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Thread: Spirituality v. Materialism

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    Spirituality v. Materialism

    I could put this discourse under paranormal or some thread like Randi and Shermer but it deserves serious consideration on it's own because it sets the stage in history so the reader can determine the cause or causes of arrogance wrought through linear logical brainwashing, religion, fear and denial. I have found many people are too much into this airy-fairy stuff to the exclusion of reason and more people who have never experienced anything they are certain can prove they are first and foremost spiritual entities. No doubt it is often unimportant to people until they begin to consider what happens when they are about to die. But for me it has been my lifelong joy and ever-present solace. Clearly the thread on the Law of Vibration is too restricted and we need to go further afield.

    "Chapter 1 - The Law of Vibration

    Students of history find a continuous chain of reference to the mysterious influence of one human mind over that of others. In the earliest records, traditions and legends may be found giving reference to the general belief that it was possible for an individual to exert some weird uncanny power over the minds of other persons, which would influence the latter for good or evil. And more than this, the student will find an accompanying belief that certain individuals are possessed of some mental power which bends even "things" and circumstances to its might.

    Way back in the dim past of man's history on this planet, this belief existed, and it has steadily persisted in spite of the strenuous opposition of material science, even unto the present day. The years have not affected the belief, and in these dawning days of the Twentieth Century it has taken on a new strength and vitality, for its adherents have boldly stepped to the front, and confronting the doubting materialistic thinkers, have claimed the name of "Science" for this truth and have insisted that it be taken, once and for all, from the category of superstition, credulity and ignorant phantasm.

    Were it not pitiable, it would be amusing to glance at the presumptuous, complacent, smug, self-satisfied position of the materialistic school of thinkers, who would brush aside as a foolish delusion that which many of the wisest men of a past age have accepted and taught as the truth. The modern "know-it-alls" would sneer contemptuously at facts that are known to be of actual occurrence in the daily lives of thousands of intelligent people, and which the experience of humankind has demonstrated for many centuries, in all lands and all races.

    The trouble lies in the dogmatic assumption of the materialistic school that what is known as "mind" is merely some peculiar action of the material brain, some writers even holding that "the brain secretes thought, just as the liver secretes bile." They refuse to see that the operation of Mind is a manifestation of energy known as electricity, magnetism, light, heat, gravitation, cohesion, etc. Because mental energy does not register the vibrations of these lower forms of energy, they conclude that the higher mental energy does not exist. Having formulated a theory to suit their materialistic conceptions, they try to ignore all facts not consistent with their theory. If they find a fact that will not squeeze into their narrow theory well, "so much the worse for the fact," as a writer has said and they promptly ignore or dispute it.

    As a matter of truth, the investigator is not compelled to resort to metaphysical explanations to account for the phenomena of Mental Influence. The very facts of physical science itself, if rightly interpreted, will give the clue to the mystery; and will point the steps of the honest investigator toward the path where he may find the solution of the perplexing riddle. Although we know that the real solution lies in the metaphysical realm, still even physical science will corroborate the facts of its metaphysical sister science, and instead of contradicting the latter will actually go far toward furnishing analogous facts and principles basis for a theory of metaphysical facts.

    The student will see at once that so far as physical science is concerned, it must begin at the phenomenon of "Thought Transference," for in that phase of the subject may be found an elementary principle in evidence in many other forms of phenomena. We have given many instances of "Thought Transference" in the two proceeding volumes of this series, entitled "Mind Reading" and "Psychomancy," respectively, and so we need not repeat the same in this place. The main fact is that "Thought Transference" does exist, and may be accounted for upon purely scientific grounds, without calling in the truths of metaphysical thought. We know that this is a strong statement, and a positive assertion, but we also know that the same may be demonstrated. Let us consider this phase of the subject.

    In the first place, physical science teaches that underlying all forms, degrees and apparent differences in matter and energy, there is to be found a manifestation of some elementary energy, which manifests in what is known as "Vibrations." Everything in the material world is in vibration - ever manifesting a high degree of motion. Without vibration there would be no such thing as a material universe. From the electronic-corpuscles which science teaches compose the atom; up through the atom and molecule, until the most complex forms of matter are manifested, there is the ever-present Vibration. And through all forms of energy, light, heat, electricity, magnetism and the rest, Vibration is also ever present. In fact, physical science itself teaches that not only is Vibration the basic force underlying other forces and the various forms of matter, but also that the apparent differences between the various forms of matter, and also between the various forms of energy, are caused simply and solely by the varying degrees of Vibration manifested.

    Just as the difference between the lowest tone that can be distinguished by the ear of man, and the highest note that can be distinguished by the same organ of sense, is merely a difference between the rate of Vibration - just as is the difference between the dull red color at one end of the spectrum, and the violet at the other end, with the intervening colors known as indigo, blue green, yellow and orange, with all the combinations of shades arising from them - just as the difference between the greatest degree of cold known to Science, and the greatest degree of heat that can be conceived of - just as these great differences due solely and wholly to varying rates of Vibration - so is the difference between and all forms of matter or force simply a matter of the rate of Vibration. In short, all material and physical "Things" are simply manifestations of some "infinite and eternal energy from which all things proceed," their differences resulting merely from the different degree of Vibration being manifested in them. Remember, that this is not "vague philosophy" or "airy metaphysics" or "spiritualistic vagaries" (to quote from the materialistic writers), but facts claimed and admitted by the greatest physical scientists of the age, as a reference to their lectures and textbooks will prove to anyone.

    And, more than this, any intelligent physical scientist will tell you that Science has every reason to believe that there are great fields of energy and force, the Vibrations of which are far too high for even the delicate instruments of science to record, but which nevertheless exist and manifest effects. It was only the other day that Science was able to "catch" the "X-rays" and other forms of high Radio-activity, and yet these rays and forces had always existed. And tomorrow Science will perfect instruments capable of registering still higher forms of energy. And bye-and-bye, some scientist will perfect an instrument capable of registering and recording the subtle vibrations of Thought, and perhaps in time someone will perfect that instrument so that it will not only record such Thought vibrations and waves, but, like the phonograph, it will be able to reproduce and send forth similar vibrations so that others may feel the thoughts, just as they now hear the sounds from the phonograph. Such a prediction is no more wonderful then would have been the prediction of the telephone, the phonograph, the wireless telegraph and sundry other discoveries and inventions a hundred years ago.

    Did you ever think that there are colors that the eye cannot see, but which delicate instruments clearly register? In fact, the rays of tight which sunburn the face, and which register on the photographic plate are not visible to the eye. The eye sees the lower rays, but only instruments adapted for the purpose detect the higher ones. Your eye cannot see the X-ray as it passes through the room, but the plate will catch it, and its light may make a photograph. The rays of light visible to the eyes are only the lower ones - the higher ones are far beyond the power of the eye to record, and beyond even the range of the most delicate instrument there exist rays and waves of light of such high vibratory rate as to defy even its power to record....

    Prof. Elisha Gary, a celebrated scientist and teacher, has said: "There is much food for speculation in the thought that there exists sound waves that no human ear can hear, and color waves of light that no eye can see. The long, dark, soundless space between 40, 000 and 400,000,000,000,000 vibrations per second, and the infinity of range beyond 700,000,000,- 000,000 vibrations per second, where light ceases, in the universe of motion, makes it possible to indulge in speculation."
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    It is difficult for many people to believe ancient people knew how to affect energy across great distances, but remember this book and the thought in it is over a century old before we got all manner of proof from advances in Quantum physics which continues proving these things all the time. It does not have to be done by an adept or done with conscious intent. I know people who said their bedside clock stopped when their mother died or they got an unexpected call from their mother when they were in the hospital.

    "Chapter 8 - Influencing at a Distance

    In the two preceding chapters we invited your consideration of the manifestation of Mental Influence when the user or projector of the force was in actual contact with, or in presence of, the person or persons he was aiming to influence. In this chapter, and the one immediately following it, we shall pass on to a consideration of the manifestation of the influence when the persons affected are removed in space from the person using the influence.

    The general public is familiar in a general way with the phenomena of hypnotism. and to a lesser degree with the phenomena of Fascination in its more common forms of personal Magnetism, etc. But as regards the use of the influence at a distance people are more or less skeptical owing to a lack of knowledge of the subject. And still every day is bringing to the mind of the public new facts and instances of such an influence. and the teaching of various cults along these lines is now awakening a new interest in the subject, and a desire to learn something regarding the laws and principles underlying the same.

    As strange as it may appear at first glance, the principles underlying Mental Influence at a distance are precisely the same as those underlying the use of influence when the persons are in the presence of each other. Of course, in the case of personal influence the added effect of the voice, manner, suggestive methods, the eye, etc., are present, which render the result more easily obtained, and causes the "rapport" condition to be more easily established. But with this exception the methods are identical, and even the advantages accruing from the exception mentioned may be duplicated by practice and development in the case of distant influence....

    There are a number of methods given by the authorities in this matter of distant influencing, but they are all based upon the same principles named in the previous chapters of this book, i.e. Vibrations, Thought-Waves, Mental Induction, Concentration and Mental Imaging - in these words you have the key to the subject - the rest is all a matter of practice and development, and variation.

    One of the most elementary, and yet one of the most effective methods known to occultists is that of creating a Mental Image of the person "treated" (for that is the common term among modern writers on the subject) in the sense of imagining him to be seated in a chair in front of the person treating him at a distance. The treater proceeds to give both verbal commands, and at the same time directs Thought-Waves toward the imaginary person seated before him. This process establishes a psychic condition between the treator and the actual person, although the latter may be removed from the treator by many miles of space. This was the method of the ancient magicians and wonder-workers, and has always been a favorite among persons pursuing these experiments, of desirous, of mentally influencing others at a distance.

    A variation of the above, very common in former days, was to mold a clay or wax figure, calling it by the name of the person treated, and identifying it in the mind and imagination with the other person. A variation is also noticed in the cases where a photograph, lock of hair, article of clothing, etc., is used in this way as a psychic connecting link between the two persons. The practitioners of Black Magic, Witchcraft and of her nefarious perversions of Mental influence seemed to prefer these methods, although, on the contrary, they are used with the very best results today by many in giving beneficial treatments to absent patients, friends and others whose welfare is desired. The only effect the Mental Image of the person, or the picture, etc., has is the fact that by these means a psychic connection link is set up along which the Thought- Waves travel more readily.

    In the above forms of treatment the treator treats the Mental Image, picture, etc., precisely as he would if the person were actually present. He forgets for the time being that the person may be hundreds of miles away, and concentrates his influence on the image, or picture, etc., because the latter is really the starting point of the psychic chain, which leads direct to the person. The treator sends his Thought-Waves toward the object, and in some cases actually talks (mentally) to the person by means of the medium mentioned. He may give commands, arguments, remonstrance, persuasion, etc., just as if the person were actually present. In short, he acts as if the person were sitting before him, wide-awake, and receptive to his influence.

    Another way, employed by some, is to begin darting Thought-Waves toward the other person, forming in the imagination a gradual lengthening "psychic-wire" composed of thought- vibrations. Those practicing this form state that when the psychic-wire is projected sufficiently far (and it travels with incredible speed) and comes in contact with the mind of the other person, the treator feels at once that contact has been established by a peculiar faint "shock" similar to that of a very mild galvanic current. Then the treator proceeds to send his thought-currents along the psychic-wire in the same manner as if the person were actually in his presence, as described under the head of "Fascination, in a preceding chapter. In fact, such treatments, and the others mentioned in this chapter, are really and practically "long distance Fascination."

    Another form of distant treatment consists in forming an "astral-tube," mentioned in other books in this series. The astral-tube is set up in a similar manner to the "psychic-wire," and projected toward the person desired to influence. It is formed in the imagination as a "vortex-ring," similar to the little ring of smoke puffed out by the cigar smoker, only larger - about six inches to one foot wide - or, better still, like the ring of smoke ejected from the stack of a locomotive sometimes when it is puffing rapidly. This vortex-ring is then seen, in the imagination, by the use of the will, to lengthen out in the shape of a tube which rapidly extends and travels toward the person treated, in a manner identical with that of the psychic-wire. This tube is known to occultists as the "astral-tube," and is employed in various forms of occult and psychic phenomena, such as clairvoyance and other forms of "Psychomancy," as described by us in our volume of this series, so entitled. Those following this method of distant influencing report that they recognize the completion of the tube by a sensation of stoppage and a feeling of "rapport" having been established between themselves and the other person. In some cases they report that they are able to faintly "see" the figure of the other person in miniature at the other end of the tube, but this is undoubtedly due to the possession of "psycho-mantic" powers, suddenly awakened in to effect. The tube once established the treatment is proceeded with as if they were in the actual presence of the person treated. In many respects the "psychic-wire" and the "astral-tube" methods are similar, and a statement concerning one is generally true of the other.

    There are two other methods frequently used in distant influencing which we shall now briefly describe.

    The first of these two methods consists in sitting or standing in a quiet place, or rather in some place in which you can concentrate (the advanced occultist can find peace in the midst of the noise) and then directing your Thought-Waves toward the other person, forming in the imagination a mental picture of the force flying from you toward the other, like tiny sparks of electricity, or of a subtle fluid. This mental picture tends to give a concentrative force to the current, which renders them powerful, and sends them direct to the desired spot.

    The second of these two methods is that used by the most advanced occultists who have advanced beyond the use of the methods described just now. These people simply stand or sit quietly and concentrate their minds until they attain the state of Mental Calm known to many as "the Silence." Then they create a strong mental picture of the person treated, surrounded by the conditions desired created, or doing the things desired to be done. This is one of the highest forms of Mental Influence and really approaches a higher phase of influence than that of the mental plane as generally known. A picture of a person held in the mind in this way - the person being seen in perfect, robust health, and happy and successful - tends to materialize the same conditions in the person in real life. This form of treatment, however, is possible only to those of great concentration, and who have mastered the act of Mental Imaging, and who also possess Creative Will-Power to a marked degree. Some degree of success in it, however, is open to nearly every student who practices along these lines.

    Before practicing any of these experiments, read what we have said in the chapter on "Magic Black and White, and guard against employing the power for evil purposes, for the fate of the Black Magician is a sad one."

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    The threefold Law of Wicca and the recent craze surrounding the Law of Attraction are connected with this post. Please read this link after reading the post below.

    "Chapter 11 - Magic Black and White

    The use of the word "Magic" in connection with Mental Influence is quite ancient. Occultists make a clear distinction between the use of Mental Influence in a manner conducive to the welfare of others, and its use in a selfish, base manner calculated to work harm on others. Both forms are common and are frequently mentioned in all occult writings.

    White Magic has many forms, both in its ancient manifestations and in these latter days of revived occult knowledge. The use of Mental Influence in this way generally takes the form of kindly "treatments" of persons by others having their welfare at heart. In this particular class fall the various treatments of the several cults and schools of what is known as Mental Science, or similar names. These people make a practice of giving treatments, both "present" and "absent," for the purpose of healing physical ailments and bringing about a normal Physical condition of health and strength. Similar treatments are given by some to bring about a condition of Success to others, by imparting to the minds of such persons the vibrations of courage, confidence, energy, etc., which surely make for success along the lines of material occupation, etc.

    in the same way one may "treat" adverse conditions surrounding others, bringing the force of the mind and will to bear on these conditions with the idea of changing the prevailing vibrations and bringing harmony from in-harmony, and success from failure.

    The majority of persons, not informed along these lines, are surrounded by a mental atmosphere arising from the prevailing mental states, thoughts, feelings, etc., and also arising from the thought-currents which they have attracted to them by the Law of Mental Attraction. These Mental Atmospheres, when once firmly settled around a person, render it most difficult for him to "break away" from their vibrations. He struggles and fights, but the prevailing vibrations are beating down upon him all the time and must produce a strong effect upon even persons of strong will, unless indeed they have fully acquainted themselves with the laws of Mental influence and have acquired the power of Concentration. The habit of a lifetime, perhaps, has to be overcome, and besides the constant suggestive vibrations from the mental atmosphere are constantly bringing a pressure to bear upon the person, so that indeed he has a mighty task before him to throw off the old conditions, unaided and alone. And, so, while individual effort is preferable, there comes a time in the lives of many people when "a helping hand," or rather a "helping mind," is of great service and aid.

    The person coming to the mental aid of a person needing his or her services is performing a most worthy and proper act. We hear a great deal about "interfering with other people's minds" in such kind and worthy "treatments," but in many cases there is but little real interference done. The work of the helper is really in the nature of neutralizing and dissipating the unfavorable. Mental Influence surrounds the other person, and thereby giving the other person a chance to work out his own mental salvation. It is true that everyone must do his or her own work, but help of the kind above indicated is surely most worthy and proper.

    ┬ In these White Magic treatments the person giving the treatments forms the Mental Picture of the desired condition in his mind, and then sends his thought-currents to the other person endeavoring to reproduce the Mental Picture in the mind or thought-atmosphere of the other person. The best way of doing this, of course, is to assert mentally that the desired condition actually exists. One may be of great help and aid to others in this┬ way, and there is no good reason why it should not be done.

    And now for the reverse side of the shield - We wish it were possible to avoid even a mention of this hateful form and manifestation of Mental Influence, but we feel that ignorance is no protection, and that it is useless and foolish to pursue the policy of the ostrich which sticks its head in the sand when pursued, that not seeing the hunter the latter may not see him. We believe that it is better to look things in the face, particularly where it is a case of "forewarned being forearmed."

    It is a fact known to all students of occultism that Black Magic has been frequently employed in all times to further the selfish, base aims of some people. And it is also known to advanced thinkers today that even in this enlightened age there are many who do not scruple to stoop to the use of this hateful practice in order to serve their own ends, notwithstanding the punishment that occultists know awaits such persons.

    The annals of history are full of records of various forms of witchcraft, conjuration and similar forms of Black Magic. All the much talked of forms of "putting spells" upon people are really forms of Black Magic, heightened by the fear and superstition of those affected.

    One has but to read the history of witchcraft to see that there was undoubtedly some force at work behind all of the appalling superstition and ignorance shown by the people of those times. What they attributed to the influence of people "in league with the devil" really arose from the use of Black Magic, or an unworthy use of Mental Influence, the two things being one. An examination of the methods used by these "witches," as shown by their confessions, gives us a key to the mystery. These "witches" would fix their minds upon other people, or their animals, and by holding a concentrated mental picture there, would send forth Thought-Waves affecting the welfare of the persons being "adversely treated," which would influence and disturb them, and often bring on sicknesses. Of course, the effect of these "treatments" were greatly heightened by the extreme ignorant fear and superstition held by the masses of people at the time, for Fear is ever a weakening factor in Mental influence, and the superstitions and credulity of the people caused their minds to vibrate in such a manner as to render them extremely passive to the adverse influences being directed against them.

    It is well known that the Voodoos of Africa, and similar cults among other savage races, practice Black Magic among their people with great effect. Among the natives of Hawaii there are certain men known as "Kahunas," who pray people sick, or well, whichever way they are paid for. These instances could be multiplied had we the space and inclination to proceed further with the matter.

    And in our own civilized lands there are many people who have learned the principles of Mental Influence, and who are using the same for unworthy purposes, seeking to injure others and defeat their undertakings, or else trying to bring them around to their own (the "treator's") point of view and inclinations. The modern revival of occult knowledge has operated along two lines. On the one hand we see and hear of the mighty power for good Mental Influence is exerting among the people today, raising up the sick, strengthening the weak, putting courage into the despondent and making successes of failures. But on the other hand the hateful selfishness and greed of unprincipled persons in taking advantage of this mighty force of nature and prostituting it to their own hateful ends, without heeding the dictates of conscience or the teaching of religion or morality. These people are sowing a baleful wind that will result in their reaping a frightful whirlwind on the mental plane. They are bringing down upon themselves pain and misery in the future.

    At this point we wish to utter a solemn warning to those who have been, or are tempted, to employ this mighty force for unworthy purposes .The laws of the mental plane are such that "as one sows so shall he reap." The mighty Law of Attraction acts with the accuracy of a machine, and those who seek to entangle others in a net of Mental influence sooner or later are caught by their own snare. The Black Magician involves him to pieces. He is sucked down into the whirlpool of his own making, and is dragged down to the lowest depths. These are not idle remarks, but a statement of certain laws of nature, in operation on the mental plane, which all should know and heed.

    And to those who may feel appalled at this mention of the existence and possibilities of Black Magic we would say that there is one thing to be remembered, and that is that GOOD always overcomes EVIL on the mental plane. A good thought always has the power to neutralize the Evil one, and a person whose mind is filled with Love and Faith may combat a multitude whose minds are filled with Hate and Evil. The tendency of all nature is upward and toward Good. And he who would pull it back toward Evil sets himself against the law of Spiritual Evolution, and sooner or later falls a victim to his folly.

    And then, remember this: Thought-Waves find entrance only to those minds that are accustomed to think similar thoughts. He who thinks Hate may be affected by Hate thoughts, while he whose mind is filled with Faith and Love is surrounded by a resistant armor which repels the invading waves, and causes them to be deflected, or else driven back to their senders. Bad thoughts, like chickens, come home to roost. Thoughts ace like Boomerangs, in their tendency to return to their sender. To the poison of Black Magic Nature gives the antidote of Right-Thinking."
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    I have found many wise people who are rich and they have a genuine interest in spirituality rather than institutionalized religion or thinking. It is not just a case of possessions possessing people that we should concern ourselves about. Maybe if we just keep to the understandings of science we will see many of the most successful people are using similar understandings, without the hype. Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich or Norman Vincent Peale and a thousand other people from sporting coaches to sales gurus and public speakers know how real thinking and mental focus is critical to results. "Visualizing" athletes know training the mind and having discipline does not prevent them from enjoying all the material things. There are problems with how others will treat you when you are successful. There are jealous, vindictive and arrogant brats galore to be certain. I know I was too easily separated from my money when I was first a millionaire, and I never gave it much thought. I do not recommend that, and yet I do recommend spending your money on the things that really matter. In my case it was research and writing books that mattered most, along with helping people in real need. NEED is not a good thing so I first tried to free the person from that NEED.

    This debate can take many forms to be honest, and many people are using and abusing others in the debates that surround the matter which truly should be taught in schools so we can heal and optimize each other throughout our lives.

    There is no end to the layers of knowledge which are involved in spirituality. If I had to go through life again I would make sure I got a degree in Quantum Physics with a Mathematics emphasis. But biology is now on the cutting edge of metaphysics or spirituality. I guess my philosophical bent or inclination has served me well. I do LOVE knowledge as the word philosophy says.

    Northrop Frye and Carl Jung as well as Bucky Fuller and Chardin have been a few of my fellow philosophers along with almost ten thousand others from all walks of life. I may have learned more from one cat in one instant than I learned in any other life event. Being the true fool has many merits and I have walked many paths in a variety of moccasins.

    In the thread on Humanistic Holism and an article on Blake we have this important connection with the Mythos of many and the Logos of the ONE (YHVH).

    I think discussion of this article would make a great semester long course with additional reading of the branches of radical Christianity discussed and research done by the students who would (Dare I say) enjoy listening to some of the artists and their music at night to write their thoughts on why the artist chose the excerpts from Blake that appear in their music.

    Such a course might even breed respect between people of different faiths or disciplines and cause a lessening of BELIEF and the unhealthy repressions of religions without need of "libertine or libertarian" miss-interpretations. I know some people who think Cultural Marxism is antithetical to Nazi revolutionary concepts and the governance that values strength in Carlyle's Hero who would benefit as the Critical Theory which maintains from Cultural Marxism would put nails in their heads or savage hearts.

    "The Critical Path and Other Writings on Critical Theory, ... {I heartily recommend Bucky Fuller's book Critical Path as well.}

    Jean O'Grady, ‎Eva Kushner - 2009 - ‎Literary Criticism
    June 1968 In June 1968 Frye delivered a lecture entitled “Mythos and Logos” at ... a holistic treatment of two dominant and deeply interrelated concepts in Frye's ... of Blake had led Frye to two fundamental questions: “What is the total subject of ...

    If you are operating a decree or immediate request it is different. For me, I am not into this a great deal and always thought what was right for other people was uppermost. I have little respect for any desire of power and when I had such desires I learned they took me and my attention away from what is RIGHT.

    But that is me and I know I am weird.

    So, if you need to know from the words of someone who is practicing these arts - I will quote something they acknowledge to be true about naming the name - games.

    "The Two Aspects of Eros

    Greek philosophers saw the spirit of Dionysus penetrating the whole of nature and binding together the two aspects of Eros, the penetration and blending energy of matter with its counterpart and complement, spirit. Esoterically, Eros is the leading force within a seeker that takes him away from a level of duality to a level of unity and wholeness. Furthermore, Eros is the key to transforming psychic vibratory rates. He does that by placing a seeker on his axial center, the neutral and timeless zone within his conscious self. This level of being brings about the integration of ego with soul. Hence, Eros is the god or essence that gives us the possibility of letting go of the past and living in the present moment, embracing spontaneously everything within and without our reach.

    Eros allows us to see everything as part of our own nature. He also shows us how to transmute carnal and unconscious attractions and desires of all kinds, and how to re-direct and reintegrate their energies back into the center of pure love and wisdom. This inner process must be conscious, because the ego and psyche must harmonize and unite before being invited to enter into the higher realms, where the qualities and gifts of Eros are awakened. On that level of achievement and realization, the seeker receives more gifts from Eros who directs him towards his own invisible and sacred Center of Pure Being, not really a "place" at all, but more a level of being and attunement. This is a level of consciousness where the essence of pure love and beauty manifest themselves through ordinary consciousness and can be said to be a part of the undivided unique consciousness of the whole of creation.

    In Symposium, Plato expounded that Eros had two aspects, one physical the other intellectual, i.e., wisdom. He knew that they had to harmonize and blend so as to transform ordinary men into heroes. According to Empedocles, "Aphrodite is Eros himself," the immortal force that unites and harmoniously blends together all the elements in nature, the "bringer" and "giver" of life. He also said, "the path to knowledge can be achieved only through Eros himself. The energy represented by Eros brings about a balance between pleasure, delight and gnosis, and this harmonious and enthusiastic search for gnosis comes not so much from the answers one receives but more from the search itself."

    Hence the quest goes on forever, since pleasure and gnosis go hand-in-hand and cannot be separated. Eros questions everything because he loves wisdom and is, therefore, the living source at the center of Greek philosophy. So Eros teaches the Greeks how to become free and fearless in the face of the unknown. He invites them to follow the path of knowledge and apply the sacred principles of freedom and equality, qualities that belong to Eros’ mother, Aphrodite, whom Empedocles identifies with Eros for, without the freedom and courage to explore our inner nature with imagination and intuition, we remain unconscious prisoners of conventional ideas, routines and vicious circles. Hence, Eros is himself the "mixer of the seeds and sperms" in creation, the primal cause, the bringer of life in the womb of nature. Eros’s gift to the seeker, therefore, is the transmuting energy of pure love, which is synonymous with the Logos.

    The oldest mythology of Homer does not mention Eros. Apparently Eros was not born out of a popular tradition but he is the creation of an abstract philosophical conception.

    In Greek esoteric philosophy, the Eros of theogonia took part in the creation of life itself. Eros pulls the sexes together and rules over all living creatures through the need for procreation and, for that reason, we see Plato, Sophocles, Eurepides, etc., praise his irresistible influence along with his mother, Aphrodite, as they both give life and rebirth." Two Aspects of Eros
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    Adam Mc Lean has these words to offer on the stem cell research issue, which seem pertinent to our changing universe of thought, about the reality of our universe. It did not copy well due to columns of printing, but the early part should be obvious, it is the usual presentation of an emotional argument.


    (For example, Rudolf Steiner suggested that the 'ego' or spirit of a human being incarnated in the developing embryo around the 21st day when the neural tube, the basis for the spinal cord and the central nervous system, forms itself through a migration of cells across the embryonic disc). I wonder, however, whether these earlier attempts of esotericists to see physical developments in the embryo as the work of the incarnating spirit building its physical vehicle for this life, remain a valid viewpoint in the present current of philosophical thought. For they retain a certain dualism between spirit and body that may not map onto reality. Many parallels exist with other domains of human knowledge being explored at present. For example, just how is our consciousness bound up in our brain? The na´ve esoteric view that the brain is merely a machine through which our spirit gains a precarious hold upon an outer material plane of existence, although comforting and valid in a certain way, presents some difficulties when examined in the light of new discoveries in neuro-physiology and contemporary philosophy.

    Likewise, recent theories of cosmology presents us with certain problems if we try to hold to na´ve dualism. A cosmological picture is emerging at present which radically explains the creation and evolution of the Universe as a result of the pre-geometry of higher dimensional space-time. But how do we account for the existence of intelligence, the sense of 'being1, and our creative human consciousness within this model of cosmic evolution. Simplistically, we can argue for the existence of a spiritual plane which lies above or beyond the material universe and yet somehow directs its evolution. This was the path taken by the theosophists in their picture of 'spiritual evolution', but this ultimately is a return to a kind of 9R- 2 dualism. But perhaps in so doing we fail to take on board some of the most profound ideas in the history of human thought that are found in Quantum Theory, particularly in the realisation that consciousness is implicit in observation and that the 19th century ideal of the objective observer remotely observing events is no longer possible in Quantum Science. In the new philosophy of science that is emerging, consciousness arises out of quantum probability, and these are surely the ideas we must absorb if as esotericists we are to evolve and remain in touch with the currents of thought that will work in the next millenium. It may be no accident that the hermetic alchemical tradition centuries ago looked closely at the possibility of creating or manipulating life in a test tube or flask. Thus their concern with the homunculus and the sowing of 'the seed of the red man and his white wife' in a retort to give birth to the Philosophic Child. The hermetic philosophy may indeed be capable of bridging this seeming gulf between spirit and body.

    There is a profound message in the Hermetic maxim "that which is above is as that which is below", which can conquer the simplistic dualism that I believe holds us back from a true rapprochement with new philosophical ideas struggling to be reborn in current human thought, but only when we remember to complete the phrase "and that which is below is as that which is above, to accomplish the miracle of the one thingt1. Perhaps this realisation that the spiritual and the material are not separate realms, fundamentally severed one from another, but as the ancient hermeticists knew only too well, interpenetrate one another so profoundly that they cannot be teased apart, might help us address these deep problems posed us by the far reaching discoveries of our age."

    If we make our 'below' materialistic as we have done with the help of religion (ironic) will we have success in doing the same to our 'above'?
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    A whole article or book is needed to give further insight to how much of our reality was understood a very long time before our academics told us we could even think. Here is a little about the alternate realities and time insights we are endeavouring to grapple with in science.. Gravitational Wave Theory has had some exciting news and then some further reflections that make it uncertain to prove metaphysics is far and away the only reality (IN other words - anything is possible.).

    "Criticism and Conclusions

    One of the common criticisms of the Many Worlds Interpretation was that it doesn’t explain randomness without the sort of instantly changing states (i.e. collapse) exists in the Copenhagen Interpretation. However, Everett shows us that indeed the MWI does perceive of randomness despite the fact that the Schrodinger Equation is causal.

    Another criticism often voiced is that it doesn’t explain why we perceive of weird superpositions,
    or that the theory in general is just too weird to be true. This subjective idea of weirdness is
    usually based on with what philosophical basis the observer of MWI lives in; the “outside” view,
    that mathematical language is more fundamental than human understanding, or the “inside view”,
    that human understanding is based on that which is physically real, and mathematics is merely our
    approximation of what we see. Critics of the MWI tend to be proponents of the “inside view”, and
    are actually saying that the two opposite views tend to contrast one another, and is saying that
    they are uncomfortable with living in the other side.

    No matter what your opinion of the philosophical nature of the universe, it is important to
    recognize that the MWI gaining more and more popularity and adherents within the scientific
    community. However, like all questioned theories it has an uncertain future. One thing we can
    be certain of: whether or not the final word on the structure of quantum mechanics will be the
    MWI or not is a moot point, as the entire idea behind science is enlightened debate about the
    fundamental structure of the universe, so surely metaphysical questioning of this sort will continue
    to be as prevalent as it is today (even if it only occurs during boring seminars)."
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    Here we have words about reality as an ultimate destination in truth from a new guru who compares many old gurus and yet does not know the old gurus based their knowledge mostly upon the efforts of people seeking dominion over people who had to destroy older knowledge systems and discredit those original studies.

    "However, many of us rest in the comfort of believing all spirituality and spiritual teachings lead to the same place and aspire to the same awakening. A few decades ago what was referred to as the Perennial Philosophy was in vogue. It is the view that all spiritual teachings are about the same truth and aspire to the same realization. They differ in approach or methodology, but ultimately they lead to the same place. This philosophical view has been mostly forgotten, basically discredited due to deeper studies and fuller immersion in the various paths. It is clear, within contemporary spiritual discourse and/or for the seasoned practitioner, that each tradition is unique; not only different in its approach and methodology, but holds a different metaphysical view and aspires towards its own perspective of spiritual completion.

    Because of the plethora of spiritual teachings nowadays, one of the vexing questions that confronts spiritual practitioners is what the true nature of reality is, what the ultimate or absolute truth is. The view of what the ultimate truth of reality is determines not only the territory of the path but also methodology and attitudes. So, is there really an ultimate truth to reality? And if there is, do all teachings agree on what it is, or at least agree but conceptualize it differently? The latter is the view of the perennial philosophy that has been discredited. Let’s take a tour around the spiritual universe to find out how much agreement and difference there is between the various spiritual teachings.

    Let’s start with the Eastern teachings, for they tend to conceptualize spiritual maturity as the realization of the ultimate truth. Western teachings might conceptualize ultimate truth but they do not necessarily view the spiritual quest as the realization of such ultimate or absolute truth. We’ll begin in India, where many of the major ancient traditions originated. Most Indian teachings view reality to have an ultimate or final truth, and its realization is tantamount to enlightenment or final realization. Advaita Vedanta, for instance, thinks of liberation as the realization of pure consciousness. Advaita Vedanta has many sub schools. Some believe this pure consciousness is Satchitananda, truth/being-consciousness/awareness-bliss/happiness, all facets of the same ultimate ground. Some think of it as Brahman, a silent witness beyond the world and uninvolved with it. Most of these schools, such as that of Shankara, view the world as illusion or illusory, and the individual soul as a convenient fiction that the ultimate requires for it to experience enlightenment. But some schools of Vedanta, as that of Jnanadeva, think of the world not as an illusion, but as the expression of the love of the absolute. Some of the Vedantic schools view the ultimate as simply the act of perceiving, so it is not as static as Shankara or Atmananda had held. But even with the Vedantic schools that believe in pure consciousness or Brahman as the ultimate, there are differences. Atmananda believes in pure consciousness that is the nature and ground of all things, a consciousness that never ceases. Nisargadatta Maharaj held the absolute as the source of awareness, a truth that does not reflect on itself, and that if it looks at itself it simply ceases being aware. Ramana Maharshi called the absolute the Self, as an unchanging peace and stillness. It is true there might be only small differences between these, but it is possible to recognize that they are experientially different, with a different feel, unique attitudes and various degrees of value and development of heart.

    When we go to Kashimir Shaivism, the absolute is Shiva, an unchanging static stillness. However, the world manifestation is due to its inseparability from Shakti, his eternal consort that is the dynamic creative dimension that is constantly creating the world. Is Shiva the same as Brahman? And are these the same as Satchitananda? Some will answer with the affirmative, but we need to study deeply and immerse ourselves in the practices of the respective traditions for us to experience reality and enlightenment as different and unique to each. The situation gets even more interesting when we get to the Krishnavites, who believe that Krishna is the ultimate, and even though his light is the ground of the universe – as in Satchitananda- he is ultimately a person, a divine personage whose beauty and radiance eclipses the majesty of Brahman or the glory of Satchitananda.

    The situation gets even more interesting when we move to Buddhism, which also originated in India. For Buddhism, the Hindu emphasis on Brahman, Shiva or Satchitananda is delusionary, for they all assume an eternally existing and unchanging substratum. For Buddhism, the ultimate truth is Sunyata, the emptiness of inherent existence to anything. So there is no inherently eternally existing substrate, whether it is consciousness or Brahman. So the Buddhists will tend to refer to the Hindu conceptions as eternalist, substantia list or essentialist. Many of their masters and philosophers, like the famous Nagarjuna, believed they refuted such metaphysical views, and that emptiness is the only assurance of a final enlightenment. However, the Buddhist themselves do not agree on the status of ultimate truth. The Theravada school posits it as anatma, the emptiness of individual self, and Mahayana as Sunyata, the emptiness of all phenomena. But even in Mahayana Buddhism, there is no agreement on what the ultimate or absolute truth is. There are basically two trends, with a debate that goes on till the present time, as we see it in the various Tibetan Vajrayana schools. There is the Rangtong school that posits emptiness itself as the ultimate, and the Shentong school that posits empty awareness as the ultimate. One might think that since for the Shentong school, as in the case of Mahamudra and Dzogchen, where the ultimate is the expanse of empty awareness, it is pretty close to the Rangtong view of emptiness as the ultimate. But in reality, the debate has not settled yet, and the schism in the Tibetan schools has had a rancorous history. The fact is that experientially they are different ways of knowing reality. When the ultimate is emptiness we see everything as characterized by the absence of inherent existence; as the absence of being, and everything simply manifests wedded to its emptiness. There is no ground besides the insight and perception that nothing exists in the conventional sense. It is an amazing and freeing awakening. But when we experience the ultimate as empty awareness, we are aware of an infinite expanse, radiant and transparent. Its radiance is the manifestation of all phenomena as the same appearance. So, there is a ground, whether called Dharmakaya or empty awareness. When emptiness is the ultimate there is really no ground, there is nothing that is, whether characterized by emptiness or not.

    This is one reason that some of the followers of Rangtong Buddhism accuse Dzogchen as not being Buddhist, for it smacks of eternalism, similar to Vedanta. In fact, it is similar to some forms of Vedanta, the main distinguishing feature is the emphasis on emptiness, the awareness of which seen as necessary for enlightenment. Vedanta does not have this requirement even though some of its schools recognize emptiness as spaciousness; and Vedanta, as in the case of Ramana Maharshi, tends to think of Buddhism as nihilistic.

    This is actually not the end of the differences within Buddhism. The difference between the Rangtong and Shentong orientation has to do with the view of Buddha nature, whether it is emptiness or empty awareness. But when we go to Zen, things start to sound even more different. For example, we have the well-known teaching of Dogen, the founder of the Japanese Soto Zen school, that Buddha nature is no other than impermanence. This is a profound difference from both Rangtong and Shentong, for it involves how Buddha nature combines time with timelessness, this way giving a view of time missing in other Buddhist schools.

    Taoism also posits an ultimate, even though not as distinct as Buddhism or Vedanta. Tao is referred to as the way, and different schools of Taoism define it somewhat differently, with similarities and differences to Vedanta and Buddhism.

    When we come to the West, most of mystical schools posit an ultimate truth. Kabbhala has Ein Sof, Christianity the father or the Trinity, and Sufism Allah or the divine essence. They tend to be similar in their metaphysical definition of the ultimate, but the similarity is mostly that it is unknowable and beyond the world of phenomena. But there are significant differences as well. For Christian mysticism, to claim being the Father will be considered heresy, and for Kabbhala it is forbidden to even think of knowing Ein Sof, let alone realizing it. However, most of them do not equate spiritual maturity with the realization of such ultimate. They are united in viewing the spiritual goal as nearness to the ultimate, or sometimes union with it, that does not claim becoming it as the Eastern teachings tend to do. They differ in many ways from each other, each claiming to have the correct view of God or the ultimate."

    Hyperbole is not needed when real insight is evident, but all these people calling something by names like the "Holy of Holies" are sheep or those seeking to shear sheep. That does not mean the original symbols in the 'libraries in stone' did not include the whole range of hyperbole to simplicity.
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    Balance is a good thing. Harmony is a great thing. When you find a place selling courses on balance - run!

    Unfortunately there are so many self-help approaches for every issue in your life. AA is well known as a feeder group for Christian cults and it brings sheep together for the shearing processes. You can find them in the eating disorder genre and most of all wherever people want more money through fellowship and giving. In the course of your life you might enjoy these fellowship endeavours and get what you need from them, don't get me wrong. I enjoy giving as much as anyone.

    "Here is a question for you. What does Christianity have to do with the popular and constantly growing industry of Self Improvement? Don’t be afraid, it’s not some religious fanatic post that is supposed to make you repent your sins and go into exile. We are all intelligent and smart people who are looking for ways to grow in life, to develop in a balanced and harmonious way.

    So what does the Bible have to do with self improvement (and balance for that matter)? The Bible really is the ultimate guide towards personal growth. I confess, I am very partial towards this topic because I am a Christian (even though I haven’t always been one.) But even if you do not share my beliefs open up your brilliant mind to the new concepts that I am about to reveal here. If you love life balance articles and tips that I give on this blog please stick around to see what is really inside my mind and soul. Because faith is really the base of life balance in my life.

    Personal development field and the Christian religion seem to be living in two completely different worlds. But in reality they have much more in common than any of us could ever imagine. Here is the ultimate 9-step self improvement guide that will help you achieve the peace, balance and happiness that you are looking for.

    1. Find your mentors

    You need to have good teachers to grow in life. Learning from these teachers expands your knowledge, opens up your mind to new possibilities and lets you avoid painful mistakes (at least some of them.)"

    Love is a temporary emotional condition brought on by a
    physical reaction to a biological urge. [too many think]

    -- Abigail Van Buren

    Yes, many people including Jefferson and Marshall McLuhan have pinned the tail on the Donkey while also being complicate with the Powers that Be. So sayeth every idiot and conspiracy theorists. And I cannot say that any side is exclusively using every or any technique at any point in time. So how do I differ from any normal conspiracy fool? Bey tells us his friend Wilson (OTO and Crowleyan) plays with Illuminati fantasies. I can say he does the same with Assassin fantasies and their involvement with McKenna and the Deoxy website to Esalen groups with Huxley all make for good guessing at any combination of devil worshipping Discordian intrigue including NLP/MKUltra and Jesuits.

    Any academic on the payroll is a PTB to some people. Anyone who is blamed by the PTB and their minions, is not to be blamed according to many people. It sure is a mess, and it is intentionally created by both sides since the Cathar experiment of the Illuminized ones failed to unite all religions and re-establish humanism under the flag of Jesus (Iesa and the Brotherhood of Man). And then you see me saying Jefferson was an Illuminati who owed the Rothschilds money just like Churchill's father. Yes, I can paint a better factual picture of the PTB than most conspiracy people. I can make excuses or rationalize why these things happen without adopted ad hominems or blaming the likes of Satan. I know what Luciferianism is and the history of all sides to the battle over our souls.

    But you say you have your sources, and they say clear and simple things you can verify were said or done which prove it is all true, but you find yourself in bed with Hitler or devil-worshipping pulpit-pounders like Jack Chick and misogynists like Makow. Yes, Fritz Springmeier has some facts and so does Henry, and you do not like my spiritual inclinations that rail against some deity or boogeyman.

    You have not read my work and do not know history as I do, and people like Hakim Bey, you say we are sophisticated disinfo agents and do not even accept or know each other anyway. I can tear his friends up and they can tear me apart you say. I will even acknowledge there have been times when people like Adam Weishaupt have engaged in the same behavior that Bonesmen or Bohemian Grove people do. You are justifiably disgusted with that and you shut down or decide it is all too much, and throw up your hands. I understand and I cannot even suggest you waste your life doing what will take a decade to research.
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    A major part of our problem as a society and race, is the use of language designed for something we have addressed is not truthful, but is intended to manage people. That does not mean we could not come up with common agreement about words and have some words universally understood as indeterminate and requiring discourse before using them in a conversation. When I have tried to do this with the word spirituality I often get people responding as if I meant spiritism or religion but then the discussion ends up with some really foul outcomes in many cases.

    It can be fun doing the pin the tail on the donkey routine with Scientologists and those who already KNOW the meaning and truth.

    It is a horror show for all life on Earth because we have words that sound like one thing and mean the opposite to others. For example "Shalom" is thought to mean Peace and yet it actually means 'Peace through Victory'. Clearly victory and honor or other concepts have meanings different than Peace or understanding. Same thing with the Biblical phrase "The Meek shall inherit the Earth."

    A person like Robert Graves will understand it, but how many will? "Mensch" is the original word used in the Bible text. It can appear to mean 'meek' at some level - but it means loyal and strong, a supporter of Right and honor (See the Pharisaic Golden Rule of Gamaliel). Yes, it is great when a Mensch is meek and confident in the faith they have in their self.

    Here is what Wikipedia says about spirituality, they are right but wrong.

    Spirituality may refer to almost any kind of meaningful activity,[1][note 1] personal growth, or blissful experience.[3]

    Traditionally, spirituality refers to a process of re-formation of the personality[4] but there is no precise definition of spirituality.[5][6][note 2]

    It might mean a re-forming of the self towards the SELF - is that what they mean? Personal growth is far too encompassing and in this society it is often associated with the exact opposite of spirituality. You might not know that if you go to Church and hear about Prayer leading to wealth and other things entirely selfish.

    The next person facing down spirituality and avoiding Nature, is a Methodist raised with none of the evangelical sins and demon punishment fear-mongering. He extolls the virtues of Gospels and yet does not know who wrote them and why. But his experience (I say) was a good man finding good things coming his way because people saw in him what he was. And he needed them to tell him what they call "The Holy Spirit" even though he says he was an atheist putting God on trial. Yes, what I just said makes no true sense does it? He thought he was facing god down but it was nature he lost touch with and had to find god in the words of sheep and the lying Gospels.
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    This man sees good things in his Jesus but also sees other scholars see a different Jesus. His Son and Brotherhood of Man is a great thing, but he encourages participation in the main cause of poverty and racism. It is a tangled web of deceit and selfish ego, I see.

    "One Sunday in church I heard a reading of Matt 6:25-34. "Consider the lilies of the fields . . . Seek first [God's] kingdom and [God's] righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well." Suddenly it struck me: this passage-this promise-can be put to empirical, scientific test. Rather than simply doubt God's existence, I will make a trial of it. I will commit the coming summer to behaving as if it were true. Then I will know whether there is a God or not.

    That summer I went off to Oregon to work in a lumber mill. Without any friends, thrown back on my own collapsed spiritual resources, I found myself one afternoon in a forest of virgin Douglas fir. At their feet were rhododendrons fifteen feet tall, in full flower. Previously, such a sight would have filled me with adoration of God, for the beauty of nature had always been my most immediate avenue to God. But now I felt totally alienated from what I beheld. If there was no God, there was no one to thank for the glories of nature, no way to commune with God through nature, no Other that met me in the things that have been made.

    I tried reading my pocket RSV New Testament. For some reason I turned to Acts. The more I read, the more alienated I felt. The Holy Spirit poured out on the disciples, healings-none of it seemed possible. Either the whole thing was a lie, or at least most of it, or else my world was a lie, or at least part of it. As a college "intellectual" I had made reason my God. I was unaware that I had accepted the materialistic worldview while still holding on to the biblical worldview.

    My doubts were, in fact, the consequence of trying to embrace two antithetical worldviews simultaneously.

    After a month of wrestling in my soul, I came to the conclusion that there had to be a God. But there was no content. I said the word "God," and something resonated as true, but I had abandoned my childhood faith and had not arrived at anything else.

    About this time I received a letter from a friend mentioning a five-day spiritual retreat near Portland. It was sponsored by the Camps Farthest Out, a pietistic prayer movement headed by such leaders as Glenn Clark and Frank Laubach. The leader of this retreat was Roland Brown, whose willingness to take time to talk with me and to pray for me was for me an incarnating of the love of God. In the closing worship, Matthew 5:25-34 was again read, and I reaffirmed my empirical experiment. The summer was half gone.

    A woman asked me what I intended to do next. I had lost my job at the sawmill due to an industry-wide strike, and had been a migrant fruit picker for the previous weeks, sleeping in the town dump in Eugene and a barn in Salem while picking strawberries and cherries. I said I didn't know, but thought I'd head back to Salem. She said she owned a sawmill not on strike (so typical: a Christian with a non-union shop), and if there was a place, I had a job. But she couldn't find out till Monday. She and her companion offered to drop me off in Salem, though it was out of the way.

    As we entered Salem, she asked if I'd mind if they stopped to see an old friend, the head of the Chamber of Commerce. She asked him if anybody was hiring, and he said, "Well, Carl Hoge is having a sale at his furniture store; maybe he could use a hand." Just then the doorbell rang, and in walked-Carl Hoge. Yes, he needed someone to restock furniture and be janitor. I had a job.

    "Now, where will you stay?" the woman asked. I mentioned that someone visiting the retreat had offered to put me up at his place. The women demurred; they insisted that I let them put me up in a hotel. But it seemed logical to stay at my friend's home, so I had them drop me there, even though it was 9:30 p.m. and no one was at home. After an hour's wait, my friend and his father arrived-from the funeral home. My friend's mother had died just that day, and there I was, in the right place at the wrong time.

    Next day I determined to listen more closely to the guidance I seemed to be getting. I set out with the rental ads in hand to find a room. In an uncanny way, it seemed almost as if the houses were speaking to me: "It's all right to stay here;" "No!, not here;" "Possibly." Suddenly I saw a house with a sign on the porch: "Rooms." Something said, "This is it!" A man was watering the lawn. I went up to him and said, "I have to stay here." He was sorry but the house was full. "That's impossible!" I blurted out. "Could you go look? Maybe someone moved out overnight." Well, he said, he could look, but he was pretty sure.

    Just then his wife came out on the porch. I hailed her, saying I had to stay there. She said there was nothing-unless I were to sleep on a cot on the basement landing. I took it. She hung a bedspread for privacy, and gave me a lawn chair by the furnace. That would be my home for the next six weeks.

    Next morning the landlady came walking down the basement stairs as I sat in the lawn chair. Without even turning her head toward me, she announced, "God has sent you here to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." That's all she said. Within five days I had."

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