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Thread: An Argument with a Baird

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    An Argument with a Baird

    A person at WorldHistoria has just said Ockham's Razor applies in any discourse on Aliens and telepathy. He says extraordinary claims deserve extra proof. Here is my response. It probably will include a need for more responses, in my experience people who cannot read - will not learn. Reading is not mere recognition of letters forming words.

    Dear W

    Have you heard of Ayer's Law? I remember having this argument with engineers and low level scientists over a decade ago.

    Really, how does one prove something to a person who refuses to listen or read. Oh, I know - have it done by machines who can do what you call telepathy, And have a top scientist say it. But I have already done that. From Kaku above,

    Today, he is making these things a reality. "Telepathy, telekinesis, uploading memories, photographing a dream, we've done it." He told to Deepak. But there are still vast mysteries in the human brain that science has yet to uncover.

    Are you a fool-ower of James Randi - he that has been proven a fraud and his million dollar challenge a swindle.

    You can imagine my joy after listening to people dead from the neck up for most of my life - when last year at the U of Va. they found physical proof of the last unproven important part of the psychic points chart I had observed mirrored the neurophysiologically proven chakra chart, which is an offset of muscle and meat mass from a mirror of the lymph system. I wrote about it almost fifty years ago when explaining ghosts. It is a lymph connection in the brain and the person in the news report - Kevin Lee, correctly stated it was an esoteric proof requiring the re-do of all textbooks.

    Needless to say it had been proven to the satisfaction of the greatest scientific researcher of the 19th Century Michael Faraday - and many more people throughout time.

    On the matter of aliens - it is an almost universally accepted fact in science - that extra-terrestial sentience exists. I have not seen numbers of how many more advanced aliens than our young asses are estimates since the 1990s when I was being proven correct on websites like MSN's astronomy and physics forums in the 2000 to 2006 era. Many teacher-types were telling me it was nonsense about terraforming Mars or other places then too. We discussed Ram-Jet and Ion Propulsion systems they previously had no knowledge of. Now we have a space-time bubble being worked on.

    The exo-biologists had estimated 100,000,000 more sentient than us on the basis that the existence of water was vital and non-existent in most places. I told them how and why the water factors were not an issue and that other life was being found in rocks reaching earth as we were debating. I provided proof in the form of Clinton speaking about it and a rock that landed (from Mars) on Texas soil. That got their attention, a couple of years earlier the same thing was found and proven in northern Canada.

    It is kind of like that across the board with people in America when they pontificate about things like democracy - which they do not study as well. Your schooling system sucks big time. My lifelong significant other was about to give up her teaching position after about ten years and having 60 hours toward her doctorate in education when I met her. I re-energized her and got her taking courses to assist in her efforts which already included teacher in the classroom training for Taylor University. She became a many time NEA President of her township, and a state board pension fund member as well as in the Who's Who of Teaching, a member of the World Congress of Teachers and national rep in your fine country. I used to mark teacher exams - largely illiterate or semi-illiterate. Same data in Canada where I sat on a Master's Program Committee at York in their top ranked business courses. We had to consider teaching English comp to graduates with many degrees.

    Now we have people in the private sector preparing to retire on Mars - Elon Musk for one.

    At that time there was on-going habitat development testing going on in the Canadian north to simulate the living condition effect on humans. That started happening after our arguments began.

    The Higgs particles (not finished with them) had not been proven at that time. I was arguing for it and Time effect aspects up to and including forward time travel by machines. Quantum teleporting was just being proven at FTL, contracts on it were let out at the Durham Army depot. I had knowledge of Laszlo and others in Italy who had demonstrated an optical 1.25 times FTL a decade earlier and I was arguing action-at-a-distance from the occult arts. NEC labs at Princeton came out with 300 FTL in 2001, and my older brother had to eat something warm and gooey. A CERN researcher contacted me offsite and gave me pointers on the Time Travel argument about things Gödel had already proven. I have some of these things and discourses recorded for posterity in my books. Last year in Japan researchers say up to 10,000 times Light speed has been demonstrated in terms of action-at-a-distance in the Einsteinian cosmological constant.

    You can look up some of these arguments archived at a Johns Hopkins website which was called until I was there for about a year and they got a little concerned about their image and changed the name to I quit the site but had already finished doing my book with the help of the wunderkind doctor (Sean - I think Taveres) who ran the site. It is titled Integrating Soul and Science.

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    "A fool thinks he is a wise man, a wise man knows he is a fool."

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    The possibility of sentient beings on earlier solar systems said to be many billions of years older than our own, developing travel and transposition of some teleportational nature seems one of the most stable and down to earth possibilities when we consider these spheres. Other ideas flit through our mind as we imagineer the conscious wisdom of refined metallurgical objects beyond mere silica microchips and revisit what Dr Robins termed the megaliths - macrochips. The manganese nodules all over one part of the ocean occur naturally but what difference does that make when one is thinking about evolving layers of consciously connected matter guided by dimensional force entities of non-corporeal nature? That kind of thought might lead us to worship the Ka'aba with a lot more validity.

    The spheres could also be put there to influence stability and join with other earth energy forces to actuate specific occurrences we are only remotely able to understand. It could be from our own future or from an earlier adept civilization whose attunement was collectively superior to what exists today. This kind of thought is more 'far-out' than David M. Jacobs, Ph. D. and the alien abduction agenda contemplated in his books Secret Life and The Threat. His associate professorship in history at Temple University makes one feel good about the possible future of free-thought in America. What sense does it make in one's day to day life to think about such wild imagineering? Well, that IS where the rubber hits the road as they say; and we humbly suggest that even in this life while physically manifest in sensual containers with high level focus on the joy these senses bring - we are part of the evolving purpose and what has been called God's greater purpose. We also suggest the way of knowledge and positive application of the results of thinking does not advantage one if they turn away from the facts. These spheres are facts and they can not have designs (or the vase from 300,000,000 years ago) of this complexity and be so metallurgically advanced if we take only our present concept of nature and history into account.

    Is the flexible metal that can't be cut with welder's torches which is shown by the son of the Roswell whistle-blower drawn from the same manufacture process? A personal friend of mine says he knows a chemist/metallurgical researcher who was sent such material from the States to a place just east of Oshawa/Toronto. They could conceive no earthly explanation for it. Now which of these 'possibilities' do you wish to contemplate? The alien one has abductee experiences and hybrid genetics that include clearly extraterrestrial conclusions. The prior earth civilization with advanced technology and attunements beyond language and its limits, means matter can be sent back through time. When NEC Labs at Princeton observed 300X light speed in Cesium, the argument can still be made that time travel is not possible for complex systems that are living. Cesium is the most accurate means of tracing time in clocks in a great improvement over quartz which we have seen in the piezo-electric description of Dr Robins. Each different crystalline structure is an expression of the forming building blocks and their consciousnesses.

    Nanotubes are part of a creative process that harmonizes to the rhythm of something we may soon know. There are ways to imagine the spheres could have been created by advanced human or other earth sentient beings in conjunction with the spirit and wisdom of the shamanic relationship in vortexes and wisdom thereof. The prevalence of spheres in this one area may be in response to a forceful build-up of whatever forms the manganese nodules or because of the same forces or intelligence from other parts of the universe such as whatever causes the meteors to collect in amazing numbers near Mt. Yamato in Antarctica.

    In attempting to come up with a way to express or communicate the places where the mind goes in integrating these truly mysterious things we are asking the reader to endure another German Nazi analogy on the slippery slope of ethics and the relative nature of morality. We all know the Nazis were heavy into esoterics and ancient civilization from the Spielberg trilogy but it was much more than just a hobby or some weird obsession. In fact you could say it was being done by others in secret bases; but we can't be sure of a great deal of these things because of the secrecy surrounding some weapons systems that even long after they are no longer in use aren't talked about. It is almost certain that Hitler and his cronies or handlers like General Hausohofer and Himmler were well aware of the weapons systems described in the Mahábhárata. They seem to have attempted to make most of them become real and their scientists were helpful to the development of these things after the war. Some of the things were already on the drawing boards and tested. Were they also in a position to know about the Foo Fighters?

    "On the night of 15 November 1944 the team of Elmore and Mapes again recorded a first - a nighttime visual confirmation on a night flying Me163. Lt. Mapes remembers it well:

    'We were flying what was known as a "free-lance" intruder mission around Bonn, Germany. It was around 2300 hours before we hit our area. The overcast was at 4000 ft. with a beautiful moonlit clear sky above. Suddenly, I picked up a "bogey" on my radar that was high above us and travelling at a terrific speed. Just as it was about to pass over us, Elmore put us into a hard 180 degree turn. I could not find it on the radar and looked out above us. The sight was unbelievable! It appeared to be shaped like a wedge of pie with a long plume of flame coming from its rear end.

    I kept watching him and calling out where he was over the intercom. He appeared to be in a tight circle directly above us. About the time that Elmore got a visual, the flame died down to a glow and it started to spiral down on us. I could see intermittent bursts of fire from the nose, and knew it was cannon or machine gun fire. I relayed this on and we began taking violent evasive action. Suddenly, this strange aircraft broke off and went into a vertical climb, with a long plume of flame shooting out the rear end. After several manoeuvres like this, we both agreed it was the new German Me 163 rocket plane. We never could get in a position to fire on it because of its tight spiralling and rapid climbs. Finally, it left the area and we never saw it again. Although we never fired a shot at it, it was a very memorable mission!'" (18)

    John von Neumann may not have known why all his teachers encouraged him to follow so many unconventional paths and Hitler may have a greater enduring part to play in the intergalactic 'seeding' of space and other advanced cloaking and cloning devices than even the Sanskrit texts contemplate. Please check into the von Neumann probes taking genetic material to other galactic planets at our present time. Could the 'spheres' have encoded or time release information? It can seem almost fun and beyond science fiction to go too far down this road. What is too far? We hope you'll decide for yourself and not cater to the conventional or societal norm like the good citizens of Germany did when they heard rumors about the 'fun' going on with Jews in concentration camps.

    EDGAR MITCHELL: - The Noetic Sciences people are lucky to have this former astronaut (Astronaut Michael Collins similarly deals in spiritual truth from history) as part of their team of scientists. They have seminars that that cover much of the kind of thing that the future must bring into being our reality. Here is the intro to one of his workshops:

    "For almost 400 years, western civilization has been structured around the Cartesian conclusion that body and mind belong to separate realms of existence. But Descartes was wrong; they are but two faces of an intelligent, creative, self-organizing, learning, trial and error, interactive, participatory, evolving universe. This Dyadic model proposes that existence and the ability to know (consciousness) both arise from the same concept - energy - an energy that contains the seeds of knowing. Non-local information about the physical universe provides the missing link between objective science and subjective experience, including the mystical experience. We will explore these concepts with ample time for questions and discussion.

    Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut - sixth man to walk on the moon (1971), Founder, Institute of Noetic Sciences (1973), Author of Psychic Exploration and The Way of The Explorer. A pioneer in efforts to expand science toward understanding consciousness and inner experience. From the vicinity of the Moon, Ed Mitchell viewed planet Earth among the separate galaxies, the stars and planets, and had a transformative experience that changed his life. He left his job as a naval officer and astronaut, founded IONS {The institute of Noetic Sciences from which this excerpt is taken. I highly recommend them and a visit to their web site for starters.}, and began a rigorous exploration of links between inner and outer journeys, between science and spirituality."

    He is a honorary member of the Club of Budapest and I will list some of the names including his here at this point, but I want you to ask yourself whether Von Neumann, Wigner, St. Germain and others from that region are somehow esoterically connected. Every one of these people could be highlighted in this book and I would have to say they are all excellent role models.There are so many great people in this Club that you might hope it will join with other Clubs like Rome and Athens someday.

    And all the other things Laszlo is doing are equally important.

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    So far I have no evidence for sentience in the two sites I posted the challenge at. This is one (actually the best one - if you can believe that) response. I think it is not just discordian nonsense so I declined a debate with s/h/it so I would not feel any karmic responsibility for damaging the psyche of a person with at best, a tenuous grasp on reality.

    "I prefer Michael Tellinger's term, Avanced Beings. They go by other names: Anunnaki, Archons, ETs -- and surely built the pyramids and monoliths like the giant stones at Baalbeck. They are the gods worshiped by all religions. Mohammedism is the latest form of mind control based on the supernatural.

    As a flat earther, I guess that some of the ABs are involved with our closed system, a prison planet or wildlife preserve. I reject modern cosmology just as I refuse to take religion seriously. Planets and stars are luminaries. Nasa is the main tool of the control system. Their achievements are all fabrications, including the moon landings, satellites, the ISS, Mars rovers, you-name-it -- all lies all the time. It is, imo, the Nazi Alliance of Scam Artists.

    ABs have genetically-engineered humans to be their workers. I think of us as citizen-slaves in the NWO matrix."

    This link really puts the boots to all the Anunnaki and related frauds.

    But the snakes and scumbags are always out there selling nonsense, such as this person (above) has bought. Surprisingly some of them are not clinically insane - though you might wonder if they are.

    Martian boats????

    If it is true that knowledge is power and that power corrupts when few are in possession of it - is it any surprise that there is a disconnect of immense proportions in our society?

    The near vacuum in the region between adepthood or wisdom and the hoi polloi or commonly held belief or civic morality varies from region to cultural region but the breadth of the disconnect or vacuum stays pretty similar. Of course there are distinctions or hierarchies which have been fostered and the role of specialized knowledge has become synarchy instead of anarchy or democracy.

    The use and abuse of words like anarchy or liberal and conservative in political venues from communist to Nazi or fascist makes it somewhat difficult for a poor wordsmith like myself to capture the immensity of our malaise or full out ignorance which the Gnostics say is the Original Sin. Sin, and evil are words worth deconstruction and my nieces once told me 'sin' is self-inflicted nonsense.
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    Henry Makow is as much a problem as ISIS is, that is about how bad the utter crap seems to be which ushers forth from his website and you see in the words of the person talking the Flat earth theory above is. People may believe the Judaeo/Masonic Illuminati rag and the Flat Earth rag like he does, or one and not the other but both are equally insane. Do not get me wrong I have a lot of proof about elites which are of concern - but the elites are doing what needs to be done given how stupid and ignorant the masses and extreme religious fruitcakes are and have been.

    To say one segment of the powerful have been bad acts entirely, is a little disingenuous to say the least. It takes real study of history to even get close to where you can actually have some idea of who did what to whom and for what reason.

    Here is more from the Makow website - just in case you think it is a rare event to find Flat Earth people in our modern world.

    "by Sean Caiside


    According to some, the earth is in fact a flat disc and not a globe. This meme took off after Obama equated climate change deniers to members of the "Flat Earth Society." Within 12 months, YouTube was flooded with a mass of videos.

    The assumptions of this Meme are:

    1. The Earth is a Flat Disc.

    2. Our globe-shaped world orbiting the sun is a myth.

    3. The sun and moon are spherical, but much smaller than mainstream science states, and they rotate around a plane of the Earth, because they appear to do so.

    4. Arctic Circle in the centre and Antarctica is a continent forming an ice rim of 150-foot-tall wall of ice, NASA and the military guard this wall to stop you climbing over it and falling off the end of the Earth.

    5. Gravity is an illusion. When driving, it is not gravity that pins you to the road, but the rapid upward motion of a disc-shaped planet.

    6. Space exploration and the moon landings are all faked.

    7. The Sun is not 93 million miles away but is much smaller and only 4,000 miles above the Earth.

    8. Horizon is always at eye level. (See also- Ten Absurd Claims of Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorists)

    They fail to address:

    1. What lies underneath the Earth and how the disc sits or what holds it up. [The earth sits on the back of giant tortoise- Makow]

    2. Cannot explain orbiting satellites or GPS. They rationalize that Satellites are a hoax and GPS only exists due to a network of radio transmitters.

    3. How does the Sun circle the Earth for night and day. They say Sun travels via zero space and instantaneously appears on the other side of the disc. When facts and science contradict, they make up nonsensical explanations. First, gravity does not exist and then it does exist to bend the sun's rays. This is when they are explaining why you can't view the other end of the Earth. To debunk a globe model; they have yet to produce is a photo of edge of the flat earth."

    - See more at:

    Lucius Seneca has some dots to offer in a history no witness can aver or testify about. You can call it pumpkinification is there is truly such a word.

    "One must be born either a Pharaoh or a fool. If I choose to answer, I will say whatever trips off my tongue. Who has ever made the historian produce witness to swear for him? But if an authority must be produced, ask of the man who saw Drusilla translated to heaven: the same man will aver he saw Claudius on the road, dot and carry one. [Sidenote: Virg. Aen. ii, 724] Will he nill he, all that happens in heaven he needs must see. He is the custodian of the Appian Way; by that route, you know, both Tiberius and Augustus went up to the gods. Question him, he will tell you the tale when you are alone; before company he is dumb. You see he swore in the Senate that he beheld Drusilla mounting heavenwards, and all he got for his good news was that everybody gave him the lie: since when he solemnly swears he will never bear witness again to what he has seen, not even if he had seen a man murdered in open market. What he told me I report plain and clear, as I hope for his health and happiness."

    “No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
    -- Pythagoras

    The link following includes an embedded book by Manly Hall which is well worth reading. Much of the rest of the Occult politics segment is covered here already but it is pretty much everywhere on the web, already. Clearly the occult has always used telepathy and other things like Einstein's action-at-a-distance. Though superficial this is a good intro to reality. Yes, globalists have said what they want - and why. When will idiots tell us their agenda and plan?

    Are illiterate video makers are the real robots or are they the ones we need to implant artificial intelligence into?
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    The theory of a Hollow Earth has many deranged and drug addled supporters including Icke. It was important for the geocentric Popes who wanted to put themselves at the center of the whole universe to confront any theory brought by science. In short it is as old as the lies of Anunnaki aliens in the Bible. But today's sicko kids who need to rebel and at the same time BELIEVE are jumping on board just like Hitler did with Horbiger's Cosmic fire and ice theories derived from Aristotle. He sent teams out to have radio waves bounce off the other side of this earth universe. Of course, he chose to believe when the radio waves were reflected by the cloud cover - that meant it was correct.

    This cosmic fire and ice has origins long before Aristotle or his inspired progenitor Pythagoras the Druid. You can see it in the Qabala's Tree of Life which I did for my book Diverse Druids.

    Now we see the proponents claiming physicists say it may be true. Yes, there is some truth in what Aristotle said about two dimensions colliding - one hot and one cold. This started what we now call the Big Bang. There are also many dimensions and energy banks of consciousness all around us and every atom or aspect of Earth. So you can be sure you will find some out of context interpretations and the usual creationist type paid hacks fomenting nonsense.

    I read it and it is absolute nonsense. Horbiger had a better theory and using Halley as evidence is also quite a stretch. Yes, at that time the atomic world code was being withheld or misunderstood. This is not the Pentagon Dodecahedron knowledge symbolically represented by the Ashmolean Museum spheres and it has a weak support from a US Admiral whose child was found dead at age six. Admiral Stubblebine's insanity was a better proof of this kind of thing. Insanity and the ability to mind fog people like David Icke and Graham Hancock is entirely explainable - and I have done so.
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