the location of the 4th dynasty tombs has always been a complete mystery ,but has Robert Temple solved the puzzle?
here is a link to a 38 minute narrated slide show from Robert who claims he has found the location of 7 royal tombs at Giza.


their is also a short slide show on the Osiris shaft on the same link , which is well worth a look.

To be honest i think Mr Temple could be onto something , like he says, who in their right mind would drag a 100 ton piece of granite up from Aswan , dig a hole in the bedrock of the sphinx temple and sink this huge stone under the floor , it makes no sense unless this granite had a purpose , was it a cable conduit for lowering heavy objects deep underground as is suggested.

it looks like the sphinx temple was built over the top of this out of place piece of granite.

this was found on the Giza plateau , was it used to guide the ropes in the conduit .

and lastly the sphinx temple was only found and excavated in 1936 so the possibility that what ever is down there is still there.

any thoughts ?