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Thread: Tubal Cain - the Mark of Qayin

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    Tubal Cain - the Mark of Qayin

    Most of the gods we hear about whether we know it or not; have been designed in a time before any Annunaki or Elohim from scriptural mind control myths. The Aten disc with the hole in it that you see Indy use at the Well of Souls in the movie is derived from a simple dot in the middle of a circle. You can imagine a person over two million years ago swinging a vine around their head and seeing many uses and meaning beyond the obvious weapons. That is called the Mark of Qayin and became Cain as in the Bible bros who started to build a war which flourished beyond the myths or child's stories you have seen all over this world. A simple meteor that fell from the sky is in a magnificent building getting worshipped for millennia at events people must attend at least once in their lives. Recently they trampled each other to death at the Haj. Meteors also lead to weapons and advantages which those who faced them began to have to worship, pay homage or give up their women. Hammering the celt (A specific process not the "hammered" or drunken people Rome forced into Bogs and derided with that term - a common Roman meme or propaganda approach we could say is an epithet.) into a spear point began when? Spears are used by chimps to get ants out of an ant-hill.

    Let's say that white people were a minority and curiosity when they first appeared about 35,000 years ago in the Caucasus or Altaic Mountains. Were they immediately born taller as often happens when you cross breeds (like the Liger cross of Tiger and Lion)? Did these taller Nephilim interbreed and try to get taller like people do to have bigger sports athletes today? Yes, it happens - and though money was not around then - and million dollar paydays for the parents did not happen, it was possible these parents or clans saw how much power they could build upon. Those red stones on top of the Moa on Easter Island are related to this I believe. Thus came the Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders and a worldwide effort to create new forms of Brotherhood, including a lot of breeding, and rituals thereof.

    We still have these rituals called "Drawing Down the Moon" or "Goddess Babalon" in many pagan and secret societies including Kali, Rosy, Wiccan and such. The Skull and Bones need for potency through trepanning will disgust the novitiate to the point of violent vomit, and what L. Ron Junior tells us about his father and a coat-hanger was not new, by a long shot. I have waged a war of sorts to expose these neo-pagan and neo-science groups for about 20 years.

    "Robert Cochrane was the pen name of Roy Bowers (1931-1966), an English witch who developed (or inherited) a unique a form of Modern Pagan Practice often labeled as a branch of Traditional Witchcraft. Cochrane’s initial coven is known today as The Clan of Tubal Cain, named after the legendary Hebrew smith Tubal Cain. My interest in Cochrane began shortly after running across him in Doreen Valiente’s memoir on Craft history, The Rebirth of Witchcraft. Her description of Cochrane is captivating, and she writes of him as a charming and powerful rogue whose ritual techniques she remained in awe of decades later. Cochrane also shows up in Ronald Hutton’s Triumph of the Moon, again tortured and troubled (Cochrane tried to commit suicide at Midsummer in 1966, went into a coma he never woke up from, and died nine days later), but also hailed as a “genius.”

    Years ago I foolishly believed that Cochrane and the Craft he practiced were a dead end; a tale of “what might have been” had he lived longer. How wrong I was. Cochrane’s Craft is alive and well, and continually changing and growing (something I think Cochrane would be proud of). Today there’s a Clan of Tubal Cain with links to Cochrane’s original group, and several active traditions based around his teachings, such as the 1734 Tradition and the Ancient Keltic Church. Though Cochrane didn’t write any books, many of his letters survive and have served as a guideposts to several Witches. Evan John Jones, a member of Cochrane’s coven, became a respected Craft writer in his own rite, articulating some of Cochrane’s ideas into his books. Some former members of Cochrane’s coven went on to start their own."

    A smith is an early alchemist such as we see with the family ancestry of Temujin. Eliade assures us this science goes back to the dawn of civilization so you must know Hebrew was not around then, nor therefore was Tubal Cain. But the symbols which became the letters of Hebrew are far older than we know. Eliade tells us the first person who collected herbs and drugs in their calabash over a million years ago was an adept. I say sex allows such insight, and the Dream Dancers were learning this stuff even without drugs over two million years ago.

    I know how seductive sexual prowess and rituals are for many people. But the people who really get the maximum benefit of union will create or potentiate a dual flame or soul-mate.

    At this point you might say - "Sign me up". Before you do that you need to look further than Murray Gell-Mann who is an Orisha practitioner as well as a Nobel Prize winning physicist. His involvement with languages and places like the Aspen Institute or NLP at Stanford Research Institute should also scare you - but I address these matters elsewhere. Beware of Discordians or the De-Oxy people who can wend or weave a tale with the best of them. They truly are good, but you might never know why. Orisha is as old as those African Dream Dancers and it is also known as Voudou.

    Am I recommending that everyone should learn Bhakti or lesser forms of union with the Godhead, Cernunnos, "what IS', YHVH, and the World Mind? If you read what I have written about Perdurabo ritual soul continuances and the Elixir of Life or Stone, you might get excited. But do be careful about what you want and never let it become what you NEED. If you deserve more you can find it, if that is important, and you do not need new priesthoods interpreting your soul for you. It has been the death of many cultures since the drug cults of Egypt's Death Cult or the Death's Head SS of Himmler.

    The vampire god Zotz found in a very recent Mayan center was also found on the brooch of the Prince of Palenque. The blood rituals of the Aztecs were probably enhanced by their Roman 'brothers' long before Cortez. These sexual rituals are older than the Orisha or Voudou practices. It includes people using images of aliens when needed, or whatever works!

    "(The Enochian entities were first contacted by Dr. John Dee in the early 17th Century. Dr. Dee, court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth and also an important mathematician, has been controversial from his own time to ours, some writers regarding him as a genius of the first rank and others as a clever lunatic. According to two interesting books, "The World Stage" and "The Rosicrucian Enlightenment," both by a most scrupulous historian, Dr. Francis Yates, Dee was almost certainly a prime mover in the "Illuminati" and "Rosicrucian Brotherhoods" of that time, which played a central role in the birth of modem science. The alleged UFOnaut from Uranus which communicated with the two Naval Intelligence officers gave a name, AFFA, which is a word in the "angelic" language used by the entities Dee contacted. It means Nothing. George Hunt Williamson also got some words in "angelic" from his Space Brothers, remember.)

    "The outstanding quality of UFO contactees," Jacques Vallee said at this point, "was incoherence. I now have grave reservations about all physical details they supply," he said."

    Just in case you think this is a neo-pagan or witchcraft tale like you see all over the web and TV, I should provide the Biblical facts.

    "TUBAL-CAIN (Heb. תּוּבַל־קַיִן), son of *Lamech. Genesis 4:22 states that "Zillah bore Tubal-Cain, who forged implements of copper and iron; Tubal-Cain had a sister Naamah." Various attempts have been made to identify Tubal-Cain as the name of an ancient tribe somewhere in the Near East. S. Mowinckel, however, followed by W.F. Albright, understands Tubal as a generic name for smith, derived from ybl, "to bring, produce." The second element of the name is universally connected with the Arabic qāyin, Aramaic qaināyā (qaināʾah), "smith, metalworker." In later times, Tubal-Cain was confused with the Tubal of Genesis 10:2, for example, and mistakenly identified with the Tuscans, well-known smiths of the ancient world. A. Dillmann pointed to the parallel between Tubal-Cain and his beautiful sister Naamah and the Greek smith-god, Hephaestus, and his sister Aphrodite.

    [Daniel Boyarin]

    In the Aggadah

    The aggadic interpretation of the meaning of Tubal-Cain's name, is based upon the biblical record that he was "the forger of every cutting instrument" (Gen. 4:22). The aggadah teaches that by thus furnishing mankind with the means to repeat Cain's act of killing, with even more ease, he perfected (tibbel, תִּבֵּל) Cain's sin (Gen. R. 23:3)."

    You can interpret what you want from the fact that Aphrodite is the sister of the Smith god of Greece who are founded by the Danaus - and the gods of which the Sidhe and Siddhar or others have brought to the table. You can also look up Vulcan and ask why he protected the metals on Cyprus we have seen were the only source of pre-smelting era ores of the Old World.
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    Personally I do not know which myth is more enigmatic or unexplainable. Is it how people have been fed lies about some recent couple of humans in a rather unforgiving place who meet up with a god in some place, that this god rapes or otherwise forces his progeny upon the poor souls who are struggling to eat an apple of knowledge and get a grip on the snake - or that later we have this same book of begatting bringing forth new monsters from other planets we were not told existed until a few years ago. What flat earth or hollow earth kind of thinking is this? I guess I prefer the story in Enoch with those Elohim, because at least you can find some useful insight to your soul in it. Oh, I forgot it is censored.

    If you need to spend time thinking about the complexities of these lies - there are ample ways for you to get brainwashed. People spend their lives studying how to get more converts to their cults. They use every means at their disposal - including nations and laws. You won't soon find these studious types carrying the gun or sword, they use their sword for more pleasant and safe pastimes. But if you believe them you can get the 72 virgins - if they leave any for you. As you read what is provided in the next link you should heed their warning about desecrating sacred words and letters, but it is OK for them to use you as sword or cannon fodder. Is the name a clue to some Bear (Bereishit) droppings? Here is what they say about how you must treat their asswipe.

    "The text on this page contains sacred literature. Please do not deface or discard."
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    Many academics are unable to handle the possibility of ships that travelled the oceans as long ago as the Franchthi Caves dig that showed 13,000 B.C. community fishing fleets. It even was hard for most to accept the Kelts at the time of Caesar had this technology at that time despite the words of Caesar. Some people think knowledge once gained is never lost but that is far from true. Barry Fell was a Harvard Professor of Oceanography before he got the bug to expose the truth. Some (Like Wiseman in Archaeology Magazine of 'Camelot in Kentucky' article from 2001) ridicule Fell as "self-taught" in matters such as Ogham. Truth is, Fell took one of the only small courses available at the time from Edinburgh University. Who can really learn the truth from academics that hide it? His name was made dirt by academics but his legacy from America B.C. and Bronze Age America has been sweet vindication.

    Here is a little of the story of his travails, which is presented for more reason than just the obvious need to reinforce on the existence and loss of Keltic seacraft technology

    The rise and fall of Celtic sea power has been strangely neglected {Although the movie 'Spartacus' shows Kirk Douglas arranging passage to Italy from the Kelts[Silesians and Galatians are Kelts back to the time of Punt] who ruled the Sea.} by most historians and archaeologists as to prompt much skepticism when first I began to report Celtic inscription in America. 'I can't say I've ever heard that the Celts were seafarers,' was a typical comment. Those who recall that Julius Caesar described the Britons as mostly naked savages, wearing only iron torques about their necks, {A torquetum or tanawa is an ancient sextant known to have existed in this period as Maui navigated for a well known Greek and was able to calculate longitude.} sometimes with the skin of a beast cast over the shoulders, think of the Britons as having nothing better than one-man coracles for crossing water.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most of Book III of Caesar's 'De Bello Gallico' is devoted to the greatest naval battle he was ever called upon to mount. And his adversaries? None other than the Celts of Brittany, whose fleet was swelled by the arrival of a flotilla they had summoned from their allies in Britain! The combined Gallic and British naval armament comprised an immensely powerful force, numbering, so Caesar tells us, no less than 220 ships, all larger than and superior in construction to those of the opposing Roman navy under Admiral Brutus. These Celtic ships, Caesar says, were so soundly constructed that they could outride tempestuous or contrary winds upon the very ocean itself without sustaining injury ('De Bello Gallico', books III,XIII,I.). It is clear that these fine vessels, which towered over the Roman galleys, had the capability of crossing the Atlantic Ocean 'vasto atque aperto mari', "upon the vast open sea," as Caesar indicates."(2)

    Does it cross your mind that these ships were in fact employed in such voyages to the Americas? Why had Caesar never seen their like before? The wind went down and the Roman galleys threw grappling hooks into the Celtic rigging and sails then boarded them. Caesar made a deal (as was his wont) with the cousins of his ancestors who were not in control of all. He gave them full citizenship of Rome, which they in fact had established after defeating the Tarquin kings of Etruria. Thus the nature of Catholicism and the Anglican church has a long and sordid past association, as they outlawed the Druids and put a bounty on their heads. Can you see why we think the Toltecs or others in America might have Druidic roots? There is no further mention of British or Gaulish naval vessels in Caesar's commentaries, nor does Tacitus in the century that followed give any space or consideration to native naval might. It seems that the battle against the Veneti was the end of Celtic sea power in classical times. Except for the periodic truculence by British chiefs like Queen Boadicaea.

    "The Eye of God and the Agricultural Grid
    By Norman Totten
    Bentley College, Waltham, Massachusetts

    Impetus for this kind of research was the need to understand the "atna-kuna" motif so prevalent in Celtic New England and Iberia, and frequently associated with the "eye of Bel". James Whittall has been locating examples of it in Portugal and Spain. Fell, Dix, and Oedel have recently published observations about it.

    This presentation is limited to what seems to be the two predominant symbolic forms of the sun and earth in ancient inscriptions - - the eye of the sun god and the cultivated field grid. Both have occurred in numerous varieties, visually and phonetically. This paper should be read as a progress report, incomplete in its consideration and somewhat tentative in its conclusions regarding a vast and complex problem.

    I. Morphology and Dissemination: Eye of the Sun

    Though he later equivocated about which direction the evolution had occurred, Sir Arthur Evans (1984, p. 303) set forth the basic forms of the eye of Ra - - from one complete with lashes (rays) to a circle (pupil) enclosing a smaller circle or dot (iris)." (6)
    This is important to understanding the worldwide cultures and the elite corporate traders. The circle with a dot is the Mark of Qayin or Cain (Gardner's Genesis of the Grail Kings and other sources) and as such it is the adept cartouche or signifying token for the family of Jesus and the 'arch-tectons' (Septuagint) of the Great Pyramid.

    In 'Bel' we have the Keltic God as well as the Mesopotamian (later) God. To find them so closely associated or connected in the Iberias that now carry names like Spain, Ireland and North America adds a great additional clue to the Tartessian (source of the 'Biblical Ships of Tarshis') sites being excavated or studied in Anatolia and Portugal. They all start with Iberia in the Caspian and the Black Sea region that is the genetic homeland of the Kelts some 30-35,000 years ago. Because we can genetically and forensically trace and track these people and marry them to dateable artifacts we have a credible history untainted by kingly or priestly power mongers.

    Another ESOP excerpt from the work of Totten deals with Moroccan monastics exiled to America in the 5th Century AD.

    "In Figuig the monks were solitary (monachos), but in communal life (Koinos Bios) of brothers (fratres), a friary. Their form of testifying (martyrium) under persecution was not death in an arena for the pleasure of pagan spectators but exile, exile to the wilderness of America."

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    You might ask who came up with the Flat Earth cosmogony? You know it was promoted in a big way to keep your ancestors at home waiting for the lord or master to come and screw your women which they gave you at the Council of Carthage for chattel or whatever need you felt. You also know they allowed you to rape and pillage went you went forth to fight for them. So, maybe you can understand why your forefathers did not care about the reality of our Earth not being flat, but would you imagine a time when people were dumb enough to believe it? Do you want to know where the ghastly propaganda began? Well I cannot say with certainty that it began in the Egyptian Book of the Dead but we sure have a contender which passes the tutor in the House of Constantine who argued if the earth wasn't flat we could dig to China rather than have to travel all that distance. Does it cross your mind when I say that - that no one ever believed what Columbus was doing had anything to do with going to China?

    E. A. Wallis Budge did a faithful but uninspired research of this book some say connects with other books of the Dead. In fact he was under the thumb of Christianity and made himself a fool from the vantage point of what we know today, even though many people are still under the spell of lies told by those paid to support the historical fictions we have built nations and Empires of elites around. If you cannot see the effort and lie in how the book starts and drops derisive names upon the prior beliefs (of the great builders) then you should keep doing whatever drugs you need and don't bother reading the book.


    The Papyrus of Ani



    Late keeper of Assyrian and Egyptian Antiquities

    in the British Museum



    The main features of the Egyptian religion constant.

    The chief features of the Egyptian religion remained unchanged from the Vth and VIth dynasties down to the period when the Egyptians embraced Christianity, after the preaching of St. Mark the Apostle in Alexandria, A.D. 69, so firmly had the early beliefs taken possession of the Egyptian mind; and the Christians in Egypt, or Copts as they are commonly called, the racial descendants of the ancient Egyptians, seem never to have succeeded in divesting themselves of the superstitious and weird mythological conceptions which they inherited from their heathen ancestors. It is not necessary here to repeat the proofs, of this fact which M. Amélineau has brought together,[1] or to adduce evidence from the lives of the saints, martyrs and ascetics; but it is of interest to note in passing that the translators of the New Testament into Coptic rendered the Greek {Greek a!'dhs} by ###, amenti, the name which the ancient Egyptians gave to the abode of man after death,[3] and that the Copts peopled it with beings whose prototypes are found on the ancient monuments.

    Persistence of the legend of Osiris and the belief in the resurrection."

    You should read this book to grasp what impact the cult of the Dead with all of the drugs associated may have had on the elite and thus upon all other people. If you think aliens built the Great Pyramid or had anything to do with it - you are probably doing drugs.

    In the section on the Book and it's relationship with the Great Pyramid we have these important words. I say the Osirian culture was indeed important and part of the culture that built the Great Pyramid. When Nat Geo was promoting their TV Channel about a decade ago they said the most important question was "who built the Great Pyramid". I agree but Hawass was still in control of it and access to it. Will this question be addressed now that he is gone? We do not need access to it, in order to say who were the builders. It was not alien!

    "Marsham Adams proposed that the unique system of passages and chambers (particularly the Grand Gallery, obviously unnecessary in a tomb) has an allegorical significance only explained by reference to the Egyptian “Book of the Dead”. The famous Egyptologist, Sir Gaston Maspero endorsed his thesis and added,

    “The Pyramids and the Book of the Dead reproduce the same original, the one in words, the other in stone.” Can we find meaning and answers to the mystery of the Great Pyramid by studying the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” and its relationship to the Great Pyramid?

    What is the Egyptian “Book of the Dead”? It was believed by the ancient Egyptians that “Thoth” wrote the “Book of the Dead”. He was the scribe to the gods and was the one responsible for speaking the words of creation and putting it into effect. Its name is not a correct description of it. It should be named the “Chapters of the Coming Forth by Day”. It is mainly concerned with the state of the departed soul and its trials and existences in the afterlife. According to one of the world’s experts on the “Book of the Dead”, Sir Wallis Budge, it was not of Egyptian origin but its ideas were brought to Egypt by a different culture and people.

    Scholars speculate that these people were in existence prior to the first dynasty. There has been much speculation of who these people were but the bottom line is that no one knows. We do know that the changes in Egypt at that time were sudden and highly radical. The building of the Great Pyramid is a good example. It appeared out of nowhere from a primitive stone and flint culture, the sudden flowering of a culture that has never been repeated. Also it appears since iron has been found in the Great Pyramid and was part of the original structure, this invading culture brought the Iron Age to Egypt at least 2000 years earlier than scholars date it."

    In a separate section we see the four pillars fiction which later Roman Christians used as part of their Pope at the Center of the Universe cosmological CONstruct. But of course, it is not called weird or any other names he used to make his beliefs uppermost in the eye of his viewers.


    The Egyptian heaven.

    The gods of the Egyptians dwelt in a heaven with their ka's, and khu's, and shadows, and there they received the blessed dead to dwell with them. This heaven was situated in the sky, which the Egyptians believed to be like an iron ceiling, either flat or vaulted, and to correspond in extent and shape with the earth beneath it. This ceiling was rectangular, and was supported at each corner by a pillar; in this idea, we have, as M. Maspero has observed, a survival of the roof-tree of very primitive nations. At a very early date the four pillars were identified with "the four ancient khu's who dwell in the hair of Horus," who are also said to be "the four gods who stand by the pillar-sceptres of heaven." These four gods are "children of Horus," and their names are Amset, Hapi, Tuamautef, and Qebhsennuf. They were supposed to preside over the four quarters of the world, and subsequently were acknowledged to be the gods of the cardinal points."

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    In the Kabbalistic genre of Gnosticism we can find the sacerdotal insights of the builders of the Great Pyramid of Iesa. This site has much about the era before Yeshua to contemplate on your exploration of where it comes from and why it has been abused.

    There are a heavenly host of insightful articles exploring the basic tenets of Christianity at this site. It is not important that we agree with everything it says or even with each other, we should ACT! One important fact about what we are told is a great faith which is actually a mind control origin of nations and Empire is the word 'catholic' which would be a great word if it were what that Church had in mind. It means 'liberal' and the only liberal thing about the ecclesiasty itself is it's willingness to take power, money and the soul whenever it can with an open and liberal willingness to get people into it's desired all-encompassing flock. So why discuss this as part of the Hebrew fiction and myth surrounding Genesis and a person given a name or creating an archetype? I may be over-reaching a little it is true. However, it is also true that the archetypal Cain is really less than a 'smith' or humanist. This acceptable egis of a starting point of mankind is allowing people to think the sibling and internecine wars are valid and somehow our innermost nature.

    "Let us
    take note of the fact that those "orthodox" believers who were more allied with the Roman Ecclesia and who were opposed to Gnostic Christianity were already at this time proudly bearing the title "Catholic." By the time when The Acts of the Apostles was formally published about the middle of the Second Century, the word "Christian" had become very popular as a designation for believers in Jesus. Because of this, there was needed some kind of explanation about its origin."

    If I could have discussed symbols with Joseph Campbell, or his Eranos friends I would be light years ahead of where I am. The PBS series with Joseph Campbell interviewed by Bill Moyers is what the History Channel should strive for. George Lucas says it was Campbell's work which lead to Star Wars - and O - BE - one is at-one-ment. There is no SIN when one atones - one is already ONE. It is what Sir James Frazer attempted to convey in The Golden Bough. The really big question is Kan u BE? Where are those droids?

    This link really puts the boots to all the Anunnaki and related frauds.

    Icke and other liars and dupes can be seen spreading the BS in many other threads here - including this one.

    So we have Abel also in the myth which has corrupted human culture, and you will find some Abels in what follows.
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