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    The claims for the monatomic elements and even their existence are so fantastic that one can only hope there is some element of truth in what Hudson developed in Arizona starting in the 1970s.

    When Sir Laurence Gardner got involved I could see why he was interested due to his work with the sacred geometry in shem-an-na stones and the white powder found in an alchemical factory on Mt. Serabit. It is the likely site known as Mt. Sinai and had been found by Flinders-Petrie in the early part of the 20th Century; but left to nature due to the Egypt Exploration Fund's agenda to not research things which did not or could not be warped into a fit with the Bible Narrative. Having Moses going to see alchemical operators of a factory rather than God did not work for them, I guess. They could have concocted a story of fallen angels having to do penance as workers with these fires - but they already had enough of that myth going on.

    The problem I had with Gardner's levitating rock theory was his high-spin atomics fluctuated from weightless to heavy and I did not see it working in Pyramid construction as well as his probable purloining of this science from a modern scientist. Pythagoras to Therapeutae and Theraveda Buddhism all have answers and Roger Taylor is the current scientist working on this stuff who also is using collective mental human energy as part of the search. My feeling is this can be augmented with the World Mind technology being done and which was reported upon in Futurescape. What follows was in a Nexus Magazine article in 2006 and I will quote parts relating to DNA which also connects with what we have in the Earth Computer Projector and caduceus or staff to tepaphone technology. Those sections I will post here as well as a possible mention of Tesla research.

    But there is much more to this which connects with what goes on at Findhorn and the huge plants, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Murrhine Vases used before Rome as a means to make water potable when dragging amphorae in nets behind ships, in order to be able to travel the oceans, by the Phoenicians. Davidovits addressed another use in keeping food edible through many millennia which I know is proven. I see it could have application in keeping atomic waste safe, but maybe it is not that impermeable from inside to outside the container or amphorae of old, because I expect the sailors eventually died from the toxic build up of salts in their body and that is why this technology was stopped long ago. I will explore many applications of this research, but I doubt it was able to save people suffering the effects of cancer and disease which he shows happened with a dog and reports benefits on his own body. In conjunction with the effect of the mind on the body - I can see it could work. and I too would be willing to test it on myself. The Pentagon Dodecahedron and perfect tetrahedra Bucky reported are in the Great Pyramid, all come rushing to view in my mind, alongside what Robert Anton Wilson and the De-oxy website say as we have addressed.

    My doubts are in reference to some very fantastic claims, which include a person suffering what looks to be a mental disorder on a site I participate in who is clutching at straws including alien intervention to explain these things we know humans can and have worked on for many millennia before religious Empires got control.

    "David Hudson's discovery of ORMEs

    The story of the discovery begins in the late 1970s with a rich cotton farmer in Arizona named David Hudson. Because the volcanic soil in that region had unusual properties and the underlying rock was known to contain precious metals, he decided to have a complete elemental quantitative analysis done on it. His analysts were then puzzled to find a fraction which defied analysis. It had no metallic characteristics, no chemical reactions, and no spectroscopic signature. Eventually one spectroscopist suggested giving it a "longer burn". It was only then that spectral characteristics began to appear and, most surprisingly, they were suggestive of certain precious metals. Clearly this demanded further investigation so -- having considerable private finances -- Hudson hired some chemists and determined to solve the problem. The results of what he found are written up in considerable detail in his patent [1]. He also gave a number of public lectures. It was from watching 9 hours of videotape of these that I first learned about the phenomenon.

    However, no single article on this subject has appeared in any scientific journal. It is because Hudson's claims are so challenging that I have delayed writing about it in the hope of finding academic confirmation. While no official academic research appears to be underway, a loose group of scientists and lay people has been working on this subject for a number of years. Without the benefit of funding or official laboratory premises and having no connection with Hudson, they have managed to reproduce at least some of his claimed findings. Their work -- together with that of Hudson -- is summarized in a number of articles by Barry Carter on his very extensive and informative website [2]. There are also several lively Internet email forums, one of which -- a science working group -- discusses various aspects of the chemistry and physics as well as the methodology for extracting and analyszing these materials.

    So what conclusions can be drawn so far? It is becoming clear that with this discovery, we are entering into a new and very complex area and are still very low on the learning curve. Indeed, it might be said that a new chapter in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is being opened. The basic fact seems now beyond doubt -- both from Hudson's work and that of the independent group -- that a number of precious (and some not so precious) metals including rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum, palladium, copper, and several others can exist in a completely different state in which they are not metallic -- being grey or white powders when isolated in the solid state.

    Hudson made 3 other main claims which could be more arguable. He said that in the ORMUS form of these elements, the electrons are re-arranged in such a way that they no longer participate in chemical reactions. Likewise, the bonds which normally hold metal atoms together in the solid form are lacking so that they would be effectively monatomic. Because of this, he originally named them Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements or 'ORMEs'. More recent work now suggests that at least some of these may be diatomic and also that very loose bonds can exist with certain other elements -- particularly alkaline metals. Hence the generic name has been changed to ORMUS. They are also frequently referred to as the M-state of these elements.

    Another -- and still more radical -- claim is that the electron re-arrangement involved the formation of Cooper pairs so that they can be (or can become with certain treatments) superconductive at normal temperatures. In support of this, Barry Carter has posted a short video file showing a grey powder jumping away from a magnet. It can be argued, however, that this "grain-hopping" phenomenon does not of itself prove superconductivity. Without going further into this controversy, it is worth mentioning that there are a few mainstream publications which Hudson claimed could provide indirect support [3]. These identify a "high-spin" state into which certain heavy metal atoms can be made to enter and in which the nucleus becomes elongated and takes on a higher value of spin. But no one has obtained this kind of matter in bulk.

    Hudson performed analyses on a wide variety of materials and reported finding ORMUS elements in most of the samples of soil he tested. But especially soils from volcanic regions. Other researchers later found them to be present in most samples of natural waters tested with particularly high concentrations being present in the sea and especially the Dead Sea. One researcher has even found it in the air. (Here it is perhaps not too surprising that even a heavy element in the monatomic form could behave like a rare gas.)"

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    Yes, I have looked into this before and I have had my doubts as I said. Pretty fantastic stuff!!!

    "Hudson's chemists made analyses of a number of plant tissues and found ORMUS to be highest in plants -- especially aloe vera -- which are grown in volcanic soils. They also analyzed calf and pig brain tissue and obtained a remarkable 5% of the dry-matter content. These analyses are not easy since they require conversion of the ORMUS content back into the metal form. For analytical purposes, this occurs during the "long-burn" spectroscopic procedure used by Hudson. But to prepare the metals in bulk is a very lengthy procedure and one far from being sufficiently worked out or described. Very few of the independent researchers have access to the facilities necessary for spectroscopy, and I know of none who is in a position to do this kind of work officially. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons (financial and legal have been suggested), Hudson himself does not appear to be doing any more of this work.

    A great deal more needs to be done on the physics and chemistry, not least to elucidate some of the extraordinary phenomena which have been observed. For example, on drying an aqueous preparation of ORMUS rhodium on filter paper in sunlight, Hudson observed it to disappear with an intense flash of light but with no sound or shock wave. Still more strange, when working with ORMUS iridium and subjecting it to repeated heating to red heat and cooling, he found its weight to oscillate violently with each cycle of annealing. Even, at one point, to lose and then regain all of its weight. This result has been incorporated into the hyperdimensional theory of Finnish theoretical physicist Matti Pitkanen [4].

    Independent researchers have confirmed the soundless flash of light. And there is one claim to have confirmed the weight changes. Several of them have observed another strange phenomenon. Drops of liquid containing concentrated ORMUS forming on the outside of closed containers -- especially under the influence of magnetic fields. This has led them to suppose that ORMUS atoms can pass through the walls by quantum tunneling and carry a little water with them. Also unexplained is the observation that certain ORMUS preparations in aqueous solution acquire a static electric charge. This can be discharged with an audible spark, after which the charge will re-form and can again be discharged an indefinite number of times.

    Biological effects of ORMUS

    The biology of these materials is also wide open to investigation. It could be said, however, that the new chapter in biology has already been opened: in the quantum understanding of Life. According to this view, the holistic properties of life are only accountable on the basis of quantum coherence. That is, the apparently random activity of biological molecules (according to classical thermodynamics) is actually coordinated by the same quantum principles which govern the action of a laser. This radical revisioning of Biology has been persuasively introduced by Dr Mae-Wan Ho [5].

    Further vistas in quantum biology have been opened in some exciting recent work which suggests that while a small fraction of the DNA functions by coding for proteins, the bulk of it (the so-called "junk" DNA) operates in a way that's independent of chemistry to inform the quantum "field" of the body [6]. This -- together with a number of publications which suggest the presence of superconductivity in living organisms -- might support Hudson's speculations on the close involvement of ORMUS with DNA -- even that it can actually correct DNA damage [7].

    Hudson foresaw that there could be great potential for these materials in industry. Especially as his analyses led him to conclude that far more of these precious elements exist in the World in this form than in the metallic form. At some point, however, his uncle -- who had an interest in alchemy -- suggested that if he looked into this subject he might see a connection with the "white gold" that some of the alchemists had described and which had properties of healing and extending life-span [8]. He therefore gave an ORMUS preparation to a very sick dog which was likely to die from both cancer and tick fever.

    When the dog recovered, human volunteers began to offer to take it themselves -- apparently with good results. Hudson then gave samples to a number of doctors with the suggestion that they try ORMUS on a few of their terminal patients. In his talks, he gives graphic reports of some of the remarkable recoveries which occurred. He also mentions that he gave a sample of ORMUS rhodium to a number of laboratories including Merck & Co. and the US National Cancer Institute, which tested it on cultures of cancer cells and found it not to be toxic to these cells.

    Since then, numbers of independent producers have sprung up, making and selling ORMUS concentrates prepared from various sources including seawater, water from deep springs, salt mined from mineral deposits, and certain medicinal plants such as aloe vera. There are now probably some thousands of people taking these products. While most of them seem to have had no history of serious illness, many have obtained improvements in general health and energy, often including changes in attitude which they take to be spiritual. Nevertheless, a few reports can be found from within the forums of ORMUS-attributed recoveries from serious illnesses including cancer. All of the data on human health, however, has to be classed as anecdotal. There have been no clinical trials -- not even any collated tables of results. And here, of course, it has to be understood how much care needs to be taken not to make medical claims for materials such as these for which no precise analyses exist.

    While eschewing medical criteria, however, one can show a more immediate effect of ORMUS by certain techniques widely used to monitor the effectiveness of energy medicine therapies. One is darkfield microscopy of the blood. In a few hours after taking ORMUS (as with many other beneficial treatments, such as acupuncture, massage, etc.), a person's red cells are shown to become more rounded and well-separated and the amount of debris in the serum decreases [9]. There are also reports from EEG studies of increasing balance between left and right hemispheres of the brain.

    Another promising technique is bioelectrography. This is a more general term to cover Kirlian photography {It works in evaluating an aura - I can attest.} and later developments from it. It has been elaborated into a quantitative science by Dr Konstantin Korotkov [10, 11].

    Here I report my own experience. I had been taking a proprietary preparation of ORMUS for about 1 year and had been aware of increased energy and a feeling of "well-being". For the test, I used the GDV (gas discharge visualization) equipment designed by Dr Korotkov. First, I ceased to take the ORMUS for a period of 2 weeks; then took an initial (control) reading with the GDV; and immediately after this, I took a large dose of ORMUS (6 times the recommended daily dose) and then took further readings at intervals subsequently.

    Figure 1 [see below] shows the time course of the response in which the area of the image rose to a maximum of 1.5 times the control at about 4 hours, then declined slowly over the next 12 hours. From Dr Korotkov's extensive work with the GDV, it is clear that of the many parameters of the image which can be analyzed, the area is the one most indicative of general health. "

    It is not just 'gold' and is the White Powder made in the alchemical factory on Mt. Serabit. One of the Cleopatras has an extant treatise on the "whitening of the Stone" or this powder. Many of the Ptolemies were alchemists as was the mentor of Alexander who put the Ptolemies in charge of Egypt. It might also be true the Ptolemies backed Alexander before he went off to conquer new lands. They were the richest family in the world - by far!

    When looking at the commerciality of Taylor's caduceus website I cringe but I will still seek to understand why the Theraveda Buddhist do the collective meditations they do at Angkor Wat and other Temples when I go there at the end of next month.
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    Findhorn is near the ocean and the salts therefrom might account for some of what is reported here, however they also play music for the plants and they get even better results than what you will read here - see thread on Findhorn.

    Continuing with the Nexus article from which I cannot cut and paste the graphs or photos, we have.

    "For readers who want to make some of these products themselves, see descriptions of methods on Barry Carter's website [12]. The simplest procedure involves merely raising the pH of a solution of sea salt to between 10.6 and 10.78. The resulting precipitate -- mainly magnesium and calcium hydroxides - carries down the ORMUS elements with it. It only remains to wash out the bulk of the salt.

    ORMUS results in agriculture

    In view of the difficulties in obtaining scientific data on human health, most of the emphasis must go to the effects on plants. These are unarguable and are indeed phenomenal. They can be seen on several websites [13].

    The preparation most used is the simplest and cheapest: a crude concentrate made from seawater. There is in fact a history -- prior to the discovery of ORMUS -- of the use of products from the sea -- particularly seaweed -- in agriculture. Some people have even reported good results from putting unaltered seawater on the land.

    Dr Maynard Murray [14] recorded a great deal of data on the health of animals fed on grain from seawater-treated land. One experiment was done with a strain of mice, of which 90% normally develop spontaneous breast cancer. Of those fed the grain from treated land, however, only 55% developed the cancer. And in the second generation, this figure was reduced to 2%. Of course, land so treated would eventually become over-salinated and the yields would decrease. The procedure to concentrate ORMUS, however, probably increases its ratio-to-salt about 80 times. We note Dr Murray's comment that human populations where malignancy is rare tend to be found in areas where there is "very little egress of water to the sea", so that the vital elements washed down from the mountains remain to be reutilized.

    Very little of the concentrate is required: from 4-to-20 liters per acre [~0.405 hectare] depending on the crop. The results of using ORMUS concentrate, however, far outstrip those with seawater. Indeed, without the photographic evidence, they would be hard to believe. For example, a walnut tree treated over several years has grown to over twice the height of control trees and now produces 6 times the weight of nuts. And the nuts themselves are the size of tangerine oranges! A plum tree produced -- in the first year of treatment -- individual fruit nearly twice the weight of those from the control tree and in the second year they were over 5 times the weight. One photograph shows maize plants so high that the owner has to stand on a stepladder to reach the top. They appear to be some 12 feet [~3.6 metres] high. Oranges were produced the size of cantaloupe melons!

    There are many other examples. In addition, there are consistent reports by those using ORMUS that ORMUS-treated crops are not only much more productive, but they also mature earlier, need less fertilizer and have greater resistance to pests. They even taste better!"

    We have covered the forms and energy wells with piezo-electric properties in the work of Dr. Don Robins. Salts are crystals and have similarities in form with the crystals in our pineal gland which is in the modern caduceus. I hope you are seeing some of these things connect. I have mentioned the use of Natron salts in the Poured in Place thread for the Great pyramid construction - and the modern patent holder for geopolymerized pyramid rock by the name Davidovits who was back-stabbed and lied about by Zahi Hawass.

    "The supposition is confirmed as well by the archaic shape of her image as by the licentious character of her rites; for both that shape and those rites were shared by her with other Asiatic deities. Her image was simply a white cone or pyramid. In like manner, a cone was the emblem of Astarte at Byblus, of the native goddess whom the Greeks called Artemis at Perga in Pamphylia, and of the sun-god Heliogabalus at Emesa in Syria. Conical stones, which apparently served as idols have been found at Golgi in Cyprus, and in the Phoenician temples of Malta; and cones of sandstone came to light at the shrine of the 'Mistress of Turquoise' among the barren hills and frowning precipices of Sinai.? (6)

    If these 'conical stones' are in fact the same as Sir Flinders-Petrie found at the site Frazer is referring to (ten years before Petrie wrote, while archaeologists were trying to figure them out, and failed.) and they are in Malta and elsewhere - then we can see the 'chaos scientists' had sites to make 'mfzkt' or the 'white powder' of the alchemic factory in diverse places. The turquoise that one would expect to find was not the reason for this site that Gardner almost 'proves' was for this white powder. He demonstrates all the excuses like turquoise and copper mining are part and parcel of the cover-up of this site which is the legendary Mt. Sinai or Mt. Horeb from the Bible. He shows Moses was visiting these scientists while his people saw the fires and thought they were a 'burning bush' that didn't actually combust.
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    Of course the claims have been called frauds as is true with every person involved. I looked a little further, not expecting to get a real truthful answer, but this one seems a good and positive one. It is possible the individual is hyping himself and that much of what he claims is actually the result of his own attitude (call it the placebo effect if you want).

    "My Personal Experience

    Now, with all that being said for the introduction of ORMUS, the following is my personal experience using this unique product “Monoatomic Gold”. I am not a new comer when it comes to spirituality and I have been a regular meditator for over 10 yrs now specializing in kundalini meditation. Any person that\s in the spiritual circles heard about this mystical product used in the ancient times for means of spiritual evolvement. I did first hear about it about 5-6 yrs ago. I tried one product said to be ‘Monoatomic Gold’ back then but never felt anything from it. So I just chalked it up as a scam. Recently, monoatomic gold and ORMUS did come back into my attention again and I decided to give it another try. I did endless research on the subject and found out there are different types of methods used to create this unique product. Not only different methods used to create it, but also different base ingredients which make a difference as well. For example, one method would use sea water as its base to extract these minerals or monoatomic elements, whereas another method would actually use the element of gold to extract the monatomic element. After examination of these facts, I chose to experiment with the latter process, the process that actually used monoatomic gold as its base. The product that I settled on was Energold Monoatomic Gold Powder ORMUS.

    After about 2 days of dosing the product I started to feel very dramatic effects in my attitude and well being. I just started to have a very elated and uplifted mood. The best way I can describe it, is that you just glow with a positive well being. Things that used to bother me just don’t have that negative impact anymore. Neither does negative people who I deal with! I feel like I can deal better with people who used to get on my nerves before. My thinking in itself seems like its in a hyper-state mode. I am much clearer on the thinking level, more focused and can multitask with surprisingly great ease but yet maintain calmness at the same time. My stress level seems like it diminished in a very noticeable way. Its not just a calm feeling, its like the stress level is REPLACED with a good mood. I notice myself just happier all around which is just an amazing feeling to have.

    I have two daughters and I have been playing with them as if I was a kid again, enjoying every minute and laughing a lot more. My relationship with my wife has improved on so many levels as well. We just understand each other more now, even express our- selves better to each other and express more LOVE to each other (yes, she started to take it also). I know this all sounds crazy .. but this stuff is legitimate. We both are just much more happier in our well being and in turn it gets expressed more outwards. Just amazing is all I can say about it. Now for the meditation part, my meditations, of course are affected by it as well.

    Since I have been meditating for over 10 yrs now (kundalini meditation) I do have a very good awareness of my energy. I can feel the “prana” or “chi” flowing within my subtle body, and depending how things are in my external world, it has effect on the energy. External problems can become “blocks” on the internal subtle system or energetic body. So obviously, if this product is effecting my external world in such a positive way it will have such positive effects on the internal world or subtle system as well. My meditations have just been so much deeper and thoughtless. My energy flow is very constant and very strong. I am able to feel that my energetic body has been basically “block-free” since starting this product. It seems that the deepness that I was able to get to while meditating for a half an hour can now be achieved within ten minutes! Another amazing quality. I am really just astounded by this product and the effects that it has on ones life.

    Manifestation Qualities?

    I have heard and read about how people say that this product will help you on the quest of manifestation. I can sum this up like this.
    It seems you use way more brain power when taking this product. It re- balances the brain. If a person is using one side more dominantly it will balance out the brain so it operates using both sides at optimum level. Your visualization and imagination abilities get very heightened as well as your focus and attention. If you ever read the book “The Master Key” by Haanal .. He basically says that those are the main keys to manifestation. With that being said using this product, without a doubt , gives you the edge when it comes to manifestation because it allows the brain to be efficient in those capacities. It also brings you to that state where one must be ‘positive side of polarity’ in order to manifest good things in ones life. The product in itself gives you the perfect conditions (according to Haanal) in order to be in a state of where one can manifest things easier."

    Why do so many people eat up the spiritual blogs and extraterrestrial literature without questioning the stuff? He is non-committal on many things and just picking up other stuff people have written - I understand he wants to make money but do these people not know how na´ve individuals can accept and obsess as the 'manifest' or hallucinate this 'contact'? That is being kind - calling it contact. He is promoting people promoted by frauds and so forth - nothing wrong with thinking about what Preston Nichols says or writes - if you can verify it - and then you still must keep an open mind. Of course, the same goes for what I have experienced - I cannot be absolutely certain of things that have come my way about 'contact' dimensional or otherwise.
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