an extremist in order to stand back and grasp the connections she perhaps sensed about the true nature of humans and their actions against other life forms.

    This thread is here to view for any who actually want facts and a glimpse into knowledge going back to at least 10,000 BCE which will soon prove the Indo-Aryan connection and all manner of miscegenating therein.

    These links are more focused upon what happened during a later era when memories were all that remained.

    A very heated debate in academic circles is of great interest to any person who wonders about human origins and evolution. It is a theory that should overturn almost everything academics have said and the Out of Africa story or part of it that says it was recently that we came from Africa - relatively. Alan Thorne who we mentioned above has been a large part of it. If correct we evolved in as many as ten different regions and at varying speeds of culture and brain size as well as body size. Lake Mungo remains have not been as available as I would like. Native religious or cultural concerns have prevented us from knowing as much as we could. The man may have been six and a half feet tall. They are not related genetically to aboriginals and appear to be well over 40,000 years old (Maybe 60,000 or even 100,000).

    The use of red ochre in the burial is different than the local usages. These people appear to have been thoroughly modern as far as cranial capacity and brain design. I think the Beothuk burial at L'Anse Amour from 5500 BCE is the same in every respect. Yes I also think humans have travelled the whole earth for that long and I have proof from every part of this planet that this started 250,000 years or more ago. I believe I can make a case for a million years of ocean travel.

    "In 2001, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from the Lake Mungo 3 (LM3) skeleton was published and compared with several other sequences. It was found to have more than the expected number of sequence differences when compared to modern human DNA (CRS). A portion of the mtDNA of LM3 survives in modern humans as a segment found in chromosome 11.[21]

    The divergence of the LM3 sequence before the MRCA of contemporary human sequences is indicated by its grouping with the Insert sequence (Fig. 1B), which other reports have suggested diverged before the MRCA of sequences in living humans

    Comparison of the mitochondrial DNA with that of ancient and modern Aborigines has indicated that Mungo Man is not related to Australian Aborigines. The results indicated that Mungo Man was an extinct subspecies that diverged before the most recent common ancestor of contemporary humans. These results, if correct, may support the multiregional origin of modern humans hypothesis.[21][22]

    These claims are both scientifically and politically controversial and have been met with a general lack of acceptance in scientific communities, the sequence is criticized as there has been no independent testing and some of these differences may be due to posthumous modification and thermal degradation of the DNA.[23][24][25][26][11] Authentication tests need to be performed before the results can be accepted but further testing is unlikely as the indigenous custodians, the Paakantji, the Mathi Mathi, and the Ngiyampaa, are not expected to allow further invasive investigations.[27]"

    There is also a heated debate about human speech origins. I have read that Neanderthal skulls showed no room for speech lobes until about 150,000 years ago. I considered it a reasonable assumption that inter-breeding was happening to cause that alteration but I wonder if Homo Sapiens had speech at that time too. I think some humans did and that includes the Mungo Man and Ainu but science will still need to prove it. More importantly is the development of consciousness and critical-thinking which archaeology now shows us was around long before the academics started down the path of this debate. Why don't they integrate knowledge from all fields of human endeavour? Isn't it more important to know how humans communicated even if they did not speak the languages any better than apes? I certainly know they were highly intelligent and able to communicate and know many things a lot of these scientists don't. Like ESP, attunement with plants and all lifeforms, mathematical and artistic refinements of great things that are not alien given but might even include action-at-a-distance communication or contact with a collective consciousness (Ein Soph, aliens, ancestors soulful collective and other things that many say are not outside the realm of possibility).
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    One of many things kept secret in secret societies is the true history of mankind. You will find more truth told by the Mormon historians because their scriptural books tell some of the truth of Bountiful (The Americas). I sent Scott Wolters some of this after I saw his dippy show on the Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion or Copperheads.

    Illuminati In Kentucky

    The Copperheads carried forward the work of the Illuminati to re-build a former American nation or power in the Caribbean. The Freemasonic Order of the Golden Circle is part of the Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion. There are a hundred members in each claven and one of the members is a demon from their rituals. There were (maybe are) one hundred such groups in the world. During the Civil War the Copperheads were large and in charge in many areas including around the Ohio River island named after this Blennerhassett. The mention of Jefferson being someone this person worked to replace is somewhat against the comments of Jefferson saying Weishaupt was a philanthropist but maybe Jefferson went behind Blennerhassett and his cronies. Needless to say this is a small part of a story including the Mound People which Lincoln believed were giants. His potential running mate Ignatius Donnelly wrote a good book on Atlantis.

    Illuminati in Kentucky:

    My fevered imagination includes the probability that Andrew Jackson and stories of the Bell Witch are connected with this kind of knowledge. Ignatius Donnelly wrote a good book on Atlantis which Conor Mac Dari quoted heavily. Donnelly was a Governor of a US state and potential running mate for Abe Lincoln who grew up new many mounds now destroyed.

    "In his 1806 book Travels In America, Thomas Ashe writes of his experiences with a vast cavern originally discovered in 1783 beneath the city of Lexington, 300 feet long, 100 feet wide and 19 feet high, containing exotic artifacts, a stone altar for sacrifices, human skulls and bones piled high, and mummified remains. The mummies are very strange looking and have red hair. The local native Americans claimed that these were the remnants of an ancient civilization that died out long ago. Respected historian George W. Ranck also discusses this "lost city" buried beneath Lexington in 1872. It is said that local Native Americans identified the bodies as being from the ancient race who inhabited the area long before them.

    In 1792 an early settler, General John Payne, made a strange discovery while building his house in the tiny town of Augusta, KY, 63 miles North of Lexington. From Historical Sketches of Kentucky by Lewis Collins, Maysville, Ky. 1847, page 205:

    'The bottom on which Augusta is situated is a large burying ground of the ancients...They have been found in great numbers, and of all sizes, everywhere between the mouths of Bracken and Locust Creeks, a distance of about a mile and a half. From the
    cellar under my (Payne's) dwelling, 60 by 70 feet, over a hundred and ten skeletons were taken. I measured them by skulls, and there might have been more, whose skulls had crumbled into dust...The skeletons were of all sizes, from seven feet to infant.

    David Kilgour (who was a tall and very large man) passed our village at the time I was excavating my cellar, and we took him down and applied a thigh bone to his. The man, if well-proportioned, must have been 10 to 12 inches taller than Kilgour, and the lower jaw bone would slip on over his, skin and all. Who were they? How came their bones here?'

    'When I was in the army, I inquired of old Crane, a Wyandot and of Anglerson, a Delaware, both intelligent old chiefs, and they could give me no information in reference to these remains of antiquity. Some of the largest trees of the forest were growing over the remains when the land was cleared in 1792.'

    A few years later, on December 21, 1806, the town of Augusta, KY was visited by Harman Blennerhassett, lawyer, occultist, and member of the Illuminati. Was he aware of the ancient underground civilization in the region?

    Blennerhassett was born on October 8, 1764 in Ireland {The Black and Red Lodge of Masonry and Keogh's grandfather in my researches on this probable great great-grandfather of mine is connected I suspect.} and moved to the USA after graduating. He and his wife (who was also his niece which is in-line with the Merovingian genetic programming so long as there are adequate foreign genes put into the mix which the Hapsburgs forgot for a few centuries) lived on Blennerhassett island on the Ohio River. Blennerhassett was a friend and colleague of Adam Weishaupt {Son of a Rabbi}, and a member of his Order of the Illuminati, reaching the level of Illuminatus Magus. He was also a friend of Vice President Aaron Burr, with whom he engaged in a conspiracy to remove President Thomas Jefferson from power. The plot was discovered and Blennerhassett's secret camp at Marietta was destroyed on December 19, 1806.

    Blennerhassett fled with about 50 of his fellow initiates, leaving his wife, his sons and the rest of his guerrilla troops behind. But instead of making a direct exit, Blennerhassett risked making a mysterious side trip to Augusta, KY, arriving on the day of the solstice. Clearly, there was some occult significance to his visit to Augusta. But what? That Blennerhassett was interested in the forgotten ancient civilization is a distinct possibility." (7)

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    Here is an ancient Indian belief system that has a corollary in the uber-mensch of Nietzsche and gives a backdrop for why Asoka was a middle of the road individual developing a new way of seeing and doing what you say you believe. It is also instructive about the way religions and books get destroyed by those who are selling a different myth.

    "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    On the left: Mahākāśyapa meets an Ājīvika and learns of the parinirvana[1]
    Ajivika (IAST: Ājīvika) is one of the nāstika or "heterodox" schools of Indian philosophy.[2] Founded in the 5th century BCE by Makkhali Gosala, it was a śramaṇa movement and a major rival of early Buddhism and Jainism.[3] Ājīvikas were organised renunciates who formed discrete communities.[4]

    Original scriptures of the Ājīvika school of philosophy once existed, but these are unavailable and probably lost. Their theories are extracted from mentions of Ajivikas in the secondary sources of ancient Indian literature.[5] Scholars question whether Ājīvika philosophy has been fairly and completely summarized in these secondary sources, written by competing and adversarial philosophies to Ajivikas.[6]

    The Ājīvika school is known for its Niyati doctrine of absolute determinism, the premise that there is no free will, that everything that has happened, is happening and will happen is entirely preordained and a function of cosmic principles.[5][7] Ājīvika considered the karma doctrine as a fallacy.[8] Ajivika metaphysics included a theory of atoms similar to the Vaisheshika school, where everything was composed of atoms, qualities emerged from aggregates of atoms, but the aggregation and nature of these atoms was predetermined by cosmic forces.[9] Ājīvikas were atheists[10] and rejected the authority of the Vedas, but they believed that in every living being is an ātman – a central premise of Hinduism and Jainism.[11][12]

    Founded in what is now the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Ājīvika reached the height of its popularity during the rule of the Mauryan emperor Bindusara around the 4th century BCE. This school of philosophy thereafter declined, but survived for nearly 2,000 years through the 14th century CE in the southern Indian states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.[2][8][13] The Ājīvika philosophy, along with the Cārvāka philosophy, appealed most to the warrior, industrial and mercantile classes of ancient Indian society.[14]

    There were many early to mid 19th Century scholars who saw a connection between India and Teutonic or Norse people and their culture. They did not get all the way into seeing deeper connections all over the planet.

    "Full text of "The eastern origin of the Celtic nations proved by a comparison of their dialects with the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Teutonic languages : forming a supplement to Researches into the physical history of mankind""
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    Why is it that academia errs so much on history and we see the same errors repeat even after DNA has now proven linguists were correct in the mid 19th Century? There had been so many other forensic sciences before DNA which supported what a team of Smithsonian experts said about the Old Copper Culture of the northern Mississippi and Lake Superior and yet academics like Susan Martin of a nearby podunk university in Saginaw, were aggressively calling any and all comers - "liars" and going about saying things which include outright lies herself. I offered to debate her anywhere at any time just as I did with the Dean of Studies at Trent University who lied about what I said. Doug Weller of the demonramtops website was as bad or worse. The reason - I say --- they are paid to lie and the better they lie or succeed in keeping a lid on true history allows them to continue to get paid. Other institutions like the Canadian Museum of Civilization had to change their name when proven guilty of these lies. Now they are saying they want to do serious study of Manitoulin Island ancient mines over 100,000 years old which they allowed to be built over, and which they have all the proof they need, ferretted away after almost killing, robbing and hounding Rousseau (Their own former head man.) and Dr. Lee into ruination. There are many other examples of artifact destruction with intent to deceive, including the Peterborough Petroglyphs and Barry Fell's work there which Susan Martin offered to debate and yet did not do what she offered.

    All over the world nations are founded upon serious lies, and the laws based on the concepts of the religions telling humans such lies are likewise a serious problem. HUMANITY IS NOT AS BAD AS WE ARE TOLD!!!! A few elite people have wrought the devil into existence and it is their acts which show what true evil is.

    Yes, the linguists knew other science and artifacts were needed to prove the worldwide culture of Brotherhood developed mankind and his wonderful and often loving culture. Then some of them were taken out of context or made to seem in support of concepts like we saw with the Nazis. Racism has been a fundamental tool against mankind and misogyny has been it's bedmate. It continues to this day and it often includes ignorant people who actually believe the lies, doing exactly what the Nazis did - all over again. I am using the word Nazi for an elite who also tried to oust FDR and are responsible for Pinochet and Stalin along with many others.

    "The comparison of languages is perhaps incapable of affording all the results which some persons have anticipated from it. It would be too much to expect from this quarter to demonstrate the unity of race, or an original sameness of idiom in the whole human species. But this resource, if properly applied, will furnish great and indispensable assistance in many particular inquiries relating to the history and affinity of nations.

    It would be easy to point out instances in which the examination of languages has rendered substantial and undoubted services to the historian. The history of the Goths, who conquered the Roman empire, will furnish an example. The real origin of this people could not have been known with certainty, if we had not come into possession of an ample specimen of their language in the version of Ulphilas. By this we learn that they were not Getse or Thracians, as most of the writers who lived near to the era of the Gothic invasion supposed them to be, and as some modern historians have maintained; but, in conformity with their own traditions, nearly allied in kindred to the northern tribes of the German family. {There being Visigoths and Ostrogoths - the latter having disappeared and history gives lies as to why and where they went - where lots of proof now exists - they went to Peru.}

    The origin of the Polynesian races has been illustrated by an investigation in one respect similar. {Their Ainu blood is in Peru as well.}

    Some of these tribes are found in islands so distant from all other inhabited regions, as to furnish an argument in favour of the opinion, that they had the beginning of their existence in their present abodes. But a comparison of their languages has furnished proof that all the most remote insular nations of the Great Ocean derived their origin from the same quarter, and are nearly related to some tribes of people inhabiting a part of the Indian continent and the isles of the Indian archipelago. {See the noted linguist Clyde Winters in the thread on the Tamil Siddhar I connect with the DNN Sidhe.}

    Even the history of the African and American tribes has been in many particulars elucidated by an inquiry into the relations of their languages, though the results which have been obtained have not proved to be precisely those which were hypothetically anticipated, and with hope of arriving at which these researches were in part undertaken. {The breaking of the Mayan code a few years ago revives hope in Brotherhood thinking as averse to the presentation of savages by the real heathens who burned both libraries and librarians since the era of Bishop Landa whose own writings proved great culture and civilization proof.}

    Philologists have sought in vain in the old continent for a nation, from whose speech the diversified idioms of America may with any degree of probability be derived ; but an examination of the American languages themselves has led to some interesting results. The native races of North America are referred by a classification of their dialects to a few great divisions, several of which extend as radii issuing from a common centre in the north-western part of the continent, where it is divided from Asia by Behring's Strait. The traditions prevalent among the ancient Mexicans seem to have derived credit from the discovery of a chain of nations extending almost from New Mexico to Mount St. Elias, in the neighbourhood of the Esquimaux Tsehugazzi ; their languages, particularly those of the Ugalyachmutzi and Koluschians, bearing a curious analogy to that of the Aztecs and Tlaxcallans. Another series of nations, the Karalit, or Esquimaux, connected by affinities of dialect, has been traced from the settlements of the Tschuktschi in Asia, along the polar zone to Acadia and Greenland. Light has also been thrown in a similar manner on the history of the Lenni Lenape, and the great kindred family of Algonquin nations, {Researchers recently working to show Navajo far to the south have the same linguistic roots. Check into Topper's top archy named Goodyear who has blown the lid off the Clovis lie and takes the settling back to 50,000 years ago - see others like Guidon and Carter going back much further -etc.} on that of the Iroquois, and likewise of the Floridian and other races of North America, by a comparison of their national traditions with the indications discovered in their dialects.

    One circumstance, which is perhaps of more importance than all the preceding, is the singular congruity in structure between all the American languages, from the northern to the southern extremity of the continent {Thomas Jefferson observed this but his researches were lost crossing the Potomac River and he never got back to the work.}. To this I only allude at present, having already in another place surveyed the facts on which the observation is founded, as they have been developed by the researches of Barton, Hervas, Von Humboldt, Heckewelder, and Duponceau. In Africa a remarkable and interesting fact was the discovery of a nation occupying nearly the whole northern region of that continent, to which the Kabyles of Mauritania and the Tuarik of the Great Desert belong, and whose branches extend from the Oasis of Siwah on the eastern, to the mountains of Atlas, and even to the Canary islands, on the western side; the Guanches, the old inhabitants of those islands, whose remains are said to lie embalmed in the mummy caves {The same techniques used in Peru and Scotland.} of Teneriffe, spoke, as it appears, a dialect of the same language as the Kabyles and Berbers."

    "Full text of "The eastern origin of the Celtic nations proved by a comparison of their dialects with the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Teutonic languages : forming a supplement to Researches into the physical history of mankind""

    The last comment was supported later by Barry Fell. There is a tribe in Africa who came to the region near Venezuela and elsewhere who have six fingers - one of whom was in Major League Baseball and they have been in South America for at least ten millennia. The RH factor of the Pima Indians and a thousand other things from top scholars like Nuttall, Meggars, Kelley, Coe, Kehoe, Lopatin, Jennings, Dillehay, Chatters, Leakey etc..
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    There are many scholars in India who know their history recorded in the Mahabharata is far more ancient than the colonial forces (Britain mostly) have allowed. What follows takes Arjuna back to an era before 4500 BCE which some of those scholars I have quoted in my books seek to say. Notice also the name of India (Bharat) in this epic book.

    The Cabiri in Italy around 2000 BCE made plaids and lozenge weaving materials which Elizabeth Wayland-Barber studied before going to Urumchi or what once was the original Mediterranean before the Mediterranean we now know was created with the glacial melt. The Malta designs are Osirian or Phoenician Keltoi as I see it. Maybe Gene would agree with me now that DNA has shown the Ainu all over the Pacific and we have over 500,000 year old art in Indonesia and the 825,000 year old artifacts nearby on Flores Island.

    Gene Matlock and I cross paths and use many of the same sources. His history of the Phoenicians coming from the region of Northern India makes some sense in the era when the glaciers forced people south and when the great cataclysm of 8350 BCE took place. I will stay with the Caucasus to Gimbutas region including Dolni Vestonici and look further into history for even earlier civilizing forces such as the Ainu. DNA has been kind to me.

    "... the Phoenicians themselves claimed to have been civilized since about 30,000 BC.

    The history of the fathers of all non-Africanoid humanity, a.k.a., Scythians, and all civilizations began only "God-knows-when" in the Khyber Mountain region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In those days, the country we call India stretched from Alaska, down through Siberia, Russia, all of Central Asia, all of what we now call "India," as far as Antarctica. The Bible states that the world began in about 5,000 BC. That myth confuses and misdirects scholars, leading them into serious errors, for the Phoenicians themselves claimed to have been civilized since about 30,000 BC.

    In 1904, Jogendra Mohon Gupta, wrote an essay in which he thoroughly described his hypothesis that the Phoenicians were the fathers of all world civilizations: ....

    There is yet another important view in which the Khaiberi are to be considered. They are the ... Hebrews.

    Pococke also states:

    Behold now the simple fact: The Cabeiri are the Khyberi, or people of the Khyber ... The Cabeiri are ... Cuvera, the Hindoo god of wealth and regent of the North, - that is, in simple language, the Kyber; it's region is wealthy and abounds with rubies; gold is found in the rivers in its vicinity, and it was likewise the ruling northern power in those days ... There is yet another important view in which the Khaiberi are to be considered. They are the Khebrew-i, or Hebrews.

    ... We have, then, in the Cabeiri, the representatives of a form of Bud-histic worship and Bud'histic chiefs, extending from the Logurh district (Locri) to Cashmir, the object of worship of the Hya (Yah), and the Phoenician race, for they are but one. They are the Khebrew-i, or Hebrews ... The tribe of Yudah (Judah) is in fact the very Yadu (Yadava) ... The people of God were literally taken out from amongst the other tribes, to be especially sanctified for the moral and religious generation of mankind.

    Hence it is, that among the Greek writers of antiquity such a stress is always laid on the piety of the "Hyperboreans," that is the people of Khaiber, or the Hebrews ... I have no doubt whatever, that the northern limits of Afghanistan will be demonstrated to be the starting point of these two great families of language, and consequently of nations. The Afghans have claimed descent from the Jews, or Ioudaioi (Youdai-oi); the reverse is the case. The Haibrews or Khaibrews, are descended from the Yadoos. In that very land of the Yadoos, or Afghans - Dan and Gad, still remain of the feeble remnants of Jewish antiquity. (pp. 220-221, in passim.)
    Mystics, astrologers, and New Agers like to make much of these "Gemini Twins." However, nothing "magical" or "Outer-Spacey" turned them into deities. Having learned the movements of ocean currents, prevailing winds, and the like, they were able to touch the shores of every country on the globe. Every single tribe and nation on earth, even the most savage tribes living in the most impenetrable jungles, came to know about the "Gemini Twins" - or should I say, Cyber-Twins?

    Their Sanskrit names, Pani (Trader) and Yuddhi (Warrior; Conqueror), clearly explain the part that each Hebraic clan had to play in this historic relationship.

    In those remotest of times, places like Afghanistan weren't so barren and hostile to human life as they are now. The area was exceedingly fertile. As time went by, the Khyberis or Kheebers came to own all the arable land, creating vast feudal estates. Although their religion preached that mankind should be humanitarian, they became selfish and cruel to landless peasants and nomads. As their wealth in land and cattle grew, the nomads or Abels (not cattle), had less and less free space to graze their sheep and goats. Finally, the Khybers and the Abels began to make war on each other. Little by little, the Abels were absorbed into the feudal system as slaves. An enlightened king of the time, whom we now worship as Yahve or Jehovah, intervened in order to prevent a ghastly genocide. He ordered the settled Ganaana (Canaanites or Kheeberis) to quit monopolizing all the land and look for other ways to get rich, such as trading. Many of the Kheeberis, both traders and farmers, spread out, going down to what is now Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharasthra, and other parts of Western India. On the Western coast of Northern India, they built shipyards and started making trading expeditions abroad. Their Sanskrit names, Pani (Trader) and Yuddhi (Warrior; Conqueror), clearly explain the part that each Hebraic clan had to play in this historic relationship."
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    Since the people in control invariably are found to be related to the great mythic creatures of their heroic pantheon like Lord Rama, guess who are the ape-men or Vanara who built the bridge between India and Sri Lanka. Yes, no doubt a lesser caste or the poor Tamil who were dispossessed and genocidally treated for most of their existence.

    If you are not convinced about things MacDari said about Hebrew connections with Irish or Eire-yann (Aryan and Indo-Aryan) linguistic roots in ancient language schools I call Phoenician, maybe this will seal the deal. This is what the Hanes Taliesin included at least in part I think.

    "Irish Scots Gaelic Egyptian Connection

    Posted on 10 February 2012 by E. M. Smith

    Or: When is enough Circumstantial Evidence, evidence of circumstances?

    There are several lines of ‘evidence’ that I’ve been teasing at for a year or three now. They wander back and forth. They hint and tease, but refuse to come out and just say it.

    There are some sites and links that assert, with great vigor, that The Irish Are A Lost Tribe Of Israel. Others assert it’s the Welsh. Or the Scots. Or… They trot out linguistic claims that a Welsh translation of the Old Testament Hebrew is hardly a translation at all, more a lexical substitution, with idiom and tone near perfectly matching.


    Extracts from Chapter Seventeen of “Lost Israelite Identity” which is presently out of print:

    Chapter Seventeen

    Insular British Celtic tongues, especially colloquial Welsh, says W.H.Worrell, show certain peculiarities which are reminiscent of Hamitic and Semitic tongues and are unparalleled in Aryan languages. Similarly, according to H.Wagner:

    “Irish..has as many features in common with non-Indo-European languages, especially with Hamito-Semitic languages, as with other Indo-European languages”.

    “Insular Celtic languages.. the grammatical categories having many affinities with non-Indo-European languages, in particular Basque and Berber”.

    “The comparative typology of insular Celtic initiated by Morris Jones and further developed by Pokorny, G.B.Adams, and myself has revealed that most of the many peculiar features of insular Celtic rarely traceable in other Indo-European languages have analogies in Basque, Berber, Egyptian, Semitic, and even in Negro languages”.

    “Certain features [(of marginal influence only)] of Old Irish verb forms can be understood only in the light of Hittite, Vedic, Sanskrit, and Mycenean Greek”.

    J.Morris Jones said that,

    “The pre-Aryan idioms which still live in Welsh and Irish were derived from a language allied to Egyptian tongues”.

    The above linguistic remarks show that Insular Celtic (i.e. of Britain and Ireland as distinct from the Continental forms which were somewhat different) is consistent with the claims proposed herein: i.e. The original tongue of the Insular Celts was Semitic (Hebrew) which marginally was influenced by Mycenean Greek, Hittite, Indo-European (Sanskrit), Syrian, Mitanni, and what not. Heavy Hamitic influences may be attributable to those of some of the neighboring peoples, such as the Canaanites, and Egyptians, and to having sojourned in a North African environment. In addition, the natives of Spain amongst whom the Insular Celts or a good portion of them once dwelt, traded with, and fought against, were also at least in part of North African Berber related Hamitic origin. This explanation may sound involved and complicated but it accords with the evidence when archaeological, anthropological, mythological, and linguistic findings are compared with each other. At all events the natives of Ireland and Wales must have used a Hamitic /Semitic tongue(s) before they came into contact with Continental Indo-European ones.


    It was seen above that Irish and colloquial Welsh definitely have some type of underlying linguistic base that must only derive from Middle Eastern (Semitic) and/or North African Hamitic sources. This conclusion was derived from the quoted opinions of linguistic scientists still active in their field today.

    It so happens that in the past there were others who held similar opinions but went further than their present-day continuers care to. They expressly related Celtic tongues to Hebrew!!!

    A writer who signed his name “Glas” submitted a list of Welsh words with Hebrew origins in 1832. The writer remarked that, “But the best proof of the Eastern descent of the ancient British is the close resemblance and connection existing between the Welsh and Hebrew languages, even at this day. As a proof of this we have extracted the following vocabulary of words in both tongues, so closely resembling each other in sound and sense as to leave no doubt whatever on the subject. Many of these words, it will be found, have been transmitted from the Welsh, through the Anglo-Saxon into our modern English. It would be easy to swell their number..

    Some of the examples adduced by the above writer were:

    Aeth: He went, he is gone; hence Athah
    Aml: Plentiful, ample =Hamale
    Ydom: the earth = Adamah
    Awye: air, sky = auor, or
    bu: it came to pass = bo
    boten, or potten : belly = beten.
    brith: bright = barud
    cas: hatred = caas (anger).
    dafnu: to drop, or distill by drops = nataph, taph.

    In 1675 Charles Edwards (“Hanes y Fydd”) published A number of Welsh Cambro-Brittanic Hebraisms in which he shows that whole phrases in Welsh can be closely paralleled by whole phrases in Hebrew."
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