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    MMS - cures

    Though Health Canada and the CBC are warning people about this water treatment in common use, it does not mean in very diluted Tinctures or elixirs that you will not get some real results beyond just the positive thinking aspect called a placebo effect.


    This is Bill's Interview of Jim Humble and MMS. Jim has had some remarkable successes helping people with "incurable" illnesses. From C at Project Avalon.

    OK, this is homeopathic solutions and maybe not much more.

    I spent a day on Project Avalon and Bill Ryan is having difficulty with me calling a spade a spade - I now see why. Despite all the talk about being interested in healing the world and such - it is a fraud promoting crap like the 2012 BADness about to happen. That will be hard for him to live down and if he has not cancelled my membership I will address it tomorrow. Go to the hour and ten minute area on the following boring link and see what I am talking about.
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