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Thread: The Cure for Pedophilia etc.

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    The Cure for Pedophilia etc.

    Guilt is easy to spread around.

    Finger pointing is easy for us to do. The whole of the Cycle of Violence includes far more than pedophilia or rape. It includes emotional abuse and control issues which insecure deviates are raised by society to be. We have at least three millennia of wars to lay at the feet of our hegemonists in religious ecclesiasties and their pals and cousins in governments. That makes real change difficult.

    At a personal level I dedicated 20 years to hands on helping of the victims. I bought books like Return to Love by Marianne Williamson to give many who were almost normal. They are (even when adults) so screwed up that I cannot blame them. In fact I married two of the worst cases and got so close I feel like a victim.

    If you read this you will get back to that three millennia era, and see how we could promote REAL change.

    Newly discovered evidence on Jesus can be claimed even when it is obvious to any romance language speaking person who listens to themselves talk. But I can leave it to the reader in this case without going into the linguistics, encyclicals like Dominus Iesoos or even IXOYE. For the reader who has not read the thousand other proofs from actual scholars and science about the work I have done to prove authors like Sir James Frazer (Golden Bough), Robert Graves (The White Goddess), Conor MacDari (Irish Wisdom), W. F. Albright and a thousand others they quoted in the early part of the 20th Century. I will lead us into what the Nazarenes say about Apollo with one simple quote from Graves addressing Apollo who like every other Mediterranean god and every language of the region is absolutely connected with the Phoenicians and acknowledged by almost every investigation, from any discipline of study.

    Conquering gods their titles take
    From the foes they captive make,
    and that to know the name of a deity at any given place or period, is far less important than to know the nature of the sacrifices that he or she was then offered. The powers of the gods were continuously being redefined. The Greek god Apollo, for instance, seems to have begun as the Demon of a Mouse-fraternity in pre-Aryan totemistic Europe: he gradually rose in divine rank by force of arms, blackmail and fraud until he became the patron of Music, Poetry and the Arts and finally, in some regions at least, ousted his 'father' Zeus from the Sovereignty of the Universe by identifying himself with Belinus the intellectual God of Light. Jehovah, the God of the Jews, has a still more complex history."

    How can we teach the 'speaking in tongue' reversal to Ogham dialects if there is no etheric bank of knowledge called Ein Sof, the Akashic or other similar conceptualizations in language? Is it through that same ether or medium that we can attune to achieve bibliomancy, soul mates, decrees, action-at-a-distance and enhanced horizontal gene transfer now being proven?

    How can we, most importantly, return to the meaning of Iesa or Iesoos and other spellings including revered code such as Gizeh and Hejaz (on the Arabic side of these things). It is a meaning which these religious people could learn and free mankind from the incessant threat of their wars and Armageddon. It is Brotherhood and g-d (good or god when removing vowels in early scripts).

    "The Nazarene Way of Essenic Studies

    Yeshua, Jesus, or YH-Zeus?

    The fourth-century Roman Emperor Constantine believed that Jesus was the reincarnation of Apollo, the son of the Greek god Zeus.

    Most scholars have assumed that Constantine was mistaken.

    However, a newly revived ancient method of biblical exegesis suggests that Constantine was closer to the truth than "traditional assumptions" when it comes to "The Real Name of Jesus."

    This method of biblical interpretation comes from the teachings of Philo of Alexandria and are known as "Philo's Rules for Enigmas."

    Philo's method is fully explained at:'s Rules for Allegory.htm

    This article contains recently discovered evidence that reveals "The Real Name of Jesus" was Yah-Zeus, the merging of the Hebrew god, YHWH and the Greco-Roman god Zeus.

    (The original article that offers the traditional explanation for the name "Yeshua" is presented at the end of this article in its entirety.)

    No one can argue that The Story of Jesus found in the gospels fulfills several Old Testament prophecies. One of the most important was:

    Micah 5:2: "But you, O Bethlehem of Ephrathah, who are one of the little clans of Judah, from you shall come forth for me one who is to rule in Israel, whose origin is from of old, from ancient days."

    5:4: "And he shall stand and feed his flock in the strength of the LORD, in the majesty of the name of [YHWH] his God…"

    5:5: "… and he shall be the one of peace."

    Yah-Zeus from Bethlehem was also a dying-and-resurrected god, joining the ranks of Near Eastern and Greek deities: Baal, Melquart, Adonis, Eshmun, Attic, Tammuz, Asclepius, Orpheus, Krishna, Ra, Osiris, Dionysus, Odin, as well as goddesses, Inanna, Ishtar, Persephone, and the central figure of the Eleusian Mysteries, an unnamed goddess worshiped in Crete.

    Scholar Franz Cumont classified Jesus as a syncretized example of this archetype. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn drew parallels between Jesus, Osiris, and other solar dying-and-resurrected gods to construct their system of mysticism and theosophy. New Testament scholar Robert M. Price points out the strong parallels between The Jesus Story and other Middle Eastern myths about life-death-rebirth deities.

    But a question looms regarding Yah-Zeus: We know that YaHWeH was the Jewish masculine deity; therefore, Yah was his son, the Messiah. Was Zeus a dying-and resurrected god? The answer is no. However, Zeus played an important role in a Homeric Hymn (c. 650 BCE) about a dying-and-resurrected Goddess. According to Homer:"

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    Just in case it is not clear to the uninitiated reader, we have had people saying the forces of nature cause all that occurs and they made names to identify those forces. Over time (millions of years) we saw some people acting as interpreters for these forces which had local names and competed with the neighbors. These competitions of gods (actually priests) made nations and Empire. That brings us to what we call history which has become 'his'- story. Women who once had been equal or even revered in the earth Mother and Gaian religions were forced to safe havens in northern lands as their red-headed kin and kids were being sacrificed to gods like Apollo (see Plutarch, Pliny and so on). The megaliths that had helped keep people together by many ways we still only have an inkling about were not being built by the red-heads and their mothers were getting militant as well - the Amazons dying out till Boadicea. Cleopatra was not in full control except as a regent for her brother. Ariadne and Hatshepsut around the time Temples covered up and went indoors (To perfect their perverse rituals) in the 13th Century BCE were the last real Queens and fair or equal treatment of lesser people started gaining momentum. Today we still see the back and forth battles of stupid people wanting Armageddon or worse.

    Now, the Essenes or Nazarenes are telling us what I laid out to Thomas Mor over a decade ago when he was Patriarch of one of their groups. There is a way to see Jesus (Iesa) as what we can regain through ecumenicism and true spirituality in tune with Nature. I can connect dots forward and backward through history and science. If you want the Cathars as a last attempt to regain Brotherhood being attacked by Empire in the 13th Century AD we have many threads. If you want the pre-white era - we are learning more all the time but as mentioned already - the Ainu thread is a start. So too, is the Siddhar Tamil, and Gunung Padang, Pythagoras, Sun-Worship and Heliopolitan mentions in all so many threads, don't overlook the Amazon and Phoenician thread etc.

    The mind is not alone in our body or our soul. Put that in your pipe for an hour or two and then consider what your spirit and experiences are part and parcel of. Is the collective mind something you can attune with as you make love? What effect will that have on the genes you are sharing and passing on to our future society? This is the realm of social engineering about to make waves, perhaps.

    Stress effects are genetically passed from generation to generation. If this experiential type of data is transferred through our genes - imagine how much like a computer chip our brains truly are? Or is this like Horizontal gene transfer in lesser life forms which I think occurs in all life forms and explains what we have called intuition? I have written about occult genetic information transfer for decades, and I see many current science proofs are in line with what I wrote. The most important one being the lymph system which I connected with psychic points charts and chakras as a teenager, now proven to exist in the brain as of 2015, at the University of Virginia (Kevin Lee).

    I say we can heal ourselves and if we learn to address this properly as we grow up it will make our offspring more adept at many things. St. Germain set up schools in Vienna to accentuate these abilities and he never aged a day according to Voltaire - in the 50 years he knew him. That does not mean he was immortal as some fraudsters are out there selling.

    There are possible ways to ensure this does not happen if we make love only when we have been stress free, perhaps. Does this mean aggression in our kinks or ways of making love is not good? Would gestation in gravity free environments for a few hours a week help? When does the information get embedded?

    "A father’s stress may directly affect his son’s health.

    In mice, males exposed to repeated psychological stress developed high blood sugar — and so did their unstressed male offspring, researchers report online February 18 in Cell Metabolism. Stress appeared to alter chemical tags on the DNA in a male’s sperm. These epigenetic tweaks were then passed onto male pups, which produced higher levels of blood sugar-generating proteins in their livers than mice sired by unstressed fathers. If the frazzled fathers received daily doses of a drug that blocked stress hormones before mating, their sons’ increased blood sugar was mostly prevented, the team found.

    The results call for further exploration of how a father’s experiences or actions — for example, smoking or exposure to toxins — may impact his children’s health, the scientists say."
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    People in religions say they do not think there is a connection between their religion and the prevalence of serial rape, family violence and even (amazingly) war. They act like any comment pointing out they support such things is a lie. The facts are well known to people in a position to know. Here are a few links to wade through at the top of a list of 1.2 million hits when I put 'the correlation between religious extremism and abuse' into my browser. Father Leo Booth co-authored a book with John Bradshaw (a noted expert on abuse) wherein he says he was an abuser when he taught the catechism. He goes to AA meetings and confesses his acts as if he had been an addicted drunk.

    Scholarly articles for correlation between abuse and religious extremism

    Class, gender and religious influences on changing … - ‎Macey - Cited by 91

    The origins of the new terrorism - ‎Morgan - Cited by 136

    … between government instability and belief in religious … - ‎Kay - Cited by 83

    Religious abuse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    One specific meaning of the term religious abuse refers to psychological ... Religious violence and extremism (also called communal violence) is a term that covers all ... abuse that includes physical injury, deprivation of sustenance;; Sexual ...

    The mind of the religious extremist

    And, of course, students of religious extremism must always remember that great ... to end up with a programme of hatred, murder, misogyny, bigotry or child abuse. ... especially when they involve forms of homosexuality or sexual liberality;

    From the above we have a start for a real debate - someone might engage in on another site (but I doubt they will, after seeing what is involved, it is not 'simply' misogyny' or pedophilia or some thing everyone says they abhor and yet continue supporting and not allowing it to be part of a political platform for real change).

    "For starters, we must avoid the temptation to be simplistic. Many political leaders, for example, have argued that religiously motivated evil always represents a corruption of true religion, the core of which – as a tactical matter – they rarely identify with much specificity. Others have turned to the ever-popular explanation that the problem is the other fellow’s religion, indicting in toto one or another of the world’s major religious traditions. Yet others have suggested that religion itself, all religion, is the source of the problem.

    None of these explanations will do. We should, instead, start with the assumption that ethical and reasonable people – whether religious, agnostic or atheistic – will typically disdain and reject destructive violence and intolerance perpetrated in the name of religious faith or other ideologies.

    Quite a few of the disagreements surrounding religious extremism – though certainly not all of them – have roots in the failure of parties to agree about just what they are discussing. We might therefore adopt a working definition of religious extremists as people who – for reasons they themselves deem religious – commit, promote or support purposely hurtful, violent or destructive acts against others."
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    "Julius Evola who was critical of the Third Reich states in Notes on the Third Reich[1964]:

    "Everything gravitated around a man with exceptional abilities for captivating, transporting, arousing and fanaticising the people, while he himself presented under more than one aspect the traits of a possessed person, as if an extraordinary force were acting through him, giving him lucidity and iron logic in action, but depriving him of every sense of limit."

    I have read where Hitler called himself by the pet name "Shithead" because he liked being shit upon. I also have read that his father abused him. That is a very big word "abused" and it contains many possible kinks and issues. Hitler exhibited some possession issues and his father might indeed have a spiritual control of him even after the father died. We see Evola noting this but there are other explanations. If you actually wanted to learn about such things you would have to do more than the following authors have done, but you can start down their path of exploration.

    The following extensive report discusses the Stockholm Syndrome but it does not go far enough and cover how every person in our society is similarly living under a cloud of acceptable behavior which includes women wanting rough sex who think it is ok but in fact is a result of abuse in their life or those of their parents. This Cycle of Violence is subtle in some cases, as it is with the gradual brainwashing of those in Stockholm Syndrome cases except it is even more subtle. For example my last wife knew there was a man allowed by her mother to have sex with her and her sisters, and watch in some cases as well. He had been the partner in business with this mother for about 20 years from the moment they left Vietnam as 'boat people'. One of her sisters said it was 'first sex' and totally educative and OK. My wife's twin sister agreed with me and even thought their mother should be sued. She was a lesbian and my wife did not know or care to think about why she liked rough sex and how it affected me - I could go along some way but not as far as she preferred.

    You will not get good advice from people who project demons and build up the myths surrounding them - but if you are already hooked maybe seeing how ridiculous they can be will cause you to step back and re-evaluate the situation.
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    And now we get Dr. Freud who equates sex and all things anal. We get it with inclusions of other themes we have here, and maybe it is interesting for that reason alone. But I put it here because it covers how intimate the psychologist and patient relationship is and thus how dangerous it can be for both parties.

    "Editor's note: This transcript contains explicit language and frank descriptions of sexual and bodily functions. The most graphic words and passages have been removed. The transcript was provided by former Los Angeles prosecutor John W. Miner, who was head of the District Attorney's medical-legal section when Marilyn Monroe died. He says the transcript was based on tapes Monroe recorded at her home for her psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson. Miner says he compiled the transcript after Greenson played him the tapes during an interview he conducted as part of the investigation into her death.


    Dear Doctor:

    You have given me everything. Because of you I can now feel what I never felt before. She comes by herself and with somebody else. So now I am a whole woman (pun intended — like Shakespeare). So now I have control-- control of myself--control of my life.

    What can I give you. Not money. I know that from me that means nothing to you. Not my body. I know your professional ethics and faithfulness to your wonderful wife make that impossible. What I am going to give you is my idea that will revolutionize psychoanalysis.

    Isn't it true that the key to analysis is free association. Marilyn Monroe associates. You, my doctor, by understanding and interpretation of what goes on in my mind get to my unconscious which makes it possible for you to treat my neuroses and for me to overcome them. But when you tell me to relax and say whatever I am thinking, I blank out and have nothing to say; that's what you and Dr. Freud call resistance. So we talk about other things and I answer your questions as best I can. You are the only person in the world I have never told a lie to and never will.

    Oh yes, dreams. I know they are important. But you want me to free associate about the dream elements. I have the same blanking out. More resistance for you and Dr. Freud to complain about.

    I read his "Introductory Lectures," God, what a genius. He makes it so understandable. And he is so right. Didn't he say himself that Shakespeare and Dostoievski had a better understanding of psychology than all the scientists put together. Damn it, they do.

    You told me to read Molly Bloom's mental meanderings (I can use words, can't I) to get a feeling for free association. It was when I did that I got my great idea.

    As I read it something bothered me. Here is Joyce writing what a woman thinks to herself . Can he, does he really know her innermost thoughts. But after I read the whole book, I could better understand that Joyce is an artist who could penetrate the souls of people, male or female. It really doesn't matter that Joyce doesn't have ... or never felt a menstrual cramp. Wait a minute. As you must have guessed I am free associating and you are going to hear a lot of bad language. Because of my respect for you, I've never been able to say the words I'm really thinking when we are in session. But now I am going to say whatever I think, no matter what it is.

    I can do that because of my idea which, if you'll be patient, I'll tell you about. That's funny. I ask you to be patient, but I am your patient. Yet to be patient and to be a patient makes a kind of Shakespearean sense, doesn't it

    Back to Joyce. To me Leopold Bloom is a central character. He is the despised Irish Jew, married to an Irish Catholic woman. It is through them Joyce develops much of what he wants to say. Do you agree that the scene where Bloom is looking at the little girl on the swing is the most erotic in the book?

    What is a Jew. In my business I have met and ... more Jews that I can count, and boy have I been screwed by some of them.

    There are those who, I suppose, look Jewish but so do Arabs; there are others who are more blond and blue-eyed than Hitler ever was. And some in between that you can't tell if they are Jewish or not.

    How do you think Hitler knew who were Jews to be killed. Couldn't be by looks alone. I have met too many German Jews who sure could be Hitler's Aryans by their looks.

    I couldn't tell if you're Jewish by looking at you. Same with women.

    Keep getting sidetracked. Well, that's what free association is.

    OK, my idea! To start with there is the doctor and the patient. I don't like the word, analysand. It makes it seem like treating a sick mind is different from treating a sick body. However, you and Dr. Freud say the mind is part of the body. That makes the person getting treated a patient.

    I'll bet Gertrude Stein would say a patient is a patient, is a patient. See, free association can be fun.

    Anyway, you are in his office and the Doctor says I want you to say whatever you are thinking no matter what it is. And you can't think of a damn thing. How many times after a session I would go home and cry because I thought it was my fault.

    While reading Molly's blathering, the IDEA came to me. Get a tape recorder. Put a tape in. Turn it on. Say whatever you are thinking like I am doing now. It's really easy. I'm lying on my bed wearing only a brassiere. If I want to go to the refrig or the bathroom, push the stop button and begin again when I want to.

    And I just free associate. No problem. You get the idea, don't you. Patient can't do it in Doctor's office. Patient is at home with tape recorder. Patient free associates sans difficulty. Patient sends tape to Doctor. After he listens to it, Patient comes in for a session. He asks her questions about it, interprets it. Patient gets treated. Oh yes, she can put her dreams on the tape too — right when she has them. You know how I would forget what I dreamed or even if I dreamt at all.

    Dr. Freud said dreams are the via regia to the unconscious and so I'll tell you my dreams on tape.

    OK, Dr. Greenson. You are the greatest psychiatrist in the world. You tell me. Has Marilyn Monroe invented an important way to make psychoanalysis work better. After you listen to my tapes and use them to treat me, you could publish a paper in a scientific journal, Wouldn't that be sensational. I don't want any credit. I don't want to be identified in your paper. It's my present to you. I'll never tell anybody about it. You will be the first to let your profession know how to lick resistance. Maybe you could patent the idea and license it to your colleagues. Ask Micky.

    You are the only person who will ever know the most private, the most secret thought of Marilyn Monroe. I have absolute confidence and trust you will never reveal to a living soul what I say to you.

    What I told you is true when I first became your patient. I had never had an orgasm. I well remember you said an orgasm happens in the mind, not the genitals. ...

    It doesn't bother me, but this damn free association could drive somebody crazy. Oh, oh, crazy makes me think about my mother. I am not going to free associate about her right now. Let me finish my thoughts about orgasms.

    You said there was an obstacle in my mind that prevented me from having an orgasm; that it was something that happened early in my life about which I felt so guilty that I did not deserve to have the greatest pleasure there is; that it had to do with something sexual that was very wrong, but my getting pleasure from it caused my guilt That it was buried in my unconscious. Through analysis we would bring it to my conscious mind where we could get to the guilt and free me to be orgasmic. Well, we sure worked it and got nowhere. I'd go home and cry and vomit from the frustration. Then you said for the orgasm problem we'll try a different approach. That you would tell me how to stimulate myself, that when I did exactly what you told me to do I would have an orgasm and that after I did it to myself and felt what it was, I would have orgasms with lovers. What a difference a word makes. You said I would, not I could.

    Bless you, Doctor. What you say is gospel to me. By now I've had lots of orgasms. Not only one, but 2 and 3 with a man who takes his time.

    I never cried so hard as I did after my first orgasm. It was because of the years I had ...never had an orgasm.

    What wasted years. How can I describe to you, a man, what an orgasm feels like to a woman. I'll try.

    Think of a light fixture with a rheostat control. As you slowly turn it on, the bulb begins to get bright, then brighter and brighter and finally in a blinding flash is fully lit. As you turn it off it gradually becomes dimmer and at last goes out.

    It is so good ... Doctor, I worship you.

    When I came back from a day off the set, he patted my ass and told me if I didn't behave myself, he would give me a good spanking. I looked him in the eye and said: " Don't tempt me," He burst out laughing so hard he was tearing

    Because of his performance I've seen "Gone With the Wind's over and over again. He was perfect.

    It makes me so mad I could scream. Those Academy ... didn't award him the Oscar. He should have won hands down.

    All right that was a long time ago. I must have been about 13. I have never seen a man who was as romantic as he was in that picture."

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    Putting on a thinking cap sometimes makes the head spin.

    I think I never liked Harold Pinter due to the absurd plots and tortured unwholesome conversation of his characters. So when I went from the streets of a loving San Francisco into an upstairs dive putting on his play The Room I should have left my thinking cap on stun just as I had in school. Unfortunately I was with a woman I loved conversing with about every new experience we shared. She had been to a strip club with men who were women or getting the procedure to become women with me the day before, so it was her choice and she got me good. I can do shock therapy to myself and question my sacred cows with the best of them. My whole purpose and philosophy of the need for purpose in life was confronted, and only now looking back do I get the point Pinter's work might make, some thirty years too late. All of existentialism was thrown in the dustbin of absurd theatre by Pinter, I argued. My lady felt I was overly righteous and wrong. I can say she was wrong to allow political correctness to stand in the way of moral justice and she can say my fixed opinion was immoral. I will get back to this and use some of what is in the opening post to wrap up this perhaps fruitless dialectic or internal dialogue (to appropriate what some critics say is invented by James Joyce, and I say Socrates and bards used before any critics or Sophists were separated out of the three Greco-Roman philosophies including Cynicism, Stoicism and Epicureanism). Such a gestalt of arrogant words this would seem to be for the uninitiated.

    "The definition "theatre of the absurd" was popularized by Martin Esslin's study The Theatre of the Absurd (1961) and is usually applied to dramatists such as Beckett, Genet and Ionesco who emerged in the late 1940s and in the 1950s. Esslin actually derived his expression from Albert Camus who wrote about the absurd feeling that man experiences as he tries to give a sense of purpose to his existence in a world that belies any meaning and logic. Pinter's first plays such as The Room, The Birthday Party, The Dumb-waiter, The Caretaker and The Homecoming are all informed by a world-view where there is no purpose in human existence and where all efforts at a meaningful communication between human beings is doomed to fail. Therefore, the plots and dialogues of these plays do not develop following a logical and sequential pattern. In addition, there seems to be a lack of a superior moral authority and a constant sense of threat to the characters' lives."

    You might think I am some kind of Christian infected apocalypse seer or wanna-be prophet when I say humanity's existence is in great danger. You might say the children of the present deserve to be free from nonsense like nuclear war which never was a threat to humanity living many more millennia, according to Dr. Weaver of the Rockefeller scientific research team and myself. You see the people who can push the button have safe places for themselves and their friends; millions of these people would actually like to start over. People like Ted Turner and others who erected the stones near Atlanta which address their desires think there are so many dangers from extreme individuals and religious fruitcakes that it is unlikely we will survive much longer. They seek a proactive solution! My solution is simple ecumenicism, and it is not a utopian impossibility as some do think.

    It might help a person who struggles in the 'wasteland' of superficiality to contemplate why it is Politically Correct to allow a woman expressing a repugnant philosophy of hatred to vent her vile effluent of hatred and still be afforded some protection from lesser offences of politeness and decency. In person you can find the attacks of Christians or Nazis easy to address but on the web you are often finding gangs of such people allowing themselves to use the foulest of language and even endeavouring to lie and go beyond what any one of them would probably otherwise do. It can really warp the mind to find censorship warranted in the mind of a person who finds censorship unnecessary in person with such troglodytes to wish for it when confronted by such abject foulness of thought that lies about history and includes denial of the Holocaust as one of the least offensive aspects to their common belief. If it were the norm it would make me think we are going to have a Fourth Reich soon.

    Yes, hysteria is a word that has a somewhat misogynistic root but it applies to such women. Another common phrase or wives' tale about a woman scorned gets involved when the person being attacked strikes back and lays the offending Nazi or born again Evangelical 'waste'. In Gestalt ones often finds the party receiving the therapy is righteous before becoming aware. Ted Turner and his seemingly right wing wingnuts are not so nutty. Their Guideposts express concerns we must address and not simply affix names like Nazi upon them. Can you argue for or against the opinions of those who have done massive de-population programs which Churchill the Historian writes about in The Island Race? I do not accept a One Pie Malthusian world-view that Ted Turner argues for, but I can say his perspective is not as racist as it seems. I can even find my argument for ecumenicism flies in the face of reality when we look at what is going on in the Middle East and Holy Land - so full of holes of every kind.

    So, the average person without psychological and philosophical perspectives and education will have difficulty standing back no matter which point of view they come from. They will look for words rather than actual intentions and concepts being expressed. They will find it absurd that a person helping is using words which normally are hurtful. They also need therapy or a slap in the face. But our politicians cannot have discourse about topics like abortion and religious inalienable rights including what is actually family violence due to freedoms which are dangerous to a proper functioning of a loving society.

    I may aspire to lofty goals and thus be willing to stop those who abuse their kids in public or step in when a woman is beating her husband (More danger in that than you might think - ask a cop what often happens.). Yes, it was not long ago when corporal punishment was allowed but did you know there are pulpit-pounders today explaining how to discipline your wife or beat her, in order to make her a better Christian or Muslim?
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    Then there is the matter of a common culture called Pederasty to consider alongside the fact there is not just two genders. But, did you know the editor of your main modern Bible was gay and a deviate far beyond fear; who murdered witches merely because he had been told a witch's curse would cause his death - when he was a young boy? Yes, most people who read the porn in that document do not bother to think what it means.

    In Wikipedia just after Bart Ehrmann declares there is nothing in the Bible saying Jesus ever married or had any desire for sex we have the following. It does not matter if a person written about by Rome for the purposes of Rome and blaming Jews or the people, has anything at all as far as I am concerned. Bart notes there is nothing in the Dead Sea Scrolls which contribute to these myths either. He is wrong because there are Scrolls that do and we might even find more. But one has to actually study the spiritual and esoteric meaning to glean from code (remember we are talking about knowledge and power, people could die for or because of) any truth in any ancient texts after Empire thrust it's ugly presence over all humanity.

    "Gospel of Jesus' Wife[edit]

    The "Gospel of Jesus' Wife", a Coptic papyrus fragment unveiled in 2012, presents Jesus as speaking of his wife: "My wife ... she will be able to be my disciple." If genuine, it appears to date to around the 6th to 9th centuries AD, and would suggest that some Egyptian Christians of that period believed that Jesus was married. Although it does not contain the name of Mary Magdalene, there has been speculation that she is the woman referred to.[6] However, there is substantial scholarly concern about the fragment's authenticity, with a number of scholars regarding it as a modern forgery.[7][8][9]

    The notion of a marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene has been a frequent topic in literature, and within the 1982 book, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and subsequently Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code". {And thousands more.}


    The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved[edit]

    Main article: disciple whom Jesus loved

    The Gospel of John makes references to the disciple whom Jesus loved (John 13:23, 19:26, 21:7-20), a phrase which does not occur in the Synoptic Gospels. In the text, this beloved disciple is present at the crucifixion of Jesus, with Jesus' mother, Mary.

    The disciple whom Jesus loved may be a self-reference by the author of the Gospel (John 21:24), traditionally regarded as John the Apostle. Rollan McCleary, author of Signs for a Messiah, thinks this identification would make the phrase highly significant.[10]

    In subsequent centuries the reference was used by those who supported a homoerotic reading of the relationship. For example, Aelred of Rievaulx, in his work Spiritual Friendship, referred to the relationship of Jesus and John as a "marriage" and held it out as an example sanctioning friendships between clerics.[11]

    James I of England may have been relying on a pre-existing tradition when he defended his relationship with the young Duke of Buckingham: "I wish to speak in my own behalf and not to have it thought to be a defect, for Jesus Christ did the same, and therefore I cannot be blamed. Christ had his son John, and I have my George."[12]"

    The levels of deceit placed in the way of humans seeking truth and one-ness or at- one - ment are so numerous it boggles the mind. It does not surprise an actual scholar that common people believe, they are supposed to believe or have Faith. They are in fact legislatively conditioned and if they did not BELIEVE they suffered mightily for it m- and that is not so far behind our present condition without even using Islam as an example.

    The whole matter of sexuality and gender is involved whether you know it or not!

    Here is a good site addressing things like Adam in the Bible or the esoteric Adam Cadmon if you want to know the facts.

    "Alchemy, and in particular alchemical androgyny, has always resonated with me because it reflects aspects of my journey. When most of us start out in life, we’re immersed in a binarist culture that recognizes very distinct, and unmixable, male and female energies. Alchemy scholar Mircea Eliade wrote, “To be no longer conditioned by a pair of opposites results in absolute freedom.” And the alchemists did not see the alchemical androgyne as simply a half-and-half being, combining two ends of a binary. While a “male” and “female” figure were often shown conjoined, both figures are always androgynous, not diametrically opposed. In addition, this portion of an alchemical text, which speaks as the androgyne or rebus, points out that the rebus is not simply a combination of opposites, but a uniquely transformed being:

    “Hermes called me the Sun and the Moon. Riplaeus called me the green lion. Our author called me hermaphrodite, but I pay no attention to that. It makes no difference. Nor does it matter what the sophists [philosophy teachers] call me, for they learn nothing for all their trouble except: (1) I am One Substance, not two…” (Hermaphrodite Child of the Sun and Moon, as translated by Mike Brenner.)

    As alchemists tried to break the rules of nature, to hack physical reality to reveal a spiritual truth, gender radicals break the rules of our culture and reveal gender as an infinite, multidimensional spectrum rather than a binary. There are many interesting parallels between genderqueer and gender variant people today and the alchemists.

    Ultimately, the church grew uncomfortable with the writings of the alchemists, and encouraged scientists to stop working with religious ideas and focus on experimentation. Thus the church itself helped to give birth to modern science."

    - See more at:
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    You can judge a society by the way they treat the weakest elements of it. When you see rich nations bombing other people who fought for them (Yes, the movie Wilson's War with Tom Hanks is truth.) into the Stone Age which the Taliban (who were once heralded by the US as student revolutionaries and set up by CIA money through General Zia) are also doing you know something is wrong. It was just as bad in Vietnam and few are they who know what was going on there - it was not against communism. That is a global view without much thought or time allotted. We really don't have categories for debating politics. The global acts of terror (War on Terra- war is terror) have collateral costs galore. Here is a New Zealand POV, to start this with.

    The Doctor of Psychology who I call my 'twin' (born the same day one astrological cycle older) was the key force behind amnesty for women in jail during the late 80s and into the 90s. Gloria Allred rode her back and took most of the credit. Even after getting the state of California to legislate amnesty for women who had killed their intimate partners who abused their children or the mothers - few were set free. Multiple reasons and issues became obvious including what had happened to my twin when she was raped continuously by every member of the staff as well as by the inmates in orgiastic sessions. She gave herself to higher ups to avoid the frequent rapes and eventually only serviced the prison doctor. The damage done in jail (Don't tell me about rehabilitation - my twin did develop an easy and short two week course but the system likes keeping their charges and building empire) is extensive. She got her doctorate in jail due to the abuse she suffered there. It was her therapy. She had refused to testify against her Mafia bosses until the FBI had them in custody - because those bosses had threatened to kill her two beautiful young girls. In many cases the justice system authorities claimed the files were lost, witnesses no longer available, etc. Yes, the legislation only gave women a new hearing.

    The quote that follows is from a CDC report which addresses a lot of the costs and gives the impression all issues are being considered. My experience tells me psychologists won't address victim participation in case it leads to lawsuits - same with family participation. The police would love to employ interventions and get real action but they too are stopped from doing much more than taking the abuse of family violence into their lives. The police get attacked but that is not the abuse I am talking about.

    In the late 20th C. the US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop called Family Violence an epidemic or pandemic even though the numbers or percentages are hard to gather due to reporting concerns already mentioned as well as the further victimization of those who do open up.

    "The achievements made in the prevention of youth violence throughout the 1980s and 1990s were published in Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General, which provided a comprehensive synthesis of the state of knowledge about youth violence, including what was known about the different patterns of offending, risk and protective factors within and across various domains (e.g., peer, family, school, and community), and about the effectiveness of prevention programs.16 The report also highlighted the cost effectiveness of prevention over incarceration and set forth a vision for the 21st century.

    The early successes in youth-violence prevention paved the way for a public health approach to other violence problems such as intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and child maltreatment. Efforts were made to document each problem, understand the risk and protective factors associated


    A special issue of Health Affairs addresses violence as a public health issue – the first special issue to examine violence as a public
    health problem.

    CDC establishes the Division of Violence Prevention within the newly created National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. The Division leads CDC’s efforts to prevent injuries and deaths caused by violence.

    CDC publishes The Prevention of Youth Violence: A Framework for Community Action to mobilize communities to effectively address
    the epidemic of youth violence sweeping the nation....
    with each type of violence, and begin building the evidence-base for prevention.

    In 1994, for example, the CDC and the National Institute of Justice collaborated on the first national violence-against-women survey. Conducted over the next two years, the survey produced the first national data on the incidence, prevalence, and economic costs of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and stalking.17 In 1994, Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act (Title IV of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act)—landmark legislation that established rape prevention and education programs across the nation, in Puerto Rico and six other U.S. territories and called for local demonstration projects to coordinate the intervention and prevention of domestic violence. The CDC was given the federal responsibility to administer both efforts. The appropriations for these programs and their subsequent reauthorization from Congress were instrumental in building the infrastructure
    and capacity for the prevention of intimate partner violence and sexual violence at the local and state level.

    Moving Forward in a Global Context

    As public health efforts to understand and prevent violence gained momentum in the United States, they garnered attention abroad. Violence was placed on the international agenda in 1996 when the World Health Assembly adopted Resolution WHA49.25, which declared violence “a leading worldwide public health problem.” The resolution requested the WHO to initiate public health activities to: (1) document and characterize the burden of violence,
    (2) assess the effectiveness of programs, with particular attention to women and children and community-based initiatives, and
    (3) promote activities to tackle the problem at the international and country level.

    In 2000, the WHO created the Department of Injuries and Violence Prevention to increase the global visibility of unintentional {Have you noticed any mention of religious sanctioned causes or Military interests in the larger Cycle of Violence instituted by Nations?}
    injury and violence and to facilitate public health action. The organization’s World Report on Violence and Health, published in
    2002, is used throughout the world as a platform for increased public health action toward preventing violence.18 Violence"

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    Current academic norms might offer a little insight even if they are not as modern as they could be.

    Though this book nis retrospective and looking at the beginning of the 20th Century it would still apply in many cultures in the present and it is useful to know what lingering impacts from the feminist revolution still remain in the back and forth battle that includes what our parents were taught and how their psychological make-0up and religious beliefs impact us even if we are still in rebellion mode.

    "Bland, Lucy. 1995.

    Banishing the Beast: English Feminism and Sexual Morality, 1885-1914. Harmondsworth: Penguin.

    Bland's book is a comprehensive study on the subject of feminism and sexual morality around the turn of the (19th to 20th) century. Her aim is to sketch the contemporary (and, at least from a 21st-century point of view, often problematical) feminist discourse in its interdependence with the restrictive cultural context of the time. The study therefore provides a wealth of biographical material. Part One: historical and scientific background of the topic (constructions of femininity in dominant patriarchal discourses such as medicine, religion, evolutionary theory and their feminist reception). Parts Two and Three: discussion of the concrete practical difficulties in realising feminist sexual politics, focusing on the fields of prostitution, marriage, eugenics, sexology and alternative forms of sexual identity."

    Overall it is hard to glean a great deal of insight from snippets of reviews about century old commentary but I find this one sheds some light on a small part of why things do not change quickly.

    "Dettmar, Kevin J.H. & Stephen Watt, eds. 1996.

    Marketing Modernism: Self-Promotion, Canonization, Rereading. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

    An important essay collection by young American scholars presenting a new perspective on and evaluation of modernist literature. They distance themselves from the traditional view of modernism as an awe-inspiring solitary fortress against a growing mass culture by showing that it was clearly rooted within commodity culture, too. Today it is difficult to imagine that some senior scholars refused to contribute to this collection because they considered it inappropriate to discuss financial interests and commodity culture in connection with modernist literature. Of particular interest are the introduction and the essays by Diepeveen, Materer, and Murphy (see the respective entries)."
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    There are worse things than rape or abuses of power and authority in the treatment of those who are weaker in some manner than the perpetrator is. The perpetrator might be as weak and immoral as any person can be but have the strength of conviction that he must keep his women in line or his whole family will be punished or ostracized. His father might be commanded (as was Abraham) to kill his children. You have heard the word or phrase "honour-killing" and you probably thought it was odd to run those words together like that. In some cases a woman will have acid thrown on her face because she would not marry the old man who paid her parents with an ox in order to have her. In many cases she has to have her genitals cut off or damaged so she will never enjoy sex.

    A woman in Canada ordered or paid a man in India to kill her daughter. The Canadian government failed to have her face trial and she was not found guilty eventually being totally free. I just watched a Law and Order SVU show where the father commanded the son to kill his daughter who had been promised to a Taliban official. He did as his father told him, and expert witnesses testified if he did not the whole family would be shamed and dispossessed. The father had to kill his wife because she testified that her son had killed her daughter in front of her. The expert said people in governments in the Gaza Strip and Jordan (not the seriously bad places like India, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia and others) have to put young women in prison to protect them from their families.

    Meanwhile we Americans (Canadians are Americans too) do not have training to ensure the women coming into Canada from these feudal countries are safe. We send troops to protect Kuwaitis who abuse their women and are allowed to kill those they hire from lesser classes or countries. We make a big show about how we protect our own women from dirty language as these same women express hatreds and Cycle of Violence attitudes. We allowed the Mother to be free and live in Canada after she had her daughter killed for some religious :shame". The way I see it, there is a lot of SHAME every voter should feel. We should hold women to the same moral standards we expect from men no matter what country outside our own may say. Yes, I also have difficulty with Diplomatic Immunity.

    In fact I am so perverse I would not want any association with anything to do with such terror, and I am happy to see them blowing each other up, in the pursuit of their sick beliefs. I go so far as to want any person associated with helping indoctrinate the people who bomb abortion clinics to have to spend most of their life in a concentration camp that requires them to produce products in order to get fed, so there is no cost to the rest of society for their acts. I say any church with such dogma should be taxed until it has no assets. I say France is right to pass laws against the wearing of clothes which enforce the diminishment of women and the maintenance of this sick culture. They would also be right to demand parents prove they are able to raise children who will not follow these cultural norms.

    I have addressed many other issues including education and every other freedom as well as cults within cults who are fighting each other and dragging the rest of the world into the resultant terror or Armageddon. Sorry folks, I am not politically correct, or polite and able to do what others DO, turn away from my morals. I will always do what I can to make life hard for those who hate and abuse others.
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