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    The Keshe Foundation

    I like their World Peace document it is not new, and The Club of Budapest had many world figures sign their proclamation shortly after WWII and during WWIII or the Cold War. I see a lot of the things I have studied being addressed. I suspect it is another Nassim Haramein type of con. The person who first introduced me to it about six months ago needed to BELIEVE in such things and would not listen to reason even though he was very interested in the things we discussed. He died partially because of his need to believe and the stress caused by years of doing any fad which came down the pike to address his heart issues; he insisted were in no way genetic when I first told him it was likely related to the Blue Baby stuff. Later he acknowledged it had a genetic element. I am not going to wade through more abuse of the things I have studied for decades by con artists who make my attempts to bring reason to bear on wild fantasies and religion almost impossible. Yes, I know they say similar things - so do all others borrowing things and wrapping their pitch into a new cult. It has proven successful for centuries - why would it not be happening more in the environment of the web where it is hard to find a site where you do not have people in extreme positions for and against spirituality who have (in both cases) done little investigation.

    You can say I have not investigated the great visionary Mr. Keshe and you can say I am wrong to put him alongside Haramein or the Bhagwan Rajneesh or Bagman who had all those Rolls Royce's and ran his camp and city like a concentration camp. I ran into these things like Scientology over four decades ago and have seen friends disappear on supposed spacecraft after selling all their earthly possessions to move to the Pacific Northwest over forty years ago.

    I looked around all his offerings and if he is a charity I say he pays himself handsomely. Yes, if you cannot get religion status you will avoid taxes by claiming to be a Foundation. I was a public accountant and MBA student. It is as bad an act as I have ever seen or smelled.

    I see he has many fraud flags and detailed exposures of himself and his organization which raised major bucks through crowd funding and that would mean it has shareholders, or am I wrong about that? Surely there are Foundations which own shares so the founders offspring do not pay taxes like regular people must do even if they do not like what Empires of all bureaucracies are in the habit of doing (unlike where people actually vote and it means something - in Porto Allegre, check out Russell Brand and that city).
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