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    John Dee

    John Dee is next to Isaac Newton as a scientist and even more than his compatriot Sir Francis Bacon. He is the first 007 and was a noted map maker who trained with Mercator. He became a dupe or fool for Edward Kelley and his scrying dish. That is my personal opinion which I understand you might not share. His involvement in secret societies has increased the thrall of his legend like Francis Bacon who was more powerful and probably the son of the great Queen Elizabeth under whom, or in whose era the world began anew. But as new as it became when the plans were completed and the British ruled the world - it was in many ways a world still ruled by power and lacking wisdom. The classes of hereditary stupidity infect us to this day.

    "Mysteriorum Libri Quinque

    or, Five Books of Mystical Exercises of Dr. John Dee

    An Angelic Revelation of Kabbalistic Magic and other Mysteries Occult and Divine

    revealed to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly

    A.D. 1581 - 1583

    Preface by Elias Ashmole


    LIBER I -- The manner of working

    Preliminary invocation

    Prologue (Actio Saulina) Dec 22, 1581. Annael foretells the coming Actions


    First Action. March 10, 1582. Edward Talbot (Edward Kelley) arrives and invokes Anchor. Uriel appears. Dee inquires about the Book of Soyga. A false revelation of the gold sigil


    Second Action. Mar 10, later. Dee inquires again about Soyga. Uriel refers him to Michael. Sigillum Dei described. The holy table shown. Lundrumguffa, a wicked spirit, to be discharged


    Third Action. Mar 11. Uriel and Michael expel Lundrumguffa


    Fourth Action. Mar 14. Uriel and Michael appear. A host with letters. The Angel of a man's profession resembling John Dee. The ring of Solomon revealed. Advice regarding the sigil EMETH


    Fifth Action. Mar 15. Salamian, Raphael, Fortitudo Dei and Uriel appear. Mamon and his servants expelled. Magical instructions given.

    LIBER II -- The Mysteries most marvelous of Sigillum DEI, otherwise called Sigillum AEMETH


    Sixth Action. Mar 1582 (Date uncertain). Michael, Uriel and Semiel appear. The form of the Sigil described. Forty angels appear and reveal 40 letters for the sigil's border


    Seventh Action. Later, same day. Michael corrects several errors. The interpretation of the 40 letters given


    Eighth Action. Later, same day. Michael appears. More instruction concerning the 40 letters. Adam's Treatise from Paradise to be revealed


    Ninth Action. Mar 20. Uriel appears and defers the action until later


    Tenth Action. Mar 20, later. Michael and Uriel appear. Seven names extracted from the 40 letters. These are corrected. Symbols for the 7 angles of the Sigil are revealed. A table of 49 letters is revealed, from which are extracted the names of 7 angels. E. Talbot to fetch Lord Mowntegle's books


    Eleventh Action. Mar 21. Michael and Uriel appear. Phanael, an angelic trumpeter. Seven companies of pillars. A table of 49 letters is revealed, from which four series of seven names are extracted

    The Form of the Sigillum DEI EMETH

    LIBER III -- Of the 7 Ensigns of Creation


    Twelfth Action. Apr 28, 1582. Michael appears. The first of seven talismans revealed.


    Thirteenth Action. Apr 28, later. Michael appears. The other six talismans revealed


    Fourteenth Action. Apr 29. Michael and Uriel appear. The seven tables of the mystical heptarchy are revealed. Offices of the angels described. 68 The seven tables 70 A list of the 49 angels extracted from the tables 77 A circular diagram of the 49 names


    Fifteenth Action. May 4. Michael and Uriel appear. A parable of two birds is seen as a vision. Magical instruction

    LIBER IV -- The offices of the angels of the Mystical Heptarchy: "Post reconciliationem Kellianam"


    Sixteenth Action. Nov 15, 1582. Seven angels appear. Carmara appears. His office. Balanced and unbalanced kings. True and impure noblemen. Scholars of light and scholars of confusion. Hagonel appears. His instruction.

    Note by E. Ashmole about the beginning of Liber IV


    Seventeenth Action. Nov 16. An angel with a triple crown appears with seven angels. Bornogo and Befafes


    Eighteenth Action. Nov 16, later. Offices of angels Butmono, Bralges, Blisdon. The 7 characters of the kings


    Nineteenth Action. Nov 17. Carmara appears. A company of 42 angels reveal a table of 42 letters


    Twentieth Action. Nov 17, later. Carmara appears. Magical instruction


    Twenty-first Action. Nov 19. Carmara, Bobogel and Babalel appear. A company of 42 angels reveal 42 letters. Magical instruction


    Twenty-second Action. Nov 20. Carmara, Babalel and Befafes appear. Their offices revealed. 42 angels and 42 letters


    Twenty-third Action. Nov 20, later. Carmara, Bnapsen and Brorges appear. Magical instruction from Michael, Uriel and Raphael


    Twenty-fourth Action. Nov 21. Carmara appears. He reveals himself as Baligon. Magical instruction. Explanations of the letters of the tables. The shewstone miraculously appears

    LIBER V -- Of the Holy Book Liber LOAGAETH


    Twenty-fifth Action. 1583 Mar 23. Edward Kelley and John Husey return with the Book, the scroll and the powder. Medicina Dei invoked for instruction


    Twenty-sixth Action. Mar 24. Me. appears and shows the Holy Book, Liber LOAGAETH


    Twenty-seventh Action. Mar 26. Me. appears and shows the Holy Book again. A sermon. The Adamical alphabet is revealed


    Twenty-eighth Action. Mar 26, later. A vision of a great battle. Me. appears. Instruction regarding the mission of Adrian Gilbert


    Twenty-ninth Action. Mar 28. Gargat, a wicked spirit intrudes while Dee is away. Dee returns and asks the angels for help. Gargat confronted. A counterfeit scroll. Gargat punished. More advice for Adrian Gilbert. Advice for John Davis refused


    Thirtieth Action. Mar 28, later. Dee complains that the Queen will not reform the calendar. Me. appears. Advice for Adrian Gilbert. Magical instruction


    Thirty-first Action. Mar 29 (Good Friday). Me. appears. A fire enters EK's head. The first line of the Holy Book revealed


    Thirty-second Action. Mar 31 (Easter). Me. appears. The second line revealed. Dee requests an abridgement of the transmittal process. Dee rebuked. Me. not to come again until the book is finished. Prophesies of doom


    Thirty-third Action. Apr 2. Lines 38 revealed


    Thirty-fourth Action. Apr 3. Lines 9-20


    Thirty-fifth Action. Apr 3, later. Lines 21-26. Further instruction on the transmission of the Holy Book


    Thirty-sixth Action. Apr 4. Lines 27-35


    Thirty-seventh Action. Apr 5. Charles Sled and EK rebuked for quarreling. A vision: A headless people to be restored. Lines 36-42


    Thirty-eighth Action. Apr 6. Lines 43-48. The Holy Book titled Amzes naghezes Hardeh


    Thirty-ninth Action. Apr 6. Uriel appears to answer questions. Great misery predicted. Book to be completed in 40 days. The Book is referred to as 'a Book of Secrets and Key of this World'. EK begins to write the book down directly. Advice regarding Mistress Haward. The last line of leaf 1. The beginning of leaf 2

    A note of 5 doubts concerning the Holy Book


    Fortieth Action. Apr 10. The Macedonian and Mr. Sanford's letters

    The ten seals showing the location of treasures

    Apr 11. John Dee deciphers the manuscript


    Forty-first Action. Apr 15. An earth spirit bites EK


    Forty-second Action. Apr 18. A sentence of 21 letters


    Forty-third Action. Apr 18, later. Il introduced. Instruction and a sermon. Inquiry concerning Book of Soyga. The language infused into Adam in paradise. Dee asks about the lost Book of Enoch mentioned in Jude, and also about the lost writings of Esdras. Il sings a song. Instructions for obtaining the treasures. EK upset about the diaries hidden in Dee's chimney



    Forty-fourth Action. 1583 Apr 20. Il gives advice and reconciles Dee and Kelly


    Forty-fifth Action. Apr 23. Dee and Kelly pray that the angels' silence be ended. Uriel invoked. A strong rebuke for their impatience

    Apr 26. EK pacified by Dee and Adrian Gilbert


    Forty-sixth Action. Apr 28. Il appears. A lesson on the transposition of letters. The Adamical alphabet. Instructions regarding the painting of the furniture. The Holy Table revealed


    Forty-seventh Action. Apr 28, later. Il appears and gives magical instruction


    Forty-eighth Action....

    Apr 29, later. An evil spirit attempts to pass off a counterfeit character


    Forty-ninth Action. Apr 29, later. Help sought to banish the evil spirit. A sermon


    Fiftieth Action. May 5. Uriel appears to answer questions. Magical instruction


    Fifty-first Action. May 5, later. Uriel appears. Magical instruction. The treasure discussed. The book, the scroll and powder. Advice regarding Al Lasky. Visions of the beheading of Mary Queen of Scotts and the Spanish Armada

    The completion of the tables by EK. The correct form of the holy alphabet given


    Fifty-second Action. May 8. Visions. A spirit appears and denounces the actions. Uriel banishes him. Money sought from the angels. Uriel issues a strong rebuke. Apparition of a disembodied tongue


    Fifty-third Action. May 9. Mercy sought for their impatience. Uriel responds. Magical instruction. EK buys a horse to travel to gather the earths of the treasures


    Fifty-fourth Action. May 23. EK returns with the eleven earths. Proceeds received from the Royal Mines. Michael, Uriel and Raphiel appear. Instructions. Advice regarding Al Lasky ... "
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    Red Ice has great presentations usually. In this one you see Dee formed the British Empire and it's Occult Secret Service. It was most effective in making the Spanish Armada less well equipped to handle the invasion as you will see. It also is clear and very true that the Holy Roman Empire was into the occult in a big way. Yet, they still were killing witches and having Inquisitions centuries after this. It obviously means you CANNOT learn what they use against you! The Greeks had used the oracles in the same way and Socrates was a threat because he knew too much. Our times still do not give credit to those who study hard, it goes to those who study what they are told.

    "In 1570 Walsingham was appointed as the new ambassador to France. He proceeded to set up his own network of undercover agents in France, Italy, Spain and the Low Countries. The late Cecil Williamson, who worked for British Intelligence during World War II and later ran a witchcraft museum, told this writer that Walsingham often used witches as spies.

    The Mysterious Dr Dee

    One of the famous occultists he is known to have recruited was Queen Elizabeth’s court astrologer and the magical architect of the British Empire, the Welsh magician Dr John Dee. Walsingham was involved in the machinations for the proposed marriage of the Duc d’Anjou and Elizabeth. At the spy master’s personal recommendation, the queen dispatched Dee to France with orders to report back on the progress of the marriage negotiations. The magus travelled to the Duchy of Lorraine and drew up the birth charts of both the Duc and his brother, who was also regarded as a possible husband for the English monarch. Dr Dee, probably influenced by Walsingham, diplomatically reported back to London that the stars suggested a political alliance would be far wiser than matrimony and the queen took his advice.

    In 1573 Sir Francis returned to London and became a privy councillor. This placed him at the heart of government and he proceeded to set up what amounted to the first organised foreign espionage service to operate from England. In 1566 he had put in place a pan-European network of spies extending as far to the east as Turkey and Russia, where Dr Dee reported on the goings-on at the Tsar’s court. This network mostly gathered intelligence on the military activities of the Spanish, who were England’s primary enemies at this time. Walsingham was also responsible for foiling the Catholic plot whose exposure led to the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots. Using Dr Dee’s psychic powers, he was apparently able to discover that the plotters were passing secret messages to the imprisoned Scottish queen hidden in bottles of wine.

    While travelling in Europe in 1562, Dr Dee had come across a book written by Abbot Trimethus of Spanhiem (1462-1516). This was a guide to writing ciphers and secret codes for magical purposes and Dee informed Sir William Cecil about his discovery. On his return to England Dr Dee adapted the abbot’s cryptography and gave it to Sir Francis Walsingham for use by his secret agents. He also passed on the political and military intelligence he had acquired during his travels across Europe. It has been alleged that Dee used the famous Enochian magical alphabet as a code to disguise this information. If he had been arrested his captors would not have understood it and dismissed it as nonsense.

    In 1587 Dee even claimed he had received a spirit message from one of his angelic contacts concerning a threat to the English Fleet. The message said that a group of disguised Frenchmen working for the Spaniards was secretly visiting the Forest of Dean. The forest was the centre for English ship-building and the French agents planned to bribe disloyal foresters to burn it down. Dr Dee sent his supernatural intelligence to Walsingham and the saboteurs, who were masquerading as squatters, were arrested.

    Information supplied to Sir Francis Walsingham from his European spy network convinced him that a Spanish armada would be launched against England in 1588. He asked Dee to use his knowledge of astrology to calculate the weather prospects for an invasion. The magus told him there would an impending disaster in Europe caused by a devastating storm. When news of this prophecy was leaked and reached Spain, naval recruitment fell and there were desertions of sailors from the Spanish Fleet. In Lisbon an astrologer who repeated the prediction was charged with spreading false information. In an act of psychological warfare, Dr Dee also informed Emperor Rudolf of Bohemia (the modern Czech Republic) and King Stephen of Poland that the predicted storm would “cause the fall of a mighty empire.” Rudolf, who was an occultist and Dee’s patron when he stayed in Bohemia, passed on the warning to the Spanish ambassador."

    Bavaria later brought us a new messiah through the Thule Society and other occultists - and do not forget the Bavarian Illuminati. Yes, plans are made and Hitler fit the bill because he and his father had been trained in these arts.
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    We have addressed the Hellfire Club here though I have not gone into the Obscene Ritual or trepanning for human brains as much as I have (and a TV show was arranged to refute it - a couple of years ago) in my books. Mr. Howard continues along the trail of fears making many tears.

    "It is a fact that in 1588 a great storm did scatter the ships of the Spanish Armada in the English Channel and aided the English victory. This metrological event was popularly credited to a magical ritual performed by the buccaneer Sir Francis Drake on the cliffs at Plymouth. Superstitious people believed Drake was a wizard and sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for success over the Spanish. It is claimed that he also organised several covens of witches to work magically to raise the storm and prevent the invasion. Meanwhile, as a result of scrying in his shewstone or crystal, Dr Dee saw a symbolic vision of a castle with its drawbridge drawn up (England) and the image of the elemental king of fire. As a result he urged the Navy to employ fire-ships against the Armada and they did so with good results.

    After Sir Francis Walsingham’s death in 1590, and the ascension to the English throne of the Scottish king James, Dr John Dee fell into royal disfavour. The new king had an unhealthy obsession with witchcraft and his early reign was dominated by this preoccupation. It led him to employ the Secret Service in his own personal vendetta against suspected witches. James I ordered its agents to hunt down alleged practitioners of witchcraft and expose their alleged plots against the monarchy. One of those involved was the Earl of Bothwell, accused of high treason for organising a coven of Scottish witches to work magic against the king in an attempt to seize the throne. To assist his secret agents in their new witch-hunting activities, King James persuaded Parliament in 1604 to pass a new and stronger Witchcraft Act to deal with the problem. The Bill was rushed through and it was made law within three months.

    Dashwood & the Hellfire Club

    Sir Francis Dashwood
    In the 18th century the Secret Service became concerned at the activities of the so-called ‘Hellfire Club’ founded by Sir Francis Dashwood, later the Chancellor of the Exchequer and a close friend and political adviser of King George III. As a young man Dashwood went on the Grand Tour of Europe that was compulsory for aristocrats and he was initiated into a Masonic lodge in France. While visiting Italy he developed anti-Catholic views, violently broke up a celebration of the Mass and insulted the Pope. Even though he was an aristocrat, Dashwood was disgusted at the vast wealth of the Roman Church compared with the poverty of its devoted worshippers. He also became fascinated by classical mythology and decorated his country house at West Wycombe in Buckinghamshire with murals, paintings and statues of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.

    Sir Francis Dashwood founded a secret society called the Order of the Friars of St Francis of Medmenham (more popularly known as the Hellfire Club) named after the abbey he had purchased on the banks of the River Thames where its meetings were held. Rumours circulated in the coffee houses of London that the Friars practised sexual orgies featuring aristocratic ladies and prostitutes dressed up as nuns. There were also satanic rites such as Black Masses where the naked body of a noblewoman acted as an altar. However, according to one senior member of the Hellfire Club, this occult mummery was just an amusing diversion for the dandies. The inner circle of the Order was actually dedicated to the serious revival of the pagan Eleusian Mysteries and the worship of the Bona Dea or Great Mother Goddess. Dashwood’s present-day descendant, also called Sir Francis, confirmed this fact in a BBC radio interview some years ago,

    It has been claimed secret agents infiltrated the Hellfire Club because of its many famous members. They included the Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, who was the First Lord of the Admiralty, the Paymaster General Thomas Potter, several members of Parliament, the Lord Mayor of London, a son of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Earl of Bute, who was the prime minister, and it has been claimed even the Prince of Wales. At least four members of the group were known to be actively involved in espionage. They was a radical MP called John Wilkes, a transvestite French diplomat, Chevalier D’Eon de Beaumont, the American statesman and philosopher Benjamin Franklin, and Sir Francis Dashwood himself. Wilkes had allegedly recruited the chevalier into the British Secret Service.

    During his stay in Russia on the Grand Tour Dashwood had spied on the court of the Tsar through his close friendship with the Grand Duchess Catherine. In Italy he gathered intelligence on the exiled Stuart dynasty and their supporters, although the head of the British Secret Service in Rome believed Dashwood was a Jacobite agent. In fact he was only pretending to support the Stuart cause and was passing on information about their activities directly back to London. In later years Sir Francis and Benjamin Franklin were involved in a clandestine plan to reconcile the American colonists and the British government to prevent the War of Independence.

    Rudolf Hess & the British Occult Connection
    During World War II British Intelligence invited many occultists into its ranks because it needed their specialist knowledge and skills. The assistant director of Naval Intelligence during the war was Lt. Commander Ian Fleming RN, best known later as a thriller writer and the creator of the famous fictional spy James Bond 007. Fleming was also interested in astrology and numerology and he was a friend of the notorious magician Aleister Crowley, who had worked for MI6 (the Secret Intelligence Service) during World War I and in the 1920s and 1930s spying on Germans with occult interests (see ‘The Magus Was A Spy’ by Dr Richard Spence in New Dawn No. 105, November-December 2007)."

    I confronted David Barrett about his role doing what Crowley did for MI6 when he came onto a research site for my work about a decade ago. He authored the book Secret Societies.

    For more insight on Kelley please refer to Perdurabo - his soul continuance shown in the thread The Book of Lies. Others in this continuance include Cagliostro, Randolph, Levi and possibly Hubbard if his son is correct.
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    I could be wrong, but is John Dee saying King Arthur (that most noble myth claimed as British - who is probably a Merovingian like Merlin Ambrosianus) claimed the Bering Strait region of the Americas and Russia for the Crown? There is evidence in British Columbia presented by a former minister of government (Bawlf, if I recall) that the Brits were already mining gold here at this time. I am referring to the time of John Dee but as you know I believe long before that the Aleutians were a route for the Lake Superior copper and iron, thanks to Professor Scherz of the University of Wisconsin and an article in Scientific American about the Baidarka. Yes, DNA of the people living on Vancouver Island as stated on CBC radio a decade ago - shows 70,000 years of continuous human habitation here (where I am living now, but not much longer). So much for Clovis lies, yet it is still making the rounds in schools.

    This letter between Dee and the master map expert Mercator is most interesting, and all the more so when you consider what I just told you. Before Dee we had Francis Bacon as the master spy and manipulator as well as the probable son of QEI. He owned land in Nova Scotia or maybe I should call it Norumbega. His utopian books were probably based on what white people called Inca (Sun God is what that word means - see Chachapoyas white people like Virachocha, Xolotl, and many more) had done in building the largest (and peaceful) Empire in the world.

    Yes, it is just another 'brick in the wall' of thousands of proofs we have been lied to as we still live off the backs of great people whose wealth and acumen far exceeded our heathen Manifest Destined genocides, employing weapons of mass destruction like the Plague. No - I am not talking about Fort Pitt which happened centuries after the deed was done.

    The vampire god Zotz found in a very recent Mayan center was also found on the brooch of the Prince of Palenque. The blood rituals of the Aztecs were probably enhanced by their Roman 'brothers' long before Cortez. These sexual rituals are older than the Orisha or Voudou practices. It includes people using images of aliens when needed, or whatever works!

    "(The Enochian entities were first contacted by Dr. John Dee in the early 17th Century. Dr. Dee, court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth and also an important mathematician, has been controversial from his own time to ours, some writers regarding him as a genius of the first rank and others as a clever lunatic. According to two interesting books, "The World Stage" and "The Rosicrucian Enlightenment," both by a most scrupulous historian, Dr. Francis Yates, Dee was almost certainly a prime mover in the "Illuminati" and "Rosicrucian Brotherhoods" of that time, which played a central role in the birth of modem science. The alleged UFOnaut from Uranus which communicated with the two Naval Intelligence officers gave a name, AFFA, which is a word in the "angelic" language used by the entities Dee contacted. It means Nothing. George Hunt Williamson also got some words in "angelic" from his Space Brothers, remember.)

    "The outstanding quality of UFO contactees," Jacques Vallee said at this point, "was incoherence. I now have grave reservations about all physical details they supply," he said."
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    Have you noticed a trend going on as more ancient works and words get bought up (or just purloined and hidden) by rich people? It disturbed me to see Bill Gates get the rights to the works of Da Vinci, I wonder how much it would cost to get access to John Dee's lost library now available through the Royal College of Physicians and others like Wellcome. This is a temporary free offer to attend a showing that has videos if you can get to London.

    "More information: Dee’s lost library at the Royal College of Physicians

    'With their beautiful typography and delicate, enigmatic scribbles in the margin, John Dee's books show the movements of this searching Renaissance mind as it makes sense of its world, line by line' The Telegraph, 'John Dee: the man who spoke to angels'

    Watch our exhibition films:
    •A constellation for John Dee by artist Jeremy Millar, 2016
    •Exhibition introduction with rare books librarian Katie Birkwood
    •Writer Simon Singh on John Dee and Tudor code-breaking
    •Jeanette Winterson on John Dee, alchemy and the imagination

    Dee's books are displayed alongside loans from the Science Museum, the British Museum and the Wellcome Collection and include Dee's mirror and crystal ball, and a specially commissioned film by acclaimed artist Jeremy Millar."
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    There are queer things we need to understand in relation to Dee and Bacon. Yes, Bacon was a bi-sexual as were many of his day and interests. The circles with dots mentioned after what I copy in the article - could be the Mark of Qayin or the Aten disc we cover in a thread of it's own. When we see mention of little actual proof about Bacon or any person in this era, that is an understatement. In my book on Bacon and Shakespeare (I am not a Baconian) I found dates for him being knighted or given other titles, which were ten years apart. This site agrees with me about his Royal relation and mother.

    "It was through Leicester's sphere of influence, that a young Francis Bacon had developed interest in drama and the theater while getting the opportunity to know James Burbage, the first man to build a theater in England. Bacon would also get to meet in the Court circles the man who had tutored Leicester and advised Elizabeth on matters of state -the man whom Ian Fleming modeled his 007 James Bond character on, the first and perhaps the best secret agent of the crown, Dr.John Dee.

    John Dee(1527-1608) was a fascinating genius, considered a magus, philosopher and alchemist who captured the attention of the royal courts and best minds throughout Europe. You were either intimidated by his ideas and reputation or you wished to be influenced by them. It has only been in the last century that we've had a more sober approach to Dee, thanks to such authors as Peter French, Francis Yates, Gerald Shuster and Richard Deacon who have rescued this "man of grand design" from obscurity and have realized how significant a thinker he was.

    Dr. Dee's learning was far and wide, a brilliant mathematician, whose study ranged from geo-cartography and calculus which was vital in navigating the New World for explorers, to astrology, alchemy, the Cabala, cypher writing, religion, architecture, and science. In short, Dee's metaphysics were a 'red' cross of the Hermetic tradition with a strong dose of mathematics. His library at the riverside village of Mortlake was considered the finest private collection in Europe containing thousands of bound books and handwritten manuscripts devoted to philosophy, science and esoterica. In comparison the University of Cambridge at the time had a mere 451 total books and manuscripts in their possession.

    Noel Fermor in the journal Baconiana wrote that, "The Earl of Leicester's father, the Duke of Northumberland, employed Dee as a tutor to his children so that they would have a sound scientific upbringing. Northumberland became a notable scientist with a strong leaning toward mathematics and magnetism. Anthony Wood in his Athenae Oxoniensis, wrote "that no one knew Robert Dudley better than Dee." So it was quite natural for Leicester to introduce Dee to Elizabeth as she was to become the new Queen and it wasn't long before Dee advanced to become the court astrologer....

    Little has come down to us in terms of records of Francis Bacon and John Dee knowing each other but on the afternoon of August 11, 1582 there was an entry in Dee's journal that they met at Mortlake. Bacon was 21 years old at the time and was accompanied by a Mr. Phillipes, a top cryptographer in the employ of Sir Francis Walsingham who headed up the early days of England's secret service. They were there according to Ewen MacDuff, in an article, "After Some Time Be Past" in 'Baconiana', (Dec.1983)" to find out the truth about the ancient Hebrew art of the Gematria- one of the oldest cipher systems known, dating from 700 B.C. They were seeking to discuss this with Dee because he was not only one of the leading adepts of this field, but a regular practitioner in certain levels of Gematria." Also, David Kahn in The Codebreakers suggests that because of Dee's great interest in the 13th century alchemist Roger Bacon, that he may have introduced Bacon to the works of Roger Bacon, "which may help explain the similarities in their thought.""

    I will give Francis Bacon a little more credit than he had to meet Dee to learn about Roger and his work on alchemy. Books like The Secretum Secretorum were all the rage in this era.

    In the Newport Tower thread you will find good evidence for Dee organizing a settlement in Rhode Island and the Tower was set up as an astronomical observatory.
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