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Thread: Testing the elongated skull people of Peru - remnants of Atlantis?

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    Testing the elongated skull people of Peru - remnants of Atlantis?

    Brien Foerster has left Genesis Quest. No further comment necessary here.
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    hi jrcev or John Clevenger of Genesis Quest

    can you please confirm you will be sending all the donated money including the $700 that you are allegedly holding back for the exclusive filming writes.


    i will be receiving the dna tests from Brien Foerster in the near future and i will share them here , the testing is going on as i write no thanks to mr Clevenger.

    here is the latest from Brien.


    Just a few info snippets I got from the genetics team today:

    As regards the fetus and "baby" from Andahuaylillas (this video: 'I am so excited we have DNA. I thought you would be doing a happy dance. I hope you are as pleased as I am.'

    Where the money so far has been spent: 'Used it to buy a screening kit which is the first level of nuclear screening. It is used for forensic testing (STRs) to yield a forensic profile. It works well with low levels of DNA. We have results pending on this for the hair and baby. As I said the bones are ground up and will be extracted shortly. They cost about 2300.00 per kit.'

    Where the other money will be used: 'The upcoming money will be used to buy sequencing products and to pay for outsourcing some of the testing because as I have learned with this, they will not believe you if you just use one lab. The testing has to be verified on some of it at least.'

    The following is a video of a Paracas skull central to these present tests:

    Also, the contributors who made up the recent 1000 US (sent today, making a 3000 US total so far) are Keith, Carl, Pat, Kerry and Jonathan....



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