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Thread: Druidry and Origin Myths

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    So those people talking about Brythonic (p or q - does not matter) Gaelic as if they are Druids and not merely a local pagan group might some day get a glimpse of a real history rather than a family legend mixed with power rituals. In that case, if they cared for the truth, they might want to know more from DNA. Perhaps they should remember these words.

    "Whether or not it is clear to you, the universe is unfolding as it should..." Desiderata

    But there are ways your control of every part of your existence are formed and you know so little about them. This is especially true if you fear things you do not understand. (Including even yourself or SELF.) One of the major tools forming people today is games. And when I saw Lucis Trust (Luciferians) and Damanhur (Alchemists) working on those games and developing ways to inculcate new thinking through them (Later Harry Potter took the stage.) I was happy and concerned at the same time. Isaac Bonewitz is an OK occultist and his following work is worth reading. In it you will find words have much power.

    The Gaels or Gaedhils are the Milesians like ML-chhi-zadok and Brian Boru who the Kennedy family trace their roots to. Thus one can honestly say Camelot in Massachusetts is as real as the one in Glastonbury or Lyoness. They include Columbanus and Columcille (St. Columba) if you look under Gaedhil at Wikipedia. Thank god we have DNA now - it was a lot harder to prove my history and that of MacDari (The Masonic linguist whose book Irish Wisdom I spent twenty years researching after given the task to re-write it by my Ogham mentor.) before DNA. Due to the destruction of books and efforts to deny the truth of earlier culture called Atlantean by some, I had to scour every science and technology. The likes of Fin and his Fianna turned into real people as the years went by and other scholars were finding out that the Phoenicians are what we might call Atlanteans just as Plato did. Along the way I learned why I was selected - my last name is more than merely a Bard or Druid, and I am named after the man who reformed the Templars as the Societas Rosicruciana en Anglia. The Hibernians of Robert de Bruges and Royal Society of the Stuart (Hatti and Hittite) Kings and Newton et al. My father had a lot of knowledge and a few legends of our family but it took far more to accept my burden than mere wives' tales. We have the Song of Amergin which includes Ogham under the Robert Graves thread and Meritaten mentioned here is very important in the story of Miriam or the Phoenician Hiram (through code and reversal).

    "In their own national epic contained within medieval works such as the Lebor Gabála Érenn, the Gaels trace the origin of their people to an eponymous ancestor named Goídel Glas. He is described as a Scythian prince (the grandson of Fénius Farsaid), who is credited within creating the Gaelic languages. Goídel's mother is called Scota, described as an Egyptian princess (some modern writers associate her with Meritaten). The Gaels are depicted as wandering from place to place for hundreds of years; they spend time in Egypt, Crete, Scythia, the Caspian Sea and Getulia, before arriving in Iberia. It is here that their king, Breogán, is said to have founded Galicia.

    The Gaels are then said to have sailed to Ireland via Galicia in the form of the Milesians, sons of Míl Espáine. The Gaels fight a battle of sorcery with the Tuatha Dé Danann, the gods, who inhabited Ireland at the time. Ériu, a goddess of the land, promises the Gaels that Ireland shall be theirs so long as they give tribute to her. They agree, and their bard Amergin recites an incantation known as the Song of Amergin. The two groups agree to divide Ireland between them: the Gaels take the world above, while the Tuath Dé take the world below (i.e. the Otherworld).

    Advances in DNA studies have revealed some clues about the origin of the Gaels (who are associated with paternal R-L21).[31] Haplogroup R originated 26,800 years ago in Central Asia during the Last Ice Age. The R1b branch had broken off by the Paleolithic and it's derivative R-M269 was found at the Pontic-Caspian steppe by the Chalcolithic (the Kurgan hypothesis makes these speakers of Proto-Indo-European).[31] First entering Europe proper 7,000 years ago, the Indo-Europeans developed bronze weapons and domesticated the horse, giving them the upper-hand in their conquest of the Old Europe and the proliferation of their lineages.[31] After the R-L51 subclade founded the Unetice culture, a derivative R-L21 moved West arriving in Britain c. 2100 BCE and Ireland c. 2000 BCE, becoming the Gaelic people.[31]"
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    If it is true that knowledge is power and that power corrupts when few are in possession of it - is it any surprise that there is a disconnect of immense proportions in our society? The near vacuum in the region between adepthood or wisdom and the hoi polloi or commonly held belief or civic morality varies from region to cultural region but the breadth of the disconnect or vacuum stays pretty similar. Of course there are distinctions or hierarchies which have been fostered and the role of specialized knowledge has become synarchy instead of anarchy or democracy. The use and abuse of words like anarchy or liberal and conservative in political venues from communist to Nazi or fascist makes it somewhat difficult for a poor wordsmith like myself to capture the immensity of our malaise or full out ignorance which the Gnostics say is the Original Sin. Sin, and evil are words worth deconstruction and my nieces once told me 'sin' is self-inflicted nonsense - my oldest brother is a fine example of it. The spiritual milieu or ether of energy which surrounds us has what early adepts or shamans over two million years ago sought to make sense of - and tried to convey that 'sense' to others long before language as we know it, developed . Specialized jargon, anaphora religious terminologies and metaphors or analogies, story tellers and troubadours, or outright political liars and ecclesiasties of feudal Dark Age deceit still remain from the beginnings of Empire and the needed management of people.

    The stages of language development and timing thereof is a large philosophic debate which hard scientists studying the human physiology are focussing on to the extent that some people say we only recently had the speech lobes to be able to talk and therefore language or communication did not exist. I heartily contest that myopic and cultural bias which was truly 'evil' when John Locke developed a Scale of Nature with a 'tabula rasa' saying no consciousness could be existent without language. That Scale of Nature put the English WASP at the top of the charts and black man down with the Hottentot that some thought had come into existence from the interbreeding of an orangutan and human. In his early life Thomas Jefferson held this revolting concept that still pervailed (a word I will leave here even though it was a typo, because a pervert prevails would not be acceptable linguistic usage) - and in my own lifetime some people have proposed similar unscientific viewpoints. It is said Neanderthal only developed speech lobes about 150,000 years ago and we now know they interbred with other hominids. But they had a larger brain and I think were entirely able to consciously apprehend nature and reality as well as share it through a variety of communication forms - signing became one origin of Ogham, ESP another. The Sumatran Gibbon or Bonobos in Africa have language as do porpoises and some day we may even learn to speak with our 'diggies' who certainly understand words like 'walk'. Kanzai, and Koko could teach John Locke a lot.

    There is 'of course' no such thing as evil demons to the extent some religions have built the pantheon and I consider Gods to have a rather recent origin of an anthropomorphed psychological 'easy answer' and political 'social engineering' Genesis. I did not need Francis Fukayama in his book The End of History and The Last Man to confirm or confess "all absolute religions have been tools for social engineers" like himself. He deserved his promotion from the US Department in charge of Policy to the shadow governing ethos or construct and Rand Corporation role in that Shadow Government which has devolved or evolved from various Illuminized (Gnosis translates as wisdom or 'enlightenment' not Salvation as Romanism foisted or injected into a cult similar to Christian Gospel lies now called Caesar's Messiah by some scholars) efforts including the advent of organized religion about 600 BCE. Even Confucianism and Buddhism which have no God are found coming out of the woodwork at this particular point in time. The title of my first book Diverse Druids gives some idea of earlier origins before 600 BCE. But I do not think it (What one language calls Druidry) was as much a religion as it was a scientific shared Brotherhood with transparent and freely available access to higher layers of study - if a person wished to study! Before the time of Caesar it was a 25 year course of study and included Bairds, Ovates and Druids as well as vascerri (priests), pheryllts (scientists or alchemists like Merlin), bards or kapnobatai like Orpheus and later Pythagoras, all starting with mimes, minstrels and jesters who might become orators and language experts before moving into more specialized realms of study as they showed merit and had interest.

    That brings me to the first area we would have to stipulate to or agree upon if we were to debate the origins of Gnostic or Hermetic thought. Was mankind conscious and able to communicate 2 million years ago - after he had developed tools greater than those we know apes used.

    It reminds me of a comment by a Mr. Tulip on a Biblical Interpretation site I was recently revolted by as they ridiculed any attempt to deconstruct the Biblical early writings as mere Phoenician or Keltoi mythology as the Father of Biblical Archaeology asserted from his lofty professorship at Johns Hopkins. Mr. Tulip and I agree Acharya S has done good work penetrating the ethos of Empire and I supported her contention when she, I and Vincent Bridges discussed the Language of the BRDs (my last name therein) about a dozen years ago. Here is my response to him just before leaving the austere company of Mr. Hindley et al.

    Dear Mr. Tulip

    Hurray - some actual thought in the wilderness!

    I remain of the view that this patronising attitude towards analysis of pagan parallels is evidence of mental blockages towards simple evidence. The reasons for such blockages are complex. A key part of it is the failure to understand the role of Gnostic spirituality, and how Gnosticism was an old movement based on links between Judaism and other cultures. These links are denied point blank by the “nuts” premise of this thread which Godfrey and Huller and now Hindley have rather crassly supported.
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    But there be monsters! If one reads enough of the myths one will wonder what is clear and how much "LIGHT" is shed into shadows created by the imagination of people wishing to lord it over others. The Gnosis or wisdom tree has too many branches and it needs pruning. When one person imagines a great and fearful beginning another person argues it and so on. Eventually you get a whole corpus of corpulence and flatulence, as I see it. Archons and immortals or angels and demons, worms and serpents all about hovering and flying; out of chaos! But somehow there was something other than chaos or it's original darkness which god created the firmament from. Yes, that darkness was actually a shadow of something else! It really became quite complex, all these people imagining an explanation for nonsense created by others, rather than observing reality - Nature!

    The names became power and able to hypnotize and make people behave according to what the priests liked. Machiavelli wrote a handbook on management still in use - Il Principe. In it he says if you give people what they want you can have a lot more, because people really only need a little. ""Appeals to base human urges" means you only have to give the "base" or most simple things and if you call those things a sin (Self-Inflicted Nonsense) you can even keep them as well. If I call my mighty omnipotent master by the name Allah and you call it some other name does that mean there is really more than one all powerful entity or reality?

    Absurd as it may sound - yes. We have made a heavenly host of monsters because we do not observe "What IS"!

    "When Pistis Sophia saw him moving in the depth of the waters, she said to him, “Youth, pass over here,” which is interpreted as “Yaldabaoth.” Since that day, the first principle of the word that referred to the gods and angels and people has appeared. And the gods and angels and people constitute that which came into being by means of the word. Moreover, the ruler Yaldabaoth is ignorant of the power of Pistis. He did not see her face, but he saw in the water the likeness that spoke with him. And from that voice he called himself Yaldabaoth. But the perfect ones call him Ariael because he was like a lion. And after he came to possess authority over matter, Pistis Sophia withdrew up to her light.


    When the ruler saw his greatness, he saw only himself; he saw nothing else, except water and darkness. Then he thought that he alone existed. His thought was made complete by means of the word, and it appeared as a spirit moving to and fro over the waters. And when that spirit appeared, the ruler separated the watery substance to one region and the dry substance to another region. From matter he created a dwelling place for himself and called it heaven. And from matter the ruler created a footstool and called it earth."
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    Gene Matlock and I cross paths and use many of the same sources. His history of the Phoenicians coming from the region of Northern India makes some sense in the era when the glaciers forced people south and when the great cataclysm of 8350 BCE took place. I will stay with the Caucasus to Gimbutas region including Dolni Vestonici and look further into history for even earlier civilizing forces such as the Ainu. DNA has been kind to me.

    "There is yet another important view in which the Khaiberi are to be considered. They are the ... Hebrews.

    Pococke also states:

    Behold now the simple fact: The Cabeiri are the Khyberi, or people of the Khyber ... The Cabeiri are ... Cuvera, the Hindoo god of wealth and regent of the North, - that is, in simple language, the Kyber; it's region is wealthy and abounds with rubies; gold is found in the rivers in its vicinity, and it was likewise the ruling northern power in those days ... There is yet another important view in which the Khaiberi are to be considered. They are the Khebrew-i, or Hebrews.

    ... We have, then, in the Cabeiri, the representatives of a form of Bud-histic worship and Bud'histic chiefs, extending from the Logurh district (Locri) to Cashmir, the object of worship of the Hya (Yah), and the Phoenician race, for they are but one. They are the Khebrew-i, or Hebrews ... The tribe of Yudah (Judah) is in fact the very Yadu (Yadava) ... The people of God were literally taken out from amongst the other tribes, to be especially sanctified for the moral and religious generation of mankind.

    Hence it is, that among the Greek writers of antiquity such a stress is always laid on the piety of the "Hyperboreans," that is the people of Khaiber, or the Hebrews ... I have no doubt whatever, that the northern limits of Afghanistan will be demonstrated to be the starting point of these two great families of language, and consequently of nations. The Afghans have claimed descent from the Jews, or Ioudaioi (Youdai-oi); the reverse is the case. The Haibrews or Khaibrews, are descended from the Yadoos. In that very land of the Yadoos, or Afghans - Dan and Gad, still remain of the feeble remnants of Jewish antiquity. (pp. 220-221, in passim.)
    Mystics, astrologers, and New Agers like to make much of these "Gemini Twins." However, nothing "magical" or "Outer-Spacey" turned them into deities. Having learned the movements of ocean currents, prevailing winds, and the like, they were able to touch the shores of every country on the globe. Every single tribe and nation on earth, even the most savage tribes living in the most impenetrable jungles, came to know about the "Gemini Twins" - or should I say, Cyber-Twins?

    Their Sanskrit names, Pani (Trader) and Yuddhi (Warrior; Conqueror), clearly explain the part that each Hebraic clan had to play in this historic relationship.

    In those remotest of times, places like Afghanistan weren't so barren and hostile to human life as they are now. The area was exceedingly fertile. As time went by, the Khyberis or Kheebers came to own all the arable land, creating vast feudal estates. Although their religion preached that mankind should be humanitarian, they became selfish and cruel to landless peasants and nomads. As their wealth in land and cattle grew, the nomads or Abels (not cattle), had less and less free space to graze their sheep and goats. Finally, the Khybers and the Abels began to make war on each other. Little by little, the Abels were absorbed into the feudal system as slaves. An enlightened king of the time, whom we now worship as Yahve or Jehovah, intervened in order to prevent a ghastly genocide. He ordered the settled Ganaana (Canaanites or Kheeberis) to quit monopolizing all the land and look for other ways to get rich, such as trading. Many of the Kheeberis, both traders and farmers, spread out, going down to what is now Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharasthra, and other parts of Western India. On the Western coast of Northern India, they built shipyards and started making trading expeditions abroad. Their Sanskrit names, Pani (Trader) and Yuddhi (Warrior; Conqueror), clearly explain the part that each Hebraic clan had to play in this historic relationship."

    The Cabiri in Italy around 2000 BCE made plaids and lozenge weaving materials which Elizabeth Wayland-Barber studied before going to Urumchi or what once was the original Mediterranean before the Mediterranean we now know was created with the glacial melt. The Malta designs are Osirian or Phoenician Keltoi as I see it. Maybe Gene would agree with me now that DNA has shown the Ainu all over the Pacific and we have over 500,000 year old art and the 825,000 year old artifacts on Flores Island.

    This ties in with Gimbutas' work but is far younger than Dolni Vestonici. I see Druidic shamans or earlier shamans were here, The question is (especially due to the Ice Age of this era, did they come north or were they Laplanders. If they came north from as far away as India it was probably over many generations but if they came by ship it could have been more frequent - connecting with Callanish.

    In this link you will find 9,000 year old druidic knowledge in Poland.

    "Ancient Shamans had the ability to win battles, de-curse allies, and strike fear into the enemy, some were considered powerful healers, they could heal physical wounds as well as those of the soul, and they were able to communicate with the spirits and are said to have the ability to shape shift.

    While most people would say that these tales are just mythological legends, there are those who firmly believe Shamans had great powers and could do most of the above mentioned. Most of the records regarding these ancient mystics originate from the 16th century and refer to Asia as their last known refuge. However, there is evidence of shamanism spread across the entire planet from the Americas, where some still practice the ‘art’ of Shamanism, to remote areas in Asia."
    {AINU or DNN}

    Most of the mystics were not written about and that is why only after the Dark Ages repression do you again find daring souls writing about them again and their books surviving. As to Asia being the only shamanic refuge - what kind of racist crap or authorship is that?
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    The extent of the lies and origins of the lies in Rome which overtook history even before St. Patrick and his destruction of real history and books thereof amazes even me. A little truth goes a long way in making propaganda.

    "The whole of chapter 24 of Isaiah clearly describes the judgments of the Tribulation period when “the earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard... Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed... ” (v. 19-20a) To put “the isles of the sea” (v 15) in the context of Acts 2 and claim that together they mean the gospel was carried to Britain after Pentecost is disingenuous in the extreme. However, Gail’s misinterpretation does leave room for the Merovingian legend that Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Grail to Glastonbury following the crucifixion of Christ. The legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table is based on this legend—King Arthur, “the once and Future King,” being the descendant of Jesus Christ.

    “Jesus’ brother, James the better known as Joseph of Arimathea...

    “Arthur’s father, King Adean mac Gabran of Scots, became Pendragon... In this line, Aedan’s mother, Lluan of Brecknock, was descended from Joseph of Arimathea... The Celtic Church accepted [Arthur’s] mother, Ygerna del Acqs, as the true High Queen of the Celtic kingdoms. Her own mother (in the hereditary lineage of Jesus) was Viviane I, dynastic Queen of Avalon. The priests therefore anointed Arthur High King of the Britons following his father’s ordination as King of Scots...

    “On 26 March 1371, the Royal House of Stewart was founded by King Robert II. For the first time since the 6th-century Arthur mac Aedan of Dalriada, the key Grail successions of Britain and Europe had conjoined in Scots royalty, and the Stewarts’ ancient legacy of kingship was fulfilled.” (Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed, pp. 131, 192-3, 285)

    Gail’s disingenuous interpretation of Acts 2 and Isaiah 24:15 coincides with interpretations found in Druidic publications such as The Welsh Question and Druidism by Elizabeth Griffith, who claims that Wales was the “emporium of learning” for other nations because the Welsh forefathers, the Druids, were the “Magi of the West.”

    “Again, in Isaiah xxiv. 14-16, we read, ‘They shall lift up their voice, they shall sing for the majesty of the Lord in the fires, even the name of the Lord God of Israel in the isles of the sea. From the uttermost part of the earth (Hyperboreans--Britons), have we heard songs (of the Bards and Druids), even glory to the righteous.

    “Isaiah prophesied about 750 B.C.--that is, about the time of the foundation of Rome. Unless these words refer to the Ancient Britons, to whom then could they refer? Britain, as the ‘Tin islands,’ was known before this time, and the prophet speaks of the ‘uttermost parts of the earth,’ being almost the identical words adopted by the ancients for the ‘Hyperboreans.’ Here we have the Lord God of Israel worshipped, and no nation worshipped the God of Israel except the Israelites ; and here we find these worshippers in the ‘isles of the sea,’ where they cry aloud unto the God of Israel ; it also shows that they are not people in captivity, for ‘they shall sing for the majesty of the Lord;’ therefore the Lord had done great things for them ; and this majesty seems to point to the visible glory or majesty of their religion in the great works of Avebury and Stonehenge. And more emphatically still does it point to the Druidical worship, in the words, ‘Glorify ye the Lord in the fires.’

    “HYPERBOREANS. We are perfectly satisfied that the Hyperboreans of the ancients were the Ancient Britons. They had but a confused conception as to where these remarkable and peculiar people lived, because, as we have before explained, Dan {DN} and the kindred tribes kept their colonies a deep secret, hence their name CELTAE.” (Welsh Question and Druidism, p. 155)

    Although this Celtic/Druidic source misinterpreted Isaiah 24:15, the author did reveal that the Celts are the Israelite Tribe of Dan which, following the Assyrian invasion of northern Israel, migrated north and eventually settled in the British Isles. She also stated that the priests of the Celts, the Druids, built the megalithic monument, Stonehenge, where they practiced their religion which involved worshipping in the fires. The fires most likely refers the Druidic ritual of human sacrifice which took place at Stonehenge."

    And the hits just keep on coming! History is a web of lies where people call other people ignorant or unable to write or travel, or even think and be conscious (John Locke and the Pope during the heathen invasion of paradise). But the people before the second millennium BCE in this report traveled and traded in the whole area from Egypt to Denmark.

    "After taking a new look at a pair of ancient cobalt beads, archaeologists now believe these Bronze Age artifacts may have been manufactured in the same workshop as the blue glass on King Tut’s death mask.

    If that’s the case, an extensive trade network likely ran from ancient Denmark to Egypt and Mesopotamia around 3,400 years ago, the researchers say.

    For the research, an international team of Danish and French archaeologists used a technique called plasma-mass spectrometry to analyze the chemical composition of 23 glass beads dating back to between 1400 and 1100 B.C. The set of beads was unearthed from Danish graves in the late 19th century.

    The analysis revealed that two cobalt beads in the set contained the same trace elements as glass made in Egypt around the same time, which suggests they came from the same region. In fact, the researchers say the new discovery is the first Egyptian cobalt glass that has been found outside the Mediterranean area."
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