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Thread: Findhorn Ecovillage

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    Findhorn Ecovillage

    From Theosophy with God and positive vibes or manure. They are doing good work and building real alternatives even if their roots are in Lucis Trust and Theosophy.

    “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.” — Albert Schweitzer

    This thread covers actual experiences and a book on Findhorn.
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    The depth may not be great but the balance or harmony sought by this person emanates well in her writing.

    "Yes, seriously: Chakra Balancing Massage

    April 18, 2016

    Now don’t go rolling your eyeballs so far behind your head just yet. Stick with me for a second, okay?

    In yoga, meditation and traditional Indian medicine, it is believed that there are seven main energy portals (chakras) in the body through which our vital life force flows to keeps us vibrant, healthy and kickin’. Each chakra is connected to a particular area of the body and contributes to your well-being. If one or several of them are unbalanced, you might feel like crud. (You can read a more detailed and likely more accurate description of chakras here).

    To be honest, I have difficulty wrapping my head around energy-healing practices. I’m also having trouble with the idea of seven miniature colored spinning wheels in my body, as chakras are often portrayed. In fact, chakras rate high up on my oh-boy-she-lost-her-marbles scale. However, leaving skepticism aside, it is interesting to note that yoga allegedly rebalances your chakras. Since yoga always leaves me feeling warm, fuzzy and as if I ate a great big dollop of sunshine, I thought I’d give other chakra nourishing methods a try. Just because I don’t fully understand something, doesn’t mean I’m not open to possibilities! (Plus, these experiments give me something to blog about )

    After some research, I booked a Chakra Balancing Treatment massage at my favourite spa, Aveda Montreal Lifestyle. The experience started out with the massotherapist offering me some tea and sitting us down in a quiet area. She then placed on a table seven cards depicting you-guessed-it the seven chakras along with the name of their corresponding “virtue”. I was asked to choose the three virtues that resonated the most with me.

    Intention, Harmony and Balance were the words that drew me in. After making my selection, I was asked to close my eyes and inhale the scent of the three corresponding essential oils. The scent I like the best will represent the chakra that needs the most attention and balancing. In the end, my nose chose Intention.

    I was told by the massotherapist that an unbalance third chakra (Intention) will manifest itself by a lack of motivation and direction, indecisiveness and trouble following through on things. I found this amusing as that week I was feeling particularly unmoved by my work and was contemplating making a living in Bali by selling bracelets on the beach instead.

    Once we identified the chakra that was having a tantrum, I was massaged head to toe in the essential oil I’ve chosen. Between that and the mini reflexology session that was included, I received guided meditation instructions to relax and imagine the different chakras in my body, working in harmony to rebalance me. In all, a soothing experience.

    It’s been one week since my massage. The initial zen-ness I experienced right after has worn off and I can’t say I feel much different. Yes, my motivation in certain aspects of my life (ex. my blog) has soared, but that might come from the excitement of new projects and not from balancing my third chakra. Obviously I didn’t expect to experience a major shift after one session. That being said, I’m unlikely to repeat this specific treatment.

    Keeping an open mind, I have not yet dropped the idea that chakras are essential to my well-being and I will continue exploring new ways to keep me balanced. While I’m still not fully convinced that this school of thought is right for me, I’m very much enjoying the journey.

    Much love and hugs,

    Jules xo"
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