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    Greek Alchemy

    I have already provided proof from sources like Roshdi Rashad's Arab Encyclopedia and Mark Haeffner's Dictionary of Alchemy that Pythagoras is an alchemist. He is also a Druid as was his teacher or Rabbi (Means Abaris in the Hyperborean language). Those things alone presage any discourse the following can hope to extend, if you know what a Druid is and who built the Great Pyramid of Iesa.

    Nonetheless - I am always ready to explore new sources.

    As many people including Mircae Eliade say - shamans are the root of alchemy.

    "Shamanic ecstasy is the real "Old Time Religion," of which modern churches are but pallid evocations. Shamanic, visionary ecstasy, the mysterium tremendum, the unio mystica, the eternally delightful experience of the universe as energy, is a sine qua non of religion, it is what religion is for! There is no need for faith, it is the ecstatic experience itself that gives one faith in the intrinsic unity and integrity of the universe, in ourselves as integral parts of the whole; that reveals to us the sublime majesty of our universe, and the fluctuant, scintillant, alchemical miracle that is quotidian consciousness. Any religion that requires faith and gives none, that defends against religious experiences, that promulgates the bizarre superstition that humankind is in some way separate, divorced from the rest of creation, that heals not the gaping wound between Body and Soul, but would tear them asunder... is no religion at all!" - Jonathan Ott

    Does it not make sense that the Royal House of Judah or David would educate their kids as best they can? Clearly Solomon was a good example (see Keys of Solomon and Ars Goetia). Plato was also immaculately born and from a Royal lineage. Yes, that warrants trying to connect him just as the nearby Hittites are connected with Moses and all of these myths are part of the Phoenician structures according to the Father of Biblical Archaeology. In the time of the best known Cleopatra I found reference for a certain teacher named Comarius in Alexandria who taught Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary as well as Cleopatra and maybe even Apollonius. Of course we always have to consider the possibility that Comarius was one in a long line of people with the same name, the one in my books might be different from this one. I do not feel Cleopatra warrants going into on the alchemical pursuit to the extent of Comarius.

    "The teachings that influenced these esoteric Alchemists were a mixture of magical techniques from the Greek Magical Papyri, and the beliefs of Sethian Gnosticism and Hermeticism. The basic Hermetic idea was that all things are one and so apparently separate systems really operate in parallel. Thus the configuration of the stars in Astrology will parallel the configuration of the human psyche, and the configuration of events experienced by those psyches, when the systems become entangled (such as at birth or moments of creation when the system comes into being). Thus in Alchemy the practitioner's psyche is entangled with the chemical process, and so the 'perfection of metals' becomes the 'perfection of the psyche'. The Gnostic aspect {Yes, a later corruption did.} added the belief that mankind were spirits, trapped in and corrupted by matter, and so perfection consisted of liberating pure spirit from matter, thus making Alchemy the ideal Hermetic method.

    The Book of Comarius

    The Book of Comarius is full of impenetrable Alchemical metaphors, but also has some interesting sections. It is here we first hear of the four stages of Alchemy, Black, White, Yellow and Purple (a more detailed if mysterious sequence gives: Separation, Blackening (sevenfold burning), Washing, Whitening (sevenfold burning), Dualising the Composition for Casting of Gold, Yellowing (one half of the substance is mixed with a yellowing tincture), Fusion, Washing, Gilding, Purpling (refinement)). Later a more chemical version is given:

    "Climb to the top of the ladder, up the mountain covered with trees, and find the stone (earlier described as the source of the Spirit of Alum). Take the Arsenic from the stone and use it for whitening. And see in the middle of the mountain, underneath the Arsenic, there is its bride (the Yellow Arsenic, Arsenic Trisulphide) with whom it unites...Descend to the Egyptian Sea and bring back from the sand, from the source, the so-called Natron (Salt, Sodium Carbonate). Unite it with these substances and you have the All-Colouring Beauty....."

    And a little later, after an obscure, metaphor rich description of the rain cycle, a reiteration?:

    "Now listen and understand. Take from the four elements the High Arsenic and the Low Arsenic, the White (Natron?) and the Red (Alum? Iron Sulphide, the substance Pliny claimed 'blackened' when mixed with Pomegranate juice) equal in weight, male and female, so they are joined with each other....watering it in the divine waters and warming it in the sun and in burned places, and you must roast it gently in the flame with the Virgin's Milk (here perhaps Mercury?)... And enclose it in Hades and move it in safety until its structure becomes more solid and does not run from the fire (a property of liquid Mercury). Then you take it out, and when the soul and spirit have joined each other and become one, you must throw it on the solid Silver (the body?) and you have Gold..."

    Immediately after this this physical sounding process is given a religious spin with:

    "Here you have the Mystery of the Philosophers. Our fathers made us never to reveal it or divulge it, since it has divine power. For divine is that united with the Godhead and accomplishes divine substance, in which the spirit is embodied and the mortal elements animated. Just like the dark spirit (Persian influence?) which is full of vanity and despondency, the one which has power over bodies and prevents them from becoming white and receiving the colour in which they were once clothed by the Creator... for body, spirit and soul are weak because of the darkness which stretches over them. But once the dark evil spelling spirit has been disposed of...then the body is illuminated. The soul calls out to the illuminated body: Wake up from Hades! Resurrect from the tomb! Come out alive from the darkness!"

    The physical process appears to combine a carefully produced colouring agent (the yellowish Sulphur and reddish Iron containing elements) with Mercury {From Cinnabar and looking like Red Ochre which the iron or Hematite comes from, Red Ochre has been used as a coloring agent or paint for hundreds of thousands of years - see Mungo Man etc..} to create an amalgam that can gild Silver into Gold. But the process is obviously being used as a metaphor."

    The site also has a way to suck people in who believe in extraterrestrial intervention of a corporeal nature and I should join to verify they are not trying to explain it is not corporeal, but I am tired of proving what would lead to another banning and a whole lot of personal grief.

    "A site dedicated to UFO Magic.

    Eight Colours: n/a.

    Cybermorphic Kaosphere Opposite: Octarine magic. [1]

    Planet: Pluto

    Metal: Plutonium

    Sephiroth: Kether


    Magical roots, ancestral magic, the collective unconscious, the Fae, the Ghede, ultraterrestrials. The magic of increasing magical connection to the other, embracing the weird and high strangeness.


    Consider working with deities and spirits of the underworld, such as Hades, Ereshkigal, Yama or the Ghehe.

    Consider the psychopomps such as Hecate, Hermes, Hermekate, Anubis and Ningishida.

    Consider heroic and divine journies through the underworld, such as black sun motifes, the descent of Inanna and the myths of Persephone and Proserpina.

    Consider the study of ufology, ultraterrestrials, cryptozoology, ghosts and the paranormal."
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    Those who try to define or somehow limit spirituality end up ignoring its nature and those who accept it blindly assign it virtues beyond its purpose. It is not just religion or metaphysical science which concerns mankind as we try to make sense of our present and future potential to address the ethics and technologies that could allow real growth and movement away from our history of destructive acts that develop warfare rather than our total potential as life on Earth.

    Later and in another section we have words attributed to Pythagoras and you need to see the thread on him, where the idea that anything written by him ever bore his name is addressed. You also need to be aware of code including the use of the word God.

    "The Turba Philosophorum.

    The Epistle of Arisleus, prefixed to the Words of the Sages, concerning the Purport of this Book, for the Benefit of Posterity, and the same being as here follows:-

    Arisleus, begotten of Pythagoras, a disciple of the disciples by the grace of thrice great Hermes, learning from the seat of knowledge, unto all who come after wisheth health and mercy. I testify that my master, Pythagoras, the Italian, master of the wise and chief of the Prophets, had a greater gift of God and of Wisdom than was granted to any one after Hermes. Therefore he had a mind to assemble his disciples, who were now greatly increased, and had been constituted the chief persons throughout all regions for the discussion of this most precious Art, that their words might be a foundation for posterity. He then commanded Iximidrus, of highest council, to be the first speaker, who said:-

    The First Dictum.

    Iximidrus Saith:- I testify that the beginning of all things is a Certain Nature, which is perpetual, coequalling all things, and that the visible natures, with their births and decay, are times wherein the ends to which that nature brings them are beheld and summoned. Now, I instruct you that the stars are igneous, and are kept within bounds by the air. If the humidity and density of the air did not exist to separate the flames of the sun from living things, then the Sun would consume all creatures. But God has provided the separating air, lest that which He has created should be burnt up. Do you not: observe that the Sun when it rises in the heaven overcomes the air by its heat, and that the warmth penetrates from the upper to the lower parts of the air? If, then, the air did not presently breathe forth those winds whereby creatures are generated, the Sun by its heat would certainly destroy all that lives. But the Sun is kept in check by the air, which thus conquers because it unites the heat of the Sun to its own heat, and the humidity of water to its own humidity. Have you not remarked how tenuous water is drawn up into the air by the action of the heat of the Sun, which thus helps the water against itself? If the water did not nourish the air by such tenuous moisture, assuredly the Sun would overcome the air. The fire, therefore, extracts moisture from the water, by means of which the air conquers the fire itself. Thus, fire and water are enemies between which there is no consanguinity, for the fire is hot and dry, but the water is cold and moist. The air, which is warm and moist, joins these together by its concording medium; between the humidity of water and the heat of fire the air is thus placed to establish peace. rind look ye all how there shall arise a spirit from the tenuous vapour of the air, because the heat being joined to the humour, there necessarily issues something tenuous, which will become a wind. For the heat of the Sun extracts something tenuous out of the air, which also becomes spirit and life to all creatures. All this, however, is disposed in such manner by the will of God, and a coruscation appears when the heat of the Sun touches and breaks up a cloud.

    The Turba saith:- Well hast thou described the fire, even as thou knowest concerning it, and thou hast believed the word of thy brother.

    The Second Dictum.

    Exumedrus saith:- I do magnify the air according to the mighty speech of Iximidrus, for the work is improved thereby. The air is inspissated, and it is also made thin; it grows warm and becomes cold. The inspissation thereof takes place when it is divided in heaven by the elongation of the Sun; its rarefaction is when, by the exaltation of the Sun in heaven, the air becomes warm and is rarefied. It is comparable with the complexion of Spring, in the distinction of time, which is neither warm nor cold. For according to the mutation of the constituted disposition with the altering distinctions of the soul, so is Winter altered. The air, therefore, is inspissated when the Sun is removed from it, and then cold supervenes upon men.

    Whereat the Turba said:- Excellently hast thou described the air, and given account of what thou knowest to be therein.

    The Third Dictum.

    Anaxagoras saith:- I make known that the beginning of all those things which God hath created is weight and proportion, for weight rules all things, and the weight and spissitude of the earth is manifest in proportion; but weight is not found except in body. And know, all ye Turba, that the spissitude of the four elements reposes in the earth; for the spissitude of fire falls into air, the spissitude of air, together with the spissitude received from the fire, falls into water; the spissitude also of water, increased by the spissitude of fire and air, reposes in earth. Have you not observed how the spissitude of the four elements is conjoined in earth! The same, therefore, is more inspissated than all.

    Then saith the Turba:- Thou hast well spoken. Verily the earth is more inspissated than are the rest. Which, therefore, is the most rare of the four elements and is most worthy to possess the rarity of these four?

    He answereth:- Fire is the most rare among all, and thereunto cometh what is rare of these four. But air is less rare than fire, because it is warm and moist, while fire is warm and dry; now that which is warm and dry is more rare than the warm and moist.

    They say unto him:- The which element is of less rarity than air!

    He answereth:- Water, since cold and moisture inhere therein, and every cold humid is of less rarity than a warm humid.

    Then do they say unto him:- Thou hast spoken truly. What, therefore, is of less rarity than water?

    He answereth:- Earth, because it is cold and dry, and that which is cold and dry is of less rarity than that which is cold and moist.

    Pythagoras saith:- Well have ye provided, O Sons of the Doctrine, the description of these four natures, out of which God hath created all things. Blessed, therefore, is he who comprehends what ye have declared, for from the apex of the world he shall not find an intention greater than his own! Let us, therefore, make perfect our discourse.

    They reply:- Direct every one to take up our speech in turn. Speak thou, O Pandolfus!"
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    The Fourth Dictum.

    But Pandolfus saith:- I signify to posterity that air is a tenuous matter of water, and that it is not: separated from it. It remains above the dry earth, to wit, the air hidden in the water, which is under the earth. If this air did not exist, the earth would not remain above the humid water.

    They answer:- Thou hast said well; complete, therefore, thy speech.

    But he continueth:- The air which is hidden in the water under the earth is that which sustains the earth, lest it should be plunged into the said water; and it, moreover, prevents the earth from being overflowed by that water. The province of the air is, therefore, to fill up and to make separation between diverse things, that is to say, water and earth, and it is constituted a peacemaker between hostile things, namely, water and fire, dividing these, lest they destroy one another.

    The Turba saith:- If you gave an illustration hereof, it would be clearer to those who do not understand.

    He answereth:- An egg is an illustration, for therein four things are conjoined; the visible cortex or shell represents the earth, and the albumen, for white part, is the water. But a very thin inner cortex is joined to the outer cortex, representing, as I have signified to you, the separating medium between earth and water, namely, that air which divides the earth from the water. The yolk also of the egg represents fire; the cortex which contains the yolk corresponds to that other air which separates the water from the fire. But they are both one and the same air, namely, that which separates things frigid, the earth from the water, and that which separates the water from the fire. But the lower air is thicker than the upper air, and the upper air is more rare and subtle, being nearer to the fire than the lower air. In the egg, therefore, are four things- earth, water, air, and fire. But the point of the Sun, these four excepted, is in the centre of the yolk, and this is the chicken. Consequently, all philosophers in this most excellent art have described the egg as an example, which same thing they have set over their work.

    The Fifth Dictum.

    Arisleus saith:- Know that the earth is a hill and not a plain, for which reason the Sun does not ascend over all the zones of the earth in a single hour; but if it were flat, the sun would rise in a moment over the whole earth.

    Parmenides saith:- Thou hast spoken briefly, O Arisleus!

    He answereth: Is there anything the Master has left us which bears witness otherwise? Yet I testify that God is one, having never engendered or been begotten, and that the head of all things after Him is earth and fire, because fire is tenuous and light, and it rules all things on earth, but the earth, being ponderous and gross, sustains all things which are ruled by fire.

    The Sixth Dictum.

    Lucas saith:- You speak only about four natures; and each one of you observes something concerning these. Now, I testify unto you that all things which God hath created are from these four natures, and the things which have been created out of them return into them, In these living creatures are generated and die, and all things take place as God hath predestinated.

    Democritus, the disciple of Lucas, answereth:- Thou hast well spoken, O Lucas, when dealing with the four natures!

    Then saith Arisleus:- O Democritus, since thy knowledge was derived from Lucas, it is presumption to speak among those who are well acquainted with thy master!

    Lucas answereth:- albeit Democritus received from me the science of natural things, that knowledge was derived from the philosophers of the Indies and from the Babylonians; I think he surpasses those of his own age in this learning.

    The Turba answereth:- When he attains to that age he will give no small satisfaction, but being in his youth he should keep silence.

    The Seventh Dictum.

    Lucusta saith:- All those creatures which have been described by Lucas are two only, of which one is neither known nor expressed, except by piety, for it is not seen or felt.

    Pythagoras saith:- Thou hast entered upon a subject which, if completed, thou wilt describe subtly. State, therefore, what is this thing which is neither felt, seen, nor known.

    Then he:- It is that which is not known, because in this world it is discerned by reason without the clients thereof, which are sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. O Crowd of the Philosophers, know you not that it Is only sight which can distinguish white from black, and hearing only which can discriminate between a good and bad word! Similarly, a wholesome odour cannot be separated by reason from one which is fetid, except through the sense of smell, nor can sweetness be discriminated from bitterness save by means of taste, nor smooth from rough unless by touch.

    The Turba answereth:- Thou hast well spoken, yet hast thou omitted to treat of that particular thing which is not known, or described, except by reason and piety.

    Saith he:- Are ye then in such haste! Know that the creature which is cognised in none of these five ways is a sublime creature, and, as such, is neither seen nor felt, but is perceived by reason alone, of which reason Nature confesses that God is a partaker.

    They answer:- Thou hast spoken truly and excellently.

    And he:- I will now give a further explanation. Know that this creature, that is to say, the world, hath a light, which is the Sun, and the same is more subtle than all other natures, which light is so ordered that living beings may attain to vision. But if this subtle light were removed, they would become darkened, seeing nothing, except the light of the moon, or of the stars, or of fire, all which are derived from the light of the Sun, which causes all creatures to give light. For this God has appointed the Sun to be the light of the world, by reason of the attenuated nature of the Sun. And know that the sublime creature before mentioned has no need of the light of this Sun, because the Sun is beneath that creature, which is more subtle and more lucid. This light, which is more lucid than the light of the Sun, they have taken from the light of God, which is more subtle than their light. Know also that the created world is composed of two dense things and two rare things, but nothing of the dense is in the sublime creature. Consequently the Sun is rarer than all inferior creatures.

    The Turba answereth:- Thou hast excellently described what thou hast related. And if, good Master, thou shalt utter anything whereby our hearts may be vivified, which now are mortified by folly, thou wilt confer upon us a great boon!

    The Eighth Dictum.

    Pythagoras saith:- I affirm that God existed before all things, and with Him was nothing, as He was at first. But know, all ye Philosophers, that I declare this in order that I may fortify your opinion concerning these four elements and arcana, as well as in the sciences thereof, at which no one can arrive save by the will of God."

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    When you set out to make yourself look important as is the case with alien yoked hybrid nutcases or Contactees, you can also easily imagine or hallucinate new forms of language and ways of making energy flow your way.

    It is even easier when you are building on purposefully created codes which require insight to get the correct meanings. Yes, that is plural - because no true or truthful insight in alchemy or depth psychology, or gnosis, or cyber war, is just one obvious design. The symbols called alphabets change meaning due to conventions in word use amongst everyday people. George Carlin did a great illustration of that with the word shit.

    People who hear about an ancient knowledge system will be found saying they are the only true remnants of it. There are the Martinists and Wiccans who claim 25,000 years of knowledge because they can point to some aspect that other people did not know a few years ago. There are hundreds of Druid groups who say the same stuff, and do not study or will not discuss in open forums the nature of their claims with people like me, who do study.

    Then there are infiltrated religious and other cults which have been usurped by Empire - Gnostics are a fine example. There are so many of just this one functional system that it will make your head spin - that is if you really want to know what it is that is going on. Most people are happy if they meet other people and form a bond or get sex, and Wicca (There are many related Egyptian and Norse etc, systems) is a certain path to the latter.

    In the aboriginal artifices you had people being tricksters or Heyoka even before the Heathen horde came to dispossess the advanced spiritual people. They also had secret societies like the Mediwiwin and Don Juan's Toltecs and Zotz (vampire) followers etc. Let us take the Australian wise men who may have learned to cause energy to move at great distances. If a novitiate was talented he might move something a mile away and think just because it was more than his teacher - that meant he was better or should start his own cult. Rasputin is a good example of this kind of thinking and how wisdom differs from power or ability.

    Sometimes a charismatic person claiming great power will get a group think hysteria happening and make a whole cult which generates great power and wealth - but I will leave religions alone - they follow more dogmatic and commonly understood ways to their godheads, Ramas, Anti-Xenus or Yahoos. Often the Messiah (eg. Hitler) is a pawn for more knowledgeable occultists. Channellers have had great success in recent times - and you can become an Ascension guide with just a few courses (for the right amount of cash). Then there are the rip-off artists like The Secret who take just one very small part of a good system like alchemy and millions or billions of bucks flow wildly around. If your cult gets ton last long enough you start getting a donation in the estate or will from rich and senile people - then you can retire a billionaire (See SRF and Doris Duke).

    If you create a nest of cults appealing to a whole lot of New Age wishful-thinking wanna-bes you will get to continue spinning off profit centers in time. AMORC and Blavatsky types (maybe Gurdjieff) are examples, one such spin off is Scientology.

    The Esoteric online forums had a brief surge of interest, Project Avalon has jumped the Shark too many times but still has hope and makes Ryan some good bucks. You can probably find a hundred other members for this category of cult in the conspiracy network or the fool-owers of James Randi. Here is another -

    Alternative thinking is said to have more followers in certain regions than the paradigm. This was something I fought for over the last two decades in a major effort. Now I think it is worse than the paradigm. Thinking has not come forward out of questioning authority. Instead we have more politically correct avoidance by even weirder nests of nutcases. It is almost funny except it is causing war, and worse in many parts of the world. Pol Pot fits this kind of outcome which probably included Black Ops just like the CIA rogue elements have done with drugs. The Fascist program almost took total control of the USA and tried a coup of FDR. The Illuminati, the Jesuits, the Rothschilds and such all rank up there in relation to the Big Boogeyman of all - religion.

    The origin of qabala (verbal tradition) began before the ability to speak and might be connected to the soul or wisdom acquisition of the most early of knowledge systems even before Tantric and sutra sex and dancing (dream dancing or Dirvish-like ecstasy). The ability to attune with wisdom in nature probably precedes humanity. It is cosmic consciousness and has a corollary or opposite which is also part of the truth we find in Abraxas and the Oroborous. This cosmic fire and ice has origins long before Aristotle or his inspired progenitor Pythagoras the Druid. You can see it in the Qabala's Tree of Life which I did for my book Diverse Druids.
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    Then there is the matter of destroying knowledge when you can, if you fear what others might do with it. Along with the natural human need for power rather than co-operation and true spirituality which accompanies fear. That is a major issue to the present day. Religions do not want their followers to learn the other religion's merits or even their own secrets, so they actually create these fears which might not really be human traits or "base human urges" as Machiavelli and Hobbes would tell us. Not that there are not truly basic human urges, but why do we accept the rational of Empire and pursue power, sex and money? I find more power in other opportunities such as beauty, creativity and spiritual growth in co-operation with each other. But can one person truly trust another or themself? Yes, you can trust people to do what advances their own needs and you can manipulate a large number of them if you give them what they need as Machiavelli knew. But there is much more we could have if we did not need the things which have historically been beyond our ability to control - except as some authority allowed us to have it. Obviously sex was strictly controlled by religions of the West There are issues still with us surrounding these controls and the Cycle of Violence which allowed men to enjoy rape and pillage if they lived through the wars wrought by stupidity including listening to leaders who told us what we had to do - for them!

    But sex is not all there is to making love or spiritual union and we are not really encouraging love by limiting the ways we do what we do in so many parts of this world. I cannot accept the merit of arranged marriages even though I understand the logic of education and wisdom which our parents should have. If they really did know what love was, they would not force their kids to do things which enhance their own lives. Muslims and Hindus or indeed any culture that forces women to do any such thing is barbaric as far as I am concerned. Religions tell us how to hate gays or those who do not practice sex as they tell us it should be done. Then you find them doing things they told you not to do. Somehow we find they still do not pay the damages, or taxes to assist those who have been damaged. It is not just the first generation which suffers. Even those who love the victims who are told to hide their experiences, become damaged or confused. And when those victims do in fact hide the experiences of incest and violence well enough to build a family - it is not easy to raise a child wisely.

    The person they marry or have the family with will wonder if they were raised right. They may have been raised with wisdom and great respect for their fellow man and then find they are married to a person suffering from serious psychological issues. They may begin denial and politically correct ways of avoiding real change along with their neighbors who are advised at work not to ever broach these issues for fear of financial risks. Yes, teachers and psychologists know the laws well enough to see what their associates tell them not to do could lead to lawsuits if they really address the problems - and you can forget politicians - for much the same reason.

    That all sounds very unrelated to a subject which purports to have wisdom as it's primary goal. But each person has every gender and learning style potential and must understand their own self (to which that person must try to be true to) rather than the scruples and morays of archaic empires or worse which still force legal and psychological pain upon the whole of society. I do not accept the premises which often get woven into many spiritual pursuits. In alchemy androgyny became an almost necessity due to societal impacts during various Dark Age initiatives. Before that we had Greek pederasty forced upon wise old men or was it wise old perverts who forced it upon society - it would take a whole book to break that discussion down to where we might stipulate to four or five real choices.

    Women were not allowed to be educated in many circles of society and regions of the world - still true in the present. So if sexual union is one method of wisdom acquisition (which I think it is) then there are matters an intellectual seeker or writer has to consider. Some of these things lead to coded and secret rituals and some of those things are as bad as the taboos and deceits they sought to escape.

    Contrary to all you will read in history or any religion - there was a culture which was not repressive in these regards. It succeeded far better than Empires and remnants are to be found in some sutras, and so-called pagan practices. These matters take more than one book to flesh out properly but let me say how you can learn to operate with equality as a guiding force from history. Trust what you KNOW is Right and not what you are told is right.

    The link which follows does not know what was operating when the Great Pyramid of Iesa was built. It does detail the effects of Empire and what we call history. It tells us how fakers still operate as alchemists and why most of what is written is coded or worse.

    "This more or less deliberate obscurity served two unfortunate purposes. First, it retarded progress since each worker in the field was kept in ignorance, or at least in uncertainty, as to what others were doing, so that no man could profit by another's mistakes or learn from another's brilliance. Secondly, it made it possible for any quack and faker to present himself, provided he spoke obscurely enough, as a serious worker. The knave could not be distinguished from the scholar.

    The first important worker in Greek-Egyptian khemeia that we know by name {Which is not the true origin of any of these matters - and this scholar is limited in understanding the depth of the deceit and destruction of knowledge.} was Bolos of Mendes (c.200 B.C.), a town in the Nile delta. In his writings, he used the name Democritus so that he is referred to as "Bolos-Democritus" or sometimes as the "pseudo-Democritus"."
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    The hype surrounding alchemy has certainly increased since J. K. Rowling's book. That is all well and good, but to see the Royal Institute which once was part of the Enlightenment Experiment involved in such fluff is a little disappointing. I was going to offer to debate their experts or presenters about the eye of Horus or Greek origins, but I was not able to e-mail to them. Here is a video addressing TV groupies it appears - discussing vampires and werewolves.

    Here is an email with my oldest brother. He is not the brother who is a scientologist - but he has what amounts to body thetans from other cults.

    Further to your comment about not remembering any discourse with Nick about the Merovingians in your last. You also note he said his Russells are part of the 13 families. This 13 families stuff is Christian cover ups by the likes of Fritz Springmeier and HRH Nicholas de Vere of the library of the Pleiades bibliotecaplayades. They are the ilk who create elohim and Nephilim aliens for you to worship and demons for your amusement. In an earlier book by de Vere he said Count Vlad was a member of his Sarkeny Rend Rosy boys (like your friend at Orion Books who said I made Franz Bardon credible). And it does not matter which of your religions or cults you claim to be - they all are into CONstructs to access your soul. LRH was no original thinker. The recent 13 families line of BS does not include many of note. The Eastern religions owe much to our line BRD and Bharat.

    De Vere was seeking for a person to write a book with him and I was contacted by Joan D'Arc at that time - I declined and another author on her Paranoia Magazine did take it on. That was when you and I were talking about these things. Her name is Tracy Twyman and she sold out. The Enlightenment Experiment and Royals you like are still engaging this subterfuge and I was going to offer to debate them if I could find and email addy I could access. Maybe you can listen to this since your body thetans prevent you from reading real scholarship. He is selling the vampire werewolf trope, too.
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