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    Theory of Everything - a blog

    Mr. Pitkanen is a leading edge researcher who is putting it all out there. His blog should provide interesting insights to much of what the future will hold as we go forward "where none have gone before". He is not avoiding consciousness and truly is trying to unite all observable (by all means) reality.

    "Layman description for this loop in causality is following. Suppose you must get out from parking hall. In classical world you first reverse the car and then drive away. In quantum world you can first drive away and then reverse the car! Good choice if you have a really big hurry! Maybe you should however not try this without the guidance of quantum physicist.

    This is really crazy looking idea, which can be understood only in 4-D context. Zero Energy Ontology plus the fact that geometric time and subjective time (and therefore the corresponding causalities) are not one and the same thing explains the nicely.

    The "subjectively first" pulse represents 4-D wave as 4-D geometric entity (here time is geometric), which can induce the transition from state 2 to 3 if 2 is present in 4-D domain - causal diamond (CD) in TGD. Otherwise nothing happens: this is the case now! One kicks by second pulse state 1 to 2 "subjectively after" the first pulse. The state is 2 in entire CD and now the "subjectively first" pulse in CD can induce the transition from 2 to 3 in 4-D geometric space-time domain (CD)! "
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