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Thread: Death, Dying, Dimensions and more

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    Death, Dying, Dimensions and more

    If you are from Florida and thought this thread might be about your state, please accept my apologies. Yes, I know Florida is "God's waiting room" and my father called it an "elephant graveyard" when he came to spend a week with me there in the late 1970s.

    I often have said I do not believe in death. That is an easy thing to say, there are only twenty letters in it.

    What pray tell does it mean? Does it mean I look forward to being free of this Earthly coil or the stuff of ego and material needs? Yes, it means that and not just when I am down - I do not think of being down as a state of depression but rather a time to reflect and observe, recharging the focus upon something more than mere simple 'me'.

    I do not remember when I realized that when death is near it is a beginning not an end. It has zero to do with "You cannot take it to your grave." or other clichéd superficiality. There was an element of judgement which became an interest of study in my teens - what is Karma, What is Purpose, Who am I, How to BE?

    Maybe this all began with my father returning from World War II after a stint with the Judge Advocate at Nuremberg and having been a wunderkind genius who read all the books in his local library as a teenager with a step mother who favored her own needy kids. I do remember at the age of four having adult conversations about the "Is god Dead" Nietzschean debates that were transforming normative religious following. I can see now how he applied his knowledge and desires to make a real difference through me, vicariously giving me a burden or curse that has made my life what it is. One of the categories of experience my father tried to teach me or encouraged in me was a "Pixie mind". It always bothered me that I could come close to grasping something more than intuition but not actually read another person's mind. That all changed in a big way just before I turned twenty while I was in jail, for parking tickets. You can read a little about it in The Man Who Loved Jail and if you are wanting more you can read an article called My Father Who Art in Heaven.

    In truth death has not figured high on the list of motivating inputs to what I do, but it is a substrate or foundation that along with laughing at my small self makes me recoup from confronting the ignorance of me-too thinking rather than my muse Socrates who definitely faced death and political correctness.

    By the time Moody and his research (Kubler-Ross and many more) hit the mainstream I was already a bit of a nerd or devotee of Psi-science. I had been offered a multi-station radio show which I stupidly turned down due partially to knowing I had so much more to learn. My father had this same character trait. It is a good thing to remember how little we know, or that every opened door creates new vistas and options to open many more doors. This is just as true when in the Dream state as in the waking state, and I was working that side of the road as well.

    Before I was forty I knew I was not 'of this world' and I had no fixed address.

    When I read about a game played in the Pelota at Chichen Itza where the winning players got to choose death or to let the other side have the experience- alarm bells were ringing! Carlos Castaneda was a trip! Chichen Itza: TIME is my book which tries to explain this and other related things dimensional and quantifiably 'insane' in the minds of those who will not learn. Of course Quantum Physics was a major part of my research and you can read Re-Discovering the Mind which tells about my experience taking over my Master's class at the top business university in Canada for a night when I was thirty years old to get some further ideas from a Yale Microbiology Professor and many Nobel Laureates.

    Now that you know these things we can start evaluating Jodorowsky whose early life seems to have him focused on Right Thought = Right Action just like me.

    "Gilles Farcet: How is it that you, Alejandro, enjoy this privilege [of feeling one’s self to be good]?

    Alejandro Jodorowsky: I have worked a great deal for it, you understand! I have done nothing else. . . . This work began practically with my birth. I am a good child of immigrants, born in northern Chile. . . . I was good, that is a fact; I had that quality, accompanied by a desire to achieve spiritual crystallization.

    You experienced this very early on, from early childhood?

    Yes, very early . . . I can see myself now at the age of six or seven, sitting before the door to my father’s shop, where he sold women’s underwear. I was eating a banana. A poor child ran by and snatched the fruit from my hand. I did not weep, but felt pity for this child. And the next day I sat out there again with a banana, waiting for him to steal it from me. So my driving force was goodness, right away. At the same time I have asked myself all the usual questions: Why must I die? Does God exist? When I was eighteen the awareness of my mortal nature struck me like a hammer on the head. I had never properly realized it before then. And I went running through the streets, crying out that I did not want to die! From this moment on I have needed to appease my dread.

    Did you have a religious education?

    Not at all, or rather, yes: I was raised with the religion of atheism. My father was a fanatical nonbeliever, opposed to any spiritual conception of existence. So that is where I started from. I had to fill this void and explore my being. So I disguised myself like a clown, pursued different trades as if each time I was putting on a new costume: I disguised myself as a puppeteer, a music-hall comedian, a theater and film director, a poet, a *novelist, a bande-dessinée author, an artist, whatever!

    Were you immediately drawn to the artistic dimension of existence?

    Yes, to theater and literature. I went to university like any old idiot, but I was disgusted with it. Then my artistic life began, and my family life was added to it. My family has been like a school for me, a work of self-knowledge. And it took about half a century for me to feel truly good. Before that I was always searching, wandering through all the cultures, coming in contact with masters. . . . When I was forty I began to find myself, and at fifty it seemed to me that I had made some real gains.

    Let’s talk a little more about your schooling. Your *spiritual education went hand in hand with your artistic apprenticeship.

    Yes, my first masters were five great Chilean poets who shaped my artistic spirit. I was lucky to be born in Chile. Before all the political catastrophes, it was a country of poets, a magical land, like an island. We were contained between the mountain range of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, in a very surrealist atmosphere of collective madness. In the afternoon when work was over, the Chileans would get drunk, and life became a party. We bathed in a climate of chaos and total euphoria.

    At what age did you leave Chile?

    I was twenty-three.

    What did you do there up until your departure?

    First I was devoted to writing, and I endeavored to meet poets who have refined my artistic spirit. With them I learned to return to my own beauty, which is in fact what we all carry within ourselves. Then, in the university environment, I played at being a circus clown. It is hard to convey the ambience of that time there: the philosophy professors didn’t hesitate to disguise themselves as clowns, too, rolling around on the ground in front of their students. . . . The sexual revolution took place in Chile long before it spread over the rest of the world. . . . It was a permanent party. Then, after quitting the university, I gave my life over to puppets. I founded my own theater, which was combined with a twenty-four-person university choir. The government loaned us a warship in which we went all around the north of Chile. We toured the mining companies: the choir sang; then I put on my show for the workers and the children.

    What were the themes of the shows?

    I was inspired by the writings of García Lorca, or else I made up stories that were already very symbolic. I remember one story about a woman who fell in love with a man whose head was a mirror: in other words she fell in love with her own reflection! I also imagined staging a minotaur-Christ, with Socrates and Plato clowns as the choir."

    In short he was a minstrel and jester on the Bardic stage exploring symbology which along with the symbols gives access to another realm as we know from the research in Ogham and Aymara, as well as all Archaeomythology threads including Eranos, Esalen, Jung, Graves, the Golden Bough, Blake and more. He was already a little Magus.

    You might also see a connection with the incredibly 'Camp' average man's Bohemian Grove called 'Burning Man' which has echoes of the Wicker Man and Druidry or Nature worship cults of neo-this or neo-that ancient thought.
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    The 'Bardol Thodol' and 'Sidpa Thodol' of the Tibetan Book of the Dead with a forward by Carl Jung and Lama Anagarika Govinda, by Evans-Wentz is a great insight to the hallucinatory nature of the images we carry forward beyond the grave. These hallucinations (beliefs) go away and the 'white light' is all that remains. The 'white light' may not be seen by those still attached to this material plane and its' obsessions or propaganda for quite some period of time. The interstitial states of purgatory and limbo(words with all kinds of fables that are far from true, associated with them) are the realms wherein these devious 'visions' play out their energy upon the soul of unenlightened 'followers' of many belief systems. That is a simplistic overview, to say the least.

    Moody's work on 'Life After Death' documents in real epistemic terms a plethora of cases that boil down to 15 stages that are common and eight of which most people go through. From conversations with people who've had heart by-pass or other Near Death Experiences (NDEs) I am sure there is much merit in his work. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was a great student and scholar from UCLA who I met and heard talk of these things. In the final analysis I find much of the quantum physical world has the best descriptions of what kind of realities other dimensions allow. However, we are all not able to understand that which we are not physically involved with, so allow me to visit with 'Seth Speaks' by Jane Roberts as well as L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. for a moment; he says:

    "The explanation is sort of long and complicated. The basic rationale is that there are some powers in this universe that are pretty strong. As an example, Hitler was involved in the same black magic and the same occult practices that my father was. {This might explain why the Allies used Hubbard and Crowley, Dion Fortune and Ian Fleming in a counter psychic group.} The identical ones. Which, as I have said, stem clear back to before Egyptian times. It's a very secret thing. {We covered a lot of it in 'Science' from 'Genesis of the Grail Kings' and a Christian mystery school called Rosicrucianity.}. Very powerful and very workable and very dangerous. Brainwashing is nothing compared to it. The proper term would be 'soul cracking.' It's like cracking open the soul, which then opens various doors to the power that exist,' the satanic and demonic powers...

    {My younger brother is a thirty year member who has signed a billion year soulful contract. He thinks L. Ron Jr. is the antithesis of a 'realized being' and all Scientologists HATE him. That is a pretty good recommendation in itself, if you look closely at this organization that uses every hypnotic and other mind-control method available to milk people of everything including their soul. If it isn't 'organized crime' I don't know what is! Yet, in the scheme of things they tell more truth than most who they imitate - like psychiatry and education. Ritalin is a favourite rallying point of theirs.}

    Simply put, it's like a tunnel or an avenue or a doorway. {Meditation takes one through this to the white light that afterlife portends. In this process the physical individual on the Scientology pathways never gets to the next realm, unless at the OTO [Ordre Templis Orientalis] 'fin-de-siecle' suicidal retirement plan, that Hubbard studied in the Crowleyan Thelemic school as noted in many documents - but the Scientologists say he was working as an undercover agent. FOR WHOM?!}. Pulling that power into yourself through another person--and using women {In the Crowleyan adaptation of the Star-Fire Ceremony which uses 'Scarlet Women' for the monthly menstruum so full of hormones like melatonin. Hubbard also was a Rosicrucian.}, especially -- is incredibly insidious {Even Crowley thought Hubbard was a nut to think he could command the goddess Babalon to do his bidding.}. It makes Dr. Fu Manchu look like a kindergarten student. It is the ultimate vampirism, the ultimate mind-phuck, instead of going for the blood, you're going for their soul. And you take drugs in order to reach that state {The drug thing is OUT now that L. Ron Sr. was drugged out of his miserable existence.} where you can, quite literally, like a psychic hammer, break their soul, and pull the power through. He designed his Scientology Operating Thetan techniques to do the same thing. But, of course, it takes a couple of hundred hours of auditing and mega-thousands of dollars {Current data suggests the coursework to 'the Bridge' runs over $300,000 dollars. My brother gives donations to causes like prison programs and mental health as well. His daughter is a slave at the Clearwater HQ, who works for nothing, etc.} for the privilege of having your head turned into a glass Humpty Dumpty--shattered into a million pieces. It may sound like incredible gibberish, but it made my father a fortune {The Church(?) got $600,000,000 from his estate and it was likely a murder according to some knowledgeable officials.}." (2)

    In Egypt there is a temple with drawings on the walls or plaques that show souls inside tubes. This temple of Denderah is probably an archaeological proof of what has been going on in most adept religious pursuits for millennia if not eons. The cult of the dead was hallucinogenically enhanced by the Anatolian Blue Lotus which I think was developed in Smyrna, Turkey where the Onassis Merovingians originate. Hubbard was a major druggie. Crowley was claimed by Hubbard as 'his close personal friend' in the Philadelphia Lectures that psychology thought his ideas were worth considering in the early 50s. Crowley was the self-avowed '666' and he apparently never actually (physically) met Hubbard. Yet Hubbard claims to be a continuance of Crowley just as Crowley claimed the same in the line of Caligostro and Eliphas Levi, among others. The 'soul-grabbing' possibility is not mere 'hocus-pocus'; you should be concerned about how your own soul is pre-empted by 'beliefs' you have little personal control and knowledge over or about.

    In the early 80s around the time this interview with Hubbard Jr. took place, I dated a woman who wanted to marry me. She was from the Anderson family, and her mother was the head of the Masonic women's league which she called the Emerald Society. She was a down to earth sort of person who seemed OK and knew of my interests in esoteric 'philosophy. I knew little about the Anderson's and the Constitutions by that name which are central to the Masonic order (based on recent research, I've done.). She falls into the category of those relationships I couldn't trust the motives of, due to my money; but she doesn't fall into the category of cultist or fool. In fact my own issues and lack of maturity at handling these insecurities were more of the problem that caused me not to be able to handle what others felt was success.

    Her mother was old and suffering from some kind of certain illness. It was a two year period during which she endeavoured to convince my lady's sister and her own daughter to allow a soul transfer to occur so that her mother would possess the body and control the mind of her daughter. The uses of rituals according to old books in the Masonic/ Rosicrucian theology were involved. Sounds ridiculous, and I only have her word and the word of someone who introduced her to me a year earlier, to confirm it. The Hubbard/Crowley/Levi/ Randolph story is a corollary to it, and there are other similar possessions I've helped overcome since. The situation sounds unbelievable when I say; the daughter killed the mother and told the truth. She was charged with murder. The courts let her off with time served, when the trial was through. That was not a long time, because she pled guilty! It is possible this 'Emerald Society' was an inner sanctum group aligned with the knowledge of Hermes (previously Thoth's and Ptah's knowledge) that existed in ancient Egypt and is reflected in the Emerald Table or Tablet. This is not a reincarnate soulful transition but is a way of avoiding death.

    Since HRH De Vere talks about us being food for their table and Vlad being one of their Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucian membership it behooves us to examine a number of misconceptions about Rosicrucians. I am also tired of seeing ads for their spiritual courses here, and I know they are more than willing to say they are Christians or whatever else (like the Augustinian Credo) might bring believers and their money into the fold or to fold (the money and the flock). I will provide a link to one of the Rosicrucian Orders shortly and in the first introductory paragraph you will see Abraham Lincoln was a member of their Council of Three along with Paschal Beverly Randolph. Is this Randolph of the Royal Randolphs including Peyton who was a President of the United States before George Washington (The Continental Congress)? Is he the one who is said to be part of a soul-continuance in the same way Aleister Crowley (Perdurabo and the self-proclaimed triple six) was?
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    A Thelemic who claimed he was a highly decorated member who joined Masonry when I met him on the web; said The Council of Three was unimportant. A Thelemic is never anything if not studious but that doesn't mean they are correct. He was proud of Crowley despite "do what thou wilt". It is not Magian to do whatever you can or want - true it is important to learn Will and Intent. The Council of Three that was responsible for so much of the founding of the US included Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine and George Clymer. Yes, they reported to the Stuart or Hibernian royals but I am not clear where the Dragon Court fit in the Royal retinue at that time - today I would say it is a weak and futile egomaniacal group. Often they are found to tout the same heroes and members as the Martinists who assert they have 25,000 years experience leading us. Crowley and Jack Parsons along with L. Ron Hubbard were Thelemics. Since Rosicrucians aspire to know Alchemy (which I will grant Jack Parsons was an alchemist) and because high Rosicrucians say I am an alchemist or as knowledgeable - I feel it is incumbent on me to expose any dissonance between them and myself.

    This superficial evaluation is only one aspect of what we analyzed with input from all available quarters and presented a real and true threat from the continued macho or competitive nature of those in pursuit of power. Their progeny has lost much of the righteous underpinnings of the Templar zeal. Needless to say their influence has not been exposed in the cultural history of our various media including schools. Therefore constant harping on the subject is somewhat warranted. I only seek to set the stage for their specific history and influence on the time of Marco Polo and another 'fiction' that was used to create the impression that there was a need for 'discovery' of the 'New World'. The idea that the land of the Dragons in China was not part of a world order continues to the present. There are many perspectives on the origin of the Templars and why they were given Papal 'carte-blanche' but let me quote Gardner again to see something far more ancient than most scholars purporting to know when Templars or Masons became a part of our cultural fabric. He is talking about a re-structuring of much more ancient mystery schools at this juncture.

    "It has long been a customary Jewish practice to hang meat for blood-letting before cooking and consumption, but in contrast the Christian faith is especially concerned with the figurative ingestion of blood. In the Christian tradition it is customary to take the Communion sacrament (the Eucharist), wherein wine is drunk from the sacred chalice, symbolically representing the blood of Jesus, the life-blood of the Messianic line. Could it be, therefore, that the modern Christian custom is an unwitting throwback to some distant pre-Noah rite of actually ingesting blood? If so, then since we also know that the chalice is a wholly female symbol which has always been emblematic of the womb, might this even have been an extract from divine menstrual blood which, as we have seen (Chapter 10), was revered as life-giving 'Star-Fire'? The answer to these questions is yes, that was precisely the custom - but it was not so unsavoury as it might seem. (1) Few of us think to enquire about the ultimate sources of many of today's bodily supplements, and those in the know are generally reluctant to tell us. The premarin hormone, for example, is made from the urine of pregnant mares, while some forms of growth hormone and insulin are manufactured from 'E.coli', a human faecal bacterium.

    Before considering this ancient practice in detail, it is worth reminding ourselves that the edict to abstain from blood came not from Enki the Wise but from Enlil-Jehovah, the god of wrath and vengeance who had instigated the Flood, wrought havoc in Ur and Babylon and endeavoured to deceive Adam with regard to the Tree of Knowledge. This was not a god who liked people and the Sumerian records are very clear in this regard. If he forbade the intake of blood, this was not likely to have been an edict for the benefit of Noah and his descendants - it was most probably to their detriment.

    The menstrual Star Fire ('Elixir Rubeus') of the goddess, being essentially regarded as fluid intelligence, was symbolically represented as the all-seeing eye {The circle with a dot again.}, or as the fiery cross (the 'rosi-crucis') {The Circle with the cross.}, precisely as depicted in the Mark of Cain. The emblems were later used by the mystery school of ancient Egypt, particularly that of the priest-prince Ankhfn-khonsu (c.2170 BC {Check out Crowley's Book of the Law and the name at the end of it.}, which was formally established as the Dragon Court by the twelfth-dynasty Queen Sobeknefru.

    Another of the most prominent mystery schools was the Great White Brotherhood of Rameses III (c. 1450 BC) - so called, it is often said, because of their white raiment, but actually named because of their preoccupation with a mysterious white powder {Through 'high-spin' atomic attunement able to levitate the pyramid blocks, he says.}. According to the Supreme Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, there were thirty-nine men and women on the High Council of the Brotherhood, who sat at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. (2) A branch off this Order became more generally known as the Egyptian Therapeutae, who in Heliopolis and Judaea, were identified as the Essenes. (3) It was into this White Brotherhood of wise therapeutics and healers (the original Rosicrucians) that Jesus was later initiated to progress through the degrees, and it was his high standing in this regard which gained him the often used designation of 'Master'... 'essaios': that is, something secret or mystic. (In the Norse tradition, the gods are called the 'Asen', the guardians of purity, and the word has a similar root.)...

    In the hermetic lore of the ancient Egyptian mystery school, this process of achieving enlightened consciousness was of express importance, with spiritual regeneration taking place by degrees through the thirty-three vertebrae of the spinal column {Including the tail bones or sacrum and coccyx.} until reaching the pituitary gland which invokes the pineal body. The science of this regeneration is one of the 'Lost Keys' of Freemasonry, and it is the reason why ancient Freemasonry was founded upon thirty-three degrees." (4)
    Though they have impressive pedigrees and lots of nice myths I am sure their knowledge is limited by the lack of ethics entailed in the elitist attitudes and acts of their members. Levitation and use of cosmic thought field potentials including one dimensional harmonic force and the probable 'Lost Chord' pre-dates these people, in my mind. MacDari is a Masonic linguist who suggests this time was even before the building of the Sphinx, and he says Phre-Masonry of the Lord Sun God Iesa was an early Brotherhood of Man that Jesus was named after. Gardner admits to 'pre-Noah' knowledge and probably has an open-mind about earlier roots, but his story focuses on the Bible and the Pendragon Grail legends.

    1) Pritchard, James B. (ed), 'Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament', Princeton University Press, NJ, 1955, pp. 63 and 160.

    2) Lewis, H. Spencer, 'The Mystical Life of Jesus', AMORC, San Jose, Cal., 1982 pp.191-2. This Crowleyan group created by H. S. Lewis later tried to suppress their sex magic rites and has split into two groups. They now advertise and try to make money for their current leader who I've heard is facing some legal issues.

    3) Ibid, pg.194.

    4) Genesis of the Grail Kings, By Sir Laurence Gardner, Element Books, Bantam Publishing, London, 1999, pgs.126-9.
    Pierre Auguste Belmont who is the benefactor of the Eastern Star masonic outreach as well as The Preakness was a Rothschild agent like J. P. Morgan.
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    So, why all the ritualistic mumbo jumbo? And especially those cretins like Crowley/Hubbard, you should ask.

    I can assure you even Crowley can be redeemed in your mind or soul if you understand his discordian role in a higher purpose.

    Here we have a major league prophecy from Mega Therion or Crowley. I quote a little from it, but I also say it was his way of duping people - and himself. That does not mean you cannot learn a great deal from Crowley.

    "“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

    1. Here you find terms such as “church”; “gods”; “magick”; “saints”; “power”; “worship”; “devotion”; and so on. Here nothing is as it seems.

    2. Here divine genius may be realized within; and achieving that, one may expand the mind without, to the realization of the infinite, via the union of Samadhi.

    3. Here is atheistic Gnosis of Apotheosis.

    4. Here all religious approaches may be modified to fit an overarching Thelemic Law designed to serve the interests of woman & man, not an idealistic, immaterial god.

    5. Here saints are those who have realized some measure of genius, be it artful, musical, scientific, or expressive — whatever have you.

    6. Here worship-like practices are utilized neither for propitiation nor for superstitious aims, but to open various pathways of the mind for (a) the realization of hidden potential inherent in all, and (b) the transmission of praeterhuman awareness on a cosmic level through that open channel of greater self-awareness within.

    7. Here magick is not the bewitching of cattle but the stirring of Supernal Potential, and vitalization of creativity as well as realization of greater self-empowerment.

    8. Here sacraments are not impossible elements of spiritual contrition, but rather devices of celebration of the natural human/animal condition.

    9. Here is no place for outrageous spiritual superstitions.

    10. Here ideas like sacrifice are abhorred as blasphemous self-abnegation. Here happiness, bliss, merriment, freedom, promiscuous indulgence, are virtues.

    11. Here is no one way. Here is no authority. Welcome to the Holy Thelemic Church.

    “Love is the law, love under will.”"

    The Templar flag Columbus and da Gama traveled under was the dominant economic (and therefore if for no other reason) force in the three centuries before they set sail. Not just in Europe as we have shown, but in the entire world, these progeny of the Phoenician Brotherhood ended feudal socio-political strangleholds and opened the way for new possibilities. For these reasons and the eventual weakening of the church influence and Inquisitions (though that is what the church started against THEM!) we can truly be thankful.

    -"According to the Supreme Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, there were thirty-nine men and women on the High Council of the Brotherhood, who sat at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. (2) A branch of this Order became more generally known as the Egyptian Therapeutae, who in Heliopolis and Judaea, were identified as the Essenes. (3)...Jesus was later initiated..."

    I would not be surprised to find evidence that some kind of Rosicrucianity is behind this venture.

    I have had feelings similar to this when my brother was operated on and the knife went in, I felt it. I have met people whose I believe when they told me their clock stopped by their bedside when their mother died - etc., etc..

    "Ananta cannot live; the sands of his karma for this life have run out.”

    These inexorable words reached my inner consciousness as I sat one morning in deep meditation. Shortly after I had entered the Swami Order, I paid a visit to my birthplace, Gorakhpur, as a guest of my elder brother Ananta. A sudden illness confined him to his bed; I nursed him lovingly.

    The solemn inward pronouncement filled me with grief. I felt that I could not bear to remain longer in Gorakhpur, only to see my brother removed before my helpless gaze. Amidst uncomprehending criticism from my relatives, I left India on the first available boat. It cruised along Burma and the China Sea to Japan. I disembarked at Kobe, where I spent only a few days. My heart was too heavy for sightseeing.

    On the return trip to India, the boat touched at Shanghai. There Dr. Misra, the ship’s physician, guided me to several curio shops, where I selected various presents for Sri Yukteswar and my family and friends. For Ananta I purchased a large carved bamboo piece. No sooner had the Chinese salesman handed me the bamboo souvenir than I dropped it on the floor, crying out, “I have bought this for my dear dead brother!”

    A clear realization had swept over me that his soul was just being freed in the Infinite. The souvenir was sharply and symbolically cracked by its fall; amidst sobs, I wrote on the bamboo surface: “For my beloved Ananta, now gone.”

    My companion, the doctor, was observing these proceedings with a sardonic smile.

    “Save your tears,” he remarked. “Why shed them until you are sure he is dead?”

    When our boat reached Calcutta, Dr. Misra again accompanied me. My youngest brother Bishnu was waiting to greet me at the dock.

    “I know Ananta has departed this life,” I said to Bishnu, before he had had time to speak. “Please tell me, and the doctor here, when Ananta died.”

    Bishnu named the date, which was the very day that I had bought the souvenirs in Shanghai."
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    My lady Lydia was a Hawkins of the ancestry of the great privateer 'Black Jack' just as thousands of miles away in Ottawa (We met in Las Vegas.) a cousin of my sister-in-law who was about to come work for my family's company was living. They looked like twins and that was a powerful co-incidence of synchronous energy in itself. When I saw him I asked him if he was related to the privateer and he was amazed that I knew this. Our meeting was a 'trip' of grandiose proportions that makes another book I have written seem so weird it would only be regarded as fiction (that book is called 'The Nos Feratu').

    In this meeting with Lydia, I was able to exhibit some control that later was almost non-existent and nearly rendered my soul. Rendered has many meanings and when applied to the butcher and his trade, it is close to what kind of lard or jelly (fish) my heart was 'feeling' after a few months that were wild beyond my own vivid dreams. The setting of the story began at the 'Shark Club' in Las Vegas one night just before I turned forty, about eleven years ago.(This was written about sixteen years ago.) I was in the process of buying a home in Las Vegas after moving from Los Angeles where I had been involved with a basic and ordinary woman (totally honest, and without my having even talked about an 'US') who had another amazing 'gift'. Her special talent was total sensory recall of the physical body. Yes, my life has been a myriad maze of the paranormal and sexual interplay of what most people would call 'fantasy'. In the relationship with Lydia she was honest and totally in control with no reason for me to even grasp at the smallest of straws to think there could ever be an 'US'.

    Truly this is going to be HARD to do, and at the same time if one connected the components already covered they would be well on their way to understanding what might have happened or what Lydia could do. On the first night we met she told me she could de-materialize and that some day she would not return. The major reason for continuing to exist in this realm was her hopes to have a child with her husband. I had read 'Cosmic Consciousness' by Richard Maurice Bucke; the noted turn-of-the-century psychiatrist who along with Walt Whitman was instrumental in ending the use of strait-jackets in asylums, when I was just a teenager. In fact a friend's older brother used to call me 'The Cosmic Kid'.

    In this book he recounts how a person de-materialized 29 times before all the skeptics, police and scientists of the early 20th century at McGill in Montreal. You should know the imminent Harvard scholar William James and his support for this book. That person eventually didn't re-appear in the other room as he had always done. In the pursuit of understanding these things I had read or talked with numerous people about the Indian's ability to turn around three times and discorporate at the appointed time in which they were to leave this earth. The Indians who can do this in India are usually of the Sai Baba level and those who do it in North America are of the shaman/witchdoctor training. Bruce Lee and his attempt to do these things associated with 'Kime' and a whole host of things like Carlos Castaneda who seems to say he is still doing the back and forth trip; made this bit of apparently incredible knowledge not as fantastic to me as you would imagine. But for it to be happening to me at a time when I had just been talking to a young man from New Zealand about how I was structuring my life's growth in the cosmic realms and decreeing said growth, was a further confirmation that I was worthy of this unique encounter. Some would use the words 'Heaven Sent'.

    My family has heard this story a few times and they think I am close to insane or definitely deluded even though they have lots of similarly 'weird' things to recollect from their own experiences in my life. Many of the experiences are so threatening to them that they experience knee-jerk 'Denial'. Others become rationalized into co-incidence and/or the realm of Deepak Chopra and some 'unknowable'. There is nothing that is unknowable except for those who would keep their heads in the sand, I am frequently heard saying.

    It has taken me years to grasp the inter-connections that may have gone on, as we continue to talk about all that went on. My limited adeptness is a factor that makes it hard to understand why I was so blessed (or cursed) and it causes me many hours of thought each month as I read and learn more about what our world is comprised of. She promised to show me the reality whereof de-materialization comes from - it was years later that I realized what I thought was joint astral travel initiated by her was actually part of what she promised. On the occasion of her taking me astrally (in an instant) to a stream leading to a lake in Switzerland, I had witnessed fish jumping out of the stream as if they recognized her spiritual body (solar or astral?). When next I had seen her I tested her on the point and she recounted how they always did this and it was what she called 'flipping' because they would turnover in the air before they re-entered the water. My question of her had not mentioned the fish but just the lake and mountains. This Lake is supposedly the favorite lake and area for the great occultist Aleister Crowley who she left me at the junction of the stream and the lake to meet with. His spirit may not be just Aleister as we have covered and it would suggest he had a purpose beyond the obvious negative one we know about while on this earth. (That is irrelevant to this story but important to others we are thematically developing.)

    I trust you can understand my confusion and uncertainty about all of this and why it was happening to me. My approach to knowing has seldom involved ritual and never been of the harmful to others (intentional) variety. I do adhere to the Law of the Magi dealing with 'Right Thought= Right Action' even though I do not follow the 'Keep Silent' part of the law previously mentioned. But I have been aware that very little of what science has said is impossible is true and few if any constants are constant.

    The link above addresses how science now knows there are no constants including light speed and that is part of the action-at-a-distance which accounts for my simple words 'In an instant'. Since writing this I continue seeing more proof including Japanese scientists from the last year who apparently measured the potential speed of light from the cosmological constant or quantum teleporting (maybe only information at present) at as much as 10,000 times the speed of light. All I know is - it was instantaneous.
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    Getting back to Alejandro and his exemplary journey beyond the self we have him cutting the ties that bind and starting a new realm of influence to the extent of throwing out his address book. The ascetic in me knows how hard this act of love for all humanity is. In some Eastern traditions you must do this for at least two years and find your roots within, before being allowed to continue the studies. Those first two years were hard for me, even at a young age.

    "Did you continue to be a puppeteer until you were twenty-three?

    No, because after three years devoted to puppets, I discovered the importance of human actors. I realized that the quality of an actor has less to do with what he says than with the sentiment he conveys. So I started doing mute theater, pantomime, and started a troupe, which, by the way, still exists today. I became fairly famous in Chile at the time, leading that company of forty people. We traveled the country . . . I played this role until a decisive crisis took place in me. At a certain moment I saw that I had explored all the possibilities that were offered to me in this country and that in order to advance, I must leave. I had reached a plateau and could no longer learn very much.

    You were very young when you achieved what many people strive for all their lives: you began living well off your art; you secured your place.

    Yes, I was well known, as I said. I had practically made my own life. I was engaged; it remained only for me to be married, to have children, and to play off my reputation. But this seemed like a dead end to me. One day I suddenly announced to my company that I was departing, leaving everything to them: I owned a big studio, scenery, costumes. I abandoned all these possessions, to the great horror of most of them. I threw my address book into the sea, destroyed all my photos. . . . This is why, today, I do not have any picture of myself as a child or adolescent. I wanted nothing to remain. I never saw my father, my mother, or my friends again. . . . In fact, it is only recently that I rediscovered my father, who is eighty-eight years old. At the time I cut all ties and left without looking back.

    Your story makes me think of the sannyasins, those Hindu renunciates who burned their identity papers and clothes, severed all family ties, and gave themselves over to wandering.

    Yes, this was truly a way of ending life in order to be reborn.

    This goes far beyond the feeling of professional stagnation; you went through a sort of “death to yourself” of a mystical order.

    Exactly. I was driven to distraction by not finding divinity, by not discovering cosmic love in myself.

    You knew that this divinity existed?

    I wanted it to exist! On the one hand I did not believe in it, because of my upbringing. I thought that I would never arrive at faith. On the other hand I hoped desperately to encounter the divine. I lived in constant fear of death, all my being was revolted at the prospect of my demise. I searched for an answer but did not find it. I should mention that during that epoch, at the beginning of the 1950s, I knew nothing at all of oriental mysticism, of Zen.

    Did you know that the Hindu mystic Ramana Maharshi achieved enlightenment after feeling terrible fear while thinking of death?

    Ah, yes! I remember my first great attack of fear of death, after a marvelous night of partying in Chile. I must have been nineteen years old. Our house had burned; only my room had been spared! So my friends and I had a huge party there, a celebration of burning. I wore a coat of flames, disguised as fire. Around three or four in the morning, everyone was drunk, and we ended up at the market, eating cheese. I was swimming in happiness. And all at once I realized that all my friends would die, that the whole city would die, that the Earth would die, that the stars would die . . . that nothing would be spared, least of all me. It was a sort of negative enlightenment. Suddenly sober I saw how the city was bathed in anguish, how the people around me were prey to this fear, unable to face it. From that day on I had to come into contact with divinity in order to appease my terror.

    You did not yet know about Zen or Hinduism; weren’t you tempted by Catholicism?

    No, my father had influenced me too much. He was a Jew who renounced everything. I had watched him throw crosses, stars of David, and statuettes of the Virgin down the toilet, repeating in an obsessive manner: “This does not exist, this does not exist. . . .” He spat in front of synagogues and insulted the priests he met on the street. He told me over and over: “After death there is nothing, you rot, that is all.” In short I had never been prepared to accept a religious vision of things. That said—my friends and I, being poets—played around a good deal with the Bible and the Gospels. We grasped them above all through Dostoevsky’s Idiot, and so this was more of a literary game. I had also been surprised by the case of a young man who, after working intensely on puppets with me for *fifteen days, decided to become a Benedictine monk. I had been rather harsh with him because I found him stupid, and now, suddenly, he was announcing to me that he was going into a monastery and thanking me for what I’d done for him! I protested: “I’ve found nothing in my life, and you’re thanking me!” He answered: “You’ll understand one day.” This was my only direct contact with a true Christian."

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    A true Christian is indeed hard to find. I consider myself to be such a person, and if I met Alejandro I am sure we would find ways to agree all paths converge beyond the moment in Zen.

    Did Carlos Castaneda de-materialize or simply mind-fog the paparazzi and journalists who would wait in the building of his publisher to talk and take photos of him? He would duck into a stairwell and people coming up and down in that stairwell who were willing to spend many hours for many months would not see him. Is this connected to dimensional or quantum jumping? Carlos wrote about the Impeccable Warrior which I think is applied Magian Law. Specifically it is just one of the three Magian Laws and the one I have spent studying for over 50 years - Right Thought = Right Action. The following excerpt says shamanism began in Siberia - if they were referring to the Ainu and DNN I would like that but I am certain Eliade would agree with me - it began millions of years before they existed. It also says you can be immortal if you follow their path. I tend to think Carlos was not becoming immortal but he may have become more aware of the collective his consciousness was part of and thus his immortal soul retained an element of personal memory that normal people do not take with them.

    ""Shaman" is a word with many meanings. A shaman is a seeker of Knowledge who works in alignment with Spirit – not only the knowledge of what we think of as "the real world" but the deeper knowledge traditionally associated with other dimensional planes, and the realm of the Immortal – or, more accurately, the realm of the eternal being. Shamans are found in all cultures, and though the purpose of this site is not to serve as a history of shamanism, it is widely believed that the first shamans came from Siberia, and that the word itself translates loosely to “self-healed madman.” That healing is the process of gathering one’s personal cohesion, and evolving toward Wholeness within the infinite.

    The word "Spirit" as it is used here is not intended to convey any extant deity, but instead the always-moving, sentient universe which George Lucas undoubtedly intended when he wrote of "the force" in his Star Wars saga.

    However we label it or attempt to categorize it, there are systems of knowledge which may be gleaned directly from the universe itself through a process called gnosis. Inside all of us is the code, the spirit, if you will, which some mystics have called "the right way to live." I'm not speaking of morality within our human society, for much of what we think of as right and wrong are only agreements within the consensual continuum – and therefore subject to change depending on our culture of the time period in which we live.

    For example, here in the western world, we have been taught that monogamy is right and polygamy is wrong – and yet that is only a cultural agreement, with which many other cultures on this earth would strongly disagree. Instead, the right way to live is an inherent, living force which permeates the universe, and communicates with shamans, sorcerers, magicians, warriors, and all seekers of Knowledge directly. It is through that living force that we find our connection to the infinite.

    Of course, learning the right way to live is only one small segment of a much larger system of Knowledge. Don Juan, a Yaqui Indian serving as mentor to Carlos Castaneda, called this system of knowledge sorcery, though that is a word much misunderstood and much maligned. Others have called it "applied gnosis." Still others refer to it as "scrying the mind of the gods." No matter what we call it, it is a natural part of our human ability, and though we have been programmed through traditional belief systems to think it doesn't exist, or indoctrinated with the dogma of religions to view this Knowledge as forbidden, the simple truth is that it is the very key to our personal survival beyond death, and it is accessible to any of us willing to make the long and difficult journey of self-Realized evolution.

    This is the shaman's journey, for the shaman is someone who has seen the world for what it is, someone who has fallen into its traps and its illusions, only to finally – through will and Intent – heal herself of the madness by embracing and realizing the power of the Whole Self.

    To some, shamanism is a calling, a natural instinct. To others, it is embraced by choice and may actually be learned on an intellectual level until such time as it permeates the Self and becomes an intrinsic way of life. Shamanism does not belong exclusively to any culture, and it is not a religious practice in that it does not rely on faith or belief, but instead on direct personal experience and interaction with the realms of Spirit.

    Now, with the arrival of quantum mechanics, we know we are not merely insignificant entities watching the universe go by. We are literally part of it through our consciousness, our perceptions, and the very molecules of which we are made. We are co-creators of reality, yet only when we begin to understand the awesome power within ourselves will we be able to evolve beyond our primitive belief systems which enslave us to the dust even though we've had the stars at our fingertips all along.

    Within the very fabric of the universe itself – not only around us, but within us, down to a molecular level – there exists a non-local web of information which literally houses all the collective Knowledge of all that has ever been or ever will be. It is that wellspring of information which has been traditionally tapped by mystics, seers and prophets, yet it is available to any of us who are willing to go out on a limb and peer down into the abyss to confront the simple truth that our lives and our entire existence are nothing like what we have been taught to believe.

    The quantum shaman, then, is someone who seeks Knowledge from the Olde and the Knew, someone who seeks to Realize their full potential by obliterating the illusions and misconceptions of ordinary life in order to become aware of and empowered through the cohesion of the Whole Self. This is the nature of spiritual evolution – where a single, continuing point-of-view is maintained into eternity.

    The quantum shaman is within each of us.

    Immortality itself is within our grasp."

    For more on scrying or scryring
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    You might have read some of what I am saying now in other threads like the one on De-materialization or those addressing Time Viewing and Time Travel. I think some of these other things are a large part of what Alejandro and the Eastern thought address. I have linked the whole book Autobiography of a Yogi here for free. It was very important to me in my early 20s and late teens. It covers all so many things which Alejandro learned in Hinduism and Zen.

    Given the real possibility associated with adepts, and bi-location or de-materialization, do you think modern scientific research will be able to send sentient robots with a human's brain through time or do you think our soul travels through time or at faster-than-light speed?

    It is the only way to explain many things I have learned and experienced.

    In my book Chichen Itza: - Time I recount how I was sent a message to a turned off computer while I was away seeing the Pyramid at Chichen Itza. The message was the first page of a treatise on Time Travel by a person who I could find no evidence existed. Here is a report which validates this as a possibility.

    "According to the physicists’ calculations, the Higgs singlet may be able to travel in a fifth dimension (a dimension beyond our four-dimensional universe). But for this theory to hold true, our universe needs to abide by the laws of “M-theory,” a theory that requires there to be 10 or 11 dimensions (basically an extension of string theory).

    In M-theory, our Universe is only one of many universes that can be envisaged as layers of an onion skin, each layer being a different universe. The skin that represents our Universe is known as a “brane” and it is stacked atop other branes as part of the “bulk.”

    In the bulk, some forces, such as gravity, are predicted to permeate from one brane to the next. The details of M-theory are complex, and as yet unconfirmed, but the high-energy collisions inside the LHC may produce artifacts (such as short-lived micro-black holes) that reveal the presence of these predicted extra dimensions.

    So, assuming M-theory describes the real nature of our Universe, how could we detect a Higgs singlet? If this particle only travels in a fifth dimension, time in our Universe isn’t of consequence to that particle, so it could be created by the LHC in the fifth dimension, and when it decays, its “decay particles” (i.e. everyday particles that the Higgs singlet will create after it dies) will be detected at an arbitrary time.

    This arbitrary time could be in the past, before the particle was even generated, or even in the future. Therefore, if physicists see particles spontaneously pop into existence before an LHC collision even occurs, that could be indicative of the Higgs singlet decay particles appearing in our universe. Simple!

    SLIDE SHOW: Top 5 Time Travel Methods from the Movies

    But what of the Grandfather Paradox? If a Higgs singlet can pop into existence before it is created, wouldn’t that cause all kinds of kinks in the space-time continuum?

    “One of the attractive things about this approach to time travel is that it avoids all the big paradoxes,” Weiler said. “Because time travel is limited to these special particles, it is not possible for a man to travel back in time and murder one of his parents before he himself is born, for example. However, if scientists could control the production of Higgs singlets, they might be able to send messages to the past or future.”

    So, the upshot is that a person couldn’t go back in time to kill his or her grandfather (because only Higgs singlets have time-traveling abilities). But, if an assassin could manipulate a signal consisting of time-traveling Higgs singlets, they could send a message to someone else to kill their (or someone else’s) grandfather!"

    When you see aliens who have proof God exists (not like Arthur C. Clarke who does the right thing and explains spirituality and mystics are what we need to learn from.) being written and talked about it is exactly what Jung describes in research on the phenomena and archetypes.

    The success achieved by the Dragon Court in promoting alien involvement is phenomenal. Their website Bibliotecca (Library) of Pleiades is obvious in it's agenda by looking at the name. It is so sad to see many good people getting sucked in by these clowns including Project Avalon which should be about the Grail Legends and real study of what the family of Jesus studied - but it is only covering these things as part of an overall money grubbing enterprise like Sitchin, Hancock and even Jim Marrs.
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    "So he eventually stopped; he gave this whole Ascension discourse! He's just standing there, and the girl says to Eric, "Shouldn't somebody go talk to him?"

    And Eric says, "Well, I'll leave that to Dave, he's the UFO guy, he'll know what to say."

    Apparently they prodded me along, this is his dream. I walk up to the guy, and he recognizes me, and we say some strange word to each other that wasn't in English. Then we hug each other, and he has his arm around me, and he looks at Eric very serious, now, and he says, "It is very important that you know he is one of us."

    So Eric tells me all this, right? I didn't even have time to think about it. That's the whole dream - great, gotta go.

    I'm driving to work, and I'm passing people, and I get to work, and it's a terrible day! Then I got out from work, and I was going to visit my mother.

    The next thing you know, I'm on the New York State Thru-way, driving north up to Albany. It's pouring rain and my windshield is fogging over. I can't see anything, it's very deadly, and I might not even make it alive! I'm hydroplaning as I'm driving.

    All of a sudden, in this condition, where I'm almost in tears already from that terrible day, I realize, "Wait a minute, I asked a question the night before in prayer basically, and I got the answer and the answer is yes, you are one of us!"

    I pulled the car over to the side of the road and I just lost it. [emotional] I knew in that moment that there was something that I was here to do.

    You know, when you really bring yourself back to that point when you first heard it, it's still just as potent as when it happened [tearful, wiping eyes].

    So, my experience after that was, "okay, what's next? What's going to happen now?" That's when I started to get these dreams saying, "We want to communicate with you".

    A year after I first had the automatic writing, I had joined Richard Hoagland's discussion group online, and met a guy met named Joe Mason who had created a website soon afterwards called ''.

    He talked about something called the dream voice. He said, "When you wake up in the morning and remember your dreams, listen to the background noise in your mind, and just write it down; no matter how cryptic, or how nonsensical it sounds. Don't analyze it, that's the most important part; do not try to understand it. Do not pay attention to it - just let it flow through you, and write it all down."

    Well, I was up so late, and he was telling me all this great information and I am falling a sleep while trying to write it. I wake up in the morning, and I can still hear his voice, so I just start writing it down. I get all the way done, and I have eight pages of material!

    It was weird - it almost sounded like schizophrenic ranting, but it said some very interesting things!

    One of the things it said was, "you should visit Chitzen Itza, the Mayan pyramids. You can go there with your mind." Well, that's astral projection! That's something I had been wanting to do all these years. I had never been able to walk out of my body from a conscious state, and I really wanted to be able to do that.

    So I'm reading this for a second time, really understanding it - and the phone starts ringing. It felt like there was this tugging energy on me from the phone!


    "Hey Dave, this is your buddy from the Pinebush UFO group. Do you want to come to a seminar on Astral Projection?"

    I just, agggh! I mean - I know that it's not likely that anybody is really going to want to believe it, but this is what really happened!

    I tried to get to the seminar, but got lost on the highway. I never made it - I ended up having to come home.

    So, there were a lot of really synchronistic events happening. I started to get these readings, and on the first day it also said, "One of our women, Teresa - a sibling, inoperative; the Christian, psychically."

    "One of our women," Teresa, Mother Teresa, a sibling, sibling mother, "One of our women, Teresa - a sibling; inoperative" - something went wrong, something with her health maybe. "The Christian" mother Teresa, the Christian, "One of our women, Teresa a sibling; inoperative, the Christian, psychically."

    Five days later, mother Teresa had a massive heart attack.

    So then a little while later (and this is one the stories I tell in the book which we will get to in a second), I did a reading for my housemate Eric, and it said to him, "You would be happy to know that your student loans for New Paltz have come in."

    This is the college we were going to - State University of New York, at New Paltz. But it didn't make any sense; he had graduated from New Paltz already!

    So I actually asked for it to be re-phrased, and it said, "You will be happy to know your student loans have come in - you should visit New Paltz."

    So, I told Eric all about this. He was now a graduate student at [inaudible] Albany.

    Well about a month and a half later, he walks into the house and says, "Dude, you'd better sit down for this one!"

    "What's going on, man?"

    He says, "New Paltz called my mother! They were cleaning out the bursar's office (the financial office), and there was a file cabinet up against the wall (it was one of the last things they had to remove), they pulled the file cabinet away from the wall, and there was an envelope behind the file cabinet! Inside the envelope there was a check made out to me, Eric, for nine hundred dollars!" An uncashed, Stafford loan - and we needed about eight hundred and seventy-nine dollars to be able to pay our rent, so this was just…wow!!

    Then you start going through these loops in you mind - how could this have possibly been done?

    What started to happen was that I would have a stack of cassette tapes, and I would get about a month behind a lot of times on my transcriptions of this. I would dictate my dreams, and I would dictate whatever words I heard.

    The words were basically like a wisdom teaching talking to me and talking about spiritual principles - spiritual growth, talking about this ascension, saying there is this amazing thing that is going to come in your future. The whole planet is going to be going through this shift into a golden age."

    Which ties in with the real Mayan Calendar interpretation, and we can hope sun spots' effects will give spiritual energy when we get to 2021 or whenever the actual scientific date or event, the Mayans were close to getting correct, will happen.

    I recommend reading the rest of this interview, there is a lot about Time and Tesla and many other things I address. He attributes it all to places from whence he makes a lot of money. That alone is the issue of integrity I have so much difficulty with including others like Jim Marrs who I had a good relationship with, but he jumped on board the Sitchin train which has been proven as a fraud.

    David may believe what he sees in dream states - and he is entitled to his opinion, there could easily be contact of a dimensional nature, but every report of a sighting is provably either false or Black Ops science. Just ask yourself one question, if they are so advanced that they can travel the great distances to get here and avoid debris - why do we hear they crash their crafts? Also why interfere with a small insignificant young undeveloped and spiritually bankrupt species like us? As impressive as our science seems it will not make an iota's difference in the cosmos of enormous potential 'out there'. No nuclear blasts ripping our planet asunder would make a blip larger than a penny last longer than a day - on their allegorical radar. His Time Travel stuff is most intriguing in conjunction with the space/time bubble Alcubierre approach we hope can be developed.

    Shortly after what I say here - I was "unsubscribed" at Project Avalon. I am used to having people trying to be all things to all believers who I correct and deconstruct - banning me. I just joined another online forum purporting to be educational and ecumenical - I can expect some attacks from people who are already convinced they know THE truth. I have seen the same crap there. And to think I am actually willing to help all these people make money by providing great research for NOTHING! But I will soon be in other places and I am willing to partner with someone who has the video set-up and computer savvy to do a true online university - we will see if it happens.

    I have presented explanations and observations about the use of orgone or other weather altering science at Roswell that fits with the original explanation of weather balloons which also had a Mylar metal hybrid exoskeleton construction such as Marcel's son kept and people say is alien. Put Wilhelm Reich and Ed Leedskalnin, Jacques Vallee, Robert Anton Wilson and Tesla into the search engine here for more.

    The Avalon Project has an interview coming on March 9 with these clowns from Project Camelot. Based on what I have seen from the interviewer (A Nice guy) Bill Ryan I expect it to be well attended by people who NEED to believe. He altered my post above to make it seem like I was in agreement with Project Camelot and I had to correct people twice but all so many of the sheep had signified they liked the post. I have to admit (as you can see) I had not addressed much in specific but just laid out my usual challenge that I could explain any phenomena and there never has been any alien intervention on earth of a physical nature (not including space microbes and energy from many sources).
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    The spectre of a shadow cast

    The ship flies by on night's o'ercast

    What purpose on emblazoned crest

    Theosophy and all the rest

    Swedenborg he thought he knew

    You can be fooled - and me too

    Reality sandwich offers good repast

    Don't cruise by it, ... so awful fast

    Yes, the hoary headed monster of dimensional viewing or channelling is upon us. Steiner and Blavatsky carried on with far earlier insights and made a major impact, so it is to be expected we have angel workers, ascension experts and all so many other hawkers and salesmen or witchy women making the scene. Follow the money! It had an impact on Hitler and Thule so watch out for the Ultima Tool.

    I find value in all so many places but I do make sure to double and triple check the sources when channelling is involved. Almost always I have found the salesman was plagiarizing esoteric books and the Qabala or Verbal Tradition. But why should that bother you - if it is right - who cares where it came from? No one has an original thought really, you might hear me say. When you see Bulwer-Lytton and 'visions' placed in the mind of Cecil Rhodes, Hitler and Napoleon as I am certain occurred and probably by great sorcery, you must ask what "Charm of Making" am I involved in? If you can take out the Spin and see for your self what the Self can DO - then DO it yourself. The seductive power including drugs, sex and more is often to be found in these discordian circles - which is pretty nice if you can separate these things and 'see' it for what it is. I am not sure but I think there is a chance there were actual adepts inside the Catholic Church who knew about Time Travel or Viewing (beyond what I do know for certain about Aquinas and others) and saw we needed to be reined in and what would happen if we upset the dimensional time lines.

    “There is no truth, but a coincidence of all truths.” – Rudolf Steiner

    Conner Habib is hosting a one-session class on the writings, philosophy and occult practices of Rudolf Steiner. If you don’t know who Conner Habib is, or who Rudolf Steiner was, quickly inform yourselves, get intrigued, and go grab a ticket for April 3rd.

    Steiner is the quintessential occult philosopher of the 20th century. He was a “Da Vinci-esque polymath” as Conner puts it, or as cultural philosopher John David Ebert has elsewhere described as the “Aristotle of the New Age“. His contributions to architecture, farming, the arts, holistic medicine, and even Western literature are really pretty staggering:

    You’ve probably heard Rudolf Steiner’s name, or about his efforts – including Waldorf schools, biodynamic agriculture, Weleda, Camp Hill communities, and more.

    Maybe you know him as a Da Vinci-esque polymath who contributed to philosophy, mathematics, biology, architecture, and more. Or you’ve heard that he’s the inspiration for Marvel comics’ Dr. Strange; Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring; Saul Bellow’s fiction; or the work of the literary group the Inklings, which includes J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis.

    But getting into Steiner and his work (called anthroposophy) can be daunting, to say the least. With thousands of lectures and dozens of books filled with esoteric terms and philosophical gestures that would make a postmodernist blush, it’s difficult to find a way into his vast body of work.

    This is where Conner’s class comes in.

    Together, we’ll go through some key aspects of Steiner’s work, engage in some anthroposophical exercises, and create a pathway for you to go further in your study. It’ll be fun, deep, complex, weird, respectful, and irreverant all at once. This session will go for two hours, with a short break in the middle, and time for Q&A at the end.

    Conner is one of those rare folks who combines his love of literature, gender, sexuality and occult philosophy into one compelling exegesis. He’s also one of the few folks who have a comprehensive understanding of the often literally occlusive style of Rudolf Steiner’s writings. You won’t find a better person to talk about it, let alone teach it.

    Register over at Eventbrite. I’ll see you in class.

    Read Conner’s excellent Blog.

    Read Conner’s The Sex Radicals: Seven Thinkers Who Can Revolutionize Sex in our Culture on Reality Sandwich."
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