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    The Newport Tower

    My oldest brother's wife is of Norse ancestry and their Norumbega Society holds events at the Newport Tower because they know it has been part of their involvement in the Americas since at least the time of L'Anse aux Meadows proven archaeologically around 1000 AD. If you were to look into Wikipedia scholars saying there is no proof other than that to show Phoenicians in the Americas or any other visitors before that you might ask how this structure is here and a whole lot of other proofs including a Roman Terracotta Head in Mexico and all the things Zelia Nuttall, Goodyear, Guidon and a thousand other facts from every science including DNA it has taken a year of hard work to put here. There are many names for the Norse or Kelts as we have shown in Gimbutas threads or many other threads. People moved due to glaciers, weather and to get resources - for a very long time. I am not convinced I understand this new science in the link which follows - it seems a mix of things I think I grasp and yet I do not need what it says to know it confirms what is evident in actual artifacts found properly dated all over the Americas and backed up by DNA.

    Do historians read National Geographic or Scientific American? You might think a date of 7,000 BCE for the site of the Newport Tower on a glyph is outside the realm of possibility and yet it fits very nicely into a era of many proofs and is far later than many other proofs.

    I'm going to build my secrets into the Geometry of these buildings, because I know that books can be burned but buildings not so easily."
    - Thomas Jefferson

    The Newport Tower Story
    by Arthur D. Faram


    Updated 4/07/2013 - The Newport Tower has been the subject of discussion and controversy since the Colonists first arrived in the new world and discovered the structure on Rhode Island, USA. Early explorers noted that the tower existed during their early explorations of North America. However, that did not deter skeptics from claiming that the tower was constructed in Colonial times. Documented research shows that the tower was most likely constructed in the 15th Century, destroyed in the 16th Century and then rebuilt in the 17th Century on the 200th anniversary of its original construction. The Newport Tower is an important North American Landmark; however, it is the Newport Island itself that has been an important focal point of civilizations around the world for thousands of years.


    The information gathered for presentation on this website was gathered using the new science of Geoglyphology. (Google keyword: Geoglyphology). The calculations performed on both this website and the Kensington Runestone website require the use of a special software called "Google Earth". Google's software is able to calculate true spherical bearings on a curved surface and then display them correctly on a flat plane. In the following photos the true curvature of the lines is missing. For simplicity the great circle line was established and then only the endpoints were connected. This software can be acquired free by searching the internet using the keywords "Google Earth".

    Spherical Geometry

    In spherical geometry all lines are curved along the surface and no lines are parallel. It is difficult to grasp the concept that two parallel headings can cross. That is because we are used to thinking in terms of Plane Geometry on a flat plane. However, this changes when you draw lines on a sphere. In dealing with a sphere you enter the realm of Spherical Geometry.

    Spherical Geometry is the study of figures on the surface of a sphere, as opposed to the type of geometry studied in plane geometry or solid geometry. In spherical geometry, straight lines are great circles, so any two lines will meet in two places. There are also no parallel lines. The angle between two lines in spherical geometry is the angle between the planes of the corresponding great circles, and a spherical triangle is defined by its three angles. There is no concept of similar triangles in plane geometry.

    In the field of Geoglyphology, we are plotting lines in a spherical world and then displaying the results on a flat plane. It is difficult to grasp the concept of combining Spherical Geometry with Plane Geometry. That is why the field of Geoglyphology could not have been proposed without the advent of software that computes using Spherical Geometry and then displays it on a flat plane. This type of precise mapping precludes the plotting of these bearings on a flat map. Maps become distorted when converted from a sphere to a flat map. Any lines that are depicted on a flat non-satellite map, on this website, were first plotted using the Google software and then drawn on the flat map after the end points were determined. Even then, the proper curvature is missing.

    The Newport Tower

    The Newport Tower has been carbon dated as being over 500 years old. The simple geometry associated with the Tower is outlined below. The results of the carbon dating and details of the Newport Tower, the Kensington Runestone, and many more landmarks, geoglyphs and monoliths can be found in the newly released book "Ancient Signposts". The book can be found on As you will see below, the Newport Tower and Inspiration Peak Locations have been known and revered for thousands of years. Based on the dating of the of the geoglyphs pointing to Inspiration Peak, a North American survey marker, it appears that revealing the location did not begin in earnest until the Norse came to the Americas circa 1000AD. The only geoglyph that has been found to date, that points to Inspiration Peak prior to 500BC is the Stonehenge Monolith in the UK. The Stonehenge geoglyph has been dated to c3100BC.


    Newport Tower was built by early inhabitants of North America for two reasons. The first was to point the way to Inspiration Peak, a place of special geographical importance. The second was to substantiate the builders land claim to North America by using the unique geographical location of Newport (RI USA). The predecessors of the people that built the tower knew of Newport, RI USA for over 7000 years. This is substantiated by the Egyptian Gulfo de Centra geoglyph in West Africa that points out the Newport Tower site. There was a reason that North America held some special significance. Geoglyphs found around the world show that people were mapping out what would later be known as the United States at least as far back as the building of the Mayan Pyramids. Mayan Pyramids located in Central America outline the boundaries of what would eventually become the United States. This is outlined in the book "Ancient Signposts" which can be found on

    An Ancient Egyptian Geoglyph That Identified the Future Newport Tower Site 7000 years before the tower was built.


    The 7000 Year Old Gulfo de Cintra Glyphs, Western Sahara, Africa
    (23* 01' 32.58"N - 16* 07' 04.69"W)

    The Gulfo de Cintra geoglyphs are some of the most spectacular that we have encountered in all our investigations around the world. First of all they are very clear. There is no doubt where the centers of the defining circles are. This is due to the fact that they consist of stone slabs sitting atop 30 foot high towers of sand. This the result of 7000 years of wind blowing the sand from around them and the slabs compacting the sand under them. Secondly, all the resulting radials point to well established markers that leave no doubt as to where they were intended to point. The Gulfo de Cintra Glyphs were discovered by Arthur Faram in 2009 by following the directions from the 7000 year old Egyptian geoglyph, called Nabta Playa. Nabta Playa has been identified and accurately dated by accredited archeologists.

    It is obvious that ancient civilizations were able to understand things that we are just beginning to understand. If you will remember, in your history studies, the Hebrews were involved in the engineering and oversight of the building of the pyramids {I have written many books on this fact but the language Hebrew was only recently proven to be Phoenician in origin.}. Did the Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, Celts, and early Christians have some knowledge that others did not have; the knowledge to build the Pyramids, knowledge to build Stonehenge, knowledge of the geography of the entire world? The geoglyphs located around the world indicate that the answer is yes."
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