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Thread: The Violent Messiah

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    The Violent Messiah

    Dear all,

    Several ancient texts refer to Christ and his disciples as having become extremely violent after he had been rejected by the Jews (e.g. Marcion of Pontus, Hierocles and also indirectly in The Golden Legend - the Lives of the Saints - see my summary here).

    To the best of my knowledge no scholar has ever properly investigated these accusations. I may be wrong, of course. Can you refer me to any such treatises or articles?


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    Dear R

    I am not as much into this as you are but Crossan says Josephus was appealing to Roman interests as well as many other scholars who note the lies of Gospel writers. Have you listened to the video Know Rome, Know Jesus - No Rome No Jesus. There is a thread here.

    I recall Crossan saying the zealots or bandits may have included some characters who are part of the Jesus amalgam presentation and so do some others.

    You know if you read enough of these things you can find any possible explanation just as is true about GAY and what a pederast or alchemical androgyny means.

    If any of these scholars have studied the actual knowledge studied by the family of Jesus (A TITLE!) - it is not apparent to me. Jefferson and Eliade are the best of the lot.

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