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Thread: Ten Greatest Architects

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    Ten Greatest Architects

    Neuroaesthetics or snobby effetes' rationalization dovetailing art and architecture - who can say what tomorrow may need?

    "Can we define what makes a beautiful space? Well, the study of neuroaesthetics is trying to uncover qualities that come together to yield beauty. In the magazine SEED, the article entitled Beauty and the Brain explains that “An object’s beauty may not be universal, but the neural basis for appreciating beauty probably is.” The article goes on to describe how neuroscience findings regarding direction, location and dimensions of space will have profound implications for architecture.(1)

    As architects engage in their design process, will the discoveries of Neuroaesthetics impact their project outcomes? In other words, will knowing what triggers more neurons to fire rapidly impact design decisions at the drawing board? Yes, beauty is dependent to some extent on culture and experience; but can beauty be universally understood at some level?

    Aesthetic, in architecture, is often linked with order and balance. Rhythm, for instance, is frequently desired within striking architectural compositions. So, is architecture nothing more than the manipulation of space to follow certain rules of beauty? Can architecture break or challenge such rules that are directly connected to the human senses?"

    I think your opinion about art can be as good as any person's but I do also think and thank the architects who make nature part of their design as much as they do - beautiful!
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