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Thread: Freemasons and Martinists

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    The Bavarian Illuminati were properly founded in a time when the Jesuits were under great pressure for good work done helping people in South America create communes and develop their own wealth rather than cater and grovel for Catholic monopolists who gave them nothing but what slaves get - in spades. Do not accept just one side of any story!

    Ignatius Loyola – Luciferian or Heliopolitan:

    I kid you not! Lucifer is the ‘light-bringer’ and just as Hitler was a ‘torch-bearer for Jesus’ we have the Luciferians inside the Catholic Church to this day as I have covered from the likes of Malachi Martin who was a Papal advisor to three Popes and taught Jewish studies (Kabbalah?) at the Vatican College until recently. Indeed all the Alumbrados (means Illuminati) people are ‘light-bearers’ or en-‘light’-ened ones. That includes Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI) who I have dealt with in many books. I have already mentioned this Idiot’s Guide has no mention of the Alumbrados founding the Jesuits or any intrigue related thereto. No mention of the Illumine and Benedictine monks who also saw things wrong inside their society and Church. Not even the mere mention of Hibernians like Thomas Carlyle, Goethe, Saint Bernard as one, Nostradamus and other things related thereto. This does not surprise me one iota. Read the description of Jesus by Ignatius Loyola and think long and hard about whether I am right about his being inspired by the sun-worship or Heliopolitanism of the Druids; which is the basis of the Masons according to Thomas Paine who was higher up in the ‘octopus’.

    “The Society of Jesus was founded by Ignatius of Loyola, who could be seen as the Catholic Reformation’s equivalent to Martin Luther. {Whose name is suggestive of Lucifer too.} Loyola has been referred to as one of the most important—if not the most important—figures of the Catholic Reformation.

    Loyola was born Inigo de Oñez y Loyola around 1491. He was born at his family’s ancestral castle in Guipúzcoa. When he was old enough, he entered the military service, where he served until 1521 when he was seriously wounded in battle. During his recovery from his wounds, he read about the lives of the saints of the church, and he was motivated to devote his life to spiritual service. He hung up his sword and spent a year in prayer and meditation at a cave near the Manresa monastery. While there, Loyola fasted, knelt in prayer for seven hours a day, and flagellated himself to the point of endangering his health. {I grew up near a Manresa Lodge that had some weird goings-on and I often wonder when I see them in places like Sedona or other earth-based religious areas. I am sure he spoke with them or received instruction from them at this time.}

    Loyola later described this time as an incredible ‘mystical’ experience during which he had blinding visions of heaven and hell and Christ and Satan. He saw Jesus as ‘a big round form shining as gold.’…

    …Loyola and the Jesuits welcomed only those whose spirituality reflected his {N.B.} and those who were willing to engage in unquestioned obedience to the pope.{Giving up their possessions like the Templars too.} Any applicant who had even a hint of bad character or lack of orthodoxy was rejected. {Really? What orthodoxy might that be? Heliopolitan Luciferianism???}…

    …The mission of the Jesuits was to educate the young, to lead people back from Protestantism to Catholicism, and to take the Catholic message to new areas of the world.

    They were successful in all three endeavours.” (3)

    Raymond Tallis deserves kudos for his ridicule of the Augustinian Credo which seeks to expand the reach of Christianity by not standing in the way of belief (See Bobik of Notre Dame's book on Aristotle). Any belief is welcome if the believer will 'testify', 'confess' or pay allegiance and money to the Holy father who is entirely UN-holy. "By their acts, shall ye judge them."

    “More generally, as I shall repeat in Chapter 8, one of the truly bad effects of religion is that it teaches us that it is a virtue to be satisfied with not understanding.”
    ― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

    “Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin

    If you were a true researcher of history and philosophy you would see all religions are started by the same people or tell the same stories for codifying laws and managing people. As Arthur C. Clarke said "religion was a necessary evil, but was so much evil necessary". Religion and nations or Empire go hand in hand as Fukayama proves in The End of History and the Last Man. Can society today get on the same page and address real issues that keep us away from Divine Providential creative potential or the work of G-d (YHVH, Cali, Krishna, Buddha, dog or cat). Is it possible to get past the need to feel superior to our neighbors due to our own insecurities?

    How come Inquisitors were so excellent in knowing demons or why is the Church still selling their expertise at demonology via exorcisms?

    The usual thing happened when I researched the Catholic Church. They have ten full time exorcists in America and yet they say pagan curses cannot summon demons at Catholic Answers. That is the same thing the Monsignor who was at the bedside of the woman I helped exorcize said after seeing what happened - after performing Last Rites. The Psychiatrist agreed there was no better explanation than what her husband and I had done. There were other witnesses and two years of diagnostic attempts at the Mayo Clinic and McGill University among others. Here is what a Senior Member at Catholic Answers said about "enslaving ideas and dangerous delusions" - probably without even looking in the mirror.

    "Witch curses don’t work. The folk who believe in them lopsidedly regard every bad thing as being part of the curse while ignoring all the good things that happen, then other folk believe their one-sided tale, etc.

    Go to half-a-dozen astrologers, give them exactly the same information, and get six different predictions .

    I heard one reason why ouija boards “work” is because our muscles naturally wander around, even if no one is trying to manipulate, and the effect is amplified when a number of people take part. Whatever, there’s a perfectly natural explanation, nothing to do with “spirits”.

    All ideas that seek to enslave us are dangerous delusions, and to that extent you can call them demons if you want, but they can have no hold on us unless we actively let them (Romans 8:38-39)."

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    In looking to find information about Catherine de Medicis and her involvement in the various Illuminized efforts I find my work all over, but little more. One thing that came to view was the thought that the Borgias are related to Vlad the Impaler. I know they married into the de Medicis and I suspect in periods long ago they were part of the DNN elites. But it might also tie in with a suspicion I voiced about St. Germain being related to Vlad's bloodline. It would be funny of my suspicions were to result in me quoting someone quoting my suspicions. I need better evidence than suspicions anyway. I also suspect Ptolemy blood in the Borgias.

    There is a lot of writing in French about her involvement with the Illumine or Alumbrados but translations of the word and different times are not so clear. Taking a different approach in my searches I get confirmation of DNN blood in both de Medicis and Borgias. Rodrigo used the Borgia coat of arms to justify putting Isis and her fabled lineage including Osiris on the ceiling of his home, and people in Jesuit realms of Avignon welcomed a de Medicis with themes calling her consort the Gallic Hercules. Isis and Osiris are DNN and Ptolemy I got Manetho to write his Kings List to show he was related to Herakles or Hercules. Cleopatras in his lineage had the title Isis Pelasgi (Phoenician Sea People). The long running kingdom of Georgia I addressed under the Russian Nobles thread and what lead to Stalin and Casiberia (backwards and forwards) can be likened to the families and someday I will find a connection at that time to Vlad even though I already have it back to Mu and the Tarim Basin. That is for two millennia before the present era or BPE.

    The Survival of the Pagan Gods: The Mythological Tradition ...

    Jean Seznec - 1981 - ‎Religion
    ... cite the example of Pope Alexander VI, who used the Borgia coat of arms as warrant for having ... In 1600, the Jesuits of Avignon, charged with organizing the ceremonial reception given by the city to Marie de Medicis, bestowed on her royal ...

    I sure would like to have Lord Mountbatten's Library at my disposal.

    This book has a de Borjas in 1244 driving the Moslems out of part of Spain. It also has the third general of the Jesuits being a Borgia and I already knew they donated the land to them for their first university. So the Borgias can be seen as the forerunners of the Vatican Army my ancestor Myles Keogh got a Papal medallion from (which he gave to Sitting Bull I think - not taken from his body at Little Big Horn as history says) as Myles and his kin wised up at some point to see was all bad news, and destroyed the document that it came with.

    The Life of St. Francis Borgia of the Society of Jesus
    By A. M. Clarke
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    In 2003 and for a year or so while I was on hundreds of MSNGroups I posted a link to a Masonic Book detailing how to create a religion. I pointed out that the Mormons, Johos and Scientology had followed the script and that top Masons or Rosicrucians were involved in them all - in the Joho's case you have a top Merovingian name associated also with the founding of Skull and Bones and the Opium War. I have not been able to find that book or link to it for many years.

    Here is Fritz who has many different names as well. It is a link through from Henry Makow who along with Fritz are two of the top disinfo agents who I suspect aid the paradigm maintenance of misogyny, war and racism. You can think they are truthers if you wish, but they are not.

    Hide the Ball initiatives will often have partial truths and proof thereof as one side of the Hegelian Dialectic in order to get more fool-owers trapped into working against the very thing they think they would actually be willing to fight for. You probably remember hearing how the Catholic Church was against Masonry and you have seen elements in it outlawed the Jesuits while supporting the so-called Illuminati. You can think they are all stupid people stepping on each other's Johnson all the time if you want, I do not. I can present an argument for the opposite of what I think is most likely. If I could not then I would not be an open-minded seeker for a truth - would I? There are indeed facts in any presentation of reasoned research and you can find ways to quote a person like myself saying something out of the context it was presented in - which will make me look like I support Alien Intervention or any number of things I do not support. I am not quoting these guys in that manner, Makow wrote me long ago saying he and I were fundamentally apart on the matter of equality, It is evident in everything he does. The following quote from Fritz does his usual good presentation of facts.

    "After years of in-depth study of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and learning what I could about the Freemasons by talking to Freemasons, talking to ex-Freemasons, reading, going to public lodges events, etc. I offer the following conclusions and cautions when beginning research. Researching a book on Jehovah's Witnesses and Freemasons, both secretive organizations, is a challenge. Both publish propaganda based on what they want you to think, rather than history. Morey, in The Origin and Teachings of Freemasonry, goes so far as to quote respected Masons who themselves warn other Masons that most of their own history books are in large part fiction and unreliable. Not all Masonic writers identify themselves as being Masons. The Jehovah's Witnesses' literature is biased and loaded with fictitious information. Several writers have taken them to task for scholastic dishonesty. That is, they have a penchant for misquoting others. On the other hand, Protestant and Catholic material is biased too, for they may be latching onto superficially learned knowledge in a effort to counteract others.

    Expect the Masons' bias to be to show their legitimacy and antiquity. Less of this appears in recent times. Expect big differences between European Masonry and American Masonry. Expect to meet both Masonic and non-Masonic writers with the incorrect view that all Freemasons have a common purpose, common beliefs, and common methods. The Freemason next door may sincerely believe the Freemasons are innocuous, for he regards his own personal experience as universal, without bothering to get an historical perspective. Some Masonic groups are not so benign. Any secret organization such as the Masons is a ready-made organization for mischief should scheming men control it. But the non- Mason should be slow to imagine any grand conspiracy scheme. Masonry, even if leaks of an invisible high level organization are true, may not be united enough for a single grand scheme. The American Freemasons, today about 3 million strong, experience the lodge mostly in terms of a philanthropic fraternity. Still, expect them to confuse and deceive to protect their secrets.2

    Expect the Jehovah's Witnesses to portray a selfless, pristine perfect organization, to hide or gloss over doctrinal controversies, to change history to match "present truth", and to cover over anything embarrassing. Each group has kernels of truth in their positions and biases. Yet truth with embellishments is no longer truth, but a distortion. In this investigation, you are the jury— even as this goes to press the facts and evidence are not all in. In a court of law, every witness has his chance on the stand. There are some sources that are quoted that the Author would not endorse without some reservations. As a detective, the goal has been to filter out spurious information, yet consider every relevant fact.

    IDEAS DON'T COME OUT OF A VACUUM {Which though true means nothing.}

    When something new appears it is good for us to remember there is nothing new under the sun. My experience as a world traveler and a history buff is that I marvel at how much continuity a modern people has with their ancestors. For instance, one day in a restaurant while I was waiting for a meal, I was studying some ancient Egyptian cursive handwriting from the 19th Dynasty. That means this handwriting was about 3,300 years old, and this hieratic (the ancient Egyptian cursive) is a different system than the modern arabic script used today in Egypt. An Arab approached me and started a conversation, because he thought I was reading Arabic. It caused me to reflect. The Egyptians had been conquered by the Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans, and had gone through using various scripts, yet they choose to use the Arabic script which resembles the hieratic they had used in the centuries before Christ. (The word "choose" is used on the premise people are responsible for their behavior.) People also tend to build, to adapt on past ideas. People tend to borrow rather than create new. When we see something "new" arrive in history, such as the alphabet, a person then looks for clues as to when that alphabet was introduced. It is valid then to question where "new" ideas spring from. They rarely come from a vacuum. When Charles T. Russell created a new religious body, his ideas did not come out of a vacuum. Various scholars have tracked down Russell's ideas to all kinds of heresies.


    Where did all these strange beliefs come from? My early exposure to the Jehovah's Witnesses piqued my curiosity. For instance, why call one's meeting place a hall? why not Kingdom meeting, or Kingdom assembly, or Kingdom study, or church, or chapel, or tabernacle, or temple, or something else? why hall? Why all the secrecy? Why are the writers and the leaders of the Watchtower Society clouded in secrecy? Why have no membership records been kept? The answer given, that it was a security measure in case of persecution didn't satisfy me. Other groups equally persecuted made other choices, choices that are not secretive. They would say, we trust God and are willing to suffer for Him, so why be secretive? What have we to hide. The choice to be secretive is just that, choice. And that decision and other attitudes are instilled from the top down. That is, from the Watchtower President and now the Governing Body down the "pyramid" to the masses of JWs. The answer to where JWs receive their strange beliefs, strange doctrines, and attitudes comes primarily from two men. Because primarily only two men, Charles Taze Russell and Joseph F. Rutherford made all the decisions of the Watchtower Society for the beginning 60 years.2 It is important to understand their overwhelming contribution. "

    Neither of us is saying anything truly different. I have presented Pike saying what he says about the Masons telling the truth about their fantasy allegories. And with history being what it has been - they have told more truth (as have the Mormons - see Paraiba Stones and many similar finds) than anyone. But let us get to where he makes a comment that I disagree with. It might be hard in the case of the Johos we might in fact agree almost all the way. But I expect I will find him saying something about what he wants you to buy. He will no doubt arrive at the Heresies he wants you to know are heresies, and thus he will be telling you his TRUTH even though it is not true, or backed up by history and not even by anything from the adept family of his own lord Jesus (Yeshua).
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    Here we also see The Ancient Order of the Hibernians mentioned along with the argument against Masonry that it is not violent in the opinion of Russell and his father. I certainly agree some element of Masonry can support violence and war - it is comprised of people in business who benefit from violence like that, and so too I think Fritz sells a violent and racist creed. There are inner sanctum Hibernians and Red or Black Lodges as well as the 'denizens of alehouses and taverns' Conor Mac Dari wrote about shortly after the time he is referring to.

    "Just because Russell was exposed early in his life to Freemasonry, is not proof he joined it, or even approved of it. Our investigation must continue. In the June 15, 1895 Zion's Watch Tower (today it is called The Watchtower), Russell answers a letter from a reader inquiring about secret societies.

    Russell's answer is, "In our judgement the majority of 'secret societies' are merely beneficiary and have no secret schemes antagonistic to the general public welfare, the secret rites and ceremonies being merely 'boys' play,' occupying the time and attention of persons who have no greater aims than those which pertain to the present life."

    In this, one catches a glimpse of the impatient drive of a reformer caught up in his pursuit of religion. Russell points out that for people who have no ambition toward the future life in paradise, the rites and ceremonies are harmless games. The implication being, if one is interested in the future Golden Age, he will not waste time in such organizations.

    During Russell's life, there were a number of violent secret organizations, the Ku Klux Klan, and the local Catholic Molly Maguires who avenged the suffering of the miners by attacking mine owners and foremen. The Molly Maguires are reported to have been members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.1

    Russell keys in on two secret societies in his reply that June 15, 1895 article. He answers that several Roman Catholic Societies have malevolent schemes, and he notes that the Freemasons "profane worship".

    Quoting Russell, "We note also that the Order of Free Masons, if judged by its past history, has some secret object or scheme, more than fraternity and financial aid in time of sickness or death. And, so far as we can judge, there is a certain amount of profane worship or mummery connected with the rites of this order and some others, which the members do not comprehend, but which, in many cases, serves to satisfy the cravings of the natural mind for worship, and thus hinders it from seeking the worship of God in spirit and in truth—through Christ, the only appointed Mediator and Grand Master."2

    This reply by Russell is significant. From it one notices that
    a. Russell doesn't oppose secret societies except that they take time from his mission which he is trying to inspire the world about.
    b. Russell has an intimate knowledge of the Masons. He knows how their members feel, and how the upper degrees promote profane worship.
    Finally, if the article is read to its conclusion, Russell advises even against belonging to insurance companies for they will be "very insecure dependencies when the time of trouble will have fully commenced...", and insurance does injury to children who inherit money, and it is more noble to leave a legacy of religious separation from banks and insurance companies than to leave money to one's children. He advises, "Trust in the Lord". Give all your money and time to the Lord's service. Interestingly, Russell doesn't follow his own advice. He takes out insurance policies and uses the banks as he wheels and deals. In 1912, he states privately, "I have taken out small policies in the accident companies...Of course, this is private information. Don't tell anyone." .....

    Consider his sermon "The Desire of All Nations" given before 3,500 people. Russell preaches, "The great Messiah...has long been waited for...for thirty five centuries the Jews have waited...Freemasons have waited twenty-five hundred years for the same glorious personage, as Hiram Abiff, the great Master Mason whose death, glorification and future appearing are continually set before them by the letters upon their keystones. He died a violent death, they claim, because of his loyalty to the divine secrets typed in Solomon's temple. He must reappear, they claim, in order that the great antitypical temple may be completed and its grand service for Israel and for all peoples may be accomplished. They claim that his presence is to be expected speedily."

    "The Free Masons also expect the same glorious personage and in their traditions, identify Him with Hiram Abiff, the great Master Mason. This same great Messiah, Michael, the Archangel, the antitypical Melchizedek, Priest as well as King, we identify as 'the Man Jesus Christ.'"

    Some words about Hiram Abiff and Russell's comments

    Claude McClung, an ex-high ranking Mason, shows in his book Why I Left Masonry that Hiram Abiff is the sun god Baal. Hiram Abiff is totally unscriptural. The Christian scriptures condemn all sun worship. The sun was a popular symbol of Russell's too (more about that esp. in chapter 7). He even stated that the resurrected Christ was at the center of the sun. (WT R 5135) When Charles T. Russell calls Hiram Abiff the Messiah and says that the pagan Masonic religion is based on the Bible, then this is significant. If Russell isn't a Freemason, at this point he sure is doing a good job of sounding like one. It may appear that Russell is only indicating that Masons believe Hiram Abiff is the Messiah. However, more is happening here than at first meets the eye. Russell definitely calls Hiram Abiff "the same personage" as the Christian/Jewish Messiah. While it true some Jews wait for the Messiah, and the Moslems await Christ's return, the person of Hiram Abiff is different.

    In interviewing an active 32° Mason, the author was told, "Hiram Abiff is not the Messiah, but only a good man, like Buddha, or Moses. Someone we can learn a lot from." Yet, Masonic sources and some of their best references show that in spite of their public denials, they do view Hiram Abiff as the Messiah figure. Since Russell would not have learned that Freemasons view Hiram Abiff as the Messiah from a casual conversation with a Mason, he must have learned it from an in-depth study of the Masons. The author has never heard or read in 20 years of sermons, any Christian preacher showing Christ's Messiahship by appealing to parallels to Hiram Abiff. For instance, the reader will look in vain at Billy Graham's sermons {Elsewhere I have found Fritz saying Billy Graham is a 33rd degree Mason - maybe he found that out later.} for any such references. It is significant then that Russell refers to Hiram in his sermons as being the Mason's name for the Messiah."

    Hiram spelt backwards is Mariah or Maria and so on. She is a "widow' like Isis, and the Mason's have codes for these people who are part of their allegorical plays teaching morality. Those codes include a phrase like "son of the widow' or a token handshake conveying the level and sect they are in. Hiram is not (In my view - a Messiah.) what he thinks they think, and they will let him think what he thinks so they can laugh at his ignorance or explain him away. It is a set-up like David Icke got when he saw the Queen Mom shape-shifting into a reptoid. Mariae are many in your Bible including the sister of Moses who might be Mariae the Prophetessoriae whose extant treatise on 'whitening the stone' is important to the Great White Brotherhood who are not white racists - perhaps you see what I mean.

    Masonry is indeed based on heliopolitanism or sun god (aka 'son' god) worship as stated in the posthumous book of Thomas Paine - a true adept Hibernian. Paine could be called the main mover behind the French and American Revolutions - and he was in terms of the most public personage. This was part of the plan to end the stranglehold of the Dark Ages. Ba'al is the Phoenician god where you also see BL when you drop the vowels in the original scripts. BL and their main city BLBk or the city of Ba'al we still call Ba'albek, etc. leads to Byblos and Babel and the Bible and so on. This is the era of YHVH or the "I AM" consciousness which is the true one god - 'within' all 'That IS'. Then you got Yahweh, then Jehovah. There are many additional and confirming proofs in the thread Sun Worship including the rare Dionysian Artificers document done by a Mason, a couple of centuries ago who does nnot know what he wrote would take them back five millennia earlier.

    But yes, some Masons might go in as Christians and be allowed to continue to be Christians as they study the codes and miss the meanings. So McClung might have quit it when he discovered what he was studying was historical and closer to the truth than his myths which the Father of Biblical Archaeology knows are Phoenician or from the Shining Ones (sun worshippers. Lugh, Ra etc.) who knew the importance of the life-giving sun (or son of god) that gave heat, energy for plants and all of life on Earth. This is also Venus or the morning star called Lucifer which tracks the sun's transit and the effects of sun spots etc. The guy saying Hiram was a good man is also saying all humans are just like the Buddha or any hero who can DO anything for and with the power "within" or god (see John 10:34 and many more quotes of true Bible adepts).
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    If you were to look for the Ancient Order of Hibernians you would find a lot of places or websites talking about a group formed in the Uniited States in the early 19th Century and you might find some Tammany Hall types or remember the Movie The Gangs of New York with Liam Neeson who gets roles like Tom Collins in a movie by that name you should watch if you want truer history too.

    If you kept looking you would find another and far older secretive society talking about our friend Parsons two centuries earlier who was the enemy of the Irish people we have quoted many times. You might begin to ask why they are talking about protecting Catholics and why they do not talk about their history or even seem to know it before that time. I will quote a newspaper account of this organization for you and tell you the Irish did in fact end up losing their history, laws and culture which Parsons said was his goal to ensure. They still have no real historian and if I went there (Which I am still considering.) I might lose my life for telling these Catholics who they have been fighting and why they are so godforsaken stupid to be fighting against that which they truly would love to be - Irish!

    Yes, the Anglicans as well. I would have a hard time speaking about it I fear.

    "A history of those green Orangemen

    Our Order in various forms goes back several hundred years.

    Formed for the protection of the Catholic peasantry, it also acted as bodyguards for the priests.

    {And that would mean they were originally the conquering Army of people who came two centuries after St. Patrick after the Synod of Whitby in 634 AD - I guess. In short Romans out to destroy Ir-land and those hammered fools or tools we have mentioned in other places.}

    Some claim that our Order dates back to 1565 but there would be no reliable evidence to support this and certainly nothing in writing, as secrecy was their only assurance of survival.

    From the year 1641, the historians would be on surer ground.

    In that year, Sir William Parsons and Sir John Borlace were appointed by the British Crown as Lord Justices for the government of Ireland.

    Shortly after their appointment, at a banquet in Dublin, Sir William Parsons declared: "In 12 months from this date, there will not be a single Catholic left in Ireland."

    This statement gave great impetus to the Hibernians, or Defenders, as they were then known, and whose declared purpose was for the defence of Faith and Fatherland; its motto familiar to all present day members -friendship, unity and true Christian charity.

    The 1641 Rising was led by a Defender, Rory (Roger) O'Moore.

    The Defenders were mainly organised in Connaught and the North of Ireland, and as their name implies, they defended the peasantry from such as the Oak Boys who were seldom called to account for their murderous attacks on Catholics.

    The Government mainly turned a blind eye to their activities, and indeed often encouraged them.

    The Defenders later joined with the Whiteboys who operated in the south and the combined body worked under the name Ribbonmen.

    Branches of the Ribbonmen were organised in many counties in Ireland under many different names.

    In England and Scotland, divisions were formed under the name Hibernia Funeral Society while in several counties in Ireland the name Molly Maguires was used.

    The Ribbonmen were, of course, condemned by the government as an unlawful association - the same government which aided and abetted organisations such as the Oak Boys.

    It is said that history repeats itself and it would appear that it does.

    In 1825, the Ribbonmen became the St Patrick's Fraternity, a Society which was also known as St Patrick's Boys.

    The executive sanctioned this change in the name of the organisation as the Ribbonmen had incurred the censure of the church.

    The Ribbonmen may have been guilty of deeds which the church could not sanction, but it was, however, in response to tyranny and aggression.

    Under the name of St Patrick's Fraternity Society, much charity work was done for the Irish people in the large cities of England and Scotland.

    The Order set up several societies to carry out this charitable work.

    Among these was the Widows and Orphans Society. This was quite a change in emphasis for an organisation which had previously used violence to protect the Catholic peasantry.

    Members of the Order who had emigrated to the United States sought permission from the governing body in Ireland to organise in America.

    This was granted on May 4, 1834 and the first Division in America was formed in New York.

    The name was changed to the Ancient Order of Hibernians in the late 1830s and this has now become the largest Irish-American organisation in the world.

    As can be clearly seen, in this article on the Order, we are an Irish organisation.

    We are not a branch of a foreign organisation, such as the Foresters who were originally part of Foresters in Europe.

    They later became the Irish National Foresters.

    With people such as Sir William Parsons in authority in Ireland, there was certainly a need for our Order and that entitles it to take some credit for the fact that there are still Catholics in Ireland, despite his boast in 1641.

    The standing of the Order was recognised by Michael Davitt, who described it as "the most powerful pro-Celtic organisation in the world".

    This was quite a tribute by a great Irishman.

    A helping hand

    Anyone walking through Foyle Street on a Saturday afternoon recently may have heard the faint sound of Irish traditional music floating from a jukebox.

    It's quite a low key attempt to sell tickets for the annual charity Christmas draw, and in its nature and deed, sums up the AOH's unobtrusive yet very real local input.

    In fact the OAH from the shadows has managed to help shape Derry in everything from the religious statues at the Long Tower Church to the new Foyle Search and Rescue boat.

    They have also been instrumental in aiding local charities and helping organisations such as the Bogside Artists.

    "We gave them the room upstairs as an artist studio place for a while so they could paint away. Then they did some paintings for us," said Danny Ealing, secretary of the Derry branch.

    Few people know that the ornate Calvary sculptures at Long Tower Church were also donated by the AOH back in 1904.

    One of the Order's proudest days came when they raised enough to secure a new boat for the Foyle Search and Rescue.

    Mr Ealing said: "An American Division had been visiting at the time and they had seen the good work this charity was doing on the river.

    "They went back and raised $$500 because the charity were looking for a new, smaller boat to get in closer along the river.

    "The representatives from the four Christian denominations did a joint blessing as the ship was taken into the Foyle and then everybody came back here for a celebration night afterwards."

    Back to back charity nights are also a frequent feature at the OAH offices on Foyle Street and this year the organisation will be running a limited draw of 1,000 tickets for a Christmas draw.

    Each ticket costs £50 with cash prizes totalling £40,000 up for grabs.

    "There is a lot going on. There always has been and it looks like that will continue for the foreseeable future," Mr Ealing said."
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    Getting back to the more mundane Masonic debate we have insights related to Pythagoras the Druid because many Masons call themselves Pythagoreans whether or not they know whereof they speak. I do think there was a verbal history which they shared but I doubt there is nard or written proof, especially because writing about real knowledge was against the Magian Law. Yes, lesser people or those outside the Pythagorean Therapeutae system wrote things about them and maybe Pythagoras wrote under a pen name like Orpheus as some scholars say.

    Mr. Draper says Pythagoras founded an elite order to protect elites. I say he founded an elite order willing to make all who wished to become potentiated as full humans with divine potential to achieve their birthright rather than a nepotistic hierarchy which Plato had to conceive due to his ethical or social pressures. Pythagoras like Socrates later could have gone to nearby Sparta which was more hierarchical without the spiritual under-pinning, they both chose other options. In any event Mr. Draper is not part of the spiritual continuum and I am. If Pythagoras was welcomed by the Sybarites who his people actually fought with later, then maybe the argument could be made about elite or effete greedy people. Before Pythagoras arrived in Croton or Bruttium (in Latin) they had already fought the Sybarites who are part of the Milesian Trojan War people, Sybaris had fought Bruttium twice including when they were on the side of the Etruscans in the Battle of Alalia (in my memory) as well as shortly thereafter at the Battle of Sybaris when they lost because the people of Croton/Bruttium protected average people fleeing Sybaritic elite dominion.

    I often find people writing about things they know little about and yet place current ideological definitions upon as if they know something. It gets especially tiresome when (Unlike Michael Grant in Rise of the Greeks who admits he cannot judge Pythagoras because he does not know what the system of esotericism is about.) we see sweeping generalizations which don't even have common or accepted meaning such as the word 'communism' being employed by Mr. Draper.

    The Gracchi are part of a continuum of socialism back to the Druids including Pythagoras. Mr. Draper has a hard time with reality and making a real government function when you begin a new system inside a culture of slave and master - and I agree with Kautsky. More importantly I see Draper putting terms and definitions on the work of people like Plutarch who lived in the era - and I dare say Plutarch knew better what was happening in Toto. I could post this under Cultural Marxism but I think that was a dead horse when stupid people pronounced it had some egis or origin with the Frankfurt School to begin with.

    "1. Some Socialist “Ancestors”

    Karl Kautsky, the leading theoretician of the Second International, began his book on Thomas More with the observation that the two great figures inaugurating the history of socialism are More and Münzer, and that both of them “follow the long line of Socialists, from Lycurgus and Pythagoras to Plato, the Gracchi, Cataline, Christ ...”

    This is a very impressive list of early “socialists,” and considering his position Kautsky should certainly have been able to recognize a socialist when he saw one. What is most fascinating about this list is the way it falls apart under examination into two quite different groups.

    Plutarch’s life of Lycurgus led the early socialists to adopt him as the founder of Spartan “communism” – this is why Kautsky lists him. But as described by Plutarch, the Spartan system was based on equal division of land under private ownership; it was in no way socialistic. The “collectivist” feeling one may get from a description of the Spartan regime comes from a different direction: the way of life of the Spartan ruling class itself, which was organized as a permanent disciplined garrison in a state of siege; and to this add the terroristic regime imposed over the helots (slaves). I do not see how a modern socialist can read of the Lycurgan regime without feeling that he is meeting not an ancestor of socialism but a forerunner of fascism. There is quite a difference! But how is it that it did not impress itself on the leading theoretician of social-democracy?

    Pythagoras founded an elite order which acted as the political arm of the landed aristocracy against the plebeian-democratic movement; he and his party were finally overthrown and expelled by a popular revolutionary rising. Kautsky seems to be on the wrong side of the barricades! But besides, inside the Pythagorean order a regime of total authoritarianism and regimentation prevailed. In spite of this, Kautsky chose to regard Pythagoras as a socialist ancestor because of the belief that the organized Pythagoreans practised communal consumption. Even if this were true (and Kautsky found out later it was not) {Again a matter of who defines what is or is not a managed society that has a goal to create spiritual disciplines and has a hierarchy of adepts who know how people must go through stages of growth before having any luxuries - see Erickson's hierarchy of needs.) this would have made the Pythagorean order exactly as communistic as any monastery. Chalk up a second ancestor of totalitarianism on Kautsky’s list."

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    I wrote a book wrapping around Franz Bardon's experiences fighting against a 99 group called the Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion and I have addressed their involvement in another Lodge or cult inside the USA called the Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion. The had a role in founding the KKK and were known as Copperheads in the Civil War. It would have a different demon as would every one of these Lodges totalling 99 around the world. Maybe the following source is right about the one in Germany folding up at the time they say in 1933; but I think it would have been after the date they say when Bardon won his battles against them. In any event you will find all manner of ignorant people inside and outside Freemasonry who deny their existence at any time. The following people are demonic types, and they reference a more ancient group called the Assassins. I have zero doubt about people doing this kind of thing for at least ten millennia. The mention of the Tepaphone was not in Bardon's book and I mentioned this to the person who gave me the book who was a High European Rosicrucian and Swiss Baron. He agreed with me they had the tepaphone and he said he would give me it's designs if I wanted but he confirmed I was right about it's origins and components so I did not need it, and do not use such things.

    "From: [email protected] (Richard Laufenburg)
    Subject: FOGC Lodge
    Date: 9 Dec 2002 10:46:42 -0800

    The F O G C Lodge
    The Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurium

    By Dr. Adolf Hemberger

    A purely magical-mystical loge was founded in 1840 in Munich by some
    German rich industrialists and well situated citizens. This lodge
    existed until 1933. At all times only 99 persons of the male gender
    could belong to this esoteric working-group or secret lodge. This
    lodge basically never appeared in the open.

    This lodge had nothing to do with regular Freemasonry. They didn't
    have any actual degrees, ranks and levels of realisation. The
    advancement to apprentice, journeyman and master was only of symbolic
    character. All secrets were given during the initiation. The other
    "grades" were not ranks, but only temple-stones which were provided
    with a number and name. Their intention was demonological oriented
    i.e. they tried, in alliance with allegedly existing negative
    spiritual forces to obtain personal advantages, influence, power and
    money for their members. For this reason they placed themselves under
    mars-daimon "Barzabel", the old bull-god Astaroth, Belial and Asmodi
    as lodge-daimon who took place number 100 in the lodge.

    Similar to the Russian Roulette (also practised by the order of
    which also existed at the turn of the century (19th to the
    20th century) in Central Europe), every five years (if at that point
    of time no other lodge member had died) a balloting for "death
    candidate" took place on the evening (June 23rd) before John's day.
    This death candidate served as "lodge-sacrifice" for the services of
    the transcendental powers in which the lodge believed. The
    dead-candidate was determined by the draw of a lot or a ballot. In the
    later case there were 98 white balls and 1 black ball in the ballot
    box. Whoever drew the dead-lot became, according to the constitution
    of the order, property of the supposed lodge daimon, i.e. he had to
    consume deadly poison during the lodge meeting.

    The Grandmaster of this organisation that was part of a truly
    "macabre" and supersaturated society had the authority to order the
    balloting three times if "fate" demanded him draw the black ball. The
    fortune and capital of the "sacrificed" member came into the treasury
    of the lodge. The lodge-seat, lodge-number and the serving
    imagospurius were assigned to the new member who was to be initiated
    on the same day. Allegedly the lodge mastered in theory and practice
    almost all black-magical techniques. Every member was bound to the
    lodge-daimon by oaths, blood-rituals and mental-pacts. The most
    important rituals were taken from the works of ceremonial magic (see
    "Heptameron", Waite: Ceremonial Magic, Stroessner-Bachhausen:
    "Freimaurerei und Magie" etc.). Also combat-telepathy and the
    ray-apparatus Tepaphone were used. (See Fraternitas Saturni and the
    Order of the Mentalic Builders).

    Sources: Quintscher: "Denu val gumas"
    Bardon: "Frabato"

    Information about this lodge were given by Gregor A. Gregorius from
    mouth to ear to Master Ptahhotep of the Fraternitas Saturni, Wolther,
    Guido (Master Daniel), 33rd degree of the Fraternitas Saturni and it
    Grandmaster for a while, was also member do the Droit-Humain order;
    descriptions of the rituals, techniques and procedures of the FOGC lodge.
    Minutes of lodge-meetings"
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    Picknett and Prince are two authors I have never had a serious disagreement with, in fact I seldom ever even have a small disagreement except that I go back further and draw more connections. They have followed the path from Egypt to the present day so they do not get sucked in by those who say there is no connection from one area to another.


    While questions remain about the existence of a single global elite with an agenda that goes beyond simply keeping itself very, very rich, there are certainly groups that want to run the world for quite other reasons. And with the increasing globalisation of political and economic institutions, it has become easier for a relatively small group to inveigle itself into quite staggeringly influential positions. One cabal in particular reveals – alarmingly – what a small group, driven by a fanatical belief system, can achieve from the shadows. And writing as we are in the United Kingdom, this group is on our doorstep, and has been for over a century. And although perhaps small in number, its reach is big.

    Our research into this subject – detailed in The Stargate Conspiracy (1999) and The Sion Revelation (2006) – demonstrated that every major step in the development of the European Union from a simple trading body to a borderline superstate can be traced back to a very specific ideology, which upholds rule by an elite from behind the scenes. But this isn’t just about politics. Astonishingly, this ideology is also about mysticism and magic.

    This shadowy politico-occult movement is synarchy, which was developed by the Frenchman Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves, the Marquis d’Alveydre, in opposition to the rise of anarchy in the second half of the nineteenth century. To him the ideal synarchist state would be a rigid social hierarchy topped by an elite that is predestined to rule – absolutely at odds with the then emerging concepts of democracy, individual liberty and social mobility.

    Central to Saint-Yves was the creation of a united Europe, a call for which appears on the first page of his first book on synarchy, Keys to the East (1877). He believed that his perfectly balanced society reflected deep cosmic laws, with which his elite perfectly resonated. They are also directly guided by the powers that rule the universe – as he believed himself to be.

    Saint-Yves claimed that in the ancient past an advanced civilisation – based, of course, on synarchic principles – had governed the whole world. This golden age lasted from 7500 to 4000 BCE, before imploding due to a global catastrophe, remembered in legends such as Atlantis. Since then the occult powers-that-be have periodically reintroduced the revelation of synarchy, sending or inspiring figures such as Moses and Jesus – and, naturally, Saint-Yves himself.

    He adopted the idea, popular in nineteenth-century esoteric and theosophical circles, that spiritually advanced masters – to him preservers of the synarchic revelation – existed in Agartha, a hidden realm in the Himalayas. He confided in his closest associates that he had been visited by its emissaries.

    Another significant aspect of his version of history was that clandestine societies had transmitted the secret of synarchy throughout the ages. It comes as no surprise to discover that his ‘spiritual fathers of synarchy’ were the usual suspects – the Knights Templar.

    For a time in the 1880s and 90s Saint-Yves’ ideas were seriously discussed in political circles in France and elsewhere in Europe. In 1886 he formed the Syndicate of the Professional and Economic Press to promote synarchy to political and business leaders. Several members of the French Parliament joined, including government minister François Césaire Demahy – later a founder of the influential nationalist movement Action Française – and Paul Deschanel, who became President of France in 1920. Saint-Yves was made a chévalier of the Légion d’honneur in 1893.

    In the end, however, Saint-Yves’ followers realised things would have to change radically. After his death in 1909, and particularly in the uncertain aftermath of the First World War, they knew they could never achieve their ambitions through conventional means – and turned to stealth. They decided on inveigling their members into key positions in political and economic institutions intending on creating, in the words of Richard F. Kuisel, a specialist in twentieth-century French political history, “a world government by an initiated elite.”1 Synarchy came to stand for ‘rule by secret society’, which in practice makes it difficult to distinguish between card-carrying synarchists and those merely under their influence.

    Towards Europe’s ‘United States’

    The most high-profile late nineteenth-century devotee of Saint-Yves was the physician Gérard Encausse (‘Papus’), a leading light among French esoteric societies. He blended the teachings of his ‘spiritual master’, the eighteenth century occult philosopher Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, and his ‘intellectual master’ Saint-Yves. Encausse founded the Martinist Order, into which he absorbed synarchist principles – so that, unusually, it had political ambitions, including the formation of ‘a United States of Europe’. Delusions of grandeur, one might have thought…

    Encausse’s death in 1916 resulted in a schism in the Martinist Order over its involvement in politics. The activists, under Victor Blanchard – head of the secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies of the French Parliament – formed the breakaway Martinist and Synarchic Order, which established the Synarchic Central Committee in 1922, designed to pull in promising young civil servants and “younger members of great business families.”2 The Committee soon became the Synarchic Empire Movement, or MSE (Mouvement Synarchique d’Empire) in 1930, under dedicated firebrands Jeanne Canudo and Vivien Postel du Mas.

    Canudo is best remembered today as an energetic campaigner for European unity and founder of several youth organisations in the 1930s, select members of which were inducted into the esoteric synarchist orders that she led together with Postel du Mas.

    An important witness to these events was the celebrated Parisian litterateur Maurice Girodias (publisher of scandalous sensations such as The Story of O, Lolita, Henry Miller’s Sexus and William S. Burrough’s The Naked Lunch). As a teenager in the 1930s he was involved both with Canudo’s European groups and an esoteric society that met at Postel du Mas’ luxurious apartment to hear the ‘secret masters’ speaking through teenage trance medium Laurette. Girodias said of Postel du Mas’ magical salons: “I saw at his feet men of science, company directors, and bankers.”3

    Beyond Top Secret

    The MSE produced an important but beyond Top Secret document – its very existence unknown to outsiders until 1941 – entitled The Synarchist Revolutionary Pact for the French Empire, usually known simply as the Synarchist Pact. The exact authorship is uncertain but the main candidates are Postel du Mas and the businessman Jean Coutrot. It was only as a result of Coutrot’s apparent suicide under the Nazi Occupation, when copies were found among his possessions, that anyone knew the Pact existed.4"

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    “No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.” -- Pythagoras

    The link following includes an embedded book by Manly Hall which is well worth reading. Much of the rest of the Occult politics segment is covered here already but it is pretty much everywhere on the web, already. Yes, globalists have said what they want - and why. When will idiots tell us their agenda and plan?

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