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    Lao-Tzu and the Tao

    Yin and yang
    Up it sprang
    Near the Wall
    He stood tall

    But instead we are fed
    Little truth in our bread

    The Taoist philosophy can perhaps best be summed up in a quote from Chuang Tzu:

    "To regard the fundamental as the essence, to regard things as coarse, to regard accumulation as deficiency, and to dwell quietly alone with the spiritual and the intelligent -- herein lie the techniques of Tao of the ancients."

    But like most ancient knowledge the lies around the Tao are substantial and what you get most often(like the above) is pure poppycock. I say the following is closer to the truth but the Tarim red-heads or nearby Ainu probably developed this as long ago as the ancient accurate lunar calendar proven by Marshack if not before that some 35,000 years ago. It's not far away from casting sticks and casting coconut shards of shell with black and white sides for divination, so due to that being called ogun and scratches or fingers up and down and signing being obvious ogam tracts or origins I have to say it is even as long ago as many could think conceptually and understand his environment. Pick a number, over a million years ago and I will support it with other evidences.

    "Many people interested in the Tao are still under the impression that Lao Tzu founded Taoism about 2,500 years ago. There is some truth to this, as long as we are only talking about philosophical Taoism (Dao Jia) or religious Taoism (Dao Jiao). However, the one thing that most people do not realize is that both variants of Taoism came from a much older tradition, known to the Chinese simply as the Tao. It is not possible for Lao Tzu to be the founder of this ancient tradition for the simple reason that it began at least 2,300 years before his time.

    Discerning individuals may glimpse this truth when they come across references to Huangdi, one of the legendary emperors of ancient China. Encyclopedia Britannica identifies him as "a patron saint of Taoism," while Columbia Encyclopedia says: "Along with the semi-mythical Lao Tzu, he was associated in the traditional Chinese folk culture with the founding of Taoism."

    This is interesting, because Huangdi lived about 4,700 years ago, 2,200 years before Lao Tzu. He could only be a patron saint of Taoism if Taoism already existed at that time. And if he was associated with the founding of it, then Lao Tzu could not logically play the same role. One cannot originate something that has already been around for generations. Thus, most reference works in the West that cite Lao Tzu as the source of Taoism are not completely accurate. We can give Lao Tzu credit for religious Taoism and philosophical Taoism, but not the original Taoism that gave rise to both.

    We can see another clue in I Ching (Yi Jing), the Book of Changes. We commonly associate this book with Taoism, but it, too, predates Lao Tzu by more than two thousand years. To Lao Tzu and the Chinese people who lived during his time, the I Ching would be seen in a similar light as the Bible is regarded by Christians today - as an ancient tome of spiritual wisdom. Thus, calling Lao Tzu the founder of Taoism would be like calling a contemporary Christian the founder of Christianity."

    And judging by the number of people speaking for their Lord, I would say there are many paths to truth and the CHANGES.

    I sincerely hope this link will be accessible for you. It takes a spiritual journey into Kabbalah and the southern tradition or Tree of Life. Numerous healers are saying great things about it and I see the Mudras (Mutras in another language) are there - which I have helped people use (Like Gurdjieff) to balance their hemispheres and combat depression, schizophrenia and ADHD etc. When you get balance of the yin and yang or forces inside you are almost certain to 'see' your future as it will be from the forces already lining up for you. If you take it further into your future you have less and less chance of it being true because forces change over time. I would take the free book and try learning on your own alongside other centering techniques first, before taking courses, so that when you do take courses you are relaxed and able to pay attention to the little things going on around you with the people you will meet.

    "In this book, Dr. Schusterman shows you how to read the universal blueprint within the body -- and ultimately to foster healing at the deepest levels.

    At the cutting edge of science and spirituality, this new model of healing builds on a powerful integration of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the chakras, and other fundamental patterns of life.

    Three decades as a chiropractic physician have taught Dr. Schusterman how to anchor esoteric teachings from many of the most respected wisdom traditions into a practical solution for many health conditions."
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    The book by John Blofeld which explored Taoist Alchemy from last century has connections through Zen to Falun Dong and the following free book in which you will see the mandala Swastika that is all over the world alongside these ancient shamanic insights. Today in China this threatens the government who seeks to get the leader who escaped to America - last I heard.

    Another similar starting point for insight is Qi Dong. Qi is the same as Chhi, Chi, Pranha and similar to Prakti - again too co-incidental to see this practiced in Central America long before Columbus. See Professor William Scherz's writings about what his Buddhist students found there.

    GENGHIS KHAN: - My father told me that he was a red head among a dark-haired people as I grew up. It made a lasting impression on a freckle-faced boy. Many other 'red heads' became the subject of my scrutiny including Jefferson and Jesus (according to Grey Owl in an interesting legend) as my life and studies progressed; but I have never found a definite entry to support what my father said about Temujin although the pictures of Mongols with red hair from the 10th century AD were something I noticed. Now, perhaps I can confirm his statement as we see Elizabeth Wayland Barber writing the book The Mummies of Urumchi. She says the following under photos of a painting from Cave 20 at Bezeklik near Turfan.

    "Note the reddish hair and pale eyes of the man at right, as well as the typically Caucasoid features of both (big nose, round eyes, heavy beard). The early mummies are of this same type, as are many of the current inhabitants of the region." (22)

    The work of Mircae Eliade on the roots of alchemy called The Forge and the Crucible had clued me in to the 'smith' origin of Genghis Khan. These 'smiths' were shamanistic alchemists and his family was from a long line of them just as Solomon and Jesus are known to be, in the scholarly circles who care to track how knowledge has come down to us in the present day, this means something; but few other places can be found or people in them who really care.

    In actual fact the safest and largest Empire during 'his'-story is the Mongol empire created by Temujin. Why Marco Polo and other lies take precedence in popular opinion over the reading or writing about this great man and the Pax Tartaris is most instructive we think. We have more to say under Urumchi and Genghis as we proceed.

    Seeking knowledge or the Bodhisattva Way of the Tathagatha was sweeping the world when Hecateus and Pythagoras began what became the egis or ethos we call Dialectics and which lead to the Scientific Method. To think that Greeks did not travel to India and China is a farce of history and Alexander in his travels followed others like his father who conquered Scythia or brought it into his realm of influence. We may have to travel back in time to see just how interconnected the elites were and how many nations and religions they started to manage this world. There is ample evidence of trade and exchange of ideas or science for many millennia with occasional wars and Dark Ages or destructive acts in what James Joyce properly called a 5,000 year "nightmare". The 400 year Dark Ages which followed the Trojan War and started the Hellenizing book burning and secreting of information and re-writing of history still infects our education to this day.

    A good video to watch.

    "I set forth with the zest of my twelve years (though time has never dimmed my delight in new scenes and strange faces). Reaching Benares, I proceeded immediately to the swami’s residence. The front door was open; I made my way to a long, hall-like room on the second floor. A rather stout man, wearing only a loincloth, was seated in lotus posture on a slightly raised platform. His head and unwrinkled face were clean-shaven; a beatific smile played about his lips. To dispel my thought that I had intruded, he greeted me as an old friend.

    “Baba anand (bliss to my dear one).” His welcome was given heartily in a childlike voice. I knelt and touched his feet.

    “Are you Swami Pranabananda?”

    He nodded. “Are you Bhagabati’s son?” His words were out before I had had time to get Father’s letter from my pocket. In astonishment, I handed him the note of introduction, which now seemed superfluous.

    “Of course I will locate Kedar Nath Babu for you.” The saint again surprised me by his clairvoyance. He glanced at the letter, and made a few affectionate references to my parent.

    “You know, I am enjoying two pensions. One is by the recommendation of your father, for whom I once worked in the railroad office. The other is by the recommendation of my Heavenly Father, for whom I have conscientiously finished my earthly duties in life.”

    I found this remark very obscure. “What kind of pension, sir, do you receive from the Heavenly Father? Does He drop money in your lap?”

    He laughed. “I mean a pension of fathomless peace—a reward for many years of deep meditation. I never crave money now. My few material needs are amply provided for. Later you will understand the significance of a second pension.”

    Abruptly terminating our conversation, the saint became gravely motionless. A sphinxlike air enveloped him. At first his eyes sparkled, as if observing something of interest, then grew dull. I felt abashed at his pauciloquy; he had not yet told me how I could meet Father’s friend. A trifle restlessly, I looked about me in the bare room, empty except for us two. My idle gaze took in his wooden sandals, lying under the platform seat.

    “Little sir, don’t get worried. The man you wish to see will be with you in half an hour.” The yogi was reading my mind—a feat not too difficult at the moment!"
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    There are many masters and few who really share their innermost doubts. It is through that sharing I find more empathy can survive the initial impressions with those who are unsure. Those who say they are sure or regard 'face' as the key thing in life will seldom find the inner to outer potential of creative providence. There is no one Way or THE Way, but there are many who say there is. Before we knew our ethereal connection with 'chhi' we probably knew the masculine and feminine aspects of the Tao. That is a very long time ago. I see the Tao in Giza designs. Perhaps this link from the blog here - has some needed basis for grasping the ether and our knowledge of it, which still brings forth a bounty of potential.

    This video will help, some.

    There are many names and places to seek for more in these links.

    Welcome ~Lucy's~ to the Truth: September 2012

    Sep 28, 2012 - The pattern was set, in that Watts did not hide his dislike for religious outlooks ... to know Joseph Campbell; his wife, Jean Erdman; and John Cage. ... (Mitrinović was himself influenced by Peter Demianovich Ouspensky, G. I. Gurdjieff, ... afterwards was able to meet this esteemed scholar of Zen Buddhism.

    [FLASH]The Alan Watts Media Project life works media Media ...
    Dimitrije Mitrinović. Mitrinović was a student of Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Freud, Jung and ... Jean Erdman; and John Cage. ... Watts was not paid for his broadcasts; they did, however, gain him a large. following ... meeting Carl Jung. Watts and ...

    Hold on to your hat! No kidding this could actually knock your hat off. Outside your body (in your aura or part of your solar body) you have five chakras to go with the seven in your body that co-ordinate the inner chhi and nerve energies (Which Eastern thought knew thousands of years before modern neuroscience.). The people who built the stupas and temples knew a thing or two about these energies also. The Irish and Keltic menhirs and megaliths we have said have piezo electric charges also act as antennae as the Pyramid collects solar and earth grid energy. And we have many threads on the cultural to mind-body evolution and at -one -ments where this will apply. It will also apply to the psychotronic generation through the ankh in the Pavlita generator and the caduceus coiled Kundalini serpent on staffs like the medical groups have and which staffs of ancient esoteric adepts had that were enhanced into the Tepaphone. The shem-an-na conical stones also have similar design.

    "The cosmic energies of the heavens above are sometimes channeled into the buildings and megalithic structures of earth using an antenna-like conical structure (i.e. a Spire). On ancient religious architectural buildings like the stupa or pagoda, the mast/yasti/horin is the conical structure that functions as the antenna of the building....

    The bending of the spine of the pagoda is derived from the knowledge that came to the Far East from India and India derived it from the Egyptians/Aryan Scythians/Israelites. The spine of the pagoda and the pagoda itself move in a very serpentine manner, which hints at the presence of the Danites {DN?} among the founders of this style of architectural design....

    Jacob’s ladder is the spine/axis mundi of the Earth and the human bodies of the Israelite and gentile followers of Christ, who yield their vessels to the influence of the spirit of the Most High God, I AM. According to scripture, God does not dwell in temples made by the hands of men but his church is the human bodies of those same Israelites and gentiles who yield their will to his, and Christ is the cornerstone of the temple (Ephesians 2:20). However, for pagan temples and the bodies of those who yield their mind’s to the Anti-Christ, the keystone/cornerstone or spine of their build is the backbone of the god Ptah/Osiris....

    The energies of specific celestial bodies that are channeled into the temple of Osiris/Baal effectively transform the minds and bodies of the individuals exposed to the energy. The shape of the building, in this example, a stupa or gab H1354, magnifies that energy inside of the temple chamber and quickens the process of “enlightenment”. This enlightenment can be defined as a unification of the mind and body of man (the human/physical temple) with the mind and body of the spirit/god/energy of the temple. These temples are typically built in specific locations that align with particular energies that aid the process of transformation and enlightenment....

    By chance or design some people, due to their proximity to the alignments, are more influenced by its energies. Perhaps in the distant past this was planned for spiritual leaders, like druidic priests – key occurrences of their lives such as conception, birth and spiritual initiation occurred at strategic locations along the alignments, such as Avebury, during times of peak energy activity. For them, their body’s cells are exposed to a maximum level of energy. The very liquid crystal structure of billions of cells within their bodies resonates with the energy emanating from the fault lines....

    “The Laver of Water of Purification refers to the Waters of Binah, the Female Power refelcted in the Waters of Creation.” (p. 61 GD Second Knowledge Lecture) In the Practicus Ritual, the symbolism of the Stolistes, the Cup of Water is discussed:

    The Cup of the Stolistes partakes in part of the Symbolism of the Laver of Moses and the Sea of Solomon. On the Tree of Life, it embraces nine of the Sephiroth, exclusive of Kether. Yesod and Malkuth form the triangle below, the former the apex, the latter the base. Like Caduceus, it further represents the Three Elements of Water, Air and Fire. The Crescent is the Water which is above the Firmament, and the Triangle the consuming Fire below, which is opposed to the Celestial Fire symbolized by the upper part of the Caduceus....

    The conical crown channels the energy of energy frequency of Nimrod/Osiris/Baal/Buddha and the wearer becomes the embodiment/temple of the god. The knowledge of how to unite/resonate with a god/energy was guard secret and perhaps adds another aspect to the idea of “divine right” of rulership. In the Hindu/Buddhist practice of Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the temple not only is symbolic of the house of the deity on earth but it is the actual deity itself. The human body is a temple, so, adorning it in certain regalia will change the shape/reception of the antenna and temple/body. This will allow the body to channel a particular energy frequency, through oscillation, transforming the human bod/temple into the deity. This is one way that god-kings ruled by divine right or divine rite, for on certain people possessed the divine knowledge/mysteries of metaphysics and occult rites."


    So you can see form has it's place in the memes and icons of all things. The Pharaoh's hats, the Witch's hat and your dunce cap all focus energy to your Third Eye or Pineal gland we have said was also in the caduceus and looks like a pine cone. Your pineal gland has crystals and acts like a crystal radio set of old as the book The Wonder Child told us people like Gazzaniga and Edelman are researching. Any pressure or energy approaching the Thalami are processed and used by the adept. It was so effective that the Chanes of Central America boarded their kids head to make it separate the brain hemispheres to allow the cosmic energy direct access to the Thalami and Third Eye. Dagobert's trepanning was for this reason and not what academics tell you, he was a Merovingian King of France. One of the reasons laid out by Gardiner for the need of the fresh human thalami is those crystalline structures including Rhodium and Iridium. Thus you have the psychic supermen like the Bush Family who do the Bonesmen Obscene Rituals. I believe it wears off in short order and was just kidding about the Bush family being super.
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    "What is the difference between your perception and mine?" Asked the young grasshopper.

    Tao and Zen

    When I began asking questions I saw so much more to learn. I enjoy that still. But I do not need my ZEN and now I am free to take the PATH. I could advise the grasshopper about very little except to open his eyes much less than his ears (to people).

    I can say I want to know what he sees with so little of the war and the wages I have paid in the war to be all I can BE! I can hope he will ask why I was so stupid when he hears me recount so many things.

    The humans who travelled far and wide shared their knowledge and gained insight from each other - this certainly includes Lao-Tzu as we know.

    Now we get to a more contentious issue as we consider the Cathars and Gnostics were forced into having to debate matters with those who were not intent on understanding but very much interested in control and power. I say the 13th C. scholar drafting the Book of Two Principles from earlier 2nd. C. (perhaps) Gnostic writings is Romanized and lost his understanding of Abraxas or the Oroborous and the Tao which harmonizes the feminine and masculine principles and makes for a truly androgynous at - one - ment. This is the true ONE - ness of "all that is" both within and without. If you question what I say please re-read the quotes from the other eminent sources in the first two posts of this thread. The Giza plateau has this knowledge through the Sphinx (feminine) and Great pyramid of Iesa (masculine) situated at the center (Harmonized) of the Earth's land masses. The Gnostics are thus traceable to at least the builders of the Great Pyramid which the Septuagint (Greek Bible) intimates when it says the family of Jesus and Joseph were "arch-tectons" or architects. This was the hardest thing to confirm from the writings of Conor MacDari along with the fruit of 'direct cognition' which comes from this harmony.

    I further say the very concept of Free Will would say a person can only be 'free' if they are free from BELIEF or subjugation to a BELIEF in a God or other entity of spiritual conscious origin - which the Gnostics certainly say is reality - all things that exist have consciousness.

    "The Book of the Two Principles

    Part 1. On Free Will

    [1] Here Begins the Book of the Two Principles. Since many persons are hampered in rightly understand the truth, to enlighten them, to stimulate those who do have right understanding, and also for the delight of my soul, I have made it my purpose to explain our true faith by evidence from the Holy Scriptures and with eminently suitable arguments, invoking to my efforts the aid of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

    [2] On the Two Principles. To the honor of the Most Holy Father, I wish to begin my discussion concerning the two principles by refuting the belief in one Principle, however much this may contradict well-nigh all religious persons. We may commence as follows: Either there is only one First Principle, or there is more than one. If, indeed, there were one and not more, as the unenlightened say, then, of necessity, He would be either good or evil.. But surely not evil, since then only evil would proceed from Him and not good, as Christ says in the Gospel of the Blessed Matthew: "And the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit." And the Blessed James says in his Epistle: "Doth a fountain send forth out of the same hole sweet and bitter water? Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear grapes; or the vine, figs? So neither can the salt water yield sweet."

    [3] On the Goodness of God. Now, our opponents are clear in their assertion that God is good, holy, just, wise, and true; that He is also called pure goodness and is above all praise, as they seek to prove by the following citations and many others of like nature. For Jesus the son of Sirach says: "Glorify the Lord as much as ever you can, for He will yet far exceed, and His magnificence is wonderful. Blessing the Lord, exalt Him as much as you can, for He is above all praise." And David says "Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and of His greatness there is no end"; and again, "Great is our Lord, and great is his power; and of His wisdom there is no number." And Paul says to the Romans: "O the depth of the riches of the wisdom and of the knowledge of God! How incomprehensible are His judgments and how unsearchable His ways, and so on. And in the Liber de causis is written, "The first cause is far greater than can be described."

    [4] That God Knows All Things from Eternity. Whence they stoutly affirm that God knows all things from eternity because of the greatness of His wisdom; that all the past, the present, and the future are always before Him and He knows all things before they come to pass, as says Susanna in the Book of Daniel, "O eternal God, who knowest hidden things, who knowest all things before they come to pass." And Jesus, son of Sirach, says, "For all things were known to the Lord God before they were created; so also after they were perfected He beholdeth all things." And the Apostle writes to the Hebrews, "Neither is there any creature invisible in His sight, but all things are naked and open to His eyes.

    [5] On the Goodness, Holiness, and Justice of God. It is clearly demonstrated, moreover, that our Lord God is good, holy, and just, as is said above. For David says: "How good is God to Israel, to them that are of a right heart"; and again, "The Lord is faithful in all His words and holy in all His works"; and again, "The Lord is sweet and righteousness; therefore He will give a law to sinners in the way"; and again, God is a just judge, strong and patient; is He angry every day?" And in the Book of Wisdom it is written, "For so much then as thou art just, Thou orderest all things justly."

    [6] On the Omnipotence of God. For the Lord is called omnipotent, as our opponents avow, and He can do whatsoever pleases Him; nor can anyone resist Him," or say, "Why dost Thou so?" As Ecclesiastes says: For He will do all that pleaseth Him and His word is full of power; neither can any man say to Him: 'Why dost Thou so?' " And David says, "But our God in heaven; He hath done all things whatsoever He would," And in the Apocalypse is written: "Saith the Lord God, who is and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty." And again, "Great and wonderful are Thy works, O Lord God Almighty! Just and true are Thy ways, O King of Ages! Who shall not fear Thee, O Lord, and magnify Thy name? For Thou only art holy."

    [7] On the First Proposition, against My Opponents. At this point I take issue with the thesis (sententiam) of those who assert that there is only one First Principle. For I say: Assume that God—who is good, just, holy, wise, righteous, "faithful in all His words, and holy in all His works," who is almighty and knows all things before they come to pass, as I have shown above—created and arrayed His angels as He chose from the beginning through Himself alone and without any apparent extraneous compulsion from anyone; and assume, further, that that He knew the fate of all His angels before they came into being, because within His providence existed all the causes for which those angels must be found wanting in the future and must remain for all time things of evil and demons in His sight, as nearly all our opponents say: then, without doubt, it follows ineluctably that those angels could never remain good, holy, or humble with their Lord, in whose power of necessity all things occurred from eternity, except to the extent to which God himself had knowledge from the beginning. For one who knows fully all things that shall come to pass is powerless, in so far as he is self-consistent, to do anything except that which he himself has known from eternity that he shall do. This I prove."

    My argument on free will and destiny includes the debate on Pre-destination between Augustine the Hippo and Pelagius.
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    Jung can also be used to gain further insight but be careful of any quotes by those who say they take his full understanding to heart and remember the Dag Hammadi finds were Christianized which actually means it was Roman propaganda, and not fully translated in his era.

    This link does provide the Eastern or Taoist alchemy further down on the page. It is less perverted.

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